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Princess & The Barbarian

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It was bad enough being in an arranged marriage with a minor lord – that’s how things were done among the nobility, and both of your father’s had gained advantage from the union. But to make things worse, your husband ended up being an effete fop, more interested in cavorting with his like-minded “friends” at all hours than in some woman he was forced into joining. His sole concession to your vows had been on the night of your wedding, just to make things official.

After that, nothing; no matter what you did to entice him. Perhaps the rumors of him and his friends were true…

So you were stuck alone, your passions bottled inside. All the romantic visions you had of some brave hero gone forever. Your only release was listening to the tales of the chambermaids and other servants, and an occasional moment secretly watching two of them together. God, how you burned with desire at those moments! Touching yourself below, feeling how wet you got as you snuck your pleasure at the tales and visions of theirs. It only got more and more frustrating as time went by, wanting, needing more; but not knowing how you would ever find it.

And now things were even worse. All summer the word had come in from the outer reaches of the kingdom; a barbarian horde sweeping from the east and conquering all before them. The tales had been incredible – towns and villages destroyed, people captured and taken away (for such awful purposes…) in all the stories – each more lurid and shocking than the last. Finally, they had reached your region. And, fop or not, your husband had been called with the other lords to defend the land. You waited anxiously for word from the battle, and when it came it was as you feared – another defeat. Before you knew it, the army was at your own castle.

You put up a brave front for the others, doing all a lady should – directing the last of the token defenders as you feared what was to come. But now it was too late; less than five minutes ago the front gate had been breached and soon they would be swarming through your home. Your only thought now was escape as you rushed to your chambers for a few vital things…

You’re just finishing, when you hear it… feet rushing up the stairs of your tower. Breathlessly, you rush to the door, hoping to bar it and buy a few moments to run; but you’re too slow. Just as you reach it and start to push it closed, it’s flung open with tremendous force; the speed and shock throws you to the ground before you know it. You look up, eyes wide…

In rushes your very fears, one of the invaders. Tall and dark, his sword bloody in his hand; muscles rippling on his bare chest. He smiles widely as he sees you and strides forward. You can’t help it, you scream in shock, terrified of the death you know must be about to strike.

But he surprises you again, roughly grabbing one arm as he hauls you to your feet. You wonder what could be happening as he drags you towards the table you just left, and then scream again as you realize what he must be planning; starting to struggle fiercely to escape his brute strength. He easily fends off your blows, and then flings you down on the tabletop. You lie there helpless for a moment, the wind knocked from you as you see him standing above. One large hand reaches out to grasp your long hair near the roots, pulling your head back as he starts to run the other one across your face. “No… no, please…” you start to plead quietly, but he ignores you. You gasp again as his other hand suddenly grabs the neckline of your dress, ripping it open with a suddenness and strength you never expected. He pauses again, his eyes roaming over your body now revealed through the tatters.

You can’t believe what’s happening – your whole life up heaved and this barbarian looking at you in a way no man ever has. You can still hear the faint cries and yells from other parts of the castle, and wonder how many places are repeating this very scene… You know that you should be struggling still, but the power and size of this man have done something to you, something you’ve never experienced…

Then, he starts to run his rough hand along your soft flesh. Roughly groping and grasping as he explores, the calloused fingertips rubbing and squeezing your firm breasts, leaving bright red marks as he draws each one taut. Pulling and pinching each nipple, making you gasp and moan as he does from the shock and the new sensation – almost pain, but something else… Your body is responding in ways you never expected as this barbarian fondles your tits.

His hand moves lower, tracing along your stomach. Then, shocking you, as he suddenly grabs right at the mound of your crotch. You cry out again and jump, but his other hand still holds you tight as he begins to knead and rub. Oh god, he’s actually touching you there… touching that warm place… you can feel the tips of those fingers rubbing along the lips and sides, back and forth as he has his way with you. And, you realize you’re actually responding, your hips starting to grind into his hand, as your moans get a little softer. You see him smile as he continues, still holding your hair tight. His thumb is doing something new now, rubbing in circles… higher and higher…. Oh God yes! He’s touching that place you always touch on yourself, his thumb rough and hard on your clit as he works. You can’t believe it, the way you’re reacting; but no one has ever done this to you before. You know that your pussy is getting wetter and wetter for this warrior, but you don’t even care anymore.

A new sensation… his finger… oh no… it’s so thick and long… but it’s sliding inside you. Feeling so different than your own small fingers when you tease inside. His thumb is still rubbing on your clit as he starts to pump the other digit in and out; still rougher than you’ve ever done yourself, but the feeling so incredible. You’ve never dreamed a man could touch you like this. Your passion is beginning to rise, and you flush with a mixture of shame and desire, as you get hotter and hotter. So good, feeling this… your hips pushing trying to get that finger in deeper.

