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Prison Playtoy

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“Missy… wake up!”

“Who… what is it?”

“It’s me, Officer McDonald. Come on, sweetie, wake up!”

“What time is it?”

“Shhhh! It’s just after three in the morning. Come on, get up.”


“Keep your voice down. I don’t want to wake up the whole cell block. Get up and let’s go.”

“Let’s go? Let’s go where?”

“I’m taking you to the linen closet. I’m horny. I want to fuck you!”

Missy was instantly wide awake.

“Please, ma’am! Please, no!”

“Quiet! And don’t disobey me, young lady! I’m in charge here, remember?”

Carla McDonald gently but firmly pulled the pretty young blonde out of her bed and directed her toward the open cell door. The frightened girl went quietly.

The young blonde was a mere 20-years old, clad only in a short white t-shirt which showed off most her tummy above the matching tiny white cotton panties she also wore. Carla liked the slight wiggle of the girl’s pretty tush as she walked barefoot out of the cell ahead of her. Missy Davis had just arrived this morning to serve a thirty day sentence for unpaid parking tickets, as well as for being a repeat offender. The judge had apparently wanted to teach her a lesson. Other than that the girl clearly didn’t belong here.

Meanwhile, at 37 years of age, Officer Carla McDonald was a veteran correctional officer here at the Forest County Women’s Detention Facility, with a slender body, fit and trim, and her dark hair cut fashionably short. Right now she was only partially in uniform, with her official blue guards’ shirt untucked and loosely sticking out over a tight pair of bluejeans that showed off her feminine-but-athletic curves.

Rarely had a young and pretty inmate like Missy Davis been incarcerated here at the Forest County women’s facility, and Carla had immediately taken notice, as had nearly all of the inmates here. Playing with the bodies of beautiful young girls was always a popular pasttime among most of the hardened dykes serving their sentences here, whether the girls wanted their bodies played with or not. Carla decided early on to bring this particular girl under her protective wing. In exchange, she planned to enjoy Missy’s body herself.

On the very day that Missy Davis had been admitted and booked into this facility, Carla had pulled her aside and bluntly acquainted her with what was usually in store for beautiful, fresh young females like herself in a tough women’s detention facility such as this. She did so by first walking the pretty girl through the common area, allowing her to witness firsthand the lesbian culture that dominated life here. There were several other young women locked up here, and Missy saw that nearly everyone of them seemed to be in the company of one or more of the various older women who dominated day-to-day jailhouse life. Two of the younger girls she saw were actually wearing leashes. Another’s breasts were being squeezed by a ‘gangsta-looking’ girl pressed closely behind her, while yet another younger woman’s ass was being possessively fondled by the older biker chick walking beside her. Missy was both shocked and frightened at these images, realizing that this was now her own future once she was left alone among these women, and she had immediately begged Carla to help her, promising to do whatever the older correctional officer wanted from her in return.

That’s exactly what Carla wanted to hear.

She then patiently explained to Missy that her protection would come at a cost, that the girl would have to agree to become her ‘playtoy.’ When asked what that meant, she said Missy would simply have to do whatever she wanted her to do, whenever she wanted it done. “You mean, like your slave?” “Exactly like my slave,” she was told. “And the others won’t bother me?” “No, they will not.” The younger girl had then reluctantly agreed to her terms.

And later that day it became obvious to her that perhaps she had made the right decision. Carla’s protection worked. The leering and suggestive remarks that had accompanied Missy’s earlier foray into the common room ended abruptly as word spread that she was now Officer McDonald’s playtoy. And because Officer McDonald had the power to dish out both privilege and punishment here, the latinas, the black gangsta girls, and the white biker chicks had all left the pretty blonde alone. That night when she went to take a shower she didn’t receive so much as a pinch to her lovely white tush, even though many of the older women eyed it longingly. But they also accepted that it was now Carla’s property.

“What exactly are you going to do with me?” Missy asked somewhat fearfully as she and Carla quietly walked down the hall toward the linen room. She noticed that the older woman was carrying a small purse-sized bag as she led the way. Missy could see that the bag contained what appeared to be a flesh-colored strap-on dildo with a black leather harness and a jar of some kind of lubricating jelly.

“Don’t you worry. It’ll be fun. I promise.”

Carla smiled.

Missy thought that smile didn’t bode well for her, yet at the same time she felt a slight thrill tingling through her entire body. This woman was clearly attracted to her and was going to be physically enjoying her shortly. The thought strangely turned her on.

