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Public Service

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Most of my friends and family would agree that I seem to have a knack for knowing about things before they happen. Call it precognition. Sometimes the knowledge comes in dreams, sometimes just a hunch, sometimes in the guiding voice I’ve learned to listen to. This knack is often handy, like the day I postponed a trip to the bank to deposit some checks, only to learn that it was being robbed just about the time I would have arrived. And sometimes, the foreknowledge gets me in trouble.

I awakened before dawn one morning from an intense and erotic dream, and literally pounced on my surprised but very obliging husband, grabbing him by his morning hard-on and pulling him onto me. I was fully aroused by the images so recently coursing through my mind and he slid right in, his dick awake even if his mind wasn’t quite up to speed. No long, tender lovemaking that morning – just a hot, deep fuck, exactly what the doctor ordered. By his third thrust I was coming, moaning in pleasure, my tightly clutching pussy wrenching him into high gear. Pushing my knees up toward my chest, he mumbled “Damn, girl, what got you so hot?” and began to pump me like a jackhammer, his thrusts short and intense. He was soon groaning as his dick fired half a dozen spurts of cum into me, and he collapsed onto my breasts, his breath ragged against my throat.

“What prompted that?” he asked in amazement, rolling off onto his side, his eyes bleary with sleep and pleasure.

I chuckled and contemplated whether to tell him. “A dream I was having, at least until the damn cat woke me up. His timing was terrible.”

“Must have been some dream, baby”. He looked at me curiously. “You wanna tell me about it?”

I proceeded to relate the dream, which involved him bringing home a guy to help him fuck me. “Somehow, you became friends with this young black cop named Charlie, and had told him that I was interested in a three-way with you and another guy. He liked the idea, so you surprised me by bringing him home one evening after work.”

“Hmm, sounds like things got interesting…” my now-intrigued spouse mused. “Was he any good?”

I chuckled, blushing. “Let’s just say Charlie had made the right choice to go into public service and really knew how to use his ‘night stick’.” We both laughed, although the memory of Charlie’s thick black dick still made my pussy throb.

My husband could see from the far-away look in my eyes that this fantasy really did something for me. “Would you really like to try something like that someday – I mean, with the right person?”

“You find Charlie, and I’d do it in a heartbeat!” He knew right then I meant every word.

Now, understand that although we’ve tried our share of creative sexual experiences, adding another man to our lovemaking was something neither of us expected we’d actually do. Relegate that one to the drawer of potent fantasies to be dragged out on a dull night or for masturbation when the vibrator alone didn’t do it for me. I’ve always been the more adventurous of the two of us, although my husband has generally been quite willing to fulfill my fantasies. He’s just not usually the sort who thinks these crazy ideas up or finds a way to put them into action.

That fall, my husband joined a darts league, a sport he’d enjoyed when we first started dating. I had encouraged him to get out more in the hopes that he’d make some friends and maybe spend less time nuking demons on his computer. After a few games, he began to get his throwing arm back and seemed to be having a pretty good season. He often returned home late on Thursday nights in a merry, convivial mood, having nursed a beer or two and reveled in the general ambience of the bar where his league played. Although he was usually too mellow to be romantically inclined on those evenings, I didn’t really mind. As he opened up, our marriage got sweeter and more passionate, too. Not a bad trade off, to my way of thinking.

Every once in a while he’d call from the bar before heading home, jazzed from all the energy of a good game, and tell me to be waiting for him. This was his signal that he wanted a hot fuck when he got home. I’d turn down the lights, and put on some mellow music, then hop into the shower. Quickly toweling dry, I’d brush out my long dark hair, slip on something interesting, and play with myself until I was good and wet, just the way he liked me.

From time to time, my horny little mind wandered back to the dream about Charlie, the images racing through my overheated imagination. It wasn’t the color of his skin that got me so hot. I’d had a couple of black lovers in college, enjoying the novelty but not finding them as assertive as I wanted. Maybe it was the uniform… My dad had worked in law enforcement and our home was always full of a stream of young men in uniforms. Heaven forbid that a one of them ever laid hands on me, and they knew it. The Old Man’s daughter was Off Limits. No matter how hard I flirted and teased, I never got one of those earnest young cops out of his dress blues and into my tight cotton panties.

