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Qualifications with Mom

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It was supposed to be wonderful. Patricia’s son — her pride and joy — was only weeks away from attending college. The freshman semester would be starting soon and they were both overjoyed.

So it came as a complete shock when she saw Tyler coming home that Saturday morning with a frown on his face. He had just returned from a fraternity meeting in which eligibility for new membership was explained.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, holding a whisk and bowl, preparing the dough for her homemade cookies.


Tyler closed the front door, removed his shoes, and tossed a folder on the nearby countertop. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that his entry to the fraternity was unlikely to happen.

She put the bowl down on the kitchen counter and went over to comfort him, or at least try.

“What happened at the meeting?” she asked, rubbing his arm.

He hung his head. “Looks like I won’t be joining after all. Apparently I’ll be a loser in college too.”

This stung Patricia more than anything. Her son was far from being a loser. He was a handsome young man, talented, and extremely bright. The problem was that, like many young men at that age, he could be a little shy at times. Especially around pretty girls. It was perfectly normal.

“Oh Tyler,” she said, caressing his shoulder. “You’re hardly a loser. I like you. Doesn’t that count for something?”

He sighed with embarrassment. “Like I said, I’m still going to be a loser.”

“Then join the fraternity. Make new friends. What’s wrong with that? It’s been your goal all summer, right?”

“I wish.”

“Anything worth telling me about?” she asked.

In truth, Patricia wasn’t ignorant about these sorts of things. She was well aware that fraternities and sororities often had difficult initiation processes. They had to, because there were simply too many applications every year.

Tyler shook his head. “It’s nothing. The whole thing is just really stupid.”

“Well, you can always make friends elsewhere. I’m sure there are other great clubs at your new university.”

“I’m not interested,” he said with a sense of defeat.

There was no consoling him at the moment, and he left to go upstairs to change his clothes. Seeing her son like this was upsetting. Tyler was a great guy who still had some emotional maturing to do. This is all normal for a young college guy at his age, Patricia reminded herself. Once he gets over this, he’ll be a real stud. She was sure of that.

Tyler had left the folder from the fraternity on the table. He’d either forgotten it, or left it there on purpose.

Either way, Patricia felt the need to take a peek. She opened the folder and sifted through the different pages. Then she saw something that caught her eye and would eventually change their lives forever:

Qualifications for New Fraternity Members

Prospective members are required to demonstrate their social and womanizing abilities with MILFS. The more points you earn, the better your chances of joining the Fraternity.

Earning points must be proven by 2 witnesses that are current fraternity members. OR, there must be picture/video documentation (selfies are okay). The MILF must fully consent to her pictures being taken.

Points are gained by the following methods:

10 points- Getting a MILF’s phone number

20 points- Making out

30 points- Feeling up her body

50 points- Oral sex

100 points- Fucking her

* Note: Must be an authentic ‘soccer mom’ style MILF. Prim and proper. Elegant and graceful. You know the type!

Failure to accumulate any points will result in an automatic termination of your application.

Enjoy the rest of the summer you horny bastards!

The Fraternity

Patricia was appalled by the nature of the fraternity initiation. When she was in college, joining a fraternity or sorority was something that was fun and innocent. How times have changed. Certainly not for the better, in her opinion.

Frankly, she found the whole process to be rather disgusting, crude, and sexist. As she put the paper back inside the folder, a part of her was actually glad that Tyler wouldn’t be associated with these creeps.

Household duties were beckoning and she returned to the kitchen to finish baking the cookies. It was the least she could do to help him feel better during this time of need. After all, what are mothers for?


Later that day, Patricia took a nice cool shower to relieve herself from the hot weather. Normally, she’d think about her daily activities, events at her job, or her social life. At this particular moment, all she could think about was Tyler and his heartbreak.

She was upset that Tyler was so depressed. Like any good mother, Patricia wanted her son to be happy. And that meant having him join the fraternity, even though she thought the fraternity members were sexist assholes.

Her mind swirled with ideas. The best course of action would be to teach Tyler how to approach older women. It was crazy, but it could work. Tyler was far from comfortable when approaching women his own age, let alone dealing with ‘MILFs’ at the beach (what a crude term for mature women, Patricia thought).

Nevertheless, Patricia was a self-assured woman, who knew exactly what other women her age would want. She had plenty of tips which could help with this sleazy initiation process. Tips that she could pass on to her son. Sure, Tyler would definitely feel uneasy about this, but he’d have to come out of his shell eventually. This was the time to learn how to be a man.

As she continued her shower, her mind continued swirling with all sorts of ideas. It was almost humorous thinking of her son becoming a stud. She’d coach him on how to court women.

The ultimate problem with this idea, however, was that she didn’t want to turn her son into some sleaze. All her life, Patricia had raised Tyler to be someone who respected and valued women. If Tyler actually completed this perverted fraternity test, he’d just be just another creep taking advantage of women, then discarding them after getting what he wanted.

Patricia simply couldn’t allow that.

When the shower finished, she stepped out of the tube and wiped the steam away from the mirror, examining her naked body.

She sighed, remembering how her body had used to be on the athletic side, but her age had now caught up with her. Her once perky tits sagged a little. Her previously toned stomach had become a little curvy. Her hips and butt were rather plump. Looking at her face, fresh from a shower and makeup free, there were more lines than years before.