Missy’s job on the outside was a dancer at a Gentlemen’s club. She knew from experience that she had no trouble whatsoever exciting the male customers who freely gave her tens and twenty-dollar-bills while she danced for them. But she had never felt physically turned on wiggling her ass for men. On the other hand, she had often watched her female co-workers removing their clothing, and had often wondered what it would be to caress the skin of their beautiful silky bodies, or perhaps have one of them make love to her. What would sex with another woman be like? Now… like it or not, she was about to find out.

The two women finally reached the entrance to the unit’s linen closet, which Carla quietly unlocked before pulling the hesitant younger woman inside with her. She then gently but firmly closed and locked the door behind them.

Carla then turned around to gaze at the beautiful, frightened young girl shivering in front of her. Before the lovely young blonde could utter a word she pulled her forcefully to her chest, kissing the startled girl passionately on her pretty, pouty lips. The younger girl protested for only a fraction of a second before giving in. After all, what chance did she have? She was now Carla’s property, her ‘playtoy,’ just as she had been told when she had agreed to Carla’s terms and accepted the older woman’s protection.

“You are so fucking hot,” Carla hissed, her hands seizing the startled girl by the shoulders, then cupping and squeezing her soft but firm breasts through her thin cotton t-shirt. While she continued kissing the girl, her hands swiftly travelled around to Missy’s backside, feeling their way around her body’s soft, luscious curves before finally coming to rest on the girl’s sexy round behind, with Carla’s fingernails sinking through the thin fabric of the girl’s cotton panties and into the soft flesh of her firm ass. Missy moaned softly as the older woman’s tongue forced an entry into her own pretty mouth as the passions of both women quickly intensified.

“Let’s get these clothes off of you,” Carla said, temporarily breaking their embrace. “I want you completely nude for me.”

The younger girl immediately complied, first pulling off her t-shirt, exposing her delicious, well-formed breasts to the older woman’s appreciative gaze.

“Very nice,” Carla murmured, leaning in to lick and then suck on the girl’s right nipple. “You’re a very beautiful girl. So young and fresh. Now turn around for me… slowly… now remove those panties so that I can get a good look at your gorgeous white ass. Take them down… slowly… yeah, just like that.”

Missy slid them down her long legs, slightly wiggling her rear end for Carla’s benefit as the panties reached her slender ankles before stepping out of them.

“Yummy, yum, yum,” the older woman sighed. “Such a beautiful behind. Such a gorgeous body!”

She then grabbed the younger girl from around her waist, pulling her close to her and pressing her lips to the side of Missy’s long, slender neck. The younger girl moaned as she felt Carla’s teeth sink slightly into her flesh.

“You’re mine now! All mine!”

Carla nibbled, kissed, and sucked the girl’s exposed neck and shoulders, her mouth pausing only slightly before slowly continuing to kiss and nibble its way further down the girl’s back. Her hands slid on ahead down to the swelling of Missy’s hips, holding the girl steady as her mouth continued traveling along the back of the girl’s silky body, the older woman’s mouth and tongue exploring her captive’s soft and fragrant curves.

Carla silently dropped to her knees, her mouth continuing to kiss, nibble, and lick the younger girl’s silky, fragrant skin. Missy remained motionless as the older woman’s mouth traversed her slender, silky backside. The young blonde, despite her fear, could instinctively tell that Carla was an aggressive, but excellent lover. The girl trembled with excitement as she first felt the older woman’s hot breath on her left ass cheek just a fraction of a second before Carla’s moist lips pressed against it, lovingly kissing and then licking both of the girl’s gorgeous round ass cheeks.

The pretty blonde then bent over slightly at the waist, giving Carla even better access to her delicious, curvy behind. The older woman smiled as she then sank her teeth into the glistening flesh of her young captive’s sweet bottom. Missy flinched only momentarily from the older woman’s love bites, Which Carla quickly followed up with further kisses and nibbles along the younger girl’s sexy round ass to the tops of her luscious thighs.

“I love this butt,” Carla remarked, continuing to plant kisses all over the beautiful derriere poised so seductively before her face. She then asked the girl, “Earlier you told me you danced at a strip club, right?”

“Yes, ma’am. The Stiletto Club. It’s a Gentlemen’s Club.”

“Yeah, a ‘Gentlemen’s Club,'” the older woman scoffed. “You take your clothes off and dance naked, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl whimpered. “But it’s actually much more classy than that.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it is,” Carla laughed. “Would you dance for me if I showed up there some night?”

