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Quarantined with Mom

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The tickets were originally for my mother and her close friend.

They were set to go on a cruise ship and explore different exotic islands during the peak of summer. Unfortunately, mom’s friend had a last minute issue at work, and she had to cancel a few days before the trip was supposed to start. The tickets were non-refundable. My mother tried to find someone else to go with her, but since most of her friends are also lawyers, none of them could go on such short notice.

That’s where I came in.

With no other options left, my mother reluctantly invited me to the cruise trip. And I reluctantly agreed. The whole thing was obviously awkward. How fun could a summer vacation to exotic islands be if it’s just a mother & son together? It definitely wasn’t what she had in mind when she bought the expensive tickets and cleared her busy schedule. In the end, she just laughed about it.

The awkwardness was gone the moment the cruise started. Who wouldn’t enjoy a cruise to exotic locations? Besides, we’ve always been close, and we were about to become even closer…


We played on the beach after having breakfast. It was shaping up to be another fun day on the island, and we both enjoyed the sun. The sky was a bright shade of blue. The sun was blazing hot. The water was shining. I lost track of how long I was swimming.

After my arms became tired, I got back to the beach and enjoyed the sights of the exotic island, and all of the beautiful women on it.

I walked towards my mother on the beach. She was laying on a big towel underneath a large beach umbrella. Her body was still slightly wet because she had also just finished swimming. It was weird seeing her in a bikini, since she always dresses properly at home, and she always wears a nice suit to work.

But on the beach, she wore a tight bikini which perfectly showcased her curvy & voluptuous figure. It was a very sexy outfit. She bought it when she thought she was going on vacation with her close friend instead of with me. When the trip first started, she modestly covered herself with either a tshirt or dress, but the weather was just so hot and she loves to go swimming, so she eventually revealed her bikini body without shame. After a while it wasn’t such a big deal anymore. The cruise ship tickets were expensive, so we made the best of the awkward situation.

“Can we live here?” I jokingly asked as I laid down next to her on the same blanket, under the shade of the large umbrella.

“I wish.”

Her eyes were closed as she rested. She looked incredibly relaxed. It was a nice change of pace for her since she usually works long hours as a trial lawyer. I admired her tanned body for a moment before looking away. Her curves were nice.

“Do you think the next island is going to be as beautiful as this?”

“Apparently so,” she replied, opening her eyes to look at me. “From what I hear, it only gets better. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

“Neither can I.”

Both of us laid back and enjoyed the hot weather on the beach.


The next day was even hotter. It was so hot, that it was uncomfortable. We were walking towards the cruise ship with our luggage, alongside some of the other passengers. We were both wearing a tshirt and shorts, along with flip flops on our feet. As always, it was nice seeing my mother dressed down to something more relaxed. I’ve always thought of her as a very beautiful woman, and it was nice to see her show it.

On the way to the ship, we saw a local man selling fresh fruit juice from a stand. The other tourists were lining up to buy his drinks before boarding the ship. It was the last attempt of experiencing the exotic island, before leaving to the next island. People commented on how good the juice tasted and even bought some to go. It looked perfect for a hot day.

“Thirsty?” mom asked.

“Oh yeah. Definitely. I’ll probably melt if I don’t get one of those drinks.”

By the time my mother & I got to the stand, the other tourists had already left. So it was just the two of us left to order. My mother has always been indecisive when it came to ordering food or drinks, so she just stood there for a long moment staring at the menu.

“What will it be miss?” the islander said in a very friendly manner.

“I’m not quite sure yet,” she replied. “What do you recommend?”

When I stood next to my mother, the man smiled.

“What lovely couple,” he said with a big smile. “It’s good to see people in love, not caring about age.”

The local thought that my mother & I were dating, which was pretty funny to me. It wasn’t so amusing to my mom though.

My mother looked so embarrassed. “Oh no, we’re not…”

“Don’t be ashamed miss. Love is most beautiful thing on planet. No need to be shy. I see plenty around here.”

