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Power and Will

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i stand, my arms outstretched, hands firmly planted against the rough wall, legs spread widely, ass out… waiting. i don’t dare look over my shoulder to see what You’re doing, though i’m desperate to do just that. i can feel You behind me, Your heat alone telling me You’re still back there, watching every move, listening for every sound i might make.

i can’t help but shift my weight from one foot to the other, a nervous anticipation working through my body as You contemplate. i know my alabaster ass is Your target. i know it will be my will that will keep my hands against the rough wall, my feet wide and my ass out to receive the pain You intend to inflict without remorse.

Your heat overwhelms me as You draw closer, and i gasp softly as i feel Your touch, a single finger sliding down my spine to the top of my ass, causing me to shudder. You do this as a torture, a test of my will, of my want and need. i know this as i’ve always known it, and always i fall victim to Your seduction.

i bite down against my bottom lip that has found its way between my teeth, stifling a moan that threatens to burst forth. i know You want to hear it, to know that Your touch, Your closeness affects me, heightens my need. Your single finger travels back up my spine in a slow sojourn to my neck, where Your other fingers join the single sibling and rake through my hair to capture a handful and pull my head back.

i breathe a sigh of relief as one thought consumes my mind, ‘so it begins’.

You pull on the soft tresses captured in Your fist, tugging my head back further, making me stretch for the wall, causing my ass to push further back. You enjoy this game, this ability You have over me, it makes You complete, just as Your Domination completes me. i cannot stop the moan this time as it passes my parted lips, like sweet music to Your ears at last.

You lean close, Your hot breath caressing my ear and cheek as You growl, “you are Mine.”

i dare not speak, i dare not try to look into Your eyes, i know the truth of what You say, i have given myself to You in mind, body and soul, all i can do is swallow and nod, the action making Your gripping fingers tighten on the silken tresses.

Your chuckle is low, menacing as You finally release my hair. my head dropping like a heavy weight to hang between my outstretched arms. my eyes rise to focus on the wall, evening out my breathing as i feel You move behind me fully, blocking any attempt at seeking You out.

You do not cover my eyes because You want to see if i have the strength to endure what You unleash, You want to be able to see the pain in my eyes, if that would be Your will. You are clever; because You also know the willpower it will take for me to not seek You out with those stormy orbs. You want to see the tears run unchecked down my flushed cheeks, You want to see the lust building with each painful touch, You want Your slut broken and You want to see it reflected in my eyes. i know this. This is not a new game. This is Your pleasure being fulfilled by the slut before You.

my arms and shoulders are beginning to ache from the unnatural position against the wall. You can see the muscles strain to hold this position, rippling under the supple flesh, but still You wait, and watch. Your eyes never leaving me as, again, i shift my weight from foot to foot, causing my hips to sway in an unconscious invitation for the pain, yet to be delivered.

You know the slut before You, know my mind, body, needs, desires, passions, and You know my dark places. You watch as my fingers curl against the rough wall, nails raking over the stone. You can feel my impatience with the waiting, You can smell my fear, but also my arousal. You play upon the fear as You step close once again, and ever so lightly touch my ass.

i can’t help but flinch, my body prepared for pain not pleasure. You run Your fingers slowly over the soft fleshy cheeks. You simply admire with Your touch, the one thing You know that makes the waiting even more unbearable. Your other hand joins the first, using both Your thumbs You move them slowly down through the crevice, parting my ass cheeks, revealing to Your eyes alone what hides between. my cheeks flush in a moment of humiliation. my bottom lip snuggly between my teeth again, biting down to control the cry that lumps in my throat. You know the torment You are causing me, which drives You further.

“Cry out slut, you know you want to, you know you want to beg for the pain, the pleasure. you know I am the only One that can give you what you crave!”

Your words battle against my pride. i know You are right, but a part of me is still reluctant to give so easily, and You always test that, push that defiance, and make me become the slut, the whore You own. i feel Your thumbs rest against the sinful star of my ass, which pulls the incoherent cry, You desperately wanted to hear, from trembling lips. Somehow i push my body back, as the cry echoes through the room.

