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“Come on Jodie. It’ll be fun.”

Heather and Michelle were currently going through a green protest stage. Both just turned twenty, they got a kick out of going out and protesting for various causes. The rights and wrongs weren’t really their concern. The chance to protest was the thing.

Jodie was eighteen and hadn’t been out on a protest before and the older two were eager to get her involved.

“Come on,” said Heather. “We’re protesting logging. Think of all those trees being chopped down robbing the birds of places to build their nests. Think of all those homeless possums. Think of poor daddy possum coming home to his family and finding it gone.”

Jodie laughed. “Possums don’t have problems with trees being chopped down. They just move into the nearest roof and pester the people there. But OK, I’ll come. It’ll be something different to do.”

The girls headed off in Heathers little VW. It was old but it kept on going.

“We’re supposed to meet up with the crowd just down the road from the main logging camp. Then we’re all going to march on them and demand they cease,” explained Heather to Jodie.

“I see. And if they decline to stop?” asked Jodie.

“Ah, then we take further steps. If you look in the glove-box you’ll find a couple of pairs of handcuffs. We’re going to lock ourselves to some trees they want to cut.”

Jodie glanced in the glove-box, considered the contents and slowly nodded her head. “Pink, fluffy handcuffs. That’ll send them a message all right. May I ask why you happened to have these available?”

Heather blushed, but didn’t answer.

“Where is this camp?” asked Jodie, “and how do we get there?”

“I’m not sure where it is exactly, but we just follow the directions on the phone. We’ll get there.”

Half an hour later they were driving along a thickly wooded track.

“We must be getting near,” said Heather. “We’ve gone about the right distance.”

“We’d better be,” said Michelle. “We’ve just lost signal on the phone so we’re driving blind now.”

“The meet is probably just around the next bend,” said Heather hopefully.

They drove on and suddenly found they’d run out of road.

“Don’t like to say I told you so, but I did warn you about those iphone maps,” murmured Michelle.

“We can’t be too far off,” said Heather hopefully. “Maybe if we head down that path?”

“Maybe we don’t,” said Michelle. “That would probably get us really lost. How about we turn around and go back until we get a signal and can try Google maps instead.”

Jodi laughed. “Are protest always this much fun?” she asked innocently.

The girls sat there, discussing options. They were all startled when the driver’s door was suddenly wrenched open and a hand reached in and took the keys.

The girls looked up and out. Standing around the car were three large men. Loggers by the look of their clothes.

“What’s wrong, girls?” asked one of the men. “Got separated from the rest of your vandal friends?”

Heather gulped, but spoke up. “We’re not vandals. We’re protesters. We’re allowed to protest the logging.”

“There’s a difference between protesting and sabotage,” said the logger’s apparent spokesman. “Damage to our equipment is going to cost thousands to fix.”

“That wasn’t us,” protested Michelle. “We wouldn’t do that.”

“So you say,” snapped the logger. “Well, we’re going to have our own little protest and you’re the ones we’ll be protesting about. Get out of the car.”

Rather nervously the girls got out of the car, standing close to each other. One of the loggers then checked over the car, looking to see what equipment the girls had with them.

Climbing back out of the car, the logger was holding the handcuffs. “I’m Jack, by the way,” he said. “Those two are Joe and Simon. I assume that you probably want to use these to fasten yourselves to trees?”

Seeing Heather’s red face Jack nodded to himself. “OK,” he said. “Seeing that’s what you wanted to do, let’s do it.”

Indicating to Joe to bring Michelle with him, the two men marched the girls over to a large tree.

“OK, girls,” said Jack with a smirk. “Hug the tree.”

Heather and Michelle reluctantly put their arms around the tree and Jack laughed as he fastened the handcuffs to the girl’s wrists, leaving the pair of them trapped.

“Is that what you intended to do?” queried Jack.