I jokingly wrapped my arm around my mother. “Thank you for being so open minded.”

The man only smiled wider. “I have the right drink for lovely couple like yourselves. You’ll see.”

He went to work, grabbing an assortment of oddly shaped fruits and expertly slicing them, before tossing them in the blender. They fruits he was using were all very exotic, and I had never seen any of them before. When he was done, he poured the fresh fruit juice inside of a large cardboard container and handed it to us.

“Thank you,” my mother said politely. “What kinds of fruits did you use?”

“My very special recipe. It’s good for loving couples. You’ll see later. It’s very good.”

The man spoke suggestively, which was kind of creepy. He seemed to be really fascinated & intrigued by the idea of my mother & I being a couple.

“How much will this be?” my mother said, reaching inside of her purse.

“For you, free of charge.”

“Please, I insist, how much? I can’t accept this for free.”

He shook his head. “You two are very nice people. Put your money away. This is free. Next time you can pay.”

My mother smiled, “You’re a very sweet man. Thank you.”

“Enjoy the drink, both of you. The fruit is special. Drink little by little. It works slowly. It’s very good for fertility.”

My mother & I were both taken aback when he mentioned fertility. I wanted to laugh, while my mother looked mortified. After leaving a big tip for the man, we headed to the cruise ship which was set to depart shortly.


An hour later. The ship left the port and many of the passengers stood outside to have a final look at the island. My mother & I stood next to each other on the deck. The view was beyond stunning as expected, but the moment was kind of awkward.

The majority of the passengers on the cruise ship were couples of different ages. As the ship picked up speed and passed through the bright blue water and the massive rocks, many of the couples held & kissed each other, while my mother and I just stood next to each other. The people to the left & right of us were both kissing, while we just looked at the view.

The carton of fruit juice was still in our room, but my mother had poured us some in separate cups. We drank while we looked at the view. We both agreed that the drink was delicious, whatever it was.

“This view is so amazing,” she said, looking towards the ocean. “I’ll never get tired of it. It really takes your breath away.”

“Exactly. I’m really glad you invited me.”

“You are?” my mother asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, of course,” I replied, as if defending myself. “Why wouldn’t I?”

“Nevermind. It’s just seems as though you’re a little bit uncomfortable at times with this whole arrangement, ever since the trip started. That’s all.”

“Because you’re my mom, and we’re surrounding by people who are constantly kissing?” I playfully replied. “That might have something to do with it.”

“Fair enough,” she nodded. “It’s an unusual situation. I don’t mind if you feel uneasy with it.”

“What about when the man who sold us these drinks thought we were dating?”

“What about it?” she asked.

“You looked really embarrassed.”

“That’s different.”

“Really? Why?”

“It just is,” she replied sternly. “Women are judged differently. He probably thought I was some sort of ‘cougar’ who chases after young men. That might have been why he was smiling so much.”

“You’re overreacting mom. It was a simple misunderstanding. It’s not that big of a deal. Besides, you look great. You should be flattered that he thinks you can still attract handsome young men like me.”

“Are you telling me how I should feel?” she asked playfully, yet sternly.

I shrugged. “At least he gave us a lot of this nice-tasting fruit juice.”

We both drank more of the fresh fruit juice we were holding, and then my mother smiled in agreement.

“I certainly can’t argue with that.”


A few hours passed and we decided to rest in our small room. It was only mid-afternoon and we were already exhausted over all the stuff we did that day. Our room had a large window which gave us a view of the ocean. My mother & I each had large separate beds. I was lounging on my bed watching television, while my mother was on her bed looking at brochures for the next place we were going to visit.

She was also drinking more of the freshly squeezed juice from the island, which she couldn’t get enough of.

“I hope you’re interested in scuba diving,” she said, with her eyes flipping though the pages. “The coral reefs look beautiful. I’d love to see it up close.”

“Damn right I’m interested. I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving.”

“Wonderful. It’ll be a first time experience for both of us.”

“Yeah,” I passively replied with my eyes still on the tv.