“Excuse me?”

“I said, would you dance naked for me? You know, wiggle this ass in my face for my entertainment?

“But you’re a woman, ma’am!”

“Very good observation,” Carla laughed again. “You’re pretty AND smart! So would you ever give me a lapdance if I showed up there?”

“Please, Miss McDonald, I’m not sure I could,” the girl whined. “We don’t have that many female customers… and, I mean, I’m not a lesbian. I’ve never danced for a woman.”

“That’s OK,” Carla assured her, patting her affectionately on her behind “Because we can change that while you’re here! And I know for a fact that I’d love seeing this pretty butt wiggling seductively in my face! But we’ll save that for later.”

She leaned in, her tongue then flickering into the younger girl’s crack, running its way up along the rim of the girl’s anus, causing Missy to yelp in surprise.

Carla laughed.

“You enjoyed that, don’t you, my pretty playtoy?”

Missy could only moan softly in response.

“I think I’d like to see you branded, girl,” Carla mused aloud. “I think I’d really like seeing my initials on this pretty round butt of yours. Better still, I’d like it tattooed to say ‘Property of Carla McDonald’ right here,” she said, kissing a spot on the girl’s right ass cheek. “Yeah, a tattoo. Something like that.”

“But wouldn’t that be permanent?” Missy asked her. “Tattooing me, I mean?”

“It would,” Carla cooed. “But you’d get used to it. And I’d kiss it all the time.” Again she smooched the girl’s lovely butt with a wet kiss that clearly left a lipstick mark, one of many now noticeably visible on the girl’s pretty white derriere.

Carla then rose to her feet and turned the girl back around, facing her. She looked into her eyes and smiled, and then kissed her fully on the lips.

“I love playing with that pretty bottom of yours, but that’s not to say I don’t love ALL of this lovely body!” With that she leaned in and gently kissed both of the girl’s breasts right on her hardening nipples. “Because I do, and fully intend to have fun with all of this. But right now I mostly want your gorgeous ass.”

With that she turned Missy around again and pulled her arms up over her head. She then pulled her handcuffs off of her belt and cuffed the girl’s wrists to a pipe running along the ceiling.

“What’s this for?” Missy asked in alarm, her arms now both manacled over her head.

Carla stroked her body from behind before answering, her hands sliding up and down Missy’s flanks before embracing the slim girl’s waist.

“Well, since you said you didn’t particularly feel like dancing for me I thought maybe I’d find another way to enjoy watching you wiggle.” The older woman smirked before continuing, “like maybe warming you up with a good old fashioned spanking!”

“Please, no!”

“‘Please yes,’ you mean! Besides, I really like seeing you in this position,” Carla said, admiringly. “Nude and helpless, looking beautiful, and awaiting my pleasure.” She then gently stroked the girl’s sides, running her hands softly up and down her smooth body from her silky thighs up to her soft breasts, and then gently pulling at her hips so that the girl’s ass arched out invitingly.


“Ouch! What was that for?”

“That’s for all those unpaid parking tickets, my sweet! And also because I wanted to remind you that you’re my property now… you’re my pretty playtoy… and I can do anything I want to with this lovely body, especially this gorgeous ass!”


“But I’ve done exactly what you said!”


“Yes, but you still broke the law,” Here, Carla leaned down and kissed the girl’s pretty butt again. “And I enjoy spaning you, so keep that pretty ass sticking out. More… more… that’s right… just like that! Very pretty… very nice!”


“Wiggle your butt some more for me, Missy dear. Yeah… that’s what I like.”


“Are you enjoying this as much as I am?” Carla laughed, her hand pausing to rub the younger girl’s stinging behind.

“No… not really, ma’am. It hurts.”

Carla smiled and rose up, her hands then grabbing the girl by her hips, pulling Missy’s butt against her crotch and grinding her gently from behind.

“Awww… come on, it’s not really all that bad, is it?”

As she pressed her front against the girl’s tender behind she leaned in, nuzzling the side of Missy’s exposed neck.

“Mmmm… no… this part isn’t bad at all.” Missy wiggled her butt seductively against the front of Carla’s jeans. “But the spanking part stings.”

“Poor baby,” Carla laughed, tenderly kissing Missy’s arched back as her hands squeezed the girl’s firm breasts. “Just a few more, Okay? You want to please me, don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the younger girl pouted, arching her back and sticking her ass out once more for the older woman’s pleasure.