One afternoon, as I was sitting at my desk paying bills, I heard an unexpected knock at the door. I was annoyed at the interruption but rose to answer, expecting school children selling candy again or the Jehovah’s Witnesses come to save my soul. Instead, I found myself facing a young police officer. A young black police officer.

“Can I help you?” I asked, puzzled.

“Good afternoon, Ma’am. I’m Officer Cunningham. Are you aware that there have been a number of break-ins in your neighborhood?” In fact I was, and had been concerned about the problem. “The Department has us out offering free checks of the citizens’ homes and making suggestions about how to improve security. Would you like for me to look over your house for you?”

I was actually a little nervous. First, the house was a mess, and secondly, I didn’t know this guy and didn’t usually make a habit of letting unfamiliar men into my home while there alone. Then I felt silly – he was a police officer, after all. What could be safer that that? “Sure,” I said, unlatching the door. “Come on in. I’m sorry about all the mess…”

He smiled gorgeously and I suddenly realized what an attractive guy he was. “Don’t worry – my place is a mess, too!” I led him through the house to the back and side doors and he made a few simple recommendations on improving the locks. “How about the window latches? Do you lock your windows, too?” As he passed by me, I caught a whiff of the after shave he was wearing, something spicy and subtle, and appraised his broad shoulders and tight, rounded ass, so smug in the crisp dark uniform slacks he wore. He was a big guy, probably six two, with the mass that indicated he’d probably played football somewhere.

We wandered from room to room, me making small talk and scoping him out as he checked the window latches and fire alarms. His hair was cropped short, and he wore a neatly trimmed mustache above his full, sensual mouth. My mind was going a million miles an hour and I could feel the heat building in my belly. He turned, “Now what about your bedroom? That’s where most of these break-ins have occurred. We need to be sure you’ll be safe.”

I led him into our bedroom, noticing the sheets still flung back from this morning and my negligee where I had thrown it across the foot of the bed. He glanced at me and smiled again, that warm gold and ivory grin, and then I happened to read his nametag: Officer Charles Cunningham. Charlie. Oh shit. I must have turned pale or gulped or something, because he immediately moved to steady me.

“Is something wrong, Ma’am? Here, why don’t you sit down…” He moved me to the bedside, his luminous dark eyes searching mine. “Can I get you something? Some water?” I shook my head dumbly, too overwhelmed with the weirdness of the situation and my arousal to speak. For a long minute we just looked at each other, searching faces for information, desire, permission. After what seemed like hours, he grinned again and whispered huskily, “I know just what you need, Ma’am, and I’ll be happy to help you out. After all, public service is what it’s all about.”

His hand, large and warm, cupped my cheek as he stepped forward and bent to kiss me, enveloping my mouth with his soft, full lips. I groaned and leaned into him, my arms enfolding his narrow waist, conscious of the ripple of muscles under his shirt. His thick tongue parried with my own as his hands found their way up to release the pin which contained my hair and buried themselves in the dark curls that tumbled down. Through my T-shirt, I could feel the bulk of his chest, his service weapon, mace and radio providing odd counterpoint to the sleekness of his body. Against my belly I could feel the bulk of his cock straining against the twill of his slacks and I ached to free and worship it. He slid one hand down my back to my waist and up under the thin cotton of my shirt to cup my breast, thumbing the already erect nipple. I arched involuntarily to his touch, and reached to gently squeeze his bulging hard-on. His dark eyes dilated and he groaned softly. Giving my breast a last tweak, he stepped back a pace and placed both of his hands on his hips, the perfect picture of a police officer who means business.

