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Three Is Not A Crowd

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It had been one of those kinds of days from the moment she woke that morning. Murphy’s Law was alive and well; everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. Beginning with her oversleeping because everyone else in the house was still in dream land, running late to work because she had to stop for gas and then getting pulled over by the police for running a red light (she swore the light was yellow), spilling her coffee on her white blouse… the list went on.

By lunch time, her nerves were frazzled. And with an afternoon filled with difficult meetings, a boss suffering from PMS, and an assistant who had her head in the clouds planning her wedding, Lynn was ready to scream.

As she drove home, she was still annoyed that Marcus and Grace had the day off. It was one of those holidays that only government employees got off; the rest of the working world worked right through it. And she was a working stiff – just a peon on the totem pole of the gainfully employed. She didn’t WANT to be petty but she couldn’t help it. She was in a lousy mood and didn’t see any reason to try to shake it.

When she pushed open the front door and tossed her purse on the side table, Grace caught her eye. She was sitting on the couch, working on her checkbook. She gave Lynn a small frown and nodded her head towards the back of the house. If Lynn hadn’t been so consumed with her bad mood, she would have taken Grace’s hint. But today was not a day for subtlety for Lynn. It would take a very obvious jolt to get her attention.

That jolt was just about to happen.

Marcus walked in the living room. Dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt, he was just under six feet tall. Although there was nothing wrong with the man’s looks, it wasn’t his physical appearance that was so compelling. Marcus was one of those men that commanded attention and respect just by his presence. His eyes could look into a person’s soul and see the truth that was hidden from the rest of the world.

He was a Dominant male and everyone who met him knew it. Submissives who made his acquaintance were mesmerized by him. That he was one of the few Doms in the area that could successfully live with two female subs spoke volumes about the control he exercised over his life and the lives of the women he protected, cared for, controlled.

One of those women was Grace. The other was Lynn. Lynn was the newest member of the “family”. She had only been part of the group for a month. Grace had been with Marcus over a year. Lynn was about to discover for herself why Marcus was able to handle his role in this strange family as well as he did.

“Ah, baby girl,” his voice was smooth and controlled as he looked straight at Lynn, “I see you have finally made it home.”

Lynn, normally outgoing and full of laughter, was still too steeped in her own misery to pay attention to the undertones in Marcus’s words. Instead, she foolishly let her ill temper control her.

“Yeah, I did. The traffic was a bitch. Work is a bitch. My boss is a bitch.” She slammed herself into a chair and was taking off her shoes. “But I have finally made it home.” She emphasized the last as if to draw attention to the fact that she had been away while the others had the luxury of sleeping in and having a day off.

“Why don’t you go get a shower and meet me in the bedroom?” Marcus smooth voice drifted calmly over to her.

There was something about what he said, the way he said it, that finally pricked at Lynn. She thought about her ill temper since she had walked in a few minutes earlier. It had been terrible but that by itself would not explain the undertones in Marcus’s words. She had come in from work more than once just short of being a raving maniac and Marcus had never chastised her for it. He had let her get over it on her own. Within an hour of coming in from work, Lynn normally had transformed into her usual sweet self.

So what was different this time?

As Lynn stood up to make her way past Marcus, she stopped to pick up her purse from the side table. She saw a stack of letters there. Something about the top envelope caught her eye and she picked it up. It was cancelled by the post office but the letter was from Marcus to the electric company. The next letter was the same, only addressed to the phone company. The last letter was to the cable company. All the letters had been returned… for lack of postage.

Lynn’s stomach lurched. It was her job to mail all outgoing correspondence for the family. She checked the side table every morning, picked up any letters, put the postage on them and dropped the letters in the outgoing mail at the office. Usually. Normally. It would appear when she mailed these letters two days ago, she had not bothered to put any stamps on them. The post office had simply returned them to the sender – Marcus.

Well, what was the big deal? She would simply take them to work with her tomorrow and mail them properly. No problem. Right?