“Then it’s settled.”

Through the corner of my eye, I saw my mother staring at me, which was kind of uncomfortable and awkward. I turned to look at her and saw my mother with a faint loving smile on her face.

“Can I help you with something?” I jokingly asked.

“I think it’s wonderful that we finally get to spend so much time together. I’ve been so busy with work, and you’ve been busy with college. So I think this trip is nice. It’s a great bonding experience for us.”

“We see each other everyday mom.”

“This is different. You’re becoming a grown man. Someday when you have kids, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say.”

Before I could reply, the ship’s intercom system was suddenly activated, and we listened to the oncoming message:

Attention all passengers,

This is the Captain speaking. Do not be alarmed, but there has been an incident on board this ship involving the release of insects, which were illegally stored by a passenger. None of the insects are believed to be dangerous at the present moment.

For precautionary reasons, we urge all passengers to remain in their rooms for the next several hours while our crew works diligently to restore safety.

Thank you all for your cooperation. We will inform you once the ship is clear.

Captain Johnson

My mother’s eyes suddenly had a look of panic.

“Oh my gosh,” she said. “I hope no one gets hurt.”

“It’ll be fine. The captain just said that there’s no dangerous. We’ll just hang out in the room until everything clears.”

She nodded. “You’re probably right. So much for our plans this evening.”

“I know. We’re under quarantine now. I guess we’re trapped together.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” she said with a motherly expression on her face.

“No way,” I replied, trying to smooth things over. “I don’t mind being locked in a room with you. Of course not.”

She flashed a playful, yet skeptical look. “Looks like we’ll be here a while before dinner. I desperately need a long nap. It’s been a long day.”

“I know. Me too.”

My mother put the brochure away, along with her empty cup, and laid on her bed, closing her eyes. I turned the tv off and did the same. There wasn’t anything better to do since we had been quarantined by the captain.


An hour later. I woke awoke because of a powerful feeling between my legs. It felt like there was a lot of pressure in my groin. It wasn’t painful. It was actually starting to feel good. I laid in bed as the feeling grew. My heart rate was beginning to rise for whatever reason. Something was happening to me, and I didn’t know what, or why.

Seconds later, I had a full erection inside of my shorts. It instantly became swollen hard and aching badly. A powerful feeling of lust came over my entire body.

My mother wasn’t laying in the other bed. I didn’t see her around. I got out of bed and saw that the bathroom door was closed, which obviously meant that she was inside.

I laid back down on my bed. My erection throbbed harder. It was swollen badly and it was begging to be touched. The feeling was undeniable. With my mother still in the bathroom, I decided to handle it as fast as I could. It wasn’t like I had much of a choice either.

With my raging hard cock free, I stroked myself rapidly. It was almost unnatural how hard I was. My cock had never been so engorged in my entire life. And it felt amazing, even though it ached. When I heard the water running in the bathroom, I went even faster. My mother would be coming out soon. After several quick strokes, it wasn’t long before I came. My heart was pounding fast and I almost began to sweat. There was cum everywhere, and I quickly wiped it away with nearby tissue paper, and then I tossed it in the trash.

I heard the bathroom door open and I tried my best to look relaxed. My heart was still pounding, and for some reason I was still aroused, but I tried to act natural.

My mother came out of the bathroom looking tired. I noticed there was moisture on her forehead, which was probably sweat, and her breathing looked exhausted. She didn’t say anything. She simply walked to her bed and collapsed on it.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m fine sweety. I think it may have been something I ate.”

“Oh. Well I hope you feel better.”

She put her hand on her forehead, closing her eyes.

“Thank you.”

Inexplicably my erection came back to life. My sexual endurance had always been good, but it’s never been that good. With my mother’s eyes still closed, I got up and walked to the bathroom without covering the bulge in my shorts.

I completely lost track of time while I masturbated in the bathroom. At least 15 minutes must have passed. My cock was throbbing the entire time, just as much as before. I shot a massive load inside the toilet and flushed. Then I washed my hands.

