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Quid Nunc Tertius

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“Wow, its starting to pour.” Amy said looking out of the kitchen window.

‘How appropriate’ I thought to myself. It had been one of those dreary suffocating fall days that drowns your psyche. I was already a bit out of sorts. I had met Kate at the “Werks” earlier for our “Saturday” conversation, but she hadn’t been her normal self. She was polite as we chatted but she seemed distracted and distant.

It was obvious that she was troubled, that something was on her mind. When I asked if everything was okay she smiled and tried to be reassuring, telling me that our conversations were the highlight of her week. When we parted she gave me a little hug and thanked me for being a good friend. I had no idea what she meant and was pretty sure I would never see her again. I spent the rest of the morning half heartedly working out and running errands. Mainly I moped around feeling sorry for myself until it was time to go tutor Amy.

“I’m guessing your mother’s tennis match got washed out.”

“Yeah, that’s a bummer.” A disappointed Amy lamented.

I was helping Amy prepare one last time for her Monday biology exam, and we had fallen into the habit of having a “post study fuck” every time I helped her (our “get togethers” )were hardly limited to just when I tutored her).

“You know…I probably should drive you home, since it is raining.” She said in a suggestive tone.

“Yeah…you wouldn’t want me to get soaked.” I replied with a smirk.

“So, when are you meeting your friends to go to the concert tonight?” I asked.

“Not ’til later, I told Stacey I would call her once I was done studying…after I

drop you off.” She said in a lascivious tone. Pausing for a second she continued.

“You know you could come to the show with us, I’m sure we could get a ticket

from a scalper.”

From her tone I couldn’t tell if she was serious. Giving her the “hairy eyeball” I asked;

“Who are you guys going to see?”

“Color Me Badd.” She squealed with delight.

“Uh….No.” I replied coldly.

Amy giggled and then said;

“Billy, you’re a music snob.”

“Yes, yes I am.” I said proudly.

We went back to reviewing, I had given Amy a test from our department (she went to a different college, than where I was a TA) and she seemed to be doing very well. We were close to finishing up when we heard the garage door open and a minute later her mother walked in. Debbie looked very good. Her black hair was pulled back into a pony tail and she was wearing a rather short and tight white tennis dress that showed off her firm legs, trim figure and large breasts nicely.

“How was tennis Mom?” Amy asked looking up from her practice exam.

“We got in two sets before the skies opened up, Eve took the first and I killed her

in the second.” She replied pouring herself a glass of water.

“Well, I’ll let you two finish up, uh Amy you aren’t going to make Billy walk

home in the rain are you?”

“No mom, I’ll give him a ride.” Amy responded in a rather mischievous tone. The innuendo was not lost on her mother, but Debbie took the high road and smiled before leaving the kitchen.

A few minutes later we were finishing, going over the practice exam (Amy had aced it) when her mother announced from upstairs;

“Honey, Stacey just pulled up.”

An obviously irritated Amy looked at me and rolled her eyes, before rising to go to the door. I heard Stacey, who I hadn’t met, come in followed by a rather heated exchange of whispers. The only part of the conversation that I could make out was a whiney voice telling Amy;

“We can drop him off on the way back to my house, everyone is meeting there in

thirty minutes.”

In a hushed and angry tone I heard Amy reply;

“Why didn’t you call?”

“Because I knew you were studying and I didn’t want to interrupt you.” Stacey

said tersely.

“I thought we were meeting at four.” Amy angrily replied.

“Plans change Amy.”

I realized that Amy and I were not going to get to enjoy our ride to my apartment and waited for her to come back to the kitchen.

A moment later and obviously pissed off Amy entered the kitchen followed by a slightly taller blonde who had obviously already started on the freshmen fifteen. Amy reluctantly introduced me to Stacey, who batted her eyelashes at me in response while Amy angrily glared at her.

“Stacey, lets go upstairs.” Amy impatiently announced.

“You go ahead I’ll wait down here for you.” Stacey replied dismissively.

I could see the anger rising in Amy, gritting her teeth she growled;

“You are going to go upstairs and help me get my bag together.”

“Whatever…you’re such a bitch sometimes.” The other replied rolling her eyes.

The two of them left the room and stopped at the bottom of the stairs bickering in hushed tones. I was about to just leave and walk home in the rain when I heard Amy yell;

“Mom can you give Billy a ride home?”

“Sure, sweetheart as long as he doesn’t mind waiting a few minutes, I’m on the phone.” Debbie replied.

A few minutes later Amy, carrying a small duffle bag, re-appeared with a pouty faced Stacey following silently behind her. She dropped the bag on the floor and walked up to me and put her hands on my chest.

“I’m sorry about this, but mom will give you a ride.” She said giving a quick angry glance to a now sullen Stacey. I nodded in response. Then she gripped my shirt, pulled me towards her, rose onto her toes and gave me a deep kiss.

“I’ll stop by Monday after you get home from practice and let you know how my

exam went.”

I nodded, she grabbed her bag and the two of them left.

Almost as soon as the front door closed I heard Debbie scampering down the stairs. I was grabbing my saddle bag when a bare foot Debbie, still in her tennis dress appeared in the kitchen. Walking over to the refrigerator she opened it, then looking over her shoulder to me asked;

“Did the girls leave?”

I was about to reply; when she bent over into the fridge, her short dress riding up over her thighs and round ass, exposing her dark blue panties. She held the pose for a moment almost as if she were waiting for me to respond first before she stood up.

“Yeah, they just left.”

Still bent over, she continued.

“You drink Anchor Steam, right?”

