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Date with Mom’s Friend

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During his senior year of high school Jeremy Richards decided he was going to work on changing his life, he had always gotten good grades in school and was always considered to be well behaved. He never tried playing sports and he was always thirty pounds overweight so this year he decided he was going to play sports along with his academics.

In the fall he played soccer and he did make the team but sat the bench most of the year getting to play in the last game for a few minutes.

It had some of its desired effect as he lost a few pounds and made friends with kids that played sports. He got invited on a few outings and to a few parties so this encouraged him to play basketball.

He tried out for the team and surprisingly improved over the season where he got to play in a few games that were blowouts. Jeremy scored twelve points by the end of the season and was awarded the most improved player award. He also managed to lose ten pounds then he tried out for baseball season, he managed to lose ten more pounds and his coach and gym teacher helped lose the rest before school let out and he turned eighteen the day it happened.

For his birthday his father bought him a home gym and a treadmill and at his mother’s insistence got him a car as well. Now he was eighteen in the best shape of his life, had a lot of new friends, ready to start college in the fall. He finally had courage to ask a girl out on a date, he had chances with a few girls that were in some of his academic clubs but he wanted to venture out with more popular girls.

So he decided to use the phone in the kitchen, he could of took the cordless for more privacy but his mother would just sit and bug him for what happened. She was sitting in the kitchen with her best friend Donna having coffee while started calling for dates. He had three girls in mind that he would try to ask out, so he opened up his address book and called the first one.

Jeremy dialed the number of Rebecca Culver a cheerleader he got to know during basketball season, he waited until her father answered.

“Hello sir, my name is Jeremy Richards, is Rebecca there?” He asked.

“No young man, she is at cheer camp for the next three weeks, did you know they actually give scholarships for that. How about you are you going off anywhere for the summer or going to college in the fall?” He asked after explaining where she was.

“Yes sir, I plan going to MIT and sorry to bother you and congratulate Rebecca on the cheerleader scholarship.” Jeremy said.

“Your welcome, I will let her know you called.” He said hanging up.

“Well strike one.” He said looking up another number.

“Hello is Jennifer there.” He asked a woman who was probably her mother.

“Hold on a minute.” She said.

“Hello.” Jennifer said picking up the phone.

“Hey Jen, it’s me Jeremy.” He said.

“Hi Jeremy, how are you doing?” She asked.

“Good I was wondering if you would like to catch a movie and get a bite to eat sometime.” He asked.

“Oh Jeremy that is sweet of you to ask but I started seeing Ray Jones a couple weeks ago, I’m sorry if I was not I surely would have.” She explained.

“Okay, that is cool Ray is a really good guy.” He said saying his good byes and hanging up. “Strike two.”

“Hello Janet, this Jeremy Richards, I was wondering if you would be interested in catching a movie and getting some dinner with me?” He asked.

“Oh I’m sorry Jeremy, I’m leaving tonight to go on a vacation with my mother and aunt, won’t be back for a couple weeks.” She said.

“Oh I guess I should of called sooner, well have a good time.” He said.

“Thank you, I’m sure we will.” She said hanging up.

“I’ll call that one a foul tip; I’m going to try Karen from my math club.” He said dialing a new number into the phone. “Hello Karen.”

“Oh Hi Jeremy, what’s up?” She asked.

“I was wondering if you would be interested in seeing a movie, maybe getting some dinner sometime.” He asked.

“I don’t think so, you know the whole time we were high school, I dropped you several hints that I liked you and you always ignored them.” She said.

“Well you know me, I’m book smart, but I don’t know women.” He laughed.

“I think I will have to think about it and let you know later on, I just took a job interning at my dad’s law office and I want concentrate on that, maybe I’ll go into the family business.” She said. “I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay see yah.” He replied. “Strike three.”

He hung up the phone and looked really dejected, as he turned around to see his mother and her friend staring at him. He shrugged for a moment and then slumped his shoulders grabbing a diet coke out of the refrigerator and turning to leave.

