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Public Transit Fantasy #02

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Statement of veracity: This is a true story. Well, everything up to the break point. I’ll leave it to you to guess which of these is the full true story.


I was transferring from the subway to my bus and I had to take a piss. Normally, of course, I’d steer clear of the subway station public restroom, but I really had to go. So I tromped down to the far end of the station and into the men’s room.

They’d actually refurbished it just a few months ago, and at least it didn’t have the rank, disgusting smell that I remembered. There were new fixtures and, to my surprise, it looked fairly presentable. I walked over to the urinals, stopping when I saw that all three were taken. Half-watching, it looked like the older guy on the right was almost done and giving himself a final shake, but the guy in the middle finished first and quickly moved away from the urinal.

Ugh! — the middle urinal. Oh well, it would just look weird to stand and lurk and wait for one of the outer ones, so I stepped up to it and busied myself with undoing my fly. The guy to me left finished up and left as I began to relieve myself.

The older guy to my right was still shaking his cock to get those last few drops off. No, wait! I suddenly realized, as my brain assembled what I was barely seeing in my peripheral vision: he’s not shaking the piss off his cock, he’s jerking off!

My heart skipped a beat. Oh gross! This guy is totally masturbating in public! As I kept pissing, from the corner of my eye I could recognize that constant stroking motion he was making. I was trying to finish up and leave, when I realized my piss-flow was slowing down… because I was beginning to get an erection! How embarrassing — and vaguely disgusting.

Scenario #1

I have to get out of here, I thought, as I stared straight ahead, trying to concentrate on just emptying my bladder but my flow was still slowing. I looked down, and I was almost fully hard now. I didn’t know what to do.

For the first time, I looked over directly at the man. He was openly watching me — and my cock — as he stroked himself. He was maybe fifty-ish, a fairly indistinct guy. A face in the crowd. But there was no crowd and he was standing beside me, exposing himself in a public restroom.

I didn’t know what to do, and in the adrenalized frozen-moment rush, for some reason it didn’t occur to me to simply shove my hard-on into my pants and awkwardly walk out of there. It’s as if I was fixated on my erection. And on his, I suppose, as I suddenly realized I had been staring down at his crotch.

Almost involuntarily, my hand reached down to my own cock, and I was surprised at how ragingly hard I was. No further thought was required as I did what came naturally and I began jerking off. Quickly, I fell into the same rhythm as the man beside me, matching him stroke for stroke.

His cock was nothing special — it actually looked a little smaller than my own average tool — but there was something intoxicating in watching his hand slide up and down it. I had never watched anyone masturbate before, and it seemed strange to be witnessing such a private thing.

But given how hard I was, it was obviously turning me on. And the sight of my turgid cock seemed to be effecting him, as his strokes were now speeding up. I matched him, and I could feel that delicious wave rising in me. Both our hands were a blur, and it didn’t take long from there. As soon as I saw the white jet of semen bursting from his cock, that sent me over into a massive orgasm. It felt like something was exploding behind my eyes for a second. This wasn’t like the normal experience of jerking off.

And then I was done. I looked down and saw my come dripping over the lip of the urinal and dribbling onto the floor. And right then, the normal world snapped back into place, and I suddenly realized what I was doing.

Holy fuck! I have to get out of here! I shoved my cock, already merely half-hard, back into my pants, zipped up, and walked away without looking at the man again. I stopped at the sink and quickly washed my hands, not stopping at the hand dryer. As I was wiping my hands on my pants on the way out the door, another man passed me, walking in.

Jesus! If he had been a minute earlier… it didn’t matter now. I was just a normal guy again, going to catch my bus. Already, it almost felt more like a dream than something that had actually happened.

Scenario #2

I have to get out of here, I thought, as I stared straight ahead, trying to concentrate on just emptying my bladder and I realized how angry I was with this guy. Screw him!

“Well, piss on you, mister,” I muttered as I twisted my torso. With a quick splash on the wall in between, now I was going in his urinal. I looked over at him with a so there! look.

The man looked at my face, and then quickly looked back down to watch my cock as he continued to stroke himself. Well, that didn’t work, I thought to myself. Plus, now that I was twisted over, I had a more direct view of what the man was doing… and at his stiff cock.

I’d seen other men’s cocks before, of course — in the locker room and so forth, and also, I guess, in porn. But I’d never really paid them any special attention. So this was the first time that I was really looking at another guy’s dick…. and looking… and looking. As my piss stream eased off, I suddenly realized I’d been staring at the man’s tool. I suppose it wasn’t all that giant or anything, but it was somehow fascinating how solid it looked. It just seemed right somehow.

The guy had been stroking himself all along as I was staring at his cock, but now he suddenly stopped and pulled his hand away, as if he wanted to give me a better view. For a few seconds, it stood there at attention, jutting out and twitching slightly a couple times.

And then… well, I’m not sure why it happened. But I reached over and I touched it. I gripped his shaft, as if I was trying to measure the thickness of it. And if felt surprisingly thick. And warm, too. Alive.

I could feel it blood-warm in my hand. I squeezed a little and saw the head swell outward a little. And that excited me even more. It was so warm!

And then, I started slowly stroking him. The experience was utterly strange: familiar, in one sense, feeling my hand rub up and down, as I had done to myself uncountable times. But it was also strange not to feel myself being stroked at the same time. The divorce of action and biofeedback was really jarring. And perhaps because I wasn’t feeling the pleasurable sensations that normally came with the action, it felt like the tactile sensitivity of my hand was increasing to compensate.

I couldn’t believe how vivid it felt to be jerking this man off. Everything seemed like slow motion and I felt like I was drowning in the details of the sensation: not just that incredible heat, but the firm smoothness of his shaft. And the details of the contours, how my fingers rubbed along that detailed intersection along the bottom of his crown. How I could see his pre-come slowly oozing out, and then being slicked back along his shaft. His pubic hair scratching against my wrist as my hand moved all the way back to his root.