“Good girl,” Carla laughed, before joyously continuing the girl’s spanking.


Missy moaned softly. Carla paused.

“Not so bad, is it, my pretty girl?”

“No,” Missy sighed. “Not if it pleases you.”

“Yes, it most certainly does. You and your gorgeous… sexy… beautiful… luscious… spankable… kissable ass.”

Each word was met with a slap to Missy’s stinging butt.




“Yes, my pretty playtoy?”

“Isn’t this… you know… a little weird?”

“How’s so, my pretty girl?”

“I mean… I think I’m beginning to like it… I mean,,, I mean… it’s kind of turning me on!”


“It’s turning ME on, too, my pretty slavegirl!”


“I guess I never thought another woman could… you know… enjoy spanking me… on my butt,” Missy mused. “And that I’d actually enjoy it.”


Carla smiled before responding, her hands pausing to softly squeeze and caress the younger girl’s beautiful reddening ass cheeks.

“It’s not weird at all,” she explained. “I’ve always enjoyed looking at other women’s asses. When I was younger I used to enjoy sneaking peeks at my brother’s girlie magazines, especially at the photos of women’s pretty nude behinds. They were just so hot! I wanted to play with them, just like I’m now playing with yours.” Here she again bent down to kiss one of Candi’s glistening ass cheeks.

“Thank you, Miss McDonald.”

“Why don’t you refer to me as ‘mistress’ from now on? I mean, from this point on… especially when we’re together like this.”

“Yes… mistress.”

“Good girl.” Here, Carla again closed her arms aroung the nude captive girl manacled before her. She gently turned Missy around and kissed her softly on the mouth.

“Are you ready for me to fuck you now?” she asked.

Missy nodded. “Yes, ma’am. Whatever you say.” Again Carla kissed her warmly on the lips.

She then unshackled the younger girl’s wrists from the overhead pipe, continuing to caress the pretty girl’s nude body after doing so, running her hands all over the girl’s lovely skin, while Missy rubbed her ass and newly freed wrists. She glanced back into Carla’s eyes.

“Where do you want me, mistress?”

Carla smiled at her obedient slavegirl before pointing to a large towel-covered shelf that was wide enough to very adequately serve as a bed.

“I’m going to want you on your elbows and knees, my pretty playtoy, with your head down and ass up for me.”

Candi immediately complied, climbing onto the shelf, but not before Missy got in one more slap on her pretty butt.


“Are you going to continue spanking me while you’re fucking me?” Missy asked the older woman.

Carla smiled as she slowly began stripping off her jeans.

“What do you think?”

Missy then obediently assumed the position Carla had ordered, her head resting on some towels as she arched her pretty rear end up so that Carla would have no trouble mounting her from behind. She then glanced back over her shoulder to watch as the older woman pulled on a medium-sized strap-on dildo and adjusted it around her pelvic region, pulling it firmly into position.

“Move you legs apart a little bit, dear. Mmmm… you look so good in that position. I’m going to enjoy this,” she laughed, looking into Missy’s eyes. “The ultimate submission…”

With that she climbed up behind the pretty nude blonde, her hands resting momentarily on the girl’s hips, patting her behind before then positioning the dildo up against Missy’s waiting bottom. She nuzzled it up and down the girl’s ass crack while at the same time rubbing some lotion onto it so as to provide the necessary lubrication.

“I’m scared, ma’am,” the girl whimpered. “Please don’t hurt me!”

“Nobody’s going to get hurt, I promise you,” Carla assured her. “Cross your wrists in front of you. You look very pretty like this. This lovely body is my property now, remember? I’m going to take very good care of it.”

Missy nodded uncertainly.


“Now hold still while I fuck you.”

With that Carla’s lubricated dildo slowly entered the girl from behind. Missy cried out only briefly as the strap-on slid deep within her. And then the fucking began.

“Ah… ah… ah… ah… ah.. ah.. ah… ah,” the girl bleated as it slid back and forth, repeatedly violating her wet pussy. “Ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah…”

SMACK! Carla let go of her hips with one hand so she could slap the side of the girl’s ass. Then again. SMACK!

Missy barely noticed. Her body was fully aroused.

“Ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah…”

“You look so good, getting fucked doggy style by your mistress,” Carla laughed. “Such a beautiful body… my beautiful… obedient… slavegirl.”

