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Close Out Time

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I KNEW I shouldn’t have came to this store to work. It seemed everyday I was given some reason or another to quit. But the money was there and so I had to at least try to stick it out for the paycheck. As I sacked up another customers purchase in a bag, I played over in my mind tomorrow schedule at work to see if I had anytime to start looking for another job. I realized with disappointment I wouldn’t, and be able to get some sleep too.

I told the customer goodbye and looked up to realize the store was empty for the first time in hours. I sighed in relief as I reached under the counter to get my cigarettes and then bring one to my mouth to light up. I inhaled slowly closing my eyes savoring the taste and the solitude for a moment.

It being three am in the morning meant things were finally going to slow down with the tiny little convenience store, so I knew I was able to lock the doors here in a few moments and get some paper work done.

I stood for a moment smoking my cigarette and looking around as I evaluated all I needed to do before my shift ended that night. The store closed generally around three thirty am,so another half hour hopefully would go by fast to where I could finish up what I needed to do, clean and the head home for another lonely night in bed. I grimaced thinking how pitiful right now my life seemed to me. Not having a boyfriend in my life these days made each day seem to drag forever. It wasn’t cause I was unattractive, I knew I was pretty, it was the fact I was so damn picky. I didn’t allow men to just walk into my life for long periods of time without getting to know then as a person and a friend first. This causing my present situation of being lonely and without sex.

It came to my attention just how long it had been since I had sex and I felt another jolt of disappointment. I thought back to when I had sex last which was a few months ago with Terry. We had basically been on our way to breaking up,But I had wanted so much to have that one last time. Although it had been good in some ways there had been to many problems in our daily lives that had filtered into our sex life, leaving me at the time unsatisfied and wanting to just get it over with.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I thought to myself that I would even settled for that right now instead of going home alone with no one.

I realized all this thinking about sex or the lack of sex in my life was making me feel really excited. I noticed my legs squeezed together as finished up my last drag of my cigarette. I was definitely getting wet as images of me and Terry filtered through my mind. Seeing him in my mind naked and moving,his body over me as he took one of my nipples in his mouth to suck softly, made my nipples grow hard. My hand slowly traveled down my flat stomach over to my hip as I also remembered how he would make wet paths down my body with his mouth to taste every part of me.

It came to me suddenly, making my hand stop its exploration on my body, that I was at work, alone, and not needing to have these thoughts. I reached over grounded out my cigarette and set my mind to finish working. Pushing the sexual thoughts away to look at the clock. It was almost three-thirty. I came also to the decision to close a little early. I didn’t care I just wanted to get out of here. Besides generally no one showed up anyway to be able to tell my boss.

With that thought, I picked up the keys on the counter and walked from behind it to head for the front store door.

As I reached the door I looked around the small parking lot outside, seeing no other cars but mine. A smile of relief came over me as I lifted my hand full of keys to start locking up. Just as I was turning the key in the lock, I noticed a car pulling in.

“Damn” I spoke out loud with aggravation as I watched the lights beam toward me.

The car pulled into a parking space and settling there as the owner turned off the car and its lights.

The thought came into my mind to be a “Bitch” and tell the person I was closed, but then I remember being out needing something late at night and grateful for a open store myself.

So with a sigh of resignation I unlocked the store door as the person climbed out of their car.

It was a woman.

I moved back away from the door and headed back behind the counter hoping she would hurry and not want much so I could lock up again quickly. I watched her from inside as she headed toward me and opened the door to let herself in.

When she came in I was extremely shocked in how pretty she was. She was petite with soft blond hair. Her cloths were real nice showing her figure but not being overly tight. She also walked with confidence as she looked up at me and smiled.

“Hello,” she said as I watched her head slowly down the candy isle to the cooler in the back of the store.

“Hello,” I replied back as I watched her ass move with her walk.