Your menacing chuckle finds my ears again as i feel You pull back with my push, but maintaining the soft touch to the dirty hole. You growl, “such a needy whore you’ve become and I haven’t even begun on you yet.”

i can’t help but whimper as Your words dance in my mind. Yes… i am a needy whore, Yes…You haven’t even begun, but my need grows with each word, each touch, and each unspoken promise. my nails dig deeper into the solid wall, my thighs quiver, my back arches, my cunt weeps and my ass still as it remains captured in Your strong hands.

The emotions You rise within me, like a wild fire burning out of control. You know all this, You’ve seen it before many times, and You enjoy it more each time as You break me. i focus my thoughts…though i am a needy whore…i am YOUR needy whore, YOUR willing slut, YOUR fucktoy, simply and most importantly…YOURS.

i relax now, my focus secure, my mind bent but not quite broken. i’ve come to terms, yet again, that i am the physical manifestation of Your pleasure, the hot receptacle for Your seed should You allow me such a wondrous gift, the slut that loves the pain You inflict, loves the pleasure You give, that i am Yours, mind, body and soul.

You feel me relax and know my mind has come to grips with my station. That i will not defy You in the pain You relish giving me. That i will accept the pain… the pain that turns to pleasure with each hard stroke, burning welt, stinging swat, or ruby drip of parted flesh. i am completely Yours, to do with as You please. my head lowers once more between my arms, my breath ragged, my heart thundering in my chest, blood pounding through my veins blocking out every sound except Your voice and my own.

Your right hand slowly slips over my ass seeking the heat that burns between my thighs. i know what You will find. i feel Your palm cup my weeping cunt, Your fingers resting against my throbbing clit. You do not move Your hand or fingers, and i know i am to remain still.

This is always difficult for me, my desire making me want to push my hips down against Your hand, to ease some of the built up need. i know, even without looking, that You are smiling, that Your eyes watch me carefully, seeing if i will pass Your test. The thumb of Your left hand begins making lazy circles against my sinful pucker, almost making me squirm. You want me to squirm, to moan out with pent up desire, and to beg.

my lust-clouded eyes, spy my hanging tits, the taunt nipples begging in their silent way for attention. The fleshy orbs quiver, betraying my attempt at stillness. Your thumb working against my ass, Your other hand quiet against my cunt and clit.

Oh…how You torture me.

Softly, subtly i feel Your fingers against my clit begin to move, my head rises slightly, eyes widen in almost disbelief. i can feel Your body shift, as You lean closer, listening, watching, then You hear it, “Please Sir” so soft, almost inaudible like a whisper dancing on the wind.

All motion from You stops, as if my plea shattered Your illusion. i know You smile again, Your slut that much closer to breaking. Suddenly as if You can’t stand to touch me any longer Your hands leave my body. i can feel the heat left from Your hands, but that is nothing compared to Your electric touch..

You move around to my right side, my head turning slightly. You lean close to my face, Your warm breath puffing softly against my ear.

You study me for a single heartbeat before Your voice caresses me, “beg slut, you know you want too. Must Wwe play this game every time?” You say this lovingly, gently, easing my fears, allowing me Your permission to give You my gift wholeheartedly.

my tongue sweeps my lips in an attempt to wet them. my voice thick with emotion whispers against the wall before me, “please Sir, paint my body in pain…wrap me in pleasure…make me Yours again.” a single tear falls from my eye to splash across the cold floor. it is not a tear of fear, or sadness, or even hatred, but a tear of love, of understanding, of knowing i have come to that perfect place, of knowing i am wanted, needed, desired, loved, adored…Yours.

i see Your smile from out of the corner of my eye. “Yes slut, let Me hear you, beg for Me.” in a voice soft, almost cooing, as if i were a child needing the adoring love of a Father. i squeeze my eyes shut tightly, and whimper softly. i hear and feel Your slightly exasperated sigh, heated against my cheek, a small triumph that i haven’t completely broken yet and another challenge for You.

