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Primal Nights

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She flipped her phone open, dialed his number, and then promptly ended the call. “Dammit! No, no, no, no, you’re going to do this. You want to do this. Besides, you know him, you can trust him….just do it.” Two seconds later she’s dialed the number again and smacked the phone shut swiftly. The room felt as if it was going to engulf her with the magnitude of heat that flushed her cheeks.

Sucking in a small breath she ran one hand through her auburn tresses and tried not to have a nervous breakdown. “But it’s only our second date. I swear I must be some sort of perv. But the way he looked at me last night, I just know he’s more than one hundred percent dominant. He’d do it, and he’d enjoy it. Alright you’re going to do this and know that it’s the right thing to do.”

This time when she dialed his number she let it ring. In short order he picked up his cell.

“So, you finally got up the nerve to let the call go through?” A masculine chuckle preceded his words.

“Well I, I’m sorry. I just had an issue or two. But I’m fine now. In fact, I’m feeling very good at the moment. You uh, wouldn’t mind a second date hmmm? And I’d like you to surprise me this time. Dinner was nice, but I’m in the mood for something that’s not so nice if you get my drift.” She shifted from foot to foot, picking at her cuticles until she pulled at the skin and sucked in a sharp breath with the shock of pain that bit into her senses.

“Fine by me. Meet me tonight at the back of the old church two blocks from your house. I’ll pick you up at nine o’clock sharp, don’t be late.” His voice held no tone of reasoning. He said what he meant, and meant what he said. It sent a shiver up her spine immediately. There were few men who made her feel like he did. Most men were posers when it came to showing a dominant side. They wanted one thing and one thing only…sex.

That wasn’t how he operated. In fact, he was quite the opposite. She’d been shocked when he hadn’t made a move on her during their first date. To say he was quite the gentleman was obvious. Somehow it bothered her that he hadn’t tried anything regardless of the reasoning behind his actions or lack thereof. He was the real deal and she knew it. That alone sent another shiver up her spine. “Yes, I’ll be ready…anything else?”

“Stop picking at your fingers and don’t be late.” Another chuckle filled her ears before her cell went dead. She snapped her phone shut again and flopped down on the couch, cradling her head in her hands. His keen observation skills were about to drive her up the wall, but she loved it.

Just a few minutes after the call the anticipation was already setting in. Her stomach lurched and coiled with the thousands of butterflies that filled it. They were soon to be consumed by the burning sensation that a single thought of him managed to bring forth.

Dark locks drifted down over her fingers before she stood up and decided it was a good idea to take a nice long bath. Plush lips curved into a smile that would have made her blush again if he’d seen it.

The afternoon and most of the evening passed with agonizing impatience on her part. Finally nine o’clock rolled around and she had walked the two blocks to the church parking lot to wait for him. The evening air seemed to cool her skin and helped ease the racing of her heart.

To say that she’d labored over her attire was an understatement. She had no idea where he was taking her. So it had been decided to dress nice just in case. Either way she was going to draw a smile from the deviously charming man.

The light sway of her vintage lace dress caressed her legs as she neared her destination. The silver cross-band slides lifted her up four inches and matched the silver in her dress beneath the black lace overlay. The fit was just right and kept the spaghetti straps firmly in place which was fortunate for her since she disliked a sloppy appearance.

Dark auburn locks were coiled into a French knot at that base of her neck, giving the girl a vintage yet ethereal look. She chose the darkened side of the church to await his arrival. Here she stood waiting when most were preparing to go to bed and ready themselves for the next work day. What if he didn’t show up? What if she was out of her ever loving mind?

The edges of her teeth sunk into her lower lip. Maybe she should turn around and go back home. She nearly jumped out of her skin when a set of headlights skimmed the wall behind her and made her a literal sitting duck. Blinking she strained to see if it was him or not. When the car pulled past her she knew it was him. The light hiss of rolling tires beckoned her forth as she reached for the door handle. However, he wasn’t stopping.

