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My Personal Trainer

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I met Nick five months ago when he became my personal trainer. I joined the gym in the summer to finally work my body towards my personal goals. I had been skinny all my life and knew that if I wanted to change it I would have to get serious.

Five months of 3-5 workouts a week and heavy carb/protein loading I was pushing towards my goal. I was up 20 pounds of muscle and my progress pics were really showing obvious changes. I of course had taken photos every step of the way, but hadn’t really shared them with anyone until recently.

Nick and I had our weekly Monday appointment scheduled. Today was chest day for me and he pushed me hard through it. I was actually pretty lucky getting Nick as my trainer. He was attractive but not instantly my type. It was easier to get a solid workout in if I wasn’t drooling over my trainer the entire time.

Nick was probably 5’11. He had a lot of muscle but was rounded since bulking season had set in. His arms were massive, chest was broad, and butt (from what I could tell) was quite a bubble. His legs were probably the most underdeveloped part of him but they weren’t thin by any means. Definitely thicker than mine. Nick was pale but had clear, unblemished skin. His hair was dark and kept short. In fact sometimes his beard would get longer than his hair before he trimmed everything up. He was one of the few trainers that didn’t seem to shave everything. His legs and arms had a nice layer of thick dark hair.

I tried not to fantasize about him but couldn’t help the occasional naughty thought, especially when he would demonstrate squat formations or anything that popped his butt. However, I really tried to keep things professional. No harmless flirting or oggles were done by this guy.

Nick figured out I was gay probably 2 months into our routine. It didn’t phase him at all and things continued as normal. He would occasionally ask about my personal life, if I was seeing anyone, and I’d ask the same. We were both helplessly single but he was straight so there were no possibilities there.

I didn’t shower at the gym since I lived so close and Nick always did his workouts in the afternoon before I arrived. What this meant is that I’d never even seen the guy shirtless. The most skin I’d ever seen on the man was his calves, arms, and occasional upper thigh depending on the workout. His body was still a mystery, and that was probably a good thing for me.

That all changed in the 4 month mark. We were talking after my workout and just shooting the shit. He asked if I had taken progress pictures and I explained I had, but wasn’t quite ready to share. Maybe one day, I told him.

He understood, but offered up his own. He flipped through his phone and then handed it to me.

“Don’t flip too much though,” Nick said with a nervous laugh.

He obviously had nudes on his phone. Of him or of someone else I wondered?

The screen was zoomed in to a 3 picture side-by-side, each 6 months apart. I should probably mention that it was his neck down in nothing but some tight underwear. My eyes must have bulged.

His body was amazing. I mean he definitely was a ’round’ muscled guy but that was absolutely my type. His chest had a light dusting of dark hair which picked back up around his belly button and continued south, growing in intensity until it was hidden below his waistband. He kept his body hair trimmed but definitely all there.

I couldn’t help but focus on his package. Fuck keeping things personal, I thought. The pictures weren’t amazingly lit, but I could easily see the large bulge in his briefs. Whether it was cock, balls, or both I couldn’t tell. Whatever it was though, it was hefty.

“… and if you blend that all together, it makes a wicked easy meal with tons of calories.”

Oh shit! I had completely zoned out while looking at his pictures. Quick, say something.

“Well it’s working out really well for you Nick. This is great progress. I’d be happy with any of them, honestly.”

Nick laughed. “Like, for your own body or as in your boyfriend?”

It had seemed innocent enough but a million thoughts were running through my head. “Umm, well I meant for my own body, but if I was lucky enough to snatch someone up with a body like yours, I’d hold on tight.”

Nick just gave a cheesy grin and said thanks. We talked for a few more minutes about our weeks and what I would focus on while at the gym. Unfortunately, that night I jacked off thinking about those photos.

The next night, I texted Nick telling him how raw I was from the workout yesterday and he responded with the picture he showed me. “Pain builds progress” he wrote with it.

That week I did nothing but masturbate to that photo. The slippery slope had started and there was no turning back.

Another month went by without much significance except how I looked at Nick. He was no longer just my personal trainer, he was now an object of my lust. Every workout he showed me I couldn’t help but turn it dirty in my mind. I was losing it.

