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Real Selfish Lover Pat

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I was 23 when I met Pat, who was 42 at the time. We were work colleagues and got on really well. Pat had dark hair hanging lustrously loose and a super pair of legs. She wore skirts every day and my gaze often followed her legs and ass around the room at work, or in the bar.

I’m not sure why, but we just clicked and the company was good socially. I would often be on nights out when other work colleagues went out, even the weekend. And then came the night I drunkenly approached Pat and began a conversation about her merits. At the time, she was on the verge of splitting from her husband and I’d not long ended a relationship so my compliments were well received, despite them being very explicit.

“Pat, why don’t you come back with me for a bit before you go home?” I asked her.

“Dominic, I’m flattered but I’m married, besides I’m too old for the likes of you!” she offered back.

“No you’re not and I know things aren’t great at home. You know what I’d love to do?” I continued, quite drunk.

“What?” she asked intrigued.

“Get on my knees, hold your thighs and lick you to an amazing orgasm” I said.

Pat looked surprised, flattered, regretful and delighted.

“Dominic! Listen, if I was 20 years younger I’d love to” said Pat, regretfully.

“Come on, listen you wouldn’t regret it” I pushed.

Pat admirably declined and we went our separate ways; on Monday it didn’t seem to have brought any awkwardness to our working relationship at all. Indeed, I found myself getting on better than ever with Pat. She even gave me a lift home in her jeep later that week and we joked that the inside of her jeep had condensation and it how it must be from all the hot libido’s in the vehicle. Then a month later, she split up from her husband. I saw her out a few more times and then it happened. It was a Friday and I was in the pub, close to the dance floor area. Pat was having a great time with Hazel, a friend and colleague of 40 and a few other women. She was staying over at one of their houses and was up for a great time. I had consumed a few drinks myself when Pat approached me at one point when I was standing on my own.

“How far is your flat?” she suddenly asked me.

“5 minutes away” I said, suddenly interested in why she might be asking that.

“Do you mind if I come back?” she asked me.

“Mind? Of course not! You mean right now?” I asked excitedly.

“I’m supposed to be staying at Tracey’s anyway so I didn’t have to rush back home anyhow and you know the situation with me and my soon to be ex. Look, wait outside and I’ll say goodbye to Tracey,” she told me.

I nodded, dumped my beer and went outside, waiting across the road. Soon, Pat appeared and walked across to me, as I watched her. She was wearing a green jacket and skirt, with sheer black tights and high heels.

“Lead the way” she said as she fell in step beside me.

We said very little until arriving at my flat, and then entered.

“Can I get you a drink?” I offered.

“Glass of wine if there’s one going” she said smiling.

I returned with 2 glasses and we talked some more.

“Well, I’m free to have fun” Pat assured me.

“And you deserve it” I readily agreed.

I think part of me was keen to impress this sexy woman as she was older than me and I wanted to prove I could match up to any of her past experiences. When we kissed, it led to us hurriedly moving to the bedroom. I pulled her clothes off with haste and divested of my own, swiftly following her as she reclined on the bed. I kissed her again, moving to her breasts and across her stomach before approaching her pussy. Pat tensed excitedly at the first lick, then after a few minutes, I felt her relax and really enjoy the things I was doing to her with my tongue.

“So you like oral then?” Pat asked me conversationally.

“Yeah but I love giving. And I love doing this to you” I responded instantly.

Pat sighed as I began to tongue fuck her and playfully tussled my hair as I continued.

“Would you really have done what you said you wanted to the last time?” she asked, referring to the night I’d offered to get on my knees and pleasure her.

“Absolutely. And maybe you might let me sometime” I asked between licks.

“I think I probably will,” she surmised.

