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Naughty Nina’s Nightcap

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Nina Collins tossed and turned in bed. She glanced at the clock: 2 a.m. Downstairs, clanged dishes and opening doors, which she knew was her 22-year-old grandson, Billy, and his drunken buds coming in from a night of carousing. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Nina wasn’t happy about the sleep interruption, but was happy to have Billy with her for the summer after graduating college in her seaside home, giving him a rest and knowing he’d be setting out on his own soon enough, leaving his parents and them far behind as he found a new life.

And she loved his friends, all cute young men like Billy, who grew up practically in the house; as a divorced mom, she had nearly raised Billy herself, as his parents went through marital troubles, and often entertained his friends, all of whom thought of her as their own grandmother.

Nina got up, stretched, looked in the mirror. ‘Not bad’, she thought to herself. At 62, she was pretty well preserved, athletic, with wispy blonde hair cascading to her shoulders, a firm and somewhat muscular 5-9 body carrying a slender 128 pounds.

She waited for the clatter to die down, and made her way down the stairs, slender arms folded across her torso for warmth on the chilly summer night. As expected, Billy was snoring away in his room, and one of his buddies in the room across the hall. Small crowd, she thought, until she made her way through the living room toward the stairs to her room and saw something on the couch.

Ryan, one of Billy’s close friends, was curled up there, on his belly, clad only in a pair of loose shorts, face planted in the cushion, snoring loudly. She smiled. Ryan was always one of her favorites as a boy, and she liked watching him grow from a gangly kid to a handsome young man, star athlete, the best body of the bunch.

She quickly chased the thought away of Ryan’s stunningly fit form laying there, but was reminded when he snorted, and rolled over, his muscular belly rock hard, his chest well defined, smooth and silky. And down below, his shorts, unbuttoned and open, revealing a shaved pubic area, in the middle of which was his enormous, semi-erect smooth cock sticking up out of the shorts.

Nina gulped, unable to look away. It was thick, meaty, so firm. She judged there to be about six inches on display, leaving her to judge there had to be at least half as much still hidden in his shorts.

“Ryan…Ryan…” she whispered, tensing to dart up the stairs, figuring she’d wake him gently and leave, leaving him to wake up, realize his predicament and cover up, not knowing she had ever been there.

But Ryan snored soundly still, too drunk to be roused. Nina shifted from foot to foot, feeling the cool breeze from an open deck slider wash over her bare calves and thighs, wafting between where the temperature difference was noticeable as it brushed over her thong-clad pussy.

‘Jesus, what am I thinking?’ she thought to herself, unable to move, watching Ryan’s gorgeous cock twitch as he snored. ‘He’s like a grandson to me’.

She’d formed a plan in her mind, to cover the boy in a blanket, go upstairs, play with herself thinking about his cock, and go to sleep, but even that seemed too perverse to entertain. She decided to do it, walking to the couch, leaning over it to grab a blanket folded over the back, looking down as she did, right at Ryan’s cock.

She didn’t see one of his sneakers and tripped over it, stumbling and falling to her knees besides the couch, her face stopping just inches above that cock. Her eyes shot open wide, it looked even more massive and meaty this close up. She braced herself against the back of the couch with her hands and pushed away, coming back to squat beside the couch, that cock fairly glowing in the shafted moonlight through the windows.

She knelt there for long, tortured moments, indecision and desire consuming her. She listened to Ryan’s heavy breathing and from down the hall could hear the other boys snoring away. She was safe to do what she wanted. She didn’t believe in signs, but that was one, plus her tripping to fall just inches from that which she desired most of all right now. Nina didn’t date much and hadn’t had a dick in over a year, and had never had one that looked as delicious as Ryan’s did at the moment.

‘I’ll just try to…to cover…put it back…’ she thought to herself, reaching for the halves of his shorts and trying to pull them together to button over that massive cock, but failing. It was just too big and there wasn’t enough material to make the trip.

So instead, on a sexual impulse she’d never felt before, she gently pulled the shorts open and down a bit, sliding them beyond what was showing to reveal the full, meaty, about 9-inch length, and below a giant pair of hairless, presumably full balls.

“My, my, my, Ryan,” she sighed. “How you’ve…grown…”

She stared at it, trying to decide what to do, her mind racing with thoughts proper and improper, chaste and libidinous, from just covering him up and going to bed, to touching that beautiful cock, holding it, caressing it, licking it. The latter gave rise to an unearthly heat in her pussy, a heat she hadn’t felt in far too long.

She bent closer, breathing his manly, musky scent, watching his cock move with his breathing, wondering what dreams he must be having to make him so hard, so thick, so long. She blew gently on his cock, watching it twitch in response, looking up to his handsome, snoring face. She licked her lips and then slowly extended her tongue to touch his cock, licking gently at the sensitive underside of the head, moaning as she made contact, her pussy aflame. She danced the tip of her tongue side to side at the fleshy tip, groaning quietly, now bringing her trembling hand to the base and using a delicate touch of fingernail to stroke it. Her eyes were wide in the dark, watching the tip quiver as she licked it, and soon saw a thick clear dollop of precum well in the thick eye.

