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Just a taste for all those who dig the sickness in my mind. It will be a while before I can complete my new stuff as I have things in my life coming up to take my time. But it is time that will hopefully recharge the mind’s eye and focus it to a better level than before. To those of you waiting patiently for Becoming the Dominus 4 it is under construction and will hopefully be out soon. Enjoy this little tidbit if you will and feel free to enjoy it. By the way this is a work of fiction so I did borrow a name or two but not anyones intentionally.

From the moment the lawyers were done to the moment I saw the movers pick up his stuff and go I didn’t feel alone. I kept on at my own pace for some weeks after it was over, but deep down I wouldn’t let myself believe it. It wasn’t until three months after he had moved out that it all hit me at once. I was alone. He stole my life, my innocence, as well as my well being. It was then I realized as the tears started to come down he took my pride with him as well. I was suddenly crying on my floor for hours when it all hit me.

Before all of this happened we lived happily. We married when I was eighteen and he was nineteen. We shared our love for each other throughout college and he got his degree in economics and I got mine in pre-law. I then got enough courage after our first child was born and went full out in law school. In the third year of it we had our second child. I was through with kids until after I got done with my schooling. I finished my fourth year of school and found my specialty was going to be estate and trustee law.

When all was said and done with my bar exams I got a good job with a respectable firm. It also didn’t hurt that as a minority I was offered a good spot. My boss liked me regardless of the color of my skin and that I was a good worker and kept all my affairs in line. I soon brought in a respectable set of clients to the firm. During which time I set out and met other clients and soon I made several good deals with the newer clients that netted my firm some very affluent clients. Over time our small firm became a large and prosperous one. It wasn’t all me as we have several good people working for us, but it didn’t hurt I was ready to be the best at what I do.

My husband however wasn’t the greatest one in the world for patience. It wasn’t until I turned thirty eight that I found out he was cheating on me, and regularly. It wasn’t bad enough he was cheating on me, but he was doing it with a white girl. He always told me a white girl had no appeal to him. I should have known better but here it was proof in the pudding. He had a soccer mom he was fucking as well as a secretary at his office. The fuck was cheating on me with more than four women before I found out about it and left him. The divorce was quick and clean as I had my friend handle it and in less than six weeks he was cut loose with his whores.

I laid on the floor crying and then got to my feet slowly. I walked to my bedroom and the tears would not stop running. I had let my kids go out to their aunt’s house for the weekend so that gave me all the time I needed to get my head together. It wasn’t only me that the divorce hurt, it was all around us. My kids loved their dad as boys tend to, but they also were hurt that dad had hurt me so. My oldest son Dwayne was truly hurt by the cheating his father had done. He had been taught by his father to be a good and honest person, yet here he was betraying his family to the point of stupidity. My younger son Demetrius was not so hurt by his dad, yet he knew what he did was messed up. My sister and brother were supportive of me, yet they agreed I could do much better. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do anything at all considering how things had panned out the first time around. Almost twenty years of my life wasted for what? Two kids that seemingly only tolerated me and a fuck hole of a ex husband. That was not what I wanted with my life.

I decided to be done with the old house as soon as my tears had dried. I moved out of the house I had lived in for sixteen years and moved to a new local. The suburb I moved to was nice and quiet. My sons decided to stay with their aunt and uncle as they didn’t want to move from their friends. It hurt that I moved to San Diego and they stayed in Los Angeles, but I knew it was what they wanted. They eventually moved in with their aunt and uncle but we kept in touch. I found a nice three bedroom that I renovated into a nice home with office and gym. The neighbors were all decent upper class people with good jobs and loving families, it made me sad that I was alone and they were happy. I made some friends with them and some of the kids in the area showed up to my house as I had yard work and the likes they did happily for the simple reward of cash.