I was shocked as it came to me I was checking out a woman. I couldn’t believe it and quickly moved my eyes away from her as I looked back out in the parking lot. I could hear her opening the cooler door and get herself a soda. My mind was in turmoil as I was thinking things that have never came to my mind before. I was thinking of her naked.

I was instantly attracted to her and I couldn’t deal with it. I have never been attracted to a woman before. I looked down at my cigarettes on the counter and reached for another knowing I had just put one out. I didn’t care I needed it to calm down my nerves. I quickly lifted it to my mouth and lit it, sucking in as much nicotine as I could. I tried to rationalize my thinking as I stared outside the store smoking. As thoughts flew through my head I came to the decision I had been aroused with my thoughts before she showed up and that’s why I “seemed” attracted to her. Making this conclusion to myself I felt a lot better and even slowly smiled as I laid the cigarette down in the astray

“I am sure you heard this before, but smoking is bad for you ” she said right up near me.

Startled I whipped my head around to notice she had come to the counter with her soda, me not even noticing. Being so lost in thought it had been easy for me to be caught off guard. I then thought of what I was lost in thought about and blushed. I hope she couldn’t read my mind as I lowered my head to look at her soda. I quickly started to ring up her purchase.

“I am sorry, I was just teasing,” she said quickly, thinking my silence was me being of upset.

I looked back at her, and smiled

“No I am not offended, I am just tired. I was about to close up” I offered her a excuse so she would feel better.

“Oh okay ” she said. I could see her visibly relax.

“Can I ask you a question?” she continued the conversation.

“Sure ” I said as I Reached out with my hand open to accept the money she needed to purchase her soda.

She looked at me for a second before continuing. Handing me her money.

“Aren’t you scared to be working out here all alone at night?”

I looked at her for a moment before answering, noticing her eyes were deep green and beautiful. I shifted a little in my stance feeling myself get wet between my legs.

“Uh… sometimes its nerve racking when some people come in and they look a little weird, but mostly I am so busy with customers that I am never alone,” I explained knowing my answer could have been better. I was surprised I wanted to impress this woman.

“Well that’s good that your hardly alone, but…. what about now? Doesn’t it worry you?” she asked

I smiled at her question, feeling humor take over my arousal.

“No not really… unless you are gonna do something to me” I said giggling a little at the image of her getting all rough on me.

She laughed also seeing the funny side of it as I finished with the sale and handed her her change. A moment of silence went by as I realized I didn’t want her to leave. So I quickly thought of something to ask her.

“Where you from?” I rushed out of my mouth desperately

“Minnesota really, but just passing through” she answered opening the soda up and taking a sip after answering me.

“Wow, that’s far from here,” I said surprised that she was so far away from home.

“Yea…I am just on my way to visit some friends down south and Got lost,” she replied with a little giggle at her mistake.

“Lost?” I said

“Yea seems I should have turned here but instead turned there…. no big deal I have an idea where to retract, so I am not worried about it.” she told me calmly taking another sip of her soda.

“Well do you need a map.. we have some here behind the counter under my register. Your welcome to look while I close up the store.” I offered her hoping it would keep her here just a little longer.

“Why thank you.. that would be great.. do you mind if I come back there to look?” she said.

I thought about it and figured it wouldn’t hurt.. So told her she could as I picked up the keys again and headed out from behind the tall counter.

We passed each other and I felt her body rub briefly across mine as I moved to let her by. My whole body went hot as I watched her move up the tiny area of the ramp and disappear behind the counter. I knew she was crouching behind it looking at maps.

I slowly turned around to head toward the doors when it came to my attention That yet again I had another customer heading in the parking lot. I groaned with despair at my luck and turned back with my shoulders slumped to get to my register. Going home tonight dint seem to be in the near future.. I thought to myself with another grimace. then I noticed her crouched behind the counter and smiled softly to myself as I thought maybe it would be okay.