“Oh my God, Ryan,” she hissed, now bravely encircling his massive shaft in her small, bony hand, gently stroking it, lifting the head off his tight young belly, bringing the tip to her mouth where she encircled it in her lips, licking slowly, savoring the sweet liquid there. “What am I doing?”

But she couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop, and stroked it softly, slowly, feeling its impossible heat course through her small hand and up her arm, through her breasts, with nipples now fully engorged, down her belly to the furry, wet thatch between her squatting thighs. She suckled on the tip, thick and moist, moaning at the taste of his copious pre-cum which seemed to flow more freely the more she suckled it.

He moaned. She stopped, afraid, hand still on that cock, mouth still encircling the tip. He quieted, and she now slipped her mouth further down, lips clamped gently over the silky flesh, slowly stroking her hand up, then pulling her mouth back up and hand down, giving him a very slow motion blowjob.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, sneaking her free hand between her muscular old thighs, fingering her gushing pussy, parting the hair and diddling her thick clit as she kept her eyes open and on Ryan’s peacefully sleeping face.

‘My God, I’m blowing him, I’m blowing this young man, right here on my couch, I’m sucking his gorgeous cock!’ she thought as she continued to do just that. ‘What if he wakes up? What if he cums in my mouth and wakes up? What am I doing??’

None of it made her stop, and made her in fact intensify her efforts, her little hand gripping that big dick harder, stroking it faster, slipping her puckered mouth further down, making it wet, now twisting her hand and mouth, recalling the blowjobs she’d given her husband years before and boyfriends before him that made them all proclaim, rightfully, that she was the best.

‘Come on, Ryan, gimme that cum, gimme your load, I want it, I need it!’ she thought, eyes now closed, confident he wouldn’t awaken, as she bobbed her pretty blonde head up and down on his throbbing cock, washing over it with her long, hot tongue, taking him to the base now, holding it in her throat and letting her tongue snake out and curl around those massive, bloated balls so full of hot promise.

She felt him tense and knew he was close, redoubling her effort to make the sleeping boy spurt his wad down her gulping throat. She started to cum and soaked her fingers, trembling, her thighs quivering as they locked around her hand, squeezing out the biggest orgasm she’d had in ages. When she was through, she pulled her fingers out and encircled Ryan’s huge nuts with them, slowly squeezing them, eager to coax the load out of them, anxious to taste his boy cream.

She jerked him harder with the gentlest of grips, faster and faster, now cupping the first few inches of his dick in her mewing mouth, lapping madly at the sensitive underside, knowing it’s the fastest way to make a man ejaculate. She worked harder and faster, totally caught up in the task at hand, and mouth, totally forgetting she was blowing a boy she thought of as family, forgetting her own grandson was sleeping just down the hall as well as other boys, all friends of the lad she was desperately blowing now and trying to milk dry, eager to taste his steaming hot young juice.

She was so caught up in it, she didn’t hear him speak at first, a low, astonished moan, a breathless “Mrs…Mrs…C?!!”

She heard it the second time, accompanied by the boy’s shifting up on the couch, jerking himself back, snapping her out of her sexual reverie. She stopped, popped her eyes open and looked directly into his, wide open and disbelieving.

“Oh…oh, hi, Ryan…sorry to disturb you,” she said with a slight smile after reluctantly lifting her mouth off her soaking wet and rock-hard cock. “You…uh, you were sleeping…and had this…uh,…it was sticking out..I tried to cover you up, but…”

“Uh…but…Mrs. C…I…think…I don’t think…uh…” he stammered as he watched her hand almost involuntarily start to stroke him again. “Jesus Christ…oh my GOD, Mrs. C!”

“Shhhhh, boy, shhhh,” she smiled, too far gone to stop now and make sense of it all, to explain it away, to do anything but what she was doing, knowing their relationship would never be the same after this. “Don’t say anything…just enjoy…aren’t you enjoying this?”

He smiled weakly at the beautiful blonde older woman now mischievously lancing out her tongue to lick at the pre-cum welling in his dick cap.

“No…I mean, yes, goddam, it feels so good…but..” he said looking over his shoulder toward the hall.

