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Jack’s Wild

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“I still don’t know why you don’t just have a sewing bee or something,” Jack said, as he dug the folding card table out of the back of the storage space.

“Oh, my God. You sound like a Neanderthal. We don’t plan on smoking fat cigars or anything. We just decided to get together for poker, that’s all.” Lisa shrugged and gave him a little grin.

She had her light brown hair pulled through the back of a baseball cap, a look that always seemed sexy to Jack, although he could never figure out why.

Jack didn’t really mind that the four ladies were all coming over for a game of poker. He just didn’t want to seem too anxious, because he didn’t want Lisa getting jealous. She’d met her friends at aerobics, so they were all in fantastic shape. He’d often fantasized about them, and for the poker night he had agreed to play the proper host and serve them drinks and food.

Jack managed to hide his excitement for the next few hours, and pretended to be resigned to playing the butler when the doorbell finally rang. He answered the door and invited Brianna and Tanya into the house. Brianna was a small blonde, with the tiny features to match – a fact that had led Jack to fantasize often about tying her up and making her squeal with pleasure. Tanya had dark hair and was fuller figured. Jack had wondered how those breasts would look as she rode up and down on his cock.

Using his best W.C. Fields voice, Jack said, “Evening, ladies. Come right in, come right in. Welcome to the party.”

Brianna and Tanya laughed a little and Jack offered them a drink. They both asked for a beer, and just as he had finished serving them, the bell rang again. At the door were Marie and Amy. Marie had long red hair that Jack suspected wasn’t her real color. Amy had oriental features that drove Jack wild, although he tried hard not to let on to that fact.

Lisa, he was sure, suspected that he had a little crush on each of her friends, but she didn’t mind him looking. He poured the drinks and got them the finger sandwiches, which Lisa had prepared earlier. He also played the ‘banker’ and gave each of the women poker chips for their money. After that, Jack just sort of hovered around, refilling drinks and watching the game for a couple hours.

Amy and Brianna, the two smallest women, started to get a little drunk not long after the game began, and they were soon losing money pretty steadily. Jack noticed that Lisa was holding her own, and Marie appeared to be winning the most. He continued to mix drinks, making them stronger and stronger as the night went on. Soon, the women had nearly forgotten that he was there, and started talking about subjects that he had never been privy to before.

“Mel Gibson,” Amy said, her voice slurring just a bit. “If I could sleep with anyone, that’s who I’d take. That smile, looking down at me in the dark. Oh, yeah.”

“Denzel Washington. He’s so hot, I almost want to cry,” Tanya said. “Plus, I’ve never slept with a black guy. But, I’ve heard things.”

All the women laughed at that. They continued talking about movie stars, then switched to different men at the aerobics club that they found attractive. To Jack’s surprise, even Lisa started talking about some man named Dave, and all of the women started to purr at the mention of his name.

“Oh, that hair. I’d love to feel that. And his ass is so tight,” Brianna said.

“When he wears those tight bike shorts, I can’t help but check him out,” Lisa added. “I look forward to Thursdays all week, cause that’s when he spins.”

“What about Jack?” Brianna asked. “I’ve always thought Lisa was lucky.”

Even as the smile came to his face, he could feel an embarrassed heat creeping up his face. All the women looked over at him and chuckled a little at his discomfort. Most of them added their agreement, however.

Lisa winked at him and said, “Have you guys ever seen him with his shirt off?”

Brianna said, “I did once, at the beach. Like I said, Lisa, you’re lucky.”

“Come on, Jack, show us some skin. Let’s see those muscles.”

Working as a lumper – loading and unloading trucks – had definitely pumped up his upper body and his legs, but Jack still felt embarrassed. He stood up and acted like he was blocking the women from the bar. “Okay,” he said, with a self-conscious laugh, “you guys have definitely had enough to drink.”

“Go ahead, Jack,” Lisa said. “Just the shirt. Make this ladies poker game a little more interesting.”

Jack looked at her to see if she was serious. She seemed to be, so he slowly removed it – much to the delight of the ladies, who whistled as if he was a stripper. “Just the shirt, though,” he said, as he tossed it aside.

The women went back to their game and Lisa began to lose. Jack saw that Tanya in particular kept looking over at him. He even noticed that she brushed her fingertips across one of her large breasts when she caught him looking at her.

