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He had seen her sad before but, in the year they had been together he had never seen this. His heart broke as tears rolled silently down her cheeks. She looked so delicate. Her hair hung in ringlets around her face, going from red to black as they made their way down her back and over her supple chest. Her big, dark brown eyes were full of tears and bloodshot though she refused to let them spill over.

Blood flushed her face from frustration and her shoulders shook. He stepped towards her, cautiously, as he removed his shoes and shirt.

“And we don’t have any clean towels.” She concluded her rant wiping the palms of her hands over her face in a frustrated motion. He laughed kissing her hello. That was something he could handle.

“I’ll get that started, baby.”

“Sit down.” she snapped, rising. Ignoring the warning in the raise of an eyebrow, she continued. “I’m serious. You worked a twelve hour day. It’s midnight. I can start the laundry. Sit down.”

She waited, rather impatiently for him to change while she gathered the rest of the laundry. She had had to wait for him to come home in order to do the bleach load because his work shirt needed to be added. She hadn’t expected him to offer and, had she not been as annoyed as she was, the gesture would have made her smile. Today, it just pissed her off.

Conner shook his head as he watched her leave the room with the laundry. She and her brother had just had their first, serious fight and Kayden was not taking it well. She and her brother, Benjamin, had always been best friends. Conner had never seen a relationship quite like theirs in all his days. He had known from day one (both because he could see it for himself and she made it crystal clear) that Benjamin came first. Their mother had worked three jobs when she was young so, despite their only being a two year difference, she had always been responsible for Benjamin. Kayden had put no other family member, no boyfriend, no girlfriend and no friend before her brother and it was breaking her heart that he was putting his girlfriend before her.

Which also broke his heart.

Conner sighed, lying on the bed. It would take her a minute to finish starting the laundry because she also had to fold what was in the dryer and he decided he’d make the best of the five minutes of peace he was going to get.

Instantly, his mind was consumed with thoughts of Kayden. He could not believe that they were closing in on the one year mark. They had been through so much. He was a natural Dom and she was a natural sub so they had clicked sexually instantly but he hadn’t expected to fall in love with her.

She was so incredibly strong when she needed to be – even in her submission she was strong. She was beautiful and independent but was able to make it clear that she was willing to lean on him. The first time she told him she loved her, she had said “I promise that I will never need you but I will always love you.”

He loved that. He knew what she meant and he felt the same way. They were capable of surviving without one another; they just had no intention of doing so.

Conner didn’t think he’d ever forget that line.

Kayden snapped the shirt in the hair in a huff before folding it and placing it on the dryer. God, it had been a long day. All she wanted to do was go to bed. Crying had always exhausted her, whether she cried for an hour or five minutes.

Sighing, she took the clean laundry back to the bedroom. She didn’t say a word as she began putting clothes away.

This sight always amused Conner. He had never been quite this spoiled before. He understood her logic but it still baffled him. He worked sixty hours a week and she was a full-time student but did not work. It did not make sense to her for him to have to do any of the domestic chores. He didn’t cook, clean, do the laundry or handle the bills. He was capable – he’s a grown ass man after all – it just seemed to bring her comfort. Conner always knew she had had a bad day if he came home and the house smelled like Lysol and she was silent.

Today was no exception.

After putting the laundry away, Kayden sighed deeply and crawled into bed with Conner. “Hi.” She whispered gently, kissing him while lacing her fingers with his.

His lips curved against hers in a smile. There she was. “Hi, baby.”

“How was work?”

“It was work.” He responded, catching her lip between his teeth causing a quick gasp.

Conner had three levels of describing his day.

“It was fine” meant that he had actually had a pretty good day. “It was work” means it was busy and/or stressful but at a tolerable level and “Just another day in paradise” usually meant she was lucky nobody was bleeding or unemployed.

Kayden loved the fact that Conner was a business manager. She had never told him this, but it actually sort of turned her on. She liked control and knowing that he exerted control in all aspects of his life just made him that much more sexy.

Ending the kiss, Kayden nestled her head into the curve of his shoulder and let more silent tears fall. She wasn’t super convinced that Conner could understand. He had four siblings to her one but he saw them once or twice a year and talked to them about as frequently. She had a bond with Benjamin no one seemed to understand but she knew that Conner sympathized if nothing else.

He rolled onto his side when he felt the tears fall on his shoulder and wiped them away when she moved with him and rolled onto her back.