“You okay honey.” His mother asked.

“I guess, just kind of bummed out.” He replied leaving the kitchen for his room.

“Poor kid, he worked so hard to get in shape and he has never had a date.” His mother said. “He really hoped for one before college.”

“He is such a handsome boy; you would think he would have an easy time getting a date.” Donna said.

“I was hoping that with the losing weight and if he could get a date it would boost his confidence before he goes off to college.” His mother replied.

“You know with Steve on the road for business all the time and I cooped up at home with three kids, I could use a break.” Donna said.

“What are you getting at?” Jeremy’s mother replied.

“Well Anne, I could go on a date with Jeremy, I went through the same thing after my third kid lost the baby weight and got my figure back, I don’t look bad for a thirty six year old woman. Being home with the kids during the day and when they get out of school I could use a break and Steve is not home to give me one.” Donna explained.

“You are saying you want to date my son.” Anne said surprised.

“Well yes in a sense, to help he get his self confidence and to give me some time out away from the kids, it sounds like a win win if you ask me.” Donna said.

“It does make sense, let’s go up and talk to him.” Anne said getting up.

Anne and Donna went up to Jeremy’s room to find him lying on his bed watching television, he still looked pretty down. When they entered he sat up a bit and made room for his mother to sit down next to him and Donna sat at his computer desk.

“Jeremy we have an interesting offer for you if you want to listen, it may make you feel a bit better.” His mother said.

“Okay mom.” He replied.

“Well son I’ll let Donna explain.” His mother said passing it off to her friend.

“Jeremy I have been friends with you mother for a while and we have been neighbors for a while now too, I’ve watched you grow up into a handsome young man and I feel bad about you situation.” She explained. “Any ways you know my kids are little yet and my husband is on the road a lot for work, so I get lonely and need some time away. So I was thinking maybe you and I could go out on a date as friends, it would make you feel better and I can get out of the house.”

“Sounds like pity to me, besides your married and older; I don’t mean it like that you’re also beautiful.” He said not trying to offend her.

“No it’s not pity and yes I’m married, it’s not like we are going to have an affair, we can go places no one will know us or see us and thank you for the compliment.” She replied.

“Okay I guess over in Smithtown they got a theatre, we could catch a movie and get a bite to eat there.” He said.

“Sounds like a date, pick me up at seven tomorrow night, we will catch the late movie.” She said.

“Alright.” He said as they got up to leave.

Jeremy had always liked Donna; she had a great personality, a nice body and tanned skin, blonde hair that went down to her shoulders and blue eyes. A few times he had seen her in a bikini and she has been in many of his masturbation fantasies over the years. He was now really looking forward to his pity date with her, it was better than nothing.

The next night came and Jeremy was ready early to go pick Donna up, he wore a nice blue button up shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. He drove his car over to her house and went up to the front door, his mother was there playing in the living room with her kids.

He was stunned when Donna entered the living room; she was wearing a black button up cardigan tee that was long sleeve and showed off her cleavage. Her makeup and hair was nicely done and she smelled very nice. Jeremy could not believe how hot she looked as she slipped on her heels, she was wearing a very tight pair of jeans that made her ass look fantastic, and he was surprised that his mother’s friend would dress this sexy for a pity date.

“Look it Anne, my handsome date is here.” Donna said as she went over to Jeremy hooking her arm around his.

“Now you two kids go off and have fun and have her or him home by midnight.” Anne said with a laugh.

“Alright see you later, be good for aunt Anne kids.” She said as she allowed Jeremy to escort her out.

The entire drive to Smithtown they talked about his college plans and what movie they were going to see. Jeremy found a nice little Italian restaurant nothing fancy a typical family owned place that had pizza or other items that was both eat in or take out. Everyone stared as he walked in with the hottest woman in the place.