Brianna and Amy were the first out of the game, both on the same pot. “I say we let them stay in if they agree to bet their clothes,” Tanya said, with a laugh.

Lisa was quick to intervene. “I think Jack has had enough stimulation for one evening. Don’t you, Tanya?”

Uh-oh, Jack thought, she noticed that Tanya was teasing me.

A few hands later, the pot started getting very large. Marie, Lisa, and Tanya all had good hands, and they continued to bet. Lisa had the fewest chips by that point, and eventually, the other two had bet her out of the game.

“Wait,” she said, with a look at her husband. “What if I bet Jack against everything you have left?”

“What?” Jack, Marie, and Tanya all said at the same time.

“It’s okay, Jack. I’ve got a great hand.”

“I’m confused,” Brianna said. “If they win, what do they get to do with him?”

“And for how long?” Tanya asked.

“He doesn’t last that long,” Lisa said, and stuck her tongue out at Jack to show that she was teasing. “Three hours, and no questions asked.”

Jack could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He wanted to tell Lisa not to go for it, but his mouth felt too dry to speak. Half of him hoped that she would just win the hand so he wouldn’t have to worry about it.

“So, the winner gets Jack for three hours, and you don’t mind what happens?” Marie sounded incredulous. “That must be a good hand.”

Lisa just smiled. “I’m betting anything you want for three hours.”

“I’m in,” Marie said, pushing her chips into the pot.

“I call,” Lisa said, dropping Jack’s discarded shirt on the top of the pile. She wanted to laugh at the look on Jack’s face; it was a mixture of shock, desire, and embarrassment.

“I’m in, too,” Tanya added quickly.

“Jacks are really wild in this game,” Amy said with a laugh. Her dark hair had fallen in front of her face, and Jack could see it moving in and out as she breathed deeply.

“Full house,” Marie said, showing her card’s first. She had three kings and two queens.

“Not bad,” Lisa said. “I’ve got a straight flush!”

Lisa was so excited that she clapped a little. She had all spades from the five to the nine. Jack sighed with relief, but couldn’t help feeling a little disappointment at the same time. Her hand really was fantastic, so it looked like she’d win the pot.

Tanya didn’t say anything as she placed her cards on the table. She also had nothing but spades, only she had the ten, jack, queen, king, and ace. As she placed the ace on the table, she looked over at Jack and smiled. Lisa looked horrified, but Jack thought that she also looked excited.

“Uh, maybe we should just give you the money that Lisa owes,” Jack said.

“No way, Jack,” Tanya said. “I own you for the next three hours.”

“What are you going to do with him?” Brianna asked.

“First, I’d like to see what’s under the rest of those clothes. Wouldn’t you?”

“Wait a minute,” Lisa started to say. “I-”

“No welching on this bet, Lisa,” Tanya said. She smiled and added, “I know you’ve caught me looking at Jack before. Now I’ve got a chance to find out if my imagination was right.”

Jack suddenly felt as if he was a piece of furniture. The women were discussing him like he wasn’t there and were making plans for him. He wanted to protest, but he should have done that before the cards were played, he supposed.

Lisa stomped off to the kitchen. Brianna followed her, probably to try to appease her, but the two of them were back within thirty seconds. Lisa had the electric kitchen timer and she set it for three hours. She didn’t look happy, but had obviously decided to go along with what happened. With a dark look at Tanya, she pressed the start button and said, “Go for it, I guess.”

Tanya laughed and said, “Okay, Jack. Off with the clothes!”

She sounded a little like Alice’s red queen shouting ‘off with her head’, but Jack stood up. Someone turned on the stereo, and Tanya told him to dance while he stripped. Jack slowly began to move around Tanya. Lisa sat down on the couch and began to watch with interest as he moved.

Still feeling incredibly embarrassed, Jack kicked off his shoes and socks, then slowly peeled off his jeans. He was wearing a pair of black boxer-briefs, something that Lisa sometimes called, “the bastard cousin of the underwear family.” He could feel goosebumps on his arms, and a tightening of his nipples. Amy’s breathing was now almost a gasping and caused her hair to move out in little wisps.

With a questioning look at Lisa, who nodded and shrugged as if there was nothing she could do, Jack rolled the waistband down his hips. He turned his back to the women and worked the briefs down to his ankles, then stepped out of them. The women hooted as they saw his muscular buns and legs.

Not looking up at his audience, he turned around and faced the women. They all clapped and cheered, even Lisa.