Everything was so heightened, I was wondering if this was more intense for me than for him. But it looked like he was getting something out of it, as I could hear his breathing speed up. Wanting to push him along, my strokes became quicker, and soon I could feel something now below my hand, a rapid surging that told me what would happen next before I saw it — and yes, now he was coming, strong jets of his milky fluid being pumped into the urinal.

I kept pumping him for as long as his orgasm continued, and then slowed down. I would have been reluctant to let go of his tantalizing cock if it weren’t for the fact that without thinking my hand moved back to my own tool, and I was quickly giving another handjob — this one to myself.

Back in familiar territory, that sensation of supersensitivity in my fingers quickly departed, pushed aside the exploding rising pleasure in my cock. It didn’t take more than a few seconds and I was inducing my second orgasm in under a minute. Hardly even thinking about where I was aiming, it was only as I was already ejaculating that I realized my semen was spurting right onto the man’s cock.

And as my orgasm subsided, I quickly realized what I had just done, and where I was. In a blind panic, I stuffed my cock in my pants and was zipping up my fly. I only passingly noticed that the man was in no such rush — he was stroking himself again, now smearing my come along the length of his semi-deflated cock.

In a dazed rush, I bolted from the washroom, almost bumping into another man who was coming in. It wasn’t until I was on my bus, sitting down with my eyes closed, that what I had done started to sink in. There was a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I couldn’t tell if it was disgust… or arousal.

Scenario #3

I have to get out of here, I thought, as I stared straight ahead, trying to concentrate on just emptying my bladder — but it was getting more difficult to keep pissing as my cock was getting harder and harder. By the time my trickling stopped, I had a full-fledged erection. I couldn’t believe it! And along with that involuntary reaction I felt a strange wave of pure horniness radiating out from my crotch.

I had to get out of here! I shook my cock in a vain attempt to make my hard-on go away.

But the guy beside me took that as an indication of interest; I don’t know, maybe it was part of some gay code or something. He looked over at me. “You want to get sucked?” he asked in a low voice.

I always embarrassed easily, and now I could feel my cheeks becoming beet red. But once again, he read that as something else, like the flush of arousal. And despite myself, I was tremendously aroused.

“C’mon,” he said, and stepped away from the urinal. Not bothering to conceal his turgid cock, he stepped over to the first of the toilet stalls that was beside the urinals. In a daze, not thinking, I followed after him. As I nearly reached the stall, the door slammed shut and I saw the lock turning.

Wait, what? Wasn’t I supposed to go in there with him? I was confused. But feeling exposed (quite literally!) I let my momentum carry me forward and I quickly stepped into the adjacent stall. At least I’m not going to get caught in the bus station washroom with my cock out, I thought, twisting the lock behind me.

As I turned back around, a movement caught me eye. Even in this newly-refurbished washroom, there was a round hole in the wall shared with the next stall, stuffed full of toilet paper, which the guy was quickly poking loose. As I watched, I saw his fingers waggle lewdly through.

Glory hole! My words echoed through my mind from crude locker room talk and from porno. I guess I never really thought of them as something real, but now, here was a hole right in front of me. At almost the right height. Beckoning…

My cock was still almost painfully hard. The fingers waggled at me again in invitation, and I felt a weird surge. Once again, I felt a peculiar sort of momentum, like there was only one way forward in this situation.

Twisting around to face the wall, I surveyed the hole. The edges were covered with electrician’s tape. Who makes these? some part of my mind wondered. Are there gloryhole craftsmen who get off on setting these up? It must have taken a fair amount of work to make a hole in the metal partition. An inviting hole. Just the right size to…

I had to crouch down a bit, and hunch my hips back to get in position, but once I guided the head of my cock through and thrust forward, it felt like a natural fit, like a miracle technology. I looked down, and it was a strange, beguiling sight to see my hips pressed against the wall, to sense that my cock was protruding into terra incognita…

…and then all of that detail was irrelevant as I felt his lips on my cock. I felt his slobber dribble onto my shaft, followed by his tongue, licking up and down the length of it.

The sensations were amazing! The fact that I couldn’t see what was happening made everything more intense. To keep my balance, I spread my legs, and my hands reached up to grip the top of the partition. And as his mouth engulfed my cock, my grip tightened.

This is incredible! As the man began moving his mouth up and down on my cock, it immediately felt as if this was most amazing blowjob I had ever received. For a few seconds I had to close my eyes and just cling to that wall for dear life.

I felt like I might blow my top right there, but the man slowed down. With mild irritation — I didn’t want that pleasure to stop — I opened my eyes and looked down. Ah. From the shadow on the floor, I could tell the guy had slowed down because he had started to jerk himself off.

After a few seconds, he found his rhythm, sucking on my cock while he stroked his own. I watched and could see his shadow-strokes moving in time to the efforts his mouth was making.

He was unusually talented at giving head. Effortlessly taking in the length of my cock, I could feel the glorious textures of his tongue, his cheeks. His constantly-shifting slurping raised the intensity very slowly. He was in control of my cock in the way that only an experienced cocksucker can be. He wasn’t some insecure co-ed, rushing to get me off as quickly as possible. he was an artist.

But he was also devoted to his own pleasure. After taking me on that slow ride to the point I had lost track of time, I suddenly heard a grunt from his stall. And a couple seconds later, I saw his load of come start to dribble down from the wall on his side of he partition.

This is where he finishes me off, I figured, anticipating what it would feel like to have that mouth working on me with his full attention. But to my surprise, his mouth pulled off my cock. Confused and disappointed, I sort of humped against the wall, trying to thrust my cock back into that warm, wet pleasure space. But to my surprise, his shadow on the floor shifted in a new way… and then I could see that shadow of the door to his stall opening.

Wait! Come back! The fact that my cock was exposed to a now-vacant toilet stall in a public restroom seemed less important than my need to get off. My cock was so hard now, I half-wondered if I’d be able to pull it back through the hole in its current state.

And then, again to my confusion, the door to the next stall swung shut again. I didn’t know what was happening.

