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Plumbing Job

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The morning sun shining through the window wakes me up. It’s Saturday morning, which at this point in my marriage means it’s my weekly chance of getting laid. I roll over to see if Rose is going to be interested, and her side of the bed is empty.

“Shit!” I mutter, as I remember that she had to get up early to drive the kids to sleep away camp.

How could I forget? It was the subject of the big argument last night, about which one of us was going to drive the kids to camp. Finally, it was decided, or should I say SHE decided, that I should stay and take care of the To Do list of things that needed to be done around the house.

I stumble out of bed and shuffle to the master bathroom to take my morning piss. “Ahhhh” I think to myself, as the thick stream of yellow hits the toilet water, “is there anything more enjoyable than the simple pleasure of the first piss of the morning??!!”

The sounds and the smells and the good feeling in my cock takes me back to the days when things weren’t as tense between Rose and me.

She used to be a much lighter person. Happy. Playful. And very sexual. When we were dating, and in the early years of our marriage, she was often the one to initiate sex, and she was always up for trying new things.

It was her idea to make love on a hillside overlooking an apple orchard in the middle of the day. She and I discovered the joys of anal sex together, neither of us having done that with any of our previous partners. And when she learned of my fetish for golden showers, she was apprehensive at first, but soon got into peeing on me, because she saw the joy and fulfillment that it brought to me. She even got to the point of letting me pee on her, although she still hadn’t warmed up to the idea of having my piss in her mouth.

But that first time she peed on me, I’ll never forget. It was our first anniversary and I took her to New York City to see a Broadway show. We had booked a night at the Milford Plaza and took the train in so we didn’t have to deal with parking.

On the two and a half hour train ride down, she was reading her book, and I was working on my laptop. After about a half an hour, I saw that her book was in her lap and she had fallen asleep.

Watching her full chest rise and fall with her breathing, I started to feel my cock stiffen in my pants. She had on a sheer white silk top, with the top three buttons undone. With the way the sunlight was coming through the window, it made the material almost invisible, and I could almost make out the darkness of her nipples under her bra. I started to think how great it would be to watch my hot, yellow piss soak into that blouse and make it cling to her skin.

This thought got my dick extremely hard, and after checking that there was nobody sitting behind me that might read over my shoulder, I opened up one of the hot pee stories that I had downloaded from the internet last week, and started to read. It was a really hot story about this English couple who met at the local pub, and after several beers, the woman took the guy back to her place and introduced him to golden showers.

I was so into the story that I didn’t realize that Rose had woken up and was now reading right along with me, interested in knowing what could possibly have me so totally engrossed.

When she got to the part where the tavern woman squatted over the man and released her bladder all over his cock and balls, she startled me by asking, “what the HELL are you reading?” loud enough to draw the attention of the other passengers in our train car.

Turning to her with a look of shock at being ‘caught’, all I could do was mutter “ummm, uhhh, ummm.”

“You LIKE that?” she asked, somewhat judgmentally, but also curiously, as we were still getting to know each other even though we’d been married a full year.

“Yea” I said, “I’ve fantasized about golden showers, or ‘pee play’ since seeing a porno in college that really turned me on.”

“You never cease to amaze me.” was all she said, and she turned her head away from me to stare out the window.

Having lost my erection by now, I shut down my laptop, and we walked down to the diner car to get a bite to eat. I ordered a couple of sandwiches and diet sodas, and we ate and talked about all the exciting things we were going to do and see in NYC this week. When we finished eating, there was about 45 minutes left to our trip, so I got a couple more sodas and we went back to our seats.

When the train arrived at Grand Central Station, we hurried to the cab stand to catch a taxi to our hotel. The ride was quick, and we were checked and up in our room a little past 1:00pm. The show didn’t start until 8:00pm, so there was time for the “newlyweds” to enjoy each others company, and still have time to clean up and get ready for the show.

We started kissing and rubbing each other all over. She was licking and nibbling my ear while I was rubbing her tits and undoing the remaining buttons on her blouse. Suddenly, she broke our embrace and looked up at me and simply asked “do you want me to do that to you?”

I didn’t ask for clarification, and the smile and glint in my eyes was enough to tell her “YES” as I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the bathroom with me.

We both got naked and I sat down on the toilet with my cock sticking straight up in the air. “You’ve seen the movie” she said to me, “tell me how I’m supposed to do this.”

“Come here and stand over me Rose.” I instructed, “and place on leg on either side of me.” “Now squat just a little, and it would help if you pulled your lips apart, otherwise the spray will go everywhere.”

“Like this?” she asked, as she stepped into position exactly as I had described.