It was three of those kids that became regulars whenever I needed something. Damon was the leader of the crew. John and Randal were not tagger-alongs, but they definitely followed him. Damon was a strong tall eighteen year old who was a safety on his high school team. John and Randal were also football players, but not as good as him. When I needed something done Damon was the first to show. He’d call the others and they would come running to help. Needless to say my yard, front and back, were perfect year round and my house was always painted properly. It was Damon that started calling me “Ms. D.” as my name is Shandra Dubious, but he thought it was cooler so it stuck. It saddened me when I found out they had joined the Marines together and were off to boot camp soon. They had a party two days before they left and I saw the pretty young girls mobbing around Damon and sighed. He was a charmer for sure. At six foot one he was lean and muscular with black hair and stunning ice blue eyes. John was a sandy blonde with blue eyes and Randal was a green eyed kid that always shaved his head bald. The party went on and I heard a knock at the door.

I opened it to find Damon standing there smiling at me.

“Well now. To what do I owe this pleasure?” I asked sounding formal.

“I was just coming by to say I hope I see you after I’m done with boot.” he said hoping.

“Oh? And why would you want to see me after you graduate?” I asked him arms across my chest.

“Because Ms. D you are the shit that’s why.” he said beaming.

I laughed at that comment and patted his cheek. He smiled at that and I then told him, “Go back to your party or all those girls will miss you.”

“They aren’t the ones I want to miss me.” he said as he turned back to the party.

I stopped and turned around as he walked away. Did he really just say that to me? I was stunned, I was nearly old enough to be his mother and he said that to me? I closed my door mouth open and walked back to my office. I sat in the chair and fidgeted in it a bit as the weight of his words sunk home. I realized suddenly I was too uncomfortable at the desk so I went and took a shower. I washed my body then looked down at it. For thirty nine I was OK looking I guess. At five eight I am kind of tall and my hips were a bit thick and I do have a large ass. My chest is topped with a large pair of forty D breasts and my tummy is flat with a slight curve. my hair was shoulder length and tied into tiny fashion braids that made me look like I have a full head of hair. I’m hardly what one would call attractive as my skin is very dark, but I guess he was just drinking. I let it go as I washed off then I got out. I dried off and rubbed my favorite lilac lotion in my skin as I dressed in a pair of shorts and a log tee. I went back to my kitchen and made a drink. I sipped at it as I watched a movie but I was too caught up in Damon’s words to pay attention to it.

I wondered if her really meant it as I sipped my drink. I then got up and went to my bedroom and went to my closet. I set out my outfit for work the next day when I heard the doorbell ring. I sighed and went to it. As I opened it I saw John and Randal standing there.

“Well now you boys ready to go become men now?” I asked smiling at them.

“Yes ma’am.” John said snapping me a salute. Randal slapped his arm as he laughed with me.

“I’m ready to see the world too ma’am. It was great that you let us take care of your lawn, I will miss the extra cash you slipped us. Thanks for everything Ms. D.” Randal said as he shook my hand.

John shook my hand as well then he smiled at me as they walked off. It was a good thing to see these boys ready to do something life changing. I knew they were excited about it as they talked about it non stop as they did the house work. It was Damon’s idea to go as they didn’t want to go to college without a football scholarship. As John and Randal were second string they wouldn’t be able to go together. This way there figured they had the best chance of being together longer. I hoped that they would, but I knew the military moved people around a lot. I sighed as the two of them went away and I shut the door. I went back to my room and finished my preparations. I set out my heels and looked in my top drawer. It was getting cold out so I set out some black stockings and a garter belt. I found my boy shorts and a nice bra to go with. I found a blue skirt and a black blouse to go with it. I set them on my counter top and then I went to the kitchen. I made another drink when I noticed that Damon was walking back to the door. I went to it and opened it before he could knock.

“Sorry Ms. D. I just wanted to tell you what I meant when I left.” he said scratching the back of his head nervously.

“Oh?” I said as I sipped my drink.

“Yes ma’am. I meant to say that I hope you do miss me as I will miss you.” he tried to explain.

“And how exactly will you miss me?” I said a smile on my face.

Without a word he leaned forward and kissed me hard on the lips. I was so stunned I dropped my drink. He then stepped forward and his tongue flicked across mine. I shuddered and pushed him away.

“Damon!” I said under my breath. “What’s gotten into you boy?” I asked him harshly.

“I’m sorry Ms. D. I just… I wanted to do that since I first met you. I hope I didn’t make you mad.” he said looking me in the eyes.

