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Caitlyn Morris held her boyfriend’s hand for moral support as they made the long trek up the aisle to his teacher’s desk. If this talk didn’t go well, Bobby would be benched Friday night—the one night the college scout would be watching the game.

Bobby didn’t have a lot of options, if he didn’t get recruited, he could kiss college goodbye. And with it any hope of getting out of their all-but-dead hometown.

Bobby and Caitlyn had big plans for their lives after graduation. On her eighteenth birthday, Bobby had proposed. He was Caitlin’s world. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Nothing at all.

Sometimes it was hard to believe a guy like Bobby ever noticed her. He was so good looking—blond, tousled hair, chiseled cheekbones, dreamy blue eyes. Best of all, his athletic body was toned in all the right places. Everywhere they went, women, and sometimes men, did a double take when he walked by.

Bobby ran with the popular crowd and Caitlyn had been too shy to ever talk to him, but last year, out of the blue, he’d asked her on a date. They were inseparable after that. Bobby helped her overcome some of her shyness and she felt like she could do anything with him by her side.

She’d given him her virginity, though he hadn’t ever pushed her. And she liked the things they did to each other. She was still more inhibited than she liked, but Bobby said that was fine with him. He said it turned him on each time she let go a little more of the things that held her back.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Patterson?” his teacher asked, looking up from that stack of papers in front of him when they reached his desk. He clearly didn’t think much of Bobby.

Mr. Cross was well known for running a tight ship. He didn’t suffer fools and he didn’t accept excuses. Caitlyn wished Bobby had tried harder to get transferred out of his class at the beginning of the semester, there was no way he was going to pass this class.

Plus, Mr. Cross was intimidating.

She wasn’t sure what it was about him that made her think so. She’d never even spoken to him. He moved down the halls of her school like a predator, sleek and powerful. And so sure of himself. Mr. Cross was a take command kind of man. If he’d been better looking, he would have had to deal with more schoolgirl crushes. He wasn’t ugly or anything, he just wasn’t hot like the basketball coach.

But he sure was intense.

She shivered when Mr. Cross pierced her with a hunter’s stare.

“Sir, I’d like to talk to you about my grades.” Bobby gulped, but Caitlyn squeezed his hand for encouragement. “I’d like to see if there’s a way to improve them by Friday.”

Mr. Cross raised one eyebrow. “It’s Wednesday, Mr. Patterson. What do you think you can accomplish by Friday? I assume this has more to do with your baseball game than your love of literature.”

Bobby blushed. “I really need to play this Friday, sir. I’ll do anything. My girlfriend is real smart and she said she’d help me study if you’ll give me a chance. Please, sir. I’m begging you.”

Something about the way Mr. Cross looked at her made Caitlin’s cheeks burn. She wasn’t sure what it was, he hadn’t even spoken to her, but she suddenly felt like she wasn’t wearing enough clothes.

Mr. Cross hadn’t responded, so Bobby nudged Caitlyn. “Tell him, Caitlyn. Tell him about your good grades.”

She felt shy, but Bobby needed her. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get his grades up, Mr. Cross.”

Mr. Cross leaned back in his chair and steepled his hands in front of him. “Really, Ms. Morris? Anything at all?”

She was surprised he knew her name. She’d never been in one of his classes before. But what happened next surprised her even more.

Mr. Cross nodded to Bobby. “Go lock the door.” Lock the door? Why did he want the door locked? She wanted to ask him, but Mr. Cross was openly staring at her in a way that chilled her to the bone. And then he smiled wickedly. Cait had a very bad feeling about this and was relieved when Bobby returned to her side.

“You were right about her, Mr. Patterson. Your girlfriend is a hot little treat. And so desperate to save you. You’re a lucky young man.”

Cait was confused. “Bobby?” She looked at him, but he wouldn’t make eye contact with her. “Bobby what is he saying? You talked about me with him?”

“Oh yes, Ms. Morris, we talked about you. We talked about your long blonde hair and your big baby blue eyes. We talked about your tight little ass and your perfect, round breasts.”

Her mouth hung open but she couldn’t summon words. Self -consciously, she pulled at the ends of her ponytail.

Bobby raked a hand through his blond hair, disheveling it just the way she liked. Well, usually liked. “I’m sorry. This is wrong. I shouldn’t have done it. I’ll take the ‘F’, Mr. Cross. I can’t…what we talked about…I can’t.”

Caitlin was still confused. “Bobby?”

