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Power Play

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Alex couldn’t stop thinking about Serena. The paperwork below her was an unintelligible mess; her computer screen was a blur. Every time she closed her eyes she saw Serena’s bound body, writhing on the bed as she exploded with orgasms. Every beautiful facet of that experience was tantalizing her in that moment. All desire beforehand, tempered in comparatively tame fucking, built up to an excruciating release.

This is insane, she thought. I need to focus. Fuck.

She squinted at the screen, trying to focus on the sentence. Her eyes passed over the word “own.” She had to take a deep breath as the memory flooded her. Serena, of her own volition complete, not probed or subtly coerced at all by Alex, who hadn’t even considered broaching even the concept for a long while yet, looking up into Alex’s eyes, telling her Alex owned her, that she was hers completely, in every way, in every moment.

Alex didn’t think she had ever come harder, and it took a bit before it dawned on her that nothing said during sex was a contract. She wasn’t going to, couldn’t, treat Serena any differently. But that didn’t resolve her heartbeat resounding in her skull at the thought of Serena satisfying her deepest urges so completely and resolutely.

She hadn’t seen her yet today, which made her anxious. She didn’t know what would seize her in that moment.

When she finally ventured out of her office, she felt relieved to not see Serena in her usual spot. The relief was quickly replaced with concern. Did she not come in today? Was she regretting the other night? An anxiety began to take ahold of Alex.

She was about to ask her secretary, who was so buried in her work she hadn’t even noticed her, before that laugh made her pause.

From the left corridor emerged Serena and another girl whom Alex could barely register. For one terrifying moment, she felt her sense of control evaporate. Serena’s small, lithe body was hugged perfectly by a small white dress, with a high, girlishly rounded black color. The childish design belied the devastating way the fabric clung to Serena’s ass, something she knew was paralyzing to Alex. She flipped her hair over her should as she threw her head back and laughed, in that moment, she made eye contact with Alex, holding it for one knowing moment, before turning forward again as though it had never happened, not one faltered step or hesitant movement.

It was calculated, Alex could tell. Serena knew what the all-white ensemble would do to her, how turned on she was by that virginal innocence in its demure distortions. She also knew Alex was vulnerable from the prior night, still reeling. She had to have known.

The thought of her being that cunning made Alex feel almost weak from fury and desire.

“Oh!” Her secretary’s sudden cry made her jump. “I didn’t see you standing there! Good morning, Miss Ivanov.”

A few other people said good morning, which Alex returned with a distant grumble, but Serena was now too far. Alex spotted her by the bathroom, talking to the same girl, leaning against the wall in such a way that made her body look incredible.

“Valerie, do me a favor?” said Alex, forcing herself to look away. She began nonchalantly playing with her tie. “Tell Serena to come to my office in a few minutes? I think I’m going to get her started on some other duties today. I have a canceled meeting, so I can train her. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Valerie smiled gratefully. “I’ll have her to you soon.”

“Thank you. And don’t let anyone distract us – I’d like to get it done in a timely manner. If you need me, call.”

Alex returned to her desk, leaning forward as she massaged her temples, trying to calm her nerves. She had no idea what she felt compelled to do. Her eyes widened as a realization came over her: Serena had the final say in how things would play out. The lack of power Alex had over the one thing that was consuming her entirely was disconcerting, to say the least. The idea that Serena could possibly be toying with her in her own bratty way, acknowledging the power she held over Alex, was alarming yet strangely exciting. Alex normally disliked the unexpected, and definitely hated being challenged, but there was something infuriatingly sexy about this.

There was a soft knock at her door. Only Serena knocked like that, quiet and intimate. It made Alex tremble for a moment.

The door opened, and Serena slid through, closing it gently behind her.

Alex looked up at her, hoping she looked stoic, and not utterly manic, like she felt. Serena’s eyes were wide and curious.

“Alena said you were going to train me?” she said, with affected obliviousness. Alex pursed her lips and leaned back in her chair, her knees spread. She quickly decided she wasn’t going to play along.

“Come here.”

Serena looked genuinely surprised. Her mouth hung open, but she complied. She stopped right beside Alex, her hands clasped together, hanging in front of her.

Alex looked up at her, still for a moment, before aggressively pulling her towards her by the waist, holding her with both hands. Serena let out a small cry, her hands coming apart, landing on Alex’s shoulders.

Alex rested her forehead on Serena’s stomach, breathing heavily, trying to contain herself. None of the things she wanted to do were viable in the moment.

A chuckle escaped her throat as Serena hands drifted to the nape of her neck, gently tugging at the short locks of hair. It was a small thing that Alex never thought Serena noticed she liked so much, but now she was certain that Serena was adding insult to injury, fully aware of Alex’s predicament. In that moment, the tables felt completely turned. She was afraid to look up, worried she’s see Serena smiling.

“What’s wrong?” asked Serena, her voice small. Alex looked up. Although her face was somber, her eyes seemed excited. Alex couldn’t help but wonder if she was seeking to be punished, put in her place.

Alex leisurely caressed Serena’s side with one hand, hungrily absorbing Serena’s figure up close, tracing each dip and curve with one finger.

