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So what shall your punishment be, my pet? I come home from working an all night shift to find you in your room, watching a XXX DVD we bought together a few weeks ago, your legs parted wide, your hand between your legs, fingertips rubbing over the bud of your clit. Your eyes, as I walked in, were riveted to the display on the TV screen, a well-toned nymph with long auburn hair falling around her angelic face, her mouth full of cock as another man behind her slowly pushes and pulls his cock out of her ass, glistening with sweat. You look up at me and playfully pout as you ask, “Was I bad?”

“I thought we were going to watch it together.”

“I got horny and I couldn’t wait. I’m sorry.” You look up at me through long, thick lashes, biting your full bottom lip, full of contrition, but I see the ghost of a smile there, too. You knew what would happen, and you wanted to get caught. I know exactly what your punishment should be…

Of all my favorite boudoir accessories, the Bed Spread has to be one of my favorites, a must-have for those of us not possessed of a four-poster bed. The Bed Spread’s two sturdy straps adjust to snugly fit around any mattress, one at the head and the other at the foot, and the two sets of Velcro cuffs connect to buckles on each strap, binding your wrists and ankles as wide apart as desired. In that kind of vulnerable, oh so desirable position, a feather tickler, would be a delightful way to begin your punishment. You wouldn’t be able to do much more than squirm as I trace the tips of that feather tickler along your sides, your belly, and the soft skin of your inner thighs…

I love strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast. I think I’ll have my breakfast off of you. Cover your nipples with cool mounds of the light fluffy cream from the spray can, topped with a single strawberry slice on each one, then a long, straight trail of cream down the center of your belly. Press the tip of the can just over your clit, letting the cream gush and create another mouth-size mound directly over it, then parting your lips with the tip of the can and filling your slit. I’d start by cleaning your nipples very thoroughly, taking the strawberry slice off of each one with my teeth, then taking everything into my mouth, sucking the whipped cream off your nipple, using my tongue to clean and get every drop of cream and strawberry juice that might have dripped off down around your breasts.

Lick down your belly, scooping up the cool white trail with my eager tongue, letting its tip drag along your skin, tasting you, so very sweet, feeling your belly rise and fall with your quickening breaths. At last I’m between your legs, licking along your inner thighs, down to the most delicious part of my meal. Extending the tip of my tongue at the bottom of your lips, licking upwards, licking away the whipped cream between them, pressing my tongue deeper to draw the wetness seeping from inside you along with the sweet cream into my hungry mouth.

Once its all gone, I keep my tongue pressed between your lips, extending it further, so the tip probes you, eager to be thorough, cleaning up every single taste of cream within you, savoring the flavor of your own juices. Lick upwards, to the top of your lips, to your covered clit, and engulf the creamy mound with my open mouth, drawing the coolness back into my throat as my lips close around your clit and suck hard, then part to allow my flickering tongue to lick and lash, cleaning you, then lingering to play with your clit, working you up, moving up and down, back and forth across it, draw it between my teeth and gently nip, then lick over and over until I feel your body starting to heave, your back arching, your pelvis thrusting against my face. I feel your orgasm nearing, nearing… and then I pull away, taking the time for one last lick inside you, to take your sweetness onto my tongue. Take a last strawberry slice between my teeth, I rise up and lower my head to your mouth, inviting you to take the strawberry in a kiss, letting our mouths meet so you can taste the fruit and your own juices upon my mouth and tongue.

Reaching by the side of the bed, I take a long, slim vibe made of clear plastic, lube it up a little bit, and then slip a latex sleeve over it, so it is has the shape and feel of a penis. Lower myself to the edge of the bed again, so that I’m kneeling by its side, between your legs, and I can look up close to your pussy and up to your face, watching me. Start to rub the tip of the penis-shaped vibe between your wet lips, pressing just enough to part them, wetting it so that I can drag it along your inner thighs, back and forth, over and over. Lay the length of the vibe over the slit, then drag it upwards until the tip rubs over your clit, moving it in slow, tiny circles. Take the vibe away let you watch as I cover it in the clear lube gel that you’ve seen me use on the toy for me, then rub it back over your clit, letting it glide back and forth.

Turn on the vibe, on the slow setting, so it sends its vibrations through your clit as I rub you with it, circling your clit over and over with it until I hear you moaning loudly, your body squirming, lifting from the bed, pressing your clit into the toy. I feel your orgasm nearing again, and I start to lick at your clit and part your lips with the tip of the toy, rubbing just inside them, working you up further, further… and then I pull away once again. I slip up beside you on the bed, letting the tip of the vibe move over your nipple, turning up its speed. Kiss your neck up to your ear and whisper, “I’m not going to let you cum yet, naughty girl, not for a long time. I want to make it clear to you what your punishment is. I want to drive you crazy with the need to cum, to be fucked and filled and to cum over and over. I want you to scream out for me how badly you want it, how badly you need me, how I own you, my darling, and you live to serve me.”

I unbuckle you from the bed straps and order on your knees, In a moment you’re bound to the straps again, your head and shoulders down into the pillows, your ass up high for me Position myself behind you and begin to kiss, lick and bite at your ass, down into the cleft, where I begin to lick at your anus, point my tongue and press it against the little hole, licking around and around it, again and again. My hand lays flat against your ass cheek, circling it with my fingers… and then I lift it high and drop it fast, spanking your ass hard. I hear you gasp in surprise, and keeping my tongue licking at your ass, I begin to spank you, again and again. I take my tongue away on occasion to spank the other cheek, but for most of the time I’m licking your anus, letting my hand rain blow after blow to your smooth, quivering flesh. When I stop, I see your cheeks are a little pink. I also see your juices running freely down your thighs, and I lower my mouth to lick them, clean them.