I continued taking long licks with my tongue across her whole pussy, occasionally plunging it inside her and lapping at her juices. Pat eventually began to approach orgasm and I felt her thighs grip me as she came against my face, which she held tightly to her. Afterwards, she just lay as I licked inside her again but gradually, I found myself going down further. Pat seemed to have a surer idea of the next step than I did and tilted her pelvis ever so slightly so that her arse cheeks lifted just a touch. My tongue was now approaching her bum and she was still sighing and pressing down on my head. Whether she wanted me to lick her arse or whether she just assumed I was trying to do that I’m not sure, but before long, I was pushing valiantly to gain entry to a much tighter orifice. There was no longer any doubt that I was rimming her and Pat was utterly relaxed about this.

“Do you like this?” I asked her at one point.

“Of course” she said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

I kept this up for a long time and eventually moved back to her pussy when she became more excited. Pat grabbed my head a second time as she came again and didn’t stop me afterwards as I slid up her body and entered her. By now, I was a hard as diamond and Pat was a wet as a bottle of baby oil. We fucked for as long as I could last and I withdrew as I came across her stomach and breasts. I went down on her again, licking her to another orgasm before I plunged back into her with my stiff again cock. At last, I collapsed and she did too, both of us sleeping reasonably well.

In the morning, I woke and tiptoed out of the room, making a cup of tea. Returning, I put it on the bedside table close to Pat and silently slipped back under the covers. I found the shadowy outline of her thigh and slipping my head underneath it. Once in position, I parted dark silk and began to lick as gently as I could. After a while, Pat couldn’t feign sleep any longer and lifted up the covers to regard me.

“You like my pussy, don’t you?” she asked me.

“I adore it” I responded.

“I’ve not been licked this much in a long, long time,” she reflected.

“I hope we can do all of this again” I asked her.

“I think we’ll have to. I could get used to this” she said, then dropped the duvet back, covering me again.

“Is this cup of tea for me?” she asked.

“Yes” came my muffled reply.

“Keep it up and you can have a drink too” she cheekily responded, a clear reference to her pussy juices.

While she drank her tea, I drank her juices and licked her slowly. Once I heard the mug going down on the table, I quickened my pace until Pat came noisily again. Afterwards, I slipped upwards and mounted her again, eventually turning her round so I could fuck her doggy style. We rose not long after as Pat had to get home and I offered to drive her, agreeing to meet again soon.

We did meet the following Friday and it was almost a carbon copy of the previous week. I went down on her for many reasons but some of them were that I wanted to show her I was an attentive lover, so I strived to please her more. And I also wanted to impress her. I realised I also loved doing it to her and the following weekend, she told me the kids were at her ex husband’s and the Friday was free. I went through and was delighted to find Pat wearing a skirt again, even at home. She invited me in and we made short work of a bottle of wine, opening a second one before long. Then suddenly, Pat leaned forward to kiss me and I responded. After a minute, she stood up, turning to rest her bum against the windowsill while I looked at her.

“Remember the first time you ever said something sexual to me?” she checked.

“Of course” I assured her.

“Well?” she asked me, looking intently.

I stood up and approached her, as she looked hungrily at me approaching. When I stood in front of her, she put her hands on my shoulders and pushed. I knelt, bunching up her skirt, which revealed she wasn’t wearing tights, but a sexy pair of hold ups. I slipped her knickers off and leaned forward to take a tentative lick.

“You look so sexy in hold ups” I managed to say.

“I wore them with this in mind” Pat told me proudly and I responded by putting my hands on her arse cheeks while my face pressed further into her crotch.

Pat’s hands held me steady there anyway and I vowed to give her an orgasm she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. I told her how unbelievably sexy she was in between licking her all over and pistoning my tongue in and out of her. In my excitement I blurted something out.

“I’d love it if you sat on my face later” I said huskily.

“Really? Fuck, I’d love to do that. Alright, we will as soon as I cum” she said, urging me to make her do so.

I finally did and we immediately went to the bedroom.

Pat had asked me a few times if there was anything I really wanted to do when we had a night in. On one occasion I’d told her it would be really kinky if I just knelt in front of the sofa and ate her pussy all evening until she finally was desperate for a good fucking and to be selfish about it all. Well, a couple of weeks later Pat told me her youngest was at his dad’s and the daughter was staying at her boyfriend’s place. I looked forward to a night of great sex but when I arrived Pat wasn’t so friendly. She was wearing a fairly short skirt though so I was encouraged that I’d be getting down with her soon. Once in the lounge, she sat down but stopped me when I was about to do the same.

