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Will paced back and forth in his dressing room as he recited the lines over and over to himself. Tomorrow was the first day of shooting; the first day he had to make a whole audience of people believe he was gay. It’s not that he had anything against gays, or that he felt like he was above them, but he had a sort of disconnect, and wondered if this role was beyond his talents. He sat down at his table, in front of the mirror, and stared at his very blond hair. It was quite a different look for him, and he wasn’t entirely sure it suited him.

“Would you relax?” Sam said, staring at Will’s reflection from the couch behind him where he’d been going over lines. Will had forgotten completely that Sam was even in the room with him. Sam had that soothing, relaxing presence that often made you feel better, but also made him blend in to his surroundings.

“I can’t,” Will confessed, letting out a breath. “I’m nervous. There is no way I’m going to sleep tonight.”

“What are you nervous about?” Sam asked. There was a teasing lilt to his voice, playful instead of mocking. “You did great in read-throughs. This is just like any other set you’ve ever been on.”

Will watched Sam’s reflection in the mirror. Sam was a little bulkier, and definitely darker in complexion than himself, but handsome, none-the-less. While Will had shifted between relationships with women, Sam had been married to his wife for years, and happily so if photographs of the two together were anything to be believed. They had children, and the love they showed in those pictures was almost palpable.

“Have you ever played a homosexual before?” Will asked suddenly, turning to face his friend.

Instead of answering, Sam lifted a brow, and his thick, pouty lips quirked in a little smirk. “Is that what has you worried?” he asked.

“No,” Will said suddenly, feeling foolish. “…well, yes. Maybe. It’s not that playing a homosexual makes me uncomfortable, I just… I don’t want it to come off as a straight man playing a homosexual.”

“First,” Sam began, still wearing the amused expression on his face. “Stop saying the word ‘homosexual.'” He laughed quietly and stood, taking the few steps that closed the distance between them. He placed his hand on Will’s shoulder and met his gaze. “Second, I know something that might help. Mind if I come to your hotel room later? Trust me; this’ll work, if you’re up for it.”

* * *

“Wine is your ‘something that might help’?” Will asked as he opened his hotel room door for Sam, who was holding two bottles of some expensive looking red, and stepped aside to let him in.

“No,” Sam said, with a grin. It made him look like a little boy who had been caught sneaking candy before dinner, and wasn’t sorry in the slightest. “But it’ll help, too.”

“So, what did you bring?” Will asked, moving to close the door once his friend was inside. But as he pushed the door toward the latch, he felt something keeping the door from closing all the way. Wrenching the door open again, he saw one of their other co-stars standing there, hand on the door, also grinning, but his grin was more charming than guilty.

“Alexis?” Will spluttered, confused and a little taken aback. Alexis wasn’t even in any of the on-location scenes, and shouldn’t have been here already. “What are you doing here?”

Will opened the door for Alexis, and the tall, lanky actor stepped in. His gait was confident, but not over bearing. He had a softness to him that was different than any other cocky actor he’d ever met. And though Alexis was indeed confident, he was far from cocky. “I came here with Sam,” he said. “We decided to stick close together through the entire shoot, so that we could bond and all. We wanted to make our relationship seem believable.”

Sam had helped himself to three glasses from Will’s kitchenette, and was pouring each glass full of wine. “Alexis is my secret weapon,” Sam said, giving the other brunette a wink.

“Uh… what?” Will asked, closing the door sluggishly as his brain tried to process what Sam was implying.

Alexis let out a little sigh, and slid his arms around Will’s shoulders, giving him a friendly squeeze. “Sam and I have been experimenting,” he explained in a cool, reassuring way. “Sam wanted to know how his character felt, since he was so uncomfortable having sex with another man. The character is very repressed.”

“Experimenting?” Will asked. He understood what that meant, of course, but how? He had so many questions. “But your wife…”

“…understands the creative process,” Sam said. As Alexis guided Will to sit on the couch beside Sam, then flanked his other side, Sam held out a glass of wine to him. Once Will took the glass, he handed another to Alexis, who took a sip. “We have an understanding. We’re not very public about it, but we have a little bit of an open marriage. And I’ve already discussed this with her.”

“He means he got permission,” Alexis added slyly.

“Shush you,” Sam said, grinning. He took a long drink from his glass, and watched Will carefully.

Will stared down at his untouched wine, and thought. Sam and Alexis were making out, at the very least, if not more, and Sam had brought Alexis here to, what, make out with him? Or, maybe they just wanted to talk? “I’m confused,” he said quietly, without looking up. “You got permission from your wife to sleep with Alexis?”

When Sam spoke again, his voice was patient. “Yes,” he said simply. “And you, if that’s what you want.”

“Me?!” Will said, looking up suddenly. Alexis chuckled quietly beside him, but it was Sam’s face that he was focusing on.

