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Politically Correct

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Sally was proving to be a bit of a problem. She was the new stable girl I’d hired and I have to admit her work was excellent. Not so excellent was her attitude. She could be belligerent about women’s rights one moment and then flirting and teasing the next. Her constant changing was causing a bit of tension among the rest of the stable staff.

I had already asked the head boy to have a word with her about her attitude and constant teasing, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Finally, I decided that I would have to have a friendly chat with her, so I called her into my office.

“Sally.” I greeted her with a nod as she came in, indicating that she should sit. We then discuss her work, which as I said, was excellent. I then moved on to ask her how she was settling in, and she said “Fine. No problems.”

“Unfortunately, that is not the way I see it,” I said mildly. “I do have a couple of issues that I’d like to address.”

I could see her hackles rising as I spoke. How dare I think that there might be any problems with her behaviour?

“I have observed that you tend to flirt and tease the male staff,” I told her, keeping my voice calm and civil. “From what I can see, you actually go a little overboard in this area, and it’s starting to cause me concern.”

“This is sexual harassment,” Sally stated loudly. “I don’t have to put up with it. If you continue with this I’ll have to lodge a formal complaint.”

“That is the other thing I wanted to mention,” I continued smoothly. “It seems that whenever any of the lads start to respond to your teasing and flirting, you promptly get up on your high horse and complain about sexual harassment.”

“Just because I’m friendly doesn’t mean that they can make sexist comments and expect me to take it,” Sally said, loudly. “I’m just being friendly and casual and then all of a sudden they try to come on to me. It’s not fair and I don’t have to put up with it.”

“I think wearing loose tops and no bra and letting the boys have a free peep show goes a bit beyond being friendly,” I pointed out. I was about to continue, but Sally promptly cut me off.

“How dare you.” She was almost screaming now. “I just wear casual clothes like everyone else. It’s not my fault that they’ve all got dirty minds. If this keeps up I will definitely file a sexual harassment suit. I don’t have to put up with this.”

“The reason I’m telling you this,” I continued, exasperated but trying to stay calm, “is because I’ve already had two sexual harassment complaints laid. I’ve managed to sooth irritated feelings so far, but I don’t want a third complaint raised.”

“That just goes to show what a chauvinist outfit this is,” railed Sally. “You should have a talk with the lads and tell them to smarten up their act.”

“The two complaints that I’ve had were laid against you,” I said dryly. “That’s why I’m having a chat with you to try to get you to smarten up your act. I am officially informing you of these complaints, and if there are others I may have to let you go, which I would regret, as you do an excellent job.”

Sally was flushed with fury now. People had complained about her? How dare they? She couldn’t believe it.

I continued with my little lecture, explaining that sexual harassment went both ways and it was illegal for both sexes.

“I am not going to dictate what you should wear to work, although certain standards are required. You’ll find them in the employee’s handbook. I suggest you read it. Now I want you to try to tone down the way you come on to the lads. The rest of the female staff don’t seem to have any problems.”

“Cringing housewives, the lot of them,” Sally snarled, “positive that the man is always correct. You’re not, you know!”

“Maybe not,” I told her, “but I’m the boss, and the first rule is that the boss is always correct. I suggest that you remember it.”

We discussed the situation for a few more minutes. At least, I tried to discuss. Sally just kept complaining that she was being harassed by everyone. No way was she going to take responsibility.

At the end of the interview I told her again that I expected her to adjust her attitude to her workmates.

“I am giving you a second chance here,” I pointed out. “If you screw up again I may give you a second warning and I may not. I certainly won’t give you a third warning, so I suggest you examine your own behaviour more carefully.”

After she had stormed out of the office I had a word with Tank, the head lad. Odd chap, Tank. He was huge, but gentle as a lamb and superb around horses, though I had seen him lay out an owner who started whipping a horse. One punch and the owner was out cold. We lost him as a client and I had to pay top price to buy the horse off him, but I considered it worth it.