“Your boyfriend offered you up in return for a good grade, Ms. Morris.”

“It wasn’t my idea,” Bobby protested.

“And yet you went along with it. It hardly matters whose idea it was, only that you are prepared to let me have your girlfriend.” Mr. Cross got up and sat on the corner of the desk in front of Caitlin. “How does that make you feel, Ms. Morris?”

Cait didn’t know how that made her feel. Part of her was mad, another embarrassed, and another, inexplicably, aroused by the idea. “Have me? What does that mean?”

“Never mind,” said Bobby.

“You’re supposed to be really smart, Ms. Morris. Isn’t that what Bobby said? I’m sure you can figure it out.”

She looked between the two men, one she loved with all her young heart and the other who held the key to their dreams in his hand. Mr. Cross wasn’t repulsive, but he was almost as old as her parents. He stayed in shape and had a full head of hair, but there was something off about him. Something unsafe. “You’re saying if I have sex with you, you’ll pass Bobby in your class.”

“No!” Bobby yelled.

She rounded on him. “This was the deal you made with him?” Her anger rushed to the front of all the confusing emotions she’d been experiencing. “You made up the whole story to get me here today, when you already had a deal.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just desperate. But I don’t want you to do it. I swear.” Bobby glared at Mr. Cross. “He didn’t want me to tell you about it ahead of time. He said he wanted to savor your reaction.”

She twisted her ring, her engagement ring, as her heart plummeted in her ribcage. She was raised to value herself. She’d never contemplated using her body for her own grades, much less someone else’s. She turned back to Mr. Cross, her eyes wandered down his chest to the sizable swell of his khaki pants. She thought of Bobby’s dream to play baseball in college, how they were planning on a future together that wouldn’t happen if he didn’t get that scholarship. “What do I have to do?”

“Bobby,” Mr. Cross began. “Unbutton your girlfriend’s shirt. I want to see her tits.”

Caitlin blushed at the language but kept her eyes locked with Mr. Cross.

“Cait…” Bobby said hopelessly.

“Do it,” she answered.

Bobby reluctantly worked the buttons of her shirt open. Mr. Cross pointed to the bra clasp in front, so Bobby undid it and her breast sprung free. Bobby pulled the shirt and the bra ends away from her boobs and she stood there and let him do it. She let him expose her to this grown man.

“Very nice,” the teacher commented as he gazed upon the feast of young flesh exposed to his view. “Pinch her nipples.”

She couldn’t close her eyes. It was like she was in some kind of thrall as she stared into the eyes of Mr. Cross while her boyfriend squeezed her breasts in front him.

“Finish taking off her shirt and bra, and then hold her wrists behind her back.”

Caitlyn felt so exposed as the new position thrust her breasts out, and Mr. Cross stared at them hungrily. Her nipples hardened under his gaze and she was embarrassed by the flood of heat pooling in her panties. She shouldn’t feel this way. It was wrong. She leaned back into Bobby for a little comfort and was astounded by the strong poke of his erection beneath his jeans.

Was he enjoying this? Shouldn’t he be angry? Jealous? Did he want Mr. Cross to take her in front of him?

She felt helpless. Bobby pinned her arms so this perverted old man could do whatever he wanted to her.

“Tell me, Ms. Morris, what kind of girl are you?” Mr. Cross leaned forward, close enough to touch her exposed breasts with his mouth, but he did not. His hot breath caressed her instead, and she curled her toes to stop herself from arching into him. What was wrong with her?

“Are you a good girl or a bad girl?”

“G…good girl, sir,” she answered, but just barely.

“Is that so? Does that mean you’re a virgin?”

She squeezed her eyes closed to hide her shame and shook her head. “No, sir.”

“Well, how can you be a good girl if you’re not a virgin?”

“Bobby and I love each other. We’re going to get married.”

“I see.” Mr. Cross sat back a little. “I’d like to know more about just what kind of girl you are, since you insist you’re good despite the fact that you’re standing in front of me like a whore.”

Bobby gasped behind her. “Mr. Cross—”

Her shame flushed across her skin like a forest fire raging out of control, burning her. She wanted to shout at him that she wasn’t a whore. That he was the pervert, not her, because he was forcing them to do this. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t contradict him at all because he had all the power. She had given him control over her when she allowed this to happen.

“Does Bobby touch your tits like this?”

Mr. Morris squeezed both globes firmly, kneading the flesh. An arrow of desire shot through her, soaking her panties even more. She nodded.