They ordered dinner and Donna got a carafe of wine, they talked about the small restaurant and the smell of the food coming from the kitchen. In the light of the restaurant Jeremy noticed that Donna had the prettiest blue eyes he had ever looked into. He took a chance at flirting with her and decided that he needs to compliment her on them and how she looked.

“You look really nice tonight.” He said.

“Thank you Jeremy, so do you.” She replied.

“Has anyone ever told you that you have the prettiest blue eyes, I never noticed until tonight.” He said.

“Not lately.” She said smiling. “Very flattering.”

During dinner they ate and had conversations about different things they had in common or that interest them both. Donna found she got a mild buzz from the carafe of wine, Jeremy paid and they went to the movie theatre catching the late show.

The got a couple sodas and a large popcorn to share between them, they settled in the middle to watch the movie. It was a romantic comedy with some raunchy humor from time to time and a couple love scenes, a couple times their hands touched when getting popcorn. Finally Donna decided that they had enough and put it on the floor, Jeremy had his hand on the armrest and she put hers right next to it, Then she took his hand into hers and they held hands the rest of the movie.

Jeremy felt all gushy inside as she did this and he felt his cock stir, the thought of this hot mom, his mother’s friend sitting next to him in a movie theatre holding his hand. A hot married woman holding his hand while her husband was out of town. The movie was over and they rode home, Donna asked if it was alright if she could snooze. Jeremy gave her a blanket and a jacket from the back seat; she used the blanket over legs and the jacket for a pillow.

On the drive home Donna was reclined back and she was sleeping soundly, unaware that the position she was laying in left a lot of her chest on display. Jeremy could see right to her black lace cup that housed her left breast. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest, he could see some of the milky white of her breast where her bikini covered.

His poor cock felt as if it was going to burst, he kept taking mental pictures in his mind of the beautiful older woman next to him. He was sad when he finally pulled up in front of her house, he grunted and she woke up. She sat up in the car seat and smiled at him, rubbed her eyes and opened the door to get out; before she did she turned to say something to him.

“That was a nice first date; did you have a good time?” She asked him

“Yes I did, did you?” He asked.

“Yes, it was fun and nice to get out, maybe we will do it again next week if you’re up to it or you can’t find a date, let me know and I’ll let you know when I’m free.” She said.

“Okay thanks Donna.” He said.

“Thank you Jeremy and good night.” She finally said getting out of the car.

He watched the sway of her hips as they moved when she went in, he adjusted his cock so his mother would not notice his massive hard on which started to subside. When his mother finally came out he drove them home and his mother asked how he liked his date and he told her it was fun. He quickly went to his room and went to bed; only he had to masturbate thinking of Donna while he did so.

With his confidence up a bit he did try to ask out Karen again only this time she had other plans, so without his mother knowing he called Donna up at home. He knew she should have run it by his mother before talking to her best friend but he could not stop thinking about her and their date from last week.

“Hey Anne, how’s it going?” She asked answering the phone.

“Um no, it’s Jeremy, I got shot down again and was wondering if you were going to be free sometime this week?” He knew she had Tuesday through Thursday open, he knew with this being Tuesday night that gave him a shot at the other two.

“Sure how about tomorrow night, what did you have in mind?” She asked.

“I was thinking a picnic on Sutter’s hill, I would bring my telescope and we could do some stargazing, I thought it would be something you never done and would be fun.” He said.

“That does sound like a fun idea.” She replied. “Let me pack the dinner, you bring your telescope and a blanket.”

“Okay sees you tomorrow, I’ll see if my mom will sit.” He said.

“Oh alright, see you tomorrow.” She said sounding surprised he did not run this by his mom.

His mother agreed to watch Donna’s kids and he picked her up, she came out with a large basket and he got out helping her with it. Then he let her in the car and they drove up the hill, it was just turning dusk, when they found a nice secluded field he spread the blanket, she set out the food and he set up the telescope.