We both were feeling the effects of the morning coffee and sodas on the train, so it didn’t take her long to start her stream. Her piss was golden yellow and the first blast hit the middle of my chest. She cut it off sharply, and looked at me for approval. I smiled and just said “go ahead”

She closed her eyes and her stream started again. The hot salty liquid was now hitting my belly and I could feel her piss running down over my cock and through my legs. I could smell the punget aroma of her urine and hear it sprinkle as it hit the water. I reached down and started rubbing my cock using her piss as lubrication.

When her bladder was empty, she opened her eyes and asked “is that what I was supposed to do?” and “did you like that?”

“I loved that baby” was all I said. She grabbed a hotel wash cloth and made me clean myself up before taking me to the bed and fucking my brains out.

Yea, those were the days alright!

But that all changed a few years ago. I think the stress of managing her career, the house, the kids and life in general, has really gotten to her, and as her anxiety level goes up, her sexual drive goes down. And of course, the lack of sex, and her lack of interest and involvement when we do get around to having sex, has made me more resentful and frustrated over the years, thus all the arguing.

Shaking the last dew drops off the tip of my cock, which was now quite firm in my hand from thinking of the “good old days”, I started to feel a little bad for some of the things I said last night. I grabbed my phone and sent a short text message to Rose “Thx 4 gettin d kids off 2 camp. Waz thinkn bout d fun we had b4 kids. Luv ya.”

I clicked Send and then threw on some shorts and a tee shirt. I skipped underwear or a shower, since I knew I’d be working around the house all day and would be sweaty and dirty by the time all was said and done.

Walking into the kitchen to get a quick bite for breakfast, I see there’s a note taped to the coffee maker. It’s my to do list.

Mow the lawn Fix light switch in garage Clean out gutters Replace faucet on kitchen sink

It’s a beautiful day outside, sunny and about 80 degrees with a slight breeze, so I start on the outdoor tasks. Mowing our lawn usually takes about 2 hours, even with the rider, given the size of our lot. Cleaning the gutters was a stinky, sloppy job, and going up and down that ladder every 5 or 6 feet had my shirt soaked with my sweat. After putting the ladder away, I headed inside to knock off the indoor tasks.

Boy, did it feel great when the central air hit me in the face. The house was at 68 degrees and wet with sweat, the cool air felt great on my skin. I went straight to the fridge and popped open an ice cold beer, and chugged it down in just a few quick seconds. I opened a second and took my time enjoying that one as I went upstairs to my room to get a dry shirt.

Replacing the garage light switch was a quick job, since one of the lead wires had just snapped off the set screw. Now to attack the last item on the list. I figured that I missed my opportunity to get laid, so I’m thinking that if I can knock this off in a hurry, there may be time to download some new stories from the internet, and maybe get my rocks off before she gets back.

I clear everything out from under the kitchen sink, and wedge myself into the cabinet with my basin wrench, and start removing the old faucet. I’ve put on some weight since we got married, so it’s a little tight under there, but I’m doing my best to work in the tight, cramped space.

The upper half of my body is crammed under the sink, and my legs are sticking out into the kitchen from my waist down. The old screws are rusted on pretty tight, so I’m having a real hard time getting them off. Even with the central air blowing, it’s getting hot under this cabinet as I struggled with the rusted on bolts.

Then I hear the front door open and close, and the telltale sounds of Rose’s footsteps heading into the kitchen. Seeing my legs protruding from the cabinet she said “WOW honey! The lawn looks great. You’ve got everything done on your list?”

“Yup.” I reply, “just wrestling with these fricken bolts, and then I’m yours for the rest of the day.”

“MMmmmmmmm” was all I heard from above me, and it sounded a lot like the playful Rose from days gone by.

“It was really sweet of you to send me that text message John.” she said, as I hear her walking a little closer to where I’m lying. “and it made me think of the good old days all the way home, and how much you really mean to me.”

“WOW” I think to myself, “is this the same woman who was calling me every name in the book last night?” I look up for verification, and I can see that she is standing directly over me, with one foot on each side of me by my hips.

Even after several years of marriage and two kids, her legs are still a thing of beauty. She was a runner and swimmer in high school, and they still have that athletic tone. As I’m gazing out of my kitchen cabinet ‘rabbit hole’, my eyes are traveling up from her white sandels, over her ankles, up her calves, to the back of those knees that I love to lick, and her lovely milky white thighs.

“Do you remember our first anniversary John?” she asked, “the trip to New York City?”

“Of course I do babe” is my reply, but before the entire sentence is out of my mouth, I hear it, then I feel it. The unmistakable hiss of someone relieving themselves, and then the warm wet sensation on my crotch, as her piss hits my shorts and starts to sink in.

This sudden turn of events catches me so off guard that I bang my head on one of the pipes as I snap up to see if this is really happening. “Oh FUCK” I yell, hitting my forehead on the sink trap, and the flow from above is quickly cut off.