“Yes, mistress… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… thank you, mistress… ah… ah… ah… ah…”


“Ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah…”

“I’m going to fuck you like this every night you’re here, my pretty captive… my beautiful playtoy.”

“Yes, mistress… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah…”

“I love spanking your ass while I’m fucking you.”


Yes, mistress… ah… ah… ah… ah… ah…”

It continued like this for several minutes. Finally…

“I’m coming, mistress! Ah… ah… ah… ah… AH… AH… AHH… AHHH… AHHH! Oh God… OOOOhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh…”

Carla gave her a couple of powerful thrusts from behind as the younger girl exploded in an orgasm of intense pleasure, her body bucking sharply as the older woman’s grip tightened on her hips to hold her in place, her nails digging deep into the sides of the girl’s gorgeous rear end, leaving nail marks deeply etched into her tender skin.

“Ahhh… that was so, so good…” she murmured. The older woman agreed.

Carla’s hands caressed and patted the girl’s bottom as her gyrations slowed… her hands easily sliding along the girl’s now glistening, slightly reddened backside.

“You were wonderful,” Carla affectionately told the exhausted girl beneath her. The older woman’s hands slid forward to again cup the girl’s breasts, kneading and gently squeezing them. “Such a sweet, lovely slavegirl,” she repeated, breathing slightly hard, before then leaning down to kiss the girl’s arched back and run her tongue up the girl’s spine. She then lovingly kissed her at the base of her neck.

“Yes, mistress… thank you, mistress.”

Carla then eased the girl down onto her stomach before continuing her loving caresses of the girl’s beautiful backside.

After a while, she asked the girl, “So tell me, my pretty playtoy, how did you enjoy your first session of lovemaking with another woman?”

“I… I really liked it,” the girl responded honestly. “I was afraid at first, but that’s because I’ve never had another woman use me like you did… for her pleasure, I mean. It was nice. I liked it… a lot.”

“You’re a natural submissive, Missy. That’s why you liked it so much. You need a strong woman like myself to be in charge of you… to care for you… to love you.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Now get your things together and come with me. We’ll take a shower together and then I’m sending you back to bed.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Both women gathered up their clothing and quietly walked to the shower area. When both were completely nude Carla turned the water on and pulled the younger girl in with her under the hot spray. She soaped Missy’s lovely body while directing the girl to do the same for her.

Her hands then lovingly bathed the girl, caressing and fondling every inch of her beautiful form, while at the same time continuing to kiss and nuzzle Missy’s slender neck. Her hands repeatedly came to rest on the girl’s behind, squeezing the round globes of flesh before sinking her nails into them possessively.

“So far I think I’ve been doing most of the work in our relationship,” she said, smiling at the pretty blonde in her arms. “I think it’s time you thanked me properly for all I’ve done tonight.”

Missy looked at her questioningly, but then understood as Carla pushed her down onto her knees here in the shower so that her mouth became aligned with the older woman’s wet pussy.

Missy’s hands reached up tentatively to caress Carla’s thighs as her tongue moved slowly in to nervously lick the opening of the older woman’s vagina. She began licking, slowly at first, seeking an opening. Carla then reached down and pulled the girl’s face tightly against her vulva. Missy’s tongue was immediately forced into contact with her mistress’s waiting clit.

Although the younger girl had never done anything like this before, she instinctively knew what to do to bring pleasure to the older woman. She sucked and caressed Carla’s clitoris with her mouth and tongue. She could also instinctively tell by the older woman’s writhing that her efforts were being met with obvious approval.

She felt Carla’s fingernails sinking into the back of her head as the older woman’s hands kept her head pressed tightly against her pussy. She could tell by Carla’s writhings that what her tongue was doing to the older woman’s clit must have been bringing her intense pleasure. She licked and sucked even harder.

“Good girl… oh… that’s soooo good! Don’t stop, my sweet girl… don’t stop! Yeah… oh, that’s nice! My pretty girl… oh, that’s soooo good! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Eventually, the older woman’s rythmic movements slowed, and Missy glanced up to see Carla’s eyes smiling down at her. She then felt Carla’s nails caressing her wet hair.

“You are such a sweet, sweet slave… my pretty, obedient little playtoy…”

She then pulled the younger girl’s head back, leaned down and kissed her on her lips.

“Such a pretty little pussy-licker,” she murmured. “And your first time, too! I’m going to have to take especially good care of you!”

Missy smiled up at her mistress. The next two months were going to be much more enjoyable than she thought!

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