I walked back to my register and looked down at her below me as she also looked up smiling. I kinda of stared at her for a moment then looked away as I watched the new customer walk in and head for the beer in the back. I sighed wondering how long he would take. I could already see he was a little drunk in the way he walked side to side, but hopefully not to drunk to drive. I looked out to his truck and noticed a shadow in the drivers side. I relaxed as I hoped the person driving wasn’t drunk.

I felt a soft breeze go up my skirt but didn’t pay any attention to it as I watched the customer. He seemed confused and with being drunk, that could be a danger. So I never looked down to see why I felt fresh air on my legs.

As I watched the new customer, I again felt air under my skirt and worried about taking my eyes off the new customer I assumed it was an air vent turning on. My skirt wasn’t exactly short, going down pass my knees and very loose. I liked it like that on nights when it was hot, Also it let me be able to go without underwear and not worry about showing anything to anyone while I worked. I smiled a little to myself as I thought of how shocked people would be if they knew I didn’t wear underwear.

My eyes never leaving the customer, I was all of a sudden shocked to feel warm skin next to my legs under my skirt. I looked down to realize with a deeper shock that the beautiful woman was hiding under it except for her legs. I couldn’t move. I was to stunned to make a sound or move away quickly.

Her hands underneath my skirt was moving slowly up my legs and toward my outer thighs. I could feel warm breath on the inside of my legs as she positioned herself between them. I just stood there totally stunned and also totally turned on. I had no idea what she was doing and what the hell she was thinking but I also knew I wanted to find out so I wasn’t moving from this spot.

I couldn’t believe this was happening as I looked up quickly to see the other customer still staring at the beer, his back turned to me. I gave a sigh of relief as I blushed not knowing what to do.

Just then I felt her breath between my legs on top of my trim pussy hair. I about fainted. I stared at the other customer hoping he wouldn’t turn around and totally shocked at what was happening to me. The thought that a woman I didn’t know but for two minutes had her face under my skirt and her lips next to my pussy. I was completely turned on and to the point of not caring if the male customer knew.

I felt her breath get hotter as she moved closer to my pussy. I didn’t know what to do. Should I move or stand still. Should I stop her or let her do what she wants. I couldn’t speak at all as my mouth got dry. I was still in a trance of not believing this was happening and also that I was letting it.

Just then she placed her hands inside my legs and pressed outward softly. Silently telling me to spread my legs. I did what she asked as I kept my eyes on the customer…he was still standing there looking. My legs spread apart enough for her to inch her face more in between. I was gushing with wetness and loving every minute of it. I knew the customer couldn’t see her but even if he did I didn’t care. All I cared about at the moment is that I was about to get my pussy ate by a this woman and I wasn’t about to do anything to stop her.

As if the woman read my mind I felt her tongue slide up my soft pussy lips and to the top where my hair was. I shuddered with pleasure and unconsciously spread my legs a little wider, the whole time watching the customer. She took that as an invitation and moved her head closer into me. Her nose becoming softly imbedded into my pussy as she licked slowly up and down the lips. I trembled as her fingers moved to the inside of my thigh to about an inch of where her face was.

My eyes never leaving the customer, I leaned over a little on the counter, not being able to hold myself up fully. This bringing in my pussy closer to her… I heard her sigh with pleasure as she added pressure on her tongue to go in between the crack of my lips. I was in heaven. I knew she could taste me and it thrilled me to no end. I silently egged her on in my head as I kept repeating over and over again “oh god eat it baby,” I knew I was in the dirtiest frame of mind and not caring if I was to speak it if she liked it or not. I was feeling primal and enjoying the tongue lashing she was slowly putting on me.

Her fingers came up to be placed softly on each lip to spread them apart as she dove in and lap up what juices were waiting for her. I shuddered as new juices flowed down inside me to her mouth. I was getting so wet I could feel it as if a faucet of water had been turned on.

Her tongue went for my clit as her fingers started to massaged inside my lips and then headed for the opening of my vagina. Her tongue working wonders on my clit as she added pressure and pressing fingers up inside me.