As she laid the letters back on the side table, she felt Marcus move to stand beside her. “Go get a shower, baby girl,” his voice felt like velvet against her ear. “And come back here to me.”

Lynn moved away and walked towards the third bedroom. In there were her clothes. The closet was crammed with her things; the dresser was filled with her things. She slipped off her shoes and jewelry, grabbed a long t-shirt and headed toward the master bedroom.

That was where she slept… along with Grace and Marcus. The master bath contained her make-up as well as Grace’s and all of Marcus’s shaving needs. The master bedroom closet was filled with Marcus’s things. The second bedroom held Grace’s clothing. The two women each had their own rooms for their personal things. There was a bed in each room also. But most nights, those beds lay empty. The master and his two subs usually slept together in the huge bed in Marcus’s room.

Lynn dropped her clothing into the hamper and adjusted the shower to suit her. She stepped in and began the ritual of washing her hair and body. There was a nagging in the back of her mind but she refused to acknowledge it. After all, her behavior had not been that different than it had been in the past. But still… there was that warning look Grace had given her that she had ignored earlier… and the undertones in Marcus’s casual comments

Lynn stepped out of the shower and towel dried her hair and body. She slathered on a scented body lotion and then slipped into the t-shirt. The hem of it hung below her full butt cheeks. She fingered her still-damp hair into place and stepped out of the bathroom. She could see Marcus standing near the huge four poster bed. She frowned.

Something was not right.

She stepped into the room. Marcus turned to her and said, “You did not call at noon today.”

Lynn’s mind snapped to full attention. Last night, Marcus had told her to call before lunch. If possible, he would meet her and they would go out to eat together. It was a sweet gesture but Lynn had been too annoyed with the fact that she had to work to truly appreciate it.

“You have come home from work on more than one occasion in a bad mood, taking it out on me and Grace,” Marcus spoke in his soft, melodic voice as he slowly walked up to her. “You have not taken some of your chores seriously. And you have ignored others.”

Lynn stood before him. Her breath froze in her chest. The last few weeks played in her mind as if she had hit fast forward on the DVD player. She saw the moments of her selfishness, her pettiness. She saw her lack of respect for her master. And, for the first time, she reached back in her memory and saw the look on Marcus’s face – and Grace’s face – when she had done so. She had been treading on very thin ice and had not even had the good sense to notice it.

Marcus walked around her slowly, easily. “I wanted to think you just needed time to settle in, baby girl. But perhaps you needed more structure.” It was not quite a question. Lynn wisely chose not to offer an answer. She heard the soft sounds of a radio playing in Grace’s bedroom through the closed door. Grace must have taken herself away from the coming storm.

Lynn had joined Marcus and Grace when her own world fell apart. She was a submissive person by nature who fought hard to maintain a life with a husband who was verbally abusive, using her with no regard for her feelings, no concern for her need to give. Instead, he took and took until Lynn finally had nothing left to give him. She felt like an empty shell. When she had reached rock-bottom, she had bolted. Meeting Marcus and Grace had been the greatest blessing of her life. She had become friends with them when she had shyly made her way into a munch. Grace has befriended her, introduced her to Marcus and things just fell into place. She moved in with them a month ago as a roommate and shortly after that assumed a submissive position in the family.

Her first sexual encounter with Marcus had been unbelievable. She experienced a depth of sexual satisfaction that she had not known even existed. His sexual skills took her breath away. His dominance was a finely crafted art that he used to fulfill himself as well as his subs. He completed her in a way she had never felt, never knew possible. She adored him and considered herself blessed to be included in this family. She realized now that she had submitted her body to him but thought to keep her will under her own control. She understood clearly that she had made a serious error.

“Lynn,” his voice was still soft, fully controlled, “take off your t-shirt. I did not give you permission to put it on.”