At Heather’s reluctant nod he smiled. Then you have no reason to complaint, have you. We’re just helping you to do what you want to do. Do you know what we would have done if we’d found you wrapped around our trees like this?”

“Let us show you,” said Jack, nodding to Joe.

Jodie, held back by Simon, could only watch as the two men stepped up behind the two trapped girls and, almost in unison, pushed up their t-shirts and bras, exposing the girl’s breasts.

Heather and Michelle were yelling now, protesting this action, but being ignored by the irate loggers.

“Forget it girlie,” said Joe, reaching around and fondling Michelle’s breasts. “There’s no-one around to hear you but us, and we’re not listening, so you might as well save your breath.”

Heather and Michelle went quiet, realising that their protests had only been amusing the two men.

While Jodie watched, the two loggers played with their victims, stroking and squeezing their breasts. She was startled when the men finally stopped teasing the girls and took a step back. She was shocked when they both reached out and firmly pulled the girls shorts and panties down and off.

“OK, girls,” said Jack. “Time to pay your dues.”

Jack and Joe undid their flies and let their erections free. Knowing what was about to happen, Heather and Michelle were protesting and pleading again. Jodie could tell that this was useless, as it was plain to her that both men were definitely ready for a little sexual fun.

Jodie was finding the whole thing exciting, scary and fascinating. Still a virgin, she had never even seen a man’s penis, let alone two angry erections. She could feel heat starting to boil up within her, knowing that when these men had finished she was probably next on the menu. She shot a nervous look at Simon, who was standing watching what was going on.

The two men took the girls by the hips and drew them away from the tree, leaving them bent over with their arms stretched out towards each other.

As Jodie watched, Jack surged forward, driving home into Heather who screamed with the shock of the cock surging suddenly into her. Her scream was promptly matched by another scream, as Michelle also found her pussy being ruthlessly invaded.

Now that they had started the men went their lustful way, eagerly pumping their tumescent cocks into the girls cringing vaginas. The girls were yelling and protesting but Jack and Joe were having fun, getting their own back on a couple of protesters for a change.

Jodie watched horrified as the two cocks surged back and forth, wreaking their havoc on their victims. She could feel heat pooling low within her and a dreadful anticipation was stealing through her. She was going to be taken just as ruthlessly as her friends and there was nothing she could do but wait for it to happen.

The two loggers were moving faster now, quite content to come within the girls and heedless as to the girls feelings. They could both tell by the way the girls were matching their pounding that they had adjusted to and were accepting the rape, but neither cared if the girls climaxed or not.

Jodie watched as the two men seemed to stop and lean into their victims. She realised that they were coming inside the girls, and she gulped at the realisation that she would probably find herself in the same position very shortly.

The two men withdrew and tidied up their clothes. It was evident from the disgruntled looks on Heather and Michelle’s faces that they had been left unsatisfied.

Jack stood looking at Heather, bouncing the keys in his hand. “I’m tempted to just toss these into the bushes and leave your friend there to find them,” he said, “but I’d better let you loose. We’re going to need these to chain up your little friend for her turn.”

While Jack was unfastening the girls Simon reached out and took Jodie’s arm, steering her towards the tree.

Heather and Michelle promptly started a vigorous protest.

“Leave her alone. She’s just a kid. She only came because we insisted. Why not just take one of us instead? We can handle it.”

Simon looked at the two naked women, amused. “So you’re willing to get taken again to save your friend?” he asked, amused.

“Hey!” Jodie protested. “I’m eighteen. I’m just as entitled to be raped as they are. It’s discrimination not to just because I’m the youngest.”

Her voice faltered to a stop as she realised just what she had said. “Am I mad?” she thought. “Did I just insist that it was my turn to be raped?”

Everyone was looking at her. Most of them seemed taken aback by her little speech but Simon was only amused.

“She’s right, you know,” Simon said. “It’s only fair that I take her.”

“But she’s probably still a virgin,” Heather protested.

Simon looked at Jodie and raised an eyebrow interrogatively.