“Yes, thank you.” I replied still staring at her ass. How she didn’t feel my eyes on her I don’t know. She finally stood up and put the beer and a bottle of white wine on the counter. I rose to help, but she shooed me away saying;

“I got this Billy just take a seat.”

I sat down at the island and watched while she poured the beverages into the appropriate glasses.

“You know I appreciate you helping Amy out, the girls at the tennis club tell me

tutors go for $35 an hour, I guess I owe you $140 dollars.” She said with a giggle. She brought over the drinks and sat at the corner so that she was sort of facing me.

“I don’t charge friends or coworkers.” I said bringing the glass to my lips. Just

as I began to swallow Debbie spoke in an even tone.

“Or girls you sleep with?”

I was surprised by this, but I refused to flinch. I didn’t sputter or gag, I finished swallowing and put the glass down before responding.

“That has nothing to do with why I help her or don’t charge her.” I said calmly.

A sly smile came to Debbie’s thin lips, before she took a sip of wine and then spoke again without putting down her glass.

“So, how long have you been sleeping with my daughter.”

Slowly I took another sip before responding in a normal tone.

“I don’t mean any offense or to be rude, but Amy is an adult.”

I was acutely aware that Debbie was watching me, examining me, scrutinizing me. I didn’t know what she was looking for; weakness, fear, something else?

“No offense taken, but as far as rudeness…” Her voice trailed as she brought the glass back to her lips. I gave her a puzzled look as she took her sip, placed the glass on the island and looked me in the eye and continued.

“….Don’t you think it was rude to fuck my daughter in my bed?”

I hadn’t anticipated this retort and it sent my mind reeling trying to respond. Debbie let me sit there silently for a very long three or four seconds before she broke the silence.

“You need to be less obvious. That pillow you managed to soil the first time came from ‘Printemps’. The second time the clean sheets I had put on the bed Friday before I left had been changed when I got back Sunday.”

Debbie’s tone wasn’t angry but one more of smug amusement, I actually think that she was enjoying trying to make squirm.

“Sorry about that, you’re right it was rather rude.” I said as casually as I could, then took a nervous gulp of my beer.

“So, whose idea was it to use my bed?” She asked with a coy smile.


Debbie shifted her position, put both of her hands on the table and leaned slightly towards me and looked me in the eye.

“So…did you like fucking…on my bed.” She whispered

I let a smile come slowly to my face and I leaned a little closer and answered;

“Actually I like fucking anywhere, but your bed was nice….big and firm.”

Debbie’s eyebrows lifted and she nodded her head slightly as she pulled back from me and took hold of her wine glass. Without taking her eyes off of me she took a long slow drink and with her glass still in her hand she asked;

“So….is my daughter a good fuck?”

Her tone was even perhaps just a bit frosty. Her question rattled me slightly but I kept my composure.

“Debbie, just so you know I don’t kiss and tell. If your daughter decides to talk to you about it that’s her decision, but I’m not one to talk behind someone’s back.” I said

before taking a long swallow of beer. Debbie smiled, placed her glass on the counter and leaned back slightly.

“Did you think of me while you were fucking on my bed?”

The truth was I hadn’t, I was quite focused on Amy on both occasions; but I knew what Debbie wanted to hear and I was beginning to realize where this might lead. I leaned back slightly and said;


She put down the glass and with both elbows on the island she leaned forward.

“What did you think of?” She asked almost in a pant.

I seriously considered saying, “I wondered how many men you’ve fucked on that bed.” but I thought it wiser not to. Instead I told her a more fitting lie.

“I wondered what it be like to be with you.”

She was staring into my eyes now breathing heavily.

“What did you imagine?” she whispered.

I stood up and stepped around the corner of the island in front of her, just as she rose. My hands gripped her waist, I bent my knees and with little effort hoisted her onto the island.

With one hand I reached over her shoulder and grasped her pony tail and pulled her head backwards, then lowered my mouth to her neck and began to gently kiss her neck with quick firm pecks.

“mmmmmmm…” She softly moaned.

I felt one of her hands grip the back of my head, the other pushed up into my chest and she parted her knees. My lips slowly travelled up her neck, still holding her head back I let my lips barely touch hers while she tried to push her mouth against mine. I stepped back from her just as I released her hair, placed my hands on her bare knees; looking into her eyes I slid my hands up along the side of her thighs under her tennis dress.

Her flesh was soft and legs firm, a slight smile tugged her lips and her eyes got slightly bigger as my hands slowly moved to the top of her legs and pushed her thighs apart. I sunk to my knees and began to kiss the inside of her upper legs.

“mmmmm I like what you imagined….oooohh” Debbie cooed.

My lips traveled higher and higher leaving a wet trail up to her blue panties. I took a couple of broad licks over the blue nylon, her tangy cum already saturating the material.

“oooooohhhhh….Baby did you…oooh….do this to my daughter….ohhhh…also?” She gasped.

“uhhhh…huh.” I mumbled as my mouth sunk over the front of her cloth covered slit. Just like with her daughter I pushed her panties into her crevice with tongue and moved my lips over her clit sucking it hard through the cloth.

“ooohhh you nasty boy unngggg.” She whimpered.

After a few moments of this teasing I pulled my face from between her legs and stood up. I slid my fingers under the waistband of her underwear then looking her in the eye I pull the flimsy under garment down to her knees. Leaning forward to kiss her I let go of the panties which fell off of her legs. Our lips touched and immediately her legs locked around my waist pulling me closer to her. My arms reached around her and I pulled the zipper of her dress down while she undid my shorts and tried to push them down my legs. Debbie released her legs and I stepped back just as she hopped off the counter.