“Now what, Tanya?” Amy asked. She pushed her black hair back from her eyes, which glistened in anticipation.

“Now, Jack tells us one of his fantasies. About any one of us except Lisa.”

Jack shook his head in protest, but Tanya reached out and slapped his ass lightly. “Don’t forget, you belong to me.”

Lisa, still sitting on the couch, laughed. “Go ahead, Jack. I’ve seen you checking them out. Let us know what you think about.”

Jack stammered, then said, “I’d like to tie up Brianna.”

Brianna and Jack both blushed, as the others laughed. Tanya thought for a moment, then said, “Okay, Jack. Come with me.”

She led him to the bathroom and began kissing him the minute the door was closed. Her voice was a hoarse, breathless whisper in his ear, “I want you to take off my clothes, Jack. Rip them off me, I don’t care. I want to feel your skin against mine.”

Jack thought momentarily of Lisa, but rationalized that everything that was happening was her fault anyway. He pulled Tanya’s shirt over her head, pulling her to him. He kissed her deeply as his fingers unclasped her bra. Stepping back, he slid the bra straps off her shoulders and let it fall to their feet. He slid his hands up under her large breasts, feeling their weight and heat on his hands. He pinched her nipples and pulled on them gently.

As their lips and tongues met again, she moaned softly. Jack began to take off her pants, and Tanya’s hands slipped down to his ass, then moved slowly around to the front. As he pushed her pants off her hips, her fingertips brushed across his balls, and then she gently wrapped her hand around his hardening cock.

Jack could smell her arousal, a scent that filled his nostril’s and permeated his mind, creating a sense of longing. He dropped to his knees and slipped her panties down. He felt her hands at the back of his head, pulling him forward into her already moistening pussy. Tanya spread her legs apart so that his tongue could find her lips. Jack’s mind was a turmoil of guilt and desire, as he moved toward the dark hair around her sex.

He traced a small pattern up Tanya’s inner thigh with the soft tip of his tongue, then lightly brushed against her labia. Slipping his hands up her thighs, he let his fingertips move in gentle circles around her lips as he used his tongue on her clit. Her hands were in his hair, twisting and pulling, and her low moans became louder as he worked on her. She hooked her right leg over his shoulder, really spreading herself for him.

As Tanya’s juices started to flow, Jack slipped two fingers inside her. He timed the thrusts of his fingers with the movement of his tongue and soon had Tanya writhing in pleasure. Looking up at her, Jack could see her breasts moving as she breathed. Her eyes were closed and a look of concentration suffused her face.

“Oh, God. Oh, Jack. Oh, God, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,” she cried out, her pleasure obvious in the shakiness of her voice. Jack picked up the pace, and sent Tanya over the edge, screaming out wordlessly as her orgasm washed over her like a warm tide.

Jack slowed his pace as Tanya slumped against the wall. He stood in front of her; his cock stood up hard before him. He assumed that Tanya would want more, but she had other plans for him. She gave him a decidedly evil smile and said, “Thanks, big guy. That was fabulous. Now, get out while I get dressed.”

Jack’s eyes widened in horror. The other women would have a perfect view of his hard-on as he left the bathroom. Tanya’s eyes, however, said that it was useless to argue. Jack regretted that she had already cum, or he might have been able to seduce her into letting him stay. He sighed and, shoulders slumped, left the bathroom.

“Oh, baby! Lisa, you are lucky!” Amy cried out in delight.

Jack wished that a hole would open up and swallow him. He glared a Lisa, who looked absolutely delighted.

Tanya poked her head out of the bathroom, exposing one uncovered breast as she did so, and said, “Amy’s turn. She gets you for twenty minutes while I get dressed.”

Amy’s smile was voracious as she looked over his body. She motioned with one finger for him to come over to her. She stood up and put her hands around his neck, obviously still feeling the effects of the alcohol. She kissed him deeply, her small tongue darting in and out of his mouth. Her hands trailed their way down his chest, and then he felt her small fingers on his engorged penis. Her hands were so small that they wouldn’t go all the way around his shaft, but she began stroking him deftly, causing him to moan.

She stood on her tiptoes, her lips brushing against Jack’s ear and whispered, “Make me naked, Jack. Right here in front of everyone.”