“Oh, so pretty!” Said a muffled voice from the stall. A different voice. Before I could process the fact that another man had taken the guy’s place, I felt fingers rubbing my cock. And then, seconds later, a new set of lips engulf me.

Oh shit! Now another guy is sucking my cock! Thinking that through was strangely intoxicating and arousing. This guy was no artist, his mouth moving clumsily (and not particularly deeply) up and down my shaft without any of the grace of the other guy. But the fact that some stranger — someone I had never even seen! — was giving me head was tremendously exciting. So as it was, it didn’t take long before I could feel my orgasm rising. With a moan, I began to come, and the guy’s mouth remained clamped to my cock. The fact that he was swallowing my load was even dirtier than I could imagine, and that gave me a final pulse of pleasure as my climax subsided. I have no doubt it was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had.

And quickly, my immense erection was subsiding. As I hunched back to withdraw, I realized how stiff I was from the awkward position I’d been in. But as quickly as I could, I zipped up and tried to look composed as I opened the door of the toilet stall and stepped out.

There was yet another man waiting there, and I had a moment of blind panic that I had been busted. But he looked more like a homeless guy than a cop. He almost pushed me aside to get past me into the stall. Holy shit, he’d been waiting there — he must have gotten horny listening to me getting my cock sucked! And even as he slammed the stall door shut, he was unzipping, eager for a chance to feed his cock to the guy on the other side of the wall.

As I made my way out of the restroom, I thought to myself, too bad for him — he’s getting his cock sucked, but not by the really talented mouth.

But I guess this is how guys practice and get better. And for the rest of the week, I kept thinking about how maybe I’d like to go back give some guy a chance to practice.

Scenario #4

I have to get out of here, I thought, as I stared straight ahead, trying to concentrate on just emptying my bladder but it was no use. Soon enough my cock was fully hard, and I couldn’t pee at all.

I heard the guy beside me, make a huffing noise. “Looks like you’re horny,” he said to me with a muttered stage whisper.

“Fuck you, faggot!” My words were much louder than I intended, and they echoed through the restroom for a second.

“Don’t call people names,” he said, with a hurt look on his face. Then he stopped stroking himself and reached over and gripped my cock. I was frozen in place, feeling sure this wasn’t really happening. “I think you like it, you get this hard.”

He slowly stroked my cock for a couple seconds, and I was still unable to move, rooted in place with terror and revulsion and… a strange jolt of pleasure. He looked up at my face. “Anyways, you want to?”

“Want what?” I said, once again, louder than I mean to.

“Do you want to fuck me?” he said slowly. Then he nodded his head and spat, his glob of saliva splashing onto my shaft. He rubbed it up and down, the slickness of it sending another wave of pleasure radiating from my cock. My knees almost buckled underneath me.

“Yeah, c’mon,” he hissed. Gripping my cock, he stepped away from the urinal, and led me to a toilet stall in the same manner a guy might lead a maiden, romantically holding her hand en route to the place of seduction.

The toilet stall was not a romantic place of seduction.

As soon as we were both in the narrow chamber, the guy was already undoing his belt and dropping his pants. That left me to close and lock the door behind us, and when I turned back, he was already facing away from me, leaning forward and bending over. Presenting his ass to me.

It was not, compared to what turns me on, a particularly sexy ass. It was a pale, lumpy, slightly droopy sight. But it still registered in some part of my mind as an object for me to fuck. At any rate, my cock didn’t seem to be turned off — I was rigidly hard, and a string of clear pre-come was dangling down from my piss slit.

I wasn’t really thinking about anything else, except how much I wanted to get my rocks off.

I spat into the palm of my hand and made a fist, rubbing my thumb in and out of the slick crevasse. And then I quickly pressed my thumb to his asshole. To my surprise, it entered pretty easily, and I jabbed it into him a couple times. He pushed back against me, seeming to approve of the intrusion.

Any of the times I had fucked my girlfriends up the ass (although it wasn’t that many times) I had always been super careful and conscientious, going slow and following all the steps laid out in the books and advice columns. But now, I wasn’t interested in foreplay.

I pulled my thumb out and rubbed it up and down my shaft. I hawked and spat into the palm of my hand again, and quickly rubbed that on the head of my cock. Then I gripped the base and pointed it at the guy’s asshole. With a thrust, I pushed the head inside him.

Once again, it entered with less resistance than I anticipated. All right then, I thought to myself, let’s see you take all of it!

And with that, I thrust forward, giving him the full length of my shaft. He grunted, but didn’t complain at my ungentlemanly quickness to penetrate him. I held still for just a moment before pulling back and hunching into him again.

Ready to start buggering him with serious purpose, I gripped his hips. In turn, he reached out and grabbed onto the toilet tank to hold himself steady as I began to steadily slam into him. There was nothing gentle or restrained about my technique, and even from the start I was fucking his ass more roughly than I ever dared to with my girlfriends.

It felt great. His sphincter gripped me with warm, moist tightness, and in that regard, it didn’t feel particularly different than fucking a woman up the ass. But the fact that I was laying into him with such force gave me a sense of pleasure I had never felt before.

And as I was penetrating him with quick, rough strokes, it seemed like it was pleasurable for him as well, as he was moaning under his breath, and rocking his hips to meet me. With each thrust, I felt like I was forcing myself deeper and deeper into him, and he was taking it all.

“Screw… you,” I heard a voice mutter with a low, evil cadence, and then repeat itself. It took a moment before it registered that it was me speaking the words.

This felt so amazing, and the pleasure was so intense that there was no way this could go on for much longer. Especially now that I was bucking into him with almost violent force. I could see he was struggling to hold himself upright as I was thrusting into him with all my strength.

My orgasm came over me like a freight train… like an out-of-control train rushing through a tunnel…. like a train slamming into a cement wall. And all at once I was exploding inside him, coming with savage force, sending surge after surge somewhere deep inside him. For a moment, I thought I was going to collapse, and below me it felt as if he was going to collapse, but we both managed to keep our balance as my orgasm ripped through me and into him.

