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Praising The Qualities Of An Older Woman

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“So, Jack,” asked Gillian, our HR Director. “What do you plan to do about Justin and Marge?”

“What are my options?” I asked, as I thumbed through the open file spread out on my desk before me.

“Disciplinary action, suspension, termination,” she recited. “I guess it all depends on how far you want to take it. Termination could prompt legal action on their parts.”

“Yeah,” I said, taking a deep breath. “But I don’t like any of those. It seems too severe just because they got caught fooling around in the storeroom.”

“Yes, but Ray says he saw them having sex right here on company property.”

“As if he wouldn’t if he had the chance,” I said.

The entire incident had fired the imagination of the entire company. A newly hired young kid had been caught in a storeroom with one of our older female employees. Rumors were flying about wildly over just who was involved and what it was that they were doing. Now it had landed on my desk and as General Manager I had to determine what to do. As Gillian gave me more details about what had happened, I pushed back in my chair to consider the options. It wasn’t hard to place myself in their shoes, because the incident brought back an old memory from my past that made me want think the whole thing over before taking action. It had occurred several years ago, when I had just gotten a start in the business.

I had been assigned along with a handful of other employees to work on a quality assurance certification program. It was a great experience for me since it gave me the opportunity to learn about the entire company and the business it was in. It also gave me a chance to meet many of the other employees, whom I might not have otherwise gotten to know. Now that we had passed our final audit and were given our preliminary certificate, one of the older ladies came up with the idea to make up a banner to hang in the lunchroom congratulating everyone for doing such a great job. She and I had been on several sub-committees and had worked late together many nights. Being rather young and naïve, I was consumed by the business details of the project. It wasn’t until that one evening in the lunchroom that I really noticed Peggy, that is, really noticed her as a woman.

“So Jack, can you give me a hand with this?” Peggy called out as she tried to stretch the new quality banner out above the bulletin board.

“Uh, yeah,” I said reaching up to grab the end that was falling away from her. “Here, let me grab this end.”

I took the other end of the banner, held it high above my head, and tried to position it where it should go. Peggy was standing on a short stepladder and nearly fell off trying to hang it up by herself.

“How’s this?” I asked.

“That looks about right,” she replied, pressing the banner onto the double-sided tape that held up her end. “Here let me move over and finish your end.”

She stepped down and moved the stepladder over so that she could tape the end I was holding up over my head. As she set the ladder next to me and climbed up, I could suddenly smell the aroma of her perfume, very light and not too flowery. Somehow the scent of it in my nostrils made me think of sex and produced a growing lump in my pants. It made me turn my head toward Peggy and take a closer look at her.

She was so busy applying the tape to the backside of the banner that she didn’t notice how my eyes ran up and down her body. She was several years older than me and although we had become pretty friendly during the last few weeks working on the quality committee, I had never given a single thought to her as a sexy woman. Hell, she was almost as old as my Mom, for Christ sake! Yet with her so close to me that I could smell perfume, I began to see her in a different light. Maybe it was the chemicals they put in the new scents, but there was a difference.

With her arms above her head, her breasts seemed to poke out farther than usual from her silky white blouse, her royal blue skirt clung closer to her heart shaped butt, and her sheer white hose followed the contours of her legs in a very appealing way. Even her modest blue heels seemed sexier as she leaned up on her toes to smooth out the banner. My gaze worked its way back up. I had never noticed how the ends of her shoulder length brunette hair were streaked with red and blonde highlights from the summer sun. Although there were a few faint lines in her face, she didn’t look old to me now. There was a sense of beauty that I had never seen before. Her skin looked so very smooth and soft that I wanted to reach over and caress it. Suddenly she turned to me with her brown eyes sparkling.

“Uh, Jack?” she asked, brushing her hair back from her face with her fingers. “Is there something wrong?”

Suddenly, I realized that I was staring and looked away.

“No, no,” I mumbled. “No, nothing at all.”

She looked at me somewhat puzzled as if she were going to say something more. I looked back up to her face now covered with a smile and a fresh flush in her cheeks. There was an appealing look to her that made the lump in my pants twinge again. I reached up and offered my hand to help her down off the stepladder.

“Well, that does it!” she remarked happily. “I think it looks real good!”

“Uh, yeah,” I replied. “You did a nice job on that.”

We stood back to admire the banner. She set her hands on her hips and admired her handiwork. As a divorced mother of two, she had the full figured look about her that many older women get, once they give up trying to keep fashion model thin. Not that she was fat or anything, but with the last traces of sunlight filtering in through the windows and the scent of her perfume still teasing me, I began to appreciate the beauty of this older woman. I had to chuckle to myself at the thought for during most of the time spent on the committee, I had been pursuing Candace a pretty young girl in accounts receivable. She had turned me down at every step, and that hadn’t kept me from trying. But now, here I was checking out Peggy. Was it desperation that brought me to this?