Just then I saw through half shut eyes the male customer turn around and head for me. I couldn’t move as I watched him stumble up toward the counter. Nothing in his hand, looking straight at me. I didn’t care. As I said before I was getting oral sex and I didn’t care who knew it. Just then she slipped one moist finger out of me and headed for my ass. Sliding slowly with her finger to trail a wet spot before playing with the opening of my anus. I jerked a little and moaned as she circled her finger around it while her tongue moved quickly over my clit.. Her other finger still feeling inside my pussy

Just then the male customer came up short, looked at me with bleary drunk eyes and turned and headed out the door. I watched him as I started to moan out loud when the door closed shut. He slowly moved to the truck, opened the door, climb up and shut the door. A second later the truck started and they left.

I sighed with relief and pleasure to be able to moan out loud, which I did immediately.

She must have heard a difference in my tone cause right at the moment she stopped. I cried out almost in pain of losing the attention to my pussy.

The woman quickly moved away from under my skirt and came out looking up at me.. her lips glistening with my pussy juices. I gushed just at the sight. I watched as she moved up to stand and moved closer to me. We were looking at each other eye to eye for a moment till she leaned over to kiss me,getting my lips wet with my own taste, I groaned with pleasure as her tongue that just licked my clit was licking my own tongue.

Her hands moved up to start unbuttoning my blouse. I let her knowing that I wanted to do whatever she wanted. I was giving my body over to her.

We kissed deeply as she quickly finish unbuttoning my shirt and then unhooked my bra from the front leaving me exposed to her as my breast fell out. She tore her mouth away to look down at me as her hands moved up to feel my heavy breast. My nipples so hard, It was as if they were full of electric. She felt me all over, holding,squeezing and tickling her fingers over my nipples. I groaned again feeling my legs grow weak.

She moved her head down to take first one hard nipple in her mouth, lightly biting it and sucking on it like a baby’s bottle. My hands coming up to hold her hair as she did.

She didn’t leave the other one alone to long as she made yet another wet trail across my chest with her lips to treat the twin nipple the same.

My pussy was on fire. I could still feel me flowing with wetness and becoming more excited and daring.

In the back of my mind I knew we were in a store. My job,with windows everywhere for anyone to see if they pulled up,but like I had been thinking before.. I just didn’t care. I wanted this woman to make me cum and cum hard.. and hopefully a few times.

As if she could still read my mind she moved her head away and up to look up at me again.. Licking her lips to take the taste of me in her mouth and swallow. I was in heaven.

Her arm raised up to place her hand on my chest as she pushed me slowly to the counter. A few steps back and I was leaning against it.

She didn’t have to tell me I just knew. I moved my hands to each side of me and pushed down on the counter to push my way on it. Setting me high above to where she could have access to my pussy all she wanted.

She stepped closer and again pushed her hand on my chest, telling me with no words to lay down. Her eyes glazed over with lust and determination. I did what she wanted liking the fact that this woman wanted me exposed again to her.

Laying back on the counter my feet hanging over the edge I felt more aroused then ever in my life. I was exposed to her and a possible customer that could come in the store and I liked it. I also knew that we could be seen if someone drove by. This excited me more.

I closed my eyes as I felt her hands travel slow down my legs to my ankles and grip them. One in each hand as she softly lifted both legs to set my feet on each side of me with my knees bent. I didn’t question her.. I just knew I wanted her face back in between my legs. Her hands moved again to travel up my bent legs to my knees to rest there. I didn’t open my eyes as I felt her add pressure to my knees to spread my legs wide apart. My pussy lips opening up so wide I felt air hit inside.

My pussy throbbed.

I then felt her move some and as if never missing a beat, her head was replaced back to my pussy, her tongue again starting to lap open my juices that were extremely open to her. I moaned loudly as she sucked on me like someone hungry. I have never been licked or sucked like this before. Her head moved over my pussy giving her tongue direction as she gripped my legs a little to make sure I didn’t close them. There was no way in this world I would have either.