“Sure,” Sam said, offering a small smile that held nothing of the tease from before. “We thought we could both help you, if you wanted. Alexis’s the only guy I’ve ever slept with. I’m still kind of new.” He had the sense to look a little sheepish. “I thought it would be better if he was here. He’s a bit more experienced.”

Will knew Alexis was gay and out, and it hadn’t bothered him at all before. Now that he knew there was a chance Alexis could see him naked, he found he was a little bothered, but not in a strictly bad way. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled, and he felt he had goose bumps all over his arms. Neither of the other men seemed to notice, but Will felt a stirring low in his belly.

Will’s character wasn’t romantically involved with either Sam’s, or Alexis’s characters, but if he were being honest with himself, he knew he’d always been curious what it was like to kiss another man. “I… I…” he began nervously.

Alexis sat his glass down and slid his hand across Will’s shoulder. The gesture felt more than platonic. “We don’t have to do this,” he said softly. Something about his voice was so soothing, and as Will turned to face Alexis, he felt suddenly caught up in his cornflower-blue gaze. “Sam and I can leave here, and pretend like this never happened.”

Will found he didn’t really want that. He decided he’d never let his nerves stop him from doing anything before, he wasn’t about to now. “How do we start?” he asked, hating how shy his voice sounded.

Alexis smiled, and his hand lifted to cup Will’s jaw. He leaned in, smelling of the beach, and caught Will’s lips in a soft, tender kiss. His lips tasted of wine, and felt a little stronger than a woman’s, but still just as soft. Will felt his body react, and he arched a little forward to meet the kiss. Somewhere behind him, he heard Sam set his own glass down, before Sam’s strong hands slid along his shoulders, almost in a massage.

Will broke the kiss with Alexis, and turned his attention back to Sam, who quickly took up where Alexis had left off. Sam’s lips were fuller, and felt so warm and wet against his own. Alexis slipped his fingers beneath Will’s shirt, touching his bare flesh, and the shiver that Alexis’s touch produced made Will moan involuntarily. As the moan forced his mouth a little wider, Sam’s tongue snaked between his lips, tangling with Will’s. The taste of Sam’s wine flavored tongue made him forget any hesitations he’d had before, and he let himself be swept away.

This continued on for a few more moments, Will taking turns between the two men, kissing and being kissed, his shirt lifting a little higher each time. At some point, he’d lost his wine glass, but he couldn’t remember putting it down. As he returned to Alexis’ mouth, Alexis whose kisses he seemed to enjoy a little better than Sam’s, though Sam’s hands, a little rough from his time up at his farm, felt infinitesimally better against his skin, he felt Sam’s lips against his neck, and Sam’s teeth scrape against his skin. This contact sent an ache down from that spot, straight to his cock, and he moaned again.

“He’s wearing too much clothing,” Sam complained gruffly, as his hands slid up from Will’s belly, beneath his shirt, to brush over his nipples.

Alexis broke the kiss, and brushed his nose against Will’s, but spoke to Sam. “You’re always so impatient,” he chided. “Come on, Will, on your feet. If we don’t appease him, well… he’s torn three pairs of my favorite underwear so far.”

Will felt like he was in a daze, and as the other two stood, and pulled him up with them, he could do little but move where they guided. “In my defense, they were very flimsy underwear,” he heard Sam say. The two continued to throw little teases at each other back and forth, but Will didn’t hear them. Alexis had removed his own shirt, and had begun pulling Will’s shirt up as well. Will moved where he was expected to, but he was distracted by the sculpted muscles of Alexis’s abs and chest. He’d never been so turned on by the sight of another man before.

Sam was also shirtless by now, and pressed his chest against Will’s back. Sam was a little hairier than the other two, and it was an odd sensation to feel the hair against his smooth skin. Odd, but delightful. There would be no mistaking Sam for a female when he dreamed of this later. He was all man. As Sam’s hands moved back to Will’s stomach and chest, his lips returned to his neck. Will leaned his head back, letting out a little huff of air as Sam’s lips tasted his shoulder and shoulder blade.

Alexis kept himself busy by working open the fly of Will’s jeans, and pushing them down off his hips, leaving his underwear intact. He’d removed his own jeans, but he’d worn no underwear, and was completely nude. When he stepped forward, his cock rubbed the front of Will’s boxer briefs, and the tingle he felt made his cock twitch. He could feel Sam’s growing erection press against his backside, even separated as it was by Sam’s jeans. He lifted his head, and stared down at Alexis’ cock, as Alexis slid his hands forward over Will’s hips and down over his ass.