“Kneel in front of me,” she said and I did so, slowly wondering if my suggestion a few weeks before was on her mind.

Pat let her thighs hook over my shoulders, drawing me in and revealing no knickers. I began to lick as she watched me for a while, before she eventually spoke.

“Well, you suggested this, I just hope you have the stamina. I’m tense and horny so you have a long evening ahead of you down there” she told me tartly.

“You mean me going down on you?” I asked cautiously.

“What else? You should enjoy it, I’m not moving for a while” she reinforced.

Pat didn’t either, except to get up and use the toilet twice. She would just relax at points as I licked gently or take hold of my head and thrust herself against my face. After an orgasm, she would have me go down and gently lick her arse until I was busily rimming her while she recovered from orgasm. My face was soaking and twice she stopped me to have me clean her juices off her whole crotch area and thighs with my tongue. By the second orgasm, my tongue was feeling strained but Pat wasn’t joking about being horny and showed no signs of letting up as I was pushed to her arse again.

“Maybe I could fuck you and then continue this,” I said, hoping the idea of a good fuck in between oral would appeal.

“Uh uh. We’re here for one thing and that’s for me to cum over and over. When I can’t take any more, we might go up to bed but until then, you’re staying put,” she stated confidently.

Pat stayed true to her word. She had 4 orgasms over the course of the whole evening. By the end of the second one, she let her weight press down on my shoulders, revelling in what an amazing evening she was having. Being so turned on, she freely told me that she loved the fact I was so dirty and the way I would lick her everywhere, even her arse. Pat began to relax even more and became more and more turned on as events continued. By this time, I was holding her arse cheeks in my hands, my mouth pressed to her arse and my tongue spearing as far as I could into her. It brought my whole face to press against her pussy as I did so.

“I can’t believe I’m still so horny. I could have another couple,” said Pat excitedly.

“Whatever you want. I’m here for the long haul,” I said helpfully.

“Aah, I know you are. That tongue. You are so filthy. Go as deep as you can” she insisted.

I responded by driving my tongue in even more until I couldn’t go any further while my nose bumped against her slit.

“That’s it you dirty bugger. Your face is soaking” she remarked, looking down at the sexy sight in between her thighs.

“I’ll lick up all your juices,” I mumbled before resuming rimming her.

“Yes, make sure you do. Fuck, I’m so horny. Is that tongue in as far as it can go? This feels so good; I want that tongue just as deep in my pussy again later though” she insisted, pressing on the back of my head to get my tongue as far up as possible.

It seemed to go on for a long time, just the sounds of obscene licking and dirty comments from Pat while I did it to her. Eventually, though I moved up to her pussy at her insistence.

Pat became more confident about stating stuff, declaring this wouldn’t be the last time I’d be using my mouth so much and by that fourth orgasm, she was pretty vocal too. As her thighs let me go, I helped her stand and followed her upstairs. She did let me fuck her, but she was tired and lay there as I fucked her with all the pent up arousal I’d kept in check all evening. However, she let me repeat the performance again in the morning, after some tongue work from me first again.

We became dirtier; Pat would give me a lift home, which was just a pretence to stopping off in a country lane en route. She would stay in her seat and roll it back to create plenty of room in front where I would then kneel down. She wore hold ups rather than tights so it was easy to let her sexy legs rest on my shoulders while I parted her knickers to lick her sex. The road we went back by was quiet and there was a particular layby we used. Pat would roll down her window while she just enjoyed the feeling of my tongue inside her. She also wanted me to give her compliments so while I ate her pussy, I would tell her how sexy she was, how delicious she tasted, how much I absolutely adored giving her pleasure and a whole list of other compliments. Of course, this turned her on even more and she would have me go lower and lick her ass, keeping the compliments up too. I would look up to see her smiling, just looking out the car window while she was being rimmed and told how much of a sex goddess she was. With the talking in between oral, I would be down there between 1 to 2 hours until she had cum twice and decided to resume our journey.