“We use complete sentences in my class, Ms. Morris. When you answer a question, please reframe the question in your answer. Does Bobby touch your tits like this?” he repeated.

“Yes, Bobby touches my…breasts like that.” Mr. Morris tsked and slapped her right boob sharply. “Tits. Say it.”

The sting of his slap startled her and aroused her even more. “Yes, Bobby touches my tits like that.” Bobby’s hands tightened around her wrists and a small groan escaped him.

“Good girl,” Mr. Cross murmured and he went back to kneading and squeezing. “Does he lick your tits this?”

His tongue darted out quickly, a subtle gentle swipe that made her knees weak.

“No, sir. Bobby doesn’t lick my tits like that.” Bobby preferred to try and get the whole thing in his mouth.

“He doesn’t? What about this, does he suck on your tits?”

His hot mouth clamped over her nipple and he suckled strongly. The sensation of the moist heat on her tit and the hard strength of her teenage boyfriend at her back made her head swoon and she moaned.

She started to nod, but caught herself. “Yes…oh God…yes, Bobby sucks on my tits just like that.” She clamped her thighs together, remembering last Sunday night. Bobby had sucked her tits until she came on her living room couch while her parents cooked dinner in the next room.

Bobby pressed against her harder and he rested his chin on her shoulder to watch Mr. Cross suck her other nipple. Then the teacher brought them together and sucked both nipples into his mouth. A trickle of wetness slid down her thigh.

The teacher moaned a little as he pulled away. “Thank you for being honest, Ms. Morris. You don’t need to tell me if you enjoy it. I can tell by your slutty little face that you do.” He sat back and put his hand on his zipper. “So, tell me, good girl. Do you like to look at Bobby’s cock?”

Her eyes widened. There would be no backing out now. Things had gone too far there would be no return. Boobs were one thing, but now he was talking about his penis. “I’ve never seen it.”

Mr. Cross raised his eyebrows in disbelief. “Seen what, Ms. Morris?”

“I’ve never seen Bobby’s cock, sir. We’ve…it was always dark when we did it.”

“I see. You’re so hot for dick you can’t even wait to see it properly then? It figures. Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. We’ll make sure you learn to appreciate cock today.” He slid the zipper down. “Have you seen anyone else’s?”

She shook her head vehemently, and then remembered she needed to speak. “No, sir. I’ve never seen a real cock before.”

“Not even in a porn movie?”

“I don’t watch porn.”

Mr. Cross smiled. “What about you, Bobby? You watch porn don’t you?”

“Yes, sir. I watch porn.”

The sound of his voice, lower and more gravelly than usual, made her breasts tingle and ache for more attention. They were so sensitive, but never more than right now.

Bobby always told her that he fell in love with her by looking into her beautiful blue eyes, but she always suspected it had more to do with her tits. Which was fine with her. She wished someone would touch them. And then she felt shame that she was so turned on by what was happening to her. As if he knew where her thoughts were taking her, Mr. Cross slapped her nipples and her legs would have given out if Bobby hadn’t been holding her up.

“I’ll bet you do, son. I’ll bet you watch dirty movies and wish your little girlfriend knew how to do some of the twisted, perverted acts you see while you ferociously beat off.”

Bobby ground against her harder. “Yes, sir.”

She hadn’t known he watched those kinds of movies. She guessed it was only natural. Thinking about Bobby touching himself while watching other people have sex, and maybe even thinking about her, made her clench and ache.

Something was happening to her in this classroom. She wasn’t normally like this.

She’d enjoyed sex with Bobby. She didn’t always come, but it was nice to be close. What she was feeling now wasn’t the same. She’d never wanted it as much as she did right now. What did that say about her? Was Mr. Cross right? Was she a whore?

Mr. Cross pulled out his cock. It was already huge and pulsing like a monster. “Look at my cock, Ms. Morris. Can you see it? I want you to get a good, hard look. Bobby, keep her wrists together, but push her down some at the waist, so she can see my big, hard dick really, really good.”

Her skirt rose up with the action, and the position put Bobby’s hard dick right up against her ass. One of his hands held her wrists, and one held her shoulder to keep her balance. In front of her was Mr. Cross’s dick, at eye level. It strained towards her, glistening at the tip.

Mr. Cross stroked his hand up and down the turgid length while he spoke. “If you’ve never seen a cock, you’ve probably never tasted one have you? Bobby, have you ever shoved your meat down her little throat?”