Looking at me she grabbed the hem of her tennis dress and slowly lifted it upward exposing firm tan thighs that bowed out at the hips slightly. Then the untanned flesh between her legs came into view framing her thin bare nether lips topped by the long landing strip of closely trimmed hair. A teasing glint came from her and she pursed her lips slightly as the dress kept climbing upwards exposing a belly that bulged just slightly more than her daughters. Debbie leaned over slightly then pulled off the rest of her dress, leaving only a white sports bra covering her. The swell of her quarter sized areola giving rise to stiff eraser sized nipples strained through the material. Debbie straightened up gave me a devilish grin and flipped her pony tail over her shoulder with a flick of her head.

I pulled off my faux polo shirt then pushed off my bermudas and boxers as I stepped forward. Instinctively Debbie stepped back her ass against the edge of the counter, she reached out and took hold of my erection gripping it firmly she gave it a few tugs before looking me in the eye.

“No wonder, why my daughter has been walking funny.” She said with lifted eyebrows. I smiled in response to her comment. I brought my hands to her hips and slid them upwards to her chest, stopping below the bra. My thumbs lightly traced the lower outline of her breasts through the fabric back and forth slowly before slipping under the elastic border. Debbie released me and raised her arms above her head and I pulled the sports bra up and off of her body.

Debbie’s tanned breasts sunk downward just slightly, keeping most of their globe like shape. ‘Fake and bake’ I thought staring at tits that were considerably larger than her daughters. I stepped forward, embracing her I pulled her body towards mine. The heat of her flesh seeped into my skin and our lips touched. My hands slithered down her back over her round ass. Her ass wasn’t like her daughters; a small boney mass barely covered by muscle that one hand could cup. Debbie’s was a round muscled curvature that was just soft enough for my fingers of each hand to sink into. Pushing her body into mine when I gripped her cheeks, she moaned into my mouth “UUNNGGG.” Her breast flattened against my chest and her pelvis ground against my quivering cock.

Our mouths still enmeshed; my hands slid below her ass, I grabbed the back of her thighs and lifted her onto the counter. I pulled my mouth from hers to see a hungry look fill her eyes. I grinned at her before tugging on her pony tail, her head went back and she thrust her chest forward and I lowered my mouth to a tit. I pulled harder on her pony tail forcing her head back, lightly I ran the tip of my tongue around the perimeter of her areola.

“Oh Billy…yes.” She cooed before I did the same to other.

My tongue swirled around the areola moving closer and closer to her quivering nipple while softly chanted; “yes..yes..just like that yes..suck it please suck it.” Teasing her I slowly licked one nipple then the other before lifting my head.

By this point we were both panting, our desire had overwhelmed any further need of foreplay. Staring at me Debbie hissed urgently “Do it.” My hands moved to her hips and pulled

her ass to the edge of the counter. One of her hands grasped the back of my neck for support the other grabbed a cock so swollen her fist couldn’t fit around it. I felt Debbie’s legs encircle my waist, her calves against my ass. I watched her face while she looked down and rubbed the head of my cock against her clit.

“So nice and hard. Oh yeah.” She gasped before maneuvering it between her thin lips.

“Oh Debbie.” I moaned resisting the urge to thrust violently into her. Instead I

savored the sensation of barely having more than the very tip against her wetness. Then I felt her legs tighten around me and heard her breathing quicken before she looked up at me. An expression of urgency, of anticipation was accompanied by the sensation of Debbie pulling herself over me. Slowly, deliberately her slick pussy slid down the length of my cock.

“Oh..oh…oh….fuck you’re big…ohhh damn.” She moaned taking me deeper and deeper with one slow stroke. Her whole body was quivering, her cunt clutching when she stopped a third of my cock was still waiting. I gave her a moment but only a moment, to adjust before I pulled back slightly then thrust.

“Unngg…yeah Billy…yeah give it to me.” She cried

My mouth covered hers, her legs pulling me tighter as I thrust deeper and harder. Her pussy was not as tight as her daughters, not even close; but it clutched and pulsed and with each thrust it became wetter and warmer. I bottomed out and couldn’t believe the sensations I was feeling. Every time I thrust forward my cock felt like it was sliding through a loose velvet glove but when I pulled back a shaking clutching mass of muscle sank around my shaft.

Debbie was bucking into me, matching the increased tempo of my thrusts. Then she grabbed a handful of my short hair jerking my mouth from hers. Staring me in the eye she hissed.

“Ever fuck your girlfriend’s mom before?”

I was a bit taken aback by this outburst. When I didn’t respond she snarled;

“Well have you?”

“No…No.” I panted.

“Do you like fucking your girlfriend’s mom.”

Now, I didn’t consider Amy to be a girlfriend but considering that I was fucking Debbie’s daughter I decided to let her think whatever she wanted. Besides she was letting me fuck the hell out of her.

“Oh yeah, I love fucking little Amy’s mom.”

“Unnnnggggg.” She replied with a satisfied grunt before continuing.

“I wanted…you before….before I even thought of having sex with your daughter.” I panted.

“Am I….the first boyfriend of Amy’s… seduced?

“You’re the only…one I’ve even considered.” She half growled, before grabbing my head and pulling my mouth over hers. Her tongue shot into my mouth and I began to feel the vibration of an approaching orgasm start to ripple through her contracting cunt. Sensing that Debbie liked it raw and maybe even a little rough, I brought a hand to her breast and pinched one of her swollen nipples hard, just as I thrust as deep as I could. Debbie sucked my tongue so fiercely it hurt, at the same time I felt her nails sink somewhat deeply into my shoulders. I kept thrusting as the pressure around my cock built and then a few seconds later Debbie stopped bucking against me, her legs gripped me harder, she pulled back and let go of my shoulders. Sitting up with her hands held up, as if she was surrendering, she shut her eyes and screamed out; “FUCK….FUCK….FUCK!”