Her tongue moved to every place I had down there making my pussy lips swell as she moved tasting every little area she could. I could hear her moan some over me, which gave me pleasure knowing she was enjoying herself as much as I was.

Just then her tongue moved away a little to trail down toward my ass. I clenched a little surprised but curious as she was about to taste me there.

Her tongue moved toward the opening of my hole, flickering over it making my body jerk with pleasure. I screamed out as she added pressure to her tongue to push inside me. I was so turned on I moved my hips closer to her so she could get deeper. and she did. Her tongue was now inside me tasting everything I had to give and I couldn’t move. I didn’t know how I just knew I wanted to feel her inside me deeper.

Slowly she backed away to take her own finger in her mouth and wet it. When she was satisfied it was wet enough, she moved her finger to my ass, and without resistance slide her finger up inside me. I screamed out with pleasure as my ass clenched her finger inside. seeing I wasn’t bothered by this she started to move her finger as she fucked my ass. I was in so much pleasure I spread my legs as far as they could go. I just knew I wanted it deeper.

Her mouth moved back to my clit as she finger fucked me, her tongue working on me to start building up my orgasm.

It was coming fast as I felt heat travel through my legs and my body clenching up totally. She moved her finger faster and her tongue went into speed as she pushed me to cum

I screamed out

“I am gonna cum” as she moved quickly to keep up the beat.

Just then heat burst out of me as I screamed again.. her tongue flipping my clit and her finger fucking me harder making the cheeks of my ass bounce.

I came hard. So hard I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t care. My body shook and trembled as she continued with her assault. every area of my body on fire and exploding. It seemed to last forever. As the feeling spread through my body. Hitting every point before settling down a little in the end

Finally out of breath as My orgasm slowly went away… she slowed down to a final stop. I couldn’t open my eyes.

“Turn over on your stomach” she said softly

“And don’t open your eyes” She continued.

Hardly able to breath I did as she asked. It took a moment as I fumbled around with my eyes closed but I got to the position she wanted in the end. My eyes completely closed. I wanted to do whatever she wanted.

“Spread your legs” she said behind me as I heard her move around a bit. I did as she asked, still shaking yet feeling myself getting excited again at what I had no control over.

I didn’t want the control I wanted to be fucked.

I heard her move some more before finally moving in between my legs to where I could feel her hips resting on either side.

Next to my amazement I felt something huge and round being pushed near my pussy. I moved to look back but before I could she stopped me with two words.

“Trust me”

I laid back down with the knowledge that I could trust her and rested, waiting, aroused, breathing still hard.

Again I felt her push something up my pussy making me moan as it slide in me stretching me to the fullest. I was so wet from cumming that there was no resistance. I have never been filled so completely and again didn’t care where I was or what could happen. I didn’t know what she was pushing in me but also again.. I didn’t care. I was so aroused that ANYTHING she asked I would do.

She slowly started to move it in and out making me groan with pleasure. I was completely stretched to my limit.

She pushed in…




“Oh god” I cried out as she made my body accept this object My legs hanging over the edge of the counter. It appearing as if I was just laying there.

Slowing down and then coming to a stop she moved again for just a brief moment before I felt something being pushed near my anus. I groaned with pleasure knowing I was going to be double penetrated.

I was so slick with my juices she again had no trouble moving another object in my ass. Although a little smaller it filled me up.

“Spread your legs baby” she whispered with gentleness and I quickly did as she asked

My legs were so spread That to move another inch was impossible.

She moved her hands over my ass cheeks and started to slap lightly each cheek. I was surprised but didn’t move. Seeing this cause no reaction she slapped a little harder. I started to moan with pleasure.

I was completely filled in my ass and in my pussy.

Her slaps became harder causing a sting in each slap. I moaned harder and started to cry out. I wanted this pain I wanted this pleasure. I could feel my ass cheeks grow warm and I knew they were red.

She never said a word as she continued slapping making loud sounds in the store. My moans also filling up the silence.