“I’m old enough to be your momma Damon, I don’t think its appropriate. I’m flattered you find me attractive don’t get me wrong, but don’t you have like five girlfriends as it is?” I said joking him.

“No ma’am. I don’t.” he said looking at me longingly.

I felt his gaze upon me and my body was betraying me as I didn’t notice my nipples had hardened. It also didn’t help I was wearing a white tee shirt with no bra. My thick nipples were dark enough that they stood out under the shirt.

“Ummm, Ms. D. I think…” he said as he pointed to my shirt.

I looked down and saw them standing out and crossed my arms over my chest. I then looked up as he lunged forward and took me in his arms. I was about to say something when he kissed me hard on the lips again. I tried to say something but he cut me off as his tongue invaded my mouth. I was suddenly aware of his hands on my ass as he squeezed my cheeks tightly. I whimpered into his mouth as my feet shot up to my tip toes. I was moaning in his mouth and he kicked the door shut behind him. He then shocked me by hiking me up to his waist. I was forced to throw my legs around his waist or I would fall. As my crotch met his my eyes widened at the bulge I felt in his pants. He broke the kiss and was breathing heavily against my lips.

“God Ms. D. I have wanted to do this for so long. I never could imagine I would be here right now with you like this.” he said breathlessly as he kissed my lips again.

I felt like butter in his arms as he walked me to my bedroom. I was moaning in his mouth as he kissed me the whole way there. We bumped into a few of my walls along they way, but he made good headway to the room. I then felt my bed under my back as he continued to ravage my tongue with his. I then felt his hands slid up my side and over the front of my shirt. I shuddered and arched into his strong hands as he gripped my tits. I felt my nipples stabbing through my shirt as he continued to rub them. He then pulled back and his hands found the edge of my shirt and he slid it slowly over my head.

“Damon I think…” I tried to say but he cut me off with a finger to my lips.

I was terrified as this young newly eighteen year old was over my half naked body. I then looked into his eyes as he slid down me as he started to bite and suck on my nipples. I moaned a throaty moan as my body fell backwards. He suckled me like a new born looking for his first meal. I arched my back as he did and my hands ran through his thick hair. It was cut short on the sides but was long on top and went down his sides in a pop trend, but it wasn’t going to last a week in boot camp. I decided to take advantage of the length as I pulled his hair and he came up to my lips. We kissed hungrily for a long while as he continued to rub his hands along my shuddering form.

“Ms. D. please I need to do this for you.” he said as he slunk down my body.

He arched my hips up then ripped my shorts and undies off in one shove. I squeaked as he looked at me and I was now embarrassed. I hadn’t trimmed in a while and it was noticeable. He looked at me and saw my embarrassment. He then shocked me as he drove his face in between my thighs and savaged my slit. I cried out and my legs went over his shoulders. He arched up so I was lying on the bed with my legs over his shoulders and my back off the bed with both of his hands on my ass. He savaged my slit and I was in heaven. He slithered his tongue along the lips and it made me squeal and moan as he then found my clit and savaged it with his teeth. I felt his finger slide along my opening and he slid it in slowly teasingly making me hump it hard. He then continued his assault on my furnace. I was so hot and wet it was scary. He then flipped me over to my hands and knees then he continued to suckle at my pussy from behind. I moaned and dropped my head to the bed as it left my ass in the air. I then felt him slide up my body. I was shaking as he did. I then felt something large and bulbous hit my opening. I looked down to see his massive cock pressing against my opening.

“Yes or no Ms. D.?” he asked me teasing my hole with his cock head.

“Yes god damn it!” I yelled at him and he plunged into me with one shove.

My eyes bugged out as I felt his whole length slide in me. I felt him in my lungs damn near as he was massive and thick. It was no wonder the girls flocked around him. He then grabbed my hips and slowly rocked in and out of me. I threw my head back as I felt him hitting my g spot as he pumped me.

“OH fuck Ms. D.! You are so god damn tight!” he groaned as he pumped me harder.

He was fully inside of me then he began to buck hard. I was at a loss of words as I felt him start to pound into me with a fury. I tried to gasp as he rammed away at me, but it was too much for me. It had been almost two years since I last had a fuck, and that one was a pity fuck from my ex. This young man was literally ripping me in half with his massive cock and I was so lost in the sensations I couldn’t even scream. I did however feel the impending melt down building up in me.