“Now Ma’am, don’t you know there are consequences for fondling an officer of the law?” He began to unbutton his uniform shirt, the white undershirt beneath taut across his massive chest. “You’ll need to do just what I say, and don’t make things any harder on yourself that they already are.” At this, he grinned again, and stripped off the navy shirt and white tee. The breadth of his chest gleamed like walnut, sparsely furred with tight black curls and adorned with small ebony nipples. God in heaven, he was every bit as gorgeous as in my dream, and standing before me in the flesh. What would my husband say? Hell, did I even care? My pussy rippled in anticipation, my wetness soaking through the crotch of my jeans, spreading the musk of my desire.

“Take off your shirt. Now!” He nodded at me, prompting. I slipped off the purple T-shirt, my full, heavy breasts jostling each other, their carmine tips hard with desire. Charlie whistled. “Now that’s a lotta evidence!” He began to undo his service belt, slowly slipping the thick leather free of the brass buckle, and shifting the heavy assemblage to one hand. He carefully laid the belt with its holstered revolver and other gear across the dresser, within easy reach, then turned back to me. “Seems to be heatin’ up in here.” My eyes were glued on his crotch like a starving man fixed on a gourmet meal. Noticing my hungry stare, he prompted, “I got something you need, Ma’am?” I dumbly nodded, my free hand snaking down to my crotch.

Charlie grinned again, and kicking off his brogans and socks, he began to unzip his trousers. Like a cobra emerging from a basket, his cock sprung out long and thick, the tip a dusky plum already oozing precum. Lord, I wanted him in my mouth. “Take off your jeans!” he ordered, stepping out of his own slacks to stand naked and rampant beside the bed, “…and lay back.” Who was I to argue with a police officer, especially one waving a substantial cudgel at me?

Shaking, I slipped free of my jeans, my eyes fixed on his, and he stepped up to the edge of the bed and knelt, burying his face between my knees. Charlie slipped his big hands under my ass, cradling my full cheeks, and began to inhale my scent, all the more musky with my arousal. “Baby, you smell so sweet, and I want me some of that sugar,” he whispered, covering my trembling inner thighs and pussy lips with the lightest of kisses. Blowing his heated breath softly over my rising clit, he nuzzled his full mouth between the petals of my sex and began to lap hungrily at my pussy, slipping his thick tongue into my vagina to draw forth the syrup that was pouring out. The delicate fringe of his mustache tickled at the tender flesh of my swollen clitoris, and he continued to lick and suck at my flower. His tongue, lips and face were a symphony of sensations that spiraled up from my cunt into my belly and exploded out of me in a deep, shuddering wail, accompanying the orgasm that roiled through me.

Charlie kissed me playfully on the tummy and whispered “Just as sweet as he said you’d be.”


Jerked up out of the pleasure haze I drifted in, I opened my eyes and nearly fainted. There, leaning against the bedroom doorway stood my husband, slowly stroking his very erect cock with a look of pure lust on his gentle features. I began to stammer out some lame explanation, and Charlie gently placed his huge hand over my mouth. “Hush up and just enjoy it, baby.”

In a voice thick with passion, my husband spoke “Be a good girl and do what the officer tells you to do, honey.”

Charlie rose to his feet, his chocolate skin glistening with the sheen of desire. I looked from one man to the other, considered the opportunity and nodded. I know a good thing when presented with one. Or, as in this case, two.

“You know, Ma’am, an officer of the law has got to keep his equipment cleaned and ready for use at all times, and I think my nightstick needs a little bit of polishing. How ’bout you helpin’ me out?” No need to ask me twice. I slid unsteadily off the bed and onto my knees, cupping the big cop’s large balls to my face and drinking in his scent. Moistening my lips, I gently slid my open mouth up the underside of his heavy dick, almost like playing a harmonica, enjoying the subtle texture of the veins that ringed it. As I made my way to the head, I slowed, and cupping my tongue, gathered it into my hungry mouth and savoring the salty sweetness of the moisture gathered there. Intensely aware that my husband’s hungry eyes were fixed on us, I worked at Charlie’s cock with all my skill, alternately swallowing him deeply and sucking noisily at the flared head. Tonguing all the way from Charlie’s balls to the pulsing tip of his rod, I stopped to tease my tongue tip into his slit, enjoying the visceral groan that emerged from deep within him.