“Jack? Are you all right?” Peggy asked, looking at me with a quizzical smile curling her lovely full lips.

“Nah, it’s nothing,” I said with a shrug of my shoulders. “I think I’m suffering burnout from all of this quality time we’ve been spending.”

She let out a little laugh that tilted back her head showing off the smooth flesh of her neck. My gaze dipped down and followed the folds of her blouse as it came together just below the third button providing a slight glimpse of the curve of her full womanly breasts.

“Speaking of quality time,” she said. “Do you have any plans for dinner?”

“Well, no,” I replied. “I was just planning on eating at home.”

“Why don’t we go out for dinner?” she asked. “My treat.”

“Don’t you have to get home to your kids?”

“They’re with their father for the weekend for a change,” she remarked. “I don’t often get this chance. How about Alpoccino’s?”

It took me a moment to respond as I looked into her eyes for a sense of where she was coming from. There was a friendly spirit mixed with the sparkle of her eyes, but I couldn’t see anything else beyond that.

“Sure. That’s a nice place.”

We finished up, punched out, locked up the building, and I followed her as we drove over to the restaurant. As we walked in, I noticed that she had slipped on a jacket but the scent of her perfume was still tickling my nose.

Inside we relaxed with a glass of wine. The restaurant was on the dark side. Each table had a small candle that gave every face a rosy warm glow. She slipped her jacket off, folded it neatly and set it on the bench next to her. It seemed like the crease of her blouse was opened another button lower than before. The soft upper curves of her breasts were more fully in view and the lace edging of her bra barely showed.

“Here’s to a job well done!” she laughed holding her glass aloft.

We clinked our glasses together and sipped.

She ordered oysters as an appetizer and offered to share them with me.

“I’ve heard some cultures consider oysters an aphrodisiac,” I said flippantly, watching for her response.

“I don’t know about that,” she said. “I just love them with all the cheese and bacon and stuff on top.”

She ordered the shrimp alfredo and I chose the veal marsala.

“Mmm! That looks delicious,” she said looking over at my plate. “Can I have a bite?”

“If you let me have a bite of yours.”

We each selected a choice bite of dinner to share and reached over to feed the other.

“Mmm! It is delicious!” she said, her eyes closing sensuously as she tasted the veal and sauce. After throwing together a quick dinner for her kids every night, this must have been a real treat for her.

“So is yours,” I replied savoring the plump bite of shrimp.

Since Alpoccino’s was well known for their cannolli and cheesecake, we each indulged in a dessert.

“I don’t normally order dessert, but tonight seems different,” Peggy said.

“I know. Neither do I,” I replied. “But if I have one weakness, it’s cheesecake.”

“I’ll have to make you one,” she said. Then suddenly she added, “I mean for work. Make a cheesecake for work.”

Peggy ordered us each a glass of brandy to cap it off.

“This is my special weakness,” Peggy confessed. “I don’t have it often. Just certain occasions.”

“It’s nice. I’ve never had it before,” I said. I took another sip and swirled it about my mouth. It made my tongue tingle with my next breath.

“Sometimes, you just have to do something special to enjoy life and the people you’re with,” she said looking directly at me. Her dark eyes were twinkling in the glow of the flickering candle. It was as if throughout the evening, the years had melted away from her. I the rosy candlelight, she began to look less like this older lady and more like an appealing single woman.

“This has been very nice, Jack,” she said. “I feel like I know you much better now. I always thought you were kind of a loud mouthed brat, but you’ve shown me another side that I didn’t know existed.”

“Same here,” I said. “You always seemed nice, sort of like my Mom, you know. But you’re a really fun lady.”

“Well, thanks,” she said demurely, taking a sip of her drink.

“You have to answer a question that’s been bugging me all night,” I said.

“What’s that?” she said leaning forward in anticipation.

“What perfume are you wearing? It’s been driving me nuts, ever since we were hanging that banner.”

“So that’s what that was all about,” she laughed. “I think it’s called ‘Seduction.’ I guess from your response that it must be working.”

“Well, it’s been working on me.”

When the check came, I reached over quickly and pulled it to my side of the table.

“It’s supposed to be my treat.”

“I’ll treat. Save your money and do something nice for your kids, or yourself.”

She gave me a sweet smile and began to reach for her things. I tried to be a gentleman and help her on with her jacket, but she got tangled up in one of the sleeves. As I walked her across the half empty parking lot, she snuggled up close to me and took my arm. I was surprised how natural it all felt being with her like this. When we reached her car, she turned to face me and leaned up to give me a kiss on the cheek. We were standing close together, our faces just inches apart.

“Thanks for dinner,” she said in a cool, sexy voice.

“You’re welcome,” I replied. “Anytime.”