I made one final thrust and that one caught him off balance, and he sort of crumpled roughly into a heap atop the toilet bowl. As he went down, I pulled back, my cock sliding from his asshole and suddenly released from the tight harbour it had been lodged in. Very quickly, even as he was half-collapsed on top of the toilet, the guy was jerking himself off, and it only took him a few seconds before his come was spurting out onto the floor of the toilet stall.

I watched that with a sort of detached fascination, and then quickly tucked my cock into my underwear and zipped up my fly. Without saying anything, I turned and unlocked the door of the restroom stall and walked away, moving quickly behind the back of a guy who was standing at one of the urinal stalls.

Jesus, I wonder what he heard, I thought to myself as I made my way toward my bus with swaggering steps. I felt great that whole day, like a conquering general. Fuck you, I thought to myself all afternoon. I owned your ass.

Scenario #5

I have to get out of here, I thought, as I stared straight ahead, trying to concentrate on just emptying my bladder and I closed my eyes, trying to escape from this weird situation. What’s happening to me? I’m not really turned on by this. I mean I’m not…

And then my train of thought was derailed entirely as I felt a strange sensation. The man was touching my cock! I had been standing there with my hard-on, eyes closed, and he must have taken that as some sort of invitation.

As his first caresses turned to full-on stroking, I managed to speak up, to tell him to stop. “Wait, stop,” I started to say, but my mouth wasn’t working right, and I heard myself say something that sounded more like like a moaned “wayyyyyy…..”.

That spurred him on even more, and now he was stroking my cock even faster. My eyes were still shut, and they were so heavy, like I had been listening to a hypnotist and told I couldn’t open them.

But I could suddenly sense the man’s face next to mine, and he began whispering in my ear in a low constant stream of words. “You like it, huh? You like to show me the cock. I can tell. I can tell. You like to get it jerked off. Such a pretty cock…”

Then he broke off, and a second later a felt a strange moistness. He was sticking the tip of his tongue in my ear! This seemed particularly gross. But it was also curiously intimate, and combined with the sensation his handjob was providing, it sent a quiver down my spine. After wiggling the tip of his tongue in my ear-hole, he withdrew, and a second later I felt his tongue licking and kissing the base of my neck.

I was rooted in place, unable to move, hardly able to breathe, feeling a strange electricity as he licked and sucked on my neck for a few moments with slurping pressure. Then he was licking my earlobe and that released another wave of strange pleasure.

And then he was whispering to me again. “I see you like it so much. Your cock is so hard, hey? I think now you want me to suck it, yes?”

It was some sort of involuntary impulse, and I was surprised to feel that I was nodding back to him. I still couldn’t speak, and still couldn’t open my eyes.

I could feel him drop to his knees beside me, and gripping my hips, he rotated me so I was turned away from the urinal. And then, wetness against my cock. His tongue was warm and smooth and moved up and down my pole, licking it several times before his mouth engulfed me.

The fact that I was in a public restroom wasn’t anywhere in my mind. The only thing registering was that I was receiving the greatest blowjob I’d ever had. Or as least, the one with most intense sensations. The rising pleasure was so strong, I was a little surprise that I wasn’t instantly exploding to orgasm. But either the strange disembodied shock I felt or some skill he had kept me from going over the edge. But as he moved his lips up and down my shaft, it was getting closer… and closer…

And then he stopped. The sudden loss of his mouth on my cock shocked me, and dropped my inner tsunami to a mere wave of pleasure. I thought this was some way of teasing me before he finished me, and I heard him say, “so… you like it?”

I was trying to find my words again, and tell him in more than a muttered mush to keep going, when I heard a voice respond, “yeah dude, but I want that mouth on me.”

The languorous trance I was instantly broke, and my eyes snapped open. For a couple seconds, everything was a flood of blurry brightness until my vision adjusted. And then I saw the guy standing beside us. Where did he come from?

He was tall and scraggly with long, unwashed hair. I couldn’t tell if he was homeless or merely an unkempt surfer type — I couldn’t even tell his age. I hardly even noticed his face, as once my eyes were focused, he was unzipping his fly, and pulling out his cock — and it was all I could look at.

What a beast! Even in its mostly-flaccid state, the thick tube drooped impressively out of his jeans. It was no surprise that the guy who had been sucking me was equally impressed, and all at once, he shuffled over and started sucking this new cock.

Working on that with a frenzied effort, it didn’t take him long to get the bum/surfer dude fully hard, and indeed his cock was an amazing thing: as thick as my wrist and at least three inches longer than me, I could see the eager cocksucker’s mouth stretching wide to take it in.

It was really unexpected how much the sight of that huge cock turned me on. And watching him get a blowjob was, strangely, almost as exciting as having my own cock getting sucked. I was still frozen in place, and as I watched I actually felt drool trickling down my chin from the side of my mouth.

After a couple minutes, the guy must have needed a break from that monster, as he twisted over and began sucking on my cock again. I was relishing the return of the sensations of his tongue sliding around the underside of my cockhead, when the bum/surfer cleared his throat. “I want MY cock sucked,” he said in a commanding voice.

Without hesitation, the mouth pulled off of me and returned to the alpha cock. The scruffy dude was grinning, and he looked over at me. “Dude, why don’t you get down there and help him?”

I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. “I’m not g… I mean… I’m…” He gave me a hard look that somehow stopped my babbling. I looked back down as his tool and felt a weird quiver. I felt hypnotized again, but this time in a different way. I awkwardly dropped to my knees.

Once I was down beside the other guy, he pulled off, and, holding the base of the big cock, pointed it toward my face. Once it was there, right in front of me, I felt a weird sense of compulsion and I quickly leaned forward, opening my mouth as widely as possible.

This probably isn’t the best cock for a first time, ran through my mind. It seemed like a struggle to get the head of the guy’s cock in my mouth, and it didn’t seem like I could take any more. But once I could feel it — could feel his cock on my lips and against my cheeks, it felt natural. My tongue was struggling to trace the underside of the thing in my mouth. It was so warm! It’s alive! It’s moving!

