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Pool Party

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“Hi, honey!” Kara’s sexy voice said on the phone. “Have you got anything going on today?”

“It’s still early yet,” I sleepily replied. “I’m not sure. What did you have in mind?”

“It’s a beautiful summer day, I thought I’d have a pool party. Just a few of us and, you know the rules – no suits allowed.” She knew exactly what to say to pique my interest.

Kara’s telephone call woke me out of a sound sleep and I’d been dreaming about swimming nude in a tropical lagoon. “You know that’s my favourite way to swim,” I giggled. Was my dream coming true? “How soon can I come over?”

“The sooner the better. I’m already outside. Kelly’s bringing her boyfriend, but he doesn’t know about the pool rules yet. You don’t mind if there’s a guy here, do you?”

“Like that’s ever been a problem before. You know me, that’ll make it that much more fun!” I laughed. My pussy was already dampening at the thought of being in Kara’s back garden nude with her and another girl or two. Now a guy will be there, too? I was hoping Kelly wouldn’t mind me sucking his cock. “I’ll see you in about a half hour.”

I hung up the phone and started the shower. A quick rinse to help wake me up and then I threw on an oversized t-shirt. Why bother to dress when I won’t be wearing anything anyway?

When I arrived at Kara’s, I noticed Lucie’s car in the drive and smiled. I really like Lucie and I love looking at her when she’s nude. She still wasn’t quite sure about having sex with other girls yet, but that never stopped her from stroking her sexy trimmed patch and masturbating when she’d see some of us making out. Lucie is a natural blonde with a pair of breasts many people have truly sighed at the sight of them. They’re that perfect. And they are real. Topped off by pink nipples that almost always seem hard. The kind you’d just love to suckle for hours.

I rang the bell and Kara answered a moment or two later, nude and smiling. “What, did you fly?” she said as she stepped out of her door and gave me a hug. Kara can best be described as cute. Barely five feet tall, she just had her hair cut into some wild, multi-coloured pseudo-punk spikey do. Her blue eyes were bright and happy and her large-for-her-frame breasts jiggled, the pink nipples standing at attention as she stepped to hug me. Her bald pussy seemed to mimick the smile on her face. She grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it up and off of me. “Mmmmm… that’s better,” she giggled, and we walked into the house hand in hand.

“I saw Lucie’s car. Besides you, me, Lucie, Kelly, and her boyfriend, who else have you invited?” I asked with a smile as we walked through her house towards the pool.

“Just us. Why, was there anybody else that you’d want to come over?”

“Let me see… Four girls, one guy, naked pool party? No, I think we’ll be fine just as we are.” I laughed.

We stepped out into the back garden through the sliding doors. Lucie waved and smiled as I stepped out into the sunshine. She had her hair pulled back into a pony tail and she was smearing her sun block/lotion on her chest. I smiled and waved back to her, having a very difficult time trying to look away from her magnificent breasts. “Yep, I’ll be sucking on those later today, too…” I thought to myself.

Kara pointed to the cooler stocked with water, juices, and my favourite sunning beverage: cider. I’d gotten the rest of these girls hooked on cider a few months ago when I’d brought over a couple of six packs on a day very similar to this one. It’s not just for football anymore. But, it was still a bit early for cider, even for me, so I opted for a juice.

Just as I opened the juice bottle, we all heard the door bell ring. Lucie screamed and we all started laughing. It had to be Kelly and her boyfriend, Mike. She’d been dating Mike for about six weeks. We’d all met him, though he hadn’t yet been to one of our pool parties.

“Should we cover up?” mocked Lucie, still applying her lotion.

“Kara stole my t-shirt, so my answer would be ‘no’,” I giggled, sitting myself down on a lounger next to Lucie. “And you know damn well she’s not covering up for anybody.” I pointed at Kara and Lucie and I shared a laugh. We were situated directly across the pool from Kara’s sliding glass doors. There would be no missing us or our lack of dress well before Kelly and Mike exited the house to the back garden.

Kara skipped her way into the house to answer the door after the thrid ring of the bell. “I’d say that she isn’t bothering to cover up either,” giggled Lucie. “This is gonna be fun! I can’t remember the last boyfriend of any of our’s who we did this with. I hope Kelly lets me suck his cock…”

I snapped my head towards Lucie, “Did I just hear you correctly?” I asked while wondering if she were a mind-reader.