“I just may take you up on that sometime.”

“Well, have a good evening, Peggy.”

“Uh, Jack,” she said, reaching out her hand to pat my chest. “It doesn’t have to end yet, does it?”

“I don’t know, Peggy. Do you want to do something else?”

“I’ve got a new cappuccino machine that I’ve been dying to show off,” she bragged. “Would you like to stop by for some?”

For some reason, like some sort of reflex, my arms reached out to take her shoulders in hand. She looked up at me with her wonderfully dark eyes, anticipating my answer. So what if she was older, she didn’t look it. And besides, there was this appeal, this allure that was drawing me toward her. With all of the time I had spent pursuing young Candace, we hadn’t even gone out. Now I’m arm in arm with Peggy, half embracing her, deciding whether or not to go back to her place. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make.

“Sure. Why not?”

As I had followed her to the restaurant, so did I follow her to her house, a nice Cape Cod in a neighborhood a few minutes away. My heart was racing as we wended our way through the curving streets of her subdivision. Jesus, Jack! I kept saying to myself. Are you prepared for what she might have in store? I kept thinking about how sweet she looked in the glow of the restaurant, the sparkling eyes, the soft rosy cheeks, the way she licked the whipped cream off her lips. Then the thought dawned on me that this was all a figment of my imagination; that I was getting all worked up over something that was really quite innocent. Maybe she just felt lonely going home with her kids gone and wanted someone to talk to for a while. What made me think that Peggy was coming on to me? Let’s not spoil this, I told myself.

I parked behind her in the drive and followed her up to the dark house. In the darkness, she fumbled with trying to get the key into the lock, but eventually made it work. She invited me into the family room and switched on a lamp. It was a beautiful room, with a couple of overstuffed couches and a fireplace. She lit the gas logs, which sent a rosy glow out into the room. While she busied herself in the kitchen with the cappuccino, I settled onto the couch facing the fireplace. Pictures of her kids were placed carefully on the mantel.

“Here you are,” she sang, carrying in a small tray with our cups of steaming drink and setting it down on the table in front of me. “Enjoy!”

She sat close to me on the couch, her legs crossed at first. After she took a couple of sips, she slipped the leg closest to me up onto the couch and turned to face me better. She set her cup on the table and propped her arm up on the back of the couch, which made her breasts much more noticeable. She brought her hand up to her head, combing her fingers through her hair, the light from the fireplace picking out the red and blonde highlights in her hair.

“You have a very nice house,” I said. “Very warm and comfortable.”

“Thanks! This was the only good thing to come out of my marriage. This house and the kids.”

“Nice looking family,” I remarked.

“You know I didn’t invite you back here to talk about my kids.”

“I know. The cappuccino. It’s very good.”

“Well, that too. But I had something else in mind.”

I nearly choked on my cappu. I set it down to avoid spilling it and leaned forward. Maybe my fertile imagination had been correct. My hands trembled at the thought. I felt as if I should say something

“Peggy, this has been a nice evening. It’s been great spending time with you.”

“Same here. I was really surprised. I thought we might not get along, but as the evening has unfolded, I’ve started seeing you in a different light.”

I looked back to her. She looked so comfortable reclining on her couch. The hem of her skirt was riding up her thigh showing off a bit of white lacy stocking top. Her fingers were combing through her hair, pulling it back from her face and fluffing it about her shoulders.

“Same here,” I began nervously, trying to find the right words. “You know, Peggy, like I was saying earlier, I always thought of you as kind of like my mom. I mean, I never really thought of you as a woman. I mean, you know, a good-looking woman. But you’re really beautiful. I mean it.”

“Beautiful?” she laughed. “You silly boy. I don’t think I’m what you call beautiful. I’m okay with my looks, but you don’t have to call me beautiful. That’s for the movie stars and fashion models.”

“But you are,” I insisted. “I think you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen face to face.”

“You’re really sweet, Jack,” she said, letting her hand fall down onto my shoulder. “Look at you, nervous as a schoolboy. You have nothing to be afraid of with me.”

Her hand began to rub my shoulder, and as it did, she began to move closer to me. Before I knew it, she had slipped her arm around my back.

“I’m not afraid. It just feels kind of funny being here with you like this. I’m normally attracted to younger girls.”

“I know, Jack. Candace told me all about you. She said you were nice and sweet, but like a lot of young women she’s looking for someone a little older and more experienced.”

“Maybe more money too,” I interjected.

“Yes, perhaps,” she replied softly. She slipped her hand back from around my shoulders and sat forward, almost mirroring my position. “But, you know, this is new territory for me too. Look, I’ve been around the block more than once. I’m a lonely divorced woman who doesn’t get out much and has maybe had one glass of wine too many. But there’s no reason for us not to be here now.”

