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Playing in Traffic

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I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist. The thought of someone getting turned on by watching me excites me to no end. I like the idea of someone stroking themselves after having caught a glimpse of me. That being said, until a few days ago, I had never really considered how dangerous it was. The desire blinded me to all the risks.

Friday I got off work early. We were having a slow day. It was summer and I needed to get away. As soon as I left the office, I began shedding my clothes. They were suffocating me. By the time I made it to my car, I was down to a camisole and a short skirt . Shoes, stockings, blouse – all were gone. My hair was loose and hanging free. I couldn’t wait to get home so that I could get rid of the last two offending pieces. As I fumbled with my keys, purse, and clothes, I managed to drop my keys. Without thinking, I bent over at the waist and picked them up. Short skirt, no panties – needless to say, most of the parking garage got a nice view. I was beyond caring about anything other than me; naked in the sunshine.

I knew I wanted to have the top down for this drive, so I pulled my hair up into a ponytail. (It’s great having a convertible during the summer.) I made my way out of the parking garage and onto the main highway. Once I fell into the flow of traffic, I could feel some of the day’s tension fading. The sun warmed my chest while the wind blew my skirt around. I tugged my cami a little lower so my nipples peaked out over the top. I wanted to expose them completely, but I didn’t want to cause a wreck. Wetting my finger with my tongue, I moistened the tightening buds. Nice, but it wasn’t quite enough. I wanted to feel more of the sun on me. I reached down and lifted my skirt, tucking the hem into the waistband. No one would see, except for a few truckers, but that was ok. I propped my left leg up on the dash, opening myself up more. I felt the need to plunge my fingers deep into my aching slit, but I let the sun warm it as I caressed the outer edges.

Traffic began to slow. I tried not to let it bother me. It always did this once it neared the coast. Tourists slowed to look at the scenery, causing everyone to bunch up behind them.

As I drudged along, I continued to stroke myself, watching cars occasionally to see if anyone was looking. Most people were intent on getting home, looking only at what was in front of them. Once I passed an older gentleman who just smiled at me as his wife slept peacefully in the other seat. Next, I passed a car full of guys freshly liberated from their cubicles. I pulled my top a little lower and blew them a kiss. I wondered if they’d think of me tonight as they stroked themselves to sleep. At the thought I pressed down on my clit, enjoying the deep ache that clenched inside my pussy. Juices leaked out onto my seat. Just before my exit, traffic slowed to a crawl. I almost screamed in frustration. I was so close to home. So close to cumming. My clit was throbbing beneath my fingertips. I noticed the guy next to me watching me intently. I wondered if he knew what I was doing. Could he see me? Was he watching me grind the heal of my palm into my mound? Need overrode caution and I shoved two fingers in as far as I could. My head fell back on the headrest and my eyes fluttered shut for a second. Thankfully traffic hadn’t budged. I stole a glance at the guy. He smiled at me. Then he reached down. I watched as his hand rose and fell. I couldn’t tell if he was doing what I thought he was doing, but it didn’t matter. I had imagined it. I forced those two fingers even deeper and rubbed my clit with my thumb. I think I screamed when I came. My foot fell off the dashboard and I sat up a little in my seat. I looked over at my guy. He winked at me. Then he grinned and motioned to me that traffic was moving.

I was still trembling as I drove the rest of the way home. I managed to lose track of the guy somewhere in the flow of traffic. I’m not even sure I knew what kind of car he had. My pussy was still throbbing. I wanted something hard inside of me. I had some toys at home, but I really wished I had a big fat cock handy. Something to just slip into me from behind and pound the hell out of me.

Finally I made it home. I rushed into the house, not even bothering to take my things out of the car. I stripped off the last two offending articles of clothes and started searching for anything phallic. At this point I would have raped a Greek statue in full view of a museum full of people. Ok, so that thought didn’t help. I searched frantically. I dug through my toy box. Everything looked good, but nothing looked right. I grabbed a dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. I slammed the cup into the wall, bent over, put my hands on the floor and impaled myself onto that pseudocock. I wet my fingers with my pussy juice and rubbed it onto my nipples. I pinched and pulled at them while grinding my pussy hard against the wall. I wanted desperately to have a guy in front of me shoving his dick in my mouth, while I bounced on the dildo. I could feel my orgasm starting to build. I leaned my head down and sucked on my nipple, drawing it as far into my mouth as I could. Harder and harder I slammed into the wall. I reached for my clit and rubbed my hand back and forth over it. My release, when it came was explosive. I fell to my knees taking the dildo with me. I hurriedly stuck it to the floor and continued to ride, bringing myself to another climax. I collapsed; exhausted. That much lust can take it out of you. I got up and headed to my favorite place.