“So what if I am,” said Jodie, defiant. “Everyone is at some stage.”

Simon nodded slowly. “Point taken,” he said. “However, because this will be a first for you I won’t fasten you to the tree and just take you. We’ll take it slowly. Now get undressed.”

Jodie faltered. She looked across at Heather and Michelle, still naked, and squared her shoulders determinedly. Reaching down she took her t-shirt and peeled it off, then unclipped her bra and dropped it next to her. Reaching down she unfastened her shorts and, blushing madly, she slowly pushed them and her panties down and off.

Simon admired the nude young woman standing defiantly in front of him. “Very nice breasts” he observed. “They’ll be fun to play with.”

Watching Jodie, Simon quickly stripped off his clothes.

Jodie felt her stomach turn over. Now that Simon was naked she suddenly realised what a large man he was. He was huge, compared to her. And his cock was standing right up.

Seeing Jack and Joe using their cocks on Heather and Michelle hadn’t really prepared her as much as she thought. She was now looking at a whacking great cock that was going to be stuck in her.

Average size of a man’s erection was supposed to be six to seven inches. That didn’t sound all that large when you heard about it or saw one being put into someone else, but it looked awfully big when you’re suddenly looking at one and know it’s watching you with hostile intent.

“Hey, Jack,” said Simon. “Nip back to the truck and get my sleeping bag will you.”

Jack nodded and vanished down a path to the side. While waiting for him to return Simon casually reached out and gently stroked Jodie’s breast, just running the palm of his hand lightly under one, cupping it and stroking the nipple, rolling it with a thumb while gently squeezing the breast.

When Jack returned with the sleeping bag Simon rolled it out on the ground and invited Jodie to lie on it.

Hesitantly, Jodie lay down and waited, holding herself stiffly, ready for anything Simon might do.

Simon settled down next to her and started touching her. Everywhere. Starting at her feet he ran his hands over her, moving steadily up along her legs to her hips, running his hand on both the inside and the outside of her legs. As his hands approached her more tender parts they suddenly moved aside, skirting her more sensitive flesh and moving slowly up, over her stomach, up and over her breasts, pausing there for a moment to cup and squeeze, and then on up to her face.

Now his hands moved away, to be replaced by his lips. He dropped a small kiss on each eyelid and then started down, kissing her mouth lightly and continuing downwards. Again he paused at her breasts, sucking lightly on both in turn, rolling her nipples with his tongue before continuing down, dropping little kisses on her tummy and along her legs, all the way down to her feet.

Jodie is twisting from side to side now, excited at what was happening, wanting more but not really sure what the more she wanted consisted of.

Again Simon changed direction, again moving back up along Jodie’s long legs, this time dropping little kisses on the insides of them, gently moving them further apart to give himself room.

Jodie hadn’t even noticed how far apart her legs had moved until she felt his lips moving across her pussy, gently sucking and kissing her there. She gave a strangled gasp, her hand coming down to clutch at this hair as she found his tongue gently probing between her lips, teasing what she now knew to be highly sensitive flesh.

Now his tongue was dipping deeper, seeking and finding her clitoris, extracting a sudden shriek from her when he flicked it back and forth.

Then his mouth moved higher, crossing her stomach and leaving her feeling slightly bereft. His mouth fastened on a breast and started suckling, creating more sensations that travelled down to meet the feelings flooding up from her womb.

Jodie found that somehow, his cock had made its way into her hand and she was stroking it, marvelling at the feel and size of it.

Now he was coaxing her to roll over, helping her to lie with her head on her arms while her knees were under her, lifting her bottom to the sky.

Simon now started stroking the nicely presented pussy, rubbing her lips, softly scratching along the sides of her slit, dipping his fingers ever deeper inside.

Jodie was trembling, on the brink of a climax before Simon had even entered her.

Satisfied that Jodie was now ready for him, Simon eased her gently onto her back and knelt between her legs.