“I know,” I said turning to look into her sparkling dark eyes. I reached over to take her hands in mine. “I don’t think I’m so much nervous as I am excited.”

“I know. Isn’t this a great feeling?”

Our faces began to slowly move closer. We smiled at each other; our breath mingled and brushed each other’s cheeks. Our heads tilted slightly, our eyes closed, our mouths opened, and our lips met. I could taste the cappuccino with a light touch of brandy in her kiss. What began as a light brush of the lips, developed into a full-blown passionate kiss as we touched and pulled each other closer. Our tongues touched and wrestled back and forth. We finally parted to catch a breath.

“Well, for a kid, you sure know how to kiss!” she remarked.

I was going to say something complementary in return but leaned back to kiss her again. It wasn’t long before our hands were all over each other. My fingers couldn’t wait to sample the touch of her soft womanly flesh. From her cheeks to her neck, then over the soft fabric of her blouse, my fingers sought out the warmth of her body. Her hands moved over my shoulders and down my arms, to my chest and down to my lap. I could feel the generous flesh of her breasts through her blouse and the lace of her bra. Her nipples were getting taut as my fingers reached them. They sprang to complete attention when I rubbed my fingertips over and around them. Her hands had found my cock, now lying nearly erect in a crease of my slacks, and moved in gentle strokes back and forth. My lips had digested hers and were hungry for more.

“Oh, Jack,” she whispered breathlessly. “Don’t stop!”

She pulled me back for another kiss. My hands sought out the buttons of her blouse, fumbling with each one to open it. She brought her hands up from my lap to help, but I persisted in completing what I had started. When her blouse was completely unbuttoned and pulled up from her skirt, I slowly spread it open and feasted my eyes on the spread of her flesh before me. Her breasts curved generously upward from the sheer lacy cups of her bra. My fingertips lightly traced the outline of her bra as it followed those wondrous curves. Her blouse opened fully to her shoulders as my fingers moved to the satiny straps of her bra. It tumbled down her back when I eased the straps down her shoulders, bringing her swelling nipples into view. As I brushed the cups of her bra down and away, I lowered my lips and kissed her dark excited nipples. I teased them with my tongue and nibbled them with my teeth. I pulled them into my mouth and sucked on them like a baby. Her hands kept stroking my erect cock through my slacks. She tilted her head back and gasped with each new move I made on her breasts. When I kissed each one and pulled back to gently blow a stream of air on them, she gasped, reached behind my head and pulled my mouth back to her heaving bosom.

“Oh, Jack,” she called out again. “Please don’t stop!”

Her hands reached back down to my lap and began to unfasten my belt and tug on my zipper. As I continue my lip music on her luscious tits, she spread open my slacks and ran her hands over my cock laying in wait under my boxers. She tugged at the waistband and when I lifted my hips slightly, she pulled my boxers and slacks down to my knees in one swift motion. My cock stood up in attention for her, and felt as if it grew another inch when she took it in her hands. Slowly she ran her hands up and down the shaft, curling her fingers around it, teasing the head for a bit then back down the shaft to fondle my balls.

I tugged at her bra straps, pulling them farther down her arms and easing the cups completely down and away from her breasts. I kissed each freshly revealed inch of her soft tender skin. I cupped her breasts with my palms and toyed with her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She brought her hands up and unbuttoned my shirt starting at the bottom. She fanned her hands out to rub them over my belly and chest, running her fingertips through my modest crop of chest hair.

“You have a beautiful body,” she cooed as she slipped my shirt off my shoulders.

“Hey, that’s my line!” I retorted with a soft laugh.

Pulling my shirt off and tossing it aside, she pushed me back onto the couch. She shrugged her blouse all the way off and slipped her arms out of her bra straps, letting the sheer lacey garment fall to her waist. Her hands then fell to my erect cock, holding it upright and stroking it gently.

“You’ve probably had little girls suck your cock, haven’t you?” she whispered in a deep sexy voice.

“Well, yeah. Of course.”

“I’ll bet you’ve never been blown by a woman before, have you? One who really knows how to do it, have you?”

With that she lowered her luscious wet mouth down to kiss me and slowly take me inside. My cock had never before felt so big and hard as when she went down on me. Was it her perfume, the wine, or the way she stroked me with her hands and mouth? My head fell back and my eyes closed, I was so consumed with the feelings that were flying through me. My fingers combed through her hair, brushing it away from her face, pinning it back behind her neck. She was amazing as she sucked my cock further and deeper into her mouth. When she reached around my hips and dug her fingers into my ass, I felt her ease my cock down her throat. I had known good blowjobs before, but none of my girlfriends had ever throated me like this.

“So what do you think?” she asked in a hoarse, husky voice. “Do you want some more?”

“Y-y-yes! M-more!” I stammered.