Her steps increased with the understanding that he was a bit of a jokester. It would be just like him to pull out of the parking lot and double back to pick her up. The shock factor had always amused the man. She was just about to start running when the car stopped and he stepped from it.

The look in his blue-grey eyes was dead serious. It was clear that he meant business. This alone made her freeze in her tracks. His next actions proved what she had already come to expect. He stood there at the back of the car, opening the back door. Oh so she was to be chauffeured. Beautiful.

Finally he spoke and broke that reverie, “Close your eyes and turn around, then slide your wrists behind your back.” There was that tone again, the one that made every submissive fiber or her being ache with a primal hunger.

Without question she closed her eyes and turned around. Was she really doing this? When the question struck her, she felt the cold steel of the cuffs encircle her wrists and lock them in place. There wasn’t enough time to gasp or protest before a black leather hood was slid over her head.

A desperate breath was sucked in only to be met by the fabric of the hood caving in to her open mouth. Deftly he turned her and pushed her head down so she could be placed in the back of the car, prone along the back seat with her legs tucked up so he could close the door behind her.

No protests were uttered. She’d asked for this and reveled in it deep down. There could be no way for her to know exactly what she was in for, because with Derex there was no telling. That’s what had drawn her to him to begin with. She heard his footsteps as he walked around the car. Then the telltale shift of the car when he let himself back in and proceeded to pull out of the church parking lot.

Every sense was piqued to her surroundings. Derex spoke not one word to her. This made her more nervous than anything else. Swallowing hard she allowed herself the only bit of comfort she could and laid her head upon the backseat and tried not to focus on the confining feelings of the hood. The scent of leather filled her nostrils and distracted her with the heady scent.

She thought about trying to count the number of times he’d used his turn signal, but the sound was muted. The air inside the covering was heated and coated her skin with a light sheen of moisture. It forced her to focus on her breathing instead of trying to decipher how many turns he’d made. After the sixth she’d lost count and groaned softly to herself. To say she was scared beyond belief was true. There were too many details she didn’t know about.

Her mind played out scenario after scenario, each one made her tremble with the possibilities. And being in the dark didn’t help. She managed not to squirm and thankfully the cuffs aided her in the endeavor. Could she possibly go through with this…whatever it was? She didn’t have a choice at this point. The answer had been given to her the moment he’d picked her up. After what felt like hours the car slowed to a stop.

Were they still in the city? Cocking her head to the side she listened for his footsteps once he’d exited the car. Indeed they had ensued with a slight grinding crunch, hinting at sandpaper being rubbed against concrete. The hood had created a darkness that seeped into her soul. And over the small course of time she’d worn the cover, she had learned to take shallow breaths to keep from exhausting herself.

A small groan escaped her when her legs tumbled from the open door and he hauled her up from the backseat and allowed her to find her feet upon the ground. She turned her face in his general direction, or what she thought was his general direction. And then she heard it. The strong roll of the ocean pounding waves against rocks with a violent thunder.

She ached for him to touch her, to show her any sign that the man she knew was within her grasp. And then she felt a strong masculine grip slid up her arm as he proceeded to march her forward. The breath she took in was filled with something more this time, she turned her head down the tiniest bit and was blessed with the smell of salt in the air, seeping in from under the hood.

If it hadn’t been for his increasing grip she would have stood there a while longer, taking what enjoyment she could from the moist salty air that waft around her.

They reached an area that seemed to slope and felt somewhat grassy beneath her feet. Then the sand slid into her shoes between her toes and she knew he’d brought her to the beach. She stumbled a bit but his grip only yanked her back up and prodded her forth with his silent authority.

She began to ask him a question when she was suddenly halted. The cuffs felt too tight now when she tried to turn her wrists within the metal bondage. Every breath she took eased her chest out further and seemed to only entice him more with the sensual movement.