“Nonsense, if we remain quiet,” she smiled, standing up to seductively peel off her nightie and panties, Ryan’s eyes wider still at the sight of that marvelously sagging but ultimately sexy body before him, her droopy breasts white against her tanned skin, her thighs tawny and firm and between them a glistening blonde-gray profusion of pussy hair. “And I have just the thing to keep you quiet…”

She lay him flat on the couch and he watched in amazement as she twisted over his face, straddling it with those wrinkled, sexy, tanned thighs, spreading them and taking her place in a 69, both knees on the cushion as she settled onto his moaning mouth, the heat, the scent, the moistness reaching him before contact was made. He eagerly pushed his face into it, parting the furry slit with his nose and penetrating her hole with it, his tongue slurping madly at the thick clit. She moaned and met his push with her own, spreading her thighs wider, devouring his face in her sex, stretching out on the large sofa, pushing down, legs back and now cupping his mouth to her with one hand, locking her muscular old thighs around his neck and head, capturing his nose and mouth to her dripping quim. He moaned as she squeezed her thighs in a scissor grip on his head, calves locked. She took his cock back in her mouth, using both hands now, twisting his dick into her mouth with one hand, mauling his swollen nuts with the other.

“Gotcha now, boy,” she giggled into his dick, squeezing his face inside her cunt and thighs. “Make me cum, baby, make me cum!”

It wouldn’t have taken much, given the forbidden nature of this sudden tryst, but adding to it was Ryan’s unbelievable proficiency with his tongue, dribbling her clit, sucking it, lapping and slurping it madly, while he twisted his head to force his nose deeper into her velvety smooth cunt, fucking it, fucking her, watching her dimpled ass cheeks quiver and ripple before his eyes, feeling those slender, smooth thighs quake from squeezing him, scissoring him. He focused on pleasing her before he noticed he was about to cum, and they both did, Ryan’s load blasting from his balls in a scorching endless jet of jism, filling her moaning mouth as she filled his with her own woman cream, both of them groaning into each other’s crotch, gobbling down their juices, soaking their faces. Nina swallowed some, filled her mouth with some and popped his still spurting dick out to take the last jets on her wrinkled neck, aiming the remainder into the warm folds of her tit flesh.

She stopped, panting, and sat up, her mouth shiny with him, her neck wet with clumps of his jism, her tits soaked, nipples dotted with spunk. She smiled, turned around and sat on his cock, still hard and eager, taking him to the balls with one sloshing stroke. Smiling at his smiling face, she leaned down, cupping his handsome face in her old hands as she tensed her cunt on his cock, squeezing it, and slowly bouncing up and down.

He didn’t stop her as she brought their faces together, both slick with each other’s orgasm, and parted his lips, moaning and shivering through a small orgasm as she felt his tongue enter her mouth seeking out his cum, and she doing the same to him, sharing their wetness. They kissed long and wet, swapping their cum between them, Ryan’s arms around her slim back, cupping that dimpled ass as he thrust up into her harder and faster. She giggled, broke the kiss and looked at his cum-stained face.

“You’re a brave, unique boy,” she laughed. “Eating your own cum, you naughty, nasty boy! Now, clean my neck and tits!”

He moaned as she wrapped her strong arms around his neck, pulling his face to her wrinkled neck, groaning as she felt him suckle the meat of it, tasting the salty folds of older-woman flesh, lavishing it with attention, gobbling down the slickness and into her heaving cleavage, sucking up his own cum from between and on them, his tongue alive and on fire, slobbering over the shiny white meat and attaching to her cum-stained nipples. She came again and again, orgasms large and small and endless as she felt his cock thicken inside her and finally explode, bathing her twitching womb with his second load in just a few minutes, marveling at its quantity and heat and thankful for the recuperative powers of the very young.

He stopped, and they lay in each other’s arms for a long moment, pecking lips with dainty, romantic kisses, tasting themselves. Ryan’s hands cupped that insanely shapely ass, kneading the soft, fleshy mounds and feeling himself soften inside her.

“Was it…was it good?” he asked and she nearly teared up at his wonderfully innocent naiveté.

“My GOD, it was the best, Ryan, the best,” she laughed. “Now, I must go clean up and get to bed…”

She started to dismount, but Ryan’s strong insistent hands kept her there, smiling up at her, and then pulling her off his cock, and toward his face. She grinned and went with it, inching up his muscular torso, clenching her pussy muscles to keep his cum hot and deep, and slithered up onto his face, pinning it between her squatting, hard thighs and feeling his cum rush out the second he attached his sucking mouth to the dripping opening.

“My GOD, Ryan, rare is the man so eager to eat his own cum, and rarer still one so young!” she cried out softly, pumping her muscular thighs onto his face, holding his hair and grinding out another orgasm as he moaned and feasted on her cummy offering, sucking and licking and taking every thick drop into his mouth, swallowing it down.

They pulled away from each other, finally, Nina kissing him goodnight and covering him with a blanket, his dick finally gone softer but not completely, watching him cozy under the covering, patting his head and kissing him one last time before heading up to bed, where she tried to sleep.

But she couldn’t. She couldn’t because she couldn’t help but wonder if all young boys slept so hard, so ready, as Ryan. And with a houseful of them just below her, she couldn’t help but wonder if she shouldn’t go down and see…

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Cliff wrote

What a hot story! I can’t believe he ate you clean. That was awesome. Wish I was him.