“If you heard me say that I want to suck Mike’s cock, then, yes.” The smirk on Lucie’s face was absolutely priceless. “What? You know I like sucking cock! You’ve seen me do it!”

Yes, I have. And, yes, she does seem to enjoy it while she’s doing it. I’m sure the guys do, too, looking into those beautiful blue eyes while their cocks disappear into her warm, wet mouth, her nipples tickling the insides of their thighs as she slowly bobs up and down… I just wish I could get her to lick my pussy with that same enjoyment. I know if she tried it, she’d like it.

“I know, baby! And I love to watch you do it. It makes me all wet and tingly,” I smiled. I wasn’t lying.

Before Lucie could make any kind of reply, Kara and Kelly emerged through the sliders with Mike in tow – he was blindfolded! Kelly enthusiastically waved at Lucie and me, waving us over to where the three of them stood. She had her index finger pressed to her lips to keep us quiet.

“There’s a chair right here, baby,” Kelly cooed. “You be a good boy and sit here for just a minute or two, you won’t have to wait much longer for that surprize I promised. OK?”

All Mike did was nod his head with an affirmative answer. Kelly kissed him on the cheek and motioned for us girls to accompany her back into the house.

Once inside, Kara and I proceeded to quickly help Kelly out of her t-shirt and shorts. I helped with her shorts. As soon as I saw her pussy, I wanted so badly just to give it a little kiss… Kelly then kissed and hugged Kara, and then kissed and hugged me as I stood up. I would’ve liked the kiss to have lasted longer, but there was a plot in the works, and time was of the essence.

Kelly is a beauty. A bottle blonde with wonderfully formed breasts capped by tight, pinkish-brown nipples. Her dark pubes are close trimmed with clean labia, just enough to tickle your nose when you suck on her lovely hard clit.

“Mike’s been blindfolded for the last half mile or so getting here,” whispered Kelly. “He’s got no fucking idea that you two,” pointing at Lucie and then me, “are even gonna be here, let alone the fact that we’re all gonna be naked.” She emphasized the word “naked” with a very evil grin.

“Lucie wanted to know…” I started.

Lucie cleared her throat and interruped me, “I wanted to know if you’d let me suck Mike’s cock,” she said, trying not to look embarassed or to look away from Kelly’s face.

Kelly stepped to close the gap between them and kissed Lucie right on the mouth. “You bet you can, Momma!” smiled Kelly, “as long as you let me suck your pussy…” she gave Lucie another rather passionate kiss. Surprizingly, Lucie didn’t back away. Instead she shared the passion in the kiss with Kelly as she gave in and returned it. Their eyes closed, their tongues danced and their embrace tightened. Was Lucie finally willing to let go and give in to her sapphic desires?

I felt my nipples harden and my pussy dampen. And I know I wasn’t the only one.

Kara broke the spell by clearing her throat. “How long are we going to keep your Mike sitting out there waiting?” she cooed.

We all laughed which was quickly followed by us all shushing and giggling, and trying to quiet down so we could all go back out to the pool deck where Mike sat waiting. Once out there, we all quietly lined up in front of Mike. “It’s ok, Honey,” cooed Kelly when we all got into position, “you can take off the blindfold.”

The smile on Mike’s face was better than a five year old’s seeing the new bicycle under the Christmas tree. “Holy fucking shit!” he exclaimed. He actually pinched himself. “This can’t really be happening! This is just way too fucking cool!” Mike’s eyes were everywhere on all of us. I was very surprized that he didn’t immediately lock on to Lucie’s tits, but he was so overwhelmed at the sight of four beautiful, nude women standing in front of him, I’m not sure he could even distinguish who’s parts were who’s.

“Is this ok?” Kelly smiled. “I mean, we could get dressed if you’d rather…”

“It’s my house and I ain’t getting dressed for nobody,” Kara shot back. We all laughed.

“If he can’t handle us nude, Kara,” smirked Lucie, “what’s going to happen when we start making out?”

