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Pumpkin’s View

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When school started three months ago I had to start staying at daddy’s house during the week. Since my mom and him divorced almost 8 years ago my brother and I usually just spent every other weekend with him and two weeks in the summer. That was the agreement at least until I was accepted at a prestigious prep school that was much closer to his house than my moms. At first it was a bit awkward with just me and Daddy there, I always had my brother to act as a buffer between us.

There was many silences over the dinner table as we just tried to find something to say to each other, idle chat about school and work only went so far. On top of that things that were always acceptable at moms, suddenly caused very uncomfortable moments. Walking to my room in a little towel or blow drying my hair in my bra and panties cause Daddy to give me a disapproving scowl as he turned away. At first, I just chalked it up to his fatherly instinct, not wanting his little girl not to grow up. Then one day while cleaning the bathroom I noticed something tucked into the pipe under the sink. Pulling it out I was a bit shocked at the title of this secret treasure “BARELY LEGAL, TEEN SLUTS DO IT ALL”…. A porno mag, rolled up and hidden right under my own nose!!!

At first I was put off at what Daddy was looking at, but flipping through looking at these depraved girls in unimaginable positions I was getting turned on. Sitting down on the cold tile, floor my hands found there way into my pink terry cloth shorts and onto my clit. With my back pressed against the door, rubbing faster I could hardly contain my moans, and even though my Daddy wasn’t home I didn’t want him sneaking in and hearing me get off. I came to a story about two teenage lesbians working at a carnival going down on each other, in a tea cup on the Ferris wheel. At the same time my mind wondered if Daddy had gotten off to the same story. That brought on another orgasm almost instantly, the thought of my daddy stroking his cock to these teenage sluts sprawled out and covered in cum just did something to me.

My senses were on overdrive, my cunt was constantly wet over the next few days. Every time I masturbated, every time I was cumming I thought of Daddy. I began to notice thing I hadn’t before, stifled moans and heavy breathing, heard through my thin bedroom wall that backed the bathroom while Daddy showered. I moved my bed to that wall and began rubbing my clit nightly, while my ear was pressed against the wall listening to my Daddy jerk off. I would time it so we could cum together, thinking of him spraying his seed, wishing it was all over me.

I began to see my daddy in a different light. Instead of a father figure and a reluctant guardian, I began to see him as a man. I started paying more attention to him I didn’t mean to but it had happened I couldn’t take it back. I found myself flirting with him unintentionally, sitting next to him on the couch instead of across the room, cuddling up under his arm. I began rolling my little plaid skirt a bit before walking in the door, showing off my legs and even flashing my ass a few times, reaching up to grab something off of a shelf or bending over to pick something up. Even leaving the door open while I showered to “Let the steam out” But all I ever got from Daddy was the scowl as he walked away. I started wondering what was wrong with me, why he didn’t want me. Looking at myself in the mirror I couldn’t see why he didn’t want me. I had nice tits, a flat tummy and long gangly legs that guys go ga-ga over. I started to get jealous of the girls I knew he thought about with his cock and his hand. I wanted it to be me!! Not some slut that he didn’t even know. Just some flat fantasy, I wanted him to have me. That’s when I realized what I was missing, the slutty-ness. Daddy wants a slut and I had to convince him that I was the girl for him….

I started being even more overt than I already was. Anytime I was in his house I didn’t have a bra on, I let my perky C-cups lead the way. I shaved off all my pubic hair I was so proud to have gotten just a few years before, because that’s how the girls in his dirty magazine had theirs. I started asking Daddy to touch me in a mostly innocent way, rub my calves or back, claiming a long day. Pushing my breast against him in a big bear hugs, dragging my hard nipples across his chest. Anything I could think of to get him thinking of me in “that way”. But nothing seemed to be working. I had just about given up when out of nowhere Daddy grabbed me in the kitchen forcing his cock down my throat, finishing by shooting his load all over my face and making me lick the rest off the floor and the refrigerator. Then he left me there with my panties soaked, wishing he had finished what he had started.

But as I heard Daddy’s truck pulling out of the drive-way. I knew I had fucked up. He had all but ran away from me. I should of just dropped it, not have teased like I did. Crying I went to my room and eventually fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night to the garage door opening, still groggy the days events returned to me slowly. As I listen to him stumble up the stairs and hoped he would come to my room. But the click of his bedroom door closing felt like it sealed me fate. Tears sprang to my eyes again, spilling onto my pillow. After about an hour my sobs subsided and I needed to know where I stood with Daddy. Creeping down the hall to his room I could hear his snores from inside, opening the door I whispered “Daddy?”

Nothing…Again I whispered a little louder “Daddy?”

