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Pleasuring Stan

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Now Stan, I should perhaps mention, is a bit older than me and of a build that most folks would just call skinny. But that beauty that he hosts between his legs is without a doubt the fattest part of his body. It is long, thick and when fully aroused, a state I take such joy in bringing about, stands proudly straight out with a graceful upward bend. It is really a thing of beauty.

I know, I haven’t seen a cock that I didn’t think had its beauty, they are all beautiful, all colors and sizes. But his is one of the ones I see when erotic memories flood my mind.

I was in Stan’s town to do some work and he had invited me for dinner and had offered me a place to stay for the night. After the wonderful dinner that he had prepared, he said he was going to go have a shower and I should just make myself comfortable and feel like I was at home, but I followed him to the bathroom to see if he needed anything, like a back scrub, or really, pretty much anything.

After there was no question that his back was clean I told him that since he had prepared such a wonderful meal, the least that I could do would be to save him the trouble of washing his ass and genitals. It wasn’t a chore at all and I was soon totally immersed in being completely dedicated to being a living loofa, caressing and cleansing and rinsing every part of his personal parts. Not a millimeter of his ass or the cleft between his buns, or that mystical area between his scrotum and anus was left without being washed, rinsed, kissed and licked by my worshiping hands, lips and tongue. I then led him out of the shower, carefully dried his body and suggested that he go out to the living room and make himself comfortable in his favorite chair.

Naked, we both went out to the living room and as he settled into his chair, I knelt on the carpet in front of his chair and began stroking his feet and legs. I pushed my palms upward on the top of his thighs and then stroked the outer sides of them back down towards me. I parted his legs and began to lick up and down the insides of first one leg and then the other.

Shortly Stan began to moan with pleasure and says that after the meal and shower he already feels so good that it probably should be against the law. From my place on the floor I smiled up at him and sais that if I have anything to do with it, he is going to do nothing but feel better and better as long as I can be there between his legs. I wanted to simply make him feel as good as possible for as long as possible and told him he needed to do nothing other than relax and let me take care of giving him pleasure.

The only thing I wanted other than the chance to make him feel wonderful, was for him to make sure that when he came to the point of climax, to please try to insure that his beautiful cock was in my mouth so that I could be rewarded with the taste of his precious ejaculate.

Then other than some moans from him and kissing, licking and sucking sounds made by me everything was quiet as we both drift into a state of sheer pleasure. He is enjoying the feeling of being completely loved and worshiped and I become a being whose only reason for existing is to make this man feel like the most important and special being on the planet. Now we move into an erotic and timeless space that can really only be captured in the present tense.

I lick along his inner thighs and then with my tongue, gently lick the crease on each side where his scrotum meets his leg. Gradually I raise his legs so that my lips and tongue can go beyond his legs and lick and kiss his buttocks. He puts his legs over the arms of the chair and scoots forward, giving me more and more access to his ass and the cleft between his buttocks.

I feel like I can continue licking and kissing the smooth skin of his ass till the sun comes up the next day, at least. He is obviously enjoying everything as much as I am, although that seems almost an impossibility. Eventually the little puckered bud between his butt cheeks is over the edge of the chair and I am beginning to gently probe his asshole with my moist tongue. Deeper and deeper my tongue probes and then I pull it out and lovingly kiss each of his buns and pull his thighs tightly against my head with my arms.

Because of the shower and the thorough job I did cleaning all his parts, his ass is squeaky clean. That’s nice, but if it wasn’t, I’d still be lavishing my love on him with my tongue. Even if he had to go to the bathroom, I most likely would have begged him to stay, comfy in his chair, while I, his dedicated slave, lovingly dealt with anything liquid or otherwise that his body might produce. I am in a space where anything that should come from his body would be received as a precious gift.

After thoroughly exploring all of the inside of his ass that I can reach, I lick my way to his ball sac from the back. There I make sure that not a square millimeter of his wrinkled sac hasn’t been bathed in my hot saliva. Just in case I missed a spot I go over and over, swirling my always moist tongue around the unique and wrinkly, sensitive skin covering his balls. One at a time, I gently put each ball into my hungry mouth and gently massage it with my tongue and against the roof of my mouth. First one ball, then the other, I could stuff them both in, or try, but tonight isn’t for feats or challenges. Tonight is about using my whole body and mind and spirit to make him feel as good as I can. Apparently I’m having some success, if his soft moans of pleasure are any indication.

I’m teasing both of us by paying no attention to that gorgeous cock, except for gently lifting it up and away to better get at various crevices, like the one when his scrotum ends and the base of his steadily stiffening man-root. I know it is there, and I want to engulf it with my mouth, but there will be time for that, I’m not ready to abandon these other nether erogenous zones yet. This procrastination just builds the sexual tension in us both.

I decide that I want to be nice to his asshole again before I give in to the desire to swallow his now fully erect, complete with straining upward curve, cock. His magnificent hunk of meat is looking better to me in my lust than a 12 course meal to starving man. I know that once I wrap my lips around this cock, I won’t be likely to let it back out until it has spewed man juice down my hungry throat and slowly shrunk to its smaller, relaxed state, size, cozily ensconced in the warm moist confines of my happy, happy mouth. A new and fitting meaning for the phrase Happy Meal.

Soon his legs are over his shoulders, feet touching the wall behind his easy chair while my tongue probes, trying to touch his prostate. I reach above my head to stroke his cock. I stretch out on the carpet, two hands stroking his cock, tongue buried in his rectum and grind my own cock into the floor as if I was fucking mother earth herself.