From his vantage point by the doorway, my husband spoke: “Why don’t you two make yourselves a little more comfortable up on the bed. That way, maybe I could join you.” I could see by the brilliance of his eyes and the way he manhandled his straining erection that he was very turned on by the hot image of his woman on her knees with another man’s dick down her throat. My pussy ached, the rosy lips swollen open to expose the ruby bud of my big clit. I could feel the moisture that trickled out of my cunt and down my inner thighs onto the hardwood floor and I knew my husband could see and smell how turned on I was.

Easing out of my grasp, Charlie lay back against the pile of pillows on our bed, his big body a landscape of gleaming dark planes and muscular curves. He wrapped his fist around the purple-black shaft of his cock and squeezed out a pearly trickle. The sight made me gasp with desire as my cunt did summersaults. I climbed up onto the bed on hands and knees, and lowered my face onto the streaming staff between Charlie’s muscular thighs. I love to suck cock almost as much as my husband loves having me do it, and I knew he was totally aware of what our guest was receiving from my skillful mouth. Humping his wet cock against me, my husband bent to lay a swath of kisses down my back as I knelt with my tail in the air, and playfully slapped my ass with his palm before sliding home into my well-lubricated cunt. “God, sweetheart, you are so wet! What a hot, horny girl you are!” One foot braced on the edge of the bed, he grasping my waist with both hands and began raking his erection in and out of my clinching pussy.

There I was, pinned between two powerful men, my mouth getting plugged by the hot young cop I dreamed about and my husband fucking me like no tomorrow. I was in heaven! Charlie steadied my head with his big hand as he pumped his ebony dick in and out of my mouth and his free hand cupped my breast. With long fingers, he pinched and tugged at the fat hard nipple he found there, working me in rhythm with his thrusts as I jerked his cock is tight, fast strokes, tugging at the glans with all the suction I could manage. Suddenly he arched and muttered, “Aw, yeah!” and I felt him flare in my mouth, straining my lips as he launched pulse after pulse of thick salty cum down my throat.

The knot of desire in my belly surged toward orgasm and I groaned with pleasure as my husband rammed his cockhead deep into me, his powerful thrusts a sure sign of his approaching climax. When he slipped his thumb, well soaked with my own juices, into my tight asshole, we both began to come, hollering with the exquisite intensity of the sensations. Deep in my belly, I could feel the jets of hot semen spurting from his dick and splattering my womb, as he clutched my body to his in ecstasy.

In the pleasure fog that followed, I was vaguely aware of my husband’s softening cock slipping out of me as I shifted to lie beside Charlie with my face pillowed on his belly. There, curled between the two of them I dozed for some time, until Charlie gently shook me and whispered “Rise and shine, sleepyhead. I gotta go to work.” He grabbed up his uniform shirt and slipped it on over his T-shirt, then reached for his pants where they lay in a heap on the floor.

Puzzled I asked, “You mean you weren’t on duty earlier?” Charlie and my sleepy husband glanced at each other and both burst out laughing.

“Well, no, not really.” Charlie grinned that gorgeous gold and ivory smile, and stepped into his navy twill slacks, tucking his heavy penis behind his shirttail and raising his zipper.

More than a little embarrassed, I noted, “I gather this whole encounter was a set up?” My husband winked and patted my hip. “You tell her, Charlie.”

“Let’s just say I understood from your old man that you wanted to cultivate a good working relationship with an officer of the law and I was happy to oblige. We throw darts in the same league.” Charlie tied his shiny brogans and buckled his belt, then checked to be sure his radio was turned on and his other equipment was settled in place. Running his big hand through his short, cropped hair, he smiled again and bent to kiss my cheek. “Yep, Public Service, that’s what it’s all about. You folks get into any trouble again, just give Officer Charlie Cunningham a call. I’d be pleased to help you out any time.”

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