Then, his hand is suddenly pulled away. You can’t believe your own words as you cry out “No, don’t stop…” and look up at him pleadingly. But his smile is even bigger as he looks down at you. And then you can see what his hand is doing, pulling his loincloth to the side as he pulls out… Oh my God! It’s huge! You’ve never seen a man like that – not even the stable hands you’ve peeked at, and certainly not your almost-forgotten husband. That must be what they mean when they say cock… something that large and thick. You know there’s no way that will ever get inside you, but he ignores your mumbled protests as he gives it a few strokes while moving between your legs.

Now the thickness is between your thighs, rubbing up and down the swollen lips of your pussy. You moan again at the touch; barely thinking about how horrible it is – this invader ready to take you, and you actually wanting it. Then, he does it. The head sliding inside you, stretching you, even thicker than you imagined as he lodges it just inside your tight pussy. You cry out again, louder than before – your tight little hole never having anything like this inside it before. But he ignores you as he continues to push slowly forward.

Oh God. So hard. So big. Filling and stretching you as he goes deeper and deeper; the feelings spreading from your center are more than you ever imagined. Finally he’s buried all the way, you can feel the rough hair of his crotch against your own swollen lips. Then he starts to pump, pushing in and out as his other hand still holds your head back. You gasp and moan each time he drives his cock home, the feeling of a man, a REAL man finally fucking you, so incredible you can’t believe it. You know it’s horrible of you to enjoy it, but you can’t help it, as he takes you roughly right on the table. This could be the very warrior who killed your husband, but as long as he keeps that cock in your tight pussy, you just don’t care. The feeling of his body striking yours… the way the shaft rubs your clit as it slides in and out… it’s driving you insane. You can hear the wet, sticky sounds of him pumping at you, and it excites you even more.

Then he lowers his head, taking one of your hard nipples into your mouth, biting and sucking as his hands move down to grab the cheeks of your ass. He pulls you up into his thrusts as he fucks you even faster and harder than before. His cock all the way in each time, then pulling out as your pussy tries to suck him inside. Your cries are louder and constant now as you moan, every sensation concentrated on your crotch as your attacker fucks you… taking his noble captive… You can see the image in the mirror on the wall and it excites you more – his hard, tanned body driving into you above; and you underneath, legs spread willingly as he fills you with his meat and uses you.

The barbarian is stroking faster than ever, his own breathing heavy as his cock pummels at you. Then, when you think you can’t take it anymore, he buries it deep, throwing his head back as he lets out a gutteral cry. Amazingly, you can feel the spasms inside you, as you realize he’s filling you with his hot seed. It sends you over the edge as well, a stunning orgasm consuming your body as he jerks and grinds; the hot cum jetting out and overflowing from your pussy.

Your attacker pauses for a moment, catching his breath as you lie there in shock. Then, he pulls from you, placing his slickened member back in his loincloth as he roughly drags you to your feet again. He drags you to the stairs clad only in your soft shoes.

As you stumble down the stairs behind him, the realization of what has happened starts to fill you with shame. You can feel his sticky sperm oozing from your tender hole as you wonder what lies ahead…


As you stumble down the stairs behind him, the realization of what has happened starts to fill you with shame. You can feel his sticky sperm oozing from your tender hole as you wonder what lies ahead…

Before you know it, you’re in a line with the other captives, mostly women but a few boys and men. You’re all naked, a rope tied loosely around your neck in the hand of your individual captor, and your hands bound behind you. The only concession to your comfort they have made is allowing you all to keep your shoes, probably for faster travel.

They lead you away from your former home, the castle already burning from the fires the looters have set. You proceed down the dirt road a short ways before you meet up with the rest of their band. Soldiers and their horses filling a clearing as they break camp, and many more captives scattered about. You notice again, the majority of the captives are young women. But you also realize there are more than a few women among the barbarians as well, and wonder what they are. As you try to pay attention to what goes on around you, you realize that the warrior who captured you apparently has some status among these people… You’re also busy keeping an eye out for a means of escape, whenever it may come.

You quickly get underway again, the rest of the day passing in a blur as you proceed north. At first you’re worried about your nakedness, attempting to cover what you can as you walk, but knowing that it’s hopeless. With your hands bound behind your back all your tender charms are exposed to view. A few of the barbarians ride throughout the crowd, stopping to admire a captive here or there with a leer and a laugh, but never touching – you draw more than your share of these admirers. But through it all your warrior ignores you; riding ahead slowly, just enough pressure on the rope to make sure you’re keeping up with him.

Finally they make camp for the night, tents being set up for the warriors and cookfires started. A few of the captives are set loose to begin preparing the meals and tending to the animals; they all appear to have been with the group for a while, and none look interested in escape. You collapse in weariness as your warrior stops, your feet tired from the unexpected walk, and your body sore from when he took you earlier (and the way you reacted so sluttily, you remember…) He ties the rope from your neck to a tree-limb, and walks off into the crowd.