I told Tank that I’d had a word with Sally, and asked him to keep me informed of how she went.

A few weeks passed, and according to Tank, Sally had eased up a bit around the lads, but apparently she still flirted and teased the owners when they came around. That wasn’t too bad as they were never around long enough to cause any problems with her. Or so I thought.

I received a call from Tank, asking me to come over to the rear stable, fast. When I got there he explained that the Anderson brothers had rolled up to hire a couple of hacks for a day’s riding. Sally had been directed to saddle up for them. Unfortunately, instead of waiting in the yard as was the normal custom, Tank had just seen them going into the rear stable, even though it was posted as staff only.

“I didn’t want to go in and upset customers,” Tank told me, “but I’m a bit leery of those two. They haven’t got very good reputations where women are concerned, and you know how Sally flirts and teases.”

“No worries,” I assured him. “I’ll check it out. If they come wandering out and just stand around you’ll know that everything is OK. If they come charging out you’ll know they were up to no good, in which case you’ll be free to punch them out and see them off the property.”

I strolled over and into the stable and looked around. No-one in sight, but then I heard some sounds from the far loose box. Generally unoccupied, we tended to use it to keep a stock of loose hay.

Heading up to the box I could hear voices, and quite soon I was near enough to hear what they were saying. I didn’t catch everything that was said, but I soon caught the gist of it. It was something like this.

“Come on. Get them down.” “I’m trying. Hold the bitch still.” “What do you think I’m doing?” “Not enough the way she’s squirming.” “She’ll squirm a lot more once she’s naked and spread out on the floor.” This comment was followed by a couple of sniggers. “That’s her pants. Top off, too?” “Yes. I want the little tease starkers.”

I could hear a little more wrestling then a triumphant exclamation and a muffled cry of wrath. I assumed that silly Sally was now nude and about to be introduced to a bit of tender love making.

I stepped up to the entrance of the loose box, lowered my voice and declaimed, “All right! Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

When I want to, I can give a really authoritative ring to my voice, and I was using it now. The two Anderson brothers came to their feet and were sprinting past me in an instant, leaving me alone with a very attractively naked Sally.

I heard a couple of startled yells as the boys went charging out, straight into Tank, and then there was a large smacking sound and silence.

“Ah, Boss,” Tank yelled. “These two poor lads have accidently banged their heads together. I’m just going to help them back to their car.”

“OK, Tank. Thanks,” I called, not taking my eyes off the pretty picture before me. Sally was sitting on the hay, knees drawn up, trying to cover her modesty. The boys had done a fairly good job, as apart from her panties still draped around one ankle, she didn’t have a stitch on.

“I thought I told you to tone it down around the lads,” I commented. “I would have assumed that you would realise that would also include customers. This looks like going a bit far in the teasing department, even for you.”

“What?” Sally cried, shocked.

“The customers come here to ride the horses, not the staff,” I continued. “This sort of thing can give us a bad reputation.”

“I wasn’t doing anything,” came an insulted cry. “They attacked me. They were going to…” Her voice faltered, as she thought of what they had been about to do.

“So you weren’t doing anything?” I asked her, doubt plain in my voice.

Sally flushed. “I was just smiling and being nice,” she protested.

“The way I asked you to stop being nice to the lads?” I suggested, and saw from her blush that I was right. She’d been teasing and they’d jumped her.

Sally seemed to suddenly remember that she was naked and she reached down to grab the panties tangled around her ankle.

“Allow me,” I said, stepping forward. I reached down and captured her ankle, and with a deft twist I untangled the panties and slipped them off. Sally watched with shock as I tossed them to one side.

“What are you doing?” she yelled.

“I am going to give you your second warning, and this time I’m going to make sure it gets driven firmly home,” I told her, smiling and undoing the belt of my trousers.

While Sally looked at me, with her eyes getting bigger every second, I calmly stripped off.

Sally suddenly seemed to realise that her situation hadn’t improved all that much. She started trying to push away from me but really, she had nowhere to go.