i hear You move behind me once again. i can feel Your tension, almost taste it with each struggling breath and i also know You enjoy my refusal to give in so easily. Yes i try Your patience, but would You have me any other way? Would You prefer i obediently fall to my knees and groveled for Your attentions like so many others? Would You prefer i acquiesce like some well-trained animal? My thoughts drift along those questions, knowing the answers, but still asking them silently, then pain…hard and swift stings me back to the present.

my eyes widen with the suddenness, i hiss through clenched teeth as Your palm leaves a perfect red, stinging print against my ass. Over and over, not letting up, not setting a rhythm, soft, hard, constant motion, my entire ass suddenly on fire, the sounds echoing through the room, flesh meeting flesh mixing with other sounds, mewling, keening, and whimpering sounds and i realize then, it is my voice making them. i struggle to maintain my grip on the wall, my ass swaying, trying to subconsciously dodge the next blow to no avail. You are determined, relentless and oblivious to my suffering.

Tears sting my eyes as You continue to deliver the blows to my ass. i cannot see, but i know what You see, rippling flesh after each blow, a reddening that grows brighter, a slut taking the swats willingly, a whore that grows wetter with each.

As suddenly as You start, You stop. i am panting, trying to breathe, aching inside and out, tears gathering behind my eyelids threatening to spill down my flushed cheeks. i am left waiting and wanting again.

You take a step back, surveying Your work, seeing the bright red flesh. Your eyes travel over my ass then lower, noting the swollen lips, the thrumming clit, the wetness that seeps down my inner thighs and i know You smile at this. i cry out softly as Your hand touches the heat, fingertips lightly play over the hypersensitive flesh. Your other hand joins the first to examine my heated ass, each touch, each pass of Your fingers sends me further into the breaking point. You know this just as i know this.

Your fingers then begin a slow journey up, over my hips, Your thumbs tracing my spine as You step close, Your rough denim jeans pressing directly against my fiery ass, as Your hands move ever upward to my stiff shoulders, where in a moment of mercy You massage lightly, Your hips grinding painfully against my ass. A moan slips past my lips as You work Your strong fingers against the tight muscles of my shoulders, then suddenly they are gone, traveling back down my back to my hips again, then moving under me, caressing my belly, my ribs, the soft undersides of my tits.

i am unable to keep my ass still against Your denim-clad body, the sensations like electric currents, traveling through every nerve in my body. You know this, and smile, a calculated and cruel smile.

i whimper as Your hands move over my hanging tits, pulling the soft flesh downward then releasing again and again, as though milking a cow. The humiliation burns as bright as my ass as You do this. i can feel Your heartbeat against my back, Your breath hot against the nape of my neck, and i can feel Your satisfaction of knowing i am so very close to breaking.

Your fingers seek out and exploit my nipples, pinching, twisting, and pulling painfully on them causing my ass to dance against Your body as a rivulet of steamy liquid travels down my quivering thigh. You lean into me, blanketing my body with Yours, as Your hands and fingertips continue their painful examination of my nipples and tits. i moan and whimper softly as You do this, unable to stop the sound of my need and desire, my back arching to press my tits deeper into Your hands, my calves flex, sending me up onto the balls of my feet, hard against Your groin.

i can feel Your hard cock through the heavy rough denim pressing hungrily against my burning ass. Your right hand leaves my tit to stray back down over my belly. Your fingers, long and full of strength pass between my trembling thighs and stroke ever so lightly on the swollen, slick lips of my cunt staying clear of my throbbing clit, simply stroking the hot heavy flesh.

“Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, what is this slut?” Your fingers continue their ministrations as You ask, Your breath hot against my flesh. Your question dripping with amused condensation. You know very well what it is. You know very well what this game does to me. i whimper loudly as Your fingers still, simply resting against the sensitive flesh. You chuckle at my whimper, and as You do, i lower my heels back to the ground, an action You didn’t anticipate.

“Oh…so My slut still has fight in her.” You chuckle again and uncurl Your body from mine, pinching my nipple harshly, Your nails digging into the soft wet flesh of my cunt, as You rise and take a step back.

