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Punishment Fitting The Crime

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Thirty year old Sean Tyrell was accounts manger for Turner Electronics. With a workforce of over five hundred, it was easily the biggest employer in the small North Yorkshire town of Briarsfield. His Secretary was nineteen year old Sarah Stanton. She had joined the firm only six months previously straight from college. She was a beautiful young woman, slim, good looking and well mannered. She was also efficient and Sean appreciated that.

His only concern was she was real innocent and a little naïve, the perfect target for the “three Sirens” as he called Julie Maxwell, Mary Bradley and Patsy Smithfield. All three were in their mid twenties and worked in the firm as receptionists. They were also lesbians. This didn’t bother Sean too much but what really bothered him was they were always on the lookout for younger and inexperienced female staff to humiliate and bully and that was why Sean kept a close eye on Sarah. He himself was no saint, he knew that but he couldn’t stand their particular form of bullying, not only were they lesbians but he also knew they were butches as well.

It was one Friday when it all went wrong. Sean was in his office working through paperwork when in the corner of his eye he spotted Julie Maxwell talking to Sarah at her desk.

“Sarah, could come in here please,” said Sean over his intercom.

“Ok Mr. Tyrell.”

“What was she talking about?”

“Oh Julie? She invited me out for drinks after work.”

“You didn’t accept?”

“Of course I accepted Mr. Tyrell. Why shouldn’t I?” responded Sarah with a smile.

“Sarah, you’ve a lot to learn around here. Those three are not all they seem.”

“Oh Mr. Tyrell. I’m a big girl. I can look after myself.”

“Just be careful Sarah. That’s all I’m asking you to do.”

“I’ll be fine Mr. Tyrell,” replied Sarah, slightly annoyed and headed back to her desk.

He didn’t know why but Sean Tyrell had a nasty feeling of foreboding about this.

That night, Sarah and the three young women, Julie, Mary and Patsy all met outside the “Forget your Troubles” nightclub. They got their drinks and took an empty kiosk. They teased her a little over the fact that she drank only orange juice. Sarah was asked out to dance by one of the young men and she gladly accepted. When she returned she found a fresh glass of orange juice.

“Thought you might like a refill,” said Mary Bradley.

“Thanks Mary. I am thirsty.”

It was a short time later when Sarah began to feel a little light headed. She got up to go to the ladies but fell over and was unable to stand. To others around her she was drunk. The others picked her up and dragged her to the loo. By now Sarah Stanton could only hear sniggering and giggling. For some reason she felt cold.

“Look at those tits,” she thought she heard someone say.

“Her pussy is hairy too.” There was chorus of laughter and then she heard nothing.

When she woke up, Sarah realised she was on her own bed in her flat. Her clothes were all messed up. She felt sore in her vagina and bottom and she had a strange unfamiliar taste in her mouth. This was compounded by an enormous headache.

‘Dear God, what happened to me?’ she thought. She struggled to the bathroom, stripped and placed herself under the hot shower. It was almost as if the shock of the shower triggered a chemical reaction because at the moment the steamy water hit her, Sarah vomited heavily. She felt like all her insides had come out all at once. Sarah sat for what seemed like hours.

‘What happened to me?’ she repeated. She tried to recollect what happened. All she could remember was sitting down and sipping her drink.

‘Of course. That was it. I was drugged.’

She dried herself and lying on the bed, she cried herself to sleep.

On Monday morning Sarah was suffering a slight headache as she was sorting through the post. “Morning Sarah. Good weekend? asked Sean.

“Oh hallo Mr. Tyrell. Yes sir, thank you,” responded Sarah in an exhausted manner.

“Are you ok?

“Yes. Yes I am,” sounding a little unsure.

Sean looked over at the three receptionists. They were laughing and giggling.

‘This is not good,’ thought Sean Tyrell as he shook is head and entered his office. A moment later, Sarah screamed and Sean ran to her desk.

“Sarah. What is it? What’s wrong?”