Amongst the compliments I gave her, she liked it when I was very graphic in my vocabulary too. It really turned her on if I would describe in great detail how I enjoyed being her asslicker and she often became even wetter when I came out with stuff like this.

That was probably when I started to look at her as being superior and start to fantasise about her being dominant with me. Whenever she gave me a lift now, we would always stop off for oral and it had progressed from a fun liaison with compliments and fantastic oral sex to me begging to lick her pussy when she would have me laving her ass for a half hour and by now I was also thanking her for the opportunity to bring her to orgasm. Eventually when I was down there one day, the subject came up.

“I adore giving you so much pleasure” I said at last.

“Mhhmm, I enjoy you doing it” she shot back, glancing down at me with a half smile.

“I’d love it if” I trailed off, embarrassed to continue.

“Hey, don’t stop. What were you going to say?” she asked me, clearly aroused.

“Well, um, I would really love it if you were more selfish” I blurted out, a little embarrassed.

Pat didn’t respond right away and I looked self-consciously at her pussy and resumed licking inside it.

“I can tell you mean that too. Fuck this is making me so hot. So you want me to be what, dominant, is that what you’re saying?” she pushed me.

“Yes” I said quietly.

“I can’t believe you’re so giving. Fuck, it makes me so wet, swallow my juices. Don’t let them drip onto my car seat” she hissed excitedly.

I lapped and began to suck and swallow her delicious nectar while she sighed lightly at my efforts.

“Oh yeah, this is going to be so good. Are you going to be my sex slave then?” she asked quickly.

“Yes, I’d love that” I admitted, swallowing excitedly.

“So would I; you’ve awakened a side of me I like a lot. You’re going to give me head all the time whenever I want and you’re going to beg to do it too” she continued, clearly aroused beyond belief now as I pleasured her while she thought of ways to assert her dominance over me.

“Fuck, why didn’t we do this earlier? No matter. I’ve always wanted an amazing lover. So what should you call me then? Ma’am? Mistress? Mistress Pat has a nice ring to it I think! And you will be going down on me all the time, as much as I can handle at any rate. That’s it, now go lower and lick my bum, yeah like that. Where was I? Oh yeah and another thing. Now that you’ve asked me this, it’s too late to back out. I am not going through the disappointment of you offering yourself on a plate to me only to withdraw the offer. Hey, why is it that you want me as your Mistress but you’ve stopped giving me compliments?” she suddenly asked me.

I immediately started up with a string of compliments as she settled back and relaxed, just enjoying her younger lover tell her how incredible she was while he rimmed her.

Pat continued thinking up ways I could please her; increasingly our sex life focused on her pleasure anyway, mainly receiving oral and the rest fell into place around that so my sudden suggestion wasn’t that out of place and we were both clearly turned on by the idea. Blurting out that I wanted to hand even more pleasure and power to her, really turned Pat on. She told me a few months later that it was fantastic knowing she had a lover in his twenties who would do anything she wanted. But that afternoon, she kept me in the jeep for a while longer, occasionally thinking of an idea we could try in which would be all about her.

Once Pat felt we’d established ground rules, she told me she would be out tomorrow night with her friend Hazel and a few others and I could join them midway through the night.

Saturday night came round and I found Pat in the bar with the gals, a mixture of ages from Pat’s age down to Tracy at 28. I offered a round of drinks and could tell a few glances were put my way; Pat was obviously revelling in the fact she had a fit young lover to go home with. I also had my first taste of how she would try to show superiority when I sat in a booth at one point with her, Hazel and Tracy.

“Get us more drinks head boy” Pat told me and I jumped to do so.

When I returned, they were looking at me with amusement.

“I told them why you’re my head boy” said Pat drunkenly.