For a moment I thought we might be done, then her eyes popped opened and with a ragged breath she gasped;

“I like a bastard who knows how to fuck.” With that, her legs let go of me and in

a single motion she pushed me back and hopped off the counter. She spun around bending over so that her elbows were propped up on the granite counter. Wriggling her round ass, she looked over her shoulder and snarled:

“If Amy was your daughter and you found her fucking her boyfriend show mewhat you would do to her.”

I had never had sex with someone so vocal and dirty, but it was not a turn off by any means. Taking the hint I Walked up behind Debbie, with one hand I grabbed her hair and pulled it arching her back, with the other I swatted one of her rounded buttocks, not violently but enough to tingle just a little.

“ooooooooohhhhhh.” Debbie sighed wiggling her ass.

I swatted one cheek then other repeatedly, each time Debbie “ooohhed” a bit louder, after ten swats or so her bottom was red and she was nearly screaming. Sensing she was ready I stepped behind her.

“No…I want you on top of me…I want to see your face when I make you cum.”

I expected Debbie to lead me upstairs to her room or Amy’s, instead she spun around took a couple of steps and lay on her back on the oval kitchen rug. I knelt between her legs, grabbed her wrists and held them above her shoulders to the ground.

“OOhhh I like a man who takes control.” She whispered sexily.

I leaned forward and slid my prick into her open hole. My shaft sunk into her and I felt her shift as she wrapped her legs around me and smiled. All but maybe an inch of my cock slid effortlessly into her before I could go no further. I was about to pull back and start thrusting when a wicked grin came to her face, I felt her shift under me then she grunted and pulled me deeper into her.

“Oh god…oh god.” She panted pulling my entire length into her.

Suddenly her whole pussy felt tighter and constricted around me as Debbie panted underneath me.

“Unnnngggg..ungggg.” I grunted.

I began to try to thrust in and out of her, but her legs were wrapped so tightly around me all I could manage was to pull out an inch and plunge into her wetness. I tightened my grip on her wriggling wrists, she lifted her hips slightly to meet each of my thrust.

“Yeah…Yeah… keep going……keep going.” She cried out.

I lowered my mouth to a ripe breast and gave it three or four sloppy laps then sucked the rock hard nipple into my mouth, my tongue lashing it as I felt Debbie thrash her arms.

“Suck it hard….suck it hard” She squealed.

Suck it hard I did, then I felt the familiar quiver and ripple like contractions of her cunt. Sensing her orgasm I sunk into her as hard as I could and softly, not so hard as to break the skin, bit her nipple. Just like before she stopped bucking her arms stopped struggling, her pussy constricted tightly around me she screamed fairly loudly;

“Yes….Yes……Oh Fuck Yes!”

I released her arms, she lay under me for a moment gasping and motionless. Her legs relaxed slightly then suddenly I felt her hand grab my hair and not so gently pull my face to hers.

“I want you to fuck me hard until you cum.” She commanded.

Obeying her wish I pinned her shoulders to the rug, propping myself up just slightly and without a word I pulled nearly out of her pussy and slammed as much of my cock into her now very loose pussy.

“Yeah…yeah that’s how….I want it.” Debbie panted.

In and out I plunged trying to keep an even pace but every time I sunk into her she grunted causing me to quicken.

“How long has it been since you were fucked like this.” I said surprising myself.

“Years….its been years….since a man took me like…like this.”

“Do you like young cock?” I chided.

“I like ..any cock..that …that is this hard…and can fuck me …this long.”

By this point Debbie was so loose and so wet that there was hardly any resistance against me as I continued my assault.

“Did you fuck Amy….this hard? She asked

“No….she’s not quite ready…for me fuck her like this.” I sputtered.

“Is she as good… me……is my daughter as good a fuck as me” Debbie gasped.

“No.” I said simply. Suddenly Debbie’s legs wrapped tighter around me, her cunt tightened slightly and a glint came to her eye.

“Did you cum in her?” She asked almost in a whisper.

“Yes.” I responded quietly.

Debbie started Bucking harder in response to each thrust.

“I want your cum….I want the same cum you filled my little…..girl with.” She hissed. I had never been with anyone who talked so much during sex and was so dirty, it was definitely a huge turn on and I just kept pounding in and out of her.

“Come on, fill my pussy with your cum.” She whispered sexily.

I was close but not quite there yet, I just stared into her eyes gritted my teeth and kept going. Debbie looked up at me, giving me an almost sinister smile she said.

“You know what you are….?”

“uh…uh.” I muttered.

“you’re a mother fucker.” She hissed. Then she raised her head and sucked one of my nipples into her mouth.

My whole body tensed slightly announcing the approach of my climax. Sensing this Debbie’s legs gripped me harder and she bit my tiny nipple hard. I slid into her velvet slot as deep as I could and cried out;

“Here it comes….oh god….oh Debbie.”

I closed my eyes as one of the most intense orgasms of my life overwhelmed me. I was so deep in her, so overcome that I didn’t thrust anymore but just shook with each spurt of cum that I unloaded in her.

“That’s it baby…give me all you got…empty those big balls into me.” Debbie cooed as I shook over her.

After twenty seconds I collapsed on top of her, panting. Debbie let me lay on her silently for a minute until my breathing began to return to normal, then not so gently she pushed me off of her. I rolled over next to her.