When she went down again, it felt completely different. Her movements were wilder and she began to hum or moan with each stroke. I felt my balls rise up in anticipation of an orgasm and I was completely in her power and unable to stop. Just before I was ready to blow off, she slowed and eased up.

“Now we don’t want to be too premature, do we?” she said, holding my cock upright. It looked huge and fat and red in the firelight. “I want to save some of this delicious cock.”

She pulled back from me and sat up. “I need something more to drink,” she said. “Do you want something?”


She grabbed our empty cups, stood up and moved toward the kitchen. I slipped off my shoes, slacks, and boxers, and followed her out to the kitchen in my stocking feet. The sight of her ass swaying under the royal blue skirt kept my cock erect. She set the cups on the counter near the machine. I stepped up behind her, unhooked her bra that had fallen to her waist, and pulled it away. I sent my hands on a mission around to cup her breasts.

“Now don’t do something to make me mess up!” she chided me as I tweaked her tits again. “Jack, come on! Stop it!”

“I thought you told me not to stop.”

Her head fell to one side but she persisted in making the cappuccino. Finally as she finished, her hands fell away from the cappuccino machine as if in surrender. I didn’t want to take my hands away from her gorgeous full breasts. Although they weren’t as firm as some of the young girls I had known, they were quite full and had only the slightest amount of sag. They felt wonderfully erectifying in my hands. With her heels still on, my still stiff cock pressed into the crack of her ass through her skirt. I leaned down to plant a series of kisses along her bare shoulder up to her neck and back down again. Her nipples were stiff and puckered out almost as if they might fall off. She moaned slightly and swayed inside my loving hug. When she turned around to face me, I scooped my hands up under her ass and picked her up to set her on the counter.

“What are you doing?” she asked puzzled.

“Just this,” I said, lifting her legs up and sliding up her skirt.

I pushed the soft royal blue material up past the top of her stockings to her hips. She wasn’t wearing garters, but had on the daintiest, sexiest pair of white lace panties I had ever seen. They were high cut with a section of peek-a-boo lace down the front that was sheer enough to reveal her nicely trimmed muff. My hands slowly worked their way up her thighs toward the dark patch of fur under her panties. I could feel her quiver as my hands glided across the soft flesh of her thighs. She brought her hands around to my shoulders for support and leaned back as my fingers reached her pussy. I caressed and touched and gently poked at her pussy through the panties, finally pulling them to one side baring her sweet muff. She was moist and warm and eager to accept my probing fingers. One finger, then a second slipped up inside her pussy. I smiled when I looked up to see her head tilted back, eyes closed, a gaping wide smile of pleasure on her face.

When she leaned back toward me her eyes opened and we exchanged a look of passion. For a moment it felt as if a bolt of electricity shot back and forth between us. Her look was of passion and longing and desire. Not breaking our gaze, I lowered my lips toward her pussy. It was a sweet mix of her perfume and the scent of her sex that greeted my nose when it settled onto the mound of her pussy. I soon had my mouth and tongue buried in her nicely trimmed muff. Her hands fell to the back of my head and pulled me closer to her. As fingers worked in and out of her and my tongue lapped at her clit, she slipped her legs up around my head and locked me into a perfect pussy eating position. I leaned forward and pushed her farther back onto the counter so that I could rest my elbows down and grip her ass.

“Oh, God, Jack!” she cried out. “Who taught you to eat pussy like that? That feels so good!”

“Nobody,” I replied taking a quick breath. “I’m just doing what comes naturally.”

She pulled my head back toward her, plunging me deep into her twat. I had always been curious about pussies and tried to learn from each woman who had ever let me eat her out. Some like the lips, some the tongue, some the teeth or fingers. Peggy seemed to like it all. I soon had three fingers up her hot dripping cunt and was flicking at her hard little clit with my tongue.

“Bite me, Jack,” she begged me. “Bite my clit!”

I sucked her clit into my mouth and nibbled at her gently. I though she was going to blast off from the counter as I did so. With her legs wrapped around me, she ground her pussy into my face, her hips gyrating wildly as she urged me on.

“Oh, God, Jack!” she cried out. “Eat me, Godammit! Eat my pussy!”

I frantically worked at her pussy until I could feel her start to come, then I slowed my pace. She grabbed me by the hair so hard I though she’d pull it off my head.

“Don’t stop now, Godammit!” she cried out.

I felt the huge wave of her climax sweep over her as she fell back onto the counter, panting heavily. As I eased my way back down her thighs, I tugged at her sopping wet panties, pulling them down her stockinged legs and off.

“My, God! I can’t remember the last time I came like that!” she cried out breathlessly.

“I like to do it right the first time!” I cracked, taking a line from one of our quality posters.

She laughed heartily and pushed herself up and off the counter. As she dropped to the floor, she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a long, passionate kiss, licking the sweet juice of her pussy from my face.