She was a sight for sore eyes. He’d longed to put her in this position when he’d first seen her, even before the first date. And she’d gone so far as to ask for it. He smiled, and every deviant notion he had played out in the darkness between them. The moon made her dress shimmer beneath the lace. It would make more than her dress shimmer and soon.

He stepped behind her, seemingly circling her motionless form much like a wolf circling his prey. Her nipples bristled beneath her dress and strained against the fabric. And then he was behind her, pressing the length of his body against her while his hands swept forward and grasped her breasts. Masculine fingers delved into her flesh until he pulled a desperate cry from her.

Turning her head to the side she eased it back and felt the strain of the hood’s hem against her throat. With the slow winding motion of his hips he pressed the bulging outline of his cock into her cuffed hands. He pushed his hips in tighter until she almost had a grip on him. “Feel what you do to me. The overwhelming urges to see you submit to me. I can feel what I do to you, granted you shall feel much more this evening.”

His nails raked across her nipples until she thought she was going to cry out in pleasure sought and found. At this point she was grateful that the hood at least muffled any sound she made. His hands slid back to her shoulders to violently shove her to her knees with one swift push. She buckled immediately and sank into the sand with little other than a sharp yelp to mark the shock she experienced.

And yet she yearned to feel it all over again. The sand was warm against her skin receding into coolness when she settled in further. The pale moonlight painted a delicious picture of the woman kneeling with such a strong figure looming over her. His scent grew stronger among the ocean air and she knew he’d walked around to face her.

Then she heard the metallic clicking of a zipper being slid down. In her mind, the sound rivaled the waves that beat against the rocks along the shore. The squirming commenced at that exact moment with the thought that he would take the hood from her face. It was hot and fetid beneath the leather and she wanted nothing more than to have him fill her sight and take in a refreshing breath of oceanic air.

That was not to be. His hands gripped her shoulders and slid the spaghetti straps down until they hung limply against her skin. The strain of her chest held her dress up until strong fingers nearly ripped it open upon freeing her breasts. A shudder ran up her spine that made her body arch back and jut her chest forth when the lace scraped across her already tight nipples. Now creamy skin was bathed in the silvery light of the moon, caressed by the cool breeze that swayed the strands of grass growing through the sand, and made smoldering eyes burn more so with the sight of her exposed to him.

His hard cock protruded from his pants already glistening with the first drop of precum. He curled his hand around his shaft and pulled his cock to the side and let the thick and heavy shaft slap into her exposed breast. The droplet of precum splattered upon her chest, merely glistening beads of passion captured by the light of the moon. “Derex….I….”

“Shut the fuck up. I’ll let you know when you can speak and you won’t speak a word until that moment.” He slapped her other breast with his cock. Her flesh rippled with contact and forced a grin from him that was flashed down at her, knowing full well she wanted freedom from the mask.

Pulling his shaft back he slapped it against her leather covered cheek. She was more than startled but felt a touch of something else. Longing. She wanted nothing more than to feel the smack of his heavy cock against her flesh, not this confining mask. Another soft whimper escaped her, she couldn’t help it. And then within her next breath he whipped the mask from her.

Dark lashes fluttered as she shook her head and opened her eyes to gaze up at him, pale lips parting to take in that first full breath and fill her lungs. Auburn tresses where torn free from their confines. Silken wisps and tendrils swayed around her face seemingly with a life of their own. She was such a haphazard beauty that clung to civility and bowed down to depravity.

Disheveled and wanting, she waited. There was no way she could be calm. Her chest heaved with every breath, lightly jerking her breasts with the movement. This time when she attempted to speak he pressed his cock to her lips and nodded down at her.

Glistening amber orbs peered up to him while placing a moist soft kiss at the tip of his smooth mushroom head. Her tongue barely flicked at his flesh while she squirmed beneath him. The desire for more was there as an undercurrent in her every move. All he had to do was look at her and she felt it all over again. A halted breath marked the pleasure that coated her nether lips and wet her panties. She was close to begging but dared not risk it.