Before I opened the bathroom door, I heard a noise which immediately caused me to freeze. I thought I heard a moaning noise coming from our room. I wasn’t sure. I stood still, just in case. I pressed my ear against the door to hear it better. Then I heard it again. Another moan came from our room. It was my mother’s moan. She must have been masturbating.

At that very moment, it all made sense. My mother came out of the bathroom earlier with trickles of sweat on her forehead because she was masturbating so intensely like I was. That was the reason why she looked so exhausted when she laid down. Whatever was affecting me, was affecting her too. From the sound of things, she was even more aroused than I was. Her moans became louder, yet I could tell she was trying to muffle the noise.

I became aroused again from listening to her sounds of pleasure. I resisted the urge to masturbate again. Instead I just listened to my mother with my ear against the door. After a loud moan, the noises stopped. She must have finished. She must have orgasmed. I waited for a few moments to be sure. Then I opened the door and left the bathroom.

I saw my mother in bed looking flustered. Her hand was on her forehead, probably covering her sweat, and I could see her chest moving up and down from heavy breathing.

“Are you sure you’re okay mom?” I asked again.

I laid on my bed and my mother turned to look at me.

“I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know. You seem kind of uneasy.”

“It must have been something I ate,” she replied.

“Oh. Me too.”

We both continued to lay on our beds. I tried my best to recover from the two back-to-back powerful orgasms I had, while trying to fight off the returning urges to masturbate again.

“Are you…having the same…umm…digestive issues?” she asked uncomfortably.

“What do you mean?”

She flashed a stern look. “I think you know exactly what I mean.”

“Fine,” I admitted. “I’m extremely horny. I don’t know what’s happening.”

“Gosh, what do you think is causing it?” she sighed. “Do you think it has something to do with the quarantine on this ship? Maybe it has to do with those insects on the loose. Maybe there’s something they’re not telling us?”

“Probably. I have no idea what’s going on.”

“It has to be something on board this ship.”

My eyes quickly looked around the room while I thought to myself. Then I saw the large container of fruit juice we got before leaving the island.

“I think I know what the problem is,” I stated confidently.

“What? Tell me.”

I pointed to the juice. “Remember when the man on the island said that the special fruit was good for fertility? This is probably what he meant by that. The fruit he gave us must be some sort of aphrodisiac or something.”

My mother leaned back and sighed. “Oh my gosh. I drank several cups. My hormones are torturing me. It feels like I’m burning inside.”

“Me too.”

“We’re stuck here together and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“I thought you didn’t mind us being stuck together?” I asked playfully, trying to lighten the mood.

“Now isn’t the time for jokes. I have a serious medical emergency. Both of us do, and we need to get it treated as soon as possible.”

“I think you’re overreacting mom. It’ll go away soon.”

“How do you know?” she asked.

“Because it’s just a fruit. Obviously it’s potent, but if it was so dangerous, then everyone would have been warned about it.”

“I guess you’re right. It hurts inside though. Badly. I wish we had the cure.”

“We already know the cure. How many times have you masturbated so far?” I asked, and immediately regretting it.

My mother instantly gave me a sharp glare. It was the kind of menacing look that only she could give, and still look sexy at the same time.

“That’s really none of your business mister.”

“Sorry, I was just trying to be helpful.”

She sighed and collected her thoughts. “Don’t be sorry. This is an unusual situation. And the answer is three. I touched myself three times in the last hour, and it still hurts a lot.”

I was taken aback that she actually answered the question.

“Oh. I did it twice. And I’m still going through the same thing you are.”

“Gosh, I can’t believe that guy gave us those fruits,” she sighed.

“Maybe he didn’t think that we would drink so much at once. He warned us to drink it slowly. He knew it was strong.”

She sighed once again. “We’ll just have to wait here until the quarantine is over. In the mean time, if we need privacy to take care of our needs, then we’ll use the bathroom to relieve ourselves. Agreed?”

“That makes sense,” I replied.

“Excuse me for a moment.”