“Now, about that cappuccino,” she said. “In here or out there?”

“Let’s take it by the fire,” I suggested.

“Okay,” she said picking up the cups, taking a quick look at me, and then laughing. “If you could see yourself now! You look pretty sexy in your stocking feet!”

I had to admit my mode of dress must look pretty funny and we laughed all the way back to the couch where we curled up in each other’s arms and sipped our cafes.

“I wonder what Hal would think if he could see us?” she asked.

“I don’t know and I don’t care,” I said. “All I know is that it feels really good to be with you like this.”

“I know. If you had told me that we’d be here like this tonight, I would have told you that you were crazy.”

“Before this afternoon, I had never even though about you like this. I mean, you were just this nice older lady I worked with. I didn’t see you as so sexy.”

“Well, I think that was a compliment so I’ll take it that way.”

“It was.”

“And here I am showing my hot, young stud a thing or two.”

She was curled up inside my arms leaning back against my chest, my arms cradling her ample breasts. She worked her hand down to my semi-hard dick, letting her fingers slip around it, teasing it back to attention again.

“I don’t know that I like the sound of that,” I remarked. “I mean, I want to be more than some stud you have over and fuck once in a while. This isn’t some one-time fling is it?”

“Who knows what this is going to turn into?” she said, not expecting an answer. “Jack, this feels really good, here and now. But who knows about tomorrow, or Monday? Let’s just enjoy this and not spoil it by expecting anything, okay?”

“I guess so.”

“Look, Jack. You’re a handsome young man, what–ten, fifteen years younger than me. I’m a horny old divorcee with two kids and very little time for dating and carrying on. Let’s not spoil the mood okay?”

“I didn’t mean to,” I said sheepishly. “It’s just that it feels so nice to hold you and have you hold me. I don’t feel like I’ve got to make some big impression you or anything.”

“And let’s just leave it at that, all right? No expectations.”

“Right. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t feel sorry, Jack. Just feel these,” she said tenderly, reaching for my hands and moving them to her breasts. “I love the way you touch my tits. It makes me all tingly.”

“It makes my dick get hard, too.”

“I know,” she said, slipping her hand back to my dick. “I like that too.”

I cupped her breasts and twiddled with her nipples till they got hard again. I brought one hand down to her lap and slipped it up under her skirt to her wet waiting pussy. Her hand began stroking my cock and it quickly was fully erect again. She sighed loudly when I slipped a couple fingers up her cunt. Her hips began to move a slow circular pattern around my fingers.

Finally, she sat up and got up from the couch. Standing right in front of me, she unfastened her skirt, pulled down the zipper, and slipped it down over her fine heart-shaped ass. I could see the glistening lips of her pussy perched below, hot and ready for my cock. I felt my cock twitch in anticipation of introducing him to her lovely pussy. She let her skirt fall to her ankles and stepped out of it, kicking it up onto the couch. She then stood up and arched her back, carefully tugging her stockings up each thigh. She then rubbed her hands slowly up over her ass then farther up around to her stomach and up over her breasts to her head, brushing her hair up and holding it off from her shoulders. She turned to look over her shoulder back at me and smiled. My eager face gave away my intentions.

“Do you want to fuck me, Jack,” she teased with a devilish smile. “I can see your big old cock wants to fuck me. Do you?”

“Yes,” I pleaded. “I want to fuck you!”

“You do?” she teased, bending over so that her ass was in my face. “How much do you want to fuck me?”

I reached up to grab her hips, but she swatted my hands away.

“Tell me how much you want to fuck me,” she said, wiggling her perfect ass back and forth. “Tell me how much you want to fuck my hot, wet pussy!”

“I want to fuck you seven ways from Sunday,” I said, reaching again for her hips. This time she let me hang on. “I want to fuck you until you call me nasty names, till you can’t stand it anymore. I want to fuck you till you pull my hair out and leave tire tracks on my back side with your fingernails!”

She was letting me guide her ass down toward my hard waiting prick, now standing at attention, begging to feel her cunt swallow it up inside. As she let her hips down, I could feel the wet lips of her pussy on the head of my cock, almost like a hot wet mouth ready to give head. She slipped her hand down to grab my cock and guide it between her dripping wet labia. As she sat back fully onto my lap, I slipped up entirely inside of her. As she reached back to grab onto me and wiggle her twat back and forth, it began to feel like what heaven must resemble. She began to rock up and down, pulling up slowly then thrusting down hard, ramming her cunt onto every inch of my cock. The feeling of her wet pussy riding up and down combined with the view of the beautiful curves of her backside was driving me toward ecstasy. She was moaning or sighing with every push down onto me.

“Oh, Jack! I love your cock inside me!” she called out. “Fuck me you little Bastard!”