I gulped as I realised she was really pushing me but I was hugely turned on. I was even more embarrassed when a drunken Hazel asked me how Pat had managed to have me so submissive to her needs and if I had any friends who loved going down so much, to send them her way.

Pat seemed to revel in her new found sexuality and I noticed even other guys seemed aware of her confidence, one of them attempting to chat her up at one point. However, she soon must have decided she was becoming more horny and announced we were leaving. We said our good byes and Pat was beaming with a beatific smile at her clearly envious friends’ stares as we left.

Once back at my place, she was even more aroused and wanted to sit on my face; I stripped and lay on the bed as she peeled her clothes off drunkenly, before clambering up the bed and sitting down heavily, her pussy settling over my mouth.

I immediately began to lick her pussy and noticed she was watching me intently. At 44, Pat wasn’t overweight at all, but her legs weren’t skinny either. Rather they were just sexy as hell, full thighs kept in check by regular visits to the gym and as she drunkenly settled on my mouth, her weight pressed down too, adding to the excitement I felt and of course being at her mercy. At first, she seemed content to let my tongue do the work and even let out the odd sigh, indicating she was enjoying it. The alcohol was preventing her from reaching her orgasmic peak though and this boiled over into frustration gradually. Pat didn’t say anything as such, but her hips began to move almost involuntarily and her crotch moved possessively over my face. Within 5 minutes her occasional movement was now a steady back and forth grinding which let her stimulate herself on my chin, mouth, lips and nose. The steady fucking limited me to gulping in air then leaving my tongue out for her to slide over. I’m not claustrophobic in the slightest so I found it no problem but Pat had heard my breathing become louder.

“Gasp all you want, but I’ll move when you’ve given me an orgasm” she said to me.

I tried to nod, which I could barely do and looked up at her.

“Yes Mistress Pat” I managed to say and she looked down at me.

“Ah yes, Mistress indeed. Well, help me cum then” she stated and moved into the final stage of her build up to orgasm.

The pace increased and Pat was now moving faster, back and forth on my lower face and lifting her asscheeks up when her pussy was over my mouth then pressing her cheeks down hard onto my mouth which of course meant my nose slipped into her pussy. Then she would slide back down my face again. As she did this faster, her legs held me harder too and I could feel myself more aroused as she simply used me to cum. When I thought I couldn’t take any more she moved even faster and now she was getting closer to that plateau of pleasure. Her pace increased and she was now grinding down hard and fucking my face as fast as her crotch could move. She looked amazing poised above me, groaning as her orgasm came closer and finally her thighs clutched my head like a vice as she screamed out.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming on your face!” she yelled out as her orgasm hit hard.

I did what I could and it wasn’t for a full 5 minutes that she went from fast to medium to slow and finally stopped moving altogether. My face was red and glistening as she rolled onto her back and let me kiss down her body as she lay back recovering from orgasm

“Talk dirty to me” she said suddenly and smiled as I began to compliment her, telling her what a privilege it was to have my face fucked by her.

“You know, my marriage meant all the things a woman should gradually enjoy and look forward to never happened. I mean, I love sex and I love oral more than anything but in my twenties, I compromised far too much. Well, no more. I’m going to enjoy all the things I could never enjoy sexually before. I’m putting my desires first for a change and I know exactly what I want. I want to be made to feel like the sexiest woman in the world, I want an orgasm whenever I feel like one, I don’t want to have to run around doing what a guy wants, I’ve had enough of that. It’s time a guy realised he should be making an effort for me. I’m just warning you, because this isn’t a phase, this is what sex will be like with me” she declared proudly.

“Whatever you say Mistress” I wisely concurred and she sighed in amusement at my subservience to her declaration.

“I remember being 17 and kneeling down to give my first blow job. Well, that is just a silly memory now. From now on, I’ll be the one standing and enjoying my man doing all the kneeling. Hey, that reminds me. I have to get some skirts which flare out a bit, you know, if we end up out somewhere and I get too frisky to wait until we are indoors” she continued, obviously enjoying the idea of what I would be doing to her and what she fully intended to enjoy.