Jodie could feel him rubbing the head of his cock against her slit, coaxing it to open and give him entry. Feel him? If she could just persuade herself to open her eyes she would be able to see his cock making its grand entry.

“OK, girl,” Simon whispered. “The time has come. Reach down and move your lips apart.”

Feeling hypnotised, Jodie reached down and moved her lips apart, watching as the head of that cock slowly slipped past them and into her. Letting go, she watched as her lips closed over him holding him within her.

Simon slowly pushed forward until he could feel Jodie’s hymen brushing the head of his cock. Timing it carefully, he reached down, slipped a finger inside her and flicked her clitoris. The sudden sensations were too much for Jodie, and she climaxed in shock, barely feeling it as Simon took advantage of her distraction to push himself firmly home.

The twinge of her cherry popping was almost lost to Jodie as she felt Simon’s battering ram breaching her defences and charging deep within, the climax she was having tending to over-ride everything else.

Simon waited patiently for Jodie to come down from her climax. Feeling her sudden surprise as she finally became fully conscious that his cock was deep within her, Simon started to move.

Jodie felt Simon moving within her. Now that she was aware of his cock in her she found that was all she was aware of. This thing, this log of his, was inside her and moving around. What was she supposed to do now?

Feeling Jodie just lying there as he slowly pumped into her, Simon paused.

Waiting til she directed her attention to his face he smiled and explained. “You will find it goes a lot easier if you use your hips,” he told her. “When I push into you like this,” giving a firm thrust, “you should push up to meet me so that I go in smoothly. When I withdraw you can relax and let me go, because I’ll be back. I’ll take it slowly so that you can get the rhythm.”

Simon pressed firmly in again, feeling Jodie pressing up against him this time. He smiled at her and nodded.

Jodie felt a flush of gratitude at Simon’s obvious approval. If she was going to do this she wanted to it right. She found herself moving into a natural pattern, matching Simon’s every thrust. It wasn’t enough.

“Harder, please,” she found herself asking, and was again gratified to find Simon speeding up, hammering her harder and faster.

Simon was satisfied. Jodie was reacting well, and he was enjoying himself. He sensed that she was due to climax again, but that was OK. He was ready to fire into her anyway. Pressing harder he ejaculated, his hot seed splashing deep into Jodie, the wet warmth finally triggering her second climax. Feverishly their bodies crashed together, sensation ripping through them, lifting them up and out of themselves, just feeling.

Jodie lay back, exhausted, feeling Simon laying heavily upon her but taking comfort from his pressing weight. She could still feel him swelling deep within her, and was in no hurry to push him off.

Simon slowly leaned back away from Jodie, while keeping his semi-erection within her. He looked around.

Heather and Michelle are watching him and Jodie. Both of them were still naked and they looked flushed and appeared to be breathing deeply. Simon glanced across at Jack and Joe. It was easy to see how they were feeling. Their erections were bulging against their trousers.

Simon smiled at the girls. “I suppose we really should let you get dressed and help you leave now. That was our intention, but I’ve decided otherwise. Jack and Joe seem to be excited again, so I think you should take care of them. Drop down on your hands and knees, bottoms up, so that the boys can take their pleasure again.”

Heather and Michelle didn’t argue but dutifully sank down into position, watching as the two men released their erections again.

“Jack,” added Simon, “it would be polite to give the girls a proper service this time, instead of a quick bang.”

Jack and Joe laughed, advancing on the girls who were waiting expectantly.

Simon looked down at Jodie, still lying beneath him, pinned by his half-erection. “Are you up for seconds?” he asked, reaching down and stroking her breast. “I’m up for seconds. Maybe even thirds, if you’re lucky.”

Jodie could feel tension rising within her. She could also feel Simon’s cock swelling and hardening within her. “At least, I don’t have to worry about whether I can take something that size,” she thought hazily. “It’s already in and waiting.” She settled back to see what would happen.

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