The front of my home was cute, almost picturesque. However, the back was what drew me to it. A huge deck about 20ft X 20ft came off the back door with a set of steps leading down to the sand. To avoid indecent exposure issues, I made sure it was lightly shielded by conveniently placed shrubberies. If I was at home, this is where I would be found. Last year I had an outdoor shower installed on the deck. Not only could I clean up from the beach before heading into the house, but I could also show-off to whomever happened by. I walked on unstable but determined feet to it. Standing under the shower, I washed away the smell of the office, the road and my tryst with the wall. The cool water cascaded over me releasing all of the days tension and refreshing my overheated body. I lightly toweled off and began to apply my tanning oil. I loved the feel of oil slipping and sliding all over me. I stretched out on my lounge chair, getting ready to soak up the sun. Popping in my headphones, I listened to Michael Buble woo me as the sun caressed my body.

After a few minutes sweat started to glisten along my skin. I reached down and rubbed in the oil; sliding my hands over my breasts and stomach. I spread my knees, slipping oil-covered hands over my mound before massaging it into my thighs and exposing myself to the sun. It lapped at me with its fiery tongue; spreading heat throughout my pussy. I’ve heard of the term “sun worshiper”, but for me it was more like the sun was my lover. My nipples hardened reaching toward the sun, begging for more. I was surprised to be this excited again so soon after my last orgasm. I kneaded my breasts; rekindling the fire I thought was extinguished.

I never heard him coming…

“Hello, Love.” He whispered as he clamped a hand over my mouth. I uselessly screamed and struggled against his hand.

“Now, now, Love. Don’t struggle. We wouldn’t want to damage this delicious body. I am going to let go of your mouth, but you may not scream. Instead, we are going to place this lovely black scarf over your eyes.”

As soon as he let go of my mouth I gasped out the obligatory, “Who are you? What do you want with me?” As cliché as it was, it was all that I could think of.

“Oh, let’s just say that I am an admirer who has come here to show my full appreciation. Quite a few times, I have noticed you granting those lucky enough, a brief glance at various parts of your anatomy. I am here to show you just how appreciative I am.”

“No! You don’t understand!” I choked out.

“Ah, but I do. A body like yours needs to be venerated. It can not be allowed to care for itself. So, if you would please, now that you have your eyes covered, let me help you stand up.”

I bucked against him, almost tripping over the lounge, but his grip was firm and his strength was overwhelming. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to escape by physical means.

I felt him move behind me. I couldn’t quite grasp where I was, but I knew that I was still on the deck. My hair was suddenly yanked to the left and I felt stubble run along my neckline. His breath followed, leaving goosebumps in its wake. My nipples sprang back to life. I couldn’t believe my body was responding to this guy. I tried to shake him off and found myself being forced against the wall. The rough wood pricked at my skin. I worked my hands between myself and the wall, forcing myself away from it as much as possible. I felt his right hand follow, sliding across my ribs. His thumb grazed the tip of each nipple as it passed by. Part of me wanted to lean back into him, it felt so good. Then I realized what I was doing and shoved myself back into the wall.

“Oh no, baby, lets not do that. Lean back. Actually, wait, one second.”

The hand on my hair released for a minute. I heard the sound of boots hitting the deck. The sound of a zipper shortly followed. Then the hand was back in my hair and I felt the hardness of his penis sliding between the cheeks of my ass.

“Please stop! You can’t do this to me! You don’t even know me!”

His penis slid deeper between my cheeks, causing the head to bump into my dripping slit. Back and forth he slid it, almost as if he were using my ass to jerk himself off. Bump. Bump. Bump. He teased me — whether he knew it or not.

“Oh, are you sure? You can’t exactly see me. Regardless, it does bring up a point. Who knows where you’ve been. I might want to protect myself. Seeing as my hands are full, it looks like you’re going to have to do it for me.”

I felt him reach down and fumble for a second before he turned me to face him. His lips brushed briefly against mine before I could pull my head away. He took both of my hands in his. Forcing my palms up, he placed a condom in one hand and his penis in the other.

“No.” I whispered fervently. “I will not help you force yourself on me.”

“You can not force the willing, Love and I promise you, before I’m done, you will be more than willing, if you aren’t already. However, I think, before I let you cover me. I will have you use that luscious mouth of yours to make sure I am at full form. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.”