“I’m sorry, baby.” Conner whispered as he brushed her hair from her face. He brought his mouth down to hers slowly. She raised her chin so her lips met his and relaxed into the kiss. She allowed her hands to roam over his broad shoulders and strong back while his hand slid up and down the curves of her side. Kayden moaned into the kiss when Conner’s hand trailed over her thighs. She was in her night clothes which included a pair of short shorts from her cheer-leading days and a tank-top.

His hands slid up her body and took her shirt with them exposing her chest, her nipples already hard with anticipation. He rolled her left on in his mouth while he sucked and nibbled on the other. Her hips arched and a gasp escaped her lips.

His instincts told him to be tender but he knew Kayden well enough to know that that was not what she needed. What she needed was pushed.

His fingers pinched down or her nipple roughly causing her to hiss his name. She cried out when his teeth bit down on the other one.

Wordlessly, he rose and crossed the room.

Kayden watched in silence.

She knew exactly where he was going.

“Get naked and lay across the bed horizontally.” Conner did not look at her when he addressed her. From the drawer, he pulled out various things he was going to need: a belt, three different paddles, rope, clothespins, a blindfold, a small vibrator and lubrication.

Kayden narrowed her eyes at the tiny tube of what she assumed was lube. It was about the size of a travel-sized tube of toothpaste. They had never used lube before so she wasn’t sure why he was bringing it out now.

“Spread your legs, baby girl, and lift your head.” When she did as she was told, he wrapped the blindfold around her head and popped her lightly across the face. “I expect to be addressed, Kayden.”

“Yes, sir.” She responded quietly, flexing her jaw to assess the damage. There of course was none but it is always different when blindfolded.

Kayden cried out as Conner placed a clothespin on her right nipple. “Jesus.” She hissed. He placed the second one on her other nipple and kissed her collarbone while her back arched. He waited patiently for her body to flatten back out, knowing it meant that she had adjusted to the pain.

Conner flicked one of the clothespins and then moved his hands down her taut stomach, drawing slow, lazy circles over her clit.

“Oh, God” Kayden moaned. Her mind warred between focusing on the pain and focusing on the pleasure. The combination was intoxicating.

“Ah! Fuck!” she exclaimed as he slapped her pussy. He had never done that before. Her legs automatically moved to close when his hand lifted.

“Still,” He commanded, slapping her again. “and keep those whore legs open.”

“Yes, sir.” She gasped as he hit her again. He alternated for a while between flicking his fingers quickly over her clit and slapping her.

The sensations overwhelmed her. Conner would bring her seconds from cumming and them slap her, pause for a second, and then do it again. After the tenth hard slap, her legs closed around his hand.

“God,” was all she said.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” He admonished. “What shall we do about your deliberate disobedience?”


“On your stomach. Ass high. Face flat … Higher. And spread your knees further. Good girl.” Once he had her how he wanted her, Conner grabbed a hair tie and expertly put her hair up. He then took Kayden’s hands and tied them behind her back snugly, slapping her ass sharply.

She did not cry out. Instead her whole body quivered with anticipation. She needed this. She needed him to hit her; to make her cry; to make her his.

He positioned himself in front of her, holding a paddle she could not see. It was her favorite one – long, thick and rectangular – but he fully intended to get around to using the round, thin, small one that she disliked as well. It caused much more pain in a concentrated area.

Kayden’s mouth automatically opened when he pulled her head off of the bed by her hair. He made no movements for a minute, frustrating her. She wanted it. “Please, sir …”

“Please what?” he demanded, bringing the paddle down on her left ass cheek hard.

“Ah! Please let me suck your dick. Please, Sir. I need it.” She begged now, turned on by the heady mix of pain and pleasure.

Succumbing to his own need, he slid his cock into her warm, wet mouth, slapping her again in the same spot. He kept the place frustratingly slow, slapping her ass hard with every thrust. Her cries caused her mouth to tighten around him and her moans caused a vibrating sensation making it very difficult to avoid cumming. He had more planned for her though, so he pulled out, smiling at the pout that formed on her pretty face.

Raising her up so that she was sitting on her knees, Conner removed the clothespins, and stood on the floor in front of where she knelt on the bed, inches from her but not touching her. He smiled when she thanked him but said nothing. The clothespins had simply been a warm up.

“What are your safe words, Kayden?”