Regardless, she still turned heads on occasions. She knew that young men enjoy ‘MILFs’ these days. The fact was, Patricia was a ‘MILF’ herself. The very kind that the fraternity was seeking to exploit.

Such a ridiculous thought. What crossed her mind almost made her laugh. But it also made her pussy clench a little. She dried her naked body with a towel and got an even better look at herself. She’d still look good in a bikini. She was absolutely sure of that.

If the fraternity got a look at her body around Tyler, he’d be initiated in an instant. Definitely. Once again, the thought made her want to laugh. How crazy. How absurd. How very taboo.

Yet the idea wouldn’t go away.

As she blow-dried her hair, the Qualification paper wouldn’t leave her mind. She and Tyler hugged all the time. They kissed all the time too, granted, they would kiss on the cheek. How big a deal would it be if they went a little further? She could live with it. Tyler could certainly live with that too, especially if it meant joining the fraternity.

‘The things I’d do for my son.’


When she entered Tyler’s room a few minutes later, he was laying in bed listening to music on his headphones, which he removed as she walked in.

Patricia, dressed in ordinary home clothes, twirled a bikini bottom with her fingers. The smile on her face left Tyler baffled.

“What’s that?” he asked, utterly confused that his mom would be doing such a random thing.

“This, is going to help you join the fraternity,” she said with a wink.


Patricia sat down on the bed, looking her son straight in the eyes for the important conversation. She placed the bikini bottom down on the bed, right next to Tyler.

“You’re going to join that fraternity,” she said firmly. “And I’m going to help you do it. I read the Qualifications to join, and I think you can do it.”

“Pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?”

She nodded. “I agree wholeheartedly. Boys will be boys, regardless, those are the rules they’ve chosen. I firmly believe you can do it.”

“Are you joking? If it was that easy, I would have done it already.”

“I have a plan.”

Tyler’s eyebrow raised. “You do?”

“My first thought was to teach you how to pick-up women my age.”

“That’s never going to happen,” he said, sadly. “I barely have the courage to talk to girls in my class.”

“Which is why there’s a second option.”

“There is?” he asked with a sense of optimism now.

“Well, it’s a little…unconventional. But I have full confidence that it’ll work.”

“I’d love to hear it.”

She took a deep breath. “I could be your MILF.”

“You’re kidding, right?” his eyes widening.

She straightened her back and sat with perfect posture, as if to exert her authority over the situation, and to show that she was fully confident about the unconventional plan.

“I’m absolutely serious,” she said boldly. “No one will ever know. The fraternity members won’t verify the pictures, will they?”

“No. I don’t think so. They said they’ll accept pics and selfies of us with older women.”

“And we hug all the time, right?”

He nodded. “Yep.”

“And don’t I kiss you on the cheek or forehead all the time also?”

He nodded again. “Yep.”

“Then would it really be such a big deal if, you know, our lips touched for a split second? We can take a quick picture of it at the beach. The fraternity will have no idea that I’m your mother.”

There was a twinkle in his eye. “You’d really do that for me? I mean, seriously? You wouldn’t mind?”

Tyler’s mood had quickly changed. Just a moment ago, he was heartbroken that his goal of joining the fraternity had been ruined by their Qualifications. Now, there was strong hope that he could actually be accepted.

But there was also something else there, Patricia had noticed. Something inexplicable in his reaction, but she didn’t want to think too deeply about it.

“Tomorrow morning,” she stated. “We’ll go to the beach. Get your swimming things ready because we’ll go in the water. We’ll also take a few harmless pictures, which hopefully will get you enough points to join the fraternity.”

His eyes lit up. “If I join the fraternity because of this, I’ll owe you a thousand favors.”

“Don’t you just know it!”

There was a palpable feeling of excitement between them. Neither knew how far they’d be willing to go with this, but they were actually kind of intrigued to find out.


The plan was set in motion the next morning as they drove to the beach. Patricia was dressed in a plain tshirt and shorts, with her bikini underneath. She was slightly nervous too. It had been a while since she had bared her bikini clad body in public. Heck, it had been a while since she had bared her body in public. Nevertheless, she was a woman on a mission, and this would all be very quick.

During the drive, she briefly wondered if her son would keep his promise about owing her favors. It was an amusing thought. He’d owe her bigtime for this.

When they arrived at the beach, Patricia’s body tingled nervously. With the car parked, she undressed and tossed her clothes in the backseat. It had been years since Tyler had seen her in a bikini. She was worried that he wouldn’t be impressed because of her age, but sure enough, as soon as her skimpy outfit was revealed, he couldn’t keep his eyes away.

“Looking at something?” she smiled.

He quickly diverted his eyes. “Oh, I just wanted to see your outfit. The fraternity members are going to be surprised.”

Patricia took this as a compliment and noted how flustered her son looked. She found it entertaining.

“Let’s go,” she said. “It’s a beautiful day, and this should be fun.”

She sort of regretted calling this ‘fun.’ Especially since she’d be kissing him and doing who knows what else. But they had a job to do.

Tyler carried his phone and the car keys. Wearing only his swimming trunks, they both walked barefoot on the concrete parking lot, then onto the hot sand. There were plenty of scantily clad people around that morning.

“Do you have a specific plan for this?” he asked, surveying the beach.

“It depends on how far you’re willing to go,” she said in a teasing tone.

At this point, she enjoyed teasing him. It seemed like any time this topic had been brought up, Tyler would become uncomfortable or start to squirm a little, ever so slightly. It was all in good fun, and it served a specific purpose too. Besides, with the crazy things they’d be doing, why not have fun with it.