She wore a green strapless bra top dress that showed a lot of cleavage and leg, she looked really sexy. She had on a nice perfume and her hair was pulled back and up. When she had everything set up he was surprised when she pulled out a bottle of wine.

“Your mother said a little wine won’t hurt you.” She said pouring a glass.

“Oh thanks.” He said taking a glass.

The two of them made small talk and Jeremy soaked up how sexy she looked tonight, he even mentioned that the green of the dress brought out the blue in her eyes. Before they knew it the food and the wine was gone, both of them had a little buzz feeling from it.

“Well you want to have a look at the stars?” He asked.

“Yes show me how this thing works.” She replied.

He led her over to the telescope and found a cool constellation to look at and showed her, she wanted to see a planet and he found Jupiter for her. As she leaned over to look he stood behind her and showed her how to adjust the scope, she could feel his hard on brushing her leg. Donna thought to herself that this was kind of sexy being able to turn on a young man half her age.

After they looked at a few more stars and other celestial objects Donna suggested they sit on the blanket, she mentioned she was cold and he offered to go to the car to get a jacket. She suggested he sit closer to her to keep her warm instead.

“Jeremy has you ever kissed anyone?” She asked.

“You mean on the lips, like making out?” He asked.

“Yes.” She said.

“No, never.” He replied.

“Would you like to try it for a little bit before you take me home?” She asked.

“Okay.” He said and they laughed.

Then without warning she leaned in and put her lips to his, he was stiff and nervous but she told him to relax and resumed kissing him. As their lips smacked together she pushed her tongue past his lips and let out a soft moan. The kid was a good kisser she thought and he was so tender, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her.

The two of them lay on the blanket kissing passionately under the stars; Donna could not help to think that she had never done anything this romantic with her husband. Then without warning she felt his hand run up her side and gently cup one of her breasts. Her nipple was hard and sensitive to the touch, mostly due to the cool night air and her growing horniness developing between her legs.

She decided a little boob fondling would not hurt and she enjoyed the gentle touch, her husband was usually rough when he got home and wanted sex. The other drawback to his aggressiveness was her husband usually finished sooner and rarely got her off. This was such a nice change of pace, but she had to be careful so this would not get out of hand.

Before she could react he had gently pulled the dress down enough to expose her bare breast, when he touched it he came in his pants. Donna could sense him stiffening up and knew what he did, she gently pulled the dress back up, they kissed a bit more and then suggested the go home.

When the got to her house his she gave him a peck on the cheek and said goodnight, then she went in and sent out his mother. They went home and he was ready to masturbate thinking about his first ever boob grabs. Like before he was done in no time, his cum shot all over his chest, he wiped himself off and fell asleep.

He did not even bother to try to ask anyone else out, he could only think about Donna and how far she let him get. As usual her husband was gone on Monday night for business trip and Tuesday night she called Jeremy’s cell phone which surprised him.

“Hey Jeremy, your mom gave me your cell phone number a while back in case of emergency, I’m really bored tonight, would you like to come over and watch a movie on cable with me, I will pop some popcorn and we can have some cokes.” She said.

“Wow that sounds really cool, what time do you want me to come over?” He asked.

“Come over around nine thirty, the kids will be in bed for an hour by then.” She said.

He searched the internet, if there was going to be a repeat of last week, he did not want to go off early in case he could do more with her. It was recommended that he masturbate before going over and around nine o clocks he masturbated. At ten after he cleaned up and put on clean underwear, a pair of loose gym shorts and a tee shirt.

His mother did not seem to know he was going over to Donna’s when she asked he just said he was going to hang out with friends. Donna did not inform his mother this time and he drove over to her house and parked in the driveway. The neighbors would think it was his mother just using his car and they were visiting, when he went to the door, he could smell the popcorn.

“Hey Jeremy come on in.” She said ushering him into the kitchen.

“Thank you, you need some help?” He asked coming into the kitchen.