Her body shook. He only asked those words when he knew she was going to need them.

“Easy and Amara,” she whispered. Easy meant she needed a second, Amara was the name of his daughter and caught his attention immediately – effectively ending the session.

Upon her answer, he slipped a finger into her,

curling it up sharply. When she arched her body he took the thin, small, round paddle and smacked her left nipple hard.

“Ah, fuck.”

“Watch your mouth, Kayden.” Conner admonished, bringing the paddle down on the other nipple.

A second finger entered her, making her cry out. In and out, in and out, in and out he pumped his fingers relentlessly. She lost count of how many times the paddle came down on her breasts.

Kayden’s mind seemed to race and clear at the same time. There was so much pleasure and so much pain. One of the things she had admired about Cameron from day one was that he had very talented hands. She wished she could touch him, hold onto him, but her hands were bound and she was blindfolded.

“Please,” she begged, “may I cum?”

Upon her request, he pulled his fingers out.


She cried out in frustration and hung her head. She both hated and loved being denied. “Fuck.”

At this, Conner pulled up the blindfold swiftly and glared into her equally frustrated eyes.

“Damn it, Kayden. What did I say … about watching your mouth?” He demanded, reaching behind her to untie the rope that bound her hands.

“Get up.”

Trembling from both fear and arousal, Kayden did as she was told.

“Hands on the wall, ass out.”

“Yes sir,” she whispered, assuming the position.

She heard the ‘swoosh’ of the belt before she felt it and resisted the urge to tense or move away from the pain. “One, sir.” She recited.

“Thank you.”


“Two, sir, thank you.”


“Three, sir, thank you.”

Twenty times the belt came down on her already sore ass and twenty times she thanked him. Conner was proud of her but knew she hadn’t been pushed to her limit.

“Ass out further, slut, and spread your legs.”

When she did as she was told, Conner slipped two fingers into her tight, dripping pussy. He teased her this time – moving his fingers fast enough to excite and arouse but not quite enough to be what she needed to cum.

“Please, baby, please.” She begged. “Fuck me. Please. I need you.”

“No.” Conner pulled his fingers out and smacked her ass sharply. “Get back on the bed and into the position you were in.”

When she complied, he bound and blindfolded her once more. He picked up the paddle and pressed it against her thigh, smiling when she spread her knees further. He brought his mouth down on her nipples, soothing the sore from the beating. With no warning, he snapped his wrist and the paddle collided with her throbbing clit.

Kayden bit back a scream and thanked him through clenched teeth. He slapped her clit again and this time could not hold back the scream. Again he hit her and again she cried out. She felt him move and tensed for the next slap but it never came. Instead, it was replaced with his fingers.

Conner drew slow, lazy circles around her very sensitive clit before gliding his fingers into her. He was rough now. Rough and fast. His fingers curled mercilessly and hit her g-spot over and over again.

“Please.” She gasped. “Please.”

“Yes.” He curled his fingers in her once more and dropped the paddle kissing her roughly. His tongue found hers and she reached climax and shuddered. When he ended the kiss, her body went limp and her head rested on his chest. Conner allowed her breathing to slow before removing the blindfold.

“You are allowed to see now, but your hands must remain bound. I am going to fuck you and, if you cum before I allow you to, I will put the clothespins back on your very sore, very swollen nipples. Clear?”

” … Yes, sir.” He knew she sucked at orgasm control. She knew she sucked at orgasm control. She also knew that sometimes he didn’t push her to failure. She had a feeling this would not be one of those times.

Conner helped her into position, her face in the mattress and her legs spread wide, knees on the edge of the bed.

He was gentle at first, setting a slow but deep pace. Kayden moaned with each thrust and arched her back to give him more access. Gradually, he picked up the pace until he was slamming into her and her moans became cries.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head off of the bed, smacking her ass.

Again, she cried out and he felt her walls tighten around him as she came. He couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t even ask. He slowed as she rode out her orgasm and whispered the word “Easy.”


“Easy.” With the last one, her body went limp.

Now he was getting somewhere.

Kayden kept her eyes closed and tried to slow her breathing. She seemed to be thinking everything and nothing at the same time. Her mind could not decide if it wanted to focus on the pain or the pleasure. The war was intoxicating.

“Okay.” She whispered. “Okay.”

Waiting for the word, Conner roughly pulled her up by her hair. “What the hell was that?”