Bobby groaned, pushing his erection against her hard and pulling her shoulder back for leverage while he rubbed. “No, Mr. Cross, Caitlyn has never sucked my cock.”

“Bobby, how does it feel to know another man is going to get her first blow job while you watch? You’re going to see my dick in your girlfriend’s mouth. She’s going to choke on my meat. You’ll hear her slurping on my cum. All so you can play a baseball game.”

“Yes, sir. It feels…it feels good, sir. It feels hot.”

“Hot,” Mr. Cross repeated. “Sharing your girlfriend with another man is hot to you? I’ll bet you’re a bigger pervert than I am, Bobby. You just haven’t realized it yet.” To Caitlyn, he said, “Lick it like an ice cream cone, sweetheart. Start at the base lick slowly all the way up. If you want to impress me, swirl your tongue on the tip and go back down slowly.”

Caitlyn knew some girls did this. She sometimes wondered about what it would feel like, what it would taste like, but she never thought she would taste another man. A man that wasn’t Bobby.

And Bobby thought it was hot.

She put the tip of her tongue on Mr. Cross’s cock. It was smoother than she thought it would be, like satin. Just as instructed, she moved up slowly, giving it more of the flat part of her tongue as she went up. His cock twitched on her tongue. She lingered on the ridge near the top for a second and then swirled the tip, tasting the clear liquid that seeped out. Before she could go back down, the taste of him stopped her with surprise. It was delicious. She swirled again to gather any more moisture she could find and then, as if by instinct, she closed her mouth over the head to suckle more out.

“Oh, fuck,” Bobby murmured.

“Good girl,” Mr. Cross said, and she was pleased that she impressed him.

She wanted to keep sucking, but Mr. Cross stopped her, directing Bobby to raise her back up to standing. The teacher yanked her to him, so Bobby let go of her wrists and Mr. Cross latched on to her tit. “So good,” he said in between sucking. “You’re such a hot, dirty little girl.” His hands grabbed her ass and pulled her closer, his hard cock standing up like a pole between them.

“Get on your knees, Ms. Morris.”

She obeyed without a second thought. The floor was cold and hard. Mr. Cross stood up and shucked off his pants and underwear in one movement. “Bobby, I require your assistance.”

“Yes, sir?” he asked uneasily.

“I want you to feed my cock to your girlfriend.”


“Take my cock in your hand, son, and feed it to your girlfriend. I don’t just want to take what’s yours today, Bobby. I want you to know you are giving it to me.” He told Caitlyn to open wide and told Bobby to guide his dick into her waiting mouth. “Slowly,” he added. “You don’t want to gag the poor girl….yet.”

It was obvious that Bobby hadn’t anticipated that he was going to have to touch another man’s dick. She was glad. She was doing this for him and he should have to be part of it. Together, they were securing their future by pleasing Mr. Cross. When Bobby hesitated too long, Cait got frustrated. She wanted that cock in her mouth. “Hurry, Bobby.”

Emboldened by her plea, Bobby grasped Mr. Cross’s cock and guided it into her mouth. She sucked it, not really knowing how.

“Pull it out, son.”

Bobby did as asked and waited for further instruction. They were both anticipating what would come next.

“I feel a little bad about this, kids.” He patted Caitlyn’s head. “Bobby, why don’t you pull your piece out and let Caitlyn get a look at what she’s been missing, though judging by this afternoon, you won’t have that particular problem anymore. Isn’t that right, sweetheart? You’re turning into a cock-hungry little whore right before our eyes.”

Bobby didn’t have to be asked twice. His pants came down, though he had to ease them over his straining cock. “Look at my dick, Caitlyn.” He’d never been demanding before, but she liked it. She liked it a lot. “Look at my fucking cock.”

She couldn’t help but stare. It was a little shorter than Mr. Cross’s dick, but it was thicker and the tip had a lovely sheen spread over it. She licked her lips. “Does your cock taste differently than Mr. Cross’s cock?”

As if it heard her, his dick bounced a little.

Bobby couldn’t keep his hand off it a second longer. He stroked it slowly, and he bent his head back trying to control the wracking shudders of the rest of his body. She’d never seen him this horny before.

“Why don’t you give it a taste,” Mr. Cross suggested. “And you tell us.”

She opened her mouth and Bobby shoved it in, not nearly as gentle as he’d been with Mr. Cross’s shaft. He pulled it out and shoved it back in again.

She put a hand over his and pulled her head back a bit to let him know she’d prefer to set the pace. He nodded and removed his hand, though it clearly cost him.