“I’ve always wanted to touch this ass,” Alexis whispered against Will’s ear, just before he took the lobe between his teeth and nibbled. He felt Alexis’ hands move, dip past the waistband of his underwear and slide beneath, both palms cupping his ass, alternating between squeezing and pulling the cheeks apart. He heard Alexis moan against his ear, and found that he’d reached out without really realizing it, and gripped Alexis’s naked cock. Alexis’ cock felt so hot against his palm, long and firm, and he slowly rubbed his thumb over the tip like he liked to do when he was stroking himself.

“That’s it. That’s it, Will,” he heard Alexis whisper. Meanwhile, Sam’s presence against his back was suddenly gone, and a moment later he felt another set of hands pulling at his underwear. He glanced down again, and saw Sam on his knees in front of the pair, working Will’s underwear down. He’d stripped, and Will followed the thick trail of hair that led down to Sam’s fat cock. He bit his lip as the hard flesh bounced slightly with movement. He was about to ask if he could touch it, too, when Sam’s hands suddenly shifted from his underwear, that fell down the rest of the way on their own, to his cock. He stroked Will once, twice, then took the head of Will’s cock into his mouth.

“Oh,” Will moaned, as he watched his dick disappear between his friend’s lips. It was such a lewd, erotic sight, and he couldn’t help the shudder that rolled down his spine. “He’s getting quite good at that,” Alexis whispered against his ear. “Are you doing all right?”

Will nodded, barely able to tear himself from watching Sam to meet Alexis’s gaze. Involuntarily, he rocked his hips forward, forcing himself deeper into Sam’s mouth. Sam responded by moaning, which caused his lips to vibrate around Will’s flesh in such a delicious way. Will moaned too, and Alexis slipped away to return to the couch. “Come sit in my lap,” Alexis beckoned, and Sam leaned back a little to allow Will to move. Gingerly, he sat down in Alexis’ lap, and Alexis arranged him so that his cock rested firmly between Will’s cheeks. He pulled Will back against him and took Will’s cock into his hand.

Alexis stroked him a few times before guiding him back into Sam’s mouth. Will felt the thickness of Alexis’ cock against his tight hole, and it added to the pleasure somehow. He leaned his head back against the couch and moved himself, sliding along Alexis’s dick and pushing himself into Sam’s mouth. As Sam began to bob his head in earnest, slurping at his friend’s dick, Alexis’ hands moved over Will’s body, pinching his nipples and cupping his balls. His lips moved over Will’s neck and shoulder, and he groaned against Will’s skin as the smaller man continued to rock himself against his aching cock.

Will was overwhelmed with sensation, and found himself moving on instinct. He had no idea he was mimicking what it was like to ride Alexis’ dick, he only knew it felt amazing to feel that hard flesh slide over and over against such an intimate part of him. Alexis’ sounds were intoxicating, and Sam’s mouth was absolute heaven. “Remember, breathe through your nose,” he heard Alexis say, and the next instant he felt Sam’s lips around the very base of his cock, and felt himself twitch against the back of Sam’s throat.

“Oh, fuck,” Will swore, his eyes flying open to see Sam swallow his dick. Sam bobbed his head swiftly without ever pulling back too far, and Will felt his balls tighten against Alexis’ fingers. His vision grew hazy as he threw his head back and came in one of the most intense orgasms he’d ever had. A second later, barely understanding what was happening, Alexis shuddered beneath him, and Will felt hot, sticky wetness between his cheeks.

* * *

Slowly, consciousness came back and Will stretched lazily. He was in his bed, but he couldn’t remember exactly how he’d gotten there. He was naked, covered by his comforter, and he felt a little damp as if he’d taken a shower and not dried off very well. He thought he heard a little bit of a moan, but in his sleepiness he was sure that it was just a memory.

Then, it all came flooding back.

He remembered everything, from the way Sam’s mouth felt around him, to the sounds of Alexis moaning as he came against his ass. Vaguely, he remembered both men cleaning him up, and helping him lay down, as sleep overtook him. He grinned with the memory, and for a moment, he was happy to lie there, basking in it.

Then he heard another moan.

Shifting, he sat up in the bed. It was dark out, and he could hear the sounds of the beach lapping at the water outside. But there was a dim light on in the living room, and the sounds were coming from there. He got up, feeling himself half-hard from his memories, and stepped around the corner. “Damn,” he said, as his eyes took in the scene.

Sam and Alexis had apparently helped themselves to more wine, and instead of turning on the lights, they’d lit a few candles from the dining room. They were on the couch now, Alexis bent over the arm of the couch as Sam knelt behind him, shoving his fat dick over and over into Alexis’ stretched hole. The moans were coming from Alexis, and he didn’t seem to notice as Will moved closer to them.