I felt him lean in again, closer to my face. His lips brushed my cheek and made their way to my ear. “Kneel” he whispered. He nibbled his way down my neck. I felt the penis in my hand increasing with each nip. As he made it down to the curve of my neck, where my pulse was doing the mambo, he whispered with a bit more force. “Kneel” I tried to toss my head to tell him, “No”. He grabbed my hair again, pulled it to the side, and bit down onto my neck with enough force to draw a gasp from my mouth. As he did so, he pushed downward, forcing me to my knees.

“I tried to give you the opportunity to do it yourself. I suppose you must enjoy a bit of pain with your pleasure.”

Tears of anger filled my eyes. How dare he? Did he think I was going to give in?

I felt something soft brush my lips. “Open.” He said. “Lick your lips. Then open your mouth.” I shook my head, but he still had his hand buried in my hair. “Do not be difficult. Do as I say. As long as you cooperate with me, you will feel no pain. Unless that truly is your pleasure,” he chuckled.


“Yes, well, legitimacy aside, you will do what I say. Now, moisten your lips and open your mouth. Oh, and just in case you are thinking about it…do watch the teeth. I would hate to see you picking them up off the floor.”

Knowing there was nothing else to do, I licked my lips and opened my mouth a little. As I felt the head ease through my lips, I tasted the salt of his precum. Almost, as if by reflex, my tongue flicked out at it. I heard him moan. I didn’t want him to enjoy this so I tried to keep still. Refusing to grant him the pleasure movement would provide, I held my mouth open. My slight show of resistance did not last long. The hand at the back of my head began to apply pressure. He forced my head down onto his cock. With his right hand he reached down and put his hand upon my chin, using his thumb and finger to press my cheeks in a bit.

“If you do not like this, I can let go. However, you will have to put forth a little more effort.”

Seeing as I was starting to gag a little, I did what I could to nod. I guess he got the point because he let go of my chin and released some of the pressure on the back of my head. He never let go of my hair.

At least this was something I actually enjoyed. Maybe if I pretended he was someone else, this wouldn’t be so bad. I was still really hot so it wouldn’t take much effort.

I brought my right hand up to grasp his dick, running my thumb along the rim of the head while scraping the underside of his balls with the nails of my fingers. Precum oozed down onto my thumb. I slid my thumb up and down, rubbing the slickness along the underside of his cock. I thought I heard him grunt as the pressure on the back of my head slightly increased. Realizing what he meant, I lowered my head. I kept my thumb where it was; rubbing it back and forth, as my mouth rose and fell. I took him out of my mouth and ran my tongue over his balls while I continued to stroke him. I sucked my way up his shaft, popping him back into my mouth. I flicked my tongue back and forth across the bottom of his rod, while bobbing my head up and down. Soon he became too large to just play with. He began to press deeper into my throat. I released my grip on his penis and placed both hands on either side of his hips. Digging my nails into them, I pulled him forward shoving his cock deep into my throat, taking as much of him as I could. He fucked my throat deeper and deeper with each stroke, using my hair to pull me back and forth. Fingertips dug into my scalp. I suddenly felt myself being pulled up. His cock pulled out of my mouth, making a resounding “Pop” as it did so.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do anything wrong!” I wailed.

“Why would you think you had done anything wrong? You did just what I asked.”

“But, you stopped me. I thought you wanted me to do those things.”

“Yes, that is what I wanted. Then. What I want now is to give him a bit of a rest while I learn my way around your delectable curves.”

While I understood what he meant, I wasn’t quite sure how he planned to go about it. Then I felt myself being pressed back down onto the lounge chair. Seconds later, his lips were on mine. His tongue worked it’s way into my mouth, warring with my own. The only thing I could think of was ‘Bad guys should not taste so good.’.

His hands were everywhere, sliding in the oil. Fingers molded my breasts and kneaded my nipples. My back arched. He made his way down to my waist, pressing fingers into my back as his thumbs played with the soft sensitive skin of my side. He continued to follow the line of my body, easing his way down to my thighs, parting them without too much effort. I feared what was to come, but I could hardly contain the anticipation. He promised not to hurt me, but would he know what caused me pain? Did he know how much was too much? Could I trust his promise? All thoughts rushed out of my head when he grazed my pussy with his whiskers.

“Your scent makes me want to bury my face in it.”

He parted my labia with his fingers and blew cool breath onto my feverish snatch. He teased my opening with his thumbs. Then ran them up the inside of my lips to my clit, pressing it between them. My back bowed off the lounge. He shoved me back down with his hand.