“I’m…ummm…up for anything,” he said.

“I thought so. Let’s go in the water. It’s more private that way.”

They walked down the beach to the ocean. It was a gorgeous day, and the atmosphere was lively. Patricia felt a nervous tension growing within herself. Sure, it would all be harmless and fun. But that doesn’t change the fact that they were a mother and son who were about to do some slightly provocative things out in public.

Patricia had to remind herself what this was all for; it was for the good of Tyler’s college experience. A chance for him to make some new friends and have fun while in college.

Their feet were splashed by a wave of ocean water. As they walked, the water rose up to their knees, then thighs, then midsection. They didn’t stop until she gave the signal that they were deep enough, with the ocean water lapping their waist.

They stood in the water and just looked at each other. The rest of the beach goers were completely oblivious to the fact that a mother and son were about to do something so strange.

Tyler’s eyebrow raised and he smiled. “Okay, so here we are. What did you have in mind?”

“Scoring points, of course.”

“Anything specific?” he asked, his eyebrow still raised.

“Well, I’m sure you’ve kissed a few of your past girlfriends, right?”

Tyler suddenly looked as if he had been stung by a small creature in the ocean water.

“Of course,” he said. “I’ve kissed girls before.”

“According to the rules of the fraternity, you’ll get 20 points for making out with a MILF, which, by the way, is a degrading term for women my age.”

“I think it’s a complimentary term,” he insisted. “It means that guys find you really attractive, and let’s face it, you’re hot.”

“That’s the last thing I need to hear before we kiss,” she said sarcastically.

Tyler tried his best to withhold a smile. “We’re going to kiss?”

“How else are we going to earn those points?”

“You’re right.”

“Now get your phone ready,” she said. “Our lips will touch for a split second, and our mouths will be open, so it looks like we’re having a make-out session. Then you’ll take the selfie picture. Are you okay with that?”

He swiftly nodded. “Yeah, I’m okay with that.”

“Good. Now let’s make this quick.”

As Tyler unlocked his phone and prepared to take the selfie, Patricia looked around at the other beach goers who were enjoying their morning, completely unaware that an incestuous kiss was about to take place.

“It’s ready,” he said, holding up the phone.

Patricia got closer to him in the water, his lips opening and his mouth puckering up for a kiss.

Then she did it. She leaned in and quickly pressed her lips against her son’s lips. It sent a tingly sensation up her spine. It aroused her in a way it wasn’t supposed to. They felt each other’s breath mingle.

When Patricia pulled back, she saw that her son had suddenly looked flustered and possibly aroused. She didn’t even want to think about that.

“Did you get it?” she asked.

Tyler snapped out of the trance to check his phone.

“Damn it, you pulled away too fast. I missed it.”

She sharpened her gaze. “Okay, a few more seconds to make sure we get it right. No funny games, okay? Taking a picture shouldn’t be this difficult.”

“Got it.”

For the second time, they kissed on the lips. This time, Patricia pressed her lips harder against his, their mouths tightly locked. This was done to ensure the authenticity of the pictures. There would be no doubt, to the fraternity, that a hot make-out session was taking place.

Patricia was so caught up in the moment, in making this look realistic, that she inadvertently slipped her tongue inside her son’s mouth. Before she could control herself, she felt Tyler’s tongue pushing back, their tongues wrestled for a second, and they were legitimately making out.

She pulled her lips and tongue away. “Did you get it?”

Tyler checked his phone. “Yep, looks like it.”

After confirming that the necessary picture had been taken, they looked at each other in slight discomfort. There was really no doubt about it. They both enjoyed it. Especially Tyler, who never dreamed he would ever make-out with a woman as hot as Patricia was (mom or not).

“Good,” she said, nodding. “Now, we’ll need to earn a few more points to ensure that you’ll be admitted.”

“Mom, we really don’t need to do this. I think this should be enough.”

“Nonsense. We came here so that you could join the fraternity. I know how much this means to you.”

He smiled, “Thanks, you’re the best. What next?”

“Well, you get 30 points if we feel each other up, right? Let’s get close, and you can take another selfie, okay?”

Before Tyler could protest, Patricia lunged forward and pressed her bikini-clad body tightly against her son’s body. She squeezed him tight, and that was when she felt it. No way, it couldn’t have been. Could it? She shifted her thigh against his body to be sure. There was no doubt.

Patricia felt an erection inside Tyler’s shorts. It was pressed against her thigh as she squeezed herself upon him. This instantly made Tyler jerk backwards, ending the tight embrace, as he looked embarrassed.

“Sorry about that,” he blushed.

Patricia maintained composure, trying to be practical about this. “That’s perfectly alright. You’re a healthy, vibrant young man. I should have expected that.”

“Should we go home now?”

“Not so fast, mister,” she said in a stern motherly tone. “We’ve already come so far, and done so much, there’s no way I’m letting you quit. I honestly don’t care that you’ve become erect. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

He blushed again. “Thanks, and sorry once again.”

“Stop apologizing! Men should never apologize for being men, unless they’re doing something totally inappropriate. You became erect because you were intimate with a real woman. You should own the fact that you’re aroused. It’s part of being a real man. And part of all this is to teach you how to be a man. Understood?”

He nodded, with more confidence flowing. “Got it. I’m glad you think so. It’s just…look at you…you’re hot. I mean, of course I’m going to be aroused.”