“You’re better than I thought you’d be.” She said placing her hand on my still hard cock. I was still trying to gather my wits so it took a moment for me to respond.

“I’ve never had sex like that.”

“Raw and spontaneous is the best.” Debbie replied.

Realizing we were done, I sat up and rose to my knees when she whispered huskily;

“Come here.”

I shuffled closer to Debbie who rolled onto her side and propped herself up on an elbow. She leaned forward slightly and slid her mouth over my softening dick. Her lips barely touched my shaft as her sunk down half of my length.

“Oooooohhhh.” I moaned.

In her mouth I could feel her tongue caress my shaft and head oh so softly, then I felt the fingers of her hand gently cradle my balls. Debbie then gently sucked on me without moving her mouth, then after a moment she slid her mouth off of me and sat up.

“Well I’d better get you home.”

Without a word I stood up and began to gather my scattered clothes. Debbie rose and picked up her dress and bra, looking at her I noticed that her that she had a rug burns on her back and her ass was slightly bruised, not to mention the small hickey I inadvertently left on her breast. Feeling a little guilty I said;

“Uh sorry about the marks I didn’t mean too, I hope that doesn’t cause you any

problems with Steve.”

“Hmmff” She extorted while rolling her eyes facetiously before continuing.

“Steve and I are not exclusive, besides its good to remind him every once in a while that he’s not the only horse in town and definitely not the best hung.”

Naked she walked over to me and gave me a peck on the cheek and squeezed my cock gently.

“You know Billy not only are you a good fuck but you’re also a nice guy.”

She then began to stroll out of the kitchen, before she exited she looked over her shoulder at me and said.

“Get dressed so I can drive you home.”

It didn’t take long for me to pull on my clothes and to grab my saddle bag, a minute or two later that Debbie came down the stairs with the same tennis dress on and a hooded wind breaker.

“Ready?” she asked. I nodded and followed her silently into the garage. Before she headed to the driver’s side she turned around, put her hands on my shoulders and gave me a deep kiss, then pulling her lips from mine she whispered;

“I can feel your cum in my panties.”

We got into the black Quattro and drove out onto the rain soaked street.

“You live by the depot right?”

“Yeah, the Victorian apartments.” I answered.

“Oh, that’s just around the corner from Stacey and Steve is right over there too.” She volunteered before continuing.

“Not bad digs for a PhD student.”

“Between my assistantship, coaching and the bar I do okay.” I admitted.

“You don’t mind if I go the scenic route, traffic gets a little heavy on Saturday

afternoon especially when there is a game at the Heights.” She said.

“Whatever is easiest you’re driving.”

There was a bit of a pause in the conversation, only the loud concussion of the rain against the roof filled the car; for a moment I was concerned that this was going to be an awkward ride home, then Debbie spoke.

“Am I your first older woman? I mean the first woman you’ve had sex with

that is old enough to be your mother.”

“Debbie I doubt your old enough to be my mom.” I replied honestly.

“You are a gentleman…” Then looking at me as we came to a stop at a light she continued.”…I’m forty six.”

She stared at me for a second waiting for my response.

“I would have never guessed that.” Then I added rather sheepishly “…and no

your’re not my first.”

Debbie’s eyebrows rose as we continued driving.

“Really? Do tell.” She said with a giggle.

Trying not to sound shy or embarrassed I replied,

“When I was a senior in high school I guess you could say that I was seduced by

the best friend of my ex-girlfriends mother.”

“How’d that happen?”

“Well I shoveled her driveway and mowed her lawn.”

Debbie giggled and shook her head.

“How cliché.”

“I suppose, it was a bit surreal.”

“Did she take your cherry?” Debbie asked with glee.


“What she like?”

“She was nice, kind…you know very patient.” I replied. I looked at Debbie and saw her laugh silently, only then realizing that I had misread the context of her question.

At this point we were pulling up to my complex. I expected Debbie to just drop me off in front but she pulled into the parking lot. I began to tell where my assigned spot was but she went right passed it and parked in a secluded corner partially blocked by the dumpster. Switching off the ignition she undid her safety belt and shifted position so that she was kind of facing me.

“So was she the only one?”

“No.” I said.

Debbie gave an expectant look so I continued.

“There was a woman in my last year as an undergrad.”

“Tell me about her.”

“Well, she was the dispatcher at the highway department where I worked on a

maintenance crew in the summers.”

“Un huh” Debbie said nodding for me to continue.

“Well…uh….she was married.”

“Really!” Debbie squealed. Continuing she asked; “So how did the two of you pull that off?”

“Usually I would sneak over to her house on Saturday or Sunday when he went


“Hmmmfff. When Steve says he’s going golfing half the time he going off

fucking Stacey or some other little bimbo.”

I must have given her a surprised look.

“Yes that Stacey, she used to babysit for him and his ex. So anyway what was the

sex like?”

By this point Debbie’s hand was on my knee and I was getting hard.

“It was good, exciting because of the risk. I think she got a thrill out fucking a younger guy.”

“I bet she did. You guys ever do anything wild…you know kinky” She asked with

eyebrows raised again.

“Not really, a couple of time times I fucked her right after her husband did.”

“Oooh sloppy seconds…did you ever eat his creampie?”

“No I don’t taste other men’s cum.” I said with disdain.

“Did you like fucking her sloppy pussy.”

By this point her hand was clenching my hard cock through my shorts.

“Well, I had done it once before when my brother and I had tagged teamed a girl

back home, but yeah….”

I gulped stopping mid sentence because Debbie had unzipped my pants and was pulling my hard cock out of my shorts. As she began to stroke she gave look expecting me to continue.