We had hung out a few times outside of the gym. It had always been with a bunch of the gym staff for a game or just a night out in downtown. I got a text on Saturday morning asking if I wanted to hang out and drink some beers. His roommate was out of town and he wanted to enjoy the apartment to himself while watching the football game. I agreed, trying not to fantasize about unrealistic outcomes.

When I got there he was basically in gym attire. I felt a bit dressed up in my nice jeans and button up shirt but oh well.

We drank while watching the game, Nick drinking much faster than me. Near the end of the 3rd quarter, it was obvious our home team was going to win and interest in the game subsided. We talked about the gym, work, girls, guys, and continued to drink.

I was getting tipsy at this point but Nick was sufficiently drunk.

“When are you gonna show me your progress photos, man?” Nick asked me.

He actually didn’t need to beg much. The alcohol helped, but it only felt fair knowing how much I’d stared at his almost naked body. “Eh, I’ll show you. Remember, I was SKINNY. Don’t make fun.”

“I would never! Plus you’ve grown so much. I’m so proud!” He was smiling ear to ear. It made me swoon a little.

I flipped through my phone to get the most recent. It was my 5 month comparison photo. Nothing too crazy. Just standing in front of the mirror flexing one arm in my underwear. I wore skimpy briefs but it was nothing x-rated. I had clearly changed. My ribs were no longer visible and every muscle and it’s own definition. Where a flat chest had been there were now pecs. Where a stick arm was there was muscled girth.

“Wow! I’m so impressed; you’ve changed more than I imagined.”

“Thanks Nick.” I was genuinely appreciative of his compliments.

“Although, you need to get better at posing.”


Nick continued, “You’re not showing off the right muscles in these. Like, you’ve grown a lot in your back but you can’t tell in these.”

“Oh, haha. I didn’t realize there was an art to gym selfies.” I chastised him a little sarcastically.

“There is!!” Nick was drunkenly serious. This was clearly a subject he was passionate about. “Okay, how do you feel about practicing some?”

“Sure, that’s fine.” I said.

“You’d have to take off those clothes though to see what I mean.” Nick was very direct.

I played along, my mind secretly hoping for something like this or more. “That’s fine. You would too, right? To show me?”

“Yeah, yeah. Obviously.”

With that Nick stripped. There was no romantic tease to it. This was clearly just what Nick said it was and nothing more. In a few seconds he had peeled out to just his tight boxer briefs. I stood there for longer than I should have because he cleared his throat and said, “you’re turn.”

I quickly snapped back to reality and disrobed as well. I wore my tight AussieBum red briefs tonight just in case something like this happened. What can I say, I’m a planner.

“Nice briefs man.” Nick offered.

“Nice body.”

He laughed.

“Okay, so the first pose is really to show off your Lats and all the work you’ve been doing on your back.” He walked through a couple poses and I imitated him. He would correct me a few times and move my arms or body in the right way. I was really proud of myself for not popping an erection at all with the contact.

Minutes passed and things started to get warm in the living room from all our flexing and holding poses. Nick offered to take some photos for me on my phone and I happily agreed. They would be much better than selfies.

After taking some photos Nick asked if I would do the same. I obviously agreed.

We got to a pose that Nick wanted to try to accentuate his butt. He stood sidewise to the camera and twisted his torso towards the lens to accentuate the roundness of his bubble butt. I took a few photos, wishing they were on my phone instead.

“Does it look good? Does my butt look good?” He asked me.

“It looks incredible Nick. Easily one of the hottest asses I’ve ever seen.” I didn’t really think about what I was saying anymore. We were both getting drunk by this time.

“Coming from you that means a lot, thanks!” Nick replied with a cheesy smile. “Hey, I kind of want to get some more but without my briefs. Is that okay?”

“You want me to take your nudes for you?” I sarcastically asked. Probably should have played that differently.

He laughed loudly, “No! I can take my own dick pics thank you. I’ll still cover the goods up, I just want some sexier ones without underwear.”

“Sure, why would I mind?”

Nick shrugged, “I dunno, just wanted to make sure, ya know?”