Those were words that no mother should ever hear from her son, Patricia thought. But she justified her actions by telling herself that this was all for Tyler’s future. And it was. Tyler would become a better man because of this, for gaining confidence, and for eventually joining the fraternity, if everything went well.

“Enough talk,” she said. “Now for the next step. We still need to gain more points.”

“Should we hug again?”

She shook her head. “That might be a little too awkward, given the situation inside your swimming trunks. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“Then what?”

Patricia looked around, making sure all the beach goers were of proper age. They were. Everyone at the beach was over 18, since nudity was allowed there. She also wanted to make sure that no one was looking at them.

She grabbed her son’s hand and pulled it to her breast. It shocked him to the core. She held his hand there, but he wasn’t going to pull back anyway. No, he wanted this too. Once he knew that he had full permission, his hand slowly clenched, cupping his mother’s tit.

“Well?” she asked, gesturing to her fondled breast. “What are you waiting for? Take the picture already.”

“Oh, right.”

Tyler used his free hand to take the picture of himself cupping his mother’s breast. It wasn’t just one picture either. It was an assortment of pictures. Patricia wanted to make sure that all angles were covered. She wanted to leave no doubt to the fraternity that this was the real thing. That Tyler was actually having his way with a ‘MILF.’

And that meant more intimacy. Patricia took his hand and slid it underneath her bikini top, so that he felt her bare breast. His fingers rubbed, feeling that her nipple was rock hard at that point. Patricia kept her eyes fixed on her son, while he took pictures of his hand fondling the bare tit, which had become exposed to everyone else at the beach.

It was all very surreal. She had never been much of an exhibitionist before. Never had she exposed her breast in a public area. Now, for her very own son, she was allowing her boob to be free for anyone to watch. How embarrassing. How very exciting too.

“I think you’ve had enough of that,” she said, taking a breath.

Tyler’s hand slowly pulled away. “Are we done?”

At that moment, the answer should have been ‘yes, we’re done.’ But she couldn’t bring herself to say those words. She couldn’t bring herself to cover her chest either, as her tit was still exposed.

In truth, she was aroused from this. She knew that Tyler was aroused too. She also knew that joining the fraternity could be tough, because she didn’t know how many points the other potential members had accrued. Better to be on the safe side and try to earn the most points possible while they were already at the beach.

“One more thing,” she said. “To make sure we get enough points.”

“You mean, oral?”

“No!!” she snapped, before calming herself down. “No, we won’t go that far. Relax your hand. This will only take a moment.”

Patricia took her son’s hand again, this time bringing it to her crotch. She allowed the hand to slide underneath her bikini bottom, so that he could feel her bare pussy. She had shaved it that morning so that none of her pubic hairs would poke through her bikini. When she shaved, she had no idea her son would be touching her most intimate of areas. Yet, it was happening, and she was enjoying it.

All the while, Tyler kept his phone pointed down towards the ocean water, taking pictures of his hand buried up his mother’s cunt.

Things went to the next level when he used two fingers to rub her clitoris, making her clench. It went yet a step further when he slipped two fingers inside of her pussy, making her gasp.

“You’ve touched a woman before,” she moaned, surprised.

“I have. Not much beyond that.”

“Are you a virgin?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said sadly.

That was when he fondled her pussy some more, furthering her arousal. It was becoming too much, especially at the public beach, so she pulled his hand away, then covered her exposed tit.

“Now we’re done,” she winked at him.

Patricia leaned forward to give her son a kiss on the lips, which was purely for personal reasons, then they headed back to the shore.


The next morning. Patricia was dressed nicely for work, in a sharp office suit, complete with a silk blouse, a knee-length skirt, and stockings on her legs. She was preparing her breakfast when Tyler came down the stairs with his phone in hand.

“Any news?” she asked.

“Yep, good and bad.”

“Start with the good news first.”

He smiled, “The fraternity released an email update on the initiation process. I’m high on the list so far.”

“That’s great!” she said with elation, giving her son a hug. “This shows that you can do anything, even if I gave you a helping hand.”

“I know, right?”

“Now what’s the bad news?”

He suddenly looked timid. “The results are mostly tied so far. So they’ve sent out another email on how to earn more points. Here, take a look.”

Tyler handed her the phone, and Patricia read the email carefully:

Qualifications for New Fraternity Members

Congratulations for making it this far. As you know, gaining membership is difficult, as the tasks are challenging. We strive for the highest standards, which means pushing you to the limit.

Here are the means for gaining additional points. The stakes are much higher in this area. The same MILF(s) must still be used. We want to know if you can still hook-up with the same hot MILF(s) outside of the beach setting, when she’s returned to her normal everyday life.

Points are gained by the following methods:

200 points- Continued sexual activity with the MILF anywhere

300 points- Sexual activity with the MILF at her work

400 points- Sexual activity with the MILF at her home

AUTOMATIC MEMBERSHIP- Live streaming the sexual activity (with her consent) at either her home or work.

The same rules apply. The summer is coming to an end, and the deadline is closing. Enjoy yourselves you horny bastards!

The Fraternity

Just when Patricia thought she had done all she could to help her son join the fraternity, there was suddenly more to be done. And the stakes couldn’t have been higher, or more perverse.

She handed the phone back to her son, with a stern, motherly look on her face.

“You’re not seriously considering this,” she said. “Are you? You better not be.”