It seemed as if his very appearance frightened her because she the next thing happened was Sarah fled her desk and ran to the ladies.

“Sarah?” Sean caught sight of Melanie Jacobs the fifty year old secretary of Bob Halley, the Managing Director and called out to her ,”Melanie,” and signalled her to follow the distressed girl.

In the meantime Sean rifled through the desk and quickly discovered the reason for her state. A large brown envelope in amongst the post and a number of explicit photos of a naked Sarah in various poses. In one photo a dildo being forced up her pussy and another with one up her arse. In another her breasts were being fondled and yet another they were being sucked, clearly by one of the women but cleverly you couldn’t make out who. Still in others she seemed to licking pussy and having hers licked. ‘My dear girl. What have they done to you?’

Melanie returned with Sarah, sobbing bitterly on the former’s shoulders. Sean closed the office door.

“Sean, what’s this all about?”

He handed Melanie the envelope.

“Oh my God. Those bitches?”

“I’m afraid so.”

Sarah started to panic.

“I swear, Mrs Jacobs. I don’t know what happened. I can’t remember. I swear. I’m straight. I wouldn’t even dream of lesbianism .”

Melanie took the frightened young woman and placed her head on her shoulder.

“It’s alright Sarah. Everything is going to be fine, I promise,” she said soothingly. Sean spoke.

“Sarah, you’ve got to trust us. Tell us what you do remember.”

Sarah recounted how everything seemed alright until she returned from the floor and then nothing until she woke up the following morning.

“Melanie, I want you to take Sarah home. Maybe you can stay with her tonight?”

“Of course I will.”

“Oh, and Melanie? Ask Jack to give me a ring?”

Melanie nodded with a slight smile. Jack Buckley was Melanie’s brother in law. He ran the nightclub in town. He was a noted hard man and a trouble shooter. If anyone could deal with those bitches. It was Jack.

“So that’s the score Jack. Those witches raped and humiliated the poor girl. I want to put an end to those three once and for all and I know you can do it.” Sean Tyrell was talking to Jack Buckley at Tyrell’s favourite restaurant, where they had agreed to meet.

“Yeah. I think I remember the poor kid. I thought she looked a bit green.”

“Green is the word for it Jack, and it cost her dear. I’ve done some bad things in my life, Jack but rape and humiliation are not my style.”

“Nor mine Sean, nor mine.”

Jack Buckley stroked his beard.

“They’re fairly regular at the club. I’ll set a plan in motion. They’ll wish they never heard of the club,” he grinned. “And it won’t cost you anything because I don’t like them either. They’re always causing trouble. This, I’ll do for pleasure,” he grinned again.

On Friday night, Julie, Mary and Patsy met as usual outside the club and went in together suspecting nothing. As usual too they drank heavily and were rowdy.

“What a stupid, stuck up bitch,” yelled Julie, referring to Sarah.

“Her tits weren’t much either,” shouted Mary and they all laughed.

A young man in his mid twenties came up to Julie and asked her to dance.

“Fuck off creep,” she yelled and they all laughed. The young man walked away pretending to be embarrassed. What the women did not notice was his sly nod to other men in the club. These were the women Jack wanted punished. As the night wore on they became more abusive until finally they all decided to leave. As they did so, Jack Buckley, standing over by the band stand nodded discreetly. The women did not realise anything was amiss until they were covered in sacks, tied up and bundled into a van. They also felt stings in their arses and they all passed out.

When she came round, Julie Maxwell was astonished at her surroundings. She had awoken in tent furnished with cushions and divans in the style of the Arabian Nights. She then realised she was wearing Arabian style clothing too. She dressed in a chiffon pants and an ornate bra that hid only a small portion of her breasts. She called out.

“Hallo? Where am I?”

A young woman, similarly dressed and with veil covering her mouth entered.

“Ah, you are awake. Prince Abdullah will be pleased.”

“Prince Abdullah? What are you talking about?”