As I did my best to take in more of him, the other guy’s tongue was licking broad strokes up and down his shaft. I tried to slide my lips up and down, but it felt like I was hardly moving. I could hardly breathe — I felt like I was going to gag — and by instinct, I pulled my mouth off the thick knob.

The other guy quickly took my place, and though he was able to take in way more of the shaft than me, there was still plenty left over for me to imitate his idea and lick it up and down. After a while, he pulled off and I took over again, taking his cock into my mouth a little more naturally this time. And I tried my best to suck him off, the other guy crouched lower and started licking the heavy, droopy balls under the big cock.

When he switched off again — I was able to go longer this time before I felt that gagging sensation kick in — I once more imitated the other guy and went in to lick the tall man’s balls. The smell was overpowering and strange. It seemed pretty certain that the guy hadn’t showered for several days, and there was a pungent mix of sweat, musk and piss wafting from him. Maybe he is a wino, I thought to myself. Still, that didn’t stop me from exploring his balls with my tongue. The texture was strange and exciting, as was the taste that went with that funky smell. In fact, I was quickly enjoying this more than the blowjob proper — maybe because it just seemed easier.

After we switched back and forth one more time, it finally seemed as if the guy was getting close. My cocksucking partner took over for good now, and as he mounted his final assault on this flesh tower, he also reached over and started to jerk me off. By this point, as I was still savoring the taste and musk of this guy’s balls, it just seemed to make sense that I should reach over and return the favor, so soon, as both of our mouths were working on this impressive cock, our hands were stroking each other’s dicks.

My partner came first, and with a twitch I could feel him shooting his semen on my hand as I kept rubbing his cock. That unique sensation was enough to put me over the edge, and quickly I was coming too. As we both finished, my partner pulled off from the thick cock towering over us, and he lifted his slick hand to jerk the guy off. The fact that he was using my semen as lube for a handjob gave me a final strange burst of excitement, and I closed my eyes for a second to let that sink in.

When I opened them, I could tell that the surfer/bum was nearly there, and seconds later, his cock exploded, shooting jet after jet right into my partner’s face. He made no effort to dodge the torrent of gooey, white fluid, patiently sliding his hand up and down until he had drained every drop from the thick cock.

As he kept slowly stroking it up and down, he turned his head back to me, and once more pressed his lips to my ear. As I heard him mutter some indistinct message to me, I could feel the come on his face being smeared against my ear.

When he stopped talking to me and moved away, everything suddenly snapped into place and I remembered where I was. Looking around me, I suddenly realized I was on my knees in a public restroom, my cock out, and three loads of come dripping onto the tiled floor.

I nearly panicked, and stood up with a sudden lurch. I was dizzy and disoriented and needed a second to keep from tripping on my own legs. As I struggled to regain my balance, the surfer/wino dude calmly tucked his cock, shriveling back to its resting state, into his pants and zipped up. I struggled to do the same while my cocksucking partner, in less of a rush, stayed on the floor, stroking his now-limp cock.

I turned to walk away, but was stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

“Hey, you need more practice,” the tall scruffy dude said to me. I looked at his dirty clothes, his long, stringy hair and gaunt face and felt like I was going to puke. But the sensation quickly dropped away when he added, “I come here every day.”

Without saying anything, I turned and walked out of the restroom, awkwardly shuffling toward my bus.

As soon as I got to work I went to the restroom, to try and wash off the remnants of sticky come in my ear and the hair around it. It was then, looking in the mirror in the restroom I saw the red mark on my neck — the guy who had sucked my cock had given me a hickey! I felt like I was marked to the world as the sort of guy who has gay sex in bus station restrooms.

Scenario #6

I have to get out of here, I thought, as I stared straight ahead, trying to concentrate on just emptying my bladder but for a moment, I was frozen in place. I closed my eyes and tried to crowd my surroundings out of my head. It took some time, but finally I was able to finish peeing. The whole time, the guy beside me kept jerking off.

I zipped up and left the restroom as quickly as I could. I felt embarrassed and like I had somehow been taken advantage of. There was a ticket collector working at one of the gates not far from the washroom, so on an impulse I stopped as I walked by him.

“Excuse me,” I said. There was no one coming in past him and he looked up from his chair. “There’s a man in the restroom who is…” I didn’t know how to state this out loud. “Who is… exposing himself.”

“Oh, geez, not again,” the collector said. He was about to reach down for the walkie-talkie on his belt when another figure stepped in beside us.

The collector looked up at him. “Flasher in the men’s room,” he said to the new man. He was another transit employee, but wearing a different sort of uniform.

“Transit security,” he said, nodding at me. “Thanks for reporting. We’ve had problems with this before. Can you come to my office for just a minute? If you can help with identification, it helps us to charge him, and maybe stop this behavior.”

“I have to get to work…” I began.

“This will just be a minute of your time. Right over here.” He started walking away, and the authority in his voice somehow made me fall into step behind him, looking over all of the gear dangling from his belt. A little further along, he pulled out his keys, unlocked a door, and stepped in.

We were in a room that would have been a regular office were it not for the bank of security monitors taking up one wall. he turned to me. “I’m going to get the creep. Just wait here a minute.”

He left, the door clicking behind him. For a few moments, I was fascinated by the grainy views on the screens in front of me, each one flicking from one security camera to another every few seconds. Then, as the situation at hand began to sink in, I started feeling uncomfortable. Wait, what am I supposed to do? Yell “j’accuse!” when he brings the guy in? What if this guy denies it? Or what if…

My thoughts were interrupted as the door opened again as the man who had been at the urinal stepped in with the security guy close behind him. I was expecting the man to be instantly angry at me for turning him in, but he just gave me a look that I couldn’t read.

The door shut with a heavy thump once again, and the Security guy motioned for the man to stand with his back against it. There was a sticker with feet and inches on one side of the door frame, like you see when you leave a convenience store.

“This man says he saw you exposing yourself in the public restroom,” Security said to the man. “We need to confirm it was you he saw.”

“Is this the man you saw?” Security asked me, his intimidating gaze directed at the man.