He gave a shy grin. “Please? We’ve already done so much. This was all your idea, remember? You were the one who took me to the beach.”

“Yes, for touching and kissing. Not for…god knows what else.”

“Then how else am I supposed to join the fraternity? You’ve read the email, this is the only way.”

She gave a sharp look. “I’ll have to think about it..”


Tyler suddenly looked shy and meek, hanging his head.

“What is it?” she had to ask.

“I’ve already told the Fraternity that I’d Skype them this morning.”

Patricia’s eyes widened. “You what!?”

“Sorry,” he said, timid. “I thought you’d be okay with that. I mean, just yesterday you let me touch your…”

“You don’t need to remind me,” she said, shaking her head. “I know what we did.”

“And you enjoyed it too, didn’t you? I felt how aroused you were. Your nipple was hard and you seemed to enjoy my fingers inside you.”

“Touching and kissing is one thing,” she said adamantly. “But oral sex and intercourse is something else entirely. You have to tell them that you can’t do the Skype chat.”

He hung his head again. “If I do that, my application will be rejected. It’s okay, I’ll let them know.”

It felt as though time was moving in slow motion. Tyler was turning to walk away and Patricia had to make a snap decision.

She had already allowed him to fondle her bare tit in public, tongue kiss on the mouth, and finger her aroused cunt. What’s the harm in going a little further? She thought. Instead of her lips touching his mouth, her lips would be on his cock. Instead of his fingers going inside her cunt, his cock would be there.

“Wait,” she said softly, preventing him from leaving. “If you promise to be respectful about this, then I’ll do it.”

His eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Yes, really. Just don’t make a big fuss about it, and know that I’m only doing this to help you. This is to boost your confidence for college. This is about helping you become a young man.”

“You got it.”

“And another thing,” she added. “This better not be demeaning towards me. I mean it. If you call me a bitch, slut, or whore during the process, then I swear you’ll be slapped across the face.”

He gave her a big suffocating hug. “That’ll never happen. You’re the best. I owe you a thousand favors. Anything you want. Promise.”

“You better.”

“Can we start now?” he asked, releasing the hug.

She checked the time. “I don’t know, I have to go to work in about 30 minutes.”

“Plenty of time,” he smiled. “I’ll be right back. I need to make a quick call to confirm this.”

With that, Tyler gave his mother a big wet kiss on the lips. Then he ran up the stairs. The kiss left Patricia reeling, and she wondered if she had just created a monster.


It only took a few short minutes for Tyler to come back down the stairs with his laptop open, ready to open Skype for a video chat. Patricia barely had time to take a few bites of her breakfast. She noted the excited look on her son’s face. A look that she rarely saw.

“Okay, I just spoke with them,” he said, setting the laptop on the dining table. “They’re ready for the video call.”

Patricia gulped the food in her mouth. Was this really going to happen? What had she gotten herself into?

She tried to maintain control. “Just a few seconds, okay? That’s all you get to prove to the fraternity that this is real.”

“A few seconds? They want to see the whole thing. They said I’ll automatically be allowed to join after they watch this.”

Her eyes shifted to the laptop on the table. Deep down, she was mortified that she’d be doing these sex acts to completion in front of unknown fraternity members. Worse, she’d be doing these full-on sex acts with her own son. It was something she could never take back.

But at the same time, for reasons which she’d never understand, Patricia felt the same wetness between her legs as the previous day. There was no doubt about it. The idea was extremely taboo and arousing. It made her pussy clench just thinking about it.. Plus she hadn’t been laid in a while, so this would be a nice form of relief.

He interrupted her thoughts. “Are you okay with this? They’re expecting me to contact them right away.”

Time was of the essence and she was boxed in. She needed to go to work soon. And her son needed to contact the fraternity, who were waiting.

More interestingly, she noticed the look of pure enthusiasm on Tyler’s face. He was insanely aroused and incredibly excited. The look made Patricia’s mind swirl with questions (along with her own arousal as well).

“I’ll do it,” she said. “Only on one condition.”


“Why are you so excited? Because you’re going to join the fraternity? Lose your virginity? Or because you’re going to have sex with me- your own mother? Answer truthfully.”

He blushed, “Honestly? It started with wanting to join the fraternity. But since yesterday, when I got to touch your…”

“Nevermind,” she said, cutting him off. “Don’t finish that sentence. I’ll do this for you. Let me change my clothes and I’ll be back.”

“Don’t. They want you in your office clothes. They like the whole ‘professional woman’ thing. It’s a huge turn-on for them.”

“You told them about me?”

He nodded. “Of course I did.”

“Fine. Just start this already.”

He smiled, “Remember, don’t act like my mother. You’re supposed to act like a random MILF I picked up at the beach. Act like we’re strangers.”

“You owe me for this,” she said, crossing her arms, giving him a sharp stare.

“Mom, you’re the best. I’ll owe you whatever you want.”

He gave her an inappropriate kiss on the lips without her permission. Then he turned to his laptop to connect the cam.

“God, this is crazy,” she breathed aloud.

He turned to her with a serious expression on his face. “I’m nervous, mom. I’m a virgin.”

“It’ll be okay.”

Deep down, she felt her pussy come to life. The idea of taking her son’s virginity was an unusual thrill. One that she wasn’t sure if she was ready for. Nevertheless, it excited her. It made her all hot and bothered.

“I’ll try to be proper about this,” he said. “I mean, I’ll try to make it pleasurable for you.”