Our movements began to grow more frantic. I began to stand up as I pushed up to meet her with each thrust and soon we were upright pushing and pressing against each other in a hot and wild consuming passion. Without missing a stroke, we maneuvered so that she was facing the couch, then kneeling on it and leaning forward to brace herself with her hands on the back. This let her push her ass harder against me.

“Oh, fuck me, Jack!” she panted over and over. “Fuck me, Jack!”

I kept my grip on her hips and thrust my cock into her wet pussy again and again. I could feel her pussy contract around me tighter and tighter. I slipped one hand around to cup her breast as it swayed. I slipped my other hand around and down to rub her clit. I felt her explode with my touch.

“Oh you bastard!” she cried out. “Oh, God! I’m coming!”

I felt her body quiver and quake as her orgasm spread. She reached back and grabbed at my ass as she collapsed down on the couch, digging her fingernails into my flesh, holding me in position deep within her.

“Oh, God, Peggy!” I whispered, leaning forward. “You are beautiful!”

She turned her face toward me and we began to kiss, our lips and tongues mingling in a flurry of kissing and licking and nibbling.

“For a young stud, you are a great lover!” she whispered between hot sloppy kisses.

We shifted position and my cock slipped out of her; she turned to lay down on her back; I settled on top of her, my cheek nestled between her breasts. Soon I drew up my fingertips to toy with the nipple in front of me and quickly felt it erect and hard.

“And that’s another thing about young studs,” she cooed with a deep sigh. “They just don’t know when to quit.”

I cupped her breast and brought the nipple closer to my lips and tongue. Before long I was cupping both of her breasts and kissing and sucking them, producing another batch of sighs from her. My cock began to stiffen and found its way toward her pussy again.

“You think you’re going to fuck me some more?” she asked.

“I told you seven ways from Sunday,” I joked. “Besides, it’s still only Friday night.”

As my dick began to knock on the door of her pussy, she raised her legs up and spread them out, just about sucking my cock inside of her again. I grabbed her by the ass and picked her enough so that I could kneel. I began to stroke her slowly and deeply, letting her revel in every inch of my stiff hard cock. Our position made it difficult for her to initiate any movement. The sight of her curves rocking and swaying beneath me coupled with the feel of her wet pussy was absolutely delicious. I kept my movements slow and deliberate, knowing that if I sped up I would come quickly.

“Oh, Baby, I love the way you fuck me,” she cooed, running her hands up my arms and across my chest. She ran her hands back down and cupped her breasts, scooping them and tweaking her nipples. “Oh, Baby! Baby! Baby!”

“You like this slow ride?” I teased her.

“Oh, yeah, Baby!” she said. “I love the way you fuck me.”

“You really like this?”

“Oh, Baby, I love this and I don’t want you to stop!”

I began to pick up the pace, keeping my strokes long but ramming my cock inside of her faster and faster until her breasts were bouncing wildly as she cupped them in her hands and tweaked the nipples. Soon I felt my balls rise up, ready to shoot their load, and I began to slow down again.

“I’m getting close,” I moaned as my own climax neared. “Where do you want it?”

“I want to see it and feel it! Shoot it all over me!” she cried wiggling under my stroke.

I finally could last no longer and after one final long slow stroke pulled my wet hard cock out and stroked it near her belly. She reached down to grab me and pulled it closer to her breasts. I let her take control of my cock and she stroked it firmly with both hands.

“Come for me, Baby! Come all over me!”

As her hands tightened and pulled on me I felt my cum shoot up from my balls and burn its way out my cock. The first load spurted out onto her neck and chin. The next exploded onto her breasts and shoulders. She jerked the last couple loads onto her belly before pulling me up toward her waiting mouth. Her tongue darted out to lap at the swollen red head of my dick.

“Oh, Baby, you came all over me!” she said with a laugh, rubbing my cock on her sticky tits.

Out of breath, I collapsed down onto her, our mouths locking in a long deep sticky kiss. Our sweaty, sticky bodies clung together. Our hands moved slowly about each other, touching, caressing, and loving every square inch of flesh.

“Oh, Peggy, you are something else! I’ve never had a woman screw me like you do!” I confessed.

“Same here, Tiger. I hope there’s more where that came from cause I’ve been without it so long I’m gonna need a lot more to even catch up.”

“Well, we’ve got the weekend don’t we?”

“Till Sunday afternoon, Baby,” she said, pushing up at me. She pushed again and rolled me off of her and onto the carpet. She climbed down and straddled me. “Are you man enough?”

Although I had just emptied my nuts and the tingles had barely settled down, I could feel my dick grow hard again as she took it in her hands and lowered her mouth toward it.

“Do you want to fuck me some more?” she asked me needlessly. “Can you get it up again, Baby?”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing,” I said lifting my hips slightly to force my cock toward her mouth. “Suck me again, Peggy. Suck my cock.”