My mother’s face looked flush as she got out of bed and quickly headed to the bathroom. It was obvious that her arousal had peaked once again. The bathroom door was thin. After she closed the door, I heard faint noises of my mother stripping off her clothes. Then came the faint noises of my mother moaning as she presumably touched herself.

I was instantly aroused by the noises of her pleasure once again. I had never fantasized about my own mother before, but I’ve always thought she could be really sexy at times. She has a certain look & elegance that I find really attractive. At that point, I found myself imagining what she must have looked like as she masturbated on the toilet. I tried to imagine what her wet pussy looked like, and what the expressions on her face were, and what her bare breasts looked like. I felt guilty about it, but I simply couldn’t resist.

After minutes of listening to my mother’s pleasure, I finally decided to masturbate to her noises. When I reached down to touch myself, the sound of the toilet flushed. Then I heard her washing her hands.

When she came out of the bathroom, I adjusted myself so she wouldn’t see that my cock was bulging through my shorts in a lewd manner. There was a look of relief & frustration on her face. She obviously just had an orgasm, but I could tell she wanted more. She wasn’t completely satisfied yet, and neither was I.

“Feel better?” I asked, not knowing what else to say.

My mother laid down on the bed and looked at the ceiling.

“A little bit,” she replied. “I’m surprised you aren’t suffering from the same horrible reaction that I am.”

“I’m definitely feeling the same things.”

Her eyes suddenly shifted across my body. “Oh, I can see that now.”

I looked down to see what my mother was looking at, and I saw my erection bulging through my shorts. I immediately adjusted my body once again to try and cover it.

“Sorry about that.”

She smiled slightly. “I can already tell that you’re bigger than your father was.”

“I wish I didn’t hear that.”

“It’s true. You should take that as a compliment.”

“Thanks,” I replied sarcastically.

She thought for a moment. “My hormones are still raging beyond belief. Are yours?”

“Pretty much. I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

“I know I’m going to regret this someday, but why don’t we make a deal?”

I looked at her curiously. “What kind of deal?”

“We could help each other,” she said bluntly. “I know it sounds absolutely horrible, but I think if we helped each other, then this situation would be a lot easier for us to deal with. What do you think about that?”

I couldn’t believe what my mother had just said. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought that she offered me a chance to sexually relieve her, and vice versa. It was the last thing I would have ever expected her to say.

“What do you mean?” I asked to clarify things.

“Well, I’m not exactly sure yet. But I’m tired of running back & forth to the bathroom. I’m sure you must feel the same way. I heard the sounds of you masturbating loudly in the bathroom earlier.”

“Oh,” I replied with embarrassment. “The bathroom door is thin. I heard you masturbating also.”

Her eyes widened. “You were listening to me earlier?”

I nodded. “Every moan.”

“Gosh, why didn’t you knock on the door and tell me? I could have stopped, or been more quiet.”

“I didn’t want to bother you. Besides, this whole thing is embarrassing enough.”

“You’re right,” she replied. “So what’s it going to be? Do you think we should, you know, help each other in this situation? Or would you prefer that we take turns using the bathroom instead?”

The answer was instantly clear to me. At that point, I desperately wanted to do things with her. Our hormones were raging, and it would feel amazing just to touch her, even though she’s my own mother. But at the same time, I didn’t want to sound too excited or she might think I was some sort of pervert, so I replied cautiously.

“I would be okay with it. I mean, if you’re interested of course.”

She reluctantly nodded. “Remember, this is a special arrangement. It’s only for necessity. After these feelings go away, we’ll never mention this again. Is that clear? I don’t want you telling any of your friends either. My reputation would be ruined if this got out.”

“Of course not. I would never tell anyone about this. Do you think I want anyone knowing what I did with my own mom?”

“I’m glad we’re clear on this. Whatever happens, it will always be our secret. No one will ever know.”

“I agree. So, where should we start?” I asked.

Her face went blank for a moment. “I have no idea. I haven’t thought about it yet. Do you have any suggestions?”