“I appreciate that. Now, have you ever received oral sex?”

“A few times.”

“Then you have some experience,” she noted.

“Not as much as I’d like. I’d also appreciate if you…you know…make me look like a stud. You know, act like you’re hot for me. Dirty talk. Act like you can’t get enough of me.”

“The things I’d do for my son,” she replied, shaking her head.

He smiled. “Thanks so much. Get ready, I’ll connect the webcam now.”

In truth, Patricia was far from prepared. She was only vaguely aware of how this would work, and how far she’d have to go sexually. Sure, she was told that she would have to do sexual things with Tyler, but was Tyler actually able to go through with it? So many questions. Questions which would soon be answered.

Skype opened and she saw a group of fraternity members on the screen. There were four of them. They appeared to be the leaders, all well-dressed and neatly groomed. Tyler spoke with them for a while. Then he turned the laptop so that the webcam pointed to his mom in the kitchen.

The fraternity leaders expressed their pleasure with what they saw:

“She’s gorgeous. What a nice MILF you’ve found.”

“Nice work, Tyler. She’s the perfect woman.”

“Damn, she’s hot! Office women are the best.”

“This is going to be so awesome!”

Patricia was embarrassed by the brazen comments. But at the same time, flattered as well. These were young men at the prime of their youth who were approving of her beauty.

She tried to maintain a strong, confident posture. Inside, she was far from that. She was nervous as hell, being watched on the webcam by these frat leaders. But it was a price she was willing to pay for her son.

Tyler spoke to the frat members, as Patricia stood there listening to more compliments about how hot she was, how sexy she looked, and how excited they were to watch her get fucked and suck cock.

The crude comments made Patricia want to admonish the young men. To scold them for speaking in such a manner. All her life, she strived to be a respectable woman. All her life, she did her best to be a good person. And all her adult life, she did her best to be a great mother to her son, teaching him how to behave properly. Most importantly, she always led by example.

Now here she was, standing in her office clothes in the kitchen, getting ready to perform all sorts of lewd sex acts with Tyler, while these strangers watched through a laptop.

“So this is how it’s going to work,” the frat leader said. “If she sucks your cock to completion, on cam, you’re automatically accepted into the fraternal order. If you fuck her on cam, then you’ll be fast tracked to a leadership role. Are you ready Tyler?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” he replied confidently.

“What about the MILF? Your name is Patricia, right? Are you ready to begin?”

Patricia resisted the urge to roll her eyes while looking at them. She further resisted the urge to throw her coffee mug at the laptop to smash the screen.

“I’m ready to help this stud,” she said, trying to sound sexy. “He belongs in the fraternity for all the things he can do.”

“You must be a great cocksucker,” another frat leader smiled.

Patricia clenched her fists, resisting any violent urges.

“I’ve always had good reviews. Tyler certainly doesn’t complain.”

“Then get to it. Let’s see what kind of skills you have.”

Tyler now faced his mother. Patricia turned to face her son. There was an apprehensive look on Tyler’s face. Of course there was, the young man didn’t have much experience. And he certainly wasn’t going to be the aggressor towards his mother, since she was the leader of the household.

This would have to be Patricia’s doing. She knew that if she didn’t take charge, nothing would happen. She took a deep breath and concentrated her efforts. She was also extremely aroused, but she didn’t let it show. This was all business, she thought to herself. That was her justification for performing sexual acts on her son.

She dropped to her knees, still in the full view of the webcam, while the four frat members watched on. She couldn’t bring herself to look at the cam. All she could focus on was undoing her son’s shorts, yanking them down, to reveal a raging hard cock, which swung free, almost hitting her in the face.

It was immediately clear that this wasn’t just about cocksucking for Tyler. He wanted this from his own mother. He was excited that his mom was going to service him like this. And that made Patricia strangely turned-on, even more than she already was.

She held the cock in her hand and stroked, feeling her son’s manhood. Then she looked up at him. Their eyes locked while she stroked. She kept in mind that she had to be sexy about this.

“I love your cock,” she said, while in character. “I can’t get enough of it. I want it down my throat and in my pussy right after.”

Tyler’s eyes spoke volumes. His facial expression said it all. His cock twitched in his mother’s hand.

The fraternity leaders also made comments, expressing their excitement.

Patricia opened her mouth and took the cock inside. She sucked it. No warm up. No feeler. No further preparation. There was no need to delay this any further. She had a task to complete. Plus, she needed to go to work soon, meaning Tyler had to cum as fast as possible.

She sucked his cock brazenly. What most people didn’t realize by looking at Patricia, was that even though she was a plain everyday woman, she was also a woman who loved sucking cock. She didn’t look the part of a good cocksucker, but she was.

The suction of her mouth was incredibly tight. Her lips were wrapped tightly around the shaft. Her head bobbed, back and forth, in an even pace. Not missing a beat. Occasionally, her tongue would caress the shaft and swirl around the head.

All the while, her eyes remained locked on Tyler’s eyes. This was driving him completely wild. .

“Oh god…” he moaned. “Fuck, mo…”

As Tyler almost said, ‘mom,’ Patricia bit down gently, but urgently on his cock to stop him from making the huge slip-up, which would have been an epic disaster for them.

He corrected himself. “Oh fuck, Patricia. Your mouth is incredible.”

She winked at him, pleased that he’d made the correction.