“Well, we’ll just see what I can do to break My whore.”

Your hands once more grope and pull against my reddened ass, Your thumbs pushing against my dirty hole, until they pass the tight ring. i gasp as You work Your thumbs in, bending and flexing them in my ass, stretching it roughly. i am unable to stop my hips from another round of dancing, my moans growing louder as You work Your thumbs, pushing, pulling, bending, tugging.

“Such a needy little whore. you’re dripping…slut.” You chuckle again, this whole process amusing You. You work Your thumbs for a few moments longer then unceremoniously pull them from my ass.

i feel Your face close to the heated cheeks, then suddenly Your warm wet tongue flicks over the winking hole. A strangled cry escapes my throat, my calves flex again, wanting to drive Your tongue into my ass. You pull Your head back as i push up not willing to give me what i so badly want. i shudder as Your hot breath and wet tongue deliver pleasurable sensations through my entire being. You lather my ass well, making it wet and slick then suddenly Your tongue is gone, as You rise and walk to the close table. i whimper and writhe, needing Your touch, Your power, Your Domination.

You step back behind me, one hand resting on my lower back, the other moving between my thighs again. i pray You will now see fit to allow me some release. i’ve forgotten about the ache in my arms and shoulders, as i simply quiver in anticipation, sweat beading on my forehead to drip into the floor. i moan as i feel something press against my weeping cunt hole, twisting but not entering. i whine as You coat the unseen object with my essence, my hips dancing again, producing a slap from Your resting hand.

You growl. “Stop moving slut!”

i plant my feet again, my entire being focused on the object and my needy cunt, whimpering, “Please Sir, please.”

You ignore my begging plea and bring the now soaked object to my ass, pressing hard against the tight hole, until it slips beyond the rig and seats itself deliciously. A moan, long and low purrs past my lips as i realize now what You’ve planted in my ass. You reach to the table again and suddenly i feel vibration, soft, subtle, pulling yet another moan from my lips.

God…You know how to play me, which string to pluck, which chord to strum.

You step back again, watching as my ass suckles on the plug, watching my cunt drip constantly to the floor between my feet, then without warning pain flairs against my ass stinging much more then before, working my ass over thoroughly, cheek… cheek… center… cheek… cheek… center… again and again, and each time there is a center blow its as if You’re trying to pound the plug completely into my ass.

i buck, gasp, moan, growl, push my ass up against each blow, feel the flesh ripple, the vibrations growing steadily, arousing me further…yes You know how to play Your slut. Tears run unchecked down my cheeks, my ass burning under the painful swats, my cunt churning with unspent desire, and just when i’m sure You’ll never stop i hear the paddle fall to the floor and feel Your fingers plunge into my squishy cunt, ramming them in hard, first two, and another and another, filling me, pushing me, and breaking me.

Broken, crying out, “yesssss fuck Your slut Master, use me…” my hips grinding against Your hand.

i imagine Your smile at hearing me call You Master, knowing You’ve broken me, as Your fingers curling and uncurling, pressing against the spot that makes my hips jump and thighs quiver.

” My slut wants fucked does she. Does My slut want to cum?” You finger fuck my cunt hard, Your free hand finding my clit and dancing over it, sending me spiraling.

“yess oh god please yes, Master, please let Your slut cum, please let me cum…oh goddd…please…”

“No.” The sound like a slap in the face, so final and unforgiving.

i whimper loudly, my cunt spasming, threatening, my clit on fire under Your working fingertips, my ass ignited by Your beating, my entire body poised, ready, waiting. The wanton needy whore complete as i ride Your hand unashamed of what or who i am, hips undulating, my cunt squeezing Your invading fingers, my clit throbbing out my thundering heartbeat against Your fingertips, tears spilling down my flushed cheeks mixing with the flood of cunt juice already on the floor.

Whimpering softy, “please Master, please allow Your slut to cum for You, allow her to please You with her release…please Master, ohhh…god…please…”

Again, “No.”