“….uh yeah…uh I liked it more than…uh I thought I would.”

With hand still wrapped around my cock she leaned forward, her face almost touching mine.

“Why did you like it?” She whispered while stroking me.

“Because he couldn’t…couldn’t satisfy her. I….I felt superior to him…like….oh god that feels so good Debbie.” I choked.

“Keep talking.” She hissed, her hand moving quicker.

“I felt like…like I was claiming her pussy as…as mine. I…I came so hard fucking her scummy pussy. His cum…jesus Debbie….the feel of his cum reminded me that….I was taking his woman….that I was…was giving her my seed because his wasn’t…wasn’t good enough. Damn you’re driving me out of my skull.”

A wicked grin came to her lips as she released my shaft.

“It’s not quite sloppy seconds, but would you like to fuck my sloppy pussy?”

Without waiting for me to reply she started to climb over the stick shift and straddled me.

“Slide the seat back.” She hissed raising her skirt.

Quickly I slid the apparatus back and reclined as she released my safety belt.

She rested her hands on my shoulders, reaching between her legs I pulled her soaked panties to the side then maneuvered my dick against her wet opening. With a devilish grin she looked me in the eye and slid down my stalk. She was so wet that a muffled slurping sound crept from between as she rocked back and forth. For a few moments we just stared into each other’s eyes, the windows fogging and the loud staccato of the hard rain adding to the intensity. I was surprised how aroused I was, how close I was to cumming after just five minutes suddenly without my normal restraint I blurted out;

“I love fucking your soiled cunt in broad daylight.”

“uunggg…..uhhhh….ungggg yes…uhhhh” She moaned.

I rocked against her as she bounced, probably less than a third of my length was sliding in and out of her, but I was fucking her deep. Deciding that turn about was fair play I asked;

“You ever give sloppy seconds?”

“Uh…huh.” She muttered then continued “a couple of times.”

Immediately I got harder, my thrusts more urgent. Sensing my building excitement Debbie spoke.

“The summer…after .my first year of law school….1968….I…had a threesome…with two…of my brother’s friends….who were going off to Vietnam….oooh…god Billy.”

“Yeah….? What happened…..?” I replied hoping she would tell me more.

“We were drunk…..and stoned….my brother had left with another girl……oh


Debbie’s orgasm interrupted her, her pussy juiced even more and clamped around my stalk, but she just kept bouncing.

“We..were high…and I knew they were leaving for war….so..I started teasing one of them….then started sucking him….oh Billy you’re so deep.”

“Keep talking.” I gasped, feeling the cum churning in my balls.

“I was…was sucking one…. The other.. was rubbing my body….so I pulled off …my pants..and he started fucking me…..oh yes…yes….FUCK” She screamed as she

came yet again. I was panting by this point very close to erupting.

“Yeah….?” I uttered urgently.

“I…I …stopped sucking…the one guy…I rolled over….and just let them both… take me over…and over…they each came in me …..three…times….”

“UNNNNGGGG!!!” I grunted thrusting as deep as I could into her stuffed cunt, spurt after spurt shooting into her with no place to go.

Debbie locked her arms around my shuddering torso and stopped bouncing as the last of my load sunk into her. I embraced her and kissed hard as my cum slowly slid out of her, down my shaft soaking my balls.

“You are a nasty one.” She said pulling herself off of me. We both looked down as globs of cum dripped from her onto my thighs. She pulled her underwear back into place, adjusted her skirt and plopped into the driver seat with a sigh. I started doing my pants as she started the car and pulled to the entrance of the apartments.

“uh…..would like to come in for a drink or to freshen up?” I offered.

“Billy you’re sweet, but I have to get home and get ready, I’m meeting Steve for

dinner in 45 minutes.”

I darted out of the car, which pulled away before I got to the entrance.

I didn’t have to work that night so after showering I studied until nine o’clock or so before heading out to a bar around the corner. Usually the “Union Local” was a busy place but the football team had lost its game at the “Heights” and there was no band so the place was dead. By 11:00 I walked home pleasantly buzzed. I turned on the tv watched the news then Saturday Night Live. The intro monologue was almost over when someone rather aggressively knocked on my door. I got up and looked through the peephole to see Amy and Stacey leaning against each other giggling. Not wanting to disturb my neighbors I opened the door and quickly pulled them in. I actually was impressed by how attractive Stacey looked; she wasn’t fat, but just chubby enough for the curves to add to her cuteness. She was wearing a roomy black button down long sleeve shirt that hinted at the size of her breasts but concealed the chubby curve of her stomach. It was tucked into a knee length denim skirt over black tights. Her black leather pumps made her legs look very long. Amy had on a very tight one piece long sleeve white shirt, you know the kind that snapped on the crotch, that hugged her torso tightly. Over it was black leather vest that strategically concealed her round breasts. Her black jeans were nearly skin tight and the black chunky healed boot made her almost as tall as her blonde counter part.

“How was the show?” I asked.

Both girls seemed a bit inebriated; additionally their pupils were dilated and despite the rather chilly temperatures beads of perspiration dotted their foreheads.

“It was great!!” Gushed Stacey

“We had fun….we took the train home and were going to Stacey’s and decided to

see what you’re doing.” Amy said gently grabbing the cloth of my shirt.

“Just watching Saturday Night Live want to come in?” I said gesturing to the living room.

“Can I use your bathroom? I gotta pee bad.” Stacey slightly slurred.

I pointed in the general direction and she scurried down the hall. Amy was still holding onto my shirt and pulled me into the living room. Raising to her toes she pulled my face to hers and gave me a fairly sloppy deep kiss.