“I was trying not to look at his face!” I blurted out.

Security half-turned and looked at me over his shoulder. “So, it was like that, huh?” He turned back to the other man. “Drop your pants.”

I was shocked by this. “Wait! That doesn’t seem necess-”

Security, his back to me, cut me off with a wave of his hand. The other guy, meanwhile, seemed less troubled by this and was undoing his belt. He dropped his pants and boxers to his knees. His cock, still half-erect, sprung out.

“Again: is this the man you saw?”

I was sputtering and confused. And meanwhile, the other guy seemed completely nonplussed. In fact, while Security and I both stood there staring at him, he once again started absent-mindedly stroking his cock.

“I mean, yes, that’s the guy… but I wasn’t looking at him! I had to close my eyes! I…” I realized I was almost babbling and cut myself off.

“Well,” Security said, looking at the man. “It looks like you’re in some trouble. It’s unlawful to be soliciting sex in a public restroom.”

Then he turned to me. “And you… what a sorry sight. Try to get picked up, and then you don’t have the guts to go through with it? And then you try and narc this guy out? That makes me sick.”

I was shocked. “Wait… what? No, no… I wasn’t.”

He walked over to a large computer monitor below the wall of security screens, and jabbed at a keyboard. Suddenly the restroom was on the screen, a shot of the urinals, and the backs of the men using them. Suddenly I walked into the frame, standing there as the middle guy finished, and I walked up to the urinal. The third man finished and left. And then I stood there… and stood there. In the grainy black-and white footage, I could see the other guy’s hand moving, and could see him staring at me. This must have been when I was blocking everything out, trying to finish peeing, but I couldn’t believe how long I was standing there for! Finally, I zipped up and left with lurching steps that looked like I was going to trip over my own feet.

Security tapped a key and the image disappeared. He looked up at me. “If you weren’t cruising, what were you waiting around for? Free pizza?”

“No! I was just trying to piss and get out of there! I wasn’t…”

He looked to the other guy, who had been taking all this in, and was still absent-mindedly stroking himself. “Did he say anything to you?” Security asked.

The guy spoke for the first time. “Yeah. He say he want to get his cock sucked so badly, and…”

“NO!” I shouted, more forcefully than I meant. They both looked at me. “I didn’t say anything!”

“Oh, shut up!” Security said. His harsh glare was aimed straight at me. “Guys like him I can kinda understand. It’s you holier-than-thou closeted types that really get my craw. Drop your pants.”

I was so busy trying to figure out how to explain this that his last instruction didn’t sink in until I was muttering something and he repeated himself. Suddenly, the confusing severity of this situation hit me.

Security pulled the nightstick out from his belt. “Look. Don’t make me say this a third time. You don’t want to escalate this to attempted assault on an officer of the peace. Because then….” — he smacked the tip of the club against his other palm a couple times — “I’d have to defend myself.”

Holy shit! This pig is going to beat me up if I don’t do what he says! I was almost panicking now. Sizing him up, it looked like he wouldn’t hesitate. He was still staring at me.

Terrified, I grabbed at my belt, unbuckled it, and fumbled at the button on my pants. Shakily undoing my zipper, I dropped my trousers, and my briefs as well, knowing if I didn’t I’d be asking for trouble. Security turned to the other guy, who was watching me with some interest.

“Is this the man who solicited you for oral sex?” he asked him.

The other man nodded, and with a solemn expression said, “yes, officer.”

Security nodded. “All right then,” he said. “Go ahead.”

What? Once again, I couldn’t process what was going on. But the other guy seemed much quicker on the uptake. Walking with the awkward shuffle of a guy with his pants down, he made his way across the room, dropping to his knees when he was in front of me.

Without waiting for further instruction, he started licking my cock. I looked around, feeling almost like I was going to float out of myself. Now, his mouth took in the head of my tool, and I could feel his tongue swirling around it.

I could not believe what was happening. While the security agent looked on, this man was giving me head! And then, suddenly I realized that my cock was responding. He was getting me hard! That made me feel almost ill, and for a queasy moment, everything seemed locked in a strange tug of war.

And then everything wasn’t, and a rush of pleasure overtook me. I closed my eyes, and suddenly felt like I could abandon myself to the sensations that this man was giving me.

And then I felt a soft poke in my kidney. Not enough to cause pain, but it certainly jolted my eyes open. “Hey dreamboat,” Security said, dropping his baton back to his side, “you better pay attention. I’ll show you what this faggot really wants.”

That said, he undid his zipper and fished out his cock. He stepped up so he was standing shoulder to shoulder with me. Without hesitating, the other guy spat my cock out of his mouth and turned his attention to the security agent’s member. I was looking down, as I thought Security would yell at me if I looked away. Something about his cock confused me… and then I realized he had a foreskin. The other guy’s hand ran down the length of it, pulling the sheath back and revealing Security’s cockhead. Then his mouth was on it, quickly moving his head up and down.

“That’s right,” Security said. “Fuckin’ get me hard.” The guy pulled off for a moment and I was shocked at how large Security’s cock had grown to. The guy raised his hand and began to jerk him off while he turned his head back and sucked on my cock some more.

Very much to my surprise, all of this was turning me on. Not just the feeling from getting a blowjob — a very good blowjob. But the sight of the hard cock beside me as well. And then watching the guy switch back and forth as he’d bob up and down on one cock for a few seconds, then quickly turn to the other.

After a couple minutes, the guy was engulfing Security’s cock, and about to alternate back to mine. But Security put his hand on the back of the guy’s head, and held him there. And then, a few seconds later, he had both hands gripping the back of the guy’s skull. Soon, he was using his grip to move the guy’s head back and forth, controlling his movements up and down his cock.

“That’s right, you’re nothing but a fuck toy to me,” Security said. Now, he was holding the guy’s head still, and thrusting his hips in and out, fucking the guy’s mouth. Amazingly, the guy seemed to be enjoying this, and while his mouth was getting plundered, he kept stroking my cock.