“Almost done, you can pour a couple glasses of coke.” She said.

He noticed she was wearing a pair of satin pajamas; they were blue with white stars. He did not know at the time but she did not have anything on under them as they went into the living room. He sat down on the loveseat and she sat next to him, he was surprised that she had an erotic thriller loaded in the DVD player.

The movie had a good story to it, it had some nudity and some sex scenes that made Jeremy think of trying to see if Donna was interested. He glanced at her chest which was heaving in the pajamas; he could see her nipples sticking out. He decided that it was now or never to take a chance, so he turned his head towards her and leaned in, kissing her neck gently, then up to her ear.

“You look very beautiful tonight.” He said in a low whisper.

She turned her head towards him, without saying anything she smiled at him and then kissed him. Again the two of them began to make out on the couch, no longer watching the movie. Jeremy did not go for her breasts, which surprised Donna; she was going to let him play with them again tonight. Without her realizing it, he undid the button from the bottom up, by the time she realized it he was on the last two and she figured she would let him undo them. Then gently he slid the top off of her shoulders, Donna could not believe it, she let him get her topless and she helped him by letting him slide it down off her arms.

This was starting to go too far Donna thought in the back of her mind, but something she did not tell Jeremy’s mom was that she was feeling a bit neglected by her husband. Sex with him had become quick and unfulfilling as if he was doing it out of a sense of duty before leaving home for his business trips. Plus they never talked, when he got home he had meetings at work all day Friday and then it was mostly kids and hanging out at the house on the weekend. When Monday came back around it was usually the routine of getting ready to leave early Tuesday morning.

Now here she was with the son of her best friend making out passionately, half naked on the couch in her home while her kids slept upstairs. He was fulfilling her need to be wanted, to be romanced and someone even though anxious with youth was willing to take his time. She still thought about stopping it, but as long as he was only playing with her breasts she let him continue.

Jeremy was doing a nice job with them with gentle caresses, soft squeezes and the easy pulls and pinches on her nipples causing Donna to moan in his mouth from time to time. It seemed for a moment or two he was no longer interested in her breasts and then she got a sense where he was interested, his hand drifted down her side and she could feel it working into the waistband of her pajamas. She did not have panties on because she loved the feel of the satin on her skin.

Donna you need to stop him now she thought as his hand slides over the bare mound of her pussy and cupped her. His fingers gently rubbed her slit as her juices flowed out of it, then he used his fingers to rub slow circles over top of her clit. Jeremy did a lot of research and watched Nina Hartley’s instructional videos and it seemed to be paying off as Donna was now moaning into his mouth.

Donna could not believe how well he was rubbing her, he knew exactly where to touch and how to do it and she was starting to feel a small soft orgasm coming over her. Her juices flowed out of her pussy and coated his fingers; she gave herself a moment to let the orgasm subside. Then she broke off the kiss and pulled his hand out of her pajama bottoms.

“That was great, but wait right there.” She said getting off the couch

When she came back in she had a hand towel and some lotion, she put her top back on but did not button it. She sat back down on the couch next to Jeremy who looked at her kind of dumbfounded as she put a hand on his waist and untied the string to his shorts.

“Pull them down.” She said.

He pulled them down underwear and all, his hard young cock on display, Donna looked at it and smiled, and it was just a bit bigger than her husband, maybe six and a half inches and had nice girth. She put some lotion on it and took a hold of it gently stroking him up and down.

Jeremy could not believe what was happening, he had Donna stroking him in her living room, on her couch, and he did everything he could to make sure this would last. He reached up and pulled her pajama top open and gently fondled her breast. He finally got to see what the look like the milky white circle left behind by her swimsuit and the nice pink nipple, stiff and puffy.

It had been five minutes and he really was doing the best he could fighting off his impending ejaculation, Donna stroked him a little faster now and she brought her other hand in to fondle his balls. Her long red painted nails were raking them gently sending shivers up his spine. Finally he could not contain them any longer and exploded, cum landed on his shirt and all over her hands and forearms.