Muscles rippled beneath his shirt and suddenly his hands were upon her. Auburn locks were mussed further and pulled from the French knot until they hung around her face in a makeshift mass of silken tendrils. The look in her eyes held an innocent nature yet the hunger was apparent in her very depths.

He grabbed her chin with a vise-like grip, dragging her upper body forward until it was crushed against his hips. He spread his legs just enough to give himself a stronger stance. The movement brought the thick flesh of his cock downward so that it filled her eyes and was the only thing she could see. He gave her head a quick shake and growled down at her. “You and I are going to become very close in a short amount of time.”

His darkened form loomed over her, making the sight of him somewhat obscure, but she felt him in so many different ways. Nodding, she closed her eyes, parted her lips and slid her tongue out to taste the flesh that had already filled her nostrils with the musky scent of masculinity. It was such a delight she groaned and let her tongue roam further, taunting his flesh much like he taunted her.

His shaft seemed to tense and his cock jerked beneath her ministrations. But he would have complete control. Jerking her head back he brought the head of his cock to her lips and barked at her, “Close your mouth, keep it shut and don’t dare open it. Am I clear?” The last three words were grit from his teeth with such finality, it sent a spiraling flash of heat straight to her core.

She nodded her head in response and kept her lips sealed. In the same instance he shoved his cock forward, parting her lips with the thrust that would plunge every inch of his manhood in her mouth and straight down her throat with his hand so tight on her chin she almost cried out in pain. Her lips were tense around his cock, creating a barrier that pulled skin taunt and made a grown man shudder. He growled and forced himself in deeper. The sensations of her lips strained upon his flesh made him buck his hips forward harder.

Her knees dug into the sand in an effort to slap her legs together tightly. Oh fuck she couldn’t take much more. She was already a reckless reflection of need and craving. The tingling sensations had long since made her clit flare and throb. Now it was past the point of need. She was wet, so very wet and desired him in ways that made a sensible woman wanton and pliable with dominant direction.

He plunged his cock in even deeper, inching back only to plunge again, curling his fingers into her auburn hair until it was weaved through the thick digits and held firmly in his fist. He gave her head another jerk forward and heard the familiar gagging sounds of one that had their throat entirely full.

With a devilish smile he forced his hips in closer to her face and propelled his cock in that much deeper. His eyes snapped shut and his head eased back while he let her throat become accustom to his girth. She could have sworn through every moan, squeal, and whimper she heard a feral growl of approval.

Her entire body felt like a quivering mass of yearning, and despite the fact she was choking on his cock she wanted more from him. Obsidian lashes lay upon her cheeks while she writhed beneath him nearly begging him for more. She glanced up in time to see his face contort in sheer pleasure.

“Mmmm fuck, is this what you wanted? To feel the control taken from you, knowing that you’re at my mercy and I will do what I want with you?” His eyes held a gleam to them that insinuated he knew what he’d said was completely true. He pulled her head forward again, just enough to let her show him that she agreed by complying.

Undeniably she did so with relish. The warm confines of her mouth wet every inch of his shaft and coated his cock with her spit only to be sucked from his flesh in the next instance. Each and every whimper and groan were a confirmation of her place with him. The tight muscles of her throat constricted around him until she thought she would lose consciousness. And indeed she almost did. Every breath had been taken from her with the last grind, and the darkness was deepening to the point of abandonment.

He noticed her eyes rolling back into her head as he slid his cock from her mouth and slapped her cheek with a wet sloppy sound. “Ahh not yet, breathe….there is more to come and while I have no qualms about fucking you back into consciousness, at the moment I want you alert.”

A hurried breath was sucked in, filling her dilapidated lungs that burned and ached for the life giving breath. She was literally drunk with the respite. Swollen lips painted with saliva so that they glimmered, parted to take in another breath. The sound of his belt being unfastened roused her from her drunken state of breathing.