She ran her tongue over the head, over and over. God he tasted good. She couldn’t have described the difference between the two men’s taste, but they were both like ambrosia to her.

Without thinking, she grasped the other cock still in front of her with her other hand and plunged it into her mouth. When she pulled it out, she pulled Bobby’s cock back in and she alternated between the two dicks until both men were moaning with pleasure.

She loved being able to do that to them, make them moan for her mouth. Her tongue.

“I want to see her with both of them in there,” Bobby groaned. “She’s such a good little cock sucker.”

The men turned towards each other just a little bit more, and she eased their cock together until they were touching. Bobby stroked the back of her head and she wrapped her mouth around as much meat as she could.

“Oh, God, Mr. Cross,” Bobby heaved out on a sigh. “Thank you so much. This feels so fucking fantastic.”

She worked them both for a few minutes, savoring their flesh. Both men were breathing hard and she knew they were going to cum. She had no idea what she was going to do when they did, but she wanted every last drop of it.

“Bobby, your girlfriend is going to swallow a large load of cum.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You aren’t going to feel differently about your little slut after this are you?”

She looked up at him, her mouth full of cocks, and wondered if he would stop loving her after today.

“Look at those pretty eyes, Bobby,” Mr. Cross said. “Once so innocent. Now she’s tarnished, isn’t she?”

“I love her even more, sir,” Bobby said, and let his stream of hot cum go down her throat.

That was all it took for Mr. Cross. She couldn’t keep up with all the cum, but she tried really hard. By the time they were done, her face and chest were covered in a gooey, hot mess.

Mr. Cross sat back on the corner of the desk. “Clean my cock off, Ms. Morris.”

Bobby helped her off her knees and she leaned over Mr. Cross’s crotch. His cock was smaller now, and a little softer, so she took the opportunity to get it further in her mouth than she could before as she licked and sucked his cum, and probably some of Bobby’s, off his dick. She heard Bobby slapping his meat behind her and she smiled knowing both cocks were getting ready for her again.

“That’s good for now, sweetheart. Bobby, take off your girlfriend’s skirt for me and turn her around. I want to see that sweet ass.”

Bobby didn’t take special care, he practically ripped the denim off her and spun her around. “Show the teacher your ass, Caitlyn.”

She felt the heat of Mr. Cross’s gaze burning her cheeks. She’d worn a thong today, in order to not get panty lines, so he had a great view.

“Smack her.”

“What?” she and Bobby both asked in unison.

“She just sucked off another man, Bobby. She deserves a little punishment, don’t you think? Smack her ass.”

Bobby looked into her eyes. She’d trusted him completely and this is where he brought her to. She was a depraved mess and now he was going to have to raise his hand to her.

He was clearly conflicted, but they’d come this far.

“Do it,” she said, surprising them both.

“I don’t think I can,” he said.

“I liked his cock, Bobby. In my mouth. He tasted so good. I hope he makes me suck him again.” She licked her lips, traces of them both still there. “Mmmm.”

Bobby’s eyes narrowed and he pushed her over the top of one of the student’s desks and smacked each of her cheeks three times. The sting was instant and felt so good she started humping the air.

“She’s practically dripping on the floor. What a slut,” Mr. Cross said, so Bobby slapped her again. “Enough. Sit her on top of my desk and get those ridiculous panties off her.”

Bobby pulled her up and led her to the desk, plopping her ass on top of the student papers Mr. Cross had been grading. Bobby grabbed the swatch of silk and tore her thong right off of her.

“She’s soaked, Mr. Cross.”

Both cocks were hard and pointed right at her again, and she shivered with delight. She spread her legs and leaned back on her hands for support.

“Bobby, I want you to rub my cock all over her pussy. I want you to coat my cock in her pussy juice.”

“Yes, sir.” Bobby didn’t hesitate this time, but reached for Mr. Cross and rubbed the tip of his dick across the seam of her pussy slowly. He was teasing them both with the slow speed and the light rubbing. “Do you like that, baby? Do you like my teacher’s cock?”

She almost came right then. “I love your teacher’s cock, Bobby. I want it so bad.”

He pushed it in the folds a little more this time. “I know you do, naughty girl.”

She arched her back when the tip of Mr. Cross’s cock grazed her clit. Slowly still, Bobby rubbed it around. Mr. Cross put his hand on Bobby’s shoulder to brace himself. She thought she would die when Bobby dipped his fingers into her sopping pussy and stroked the juice up and down Mr. Cross’s cock, drenching the teacher’s rod with her moisture.