That was true. He had not told her to put on a t-shirt. Normally, when she and Grace were around the house, that is all they wore… no bra, no panties – just a t-shirt. Marcus would have preferred them naked but he understood that most woman were a bit more at ease during the daytime if they were somewhat covered. The t-shirt was a compromise to that feeling while still allowing them to be fully available to him.

But then again, he usually did not tell them to take a shower, either. Both women knew that was their first order of business when they came in from work unless he told them otherwise.

Still standing in the middle of the room, Lynn reached down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She shivered. It wasn’t really cold but she felt a prickling of … was it fear? No, it was more complicated than that.

She knew Marcus was upset with her. She had disappointed him. She had taken advantage of him – and Grace. She had been less than she could be, less than she was. She suddenly felt the weight of her selfishness, her foolishness.

Marcus watched her carefully. He saw the dawning of understanding when he looked into her tear-filled eyes. She was relatively new to the lifestyle. She was really inexperienced and no where near trained. And he had to assume some of the fault himself. He had let her go; let her establish bad habits. But she had been aware of her rebellious streak and had deliberately pushed. He would now correct his lack of control and discipline; she would get a very clear understanding of her responsibilities to her family, to him.

He held out her training collar. Normally, he would slip it around her neck. This time, he simply waited for her to take it from him. She did; her fingers trembled as she tried to buckle it into place. She dropped it twice and he finally took pity on her, brushed her fingers aside and fastened the collar around her neck.

He stepped in front of her again and quietly asked her, “Do you know why you are going to be punished?”

Lynn could not look at him. Her heart was beating so loudly, her breath was so painful in her chest. She tried to square her shoulders as she almost whispered, “Yes, Sir.”

“I can’t hear you, baby girl.”

She cleared her throat and tried again. “Yes, Sir.” It came out a bit louder but her words were still shaky.

“And why is that?”

“I have been disrespectful. I have been childish and pouty. I have not taken my tasks seriously.” As she spoke, her words became firmer. Lynn was growing up right before his eyes, Marcus thought.

He reached over to her, placed a finger under her chin and raised her face until her eyes met his. “That’s right, baby girl.” His voice was flat, controlled.

For a moment, real fear struck at Lynn. What if he didn’t want her anymore? What if he didn’t think she was worth the trouble? What if he didn’t want her anymore? What if… what if? Her mind could not bear the thoughts that wanted to swirl desperately in her head.

But he was still calling her “baby girl”. If he were done with her, he would not still call her by his pet name… would he?

Marcus could read her thoughts, see her fears. And while she definitely needed – deserved punishment – he did not want her to be emotionally insecure about where she stood with him.

Still looking straight into her eyes, he said, “You are mine. My property. My sub.” He paused to let those words of ownership, of caring, sink in. Then he continued, “You will behave properly. You will learn. And your first disciplinary lesson begins now.”

He pushed her towards the bed. He had placed two pillows, one on top of the other near the side of the huge bed. “Lean over the pillows, arms straight out in front of you. Spread your legs.” His tone was calm.

Lynn quickly got into position. Only then did she notice the doubled up leather belt in Marcus’s hands. She briefly closed her eyes. This was going to hurt.

“Spread your knees apart, baby girl.” Marcus ordered. “Farther.”

Lynn could imagine what she looked like. Her too-full ass poked out, her pussy fully exposed. Then she realized that the curtains over the windows were still wide open. Anyone driving by who glanced that way would see her. She was immediately humiliated to her bones. She felt a blush rise up her exposed and vulnerable body. But she kept her position.

Marcus saw the blush and knew the cause. She thought she was undesirable and too fat to love. Her abusive past had stripped her of her self-confidence. That was something he knew he needed to help her overcome. But he also knew the drapes were open and she was not an exhibitionist. He knew that no one could see into the house this time of day unless there were lights on in the bedroom. He chose not to provide those words of comfort to his disobedient sub. He knew she was embarrassed and reluctant. But he was proud that she was obeying him fully.