“Here?” Serena questioned, her voice small and shaky.

“Did you think I would allow myself to be tortured from afar all day?”

Alex gently thumbed the fabric of the dress between two fingers. Serena’s face reddened, and she looked away. Alex noticed a small smiling playing on the corners of her mouth, her eyelids heavy with bliss, an expression she knew so well.

She felt her blood rush to her head as she let out a groan, suddenly overcome with desire, her fingers nimbly and forcefully pulling Serena’s dress up, ravenously kissing each newly bared sliver of skin, Serena throwing her head back and stifling a strangled moan with the back of one hand as the other squeezed the hair at the nape of Alex’s neck, pulling hard.

Alex was dimly aware of the fact that Serena was winning, relishing in seeing Alex succumb utterly to desire, worshipping her blindly. It admittedly felt so good, and for about a minute, Alex wallowed in the defeat, tasting her everywhere, kissing her clit tenderly over the cloth, a bead of sweat dripping down the side of her face as she forced herself to withhold from tearing it out of the way.

Finally, she pulled away with painstaking self-discipline. Her other urges were becoming harder to ignore.

But she needed to know it was okay – it was too new, and she didn’t want to do irrevocable damage.

At the same time, Serena had to know her dilemma. She wasn’t dumb. She was almost gloating. She craved the attention, wanted to see Alex helpless to her.

She was enjoying this, Alex realized.

She would eventually give in. She wanted this too; Alex could feel it. But she was going to savor this for as long as it lasted.

Serena bit her lip, looking deliriously happy. She dragged her nails up and down Alex’s neck, who let out a long, resigned sigh. She opted for the simple solution. She asked Serena what she wanted.

“I told you last night,” Serena said. “I meant every word.”

Alex could have cried.

“So,” she ventured cautiously, “you’re mine to punish.” She made sure to state it.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“You knew what you were doing.”

Serena shook her head coyly.

“You’re trying to drive me crazy. I can see through everything you’re doing. But you have no idea who you’re dealing with. I can be crueler than you can possibly imagine. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Serena looked hypnotized as she nodded.

“Because I’m going to punish you for this, if you open that door. Do you want that?”

Serena nodded quickly, her eyes pleading.

Alex smiled as the familiar ecstasy of full control surged through her.

“Get down on your knees.”

Serena immediately complied, sinking between Alex’s legs. Alex wished she had her strap-on. She wanted to see Serena’s lips around her, her eyes wide and tearing, and most of all, sorry – very fucking sorry. That could wait till later, she thought.

She immediately reached behind her, feeling around blindly. Something fell over on her desk, but she didn’t care to check what. Finally, she slipped in her hand into one of the drawers, fumbling for a moment until she withdrew a plain black handkerchief. She looked at the door for a moment, suddenly realizing her surroundings. She licked her lips and looked down at Serena, whose chest was heaving quietly, and fell back into the moment.

Alex leaned down, her face resting over Serena’s shoulder as she tied her wrists behind her back.

“To teach you a lesson,” she said, “I’m going to get my fix quickly, and you won’t.”

Serena whimpered, a bit too loudly for Alex’s comfort. Alex clamped her hand of her mouth and began pulling down her underwear.

“Get these off,” she hissed, Serena hurrying to wriggle out of them.

Alex stuffed it into Serena’s mouth, pushing it deep down her throat, gagging her a bit.

“Stay quiet,” she said. “Let’s make a deal, okay?”

Serena began to say yes, but Alex brought her finger to her lips.

“You are not allowed to make a sound. Nod or shake your head. That’s all you’re allowed to do. Are you ready to hear your deal?”

Serena nodded, breathing heavily with her crumpled underwear spilling out of her mouth.

“I’m going to play with you. If you can manage not to make a single noise, you can come. If you make a noise, even a small one, you won’t get to come for the rest of the day.”

Alex knew it would be impossible for Serena, but she looked almost hopeful as she wriggled her torso, aching to be touched.

Alex brought her fingers down here, softly caressing, grazing her clit. Serena’s breathing was faint, but she didn’t make any noise. Alex almost felt sorry for Serena as she dragged on, adding to the mounting pleasure.

She plunged a finger in deep, and Serena let out a quick but audible moan. She gasped as Alex drew away, smiling triumphantly. Serena looked horrified.

“No,” she begged, her voice warbled by the underwear.

Alex pulled the cloth out of her mouth, shoving it into her pocket. She grabbed Serena by back of her hair, and caressed her cheek with her other hand.

“You’re going to get me off, and then you’re going to go back out there, and be ignored for the rest of the day. That’s your punishment. Not exciting for you, but I’m going to be loving your misery. And this isn’t about what you want. Okay?”

Serena shook her head up and down. Alex smacked her.

“Say yes sir.”

“Yes sir.”

“I want you under the desk, like a good little girl.”

Serena crawled under the desk, her head right between Alex’s legs, waiting eagerly. Alex drew forward and pressed herself against Serena’s mouth, rolling her head back as Serena’s tongue began to trace circles over her pants. She wouldn’t be able to stand keeping them on, but it was too risky to take them off.