As she continued sucking her son’s cock to the best of her ability, she was also aroused by comments made by the frat members:

“What a fucking mouth that lady has.”

“Shit, Tyler is the luckiest fucker on the planet.”

“How come I never had a MILF like that?”

“I would give her half of our fraternity funds if she would come here and suck our cocks. It would be worth it.”

The comments were amusing and motivated her further. She was never much of an exhibitionist, but this was making her reel with all sorts of strange feelings. It wasn’t enough that her son’s hard penis was in her mouth, and that she was pleasing it, but she was also doing it to entertain others.

She had to continuously remind herself: this was for the sake of her son’s future, his self-confidence, and his college experience.

As her mouth expertly worked the cock, she felt all the tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm. It wasn’t much of a surprise. A young man with little experience, like Tyler, wouldn’t last very long anyway. And if he came, then they wouldn’t be having sex.

Patricia pulled her mouth away, leaving a long trail of saliva dripping off the erection.

“It’s time to fuck,” she said, once again taking charge of the situation. “I need to get to the office soon. That shouldn’t be a problem either, since most men don’t last very long inside my pussy.”

The last comment was just to tease the fraternity members. God, the power and control she had over this situation was giving her all sorts of strange, perverse feelings. Her pussy now ached for this.

Patricia grabbed her son by his wet cock and pulled him to the dining table. She pushed the laptop on the corner of the table, clearing the necessary space for them to fuck.

“Lay on the table,” she said. “I love dominating handsome young men like you. Especially since you have a wonderful cock.”

Again, this was just for added effect to the fraternity, but there was a slight grain of truth to it. In all honesty, she did think that her son had a wonderful cock. That was something she couldn’t deny. Although she had never ‘dominated’ a younger soon-to-be college stud before, it was pretty enjoyable. The level of control she had was intoxicating.

The toughest part came when her son laid on the dining table, his hard cock pointing straight up in the air. This was it. Now she’d actually have to go through with it.

Patricia was no prude when it came to sex, even though she prided herself on being such a respectable, proper woman. But this was her son of all people. She had given birth to him 18 years ago. Her own flesh and blood. Now here she was, preparing to fuck him in front of the webcam.

Even more taboo, Tyler was a virgin. She’d be the very first woman to introduce him to the world of sex. One of the most important moments in his young adulthood. It should have been with someone special, she thought. Someone he loved, like a girlfriend. Patricia was always old fashioned in her beliefs.

Instead, it would be her fucking him. It would be her taking his virginity. And the thought had now become so exhilarating that her panties were now stained with wetness.

She reached underneath her office skirt and slid her panties down to the floor. When she picked them up to examine them, she noted that her white panties were now stained.

They were so wet, even the frat members commented on them:

“Damn, look at how wet those are.”

“This MILF is insanely horny.”

“Can’t wait to see this fucking!”

These comments only emboldened Patricia further. She instinctively smiled at the webcam, stood on a chair, then put her knees down onto the dining table, hovering over her exposed son.

“We’re going to do this fast,” she said, trying to sound sexy. “I can’t be late for work. There’s an important meeting I need to attend this morning. But only because I love your cock so much, I’ll squeeze this in.”

This was for added effect, to make Tyler look good in front of the fraternity leaders, and he played along.

“You can have my cock anytime, Patricia,” he replied, like a stud. “I fully expect to have your pussy later this evening.”

If anything, Patricia was at least glad that Tyler was getting a confidence boost out of this. God knows he needed it at this age.

With her skirt hiked up, she lowered herself, while Tyler held his throbbing cock upwards. As soon as the tip of his cock touched the pussy, his eyes widened. When Patricia’s pussy lowered, and his cock entered her wet hole, he gasped. When she lowered herself all the way, and the cock fully entered her pussy, he moaned out loud.

Patricia felt an overwhelming feeling of power as the cock was buried in her pussy. She knew she had complete control over her son. It was like a surreal feeling of sexual domination. Her original plan was to do this as quickly as possible, but now, she was enjoying this too much. She wanted this to last a little bit longer. That wouldn’t be so bad. They’ve already come this far, might as well enjoy it.

With a single thrust of her pussy, Tyler was no longer a virgin.

“Oh god!” he gasped, his body jerking.

She smiled and pressed his shoulder down. “We’ve fucked so many times yesterday. I love how you still get excited over my pussy.”

Patricia rode him a slow and steady pace. Her hands pressed his shoulders down, and her pussy clenched him to make the experience even more pleasurable.

“No one can get used to your pussy, Patricia.”

“That’s what I like to hear. Good boy.”

As they fucked in a rhythmic pattern, Patricia couldn’t help herself. She did something she had avoided before, which was to look directly at the laptop screen. She had to see the reaction of the frat members who would be deciding her son’s college fate. The very same people who were enjoying this incestuous show (without even knowing it was incest).

There they were. The four clean cut fraternity leaders in shock at the hot fucking that was taking place. She figured they must be used to seeing MILFs, but apparently not. Or maybe Patricia was just their type, prim and proper, in a super sexually aroused state, that they just couldn’t help themselves.

This feeling of exhibitionism only made Patricia burn inside. As she rode her son’s cock, she lifted her hands and began to unbutton her blouse to expose her white bra. Then she pulled her bra down to expose the intimate parts of her chest, which now had a bikini tan line from their day at the beach yesterday.

Her hands pulled further, showing even more of her tan lined tits. Finally, she revealed her hard brown nipples to her son, which were large and erect, showing just how aroused she was over this.

