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Punishment in the Pool

Category: Incest
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Sorry it’s quick, I just wanted to have a story out there, so please tell me what you think, and again, I know it’s to quick.

Jasmine was watching some dogs wrestle outside one day while she was grounded, even though she was 18, but according to her dad she can still get grounded until she moves out. Truthfully she was jealous of the dogs being able to go outside. She was sitting in her room, playing with her orange hair. She had cup C breast and grey eyes. It was very hot this day so she wore a bikini set and was still sweating.

She got up and stuck her head out her window to see if there was anyone outside, and lucky for Jasmine, there was no one. She jumped out of window, also lucky that her parents did not send her to stay in her room on the 2nd floor. She made sure there was no one out there, and still, there was no one.

She slid in the pool, being quite as possible, even though her parents had left a while ago her twin brother was still there ‘babysitting’ her. The water was nice and cooling, she sighed with pleasure and comfort. She was swimming for a while until it started to get cold, so she got out and laid on the warm concrete to dry.

Jasmine laid there for a while, and when she was almost dry she got shocked when from behind her, the voice of her brother said, “Look at this, who’s a naughty little girl?”.

Jasmine jumped and got up. “Don’t tell dad, please, he will kick me out”, Jasmine pleaded.

“I don’t know, I could get the bigger room,” James answered.

Jasmine, shocked, replied, “You would not do that… please don’t, I’ll do anything”.

“I don’t know, anything?”


“Okay, come in the pool with me”

Jasmine was confused but decided to go with it, she couldn’t be kicked out, so she hoped in the pool, James followed. They swam around for five minutes, and then James said,”Jasmine, come here”.

Once again, Jasmine was confused but did. When she had reached James, James immediately grabbed one of Jasmines hard nipples. She gasped and moved away from him, “what the hell?”.

“You said you would do anything”

“I did not think you meant touching my boobs”

James replied, “not just that”.

Jasmine was still confused and said, “No, I won’t let you.”

“Sweet, I get a bigger room”

“No… ok than, what do you want me to do?”

“Come here and take off your bikini set”

She did as he told her, embarrassed that she was completely nude in front of her brother who was now squeezing her boobs.

“Okay, now I want you to take my shorts off”

Jasmine did as her new master told her, and took of his shorts and found he had no other cloths on, but there was a large cock under her eyes.

“Okay, now go under and suck it”

“Come on James, this is wrong, we shouldn’t even be naked together.”

“Now Jasmine”

She obeyed, taking a breath and going under, wrapping her lips around the rod. Then she felt hands on her head controlling her. She did not mind at first but when she starting needing air, she really did mind. She struggled and the hold and then finally they let go of her head and she came up gasping for air.

“Come on, I have not even cumed yet”

“I almost suffocated”

“Your fine, come on, continue”

She once again obeyed, putting the thick cock in her mouth, back and forth, back and forth and then she was hit with a shot of cum in the back of her throat, and was easily aloud to come up.

“Now come and hope out and lay on the warm concrete”

She could not be bothered to argue now, so she just did it, she laid on the ground and her brother stood above her. He got down above Jasmine and started kissing her, Jasmine tried to stop at first but than liked it and then felt something enter her, she bit her tongue.

James wet body rubbing against hers, his dick hard inside of her and she liked it, oh boy did she like it.

She had an orgasm, but they continued, she was starting to really enjoy this. He cumed in her.

“Wow, you amazing” Jasmine said.

They did again that day and every time their parents weren’t home, eventually moving out from their parents, both with different houses, but they never stopped and never forgot that day in the pool.

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