Lynn waited. Every muscle in her body was tight. She caught herself holding her breath. And still she waited. Out of the corner of her eye she could barely see Marcus. She did not move her head to get a better look.

The waiting was torture in itself. Lynn replayed every rude homecoming since she had arrived. She recognized every insolent comment she had made. She was mortified at her behavior.

“Sir,” she said, her voice wavering.

“Yes, baby girl?”

“I deserve this punishment. And I am sorry that I have disappointed you. I am ashamed of the way I have behaved. I don’t know how you and Grace will ever forgive me.” Lynn forced the words out; she desperately wanted him to know how she felt.

Behind her, Marcus smiled. Oh, yes, his baby girl was definitely worth keeping. Other than her bad moods when she came in from work and her lack of dedication to her tasks, she was a pleasing addition to his family. Grace adored her and he knew Lynn adored Grace. In the future, there would be more discipline that would have to be meted out; of that he was certain. But she pleased him and he was proud of her.

“I accept your apology, baby girl. Right now, we have some business to take care of. We will talk later.” He kept his tone neutral.

Lynn heard the whistle of the belt as it flew through the air only a heartbeat before she felt its fire lick her ass. It landed solidly across both cheeks, branding her for her misbehavior. A guttural grunt escaped her lips. That strike had hurt. Before she could breathe in, another blow landed across her fleshy cheeks. And then another.

Marcus methodically swung his belt, over and over again, landing solid blows to her ass. The sting began to build until Lynn squirmed.

“Do not move,” Marcus said softly. “I have not given you permission to move, have I, baby girl?”

Lynn gulped in a breath of air. “No-o, Sir,” she managed to say. “I am sorry, Sir.” She pulled herself back to her original position and steeled her nerves to receive the rest of her strapping.

Again, Marcus smiled. There was no reason for him to hide his pleasure at her genuine apology; she could not see his face. Every submissive statement she made was creating a stronger tie that bound her to him, a deeper bond.

Marcus had been careful to land each blow directly to her full and fleshy cheeks. Now he let the belt drift lower to the tops of her thighs, punishing the sweet spot where thigh met ass. He knew Lynn was fighting for control over the pain and the sting. He had not increased the severity of the beating, only its location to more sensitive skin. He let the belt fall over and over again, reddening her upper thighs and ass.

Lynn squirmed again. It was only a fraction of a motion but Marcus saw it. He knew the sting was building, the pain was reaching beyond the skin to her very bones. He could see the effect of the beating on her very-red cheeks.

This was her first strapping and Marcus had to admit that she was taking it well. He was proud of her. He dropped the belt to his side.

Lynn relaxed slightly. Her shoulders, so tense, now dropped down to a more natural position. Her only thought was that it was over.

“There will be 10 more, baby girl,” Marcus said in an even tone. “Are you ready?”

Lynn’s heart bleached white with fear. Grace had told her that if Marcus ever announced a specific number of blows, she could expect them to be severe. Lynn did not know if she could take any more. But she also knew she did not have a choice.

She gulped in a mouthful of air and managed to squeak out a very timid, “Yes, Sir.”

“These will be very harsh. You may cry out if you need to.”

Lynn heard the words. Shock went through her body. But she was determined to take her deserved punishment without complaining.

And she did… for the next 4 blows. Then the fire in her ass exploded and a gut-wrenching scream erupted from her. Marcus neither paused nor eased up but continued with the next 6 stokes as Lynn wailed through her pain and sorrow.

She cried for a few minutes after the last blow had landed. She wasn’t even aware that Marcus had stopped until she felt his hand on the red-hot flesh of her ass. He was rubbing her punished flesh none too gently, bringing up bursts of pain as he somehow conveyed his compassion.

Slowly Lyn pulled herself together, her sobs eventually quieting. Eventually, she realized that Marcus was sitting beside her on the bed. Now his palm was rubbing over her abused backside, occasionally dipping between her legs. She was suddenly aware that she was wet, very wet.