“Flip me!” I begged him.

He yanked out and flipped me to my back. I then looked at it and my eyes bulged. He was well over ten inches long and nearly five thick! He then rammed back into me and I groaned out in pleasure. This little white boy was massive as he pounded me with a fury I had never known. My ex was a large man as well at just over nine, but this kid made him look tiny in comparison. He fucked me with a single minded determination and I keened under him as my own pleasures exploded. I thrashed under this young buck as he pounded me and I came hard. I screamed out his name as he then surged deeper inside of me. He then arched me up so our lips met and he fucked me good and slow then. I laid back shuddering on his massive cock as he slid in and out of me. He was teasing me and it felt so damn good!

“Ride me Ms. D. Please ride me I want to see you on top.” he begged me.

I wiggled off him and he flipped to his back. I don’t know what came over me but I needed to taste him. My dark hands on his ivory and purple friend was a shock to my system. I slid my hands up and down him using my own juice as a lube and he groaned and shuddered under my hands. I then threw caution to the wind and took him in my mouth. I had sucked off my ex a lot so it wasn’t new to me, but his sheer girth was hard to manage. I did my best to take as much as I could, but it was too damn much. I felt his hand on the back of my head as I did my best with my mouth then stroked him with my hands. He was moaning and bucking under me. Using that I was able to relax my mouth and breathing as he got in deeper and deeper. I relaxed my gag reflex as he then got all the way in me. I groaned on him and he screamed as my nose touched his belly. I kept at it for a long while.

“Oh fuck Ms. D. I cant hold it….oh shit!” he yelled.

I felt his hot cum splash into my throat and it made me choke. I then pulled off him as he fired of at least eight huge spurts of cum into my mouth and on my face. I stuck out my tongue to catch as much as I could, but in the end he was just firing off a load of frustration. From as much as he came I can tell he wanted me for a long while. I looked at him and he was breathing hard with his head thrown back. I licked his cock to get the last of the juices out of him and sucked him dry. He cried out as my tongue touched him and I felt him shake. He then lifted me to his face and he kissed me deeply. Even with his own cum on my face he savagely kissed me. I felt so small in his arms as he made me moan and shake under him. He then looked at me and I saw his cum on his lips. I leaned up and licked them clean then got up. I went to the bathroom and wiped my face off as he literally drenched it. I then looked up to see him standing behind me and he shoved me forward on the sink. He roughly hiked my leg on the counter and slammed into me in one shot.

“Ahhhh!” I cried out as he bottomed out in me then he began to fuck me hard.

The look in the mirror of my dark skin and his tanned skin as he pumped me was very invigorating. He slapped my ass hard and I keened as he did. I couldn’t help what was coming over my body as he grabbed my hips as he plowed me hard. Every now and then he would slap my ass and it would make me cry out. God it felt so good! I was being impaled by this kid who was horny as a fucking billy goat and I was loving it! I needed more and he gave it to me. I swear we fucked on that counter top for at least thirty minutes before I felt him slow down.

“You didn’t ride me Ms. D.” he whispered in my ear as he teased me slowly.

I looked at him through haze filled eyes and he smiled at me as he lips met mine. I then bucked back on him and he groaned into my mouth.

“Get on your back!” I growled at him.

He yanked out of me and my body shuddered at the sudden loss of being filled. I saw him lie down on his back with his massive cock standing straight up begging me to get on it. I stood over him and squatted down slowly. I grabbed his cock and guided it into my depths. I then sank slowly inch by inch on him twisting my hips slowly as I did. He groaned under me and tried to buck, but I pulled off as he did.

I then smiled at him wickedly and purred, “Now now, my turn baby boy.”

He laid back and behaved himself as I slowly slid deeply on him. He moaned as I bottomed out on him. I shuddered on him as I felt him in me totally. I sat back feeling full of his sweet cock and loving it as I slowly rocked my hips on him. His hands slipped to my hips as he held on as I began to ride him like he begged me to. My body leaned forward and I got into a good rhythm. He had his eyes closed as he felt me clench on him as I pulled up then slid down him. His moans began to turn me on to higher ideas of lust. I then began to buck hard on him as I felt the nearing of my own climax. I began to pound my hips up and down on his fat cock. It hurt so damn good I was about to black out. I felt the very core of my body twitch and then I felt the wave of heat wash over my body as I threw my head back and I came so hard I did pass out. I collapsed on his chest and I don’t remember anything after that.