Jack’s eyes widened at her command, but his hands began to do what she said. Her dark oriental skin became exposed quickly as he removed her shirt, revealing her breasts and dark nipples. She released his cock and pulled his mouth to her nipple. His tongue circled her dark aureole, and then he pulled her nipple into his mouth. Sucking it in deeply, he nearly engulfed her small breast.

Jack’s hands stayed busy with Amy’s clothes as he worked on her breast. Her pants were soon pooled around her ankles, and her small turquoise thong soon followed. Jack stood up and kissed her deeply as he pushed her back and down onto the carpet of the living room.

“Put your cock in me, Jack. I want to feel you fill me up. Fuck me, fuck me now,” Amy said. This normally coy secretary surprised everyone in the room with the way she talked. “Stick it in my cunt, Jack. Treat me like a whore.”

Jack glanced quickly at Lisa, who was watching him with a look of pure lust. It was all the encouragement he needed. He positioned himself above Amy and thrust into her in one quick movement. She cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he forced his cock into her. He twisted his hands in her hair and bit down on one of her nipples. Her body moved under him, and he could feel the muscles in her cunt twitching against his cock. He wouldn’t have guessed that Amy liked her sex rough, but she obviously did.

Suddenly, Jack felt a hand pulling his hair, raising his head. Tanya was staring into his eyes. She hissed at him, “Don’t you dare cum, my little slave. I’m saving that for me.”

Amy began to moan beneath him. Jack couldn’t believe that he was finally getting to fuck the beautiful Asian, but was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to fill her pussy with his juices. As the two of them moved together, Amy continued to speak wantonly about what she wanted, how she wanted to be treated. Jack continued to bite her and pull her hair as he thrust into her. As their pace picked up, Jack felt his balls tightening with an impending orgasm.

Jack pulled out of Amy almost all the way, preparing to thrust all the way into her and fill her with his cum, but just before he thrust, he felt a hand tightly grasp the base of his cock. He moved forward slowly, looking back to see Tanya with her hand between his legs. She was smiling evilly at him, knowing that she was keeping him from cumming.

“Don’t stop fucking me, Jack,” Amy moaned beneath him. Jack moved forward until Tanya’s fingers were making contact with Amy’s cunt and heard Amy moan beneath him.

His balls were now aching with the need to empty themselves, but there was nothing Jack could do about it. Tanya’s hand was brushing Amy’s pussy with each thrust, and the sensation soon had Amy screaming out her pleasure as several small orgasms cascaded over her in sequence. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah!” She called out.

Tanya’s grip on Jack’s cock never wavered for a second as he slowed his pace and withdrew from Amy. The small Oriental continued to lie on the floor, a look of ecstasy on her face. Jack stood up, and Tanya finally released him.

“I’ve heard of ‘kung-fu grip’, but damn, Tanya,” Jack said. His body was shaking from need and desire.

The women, except for Amy, all laughed. Tanya said, “We all need another drink, Jack. Hook us up, huh?”

“Wait,” Brianna said. She knelt before Jack and slipped her mouth around his cock, which was still wet with Amy’s fluids. Jack’s eyes nearly popped out of his head as he looked down to see the tiny blonde’s lips wrapping around him. The feeling didn’t last long, however. After taking him into her mouth and tonguing around the tip of his dick, she quit and stood up.

Jack’s mouth opened and closed like a fish’s as Brianna stood up and walked over to the couch. Tanya said, “Well, where are those drinks?”

Jack groaned in frustration and, walking a bit oddly, went over to the bar. He handed out the drinks, his dick softening as he did so. “It’s Marie’s turn, now,” Tanya said. “She hasn’t had her twenty minutes, yet.”

Marie, who had been married for about three years, started to say no. Tanya talked her into at least a kiss, so Jack walked over to her and leaned down to kiss her. His hands went instantly to her red hair. Marie seemed unsure where to put her hands and finally settled for wrapping them around his neck. As the kiss became more heated, Jack felt her body move closer to his. Her hands started to trail their way slowly down his back, finally squeezing his ass as they kissed.

Jack kept one hand in Marie’s hair while the other began squeezing her breast as their tongues continued an intimate dance. Marie’s body gave in to his, as the kiss grew more passionate. She traced his hardening member with the tip of one finger, making Jack draw in a sharp breath. His hands slid down and unfastened her jeans. They were loose and fell to her ankles as soon as he let them go. Marie wasn’t wearing any underwear, so her light brown bush was exposed.