Suddenly I found myself in the awkward position of having to recommend sexual things to my mother. My mind instantly became flooded with dirty ideas, but I had to keep things tame, and restrain myself.

“How about we take off our clothes first,” I said awkwardly.

“What!? You can’t be serious.”

“Hey, why are you getting mad at me for? This was your idea remember?”

She thought for a moment. “Fine. We’ll do it together, at the same time. Afterwards, we’ll get on my bed and provide each other with relief. Hands only. Just touching. Nothing beyond that. Understood?”

“Great…I mean, good idea.”

She squinted her eyes when she suspected that I may have been enjoying myself a little too much. Frankly, I was ready to rip off my clothes and climb on top of her, but she wouldn’t have allowed it. At least not at that point.

“We’ll do it at the same time,” she said. “Are you ready?”

“I think so.”

My mother sat up on the bed, and I did the same thing. I watched her take a deep breath, as if she had already regretted making the offer. I could tell she was really nervous. I was equally nervous.

Without warning, my mother swiftly yanked off her tshirt and tossed it away. I was so mesmerized that I simply watched without removing my own clothes. She sat in her white bra, and she looked at me like I had broken the rules.

“Well?” she said with an eyebrow raised.

“Oh, right.”

I took off my tshirt and tossed it to the side also. Being shirtless in front of my mother wasn’t a big deal to me. She had seen me without a shirt plenty of times, especially since we spent so much time on the beach recently.

She reached behind her back and was ready to unclasp her bra.

“Do you swear to never tell anyone about this?” she asked for a final time.

“I swear, I’m not telling anyone.”


After a deep breath, she unclasped her bra and tossed it aside. Her tits were fantastic. I’ve always had a thing for older women, and her breasts were exactly what I liked. They sagged a little, but they were firm. Her areolas and nipples were large, and dark brown. Her nipples were especially swollen, and they gave me an idea of just how aroused she actually was.

“What do you think?” she asked, as if to model her breasts for me.

“I think you look really sexy,” I replied truthfully.

“Thank you. Next, our bottoms, and fast. I really need some relief.”

When my mother began to remove her shorts, I did the same thing. She looked nervous, and so was I. After our shorts came off, I watched my mother remove her panties to reveal her completely naked body to me. She was flawless as far as I was concerned. I loved every inch of her mature figure. In all our years of living together, I never would have imagined that I would be so attracted to her in a sexual way. I had always viewed her as just being my mom. But the moment I saw her completely naked, she had instantly become my ideal woman.

After she got naked, I removed my underwear. My raging hard cock flopped in the air the moment it was freed. I didn’t feel shy about it. At that point, I was so aroused that I just didn’t care about feeling ashamed. The only thing on my mind was getting sexual relief, just like my mother.

“Impressive,” she said, looking at my cock. “Or maybe those exotic fruits are making you bigger than you normally are.”

“This is how it normally looks,” I replied jokingly. “Can I come over to your bed now?”

“Please do.”

My mother looked shy when I stood up and moved towards her bed. Her body language showed how nervous she was. I completely understood. She had always prided herself on being the ‘perfect mother,’ and there she was, naked in front of me, waiting to be touched.

Seeing her up close, naked, only made me more aroused. She had a great body. I loved every line and curve on her figure. She was the perfect mature woman in my opinion.

“How should we start?” I asked, standing over her.

She spread her legs. “Touch me down here. You’re old enough. I’m sure you’ve had plenty of experience giving women pleasure.”

“I’ll try my best.”

I got to see my mother’s most intimate area when she opened her legs. It was bright pink inside, surrounded by her brown labia. Her pussy was dripping wet. Her clitoris was absolutely swollen. I could understand her frustrations. She was far more aroused than I was. It looked like she was in sexual agony.

When I bent down and got on my knees, I got to see her pussy up close. It was the most arousing thing I had ever seen in my life. She was soaked. Those exotic fruits that we drank had an incredible affect on her body, and sexual senses.