I couldn’t believe that came out of Lucie’s mouth! I was standing next to her, so I took advantage of the situation and immediately sucked her left nipple into my mouth. After a moment or two, I let it go with a slight pop and looked up to see everyone smiling at me, even Lucie. This was going to be a wonderful day.

Kelly stepped over to Mike, who was still staring open-mouthed in disbelief at me and Lucie. “I’m going to get in the pool,” she tousled his hair. “You can stay dressed if you want, you can get naked if you want,” she grabbed his crotch “but you cannot touch your cock.” Kelly kissed Mike and continued to hold the crotch of Mike’s shorts. When she broke the kiss, she also let her hand go, she turned and took one step into the deep end of the pool, plunging herself in water well above her head, not waiting to see his reaction.

Mike slowly stood up and pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. Mike had a hairless chest and well built frame. I don’t know if he worked out or not, he wasn’t rippled like a body builder, but he also wasn’t carrying any extra weight around, either.

“Boxers, you suck my pussy. Anything else, I’ll suck your’s,” whispered Lucie

I couldn’t believe the mood Lucie was in! “I’d say from the buldge in his pants right now, he’s just got on the shorts,” I whispered back. “You’re on!”

We both watched as Mike unbuttoned his shorts. I could hear Lucie holding her breath. I think I might have been, too. As we watched his zipper descend, I didn’t much care what he might be wearing under those shorts, it was going to be good for me either way. Mike hooked his thumbs into his waistband and tugged his shorts over his hips. He saw us watching him and he smiled. He looked at Kelly who had surfaced in the pool and was lazily floating on her back, not looking in his direction at all. Mike then turned so he was directly facing us. He then tried to quickly pull his shorts all the way down, but the waistband of his boxers got snagged on his erection.

I was so excited, I was practically soaking wet. “Do you realize just how long I’ve wanted to suck your pussy?” I asked Lucie, loud enough for everyone else to hear. “And today truly is my lucky day!”

Mike quickly recovered and removed his boxers, his erection pointing directly at Lucie and me. “If I let him cum in my pussy, would you still want to suck it?” She grinned.

“I’d lick every drop from you, Baby, and you damn well know it!” I countered. “We had a bet and I won! Or did you win?” I laughed, “Fuck! We both won!”

While Lucie and I were talking about it, Kara moved in and took action. She stepped in front of Mike, dropped to her knees, and proceeded to swallow his cock! Lucie jumped up, her beautiful breasts bouncing with her, and she quickly moved to join Mike and Kara. From my vantage point, I could see Mike’s cock sliding in and out of Kara’s mouth. I know she knows how to use her mouth to please a lover, she’s worked her oral majick on me several times to perfection. At that point, I also knew from the blissful look on Mike’s face, if she kept her current pace, she’d have a mouthful of Mike’s seed very soon.

When Lucie arrived to join Mike and Kara, I had already decided that, instead of joining, I’d just watch, and soon my hands were all over my body. I watched as Lucie knelt next to Kara and Kara took Mike’s cock from her mouth to share with Lucie. My hands were gently caressing my breasts as I watched Lucie take Mike’s cock into her warm, wet mouth and Kara shifted her position to be able suck on Lucie’s nipples. I could hear them all moaning their pleasure as my fingers pinched my erect nipples.

Just then Kelly’s wet face appeared at the edge of the pool, looking up at me from between my open legs. I knew she could see my excitement. I wanted her to see it. I lowered my left hand and lightly brushed my natural red pubes as I opened my legs just a little bit more. Kelly effortlessly pulled herself up out of the pool and stepped over to me, not once looking in Mike’s direction, though she was starting to block my view.

“Are they fucking yet?” smiled Kelly as she lowered herself between my legs. Her hands still wet from the pool felt cool as they touched the warm skin on my thighs.

“No,” I gulped. I was so very turned on. “Kara was sucking his cock, but now Lucie is.” I felt like I was giving the 6 O’Clock Porn Report. “Kara’s moved to sucking Lucie’s tits.”

“Would you like me to see if I can make you cum before they can make him cum?” Kelly flashed out her tongue in the air just above my pussy.

I let out a sigh.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” said Kelly as she placed her loving tongue between my dripping labia. I was so close, there could really be no contest, but Kelly persisted, and I closed my eyes in pure pleasure.