I woke up slowly, my head spinning as I tried to open my eyes. The soft light of dawn was filling my eyes. I tried to move, but I felt an arm around my chest. I looked down at it to see it was Damon’s. I tilted my head back to see him softly sleeping behind me. He was holding me so close to him I could feel his strong heart beating behind my back. I looked at the clock and realized I needed to get to work in an hour. I got up slowly then went to the shower. I washed my body then dried off and went back to my room. He was just waking up as I started to dress for the day. I slid my stockings on and he sat up watching the show. I slid my panties on slowly deciding to give him one. I then wiggled my hips to get them in place. He was watching me like a cat staring at a mouse. I then put on my bra. I looked at the stockings and as they were hold ups I decided against the garter belt. I then stepped into my shoes. I picked up my skirt and wrapped it around my waist slowly buttoning it. I then slid on my blouse and buttoned it up. I then turned back to him and he was smiling appreciatively.

“Ms. D. has anyone ever told you how fucking beautiful you are?” he whispered as I walked to my nightstand.

I smiled demurely at him as I put on my simple necklace then I spritzed on some perfume and leaned over him. I kissed his lips then ran my tongue along his lips. He smiled at me then he got out of bed. I stared at his limp, but still impressive manhood. I wanted so badly to drop to my knees and suck him deep in my mouth, but I needed to get to work.

“When do you get off Ms. D?” he asked me.

“Three, but I have an appointment so I won’t be home till about six.” I said.

“OK, I’ll see you then.” he said grinning.

“And what makes you so sure of that little boy?” I asked him arms crossing.

“Because I will.” he said confidently.

He then grabbed me and kissed me hard on my lips. His tongue snaked into my mouth and he held me possessively. I sighed and literally melted into his arms. I then felt my knees giving out on me and he broke the kiss. He held me until I was able to stand up straight then he got dressed. I led him outside and he kissed me one last time then I went to work.

At work my mind was hazy to say the least. This young buck who I had known for just nine months had given me the biggest orgasms of my life. It was maddening to think about him as I sat in my desk going over my forms. I shifted a lot in my seat as I was very uncomfortable and kind of sore from his pounding. Sore, but feeling great. I had never in my life blacked out from sex before and it was kind of scary. I only hoped he had behaved himself when it happened.

As I was going over my papers I got a text from Damon saying he missed me and was ready for me to get home. It wasn’t two in the afternoon and he was begging me. It was kind of sweet, but I had a lot to do still. After my work was squared away I had to go to my appointment with my senior partners. It was a simple drinks and sampler affair. I was hopefully going to be given the new Vicrinzy account and if I did then I was going to be set for a long while. However I knew it was a long shot. The Vicrinzy family was well known as semi tolerant of any non whites. The only reason they even looked at my name was the great marks I had in the firm.

As the afternoon became evening I finally was done. I didn’t get the account, but I did get offers for three others. I left and made my way home. When I got home I saw my front door had a note on it. I opened the note and it simply read,

Come inside and take of your coat. Then close your eyes.

I was nervous as to what was going on but I did. When I got inside I took off my coat and slowly closed my eyes. When I did I felt something go over them and it was a blindfold. I was suddenly sightless and I felt a strong pair of hands on my body. I shuddered at the feeling of not knowing where the hands would go next. It was so exhilarating, but at the same time terrifying.

“Well now Ms. D. how was your day?” Damon’s voice asked me huskily.

It was when he spoke I realized his voice was across the room. Yet there was now two pairs of hands moving along my body. I tried to say something but a tongue invaded my mouth. I couldn’t help but moan as two strong bodies pressed against my chest and my back. My legs were spread and two hands worked up and down my thighs. I moaned as the new mouth bit my neck from behind making me shudder into the mouth in front of me. I couldn’t help what was happening to me as my body was so excited from being sightless and I was now being very over stimulated. My nipples screamed under my blouse and my panties began to soak as my arousal became apparent.