“You were brought here straight from the slave market in Marrakesh. You were purchased by his Highness.”

Julie laughed. “Look, I was kidnapped along with two friends, where are they?”

“I know nothing of their fate.”

Suddenly, Julie made a break for the tent door only to be stopped by two muscular black men in Arabian outfits with large curved swords, with red fezzes on their heads. Julie was pushed back inside and onto the floor. Two more women grabbed her arms and she felt her pants and underwear being pulled down.

“Stop. What are you doing,” she protested.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

“Ouch, aaargh” screamed Julie at each strike of the bamboo that struck her arse. A confused Julie looked up at the young woman.

“There is no escape from here. You are now the property of his Highness, Prince Abdullah. You will consider that your good fortune or receive further punishment until you submit.”

“Please. There’s been some mistake. I’m from England. I don’t belong here.”

At that moment another young woman entered.

“Yes. What is it?” asked the young woman with clear authority.

“Forgive me, Excellency. His Highness demands to inspect his new property.”

“At once.” The young woman clapped her hands and two more young women appeared and she spoke to them.

“His Highness wishes to inspect his latest purchase. Prepare her for her bath, oil of roses.”

“Yes Excellency,” replied the two women, bowing their heads respectfully and led Julie away. She began to struggle until she caught sight of the bamboo cane in one of their hands and she reluctantly remained silent.

After she was bathed and dressed in pink see through pants and tiny ornate bra, she was led to another part of the tent. A bearded man in his fifties, wearing immaculate Arab dress sat on cushions. Julie forgot herself.

“Look, Mr. whatever your… aarrgh,” she screamed as she was struck on the back with bamboo and forced to her knees.

” Silence. You will not speak in the presence of his Highness,” said a large Arab man in his thirties.

The older man, in silence, raised his hand and Julie was picked up by two men. The bearded man nodded and Julie was shocked when they started to strip her.

“Stop it you perverts, get off of me.” There was another lash of a bamboo and Julie winced and screamed. She realised now that protesting was only going to bring her nothing but pain. She finally gave in.

As she stood naked before this old man, Julie could see that his eyes were surveying every part of her flesh. She wanted to hide her breasts and pussy but knew it would only bring pain. She closed her eyes instead. The old man then spoke.

“Well my son, what do you think?”

Julie opened her eyes and to her surprise, a dashing, handsome young Arab had appeared.

“She is very beautiful, Father.”

“I am pleased you like her, my Son. I give her to you as your wedding present. Beware though, she is very stubborn.”

“So were the other two, Father, but they quickly learned. Now they are learning to serve. There will be good entertainment at the wedding feast tomorrow. I promise.”

‘Other two?’ thought Julie. ‘Was he referring to Mary and Patsy?’

“Take her to my tent.”, and Julie was manhandled by two huge black men. For the first time she was outside. The sheer heat of the sun hitting her naked flesh and the apparent endless sea of fine sand, told its own story. She certainly was not in Yorkshire or England for that matter.

Julie was tossed to the floor of the ornate tent. There were about fifteen young men in Arab dress sitting on the floor.

“His Highness demands that you ‘break her in’ as he put it.”

They all laughed.

Julie was grabbed by one of the men and pinned on her back. He sat on her chest and forced his hard cock deep inside her mouth. It was so big that she thought she’d suffocate if she didn’t suck. At the same time she felt a huge cock been drilled into her bare pussy. She wanted to scream but couldn’t and she also knew if she did anything to annoy them would lead to certain punishment. She had never sucked cock and had not been fucked since her last boyfriend years ago.

The slow rhythm gradually accelerated in both her pussy and mouth, even her besieged body reacted to it. Her huge breasts were being sucked and licked. She even thought she felt a dick rubbing between them. The pounding seemed to go on for an eternity. Finally an explosion of hot cum in her pussy and a yell of satisfaction from her “lover” brought some relief. It was short lived as her mouth was also flooded with cum and she was forced to swallow. Julie could also feel cum being rubbed into her breasts and all the men were cheering.