Again i whimper and moan. You intend to push me further, make me want it more. i feel You tuck Your thumb in with the fingers invading my cunt. i moan and breathe, as You push, insistent on getting Your entire fist in my hot wet core, when i feel it slip in, as though You intend to rip me in half, my cunt squeezing around Your hand as You make a fist within and begin to twist Your wrist right then left.

You begin to move it slowly at first, getting me used to the feel of it, Your fist and the plug in my ass filling me completely.

my hips writhe again, bear down against Your fist, keening, “oh god…ooohhhh god…yesssssssss….fist my cunt…ohhhh godddddd…yyyyyyeeeeessssss…..”

You begin to fuck my cunt with it, my entire body being pushed and pulled with the force. i feel the vibrations in my ass spike to full, as You drop the remote and quickly find my clit again. You know i am so close, that there is no way i’ll be able to hold off the impending orgasm much longer.

i buck and writhe hard against Your fist and fingers, barely hearing Your voice, “yes slut, let it out, beg Me again, make Me see how much you want to cum, beg Me My slut, let Me hear how much you want to cum on My fist…”

Gasping and moaning, my dry throat croaks, “please… oh god please Master, please may i cum, please may i coat Your fist and arm with my release, please i beg You Master….oooohhhh…pplllleeeeaaaasssseeee…” i barely feel Your fingers leave my clit, as a new pain erupts across my well-beaten ass.

i scream as i feel it slash, welting the heated flesh. Your fist continues driving in and out, pushing me higher and higher, mixing the aching pain with the sweet pleasure. Again and again You mark my ass with the crop, Your fist laying claim to what You already own, my screams are of pain and pleasure as You work to bring the slut You own entirely to the surface.

my entire body begins to quake uncontrollably and You can feel my cunt squeezing Your fist as though it intends to break Your hand. Then i hear You, barely audible through my pounding heart and racing blood, “cum slut…cum now My precious whore…” the crop as demanding as Your voice as You continue to paint my ass with it. .

my body tenses briefly, like time itself stands still and waits with baited breath, then violently i begin to shake, my dry throat ripping scream after strangled scream from my lips, my hips a constant motion as i now fuck Your fist, my cunt dangerously tight around it, contracting through the waves of intense pleasure You’ve allowed, my clit quivering and thrumming, my senses bursting with color and sound, vivid and alive as they swirl and part, only to melt into a single blinding sensation. my senses float in a sweet and utter darkness, as the waves crash, my body tingles, my heart pounds, my lungs gasp harshly for breath.

You smile, a soft loving warm smile, as i simply explode before You, around You. You lay the crop down, pick up the remote and flick off the vibrations from the plug and lovingly caress my body, any part You wish to touch.

my thighs, calves, feet, ass, back…all of me Yours as You murmur soft words, “such a beautiful slut, My beautiful slut, yes baby, breathe baby-girl, come back to Me…yes…come back baby…such a good girl…come back My delicious slut, My precious whore”

The waves slowly recede, as i begin my decent back to this world. i am gasping, gulping air like a thirsty man would gulp water in a burning desert, my body still quivers as residual waves, soft and caressing, pound through me. my screams have turns to moans and soft whimpers of contentment. i feel You carefully, gently, pull Your fist from my cunt with a very wet sloppy sound, my arms and legs can no longer hold me, and i collapse to the floor, disregarding any pain as minimal.

You meet me on the floor and pull me to You, holding, cradling, Your voice soft, “I am so very proud of you…you are so beautiful when you finally let go, give Me your ultimate submission.” You hold and rock me, as small quakes still ravish my body, my mind, my very soul.

i smile up to You weakly, whispering thickly and full of emotion, “thank You Master…”

Your brows crease softly, curiously, “for what My precious?”

Tears run unchecked once more down my cheeks as i whisper again softly, “for breaking me, for showing me what i truly am, and for simply being my Master.” You smile warmly into my eyes, Your fingertips lightly caress my face as Your lips meet my own and drown me in a passionate possessive kiss.

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