I don’t know how long it was going on for but soon I felt my skirt unbutton and it fell off my hips. I tried to moan but as I did I felt two fingers grip my nipples and I cried out into the mouth of the man in front of me. It was then I felt two very firm bulges against my body. I still couldn’t see who it was but I felt them firmly against my thighs. The next thing I was aware of was the cool air of my house against my now uncovered chest as my blouse was torn over my head. I felt two hands grip my ass and two grip my tits and I cried out. I felt my bra suddenly go over my head as well freeing my nipples to be savaged by an eager mouth.

My head lolled from side to side as the tortuously good mouth suckled my fat nipples and the hand from behind pinched them mercilessly. I was unconsciously air humping the thigh that was between my own as my arousal took over and I lost all focus of my sanity. I then felt my panties slide off my legs and I was left in only my black stockings and high heels. I heard Damon’s voice say,

“Leave them on. She looks fucking hot like that.”

The hand that was on them stopped and pulled what he had pulled down back up. I then felt myself slump to my knees and a rather large cock was shoved into my mouth. I whimpered as it was thick and filled my mouth to the stretching point. I nearly gagged, but the person relented and allowed me to get myself under control. I then was aware of a pair of hands than pushed me so I went to my hands and knees. The man in front of me slid deep into my mouth then pulled out slowly and began to build a rhythm. I arched my back as a tongue slashed against my clit. I moaned loudly on the cock in my face and I began to buck my hips as two fingers slid deep into me. I cried out as the torturous rhythm built up in me.

The feeling of it was too much for my body to handle and I came almost as soon as the third finger slid into me. The mouth under my pussy was a good one and none of my juices ran down my legs as he slipped his fingers out of me and latched his mouth onto my gushing hole. I was crying out on the cock in my face then I heard the voice of who it belonged to.

“Oh fuck Ms. D!” Randal said as he surged into my mouth.

I about lost it when I then heard John behind me, “Holy shit she tastes sweet man! Ran you gotta try this!”

Randal pulled out of my mouth and I felt him go behind me and stick a finger deep into me. I heard him lick his finger and he then licked my slit.

“Oh fuck yeah she does. Dude how tight was her pussy?” he asked.

“Very!” John said lewdly.

I then felt Randal line me up to his waist. I felt his dick surge deep into me without warning and I cried out. He wasn’t as long as Damon, but he was just as thick. I then felt John come to my face and he slid into my mouth. I moaned out each time Randal hit my g spot and the vibrations caused John to moan in pleasure.

“Oh fuck Ms. D you suck so fucking well! Holy shit Ms. D.!” he cried out as I continued to suck and moan on him.

I had no idea where it came from but I then felt myself lose all of the uprightness I had. I was on my hands and knees with two eighteen year olds fucking me like I was their personal slut. I didn’t even realize that Damon was still in the room as I was still blindfolded.

“Guys fuck her hard she needs it. We wont get this opportunity till we graduate so make it count!” he coached them.

The grunted their approval and continued on their frantic pace for relief. I then felt the oddest feeling as something cold and wet slid along my ass. It went down my ass crack and into my puckered asshole. I then felt a finger slip in rather easily and I screamed aloud on John’s cock. The finger didn’t relent when I clamped on it, instead it was joined by a second. I cried out as my ass relaxed and the fingers slid deep into me. I was moaning and bucking like a slut in heat and it was making me crazy. I then lost it as the lights in my head exploded and I came. I shuddered and fell forward. John’s cock nearly tore my lower jaw off as I fell forwards. I was spasming so hard my arms gave way and I fell face first to the floor. I heard Randal moan as his cock was yanked out of me.

“Holy shit she came fucking hard!” Randal said in a shocked voice.

It wasn’t that I came hard it was that I was still coming. I had never had such an orgasm in my whole life. My body shook and trembled hard and I was crying as I did. I then felt a pair of hands pick me up and carry me to my bedroom. It was Damon I could tell and he laid me back. I wanted to pass out but he pulled the blindfold off me and I saw him through bleary eyes. He was nude and his cock stood out proudly. He smiled at me and turned me to my side. I laid there and he curled up behind me and whispered into my ear.