Then it all started all over again with several other young men. Clearly there was a large number of young men queuing. When this ordeal finally ended, Julie breathed a sigh of relief. Once again the relief was short lived as she was spread over a divan face down. Convinced she was going to get another bamboo beating Julie screamed and pleaded, “Please no. I’ve done all you want, please.”

Her arse cheeks were almost forced apart and a huge dick was driven inside. Once again the rhythm was slow but built up speed with each stroke and as with her pussy fucking it didn’t end with one climax, there were many more. Finally, Julie just passed out from sheer exhaustion.

The following morning Julie was roughly woken by the veiled young woman. A tray of food was placed in front of Julie.

“Eat well. Today is his Highness’s wedding day. You are be part of the wedding entertainment.”

“Entertainment? How?”

“You will find out soon enough.”

The veiled young woman clapped her hands ant to more young women appeared and bowed to her.

“When she is finished, she is to be prepared for the feast. Bathe her using oil of roses.”

Once again they bowed in silent obedience. Julie was once again led to the baths. The women stripped her and bathed her. She was dressed in diaphanous baggy pants, blue this time, and a small bra that was really just a support for her huge breasts. Julie could hear eastern style music already playing and many male voices cheering. The veiled young woman spoke to her when Julie was dressed and explained how she was to perform at the wedding. Julie was shocked and angry. In her anger she yelled out.

“I won’t do it. You hear me? I won’t do it.”

At once she was pushed over on a divan, her pants were pulled down and arse was beaten with bamboos.

Whack, whack, whack!

“Aaargh”, screamed Julie. “Oh please. I’ll do it. Please, no more.”

“Any more disobedience and you will be punished severely ,” the veiled woman shouted.

Later that evening, Julie was led to another tent. The feasting was continuing with great cheer. She was pushed to the floor and beside her was kneeling Patsy, whom she had not seen since they were kidnapped. They hugged each other.

“Oh Julie. I’m so glad to see you. I thought you and Mary were dead or in another harem.”

Patsy recounted how she was forced to have sex with many men and that she was beaten, just like Julie, until she complied.

“Have you seen Mary?”

“No. You’re the first one I’ve seen,” replied Patsy.

“You know what they want us to do, don’t you?”

“Oh please Julie. Don’t antagonise them. I don’t want to be beaten again,” begged Patsy. “Let’s just get it over and done with. Maybe they’ll leave us alone.”

It was clear to Julie that Patsy’s spirit had been broken and she certainly didn’t want to be beaten either. She was still curious though as to why Mary was not with them.

Later on at the feast two more guests arrived and sat at the top table. It was the young prince and his bride and they were cheered enthusiastically by all present. Following the meal the prince clapped his hands. “Entertainment.”

Slow sensual Arabic music began to play and a young woman fully clothed in Arabic dress and veiled began to dance in a very sensual manner. Her long slender legs were exposed by slits in the fabric of the material covering them. At a glance Julie recognised the tattoo on her shin. ‘My God. It’s Mary,’ she thought.

‘But where did she learn to dance like that?’ But there was something else strange. It was her eyes. To Julie, Mary looked brainwashed, drugged, or worse. She doubted if Mary even knew what she was doing.

As the sensual music increased speed, so did Mary’s speed. She began a striptease. It was then that Julie knew that Mary was not herself. She would never strip in front of a bunch of men like that.

“Julie, my God, what’s Mary doing?”

“She’s been drugged or something Pat. She would never do this otherwise.” Both Julie and Patsy were helpless. The young girl had stripped naked and fondled her naked breasts and played with her pussy, much to the guests’ gratification, even the bride seemed to take delight in it. Mary was led away by two Arabic men.