Move to the side of the bed where you can see me, reach under you and pinch each of your nipples hard. Like to hear you gasp, to groan… then, as you’re watching, I lube up the vibe again, and move back behind you. I rub the tip against your anus, let it sink in slowly, gently, holding it firmly as your muscles adjust and relax, drawing it in further until just the black base is visible. Your loud moan tells me you want more, so much more, and so I turn on the vibe, let it pulse inside you as I start to slip it in and out, slowly moving it, pulling it almost all the way out, then pushing it back in just as slow. Reach down between your legs and rub my thumb lightly over your clit as the toy moves in and out of your ass… as I start to move the toy in and out faster, turning up the speed to the highest setting, I hear your moans turn to cries, begging, pleading to cum, that you’re so close… and that’s when I pull the toy out of you again, take my hand away from your clit. I hear your breathing subside, hear you still moaning, whimpering, your hands bound, you can’t reach down and give it the relief you want.

I stand off to the side of the bed, where you can see, and slowly take off my clothes, my boxers last, so that you can see my hard cock throbbing, the tip wet with my excitement. Pull the sleeve off of the vibe that was inside you, and lube it up again. Turning away from you, and looking back at you on the bed, I bend over and start to slip it into my own ass, letting you watch as I take it in, slide it back out again, then in, then out again, just as I did to you. I stand on the bed, sitting up against the headboard, my cock inches from your mouth, wet at the tip. I slide the toy back inside fully, and you see me turn on the toy, hear its soft hum from inside me. “Just watch me,” I command you, and push my cock closer to your mouth, starting to stroke it from balls to tip, the view you love, now inches from you, the toy moving in and out, my hand moving up and down slowly, my other hand beneath me, fingertips pushing and pulling the toy out of me as your watch.

“Lick my balls. Stick out your tongue and use it for me.” I move closer to you, within reach of your mouth, and watch as you eagerly kiss my scrotum and with a moan extend your tongue and begin to lick between them, over them. “Take the head of my cock in your mouth. Just the head… suck on it while I feed it to you.” I lower myself until I’m sitting in front of you, the toy fully inside me, held in by the bed beneath me. You take the head of my manhood between your lips as I continue to stroke it, the top of my hand meeting your mouth with each movement. Your mouth feels delightful as I stroke into it. I feel the powerful urge to feed it completely into your mouth, to let you bring me to orgasm and fill your mouth with my seed, but the punishment must, MUST continue.

I pull away from you, and pull the toy from my ass so that I can walk behind you again. You whine as I take my cock away, pleading for it, but we’re not finished yet. I set myself behind you, and undo the buckles holding your wrists to the bed. But I don’t free you–instead, I buckle the cuffs to each other, behind your back, so that you can’t push yourself up off the bed, and your hips and ass stay high up on the bed for me. I step back for a moment to admire you, my love, so beautiful in this ultimate submissive position, knowing it won’t be long now until I take you, claim you once again as completely mine. Just a little bit more.

When you look back at me, you see I have in hand a string of anal beads. I press my face fully to your pussy, extending my tongue to probe at your lips and lick at your clit. Slowly my hands feed each one of the beads into your ass, until only the ring at the end sticks out. I hear you groan and whimper when each one slips in, and when they are all in, I lick your clit, harder and faster than before, pressing my mouth to you, working it, wanting to feel your juices flowing freely down my chin. As I lick you, I’m stroking my cock, feeling it throb in my hands, feeling the ache to fill you come close to consuming me.

Your orgasm nears again, and I hear you shouting, crying out that it’s coming, begging that I let you cum this time. I continue to lick and suck and until I feel your body start to go rigid, and then I stand up on the bed, squatting as I push my cock fully inside in a savage thrust. You scream as it enters you, and I feel your whole body start to shudder as I begin to thrust, your orgasm beginning at once. I rip the beads from your ass in a single, swift pull, thrusting again and again into you, as you mouth opens and unleashes a long, loud, cry, then forming the words that bring my orgasm even nearer.

“Fuck me, FUCK ME!! Make me cum again, please… please… yours… all yours… ”

I press my thumb into your ass as I thrust and grind into you harder, my body slamming into yours, our flesh slapping together, punctuating your moans and shouts. I reach forward and unbind your hands, so that you can put them beneath you and arch your back further into me. When you push yourself up from the bed, I take hold of your hair, pull your head back towards me the way I KNOW you love, the way I know you need… I feel your pussy start to squeeze and spasm around me, and I lean forward into, groaning loudly into your ear as I explode, completely inside you, pressing against you. We both cry out together, and I pull you back towards me, holding your body, my arm around your torso, to me as we shudder. We collapse together, me on your back, then slipping off to your side. I reach down to unbuckle your ankles, then push you over onto your side so that I can lay with you, facing you. You drape one leg over my hip as I hold you and you hold me. I look in your eyes, brush your hair back behind your ear, and kiss your lips gently, then your forehead.

“Let that be a lesson to you, my dear. I hope you learned it well… “

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