“Like this?” she asked.

Within a few masterly oral strokes she had me as hard as ever before. I swear she was sucking me entirely inside her mouth and down her throat. She came up for a breath and continued to stroke my cock and balls with her hands.

“I feel so nasty when I do that. Do you like it Babe?”

“Oh. Yeah. Don’t stop, Woman! Suck my cock.”

And she did, getting me up. After several minutes she began to slow down and just stroke me with her hands. She suddenly got up.

“Wait right where you are,” she said towering over me for a moment before scurrying from the room.

My eyes closed as I lay there, gently stroking this new hard-on. I chuckled to myself. This morning, I thought of Peggy as that nice lady I worked with, who was friendly and worked hard, and was always helpful. And now all I could think of was the best fuck I’d ever had. All of the cute skinny girls in high school and college all paled in comparison to this lady with the full round curves, the sexy smile, and the delightful laugh. Before I knew it she had returned and was on her hands and knees. She sucked my cock down a couple more times and then quickly put a condom on me. She squeezed a tube of K-Y and slathered a handful onto my sheathed cock; stroking me to a full woody. She rose up on her knees and spread her legs. Squeezing some more lube onto her hand, she slipped it up between the heart-shaped cheeks of her ass.

“There’s one more hole I want you to crack, Baby,” she said with urgency in her husky sexy voice. “Have you ever ass-fucked one of your college girlfriends?”

“Nope, but I’d like to try,” I admitted.

“Then I think you’ll love this,” she said, turning around so that her back was to me.

She rubbed the head of my cock on her greasy asshole and began to press it into her. Little by little I began to penetrate her tight butt. In the firelight I could see the head disappear at first, then feel the rest bit by bit work inside her until within a few minutes I was stuffing every inch of my cock up her tight ass. The feeling was phenomenal, unlike any sensation I had ever experienced. She worked her ass up and down my shaft, the heart-shaped cheeks slapping at my belly, her hot greasy anus spreading wide to swallow my cock. It was so tight and hot that she was bringing me to a quick orgasm. She sensed my feeling and began to slow down, her hand falling to frig her clit and catch up to my pending climax. As she leaned back, her other hand fell back onto my chest for support.

“You like fucking my asshole, Baby?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah, Woman! Oh, God you are so tight, you’re going to make me come!”

“You gonna come again, Baby?” she said with her breathing heavy and urgent.

“Oh, yeah, real soon.”

I felt her quake again as she furiously frigged her clit. Swiftly, barely missing a beat, she rose up and off of me, my cock popping out of her ass and flopping onto my belly. She turned and pulled the greasy condom off. She sucked and stroked me. When she saw that I was ready to erupt again, she moved up and took my cock between her luscious breasts and stroked me between her sweaty round tits. As my cum spurted out, she lowered her mouth and sucked every last drop.

“So what do you think of that?” she said collapsing on top of my spent body.

“That was one quality fuck,” I said, reaching around to hug her firmly.

“And just think, we’ve got all weekend,” she laughed.

We ended up spending most of the weekend together. We went to an afternoon matinee at the movies and made out in the back row. We went to an early dinner and felt each other up under the table. We sat by her fireplace and sucked and fucked each other till we fell asleep, exhausted, in each other’s arms. The next week at work started out sort of strange and awkward, but we soon started taking liberties at work with little pats, pinches, nibbles, and kisses. She even pulled be into the copy room for a quickie on a couple of slow afternoons. But some time later Peggy was offered a better job at another company and we drifted apart. And although we had never gotten caught, like Justin and Marge, I had never forgotten the lessons of love and life that I had learned from “my older woman.”

“So, Jack, what’s the plan?” Gillian repeated, apparently for a second time, jarring me from my remembrance.

“Yeah, yeah. What to do?” I pondered. “You know, I have half a mind to bring them in here together, talk with them about what’s appropriate behavior in the workplace as a kind of warning and leave it at that.”

“Nothing else?” Gillian asked. “No suspension?”

“You know, Gillie,” I began. “I’ve got the feeling that they’re both realizing their mistake and the impact it could have on their careers. Justin is a bright young guy just starting out, and Marge, well, Christ she’s been a good, hard-working, loyal employee for what, ten, fifteen years? I don’t want this little indiscretion to derail their lives or their careers.”

“I have to admit, Jack, that I’m kind of surprised,” Gillian said. “You’ve got the reputation as a hard-ass on this kind of thing.”

“Sometimes, Gillie,” I said slowly. “You’ve got to cut the crap, and sometimes you’ve got to cut some slack.”

“I’ll let them know that you want to see them,” she said with a smile as she got up.

“Don’t be in too much of a hurry. Maybe we should let them sweat for a few minutes more.”

“Now that’s being a hard-ass!” she laughed.

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