He looked at her, into her eyes and read the embarrassment she felt over her behavior and the confusion she felt over her rising arousal. He saw the pain she was experiencing. But he saw no rebellion. Instead, he saw a softening, a mellowing and a definite hunger.

“Go talk to Grace,” Marcus said as he looked straight into her eyes. “Then come back here and stand in the corner until I call you.” He gently pushed her from him.

“Yes, sir,” Lynn whispered. She turned and walked up to Grace’s closed door that had given her some privacy during her punishment. Tapping lightly, she opened the door when she heard Grace softly saying, “Come in.”

Lynn stood there, framed in the doorway, naked, still teary-eyed. She snuffled a bit and then looked Grace in the eye. “I am sorry for my rudeness, Grace. It won’t happen again. You know I never meant to be hateful to you, Don’t you?” Lynn’s eyes were filled with pleading that Grace would understand and forgive her.

Grace moved off the bed and put her hands on Lynn’s naked shoulders. “I forgive you, sister. We will talk no more about it.” That was the first time Grace had called her sister. She pulled Lynn close to her and embraced her with love and compassion. Grace knew very well what Lynn’s ass felt like; she had been there before and knew that one day she would be there again. Marcus was a fair disciplinarian but very strict.

Walking out of the bedroom together, Grace still had her arm around Lynn’s shoulders. Lynn was shorter than Grace and chubbier. The comfort she offered Lynn was appreciated and helped strengthen the bond between the two women.

When they reached the archway leading into the living room, Lynn slipped out from under Grace’s arm and headed back to the master bedroom. She stood quietly in a corner as Grace made her way to the kitchen. Marcus was now seated on the couch and had seen the exchange between the two women in his life. He was pleased by what he saw.

He entered the kitchen behind Grace as she started to prepare supper. She looked up and caught Marcus’s eye.

“Sir, it is not my place, I know, but …” as Marcus raised an eyebrow at her, Grace quieted. It was not her place to discuss how he handled any situation regarding his subs.

Marcus walked up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “You are right; it is not your place.” He gave her a long, meaningful look before he continued, “But I will tell you I am pleased with how Lynn has accepted her punishment. And I am even more pleased that the two of you get along so well.” He paused a moment. “I have never had you stand in a corner,” he smiled, “and I most likely never will. But I think Lynn needs this time right now.”

Grace smiled and went back to preparing supper.

Lynn could hear muffled sounds coming from the kitchen but could not make out any words. Truthfully, she wasn’t trying to eavesdrop. Her thoughts were revolving around her acceptance of Marcus’s domination over her, her eagerness to belong to him, her willingness to give him control over her.

There was a freedom in her submission she had not expected – a sense of her load lightening. Even though her ass was still burning, she smiled.

She sensed Marcus’s return to the bedroom before she heard him. He called to her, “Come here, baby girl.”

She turned to find him sitting comfortably on the bed. She walked over to him and stopped between his parted thighs. Then she sank to her knees; his legs didn’t touch her but Lynn felt as if she were encased behind a protective wall where the world could not harm her.

Marcus reached for her face and lifted her chin with a finger. “You have apologized to me and Grace. You have been punished. It is over.” He looked in her eyes. “Can you accept that?”

“Yes, Sir,” she breathed. She saw his smile and returned one of her own.

“Get your shirt on and help Grace in the kitchen. We have a celebration of sorts tonight and I want to get to it.” Lynn looked in his eyes but could not imagine what his words meant. However, she wasn’t going to ask. Instead, she rose to her feet and grabbed her shirt where she had tossed it, slipped it over her head and walked into the kitchen.


Supper was over, the kitchen tidied up and Lynn and Grace joined Marcus in the living room. Grace sat on the couch near her master but Lynn felt more comfortable sitting at his feet. Marcus noted the positions of both women and smiled to himself.

He was looking forward to the activities he had planned for the evening. He knew his subs would enjoy it, the only question was – who would enjoy it more?

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