“I think they are still ready to go if you are Ms D.”

I absently nodded my head and then I felt him turn me to my stomach and hoist me up to my hands and knees again.

“OK guys. She’s still good.” he said cheerfully.

I looked up and saw John and Randal. They both had their cocks still at attention and before I knew it John got behind me and slid his cock along my slit making me whimper. Randal did nothing at first then Damon whispered in his ear and he smiled. He got on the bed and laid back. He nodded to John and before I knew it I was straddling him. I then felt him grab my hips and slide me onto him. I cred out as my head fell back and before I could respond I was pushed forward and John was behind me.

“Wait John I never…” I tried to say.

He didn’t wait and before I knew it the lube that was on my ass allowed him to burrow himself deep inside of my ass in one shove. My eyes bugged out and I almost passed out. He waited for a good while for my body to adjust, but Randal didn’t he began to pump his hips in and out of me while John held perfectly still. I felt John after a while as he began to buck in and out of me. I lost it as my head fell forward and landed on Randal’s’ thick chest. He was a linebacker for a reason as his pecs were well set. He lifted my head and kissed my lips softly. I moaned into it as they continued to pound my holes. I couldn’t believe this was happening and then I felt myself get into it. I began to buck forwards on Randal and on my back push John would surge into my ass. I then got vocal as my moans and grunts became whimpers and pants as the room filled with their grunts of pleasure.

The sounds of slapping bodies and the smell of my sex was filling the room with an energy that built up inside of us. I knew I was going to come again and it wasn’t long before it hit me like an explosion. I whipped my head to and fro as they pounded me and I howled like a demon as they fucked me savagely.

“OH shit Ms. D.!” I heard John scream and he fired off a massive load that filled my ass to the brim and dripped down my thighs.

He pulled off of me and slumped backwards. I screamed as another orgasm ripped through me and I looked into Randal’s eyes and he saw the look I had.

“God Ms. D.!” he whispered harshly as he grabbed my hips and began to pump frantically into me.

I knew I wasn’t on the pill and I shocked him and myself as I pulled off him and flipped to my back. He got over me cock in hand and he spurted a massive load that shot up and hit my tits and my tummy.

I laid back as his hot semen washed over my body and I didn’t register it but my hands were rubbing his seed into my tits and I was moaning like a porn star. I looked up to see John panting on the edge of my bed and he was barely able to stand. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stand as my legs shook violently. I looked up to see Damon who was watching the show from a nearby chair and he grinned his approval. John and Randal then both leaned over me and one at a time they kissed me deeply.

“That’s for luck Ms. D.” Randal said to me as he kissed my lips and smiled at me.

“I’ll see you when I graduate Ms. D.” John said hungrily after his tongue slid along mine.

I laid back as they left the room and got dressed. I looked at Damon who simply stood up and walked to the bed. He picked my limp body up and I shuddered against his strong chest. He carried me to my bathroom and I was shocked when I saw a fully drawn bath waiting for me. He slid me into the warm water and began to wash my body. I laid back into his strong hands as he scrubbed every inch of me. The water was scented with lilacs and honey as he washed my legs. He even shaved them for me as I smiled at that. He then lifted me from the tub and shaved my slit. I was happy he did and before long it was smooth as silk. He rinsed my body off and lifted me form the tub. He sat me on my toilet and dried my body off. It was truly a great feeling of him pampering me as he was. After he was done he picked me up and carried me to my bed. I looked to see John and Randal had come back in dressed and were changing my sheets. I smiled at them as they saw me in Damon’s arms. They waved and left as Damon laid me back on my bed.

He went to my dresser and pulled out some items I didn’t see. I laid back as he turned back and walked up to me. He lifted my left leg and slid a white stocking up it. He smoothed it out so expertly it was scary. He repeated the process with my right leg. He then smiled at me impishly and sucked my stocking covered toes into his mouth. It was a nice feeling and he then set my legs down. He climbed into bed with me and pulled me to his chest. Feeling his strong heart beat in my back it was hypnotizing and soon I was fast asleep. I didn’t realize it then but the new me was born and she was hungry for more.

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