She hadn’t even noticed that his hand had unraveled from her hair and she was kneeling without being held in place. Bowing her head somewhat she tilted her face to look up at him. A slight flash of silver ensued and marked the final whisper of leather against fabric. He’d pulled his belt from the last loop and let one end of it drop down before her.

His foot eased between her breasts to press into her chest and prod her back into position. Then he was crouched down beside her, looking in her eyes as if he could memorize the look upon her face and remember it forever. Without speaking he curled the belt around her neck and tightened it so he couldn’t slip a finger between her skin and the leather.

A long piece of the belt hung loose, and much to her dismay the actual belt itself had a hole in it so that it could be secured around her neck forcefully. Her eyes asked him many questions and pale lips nearly spoke them. He shook his head at her in a disapproving manner, telling her she was to remain silent.

However he couldn’t still the words in her mind. And they told her what she had already begun to feel. He was more than a force to be reckoned with. She hadn’t told him she wanted this, but somehow he’d gauged it in her and come more than prepared to push her into a world of subservience and domination.

He rose. The jerk of the belt choked her until she got the idea to rise with him. She walked out of her shoes, leaving them behind in an effort to keep up. He didn’t even look back to see if she was able to tolerate the act of being drug across the beach. Heaven help her if she tripped. She’d be eating sand at an alarming rate.

The sand between her toes was only slightly warm now and was soon replaced by the gushy feeling of wet sand followed by water. The tide was rushing in to crash against their legs the deeper he took her into the shore. What she hadn’t noticed was an alcove that was more than hidden from sight.

Along their trek he’d unbuttoned his shirt and let it blow open in the wind that had suddenly rushed upon them. They reached the alcove that was slowly filling with water. The tide was rolling in to tease the shore, coating the sand with wave after wave of torrential water only to have it seep back into the massive ocean. Derex did such to her. He eased her from his grip only to take her harder again with the growing need to seize her.

Certainly the truth was much better than the mere thought of it. The moment they had stepped into the alcove, Derex seemed to grow more insistent. He jerked the belt hard enough to bring her around in front of him and quickly spun her around to face the craggy stone wall that was the interior of the alcove.

It was much darker here, and the water rose faster. Physically powerful hands shoved her into the stone wall. She had no choice other than to hit it, but managed to take the brunt of the shove with her chest. The move made her cry out with pain. The sound echoed in the alcove but didn’t seem to penetrate the man behind her. One hand held her firmly against the rock while the other crept up her thigh, blazing a trail of heat that made her grind down so she could feel more.

Thick digits pressed harder into her flesh until he found the waistband of her black lace panties. Then he firmly planted himself behind her, melting warm firm planes of muscles into her body. The tip of his tongue traced the outer shell of her ear before he whispered, “I’m going to find you hot and wet. You tremble because you want more and you’re going to get it when I feel like giving it. Lucky for you…the time is now.”

He ripped her panties from her figure, throwing them into the rising tide to drift back out to sea. His voice searing and primal hissed in her ear as he plunged two fingers deep into her wet cunt. She clenched around him as firmly as she could, crying out with the strain of it. He loved it to the extent that he twisted his fingers inside her tight canal and spread them while dragging them from her heated pussy.

The weight of his head next to hers pressed her face into the rock and held her there. She could feel his rigid cock slide right between her thighs. He was so hard, so virile, and poised to take what he wanted.

He did just that. With one violent thrust his cock parted her fiery flesh and found entrance. Velveteen walls stretched and tensed before clamping down on his shaft, forcing a deep growl from him as her body yielded to his. He gave her no warning other than the bite of his teeth upon her earlobe.

He slid his cock back and rammed it in harder, deeper, and with enough force to send her into the wall again. Squeezing her eyes shut she screamed, shaking auburn locks back at him more out of retaliation than anything. Her body was his to use, his to conduct and take. She had no choice in the matter, not with her hands still cuffed and her body beneath his.