Her concerns melted as she lost herself to what Serena was doing. Her mouth dropped in amazement as she gripped the edge of the desk, her knuckles turning white.

“Fuck,” she cried, her mouth buried into her sleeve. “What are you doing…?”

Suddenly, there was a loud knocking at the door. Alex immediately straightened up, flattening her suit, detachedly ruffling a few papers on her desk. Serena was quiet underneath her.

“Come in,” she called out, trying to keep her voice level.

She sighed in relief when Valerie walked in. She could stay seated.

“Sorry, I was trying to call but, um… your phone is disconnected?”

She followed Valerie’s line of vision to her phone, the receiver laying on its back, off the hook. Alex simply placed it back on the hook and smiled at Valerie.

“And what is it is so important?” she asked.

“Um, well,” Valerie began. At that moment, Alex felt Serena’s lips against her inner thigh. Her face twitched, but she willed herself not to move a muscle.

Valerie was still speaking, undeterred. “…And he called to cancel that meeting, so that’s cleared up this Friday. He wanted me to ask you about the Delancey thing – were you guys still on for next week?”

Serena’s tongue was going farther and farther up. Alex had to cover her hand with her mouth.

“Yes, of course we are,” she said.

“Okay… Um, are you feeling okay?”

Serena was now directly over her clit, languorously moving it up and down. Alex pinched the bridge of her nose, feeling her whole face go numb.

“I, I mean you know, I just… This morning was…” Fuck, I can’t think straight. She casually slipped one hand underneath her and grabbed Serena’s hair, pulling tightly. The pressure ceased for a moment.

“Too much caffeine, not enough to eat today.”

Valerie nodded, still looking a bit concerned.

“Do you want me to get you lunch?”

“I was just going to go in a bit actually. Thank you.”

Serena’s tongue resumed its prior rhythm. Alex buried her face in her hands, her mouth wide open as a spasm of pre-orgasmic pleasure shuddered through her.

“Where is Serena?” asked Valerie, looking around in confusion.

“Bathroom,” said Alex quickly. “You must have missed her. Lock your door on the way out? I need to be alone. Really.. not feeling well…”

Valerie cast one more concerned look at Alex before closing and locking the door behind her.

The moment the door click into place, Alex rolled back a bit, dragging Serena with her by the hair.

Serena’s fingers dug into Alex’s knees, her mouth still working furiously.

“Don’t stop,” Alex rasped, “god don’t stop.”

Serena arched her back, sticking her round ass in the air. The sight of it caused Alex’s legs to go rigid, her neck to fall back, her eyes rolling in the back of her head as she came, almost reduced to whimpering by the end of it as she tried to keep quiet behind her jacket sleeve.

She lay there for a minute, panting, absent-mindedly petting Serena with one hand.

“You’re fucking crazy,” Alex said after a while, gaping at her.

Serena merely bit her lip, staring up at her as though possessed.

“If you were anyone else I would call this off,” Alex continued, realizing, as she spoke, the hold this girl had over her.

“You just risked me my job,” Alex said. She was incredulous. “I should kick you out, right now. Fire you.”

Serena stared at her for a few moments. She knew they were empty threats. She knew Alex was too addicted to her, too enthralled by where she’d lead her.

Serena rose slowly, adjusting her dress over her thighs before slipping onto Alex’s lap, straddling her. She looked down at Alex, who still looked discontent.

“I’m sorry my love,” she murmured, cupping Alex’s face in her hands. Alex’s eyes closed, her expression softening. “You drive me crazy. I can’t think straight.” She began to massage Alex’s shoulders. Alex responded with a contended sigh, visibly relaxing her posture.

“I don’t like not being in control,” she said, almost as if thinking aloud. “You toy with how much I want you.”

Serena laughed. “You sound like you don’t know how badly I want you. I’d do anything.” She hung her head, looking down at Alex, their noses almost touching. Serena’s long hair fell around them, toppling over Alex’s shoulders.

Alex had a dumbfounded look on her face, like she was lost for words.

“I am your toy. Your pet. Your little girl.” Serena’s finger tips softly danced down Alex’s heaving chest. “Your angel. Your slave. Yours. Completely. Yours to punish when my penchant for teasing goes too far.” Her hand wrapped around Alex’s tie, pulling her up, catching her mouth in hers.

Alex reached up and tenderly took hold of Serena’s hands, weaving her fingers into hers as she gently kissed her back.

“Come home with me tonight,” Alex said, breaking away. Serena kissed her again, shaking her head in affirmation.

Alex didn’t want to part, but eventually Serena had to slide off her lap, put her underwear back on, the both of them tweaking the other’s appearance, attempting the futile task of eliminating all traces of orgasmic satiation.

“You have no idea what I’m going to do to you tonight,” said Alex as she watched Serena make her way towards the door.

Serena smiled sweetly as she opened the door. “I can say the same to you, my dear,” and shut the door behind her.

She was intolerable, insufferable, and bratty, and for some reason, Alex was completely intoxicated by the challenge.

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