“How did that feel?” She asked softly.

“It was the best feeling I have had.” He said in disbelief.

She carefully wiped the cum off of his cock and shirt, off her hands and arms, then he pulled up his shorts and she gave him a kiss. They sat silently for a few more minutes and then she told him he better head on home before his mother worried about him.

Donna worried that night that things were possibly getting out of hand now with Jeremy and why was he awakening these feeling inside of her. She found him to charming and was enjoying his company, she felt herself looking forward to her husband going out of town now. She tossed and turned in bed, dreaming of going further with Jeremy and the ramifications that it may cause.

Jeremy on the other hand was happier than he had ever been in his entire life, his first sexual experience that wasn’t with himself. He knew college was coming soon and he would have to leave, but he was hoping that he would get more opportunities to explore with Donna further.

The next few days she avoided calling Jeremy, he did call her a couple of times but she told him he was busy. Her husband got home on Friday and he let everyone know he was going to do a cook out on Saturday, Jeremy and his family was invited.

It was four in the afternoon on Saturday when his family arrived, he and Donna just nodded to each other knowingly as they all said hello and then mingled with the rest of the neighbors. Donna found time to get away from being the perfect hostess to swimming with the kids. You could tell a lot of the men and young men like Jeremy that were there were checking her out in her swimsuit. Donna had on a dark pink triangle bikini with light pink polka dots that showed off how great she kept her body after having three kids.

After she got done swimming she only slid on a pair of jean shorts and still walked around in her top, everyone ate and the adults consumed a large amount of alcohol. Jeremy’s parents left while Jeremy stayed to hang out with a couple of friends. More people left, then a poker game started, the rest of the wives left, the kids and it was just Donna’s husband and a few of the other men sitting at a table playing cards, smoking cigars and drinking beer.

Jeremy said goodnight and left going through the house, Donna had already put the kids to bed and she was standing at the sink washing some dishes. Jeremy snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.

“What are you doing?” She exclaimed softly.

“Just letting you know I miss you and how sexy you look tonight.” He whispered in her ear.

“Now what are you doing?” She said softly as his hands drifted up to squeeze her breasts.

“Just keep watch.” He whispered.

He kissed down her back and got on his knees behind her, he reached around front and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. Donna stepped out of them and then he ran his hands up her long sexy tan legs and untied her bottoms. She spread her legs and let them drop to the floor, while watching out the small window for her husband.

He kissed the back of her legs and gently eased them apart, he gently pushed her forward and he could see her pussy now. He had seen a lot of them on the internet or in magazines but he had not seen one up close, he watched one of Nina’s videos on how to eat pussy and was eager to show Donna he was interested in pleasing her as much as she pleased him.

He licked his fingers and gently pushed the lips apart, he could now see the opening and the clitoris. He teased all around with his tongue without actually touching it and Donna moaned softly. Jeremy pushed her legs apart a bit further and stopped teasing her and ran his tongue up between the lips. Pushing further and further into her the whole time, Donna let out soft moans.

Jeremy did this for several minutes and Donna’s pussy juice was flowing out of her pussy saturating his mouth and chin. She leaned forward a bit more and pushed back against him, now he sought out her clit with his tongue. He probed around until he found the hard nub, as it poked out of its protective skin and he licked it hard with his tongue and he could feel her shudder with pleasure. He stopped licking her clit and began to suck on it, Donna could not believe how skilled this kid was at eating pussy, her husband never managed it and he never got her off orally. He stopped again and licked two of his fingers, changed his position and slid two fingers into her easily as she was fairly lubricated.

He slowly finger fucked her while working hard on her clit, alternating between sucking and licking Donna was moaning louder and humping her pussy against him. Donna had her second orgasm during the slow rhythm of his finger fucking and tongue work. She thought he would stop but he seemed to sense her orgasm and waited a moment for it to subside. Then he finger fucked her faster and harder, while mouth sucked and licked harder.