“I am so horny.” She whispered as her free hand grasped my crotch.

“And drunk.” I added

She steered me backwards towards an overstuffed chair in front of the tv, and pushed me into it.

“”Not too drunk just a few wine coolers that we drank before the show, we each also did a dose of X.” She said before laying a deep and wet kiss on my mouth. Then

kneeling in front of me she started undoing my pants.

“We had another dose, but we split it on the train on our way back.” She said lustily. I lifted my hips and she pulled my jeans and underwear to my ankles. Without pausing she gripped the base of my stalk with one hand and sunk her mouth a third of the way past my crown. Amy sucked hard, her tongue canvassing the contoured ridges of the head of my cock. I placed a hand on her head and gently grabbed a fistful of hair and noticed that her cock sucking skills really had improved. Then she began to slide her lips slowly up and down about three inches to the base of my crown while her hand pumped in rhythm.

“Ooooohhhhh….Amy…sooo good.” I sighed while she slowly pistoned up and down.

A moment later I heard Stacey say something as she was coming down the hall, turning the corner she stopped and just stared at the scene in front of her. She didn’t appear shocked or surprised, just a bit enthralled. After a moment I looked up at her and said:

“Stacey, do you mind getting me a beer, they’re in the fridge.”

Without a word she smiled and disappeared. Amy just kept sucking, sliding her mouth slowly and ever so slightly down my stalk until two thirds of it had disappeared and she would gently gag on the down stroke.

Stacey reappeared, with two beers, handed me one then sat on the couch against the wall and watched Amy go to town. I took a sip of my beer trying to process the whole scene. So many thoughts were bouncing in my brain; did Amy have any idea that I had fucked her mom earlier? Could she taste her mom on me? What was the deal with Stacey? Then Stacey groaned bringing me back to reality. Glancing over I could see that she had loosened her skirt and had her hand buried under it rubbing herself.

“Do you like watching Amy suck my cock?”

“uh huh.” She mumbled, her eyes wide open.

“Stacey I would love to see your tits?” I suggested.

Stacey didn’t even say a word, she just sat up a little and pulled her shirt off. Her belly bulged out subtly giving it a cute roundness that supported her breasts covered by a lacey black bra. Watching her, as she arched her back and reached behind to undo her bra, I could understand how Steve could be enticed by this harlot. Giving me a sultry look she unhooked it, then cupped her tits with both hands sandwiching the garment in her cleavage.

“They’re bigger than Amy’s”. She bragged in a snotty tone.

I stared at her for a moment, nodded in acknowledgement.

“Yeah, but I bet you’re pussy isn’t as tight as Amy’s.”

Stacey let go of her tits and half covered them with the bra before shooting me a nasty look.

“You’ll never know.” She hissed.

Amy must have been listening because she giggled vibrating my cock to its core causing me to moan “Oh jesus Amy.”

I lifted Amy’s mouth off my cock and I kissed her on the forehead. We both stood up; Amy pulled my shirt off as I stepped out of my pants. Stacey just sat on the couch watching us silently with her breasts still half covered. I pulled Amy against me covering her mouth with mine. My hands deftly undid her belt and unbutton her jeans while my tongue slowly slithered through her mouth. Amy stepped back, turned her back to me and bent over wagging her ass at me as she pulled off her shoes. Standing up she shrugged off her vest then slowly peeled off her pants partly to tease me but partly to show off her body to Stacey. As soon as they were off I took a step forward and extended my hand cupping her crotch where her top snapped together. I unsnapped the pullover and pulled it off of her. Amy was clad only in a white thong and matching white French bra. Naked, I stepped behind her and shifted her so that she was facing Stacey, then I looped a finger under the waist band of the thong and slid it off her hips and let it fall to Amy’s ankles.

Stacey’s mouth dropped opened when she saw that Amy’s pussy was bare. Without taking off her bra, I pushed Amy towards the overstuffed chair and had her kneel in front of it with her elbows on the cushion. Lowering myself to the floor I glanced over at a still slack jawed Stacey and announced:

“When I eat pussy I don’t like hair in my teeth.”

Then I rolled onto my back and slid my head between Amy’s bent legs. I placed my hands on her tiny ass and pulled her hairless slit to my mouth, so that Amy was literally sitting on my face.

Between, the “X”, the blowjob and showing off in front of her friend; Amy was more than worked up. Her pussy was pulsing and dripping before I even had a chance to run the tip of my tongue between her dew covered lips. My tongue barely made contact with her sensitive flesh when she screamed out.


Immediately she ground her sopping cunt into my face and squirmed uncontrollably against my mouth. She was in such a frenzied drug induced state that the only purpose that my face and tongue served was as a surface for her to rub her pussy and clit against. I heard nothing as she ground against my face, my hands gripping her undulating ass. She was gyrating and writhing so wildly that I could only assume that she was cumming over and over. After a couple of minutes she seemed to calm down and settled into a rhythm of sliding her swollen nub over my tongue while moaning. This continued for a while until I suddenly felt someone’s mouth wrap around the head of my cock. It took me a second to realize that Stacey was sucking me off.