He turned around to slip his briefs off. His butt, was amazing. Two large globes of muscle sat atop his legs. They were dusted in his dark fur but he kept his butt trimmed as well. He went through the same poses but was really good at covering up his cock with either his legs or his hands. As much as I wanted to, I never actually saw what he was packing other than some heavy pubes.

When Nick felt he had enough shots, he plopped down onto the couch. He grabbed his briefs and placed them over this crotch but didn’t actually put them on. He asked for his phone and flipped through the photos when I handed it to him. He was clearly pleased with the photos.

“Is it bad that I find myself hot?” he asked.

I laughed, still standing there in my underwear. “No. Is it bad if I do?”


He looked up at me. “You think I’m hot?”

I didn’t know what to do. I scrambled to find words that would make this alright but the drunken haze was casted over my thoughts.

“Well, never mind. That answers that question.” Nick was looking down on me.

I followed his eyes to see my obvious erection in my briefs. Shit!! I covered up quickly and turned from him.

That’s when he started laughing. “Don’t worry about it dude. I’m flattered. Can’t say I’ve given a guy a hard on before. Nice to know I can.”

“Ha, ha” I said sarcastically, still trying to will my cock to shrink.

“Really, it’s not a big deal. Come’on. Come here and help me figure out what shots are the best. You’ll clearly have an eye for what looks good here.”

I looked over my shoulder and he was eating the seat of the couch beside him. I said Fuck it in my head and went to sit by him. My erection wasn’t gone at all, but at this point in my life I wasn’t really that shy about nudity anymore.

A few minutes of flipping through shots and adding filters here and there, Nick asked me a question out of the blue. “So you really like cocks? Like, they look good to you?”

“Yeah. Don’t you like the look of your dick?” I replied.

“Well yeah, but that’s mine, ya know. I’ve never thought any other dick was nice.”

“I guess that’s the difference in being gay,” i laughed at that.

Nick laughed too. “I guess you’re right. But like, what exactly do you like about them?”

I couldn’t really explain it well after I thought for a moment. “I’m not really sure there’s specific things or features I like about dicks and balls. It’s just linked so closely with arousal that even seeing one triggers so much sexual endorphin release in me. And it’s a muscle that can’t hide sexual feelings, as we’ve clearly seen tonight. I like how honest cocks are.”

Nick lost it at that. “Hahaha, you like how ‘honest’ cocks are! That’s a new one.”

“I’m a sucker for an honest dick, what can I say?” I laughed with him.

Nick put his phone down. “Okay, then tell me. Do I have an honest dick?”

He pulled his briefs off his cock. I stared without caring how obvious I was being, plus I assumed that’s what he wanted. His cock was awesome. It was still pretty soft, cut, and pretty thick from what I could tell. However, it was his balls that was giving the bulging briefs in his photos. They were massive. He kept almost all his hair closely trimmed but Nick shaved his balls.

“It’s um… it’s… honestly awesome. Nick, your balls are huge!” was all I could put together.

“Haha, yeah. They’ve been big since I was a teenager.” He handled them with palm and moved them around a bit. I swore I saw his cock twitch a bit too. “So, this is hot to you? Like, you actually think my cock and my balls are sexy?”

“Do you need reassurance?”

“No, no. It’s just, I’m trying to figure it out. I’m.. I just can’t believe someone would find someone else’s dick hot.”

“Well, I could prove it to you.” I offered.

“Oh yeah? How?” Nick said. He’s not a very good actor and it seemed obvious where this was going. I played it safe though and went with another slow tell. I moved my hand to his thigh.

“I could show you how much I like your cock.”

Nick smiled. “You may have to. I still think you’re fibbin'”

“I would never lie,” I joked. I moved my hand the extra few inches to his soft package. It felt even bigger in my hands. I had to skip to his balls first though since they were so incredibly. I moved them around and massaged them with my fingers. I would pull on them a little bit and stretch the skin which elicited light moans from Nick.

I felt adventurous for a few reasons and leaned in. I kissed his balls, first lightly, and then heavier with some wet tongue. Nick moaned more. I continued to kiss and lick his balls while loosely gripping his cock. It was filling up quickly.