“Oh shit Jeremy, oh god yes, oh god your so good, keep it up.” She said encouraging him as her breathing grew more ragged and heavier.

Jeremy continued his finger and oral assault on her and was proud of him that he was satisfying this hot older woman. She kept looking out the window which only heighten her arousal knowing that her husband was nearby the whole time this was going down.

“Oh fuck, oh Jesus, fuck. I’m going big, oh god yes.” She moaned aloud.

“What’s that honey?” His wife yelled.

“Nothing.” She managed to say, she bit down hard on her lip as she had a third orgasm on Jeremy’s mouth and fingers.

“You know what guys fuck this; the damn mosquito’s are biting too much.” Her husband exclaimed.

“Jeremy goes get out of here quick.” She said.

He got up from under her quick and ran out the door, Donna had pulled up her shorts and swimsuit bottoms quickly right before her husband came in. He came over to her and put an empty beer down on the counter and kissed her on the cheek.

“Hey baby you coming to bed?” He asked.

“No I want to finish here first then I’ll be up.” She said.

“I’ll try to wait up, but I’m a bit drunk.” He replied.

She knew he would pass out in a few minutes and could not believe what Jeremy did to her in the kitchen with her husband so close. He was a brave son of a gun she thought and giggled, Jeremy meanwhile made it home and went up to his bedroom. He could not help to lick his fingers off while her quickly jerked himself off. He had one of the most powerful orgasms of his life and shot his cum hard all over the floor. He cleaned it up and then went to take a quick shower; he could not believe his luck at getting away with what he did. He now knew that he would go further yet with Donna and he hoped it would be soon.

Sunday morning came around, Donna’s husband had a hangover and Jeremy had to go to church so the day was uneventful. Monday the usual her husband got ready for his weekly business trip and like usual he wanted sex before he was to leave. Only this time she refused saying she did not feel good and did not let him have sex with her.

Tuesday came and Jeremy asked his mother if she would be willing to sit for Donna, he had asked her as soon as her he could if she would go to the drive in with him and she accepted. When he arrived to pick her up, she was wearing a denim skirt and tight black tank top. She said good bye the kids and his mother and they were off.

It started off as a normal date, they got popcorn and sodas from the concession stand and then began to watch the movie. They ate the popcorn and watched the first movie, then during intermission Donna suggested that they get in the back seat of his parents SUV.

As soon as they were in the back seat, Donna wasted no time straddling on top of Jeremy and the two of them began to kiss passionately. Hands were eagerly exploring bodies and tongues were exploring mouths as they steamed up the windows. Jeremy lifted the front of her tank top to expose her naked breasts; he gently kneaded them and played with her nipples.

He broke the kiss off and took one into his mouth and gently sucked it, then toyed with the nipple with his tongue. Donna let out a soft moan, and then arched her back to allow him better access to both of them as he alternated between both of them, licking and sucking them.

“That little stunt you did in the kitchen after the barbeque made me so horny.” She said softly. “I did plan for these to physical, but you are so gentle and eager, I want to make love to you.”

“Oh Donna, I always found you to be so beautiful, I’ve always wanted too, I living out a dream now.” He replied.

“Let’s put the seats down.” She said reaching for the latch.

In a couple minutes they had the seats down and they made a makeshift pillow out of Jeremy’s shirt, then the resumed kissing and caressing each other. Donna took off her tank top and Jeremy pulled down her denim skirt and she shook her head yes and took her thong off too. She reached down and undid his jeans and took his hard cock out, they laid there and continued kissing and caressing.

“Just lay back, we got plenty of time.” She said.

Then she turned around and swung her legs over Jeremy, before he knew it she was licking the head of his cock, he too took the hint and began to lick her pussy. When he started doing that she moaned aloud and engulfed his cock into her warm wet mouth.