I couldn’t see what was going on, only feel the sensation. Stacey gripped the base of my cock very firmly and didn’t move her hand while sliding her mouth up and down. She really didn’t suck but just slid her mouth up and down my cock. It felt like loose wet fist around my shaft just going up and down, she may have been taking me into her throat but I really couldn’t tell. Occasionally, I would feel her teeth graze my sensitive skin, for the most part it was a rather mediocre blow job. After a few minutes Amy ground her pelvis hard into my mouth and shrieked:”EEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE.” I felt Stacey none too gently pull her mouth off of me, dragging her teeth the whole length of my dick, while Amy violently shook. Finally, she relaxed and rolled off of me. My face was covered in a layer of Amy’s cum. Sitting up I grabbed her shirt and wiped my face. By this point a panting Stacey was on the floor leaning against the couch with her legs spread, her skirt up above her fleshy hips while she frantically rubbed herself under her tights.

I stood and pulled the nearly limp form of Amy from her nearly prone position. I sat down on the edge of the chair, holding Amy’s hips I positioned her so that her ass was in front of me. With my knees I nudged her legs apart and lowered her onto my cock. I don’t know if Amy had ever done “reverse cowgirl” before but she easily slid down my cock. I lifted her up and down while thrusting.

“Oh….Billy….Oh Billy…soo gooood….sooo fucking……good.” She cooed.

I looked over to the left to see Stacey with her skirt still bunched up above her hips, her black tights bunched below her knees and her hand buried between her thighs with her mouth gaping as she watched us fuck.

“Ever watch anybody fuck before Stacey?” I grunted.

“no….no……” She whimpered.

I kept sliding Amy up and down my cock, she was still recovering from her first orgasm but was beginning to get into it again. I felt her hand slide between her legs and begin to rub her clit.

“Do you like fucking in front of Stacey?” I asked

“Yes..yes I do” Amy muttered.

I could feel Amy beginning to get more and more excited, so I lifted her off of my lap and stood up. I walked over to Stacey whose hand was still buried between her legs. I stood over her with my throbbing cock coated with Amy’s stickiness.

“Have you ever tasted pussy?” I asked.

With a shocked expression she shook her head “no”. I placed my hand on her head, with no resistance she opened her mouth, closed her eyes and let me guide her mouth over my cock. Her lips locked around my shaft and I slid half of my length into her mouth and stopped. I felt Stacey’s tongue move slowly around my stalk then felt her actually suck. Gently I moved her head back and forth.

“Do you like the taste of Amy’s pussy on my cock?” I asked softly.

Stacey opened her eyes and looked up at me and responded with a muffled “mmmmmfffff.” I glanced over at Amy who was just staring at us.

“I think she likes the taste of your pussy.” I sneered half sarcastically.

I thrust in and out of Stacey’s mouth a couple more times before I pulled out and walked over to Amy. Without any direction from me, she laid on her back and spread her legs.

“Fuck me.” She commanded.

I knelt between her splayed legs and leaned forward until the head of my cock slid into her slightly gaping cleft. Amy’s legs wrapped around me and with a single thrust I slid all the way into her, penetrating her loosened womb. Just like I had done hours earlier to her mother I began plunging in and out of her loose pussy. My mouth covered hers and with each plunge she moaned into my mouth. It only took a minute or two before I felt her cunt clench and began to spasm. Our mouths separated.

“yes…Fuck….yes Billy…FUCK YES…” She cried out.

I kept thrusting feeling my own imminent release building.

“Get over here Stacey”. I said.

Stacey crawled over on all fours next us. Just as she got there I pulled out and shot what spunk I had left onto Amy’s belly with three spurts. Amy lay limply with her eyes half open and bra still on while I panted over her. Stacey just looked bewildered.

“Lick it up”. I said in a somewhat surly tone as I moved from between Amy’s thighs. Without looking at me and with no hesitation Stacey leaned over and slurped up the droplets of my cum from Amy’s flesh. She then sat up and swallowed silently.

Without a word I rose and headed to the bathroom after cleaning up a little I headed back to the living room. Stacey was completely dressed and Amy was just buckling up her belt. Amy stepped over to me and rose to her toes to kiss me while her hands sunk into my ass. After a moment she released me and silently headed towards the bathroom. I was bending over to grab my clothes when Stacey spoke.

“Wow…you’re still hard.”

I shrugged in response and pulled my shirt over my head, I hadn’t completely pulled it on when I felt Stacey’s hand take hold of my cock.

“I’ve seen a longer one but he wasn’t half a thick as you and only a little longer.” She said while squeezing me. I finished pulling on my shirt.

“Did you like sucking it?” I asked.

Stacey’s hand started moving back and forth.


“Did you like the taste of Amy’s pussy on it.”

Stacey just smiled in response. Making me wonder what was going to happen at her house later. I then stepped towards Stacey, and grabbed her hips. She let go of me as I pulled her against me. My hands slid under her skirt and sunk into her fleshy ass, and she spread her legs slightly allowing my hard cock to slide against her cloth covered crotch.

“This is really what you want isn’t it?” I teased grinding against her.

Stacey looked up at me, grabbed my naked ass and pulled me tight to her.


As we began to hump each other our mouths came together. I could feel the wetness from between her legs seeping through the fabric of her tights. Stacey moaned slightly as my shaft sawed between her thighs. Our pseudo coupling was abruptly ended by the sound of a flushing toilet. Quickly we separated and I reached for my pants. By the time Amy appeared I was pulling on a pair of shoes.

Even though the girls protested, I insisted on walking them to Stacey’s parents’ house since it was now past midnight. It was literally around the corner, not more than three blocks away. As we parted, at the end of a long driveway each of them gave me a hug and a kiss. I turned and started to walk home hearing Amy and Stacey giggling as they headed to the house. I had walked past three houses when I stopped, a black Quattro was parked in the driveway. Apparently Debbie was spending the night with Steve. I paused only a moment before continuing on, a smile on my face as I wondered if Steve had any idea how much cum I had pumped into Debbie earlier.

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