Finally she stopped and she trailed her hands down between my legs. Each taking an object in a hand as she paused.

“You ready baby?” she asked and before I could swallow and answer she started to move the objects one at a time. As one was moving in the other was moving out.

I started right away screaming with pleasure. My screams loud and pleasurable as she moved quicker and quicker. I couldn’t handle it. I was totally filled and stretched to my limit making my body go into convulsions of pleasure, making my mind loose any sense. All I could do was accept what she was giving to me.

The large object in my pussy hitting my G-Spot and the smaller in my ass moving over that tight barrier making me loose myself. She moved faster, as if an animal with no limits.

I started to cum again. I grabbed the edge of the counter and held on as my ass was pushed hard against the counter making the penetration deeper.

My ass cheeks bouncing again as she pumped me hard.

I came so hard I screamed out words that didn’t make sense and before I could recover I came again.

She kept moving although I could hear her breath hard. I didn’t know if it was me or her though as I finally lost it just feeling my body cum again and again and again.

Almost making me pass out.

She slowed down as she somehow knew I couldn’t take any more, giving me a few last strong pushes setting my body off on a small orgasm that made me slump over and not able to move.

She stopped then and moved back.

Nothing happened for a moment but to be honest I don’t really know. I was sorta in and out of consciousness. I felt her move the objects out of me as my body gave back her toys to her. I couldn’t move I was fading in and out.

Then I felt her move her hands over my body as she moved in closer. I felt skin.. But was to tired and with out sense to understand.

She moved her legs to where one was on each side, cradling my leg in between her legs as she moved her body up close to me.

I felt her pussy on my leg. I trembled.

When she got naked there I don’t know but what came next of what I can remember I will never forget.

As I was laid over the counter, My ass in the air and my pussy and ass stretched for all to see, she straddled me, grabbed my ass cheeks and pressed her pussy to the back of my thigh and started moving. Her nails clawing in my ass as She rode my leg like a cowboy on a bull. Her screams filling the air with pleasure as I laid there being used as her masturbation toy.

I loved it but couldn’t move, she had me trapped as she humped my leg. Her pussy getting wet soaking the part of my leg she was fucking.

Even as worn out as I was I could still feel my juices flowing.

I was being used and I was loving it.

The hair on her pussy was rubbing on me as her juices made me slick.

Grabbing harder on my ass she humped me harder making my body jump and move. Her legs clamped on me as I first felt and heard her first orgasm. But it didn’t stop her, she kept going at a pass I could never keep up. She rode my leg harder and faster as she built herself up for another orgasm.

“I am about to cum on you baby ” she screamed as I felt juices, warm and so wet flow over me.

She screamed again as another one came to her.

I passed out.

What she did or how many times she made herself cum I do not know, But i do know when I finally woke up. She was gone.

At first I couldn’t move, but as realization set in at to where I was at and wondering if anyone saw me, I made myself move to get up. I realized she had placed my skirt down to cover me and also moved my shirt to cover me before leaving. I thanked her in my head for that as I moved sore away from the counter and pick up the keys.

It took me a little bit to get the store closed and get back in the office but I felt safe but confused at to what happened.

As all the thoughts floated through my head, one came in to mind that made me grow still with dread

The Camera.

I looked at the VCR in the back and opened the little door to see if a tape was in there.

It was Gone

She had taken it.

As I sat there looking into space with horrible thoughts coming in my head,One thing, Finally passed through all those terrible thoughts.

She had said ” Trust me”

And for some unexplained reason I calmed down and realized I did.

I grabbed my coat and purse slowly and came out of the office to head for the door.

As I walked out of the store and locked it I thought of all the things I hadn’t done To finish my job..

For some reason….. I didn’t care as I smiled to myself walking to my car

Another thought popped in my mind as I got in my car and buckled up. Each movement taking a little longer with being sore but totally sexually satisfied.

“Maybe just Maybe…. I wont look for a new job”

I smiled at that thought, started the car and headed home.

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