A few seconds later, he was hard in my hand. I backed up from his balls to take a look at his meat. It was thicker than I thought. Probably 6 inches or so in length but probably the same around. It was the hottest cock I’d ever seen. I looked up to Nick just to reassure myself it was him and that this was honestly happening. He caught my eyes and just whispered, “Please don’t stop.”

Oh that made me wet. I got down onto the floor and moved in between his legs. I took hold of his shaft and licked that cock from base to head like a popsicle. It was delicious. He had already started to precum a little for me.

I wasn’t in the mood to tease and went right into it. I took as much of Nick’s cock into my mouth as I could. He wasn’t super long but the girth prevented me from taking him all in on the first go. As I sucked with his member filling my mouth, Nick’s light moans evolved to deep rumbling groans. He was loving this which made me even hornier.

A couple of bobs was all it took for me to get most of him in my throat. After that I could try my different techniques (which were admittedly rusty). I swiveled my tongue around his head, used my hand to match pace with my mouth, and used a little teeth on the retract. Nick was loving each skill and would buck uncontrollably at some.

I was surprised what a gentleman he was. He didn’t try and grab my head to face fuck me (although I would have been fine with it) and made it very audible how much he appreciated what I was doing. “Fuck yes. That feels so good. You’re amazing. You’re incredible. Please don’t stop.” were the only things he could muster between groans.

It only took a couple of minutes before Nick’s balls began to tighten. I knew he was getting close. He finally did take hold of my head, but to remove it and saying, “I”m about to cum, man.” What a fucking knight.

“Good,” I said and fought against his grip to latch back onto his cock.

He tried to pull me off him again, “No, you really don’t have to do that. I don’t want you to feel like you do.”

I continued to stroke him with my hands as I popped off to say, “You don’t know what it’s like to be gay, but fact one, I WANT to do this.”

I batted his hands away and took his cock back into my wanting mouth. He just said, “oh god, oh god.” over and over as he edged towards the finish line.

Nick tried to hold back his orgasm as long as he could but finally he couldn’t fight anymore. I took hold of his balls with a free hand as he erupted into me. His tank had definitely been full and I almost struggled to get it all down. Jet after jet of warm seed filled my mouth and was swallowed down. Nick tried to remain still but was bucking and shaking uncontrollably between his heavy breathing.

When I was sure he was done, I milked him dry with a last squeeze and popped off his still hard cock.

“So,” I said, “believe me now that I actually like cock?”

He tried to laugh but didn’t have the energy. “That. Was. Amazing. I’ve never gotten head like that before. You’re a master.”

I laughed.

“Stand up,” Nick said.

I did as commanded and rose before him. I was still rock hard in my briefs, and had actually popped out a little on top. He put his hands on my ass and pulled me in closer. I had no words for what was happening, so I just went with it.

He fondled me through my briefs for a bit, getting used to the feeling of a hard cock in close proximity to his body. He swallowed, and shucked my briefs to the floor. My cock sprang out and almost hit him in the face which he wasn’t expecting and jumped back a bit.

I couldn’t help but laugh, “You’re right to be scared. He bites.”

“You’re huge, dude!”

I was definitely longer than Nick. Around 8 inches, but not near as thick. And my balls were only average compared to his massive globes a few feet below.

He hesitantly took hold of my cock with one hand and slowly stroked it. This was clearly more for him than it was for me. He was exploring what another man’s cock was like and I didn’t want to rush him through that. Plus it was incredibly hot to see him oaf around it like a foreign object.

After giving me a slow, steady hand job for a few minutes he swallowed again and licked his lips. He inched closer and closed his eyes. I was now feeling bad about this.

“Nick, stop. You don’t have to do this. You don’t owe me anything.”

He finally looked up at me. “No, I know. I just, I want to see what it’s like.”

“Okay, but go slow. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable and you can stop anytime.”

He was looking at my dick again and nodded. He inched close again and closed his eyes to lick my cock head. Once he had a taste he moved his tongue around in his mouth to figure out if he liked it or not. “It just tastes like, skin?”

I laughed, “yeah, they don’t come in different flavors.”

“I guess I just, I thought it would taste different.”