“Are you alright?” comes the concerned query from Rose.

“YES!” is my urgent reply. “Please Don’t stop!”

The pain in my head is nothing compared with the growing sensation of my other head, as it is quickly reacting to the wonderful feeling of being bathed in hot piss.

I feel her hands on the waist of my shorts, and she unsnaps them and lowers my fly, exposing my throbbing cock to the cool kitchen air.

Again without warning, the golden shower commenced from above, but this time Rose started gyrating her hips, concentrating on the area of my cock and balls.

Craning my neck from under the sink, I’m looking down over my chest and can see her holding the hem of her skirt up around her waist with her elbow, while she has her labia in each hand, pulling it far apart, to give her pinpoint accuracy with her golden stream. Looking back down her legs and around her feet, I notice there isn’t a sign of her panties anywhere. I drop my basin wrench and reach my hand down to start stroking myself under her warm and wonderful stream.

“Hold on there mister!” she says from above, and again cuts off her stream. My hand freezes in mid stroke, like a kid caught in the cookie jar, and I’m really hoping that I didn’t do something to ruin this moment.

I see her kneel down between my outstretched legs and look me straight in the eye, with a huge smile on her face.

“You have no idea how much that text message meant to me, but I intend to show you.” she said, and I notice that her blouse is totally unbuttoned and her tits are hanging free.

Shockingly, she removes my hand from my cock and leans forward, taking the entire length into her mouth. Lately, it seemed like I needed an act of Congress to get a blow job from Rose, but now she’s eagerly bobbing up and down on my piss-covered cock. I lay my head back in stunned bliss, trying to remember just exactly what it was that I put in that text message!

Her hand is pumping my shaft as her tongue is circling my sensitive head. I feel her mouth leave me and she says “I had stopped for gas when I got your message, and it melted my heart.” her hand still rubbing my shaft as she is speaking, “so I thought to myself, ‘what can I do for John to make him know how much he means to me?’, and then I saw the sign for the 64-ounce Big Gulp and I immediately knew what you’d like.”

Then she giggled.

“You want to know what’s funny?” she asked very playfully.

“What?” I said, in deep sexual bliss, from the feeling of her hand stroking my piss covered cock.

“I was so excited about what I thinking of doing, that I finished that whole Big Gulp before I was halfway home….so I stopped and bought another!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“And I had to pee so bad the last 15 minutes of the trip, that I was having a really, really hard time holding it,” she continued, “in fact, when I turned on Maple Street, I hit a bump and flooded my panties and made a small mess on the drivers seat…I hope you’re not mad at me?”

“I think you can see I’m furious with you dear.” I say very sarcastically, now knowing what happened to her panties.

She returned her mouth to my cock now, and started taking me as far into her throat as I can reach, while one of her hands started fondling my balls. It was around this point that I started feeling the sense of urgency of the two beers I pounded prior to starting the interior projects.

“Rose” I called to her.

“Mmmm, mmmm” was all she could say with a mouthful of cock.

“You’re not the only one who had a lot to drink today.” I warned, “you may want to let me up and we can finish this upstairs.”

“Mmmm, mmm” she replied, shaking her head from side to side, indicating I was staying right where I was.

“REALLY?” I asked, hoping that she was ready to take the final step in our pee play.

“Mmmm, mmm” again was the cockful response, this time shaking her head up and down, and smiling around my cock as shed looked in my eyes.

I laid my head back again and concentrated on releasing my bladder, while Rose kept eagerly swallowing my cock and teasing my balls.

If felt the pressure build up in the head of my cock, and then the damn burst, and I started flooding her mouth with my piss. She tried her best to continue the blow job, but was having a hard time maintaining the seal around my cock, as my piss started flowing out of her mouth and over my cock and balls, running through my ass crack before joining the puddle of her piss on the floor.

I lifted my head again to see her take my pissing cock out of her mouth and start directing it over her face, chin and tits, soaking herself in my steaming yellow fluid.

As my stream subsided, she returned her lips to my cock, sucking with a new found energy, and I felt the finger on her right hand probing at my piss covered asshole.

This was too much for me and I started bucking my hips into her face. She slipped her finger into my ass up to the second knuckle and started massaging my prostate. That was the final straw, and I felt myself release rope after rope of cum into her mouth and down her throat.

Which was as surprising as it was enjoyable, since Rose had stopped swallowing my cum shortly after we got married.

Finally spent, I wiggled my soaked ass out from under the sink, and said “the faucet project can wait, let’s go up to bed and finish this.”

Wiping a bit of cum off her chin, Rose smiled at me and said, “I had a lot to drink, how about we go up to the bathroom and keep this going instead?”

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