“You’re making such a mess, dirty girl,” Bobby cooed at her. “Sit up and clean yourself off his dick.”

The angle was awkward, but Cait did her best to slurp her own pussy juices off Mr. Cross. It tasted so good that Bobby had to push her off it.

“Fucking whore,” he said roughly as he pulled her ponytail, snapping her head back. His mouth came down on hers and he thrust his tongue in, savagely sharing the taste of pussy, fresh off a cock.

Mr. Cross rounded the desk and sat in his chair. “Bring her to me, Bobby. I still want you to fuck her with my cock, but I’d rather be more comfortable.”

Facing Bobby, she straddled the teacher’s lap, bracing her hands on the armrests, while Bobby reached out for Mr. Cross’s pole. With one hand, he pushed her pussy lips apart. With the other he guided Mr. Cross’s dick to her hole, but didn’t put it in.

Mr. Cross whispered in her ear. “I hope you’re on the pill, sweetheart, because I am going to shoot so much cum in your young cunt, you’ll be dripping it out for weeks.”

She was on the pill, but the idea of getting pregnant with this man’s baby, this man who wasn’t her boyfriend, made her so excited she started keening, “Put it in me, Bobby. Fuck me with your teacher cock. I want him to fill me up with his hot cum.”

Bobby didn’t look away from her eyes as he filled her with another man’s meat. She’d never felt closer to him or trusted him more. He pushed her down until she was fully seated on Mr. Cross’s hot stick.

“Don’t move yet,” Mr. Cross commanded. “I want to savor the feel of your sweet, tight hole. Such a good little slut.”

She wanted to move so badly.

“You’re so hot, baby,” Bobby said, cupping her cheek. “I love you so much right now. I love seeing you stuffed full of another guy’s cock while you’re looking at me.”

She whimpered.

“She’s so goddamned wet and tight, Bobby.”

“I know, sir.”

Mr. Cross began pumping his hips slowly and Caitlyn groaned with the pleasure of it.

“Bobby, show her how much you love her right now. Get your face down there and eat her pussy. Eat her pussy full of dick.”

Bobby leaned over and tongued her clit, nearly sending her off the chair. She started coming then, while Bobby sucked her clit and licked her pussy. She couldn’t stop coming, especially when Mr. Cross grasped her hips and started really fucking her.

There was no way Bobby wasn’t getting some dick on his tongue while he was down there, but he kept at it, slurping and sucking. She’d just come down from her pleasure for a second when another climax would hit. She was flooding the chair and Bobby’s face.

Mr. Cross let out a strangled groan and let loose a torrent of hot cum in her pussy. He held Bobby into her crotch by the back of the head while his hips jutted spasmodically, unloading buckets of cum into Caitlyn and into Bobby’s face.

Bobby went crazy licking her. There was no way he could keep up, but he tried. God he was trying. He was moaning into her cock filled pussy, his hands digging hard into her skin.

As Mr. Cross came down from his high, he pushed Bobby’s head away. “I want to cum slut to clean my cock again.”

She was so tired and her legs so wobbly she could barely stand, so she slid to the floor in front of the chair and went to work on his dick once again. God, she really was a cum slut.

“Get behind her, Bobby. Fuck her from behind while she’s got my dick in her mouth.”

Yes! Two cocks. Mr. Cross got hard again, growing in her mouth, while Bobby’s furious erection slid right in to her sopping wet heat. He was so worked up, it only took three or four powerful strokes until he came, yelling as he did.

She hoped they didn’t bring anyone to the classroom with all the noise, but at this point, she didn’t care who saw her. Bobby rested on her back while she worked Mr. Cross into another erection.

“It’s probably going to take a little longer this time, Ms. Morris. Pace yourself.”

She didn’t care. She loved the feel of him in her mouth.

Without being told, Bobby eased out of her and slid down. His mouth found her messy cunt and he began sucking and cleaning all the cum from her again. By the time Mr. Cross climaxed in her mouth, she’d cum three more times.

As if nothing had happened, they all got dressed, though Mr. Cross put her torn panties into his desk drawer.

“Good luck at the game, Friday, Bobby,” Mr. Cross said as he went back to grading the stack of papers on his desk.

“Thank you, sir. Thank you for everything,” Bobby said, leading Caitlyn up the aisle to the door.

The future looked very bright indeed.

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