Now I just have to lick my way over his sac and along the bottom of the cock I feel so lucky to worship and open my lips to receive the tip. I kiss the cap and lick some drops of pre-cum from the slit. I kiss the head of his cock all over and tell it (without words)that right now it is my reason to live.

Slowly I open my lips wider, slowly, and begin to slide them down this beautiful and heavenly textured shaft. It seems as if my mouth was made specifically to open for and receive Stan’s warm and now quivering organ.I start plunging part way down the root, and then back up until I can only give the tip another hot kiss. Then back down, taking more cock into my mouth each time before sliding it back out to kiss the tip or swirl my tongue around the handsome cap. Each time my lips get closer and closer to his groin until my nose is buried in his bristly pubic hair. There I stop, freeze time and just let his fully engorged cock be fully engulfed in my welcoming mouth.

I feel like my whole body is one big cunt, put on earth to service and pleasure this man’s cock. Every muscle exists to help move my head so that my lips can give him the pleasure I so desperately want him to enjoy. He is obviously having fun too, though he couldn’t be having anymore than me. He begins involuntarily thrusting in and out of my mouth, essentially fucking my face. He isn’t ravaging it though or being forceful.

We get into a rhythm together, him thrusting, me sliding my wet lips up and down his glistening shaft. Every now and then I pull completely off, and move my head back enough to gaze with wonder and joy at the specimen of manhood that is fucking my mouth with such authority. But I can’t sit and look at it for long, as beautiful a sight as it is. I am too hungry to have it back between my lips, and he is just as anxiously trying to put it back into its cozy love nest.

Sometimes I even take a moment to spread his legs, gripping the inside of his thighs and lick all those crevices I’ve already kissed and licked earlier. But never for long, his cock feels naked and alone now if it isn’t in my mouth for more than thirty seconds or so. And I am so ravenous to have it back where it belongs.

Sometimes I on my knees between his legs and before him and sometimes I’m flat on my belly, cock mashed into the carpet, its hardness an outward sign of the excitement I’m feeling being this man’s cock slave for the night.

Sometimes I make him back into the back corner of the chair as I devour and increasingly rapidly slide his cock in and out between my lips, always adding extra action to the frenum and bottom with my tongue.

At times he literally lifts me off my belly forcing me back to my knees as he almost rises completely out of the chair to a standing position. As he sits back down into the chair, my lips clamp tightly around his shaft, determined to not let go and follow this sumptuous feast where ever it might go, as if it were the only thing keeping me alive.

This goes on for what seems like forever or just a split second in time. I’m in a space where there is no time, there is no world other than this man and his wonderful cock that he has been so kind to share with me. His cock is the only universe I know. Indeed, I don’t even feel like I’m all cunt to serve his cock anymore. It’s as if I am an extension of it, actually a part of his cock that serves to give him pleasure. Where he ends and I begin is hard to tell, but it’s somewhere in the back of my throat where the ever quickening rhythm of his cockhead hitting my throat is the only rhythm that matters or exists.

For awhile, each time I can feel his cock start to twitch, warning me of an impending ejaculation, I am able to control my self and slow the pace, or lift my head away for a moment to revel in the beauty of this spit polished glistening shaft that is seconds away from erupting into multiple spurts of cum.

Eventually, as all good things have to end someday, his cock begins to twitch in earnest and instead of backing off I bear down on the shaft. He also is at the end, his hands authoritatively grabbing my head as he begins to control the action and give my happy lucky mouth a real fucking.

Finally with the head buried in my throat as far as it can go, we are locked in a seemingly eternal bliss and spurt after spurt of cum races out of his slit and into my eager throat. After the fourth or fifth pulse, each accompanying another shot of man juice, I am able to slide my head back far enough on his prick so that I can savor the feel and taste of the last few spurts.

I feel almost weak with pride and joy that Stan would be willing to spill his seed into my by now well fucked mouth, his mouth really, nothing more than a thing created for no reason other than to serve at the pleasure of his wonderful cock. If he should want to fuck my mouth for another hour or day to come yet again, I will stay where I am, as long as his cock finds the slightest pleasure or distraction, my mouth belongs to his cock. If it were possible and he wanted it, I would live inside his pants so his cock could be permanently sheltered behind my smiling lips.

Some men are frustrating (this is just a minor beef, and they can’t help it) because their cock becomes super-sensitive immediately after they come, so they have to pull this wondrous thing that has almost become a part of me out of my mouth, and I don’t really want to relinquish it quite yet. I guess I want it to still be a part of me and in me, as we both gradually catch our breath and return to the normal world. Luckily Stan isn’t one of these men, so I just lay my head on his thigh, and gently cuddle his cock with my tongue as it slowly diminishes in size.

Eventually I let his now much smaller but thoroughly satisfied, for now, member slip from my lips. I gently kiss the insides of his thighs, his balls and dick making sure I lick clean any stray drops of cum that managed to escape my lips. He is very relaxed and for the moment, thoroughly satisfied, and I’m feeling like I must be on some wonderful drug. Thank goodness though, this is only temporary and I’ll be able to once again serve and love and please this man and his gorgeous prick.

Later tonight I will sleep curled up between his legs, feeling so warm and cozy with one of his legs on either side of me and his now soft and cuddly cock next to my face because I’m using the inside of one of his thighs as my pillow. Sometime in the middle of the night I will awaken and once again bring his cock to life and make it spill its seed into my hungry, hungry mouth.

This time is completely different, slow, unhurried and almost dreamlike. It’s like a dream we both have in the dark of the night, he doesn’t even come entirely awake. But his cock awakens and rises and climaxes almost on its own with the help of my loving ministrations. But that’s another story for another day.

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