Her entire body shivered the moment I touched her pussy. She seemed like she was in pain, yet felt an extraordinary amount of pleasure at the very same time. My fingers rubbed the outside of her wet pussy. It was soft and warm. The tips of my fingers instantly became drenched with her vaginal fluids. The more I touched her, the more she squirmed and shivered.

I watched her face as my fingers went to work. Her eyes were wide open, like she couldn’t believe any of this was actually happening. Her mouth was wide open too. Moans escaped her lips. I felt her breathing on me. We looked each other in the eyes. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She couldn’t believe that her own son was pleasuring her in a sexual way. I couldn’t believe it either.

“Just like that,” she moaned, looking me in the eyes. “Put your fingers inside me. I can’t stand it anymore. I need to finish.”

With a swift push, I shoved two fingers inside of her pussy and she nearly screamed. I pushed them as deep as they could go, feeling her warmth & wetness. She became wetter by the moment. The inside of her pussy felt soft and smooth. When I used my thumb to rub her clitoris, she leaned back onto the bed and cried. I was in awe over the fact that I was seeing my prim & proper mother in such a depraved state, and that I was satisfying her intense sexual needs.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “Please, I’m so close. I’m so close.”

My fingers went on overdrive and I bent down to kiss her clitoris out of pure instinct. It happened without thinking. My mother didn’t object to my lips touching her pussy even though it broke the ‘rules’ of whatever we agreed was the limit. She was too busy enjoying herself. When I licked her clitoris and labia, she cried some more. I continued kissing and licking her pussy for both of our enjoyments. I pushed my tongue inside and she went wild. Her fluids tasted good.

I moved my mouth away when she showed all the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm. Every line on her face became visible with the different expressions she started to make. Her muscles tightened, especially around her thick legs, and her toes curled. Her body began to clench and shake.

That’s when I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clitoris as fast as I possibly could.

The look on her face was something to behold. She came powerfully. Her eyes & mouth were wide open and she squirted so hard that it almost felt like my fingers were inside of a running faucet. I continued fingering her pussy furiously and she continued making a huge mess everywhere with her orgasm. I had never seen a woman squirt so much in life, and that included watching porn.

When it was over, my mother’s body became limp and lifeless, except for her hard breathing and heaving chest. I pulled my soaking wet fingers out of her pussy and just looked at her. She had never looked so beautiful before, at least in my opinion. Her eyes were closed, and her face had a glowing look of bliss. Her breathing began to calm down after a minute.



I sat down on the bed next to her naked body. “I’ve never seen anything like that before. You were unbelievable.”

“Thanks to you, I feel like a new woman.”

Her eyes were still closed and the blissful look on her face remained. She was still in the midst of her sexual high, while my cock was raging hard and my hormones were on full blast.

“Mom? Remember our deal? I helped you out, now it’s your turn.”

“Can it wait?” she replied, with her eyes still closed.

Truthfully, I could have easily just masturbated in the bathroom and it would have felt amazing. But this was an opportunity I just couldn’t miss. The chance to do something sexual with my beautiful naked mother was a unique opportunity. Besides, she owed me a favor after that orgasm she received.

“It can’t wait,” I said. “Can you at least use your hand? Or your mouth?”

My mother responded by simply opening her legs once again.

“Just put it inside me,” she said, while still in sexual bliss. “I’m getting horny again.”

She just offered sex, and my mind began to race even more than it already was. A part of me became incredibly excited. Another part of me became worried that I was taking advantage of her. The exotic fruits were affecting her mind, and I was afraid that she would regret this later and blame me somehow.

“Are you sure mom? You really want me to do this?”

Her eyes opened, and she looked at me. “I’m sure. I want this. I desperately need to have sex right now. I think I’ll be okay after. My hormones are almost under control and I need to orgasm again.”

That was all the confirmation I needed that my mother was thinking straight. I positioned myself over her body, and got in between her soaking wet legs. I pointed my cock at her drenched pussy.

“Here it goes,” I said.