Another man clapped twice and both Julie and Patsy were ushered to the tent of the feast. They stood there in silence. Suddenly they were grabbed by six young men each and violently stripped naked and pushed to the ground on their backs. Hardened cocks seemed to come from everywhere. They were driven deep into their pussies, in between their breasts and into their mouths.

For Julie it was a repeat of the night before. As soon as one came inside her, another cock would enter and the ordeal would start all over again. Finally, after what seemed like hours of pounding in their bodies their ordeal ended and they were led back to their own quarters. Exhausted and sore, they simply went down on the floor of their tent and fell rapidly to sleep.

The following morning they woke almost together. The veiled young woman arrived and a tray of food and wine was placed before them.

“His Highness was most pleased with your performance and grants you a share of the feasting. Eat up. You have a long journey ahead of you.”

“Where are we going?” enquired Julie.

“As the property of his Highness you are not here to ask questions.”

Julie was about to speak again when Mary and Patsy restrained her.

“Please Julie, don’t, ” they pleaded and all three ate and drank ravenously. After a while they became drowsy again and fell into a deep sleep.

When they came round, the girls felt cold. They were naked and in a derelict warehouse. They quickly found their clothes. They were the same outfits they had worn at the club, minus their underwear. It suddenly occurred to Julie where they were.

“I know this place. It’s one of our old warehouses. What are we doing here?”

They opened the door and it was just daylight. All three realised they were not far from their flat. It was just as well because the wolf whistles and cat calls were embarrassing as they made their way home. They had no idea what time it was or even what day it was until Julie switched the TV on and realised it was Sunday morning. They had been to Arabia and back in a whole weekend. They were puzzled.

“We should go to the police,” said Mary.

“And tell them what? We were kidnapped into a harem for the weekend. They’d laugh at us. We’ve got to keep quiet about this or we’ll be laughed out of town.”

They all agreed to remain silent.

On Monday morning all three arrived at work as if nothing happened although they were unusually quiet. A week later a small package arrived for Sean. When he opened it he found a DVD titled ‘Lust in Arabia’ and a card marked “With my compliments, Jack.”

Sean played it on his computer. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There was Julie, Patsy and Mary in sexy Arabic dress and fucking what appeared to be every Arab in Arabia. What really got him going was Mary’s sexy striptease in front of the male guest. He couldn’t contain his laughter. Sarah heard him at her desk and came into his office.

“Are you alright, Mr. Tyrell?”

“I’m very, thank you Sarah.”

“What’s going on?”

“What are you laughing at?”

“I don’t think you should see this.”

“Oh, I’m a big girl.”

When Sarah saw the girls in action she put her hands to her mouth and like Sean just broke out in laughter.

“Where did you get this?”

“From a very good friend Sarah. Don’t reveal anything about this for a day or two.”

“What are you up to?”

“Don’t ask and I won’t tell.”

About a week later the film mysteriously found its way onto the company’s computers. The girls were humiliated. When they tried to explain how they were kidnapped no one believed them. A few weeks later they discovered that all three were pregnant and expecting around the same time. They went on maternity leave together and never returned.

Several weeks later, Sean Tyrell and Jack Buckley sat in the nightclub nursing their drinks.

“I have to hand it to you Jack. You really fooled me. I would have sworn the background to the movie was Middle Eastern. How did you do it?”

“Well my friend Ali was looking for white women for his movie and these girls looked like the obvious choice.”

“But the desert, the Arabs, the old man.”

“Less of the old man please. That was me. The ‘Arabs’ were the men these women had spurned at the night club. They were all too willing to get involved. Look over there, recognise those two bouncers?”

“They were the two guards.”


“But what about the desert and the sun?”

That was the easy part. It was an old studio used for oriental movies and the hot sun was simply powerful studio lamps.”

“What about Mary’s striptease?”

“A combination of drugs and mind control.”

“And it wasn’t Arabia they were taken to?”

“No. I wonder what they’d say if they discovered they simply spent a raunchy week at an old film studio in Brighton?”

They both laughed and clinked their glasses, “Cheers.”

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