“I – I don’t know” she stammered, knowing he was mad that she came without permission. “I just got lost in the pleasure, I guess.”

“Well, we should fix that, shouldn’t we, slut?”

She knew the question was rhetorical and offered a “Thank you, sir” when he placed the clothespins back on her. Her nipples were screaming. She shrieked when he let go of her hair and her face fell back onto the bed, pressing her chest into the mattress.

Oh, God. Was he going to fuck her like that?

She felt him position himself behind her.

He was.

Kayden felt something cold slide down her ass and she gasped a ‘no’.

“Yes.” Was all he said, knowing no was not a safe word.

Conner had never fucked her ass before but, tonight, it felt right. He knew she had a past with anal that was not pleasant so he wanted to be extra careful with her. Anal was his favorite type of sex and he had spent the last year planning and conditioning her and earning her respect and trust.

“Do I need to untie you, Kayden?” He asked gently. He didn’t want to add anything to the situation that might scare her more.

She thought about it for a second, surprised by his consideration.

“No, sir.”

He smiled at the strength in her submission.

“Good girl.”

Conner slipped his cock into her pussy, fucking her slow but rough while he massaged the lube into her ass. Still fucking her, he slipped a finger into her tight ass, wiggling it gently.

She moaned in pleasure but pulled away from him.

“Don’t.” he snapped. He knew her well enough to know that, if she was going to get through this in one piece, she needed her Dom and not her boyfriend. She needed the pain and the sharp words. If he was gentle and sweet, she would panic.

“Push into my hand, not away from it.”

She did as she was told and noted that the pain decreased but she pulled away again when he took his finger out and pressed his cock against her tight ass.

“I said don’t.” he snapped, spanking her ass a few times. “Push into me, baby, and trust me. I am not going to hurt you.”

She’d heard that before but, again, she did as she was told. As she pushed against him, he pushed against her and, before she knew it, the head of his dick was in her ass. She began to relax, knowing the most painful part was over.

Slowly, he slid into her, their moans mixing.

Oh, God, she felt so full. She felt herself beginning to panic, her heart racing and her breath hitching. She felt Conner’s hand slip under her body and slap her pussy before rubbing quick, small circles over her clit.

She moaned, arching into his hand and he began to move inside her. He set a moderate pace, not fast but not slow. He used moderate force as well, not rough but not gentle. The sounds of her moans increased as she drew near orgasm.

With every thrust she felt the clothespins pull on her nipples. She felt his cock taking her in places he had never taken before; taking her to places she had never been taken before. She felt the orgasm swell in her and heard him say yes before she asked.

She cried out his name in her release and he picked up the pace and the force in response. She was still surprised at how very little pain there was. She was also surprised at how much pleasure felt.

“More.” She demanded. “More.”

“More?” he growled. “You want more?” Grabbing her hair, he pulled her body off of the bed and slammed into her. “Do not cum until I tell you to. Don’t even fucking ask.”

His hand came off her clit and slapped her pussy sharply three times causing her to cry out her “Yes, sir.”

He used her hair to slam her body into his and his into hers. He set a relentless pace and knew he would be coming soon.

“Cum.” He yelled letting go of her hair and smacking her ass harder than he had yet that night.

As soon as her nipples hit the bed, she exploded and screamed his name. He continued to pump in and out of her as he came and her one orgasm quickly became two.

“Please” she whispered when he stilled.


“Please what?” he asked, genuinely confused, as he slowly pulled out of her.

“Please.” She sobbed.


Quickly he untied her hands, rolled her onto her side and took the clothespins off of her nipples. The tears she refused to let fall earlier rolled freely down her face now, taking eyeliner and mascara with them.

Her whole body shook and she wouldn’t look at him.

He’d pushed her too far.

“What do you need from me, Kayden?”

“C-c-come … h-h-h-h-here.”

Kayden felt Conner move to her and lay down, pulling her into him. He stroked her hair as sobs wracked her body. She hurt so badly. Her nipples, her ass – inside and out -, her pussy, even the muscles in her legs hurt.

Conner turned her face to his and kissed her deeply, her tears soaking his face and chest.

“You are such a good girl.” He whispered and kissed her again.

“I am so proud of you.” Another kiss.

“And, I love you so much.”

Kayden pulled away so that she could look at him. “I love you too, Conner James. When can we do that again?”

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