She put her hands on my body. “Please remember, this is only for medical necessity. This is the only time we’ll ever do anything like this. Okay?”

I nodded. Then I pushed my hard cock inside of her pussy, guided by one of my hands. I went in slow at first, and my mother’s body react. A wave of pleasure flowed through her. I felt the same feeling. The potency of those exotic fruits we ate showed no signs of slowing down.

She gasped when I entered her body all the way. Her gasps matched the same rhythm that I slid my cock in & out of her body. Every time I entered her, she would gasp again. Her sagging mature tits waved back & forth across her chest in a hypnotic manner. Seeing them jiggle & shake only made me want to ravish her harder, for both of our pleasures. Beads of sweat began to form around her face and nose.

I held onto her shoulders and she grabbed my arms while we had sex. The lust between us was unbelievable. Things only became more intense the longer things lasted. The look on her face showed disbelief. It was like she couldn’t believe what she was feeling, and that her own son was on top of her, ravishing her delicate mature pussy. But neither of us cared how ‘wrong’ it was at that point. Our lust was out of control, and the sex felt surreal.

The sound of my cock plopping in & out of her dripping wet pussy echoed in the room. She cried. My cock was throbbing so hard that it hurt. My mother’s tits looked swollen. I bent my head down and sucked one of her large brown nipples for the very first time, rolling it around in my mouth, which made her cry some more. When I reached down to briefly rub her clit, she screamed.

Her body began to squirm and violently shake during sex. I had to pin both of her shoulders down with my hands as I continued pounding her. Her body continued to shake and struggle. Her face was turning red in a way that I had never seen before. Her eyes continued to show an expression of disbelief. She began to squeeze my arms with a strength that I never knew she had. Her mouth was wide open and she was taking deep breaths.

“Oh my god!” she cried. “Oh my god! Keep doing it…I’m going to…I’m going to…”

She screamed near the top of her lungs. My mother squirted once again. This time it felt even more powerful than before. It gushed all over me while I continued to pound her wet pussy. The look on her face was priceless. Every line on her face was on full display with the different expressions she was making. She squeezed my arms so tightly that I was sure it left bruises later.

Afterwards, she became limp once again. That’s when I shot my load inside of her pussy, which at that point was a river of orgasmic fluids.

I collapsed on top of her, and rolled to the side, with my finally soft cock plopping out of her worn out body. We were both completely exhausted. Our bodies were covered in sweat. We breathed heavily. I stared at the ceiling for several long minutes, enjoying the unbelievable sexual bliss that I shared with my own mother.

“I’m cured,” she finally said.

“Me too. Finally.”

“I need a long cold shower. Care to join me?”

I looked at my mother, wondering what she meant by that. I wondered if she wanted to continue our little sexual adventure, even after she had been ‘cured.’

“Really?” I asked.

She turned to me. “Yes, really. Just an innocent shower. We’ve already seen each other naked, so it doesn’t make a difference if we shower together. We’re both filthy right now.”

“Thanks to you.”

“Sorry about that,” she said, almost laughing. “I certainly wasn’t expecting that much to flow out of me.”

“Don’t be sorry. I loved it. I love women who squirt.”

She playfully slapped my chest. “I’m not a squirter. Well, not usually. Only in the right circumstance.”

“So what happens next? I mean, do we just forget this ever happened?”

She smiled, “We still have plenty of fruit juice left, and I don’t like wasting food. We should have another drink when we reach the next island. How does that sound?”

“Sounds like the perfect summer. Do we get to relieve each other again?”

My mother responded by climbing on top of me and giving me a big wet kiss on the lips. It was a dirty and passionate kiss. She moved down and kissed my sweaty chest and then my stomach. She moved down even lower and took my soft wet cock in her mouth, tasting both of our orgasms. I thought I had been completely wiped out sexually, but I was wrong. My mother’s mouth was slowly bringing my cock back to life.


The End

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Eddie the perv wrote

Wonderful story, do try some more mom son scenarios unexpected ,really worked well thank you for sharing

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