After a very long session of being licked out, Pat was shaking to another orgasm and made no objection when I eagerly mounted her and slipped my rock hard cock into her wet folds.

Over the next few weeks, Pat enjoyed the odd bout of socialising, letting me buy her drinks basically and having the feeling of being wined and dined by her younger lover. For my part, it meant regular oral sex for her with intercourse thrown in for good measure. We would still stop off in her jeep about twice a week and she stayed over at my place almost every weekend now, or I stayed with her. She likened our sexual liaisons to having a great meal then being handed the dessert menu. Often, I would bring her to orgasm then lick her gently and gradually build her up to a second orgasm, before she would let me fuck her. This was her way of saying she wanted dessert first.

She had already commented a couple of times that she thought I was very handsome and it turned her on no end to fuck my face hard, knowing I would let her, yet other girls had no idea what a total pussy hound I was.

Then a few weeks later, Pat was moving to another part of the business and was hosting drinks in the usual haunt in town for close colleagues and friends. As the evening wore on, people made their goodbyes until Pat was still there with just a few friends and me. The bar was quiet as it was a Thursday and having the Friday off meant Pat had picked a week night to have drinks. Of course, most people were working the next day hence the bar slowly quietening down. At one point I was speaking to her as she about to use the women’s toilet when without warning she grabbed my hand and ventured in. It was empty and she proceeded straight to the end stall, of which there were only 3. I was slightly worried about being thrown out by a bouncer at this point, but Pat was drunk and past caring. She used the loo quickly then stood up, ushering me to sit on the toilet lid. When she realised this wouldn’t have me at waist height, she had me kneel instead and held back her knickers with a gleam of arousal in her eye.

“Hurry up” she urged and did I ever.

Part of me had to admit this was exciting but another part of me thought about being caught and reasoned speed was of the essence. However, alcohol has a funny way of delaying orgasm and Pat was only halfway there when the main door opened and we heard voices. A few girls were together and none of the voices sounded familiar but I could hear a discussion about make up and then some of the cubicle doors near us being slammed shut. One girl seemed to still be at the mirror as her voice was further away and they kept up a conversation. The girl must have approached the cubicle we were in because she tried the door and that’s when I realised Pat hadn’t bothered to lock it. To her credit, Pat didn’t panic too much but the girl let out a silent gasp. Pat shrugged her shoulders in apology and dropping her skirt, simply walked out of the cubicle and headed for the exit. I hurriedly scrambled to my feet to follow when the girl gasped again; it was someone I was at school with and she was probably only 2 years older than me. She didn’t look embarrassed, just really surprised as it was evident I had been performing oral sex on an older woman. I went bright red as I mumbled a whispered apology and followed Pat to the door. Once there, I pretended to be on my mobile so that it may have just looked as if I’d stumbled into the wrong door whilst talking but no one seemed to notice. I assumed Pat would want to leave immediately but instead she asked me to get a round of drinks in for her, Hazel and Tracey, who were still out with her. I did so and walking back to the table, I saw my old school colleague with her friends. She perhaps hadn’t told them what she had witnessed as none of them gaped at me, but she smiled a knowing smile and stopped to talk.

“Long time no see” she quipped sarcastically.

“Um, hi Lynsey. So you still live in town then?” I asked.

“Yeah. You bought a flat near the park last I heard, didn’t you?” she asked me.

“Yeah. Good investment. Well, I’d best be going” I stammered.

“Sure. Hey, my friend Jenny, she’s the one over there wearing the red skirt and white blouse. Well, she really likes you. Don’t worry I won’t say anything about what you were up to she’s a great girl. She usually goes running in the park every Monday” she added, smiling as she walked off.

I was intrigued and slightly turned on. Jennifer wasn’t a classic beauty, rather a girl with a fairly sexy body and long dark hair, 2 or 3 years older than me. I wondered if she meant something innocent and then reasoned I should forget whatever it was as Pat would be furious if I even looked at anyone else.

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