“Mmmmm you have a nice cock” She said and then went back to sucking it.

He loved the sound of her moans as he worked her pussy and she was sucking his cock faster and harder now. As she started to have an orgasm, she felt Jeremy stiffen up as he was licking her and filled her mouth with his cum. There was so much she could not was swallow it all, but what she could not swallow she licked it off her hand and the rest off of his cock.

She got off of him and got back up to him, they snuggled close together naked and sweaty, in a few minutes Jeremy climbed up front to get the sodas. Then they were back to kissing again and a few minutes later he was hard again. Donna pulled him on top of her and help guide his cock into her pussy, she moaned softly as he pushed the full length of it into her.

“How does it feel?” She asked.

“Better than anything I could ever imagine.” He said.

“Well just move in and out of me slowly, eventually you will get the feel of what you are doing.” She said.

He did as he was instructed; he pumped his cock in and out of her at a slow and steady pace. Donna pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his waist and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him down to kiss her. They kept this up for several minutes; she could feel an orgasm slowly building inside of her as her new young lover pleasured her.

“Oh yes baby, make love to me, and make love to me.” She moaned and began to push her pelvis in rhythm with his thrusts.

They both were now going faster and Donna was moaning louder as she began to cum, once her orgasm subsided she pushed on him and rolled him over on her back. She climbed on top on him and guided her pussy down on top of his cock.

“Now you relax and let Donna ride you.” She said.

She rested her hands on the floor of the SUV and began to move herself up and down on his cock. Jeremy reached up and played with her breasts while they swung freely in front of him. Jeremy could not believe how she moved and how much control she had over the muscles in her pussy and hips. She started out slowly with her movements then worked her hips faster and faster.

“Oh god you’re making me cum again.” She moaned aloud as she had her third orgasm of the night.

She rolled off of him and went to lay on her back when Jeremy surprised and kept her on her side, he guided his cock into her from behind and then let her roll over on her stomach. He whispered something in her ear about seeing this in a movie and Donna just giggle knowing what he meant. She spread her legs and gave him better access and started fucking her hard.

“Oh god Donna this is so great, oh god I’m going to give it to you.” He groaned.

“Yes baby, fuck me now, fuck me hard.” She moaned back.

You could probably hear his pelvis slap hard against her ass as he drove his cock into her fast and hard. Both of them were covered in sweat, the carpet to the SUV was soaked with sweat; you could smell sex throughout the vehicle.

Jeremy’s cock was plunging deep into Donna, deeper than her husband who seemed to only know two positions, him on top or her on top. He could now feel his cum ready to boil out of his cock again as he fucked her harder.

“Oh god, I’m going too fucking cum, oh Donna, oh god.” He groaned aloud.

“Oh god Jeremy me too, oh yes we’ll cum together.” She screamed.

The two had orgasms at the same time; Jeremy filled her pussy about as full as he filled her mouth. After his cock deflated he finally pulled it out of her and rolled off of her to catch his breath. Donna cuddled up next to him and they both held each other naked in the back until the movie ended. Then they both got redressed and left the drive in, they stopped at a car wash. Where they cleaned the car out and got the smell of sex out of it before he had to pick up his mother and drop her off to her kids.

They kissed goodnight before going in, then said goodnight, his mother came out and he waited to see if she could smell anything. On the way home they talked about how he ought to start trying again with girls his own age.

The rest of the summer he would call or pretend to call girls his own age while continuing his sexual knowledge with Donna. They continued their torrid affair all the way up until he had to leave for college, with everything he learned from Donna he ended up dating several different girls during his first semester. When he got home he was eager to tell Donna about everything, when his mother informed him that she and her husband went on a second honeymoon.

He went back for his second semester and found the girl he would eventually marry, Donna and her husband ended up moving when he got a promotion. Jeremy was forever grateful to Mom’s beautiful friend and everything she did for him the summer before he left for college.

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