Nothing. Standing there in my baby doll T-shirt and white cotton panties I suddenly felt unsure of myself.

Then Daddy stirred looking at me with bloodshot eyes, he had been drinking.

“Pumpkin???” He asked kind of confused, “Is that you?”

“Yea, Daddy its me”

Daddy sat up rubbing his eyes, “What do you need, Pumpkin?”

Nervous I didn’t know what to say, I wanted to scream “I want YOU!!! I want you to finish what you started!!! I want to be your little slut!!!” But I couldn’t say anything, just stand there hoping he would understand what I wanted. I was so scared that earlier was just a fluke, a moment of his weakness, not that he really wanted me.

But Daddy understood. Smelling of whisky, he stood up and walked behind me sinking his hands in my hair. Tugging my head back I could feel his breath in my ear.

“You dirty fucking whore” His tongue flicked out wetting my ear, “I thought I fucked up, little did I know my little slut wants it too…”

His other hand was up the front of my shirt twisting my nipples til it hurt. It was a hurt that went strait to to my pussy causing it to twitch and leak. I could feel it wetting the tops of my thighs. He continued to roughly pull on my tits causing me to squirm all while whispering in my ear…

“My little Pumpkin, the cum slut? You like that? Daddy’s cum slut…” His hand drifting over my stomach, dipping into my panties. “A wet cunt for Daddy? You want this cock?”

“Umm…Ahhh” All I could do was moan as Daddy stuffed his fingers coated in pussy juices down my throat.

“Did I stutter? Stupid bitch! Answer the fucking question.”

I was spun around faster than I thought was possible and there was a quick sting on my cheek and a ringing in my ear. Daddy had slapped me. Hard. It took a moment to register what had happen, but I knew I wanted more. I felt another blow land on the other side of my face and another one before Daddy grabbed my chin pulling my face up to look him in the eyes.

“Yes Daddy” I stammered “I want it”

“My baby’s a pain slut too? I see it in your eyes, whore. Put your hands on the bed, ass in the air, Pumpkin.”

Daddy didn’t even take my panties off rubbing my ass through them, I suddenly felt a rapid set of sharp slaps from his hand. It was never ending, and when I felt like I just couldn’t take anymore it stopped. I didn’t move, scared he would see my tears and be disappointed. I heard his boxers falling down his legs, Daddy stepped up behind me and his cock was rubbing against my sore cotton covered ass. I could feel the pre-cum leaving trails on my ass and thighs. Then a cool gust of air as Daddy lifted my warm wet panties off of my cunt, pushing them to the side but not removing them. Exposing my clean shaven and puffy lips to his prick, which he began running through the wetness teasing my clit with his cock head.

“Look at you Pumpkin, spread and ready for Daddy’s cock. What a beautiful fucking slut you are.”

I could feel him at my entrance and began pushing back against him, feeling him sinking into me I came for the first time that night. Screaming for Daddy to go faster and not to stop. My muscles clenching around him, milking his cock and dripping my girl cum down my leg. Feeling his hands in my hair again pulling me back towards him, he began whispering again ” You are mine. This is my cunt, to do what I want with and when I want it. Do you understand that Pumpkin?”

“Yes Daddy” It comes out in a breathless moan, no longer as timid, I am Daddy’s now.

Daddy’s pulls his prick from me leaving me gaping and flips me around onto my back on his bed. He crawls up kneeling around my neck.

“Stick out your tongue bitch” I can taste me on him, our flavors mixing as he rubs his cock over my lips smearing spit, cunt juice and pre-cum from my chin to my eyebrows.

I can feel him throbbing and growing even larger as Daddy puts his cock head in my mouth, and pulls it back out causing more spit to drip out of the sides of my mouth and an obscene popping sound each time he breaks the suction.

“Whore…Cunt…Sucking your Daddy’s cock…So fucking sexy…” I could hear him mumbling obscenities under his breath.

I had another orgasm with my fingers burried deep in my pussy, watching Daddy stroke that purple-red cock close up. I felt my hips bucking towards him, there was no words I just looked him in the eyes with my mouth around the tip of his manhood, and came harder than I ever had. Then with almost an animalistic groan I felt Daddy cock start to spurt in my mouth before he pulled out finishing dumping his seed all over my up turned nose and some even shot into my blonde hair. Rubbing his cum around with his still hard cock until my face was evenly coated, then sticking it back in my mouth to clean.

“Keep the cum on your face and come to bed,Pumpkin” Daddy said almost collapsing onto the bed. As soon as I curled up under his arm I could hear Daddy start to snore.

I fell asleep happy knowing I was becoming Daddy’s perfect slut….


As always everyone is over 18. The feedback is always welcome, to everyone who read the first one I hope you enjoy this too 🙂

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