Moments later, I heard louder moaning and opened my eyes to see Kara underneath Lucie licking her pussy, Mike sitting in the chair he was placed in earlier with Lucie’s head quickly bobbing up and down over his cock, her luscious tits swaying with every motion. One of Mike’s hands was on the side of Lucie’s head. Lucie’s tight ponytail had come loose and Mike was holding her hair back, keeping it from her face. His other hand was reaching between Kara’s open legs, trying to finger her bald pussy. Between the sight of that threesome and the exquisite loving I was receiving from Kelly’s beautiful mouth and tongue, I shuddered and spasmed and surrendered myself to my orgasm. And as I convulsed in my orgasm, I saw Mike’s cock disengage from Lucie’s hoovering mouth in time to spurt several shots of his spunk all over Lucie’s beautiful tits.

I pulled Kelly up to me and greedily kissed her mouth, tasting myself on her face and lips. “I love the way you taste,” Kelly whispered in my ear.

“Please…” I took a moment to catch my breath. “Please, allow me to return the favour…”

Kelly kissed me. A beautiful, sensuous kiss that I momentarily lost myself in. Kelly broke the spell with a giggle, “The day’s still young, my lovely. We’ll have plenty of time. But, right now, you’re not ready yet.”

“You may just be right,” I blushed, “I think I may need a little rest.”

Kelly kissed me again, but not quite as majickal. “I’m going to get back in the pool. If you wait a few minutes, a dip in the water may do you some good.” And with that, she took two steps backward and on the third step, was back in the water.

Meanwhile, Kara was busily licking and sucking Mike’s cum from Lucie’s chest and tits, pausing only for a moment or two, long enough to share the cum with Lucie in the form of a kiss.

Mike, buzzing from his endorphin high, his now flaccid cock dangling in front of him, staggered over to where I was sitting. “I’ve never had sex with more than one woman at a time,” he confessed.

I smiled. “You certainly looked like you were having a good time of it.”

“When Kelly promised me a ‘surprize of a lifetime’ today, I had no idea she meant this,” and Mike ceremoniously waved his hand in a sweeping motion to encompass the whole of Kara’s back garden. “Is there anything to drink?”

I pointed at the cooler and gave him a quick idea of the menu. Mike smiled and wandered over to the cooler, retrieving a cider, opening it and downing half in a single motion.

I picked myself up and wandered over to where Kara and Lucie were still kissing. I didn’t have the heart to interrupt, so I just patted each on their heads as I passed.

The water in the pool looked very inviting. Kelly and Mike were already floating there. I entered at the shallow end and walked to the deep end until I had to choose between keeping my head above water or touching the bottom. I then dove under and swam to the very bottom of the deep end. When I came up for air, I felt so very refreshed and relaxed at the same time.

That’s pretty much the way the whole day went. We all swam for a while, some of us would pair up and have sex. I did get to eat Lucie’s pussy and suck Mike’s cock, though not at the same time.

The last sex of the day was the four of us girls in a group fondle. We were all kissing and touching and caressing and licking and sucking. I somehow ended up on my back with Lucie sucking on my clit while Kelly and Kara shared my tits. I was in sensory overload and loving every second of it! As us girls are all involved with each other, Mike has his fifth erection of the day in his hand, gently stroking away, watching the other three pleasing me. He knelt next to my head, just out of reach of my mouth and tongue. Kelly and Kara had my arms pinned, so I couldn’t help Mike with my hands, either.

I love to watch a man stroke his penis. There is something so very truly sexy about it. And when he makes himself cum! I love to see it!

Just as Mike was reaching his peak, Kelly, Kara and Lucie all turn up the heat at once, knowing I was to the point of exploding myself. Mike announced his orgasm in a way that the entire neighbourhood knew what was happening. Kelly, Kara and Lucie quickly moved positions to next to me. Mike released his final cum shot of the day all over the four of us! As soon as his hot spunk hit my straining nipple, that was it for me! I was spasming in orgasm right along with Mike. I had never seen a man cum so much, and so many times! His last spurts covered all of our tits, which we all started to lick and suck and clean.

Lucie finally admitted to me that she’d always liked women, but she just didn’t know what to do. I smiled and kissed her. “Now you do, Baby. Now you do.”

We all had a good day.

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