Soon the smell of cooking food fills the camp, and the rumbling of your stomach reminds you how hungry you are. You see your captor returning bearing a platter of meat and bread, you rise to your feet in anticipation of the meal. But he surprises you as he sets the plate down to one side before walking towards you.

He unties the line and takes it in his hand, tugging gently at first. You wonder what he’s doing now as you look at him. He’s standing just a few feet away, and you’re struck again at how large and strong he seems, how handsome he would be if he wasn’t the barbarian who conquered your home. Clad only in his loincloth and boots, he gives you a firm look as he pulls on the rope again, a little harder. Knowing resistance is useless, you respond and move closer… knowing what he must want before his meal.

But, he surprises you – placing a hand on your shoulders and pressing down strongly. You resist as you wonder what’s going on, and then it’s too much and you’re forced to your knees, with him standing right in front of you. One of his large hands takes your long hair in his grasp again, twisting almost tight enough to hurt. The other reaches down to pull his loincloth to the side, pulling out his member.

God, it’s as big as you remembered… even half-soft. You’ve never seen a man’s organ this close before, and your eyes explore every bit of the smooth flesh as you see his hand slowly stroking it up and down. You can smell his faint man-odor even from here as it starts to swell and grow. Oh god… you suddenly realize what he must have in mind.

“Suck.” The first word’s he’s spoken to you, his accent heavy in your language, but the word clear.

No. There’s no way you’re going to do it. You’ve heard of it, of course; even saw some of the couples doing it when you’d peek on them at home, but that’s not something a noblewoman does. You won’t.

Then, the hand twists in your hair harder, pulling your head forward a little. At the same time, he starts to rub the head of his cock along your face. You’re revolted yet excited at the same time – no matter how dirty this might be, you actually LIKE the feeling of this thing getting hard and touching your skin. He lightly slaps your cheeks with it, and the smell and feel are getting stronger as he moves it about. Then, he places the head back on your lips, repeating, “Suck. Suck it now!”

His strong hand is pulling your head forward, at the same time his penis throbs and presses against your closed lips. Finally, you relent, realizing you have no choice. You open your mouth, letting it slide slowly in…

The taste… the fullness. You can feel it stretch your lips, knowing you must look just like those girls did last night. The head is crossing your tongue as he pushes deeper, a slick substance oozing from the slit that leaves a salty, yet not unpleasant taste in your mouth. You realize it must be a mixture of his juices, as well as yours from earlier. He begins to move your head back and forth slowly as you adjust to the new feeling.

God, it’s somehow exciting! No matter how shameful it may be. You can feel the throbbing in your mouth, and you realize this man ENJOYS having his cock in your mouth, that it must somehow feel good. You remember his words, and start to suck softly as he moves back and forth in your mouth, and are rewarded with a moan as his prick jumps lightly.

He begins to move his hips now, and your head faster – his hands grasping you on either side as he pumps your face onto his cock. You don’t even care about the soreness of your knees on the grass, the fact that your arms are still tied behind you. All that matters is this hard thing moving in and out. Each time he’s making you take it a little deeper, and you do your best – gagging the first couple of times he pushes the head into your throat, but quickly learning how to time your breathing and relax your muscles.

He moans again, softly and deep in his throat. You’re taking all of him now, and wonder how it looks from his view as he fucks your face. Each time your nose is buried into his pubes for a moment, and you can feel his heavy balls hitting the bottom of your chin. Then he’ll pull back, and you can taste that slick ooze from the head thicker than before, knowing that it’s the start of the load of sperm that must be building.

Faster and faster, each stroke hard as he makes you suck him the way he took your pussy the day before. And you find you’re enjoying it again, that you like being the slutty princess sucking your barbarian captor’s cock while you’re down on your knees. His grunts are faster and his hips moving rapidly… you can feel the shaft starting to get harder in your mouth, and a strange throbbing on that part running underneath. You wonder if he’s about to…

Then he cries out, holding your head tight to him as… oh my god… he’s cumming… actually in your mouth… you can feel it shooting out of his cock, hot sticky jets that are covering your tongue and filling your cheeks. And you surprise yourself again, you actually like the salty, manly taste. Swallowing greedily as he spurts again and again. It’s more than you ever imagined would come out; you gulp down all that you can, but plenty overflows running down your lips and chin, and dripping down to stick on your breasts.

He holds your head tight and close as he softly moans; you continue to suckle on the softening cock thirstily as you work to get the last bits of his sperm. He finally draws from your lips and pulls you to unsteady feet. You realize again, all you are for now is a receptacle for his pleasure as he turns and walks to his meal. He gives you a small bowl of your own, and you quietly sit and eat; the taste of his cum still filling your mouth and glistening on your chin…

Finally the meal is over and he ties you back to the tree. You collapse in weariness with your small blanket, as you wonder what he’s going to do to you tomorrow…

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