I bent down and took hold of her ankles, hearing her give a sharp squeal as I casually pulled them apart, exposing her pussy. I knelt between her legs, holding them high, letting my erection rest on her pussy. Or it would have rested there if she hadn’t placed her hand there, trying to protect herself.

“Don’t be silly,” I told her. “That’s not going to help. Now move your hands.”

“You can’t do this,” She protested. “This is definitely sexual harassment.”

“Not really,” I commented. “I think it comes more under the definition of rape. Now move your hands before I have to.”

I was actually quite surprised when she did so. With her hands out of the road I pressed gently forward, edging between her lips. I could feel heat rising from her. I suspect that the struggle with the Andersons had caused her body to start preparing itself for an invasion, and I was quite happy to use the results.

Not knowing if Sally was a virgin or not, I pressed in slowly, taking my time and giving her a chance to adjust to the invasion. My cock moved smoothly in, descending deep into her vagina, which gave gently to accommodate me. Not a virgin, I surmised, but not very practised from the odd reactions she was showing.

As I continued to drive into her, Sally’s eyes continued to widen. It seemed that for some reason she had been expecting something different when I entered, and was now taken aback at the unexpected feelings she was getting. Very shortly I was fully embedded, all my weight leaning heavily onto her pubic area, filling her with my essence.

Sally was looking up at me in shock, breathing hard.

Reaching around her I took a firm grasp of her hips and rolled onto my back, carrying her with me, so that I finished up with her straddling me, but still firmly penetrated by my erection.

I pulled her down so that her breasts were rubbing against my chest, while at the same time I captured her mouth with mine and started kissing her. I wasn’t moving within her yet, giving her a chance to get accustomed to me.

After a few minutes kissing I pulled my mouth away from hers. I ran my hands down to clasp her bottom, squeezing her cheeks.

“Sally,” I asked her, “didn’t I tell you to stop flirting and teasing?”

As soon as I asked the question I thrust sharply up into her, and at the same time raised my hand and brought it down firmly on her bottom.

A most interesting reaction. Sally’s jerk away from the spank at the same time cause her to jerk firmly forward to where I was pressing up into her. I felt that spank all the way down my erection to my testicles.

“Weren’t you also told to watch the way you dress?” I asked, with another thrust and a timed spank giving another interesting reaction.

I suspect that after that I was inventing questions to throw at her, anything I could legitimately use as an excuse for another spank. Sally hadn’t managed to answer a single question, unless you consider gasps, squeals, squeaks and the occasional soft scream to be an answer.

The Anderson boys had been right about one thing. I strongly suspect that Sally was now squirming a lot more than she had been when in their clutches. She was twisting and writhing on my erection, wanting to push down onto it and at the same time wanting to push her bottom up for the next spank.

Sally was continuously gasping and squeaking now, and she had finally found her voice. Little cries of please, yes, and harder, came wailing out of her in a continuous stream, and she moved feverishly upon me, frantic to reach a climax.

My hands tightened around her hips again as I rolled her onto her back, now hammering home with all my strength, impelling her towards her climax. She shrieked when it finally hit her, bucking madly in the throes of her orgasm, twisting and clutching at me while I pumped furiously into her, spilling my seed.

I lay over her, still holding her down with my hips, while she looked up at me. Eventually, Sally gave me a tentative smile and brightened greatly when I smiled back.

“OK,” she said. “This is my second warning. You said I won’t get a third?”

“In your case, I will probably make an exception,” I told her, “but I do think I’d better keep a closer eye on you. Maybe you’d better put some time away each day to see me in the office and let me know how you’re going.”

Sally nodded. “I can do that,” she told me.

It seemed to me that Sally had had a big hang-up about sex, and was genuinely startled by what had passed between us. I could sense that she was interested in repeating our little effort to see what would happen. I’d have to be careful to make sure any future sessions were mutually enjoyable.

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