“Oh shit,” he gasped. “Your fucking tits are spectacular. I’ll never get tired of them.”

Tyler reached up and grabbed them while they fucked, pinching the hard nipples. Patricia wondered if Tyler was saying this for added effect, or if he actually meant it. Of course he meant it, she thought, boys will be boys. Mom or not, they love tits.

As much as she was loving this moment, she did in fact need to go to work soon. She had an important meeting that morning. This needed to hurry. Besides, she had no intention of spending her morning having sex in order to entertain these sleazy frat members.

So in order to speed things up, while continuing to ride her son, she bent down and pushed her tits into Tyler’s face, allowing him to suck her hard nipples. His hands forcefully squeezed each tit and he took turns devouring each nipple with his mouth. He sucked those tits in a way Patricia hadn’t felt in a long time.

She brought her lips to his ear and whispered, “I hope you can feel how wet my pussy is. I love that I’m taking your virginity. It’s so freaking nasty, but I love it. I need to go work son, cum for mommy, okay?”

When she sat upright, the look on Tyler’s face said it all. He was insanely aroused, as if he were hypnotized and may never recover. This delighted Patricia for some odd reason.

She rode him faster this time, determined to end things quickly. She was pleased that her son grabbed her hips and forced her to go harder and faster. She liked that he was now becoming a man and taking charge.

What she didn’t count on was the fact that she’d be coming as well. She didn’t anticipate her own orgasm, since this wasn’t supposed to be about her. It was supposed to be about her son joining the fraternity. Nevertheless, it would be a good learning opportunity for Tyler in his sexual education.

“Rub my clitoris,” she groaned. “I’m close to an orgasm. Make me cum by rubbing it in a circular motion. Stimulate me.”

Tyler did as he was told. Gladly. He rubbed that clit hard and fast, in circular motions like mom had instructed him to do.

That’s when it hit. After a few moments and getting fucked hard and having her clit stimulated, her back arched violently and she cried aloud. The orgasm was a much welcomed break to her dry spell. Never in a million years would she have imagined that it would be broken by her son. But it was worth it. She couldn’t remember the last time she came so hard, as her whole body rippled with intense pleasure.

When she looked down and saw Tyler still looking flustered, she tried to compose herself to focus on him. She clenched her wet pussy to make her hole tighter, making him closer to the goal.

“Cum for me,” she groaned. “That’s it. Feels good, doesn’t it? Cum already. I want to see your expression as you cum.”

She rode her hips faster and faster. She clenched her pussy tighter and tighter. The look on Tyler’s face showed that he was about to burst. His first sex session was going to be memorable.

“Oh fuck!!!” he screamed, his eyes clenching shut. “I’m going to cum. Mommm!!!!!”

His body jerked as he shot multiple loads inside his mother. She was relentless as she rode him, making sure to drain his balls properly. Unfortunately, he had accidentally revealed to the fraternity the whole mother/son thing. But they’d deal with that later once the orgasm was over. Their minds were totally possessed by the hot fucking they shared.

When they both calmed down and tried to recover from their earth shattering orgasms, they both turned to face the laptop. The four fraternity members looked back at them in utter shock. It was a devastating moment, and Patricia was a nervous wreck waiting for the responses.

The frat members finally spoke:

“Holy shit, Tyler, that’s your mom…dude?”

“Fuck, did we just witness some mother/son fucking?”

“That guy just boned his mom…”

“This motherfucker is literally a motherfucker!”

Patricia gulped loudly, Tyler’s reputation on campus would be devastated. Worse, the news of this could get out, which would lead to Patricia’s public reputation being ruined as well. Her mind raced with all sorts of terrible thoughts that would befall them.

Instead, the frat members broke out into a cheer and began high-fiving each other ecstatically. They clearly relished this.

Both Patricia and Tyler breathed a sigh of relief. She climbed off her son, blushing, went to the sink to go wipe her pussy clean of the orgasmic fluids. All the while, she listened to heaps of praise being showered on her son for being able to fuck his mom. Apparently, she had come to learn, this was a common fantasy for most young men. And the fraternity leaders promised to keep this a secret, and also to fast track him to a leadership position.

This was all worth it, she thought.

When the webcam show ended, Patricia felt embarrassed and still flustered from the intense orgasm she had just experienced. She finished wiping her legs dry, and she put her panties back on.

“Thanks mom,” he smiled, his cock still exposed, which was not flaccid.

She tried to compose herself and look motherly. “You’re welcome. This was for you. It was to help you become a young man, and it looks like I’ve succeeded. Anyway, I really am in a rush and I need to go. I’ll see you this evening.”



“Your tits are still showing,” he said.

She looked down at her chest, then realized that in the craze of things, she had somehow forgot to put her nipples back inside of her bra, and to button up her blouse again. She quickly tucked her nipples away.


“So…can we do this again?”

She smiled, “You already owe me a ton of favors.”

“Yes, and those favors can be in the form of helping you have more orgasms. You seem like you really like it. It’s good for you.”

She playfully sighed, “We’ll discuss this later. In the meantime, I have to go. Have a wonderful day as a new member of the frat.”

With that, she kissed him on the lips. A nice hard kiss. A ‘thank you for the hot morning fuck’ kind of kiss. Then she returned herself to a more professional mode as she grabbed her purse, put on her shoes, and left for work, with traces of cum still lingering inside her pussy.

The End

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