I was incredibly turned on at this point, and it looked like Security was aroused too, as suddenly, he pushed the guy’s head back with a sudden shove, almost sending him tumbling over backwards. “That’s a fucking good mouth there, but I want something else. Go bend over the desk there.”

As the guy struggled to stand up and shuffle over to the desk, Security looked at me as well. “You too,” he said. “I’ve got something for both of you.”

There was no point in complaining, and in a few seconds I was standing beside the guy, both of us leaning forward, sticking our asses out. I could sense Security behind us.

“Obviously someone was looking for a blowjob, and someone was looking to suck a cock. So I think I’ve established guilt here. And now, it’s clear that you deserve punishment. Keep looking forward and don’t say a fucking thing.” For a few seconds, we both did just that, listening to footsteps pace back and forth behind us. Then there was a sudden snap! and the guy beside me winced. He muttered something indistinct, but cut his words off. And then, before I could totally figure out what had happened, there was, all at once, another snap! and an intense jolt of pain.

Something had just lashed my buttocks. Snap! and the other guy winced, and snap! and it was my turn, on my other asscheek. Now I was beginning to process sensations beyond just pain. Security wasn’t spanking us with his hand. It felt more solid and narrower. A ruler? I wondered, but not for long as the jolts of pain continued. Back and forth, left and right.

And once again I was surprised, as every jolt on my buttocks also sent a strange surge to my still-hard cock. Am I getting turned on by this? I wondered through the haze. As it continued, and I began to feel dissociated from the immediate pain, that seemed to be the case. My body was surging in such an unusual way, like electricity was running through me.

And then, it suddenly stopped. The constant jolts were replaced by a burning stinging sensation where the blows had landed. I felt the guy beside me wince. And then a different feeling — something cool and slippery. It felt like Security was spreading lotion across my abused ass, and it took the sting away. a final dollop was squeezed between my buttocks and began to trickle down my asscrack. And then something — the security agent’s finger — was pushing the cream into my asshole.

I guess I know what happens next, was the only thought in my mind. There was a larger intrusion. It felt perhaps like he had added a second finger. I could sense that the guy beside me was getting the same treatment. But he was smiling and seemed to be enjoying it. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations, and soon I could understand what he was feeling. To my surprise, it did not feel unpleasant to have this man’s fingers pushing in and out of my asshole. Once again, I was just starting to really enjoy the sensation, when it stopped and the fingers disappeared.

The guy beside me stiffened, and then relaxed as his body was pushed forward against the desk. He was being penetrated by the security agent! He was still smiling and let out a small moan as his body juddered with increased intensity. It looked like Security was buggering him with great vigor. I was turned on by what I could sense and see out of the corner of my eye, and fearful what was going to happen to me. When, after several minutes, the bucking beside me began to slow down, I thought to myself, I guess I’m next.

And a few seconds later, I felt something pressing against my asshole. Here it comes! In a blaze of white-heat, pain and unusual pleasure, I felt him press into me. It felt like a baseball bat pushing into me! How could his cock be so thick? Momentarily forgetting the instructions, I looked back, and at once it all made sense. The security agent wasn’t fucking me — he was forcing his baton into my asshole.

“Oh, fuck,” I half moaned. What strength I had eased out of me, and I almost collapsed into the desk below me. But that must have relaxed my body, for all at once, the rounded tip of the billy club found its way past my sphincter and pushed inside me. Deep inside me. So deep…

I couldn’t believe how much of the thing had been shoved up my ass. And then, I felt it pulling out. That left a sensation of an emptiness that I had never felt before, and I involuntarily moaned again. As if on cue, the stick was shoved into me again, so violently my head almost hit the monitor in front of it.

And so it began. With mechanical intensity, my ass was being fucked by the security agent’s nightstick. It wasn’t gentle, but the thrusts were consistent and I soon felt a wave of pleasure each time the thing was rammed into me.

I was dizzy, almost delirious, lost in this strange pleasure. At one point, I looked up at the monitor above my head. It flickered and switched to a view of the restroom. A tall, scraggly man, who looked like a hobo, was standing by the urinals. But he wasn’t using them — and as I looked closer, I realized he was calmly standing there, with his pants unzipped and his cock hanging out. Then the monitor flickered again and changed to another camera along the train platform.

My eyes unfocused and I lost track of where I was, until at last it stopped. My body was surging with pleasure like I had never experienced before. I was limp as Security roughly grabbed my shoulders and basically flipped me over. I was almost flopped backwards on the desk, and he was standing between my legs, looming over me. Our erections were almost touching.

The other guy — I had nearly forgotten about his presence — was now beside us, and he reached down and started stroking both of our cocks. It didn’t take long before the security agent began to come, his semen shooting in powerful jets onto my cock, some of it reaching back to my shirt. That sensation, the strange warmth of it, sent me over the edge, and now I was coming too. The guy pulled back my cock so that all of my semen shot upward, and then landed, mixing with the other goo dribbling through my pubic hair. Then his hand hand went to his cock and he was stroking himself so rapidly his hand was a blur until he, too, ejaculated on my cock.

And then, in a final surprise, the guy leaned forward and began to lick up the three loads of semen. With eager strokes of his tongue, he quickly cleaned me until there were no traces left, even lifting up my balls to catch the rivulets that had seeped through.

He stood, tucked his cock in his pants and smoothed his shirt. I tried to do the same, only to find I could barely stand. I was stiff and sore in places I had never felt anything before. But somehow, I also managed to collect myself.

By the time I looked up from tucking in my shirt, the security agent was looming over me again, his uniform immaculate as if nothing unusual had happened in his workday.

“Now look,” he said. “I don’t want the hassle of all the paperwork this would take, so I’m going to give you a warning: this is my turf, so don’t let me catch you with your peckers out here again. I’ve been known to get rough.”

I swallowed. If that wasn’t rough, what else does he…?