“Oh god, oh god, oh, oh fuck yeah,” Alexis moaned, shoving back against Sam with each thrust. Sam did notice Will, but didn’t bother stopping as Will drifted nearer. Without a word, Sam leaned down and caught Will’s lips in a hungry kiss, without ceasing the movement of his hips. Will returned the kiss, moaning into Sam’s mouth as his hand slid out over Alexis’ ass and gave it a bold little slap.

He heard Alexis gasp and as he broke away from Sam’s lips, he met Alexis’ gaze as he twisted his head to look back at Will. Will spanked him again, and Alexis visibly shivered, letting out a slutty little moan. “Do you want to fuck him?” Sam asked as he slowly pulled himself out of Alexis’s ass.

The sight of Alexis’ hole, gaping wide after the thickness of Sam’s cock, was something out a porno. He found himself drawn to it, and grasped his own cock as he slid two fingers into that seemingly bottomless pit. As he stroked his fingers in and out, his cock fully hardened, and he found that he very much did want to fuck Alexis.

Sam climbed down off of the couch and pulled the condom off his cock, dropping it on the table with the empty wine glasses. He got another condom out from a box, and tore into the foil wrapper with his teeth. Carefully, after moving Will’s hand away, he rolled the condom onto Will’s cock and stroked it slowly. Will hadn’t seen him grab the little bottle, but somewhere along the way, he’d spread lube onto his fingers, and was slicking up Will’s condom-wrapped member. “Get on your knees, on the couch, and sit back,” he instructed.

Though Will hated losing the contact of Sam’s fingers, and the tight confines of Alexis’s hole around his own fingers, he did as he was told. Once he was in position, he watched as Sam nudged Alexis up, and got up onto the couch in front of him. Slowly, he pushed Alexis back, and Will guided his cock into his friend’s stretched hole. Will groaned as Alexis enveloped him, and found that, though he wasn’t as thick as Sam, Alexis still felt so very tight around him.

Alexis moaned again in that lewd, slutty way, and shivered as he began to move himself up and down, gripping the back of the couch. Will watched as Sam’s hands gripped Alexis’s ass, and spread his cheeks wide, giving Will the most erotic view of his cock disappearing into Alexis’ ass. “Jesus fucking Christ,” he heard Alexis whimper as he rocked himself down onto Will’s cock again and again and again.

Will arched up, shifting onto his knees so the trio were all upright. This gave him a little more control and he began to thrust into Alexis, while staying as deep as he could. Alexis seemed to enjoy this as he made all kinds of noise, helplessly pinned between his two friends. He felt Sam’s hand grip his, and guided it between Alexis and Sam. Sam carefully guided Will’s fingers to wrap around his dick and Alexis’, then linked fingers with him. Sam began to move, groaning into Alexis’ shoulder as he and Will’s hand began to jerk both men off.

Alexis seemed incapable of forming words now, as he leaned his head back against Will’s shoulder and kept up an endless stream of moans and whimpers. Sam’s free hand reached around and grasped Will’s ass, his lips working against the bare expanse of Alexis’s throat as he used his grip to make Will thrust harder and deeper into his friend. After only a few more strokes, Alexis cried out, and Will felt hot, searing come spill over his fingers. The way Alexis tightened around his dick was torturously incredible. Sam came next, his own come joining Alexis’s on their joined fingers, his moan deep, and shuddering.

Finally, with Alexis’ ass gripping him, making his hips have to work harder to stay deeply embedded, he shuddered hard and came so violently that colors danced behind his closed eyelids. He let out a cry of his own, so loud, he was sure to get complaints from his neighbors.

* * *

Will lay sandwiched in a heap between his two friends on his bed. They hadn’t pulled up the covers, but the warmth of the two naked bodies on either side of him was cozy enough. He’d dozed for a few hours, before someone had shifted and woken him. Now, he was comfortable, listening to them both sleep, and remembering the nights activities.

They’d finished both bottles of wine, and had lain on the couch; lazily touching and tasting each other until they’d all three come once more. Then, they’d taken a quick shower, and while they dried, they ate ice cream and snuggled until they were all sleepy enough to go to bed. He knew now what it was like to fuck another man, and to taste another man’s cock, and come, on his tongue. He felt so different now than he’d been when the night began, and had no qualms about playing a gay man now.

Sliding back against Alexis a little more, he reached back to draw Alexis’ arm around him like a blanket, and tangled his legs with Sam’s in front of him. He kissed Sam on the nose and watched in the light of the moon as Sam’s lips curled in a soft, sleepy smile. Closing his own eyes, he felt himself go limp, so relaxed and comfortable he was like this, and slowly drifted back into a deep sleep.

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Bob wrote

Now that you have me by the balls with this 3 some I want more hope you will continue with these 3 so hot steamy sexy and the way you discribe his first time cocksucking having his cock suck and fucking WOW. Love 3 ways and loved the spanking a real turn on and loved the 3 body types and their different cock.