Twisting her hips she tried to rise up to her tip toes. His hands grabbed her hips as he shoved her back down on his cock and rammed his hips forward at the same moment. Another scream pierced the air with the lurid act. Whimpers and moans mixed with the pain that turned to pleasure. The added effect of his grunts and groans pouring into her ear was simply rapturous.

When she cried out again it was with pleasure that had encumbered the pain and slipped over the edge of reason. One hand was placed upon her shoulder and another at her waist. Then he began to fuck her with a force she could never have imagined. Each thrust made her cry out begging for more and wincing with the increased pain of being split from end to end.

She wasn’t the type to beg or speak, but rather swallowed the pain and focused on the tendril of pleasure he’s already built. It was easier to arch back now, to feel release from the rock that had already bitten her skin and left indentions that had slowly become cuts once he began to fuck her harder.

His hard cock viciously pinned her to the wall again, but only long enough for him to grab the end of his belt and pull her head back so that her body was brutally bowed. The full globes of her breasts heaved with the last intake of breath as he pulled her backwards. Rosy nipples tightening so hard they rivaled the rock that had just mauled her skin.

His hips smacked against her bare ass, shoving his cock in even deeper as he set himself into a rhythm that pistoned her already abused flesh. He yanked the belt back even harder in his white knuckled grip and rammed into her ruthlessly, enough to break her or so it seemed.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, pricked by the light of the moon, the only witness to the events of the evening. Her tears weren’t tears of pain, not entirely. The pleasure he’d induced had taken her over the edge with an orgasm that shook her body and soul. His belt bit into her neck and constricted her breath but it couldn’t keep her from crying out. Her pitch rose to rival that of the wind that whipped above them and encouraged the night to cry right along with her.

That only fueled his fire. Gritting his teeth he increased his thrusting, slowing down long enough to grind into her once he’d shoved his cock entirely inside her tight cunt. He could feel her throbbing all around him, clenching and pulling at his flesh when he stilled his movements. And she’d cum all over his shaft, so much that her thighs were soaked with the effects.

An ominous smile curved his lips as he leaned over her shoulder and teased her flesh with his teeth, sinking them in deep to taste another part of her. She howled with the new found pain, pulling in a whimpering breath that made him purr. No sooner had she gasped for another breath than he fucked her that much harder.

He let go of the belt and leaned over her to cup her breasts in the palms of his hands. His grip grew tighter as he shoved her body upward with one hellacious thrust that let her know he was close, so very fucking close to release. She pulled in a shuddering breath and held it just in time to accept another thrust that made him growl and grind his hips so hard she thought she was dying inside.

His cock throbbed harder when he pumped it deep into her womb and roared with the impending orgasm that took him. He filled her with rope after rope of his hot seed, digging his fingers into her flesh to hold her with a death grip. She couldn’t help but cry out, her body convulsed and within seconds she’d orgasmed again. Shaking and quivering so hard that she curled her fingernails into her palms and paid no heed to the pain she created when closing her hands into fists.

Cry after cry serenaded the night’s wind. No woman had ever felt more free, more liberated, and more used while being bound and forced beneath the will of another. Their bodies were coated with a light sheen of sweat, her dress tattered beyond repair and his clothing worse for wear.

He lay upon her from behind, kissing the hollow of her throat while catching his breath. To say she’d melted and become one with the stone wall wasn’t remiss. It wasn’t until he’d pushed back from her body and turned her around to face him that she realized she was still bound and in more ways than one.

He brushed his lips across hers briefly before taking her in his arms and carrying her from the alcove, back into a world of civility. They left just as easily as they had arrived, the moon witnessing their arrival and departure. She couldn’t help but look back from whence they’d come. Her heart would forever crave to remain upon the beach and in that alcove.

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