I explained to him that it can if a guy precums a lot, but that I didn’t. My cock was a great ‘beginners’ cock. We both laughed a bit. He then took hold with one hand and tried to wrap his lips around my cock. He could, but didn’t take too much into his mouth. He bobbed on my cock like he thought he should but only took an inch or two in at a time and without any suction. What should I have expected from a straight guy.

However poor the actual blow job was going, it was Nick who was giving it and that was incredibly hot. I was loving every second of it regardless. I must have began to leak a bit because Nick pulled away with a slight disgust taste on his mouth.

“That’s what I expected they tasted like.” Nick said with some nervous laughter.

“Yeah, if you don’t like that you definitely won’t like the ending.”

He looked visibly nervous. I leaned down and pushed him away from my cock. “You’re done. I’m not letting you go any further. Thanks for trying.”

He sighed some relief, “Thanks for letting me try. And for that amazing blow job you gave me. I just wish I could return the favor.”

“Trust me Nick, I loved every minute of that probably as much as you did.” We both smiled.

“Well, do you wanna shoot on my chest?” Nick said.

I froze for a second and then began dying of laughter.

“What? People do that right?” Nick looked at my confused.

“Hahahaha, sure Nick, sure they do. But rarely does a straight guy just go, ‘hey wanna cum on my chest?’ It was just too funny.”

He leaned back and rubbed his chest seductively, playing with himself a bit too. His cock had softened up almost entirely. “Do you wanna cum on this hot piece of man or not?”

I did.

I leaned into him and put one arm on his shoulder and the other on my cock. Nick just stared at the barrel of the gun in somewhat excited anticipation actually. Having this hunk below me, wanting my cum all over him, was enough to help me finish quickly. My balls tightened as the first blast shot forward onto his pecs. 8 steams of hot spunk fell onto Nick, coating his chest, abs, and cock in my cum. I sighed in relief.

“Hot.” was all Nick had to say before we both started laughing.

We stayed there for a minute while I got my breath back and then he offered we take a shower. I rubbed his back, he rubbed mine. I probably washed his ass more than I had to but he didn’t stop me or protest. By the end of the shower we both had erections again but heading into the living room he put on his briefs which signaled the nights fun was over.

We both fell asleep on the couch that night and I woke up spooning him in the morning. He was snoring. I got off of him and got the rest of my clothes on to leave. Before I left I looked back at this amazing, delicious man I had known for the past few months. He was sprawled out, chest up, almost naked in his tight white briefs. He had a serious case of morning wood going on that was clearly visible.

I felt naughty and probably was risking more than I should have, but I gave into the momentary idea. I got down on my knees and fished his cock and balls out of his briefs and gave them some light kisses. Nick continued to snore obliviously.

I took a step back to admire the view. I decided to take a picture of him like this for later use. I was going to put his junk back in but last minute decided instead to bob on it a couple times for one last taste and leave.

When I got home I felt guilty about the picture. I didn’t want to delete it for obvious reasons but felt like I crossed a line. I decided to text him the photo with the caption “Had a great night. Took this souvenir. Hope you don’t mind ;)”

That way if he wanted me to delete it he could tell me, but at least he would know that I had it.

I woke up from a nap to a response from Nick. “Likewise”

A few seconds later a video came through. I opened it and saw myself giving Nick head, his loud moans were close to the speaker. That little shit took a video of me blowing him without me knowing. The anger was only a reflex and I quickly found it hilarious that he captured that moment.

I texted him back, “That’s blackmail!”

“Maybe it is. I need something to hold onto to remember last night.”

“You could always just get the real thing again if you needed a reminder.”

“Deal! Deleted.”

“You don’t really have to delete it, you can keep it for your own spank bank.”

“haha good. I wasn’t actually going to delete it anyway.”

“lol, dick.”


Bling. A picture of his hard cock and balls came through.

“This one?? ;P”

I was definitely jacking off today. “Tease!”

He replied, “I think we need to have a special work out session each week after our gym sessions. There are some special muscles we need to work out.”

“Deal, see you Monday.”

My training sessions had become something more, and I was absolutely, fucking floored about it.

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