Jack kissed her neck as his fingers began to explore between her legs. “I knew you weren’t a real red-head,” he whispered, just loud enough for her to hear.

Marie pulled him down with her to the carpet. “Just your fingers,” she sighed. “Nothing else, okay?”

Jack didn’t say anything; he just slipped his hand back between her legs. Marie was already wet and Jack’s fingers slid easily into her. He used his two middle fingers, pressing down on her clit when he pulled them out of her pussy.

Jack felt a mouth envelope his cock as he continued working Marie toward her orgasm. Looking down, he saw that it was Amy. Her dark eyes watching him with a look of ecstasy. Jack realized that Amy looked so content because Brianna’s face was buried between the Asian’s legs. Jack had the fleeting thought that this was the best day of his life when Tanya’s hand clamped around the base of his dick again.

Marie began to squirm and moan. Jack pressed even harder on her clit, pinching it gently between his fingers. After a few more seconds, her whole body tensed and her hips thrust up into his fingers. Her breathing stopped entirely as the force of her orgasm overcame her.

Amy had stopped sucking his cock. She was lying on her back on the floor, coaxing Brianna on as the blond ate her pussy. “Oh, yeah. Right there, lick it, fuck my cunt with your tongue. Oh, baby!”

Tanya pushed Jack down on his back. “Don’t move,” she said in a husky voice. She stood over him and pulled off her pants, then lowered herself down onto his cock. She rubbed the head of his dick over her wet slit, then slowly lowered herself down onto him. Jack moaned loudly as the warmth of her pussy encompassed his engorged cock. His balls felt ready to explode from the pressure of holding back his cum for so long.

Tanya rode up and down on him, her breasts bouncing up and down with her motion. She leaned down and offered him one of her nipples, which he greedily sucked into his mouth. The feeling of being inside her was too much for Jack, and his balls finally released their pent up juices. Tanya came at the same time, shouting out her orgasm even more loudly than she had in the bathroom.

Just after they finished, Brianna brought Amy to her second orgasm of the evening. Looking over, Jack saw the small Oriental pinching her nipples, her face illuminated with the glow of climax.

Tanya slowly moved off of Jack, who lay on the floor with his eyes closed. When he felt a mouth on his cock, he assumed that it was Brianna, who seemed to have a taste for pussy. He was surprised when he opened his eyes to see the light brown hair of his wife, her head bobbing up and down on his shaft.

Within minutes, his dick was hard again. Lisa stepped back and said, “I think it must be Brianna’s turn.”

The petite blond took her clothes off and lay down beside Jack. He rolled onto his side and let his fingers trail down her body from her neck to her thighs, which parted as his fingertips touched them. Brianna was so wet from the evening’s festivities that she didn’t need any foreplay, so Jack rolled on top of her.

He grabbed her wrists and held them over her head with one hand as he guided himself into her with the other. Now that he had cum, he decided to take his time with Brianna. Still holding her hands above her head, he used his other hand to touch her lightly all over her body. Her nipples were like hard rocks poking into him. Brianna started to writhe under him as he touched her.

He kept kissing her neck and grazing her sides with his fingertips and nails as he slid slowly in and out of her. His hand made its way down to her clit and started pressing against it as he thrust into her. Soon he brought her to the brink, but he pulled out and stopped touching her. Her hands were still held above her head, but he felt her heels digging into his ass as he waited for her orgasm to subside.

“Please don’t tease me, Jack. Please,” Brianna whispered in his ear.

“I’ll help you out, Bree,” Tanya said. She got on her back under them and started to softly lick and kiss Jack’s balls.

Within seconds, Jack couldn’t resist anymore and started pounding into Brianna with all his strength. Brianna came almost instantly, her hips rocking up into his and her heels still pulling at him.

Jack pulled his cock out of Brianna’s pussy and slid it into Tanya’s mouth. He saw her eyes widen, then her throat relaxed and invited him deeper. After only a few strokes, he felt the familiar tightening in his balls.

“Tanya, your mouth feels so hot,” he moaned. “God, I’m gonna cum.”

She greedily sucked on him as he started to shoot his load down her throat. She licked him clean, seeming to enjoy the way that he jumped when she touched the sensitive head of his cock.

Not long after that, the timer went off. Jack was sitting with his back to the couch, a sated smile on his face.

“So,” Tanya asked impishly, “when are we going to play again?”

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