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House call

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I was still in a delighted daze after my first experience with Julie. I looked forward eagerly to our next meeting, specially when she responded favorably to my request that she wear stockings and garters for me in the future..

Before I could call her, Julie called me. She said that her mother Mrs. Smith, who was my patient was feeling unwell and so could not keep her office appointment. Would it be possible for me to stop by the house.

Of course I readily agreed to this not only because I liked Mrs. Smith, but also because it would give me an opportunity however brief to see Julie.

That afternoon was free so off I went, carrying my little black bag. Mrs Smith and Julie lived in a pleasant home about ½ an hour from my office. On my arrival Julie greeted me warmly, and once inside the door she kissed me hungrily, and pressed her body up against me. My Cock hardened immediately. Reluctantly I tore myself away and asked about my patient. “She’s upstairs in bed” said Julie, and pointed out the way. I went up to a bedroom where I found Mrs. Smith lying in bed. She greeted me warmly, but did not appear to be very ill or even indisposed. I asked her what her problem was, and she pointed to her stomach. I told Mrs. Smith that I would examine her, but would like to have Julie in the room while I examined her. I called to Julie who answered that she would be right up, but that I might start in the meantime.

I pulled back the bed sheet and to my astonishment saw that Mrs. Smith was clothed only in a lacy black garter belt whose straps framed her upper thighs and vagina. The latter was covered by grayish brown curls. The garter belt supported dark gray, fully fashioned nylons worn on long, still shapely legs. “ I hear that you have a liking for Garters and Stockings,” Mrs. Smith said and smiled. Before I could answer she reached up to my trousers and began fondling my rapidly hardening and enlarging Cock. I was almost paralyzed and speechless. She expertly unzipped my pants as she sat up in bed. Then she gently freed my bursting Cock from my shorts and before I could say a word took it into her mouth. Within seconds she was giving me a blow job whose expertise even exceeded that of the blow job given me the day before by her daughter Julie. Her warm tongue caressed the tip of my Cock and found its opening, with which she toyed. Then her mouth engulfed my Cock in its entirety, all the while she was playing her tongue up, down, and around it providing me with indescribably pleasurable sensations. I could not, and really didn’t want to delay the inevitable explosion. I very soon felt the familiar sensation of warmth and tingling in my Balls and Cock that indicated I was about to come. I warned her that I was about to come

She looked up with the same expression that had been on Julie’s face the day before as we got out of the Hot-tub. “That’s OK,” she said. “That’s exactly what the Doctor ordered to make me feel better.” Whereupon I came in explosive waves that seemed never to stop. Mrs. Smith swallowed everything, and afterwards licked my Cock clean with apparent gusto.

“Could I have a treatment too?” I heard Julie’s voice. Unnoticed by me she apparently had been standing at the door to the bedroom watching everything. Of course I agreed, and together she and Mrs. Smith rapidly undressed me, and made room for me on the bed.

Mrs. Smith began to kiss my breasts and to play with my Cock, that once again stood to attention. “That’s not fair Mom” said Julie. “Its my turn now.” She too had stripped down to her own Garter belt and Nylons. The former framed her golden-brown haired vagina and the latter her trim, long legs and thighs. This of course further inflamed my desire and of course my erection.

I looked at both women. Mrs. Smith was an older version of Julie. They had very similar features, complexions, and hair coloring, although her mother’s hair was expertly colored with an attractive gray tint. Even their bodies were similar, except that Mrs. Smith had some abdominal wrinkles, and her breasts were larger, and nipples more prominent but not as firm as were Julie’s.

As Julie kissed her Mother’s mouth she licked some of my cum that remained on her lips and tongue. They embraced warmly and Julie kissed her way down her Mother’s body. She reached her mother’s breasts and fondled and sucked them until the nipples became prominent and hard. When she reached her mother’s groin Mrs. Smith spread her legs and Julie enthusiastically began to lick the Vaginal lips. Her tongue soon found her mother’s Clitoris. Mrs. Smith began to breathe hard and writhed and moaned with obvious pleasure. She clutched Julie’s head close to her Vagina with with one hand, while she stroked my Cock with the other.

I could not be a spectator any longer so I moved to the head of the bed. There, I knelt on my knees over Mrs. Smith’s head and slowly inserted my bursting and rock hard Cock into Julie’s Vagina. It plunged into the warm, moist, clinging cavity with hardly any resistance .Julie moved in unison with me. She met every twist, thrust and turn with a corresponding one of her own. In the meantime her mother’s mouth lay directly under my balls. Every time I withdrew my Cock from Julie’s Vagina and reinserted it, Mrs. Smith kissed and licked it. Occasionally she kissed, licked and nibbled at my balls. Soon the three of us were all moving like a well synchronized, well oiled machine, and we all were racing to the same conclusion. That came in a very short time. Mrs. Smith writhed and cried out as she began to come. At the same time I felt the muscles of Julie’s vagina squeezing my Cock as she came which of course stimulated my own release. I come again and again in profuse amounts. Our passions gradually subsided and we lay exhausted, and dripping with sweat on the bed. The only motion came from Mrs. Smith who lapped up the Cum that leaked from Julie’s Vagina.

For the next several minutes we lay entwined together as a jumble of arms and legs, and kissed and fondled each other.

“Aren’t we lucky” said Mrs. Smith. “We’ve found a doctor who still makes house calls.”

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