He walked to the door and opened it, nodding as if to dismiss us. The other guy and I both walked through and out into the quiet, normal world. The lights seemed unusually bright. Without looking at him or saying anything, I turned and made my way to the bus bay. He punished me, and I deserved it, I thought to myself, feeling regret mixed with some sort of anticipation. There were seats on my route, which was usual, but I stood the whole way. I could still feel the stinging on my ass — and a weird pulsing in my asshole — and I wasn’t sure if I could handle sitting down.

Scenario #7

I have to get out of here, I thought as I stared straight ahead, trying to concentrate on just emptying my bladder and as I did so, I felt a sense of anger rising up inside me. Who is this guy to invade my space like this? That burst of adrenaline sent a little jolt through my system and my cock softened. I finally managed to finish pissing. I furtively looked over and the guy was still stroking his cock.

Well fuck you! I thought. With my left hand, on the opposite side of the guy, I pulled out my phone, and I managed to slide the touchscreen, tap in my code and choose the camera app. In one quick motion I half-turned, stepped back and raised up the phone.

“Hey, creep!” I said, my voice was much louder than I meant it to be and it echoed through the room. But it got the guy’s attention and he looked over at me. When he did, I tapped the shutter button and took his picture. “I got you, fucker,” I said with an air of triumph.

But that didn’t last long, as instead of being frightened and acting “caught”, he simply smiled.

Matching my motion, he also turned away from his urinal, facing me. Still smiling, he looked in my eyes and began jerking off again.

With that fuck-you anger still in my chest, I took another picture. But now it didn’t seem like I was shaming him for what he was doing. Quite the contrary — he was very obviously turned on, and stroking his cock more rapidly now.

Having lost all my momentum, I was momentarily frozen in place, watching him.

And then he spoke. “Keep going,” he said, in a conversational voice, as if we were sharing a playful moment. Oh yeah, I’d love to take more pictures of this creepy guy’s dick.

But almost involuntarily, I did just that, following his suggestion and snapping another picture of the man. Still half-heartedly following my plan to get his picture to shame him or identify him somehow, I zoomed in and took a picture of his face. And then, though I can’t really say why, I aimed down and took a zoomed-in picture of his cock.

Seeing what I was doing, the guy stopped jerking off, as if to proudly show off his member without his hand in the way. Running on automatic now, I took another picture. The the guy half-turned, to show off his cock in profile, and I pressed the shutter button again.

Then he turned back and stepped toward me. “Well, you tried to be all rough trade, but I can see that you like it!” He was looking lower than my eyes.

I looked down at myself, and all at once, I realized that not only was my cock still pulled out of my pants, but it was jutting out at full erection. As I looked down at it, confused, a droplet of clear pre-come oozed out from the slit.

He stepped forward again, so that the tips of our cocks were almost touching. And then he leaned forward, and they did touch. I shuddered as a strange jolt of electricity ran through me.

With a friendly laugh, he shuffle-slid over so that his cock was parallel to mine, two pinkish protrusions bobbing slightly under the fluorescent light. “Well, that’s a picture,” he said.

I was still just reacting, and not really thinking. And so I followed his suggestion and took a picture of our two cocks. Once I was done, he reached down and gripped my shaft.

My body jerked stiffly, and then relaxed as he started stroking my hard-on. I realized I’d been holding my breath and released it in a gasp. It felt intensely good to have this man touching my cock.

“You better put that away,” he suggested, nodding toward my phone. “It looks like you’re about to drop it and break the screen.” I was feeling wobbly and loose-limbed, so it made sense to shove my phone in my pocket.

And then… I can’t explain it. My hand was now empty… his cock was there in front of me. He was giving me a handjob and it felt wonderful. So I reached down and started stroking his cock. It seemed to follow.

His cock felt so strange in my hand, so unlike the familiar experience of touching my own. It seemed intensely warm, and spongy-hard in a weird way. But my hand knew what to do, and quickly I was jerking him off, matching the strokes of his hand on my cock.

He looked at my face, a warm glint in his eye. “See how nice it is? What was it you were so angry about? This is what you wanted to do… why were you fighting it?”

I didn’t quite answer with words, just swallowed hard and kept moving my hand up and down his shaft… experiencing the pleasure that he was giving to me, and, unexpectedly, feeling a strange tingling sensation from giving him pleasure. The room felt so warm… and so bright… and suddenly I was ejaculating.

Somehow he managed to cup the palm of his hand over my cockhead to catch my come while still stroking me as my orgasm continued, and then subsided. I was gasping, feeling like I’d been running on a treadmill despite the fact I was rooted in place.

I felt his hand move away from my cock, and he raised it to his smiling lips. Holding his palm upward like a bowl, I could see my milky semen pooled there. He nodded forward, raised his hand to his pursed lips, and sucked it in in the manner one slurps an oyster from a shell.

Shocked, I watched him swallow, and then lick his lips. Then he leaned into me, and his lips, sticky with my come, kissed my cheek, which felt burningly warm.

Working automatically, I had been stroking his cock without interruption, and as he held his lips to my cheek, I felt his cock twitch, and I knew he was coming as well. I didn’t have the presence of mind to try and catch his load as it spurted out.

With a quick peck, he kissed me again, this time on the lips. And then he took a step back, stuffing his cock into his pants and zipping up.

As I did the same, he spoke again. “Get your phone out. Let me give you my number. I want to see those pictures!”

I tapped his number into my contacts list, and after quickly leaning in to me one last time to rub his thumb across my cheek, as if wiping it clean, he stepped back and gestured formally. “I thank you,” he said.

“Yeah… thanks.” my words were mumbled and hardly clear, and a few seconds later, I walked past him and out of the restroom. As I headed away, I was distracted, half-watching a tall, scraggly man who looked like a wino arguing loudly with a fare collector. It wasn’t until I sat down on my bus that I noticed the wet stain of the guy’s semen on the front of my pants.

To distract myself from that embarrassment, I unlocked my phone. I looked at the pictures of the cock that had put that blotch on my trousers. It felt like I was getting a hard-on again already. With a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, I tapped the screen and sent the pictures to the number the guy had given me…

…and, much to my surprise, six months later, we are still meeting up to play with each other’s cocks — but it’s usually in private now. He’s taught me so much.

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