“No, No. I’m not done yet. I have many more things I want to try before we’re done. Do try to stay still.” His hand slid back down leaving trails in the oil on my abdomen. “You know, I think we should get some of this oil off of you. I want to taste you, not the oil.”

He stood up and pulled me along with him. We headed over to the shower. Even though I knew it was coming, feeling the cool water on me was a bit of a shock. He began soaping me everywhere; paying special attention to my most sensitive places. Fingers delved into crevices with the oil and soap easing their way. Why did he have to tease me so much? Couldn’t he just get it over with? He rinsed and dried me before bringing me back to the lounge.

“Now if you will, please bend over and place your hands onto the lounge chair. I will of course, assist you.”

Bending as he said, I scrambled a little to find my bearings. Once I had found the lounge, I felt him lifting my hips and spreading my legs. His hands grazed over my ass cheeks, coming to rest on their rounded bottoms. He then spread them high and wide, letting it fall back into place. Over and over again he did this. My cheeks bounced against each other repeatedly; teasing me more each time. Then, I felt it, lightly at first. His hot breath gave me a little warning of what was to come. The faintest brush from the tip of his tongue here and there. I could feel myself dripping onto his tongue I was so aroused. I jerked hard as his tongue glanced across my clit. It only lasted a slight second, but it was enough to make me squirm. I tried to force myself back onto his face but he moved away too soon. I moaned in frustration. Flick. Again he moved in, this time slightly penetrating me. Finally I felt the rasp of his tongue lapping away the wetness from the sides. Like a cat cleaning itself. Except the more he cleaned, the wetter I got. Without warning, he put his whole face in my ass. He tongued my asshole, squeezing my cheeks together against his face. This time, I managed to grind myself against him. The little bit of stubble on his chin scraped at my pussy. I dug in harder. Just as I could feel the first signs of a pending orgasm, he tore himself away. I wanted to cry. I didn’t know how much of this I could take. His tongue slid back into the folds of my slit. Not penetrating, but slipping along the smooth path to my clit. Then he wiggled his tongue.

I dropped to my knees unable to stand anymore. Tilting my head back, he took advantage of the opportunity to rub his cock in my face. I stuck out my tongue, laving at the bottom as he stroked back and forth. He held it in his hands and smacked it lightly against my lips. Each time, I caught it, sucking a little harder each time. Precum dribbled onto my lips. I tongued the head, getting all of it that I could. Man I wanted this thing inside of me. Why couldn’t he just fuck me? I know he was ready to blow.

Almost as if he heard me, he pulled me to my feet and bent me back over. I heard the crinkle of the condom wrapper. Where he managed to find that, I’ve no clue.

It touched me. Tentatively at first. The tip barely pierced my entrance. I could feel my inner muscles flexing, trying to draw it in further. He pulled back. Then prodded me with the tip again. Again and again I was subjected to this tiny bit. Then he let the head slide fully in, but nothing more. I clenched my muscles, trying to keep him in, but he pulled out again. Twice more, I got just the head. Then, he stopped….

Slam. He thrust himself deep inside of me; grinding his hips into me. Fingers dug into my hip bones, pulling me back against him. Harder and harder, he slammed into me. Filling me, grinding me, then pulling out completely only to do it again. My mind swam. I grasped at the lounge chair, bracing myself against it. Slap! His hand smacked against my ass. He pulled my cheeks apart, spreading them almost painfully wide. I felt his thumb rub over my asshole, pressing in each time his cock plunged into me.

Finally! This was what I needed. This was what I wanted earlier.

I ground my pussy into him with each thrust. His balls slapped against my clit. Forcing me closer and closer. I could hear his breathing quicken.

He pulled out, turned me around, and picked me up. Slamming me back onto his cock. He bounced me up and down his shaft, letting my tits slap him in the face. He caught a nipple in his teeth and bit down as he shoved my hips into his. Backing us up against the wall, he pounded my pussy. Over and over, harder, deeper. Each time he thrust, he pulled on my nipple.

I felt his dick swell and knew he was about to erupt. I felt myself slipping off into my own. Thrust, pull, slam. It built to an agonizing crescendo. My muscles began to milk him, sucking on him, coaxing him closer. Tears streamed down my face. So close. My legs were shaking. One more thrust. Harder. Please! My back slammed against the wall. I felt the heat of his cum through the condom. My head fell back. Stars lit up my eyes. I screamed and held on, digging my nails into his back. He kept hammering away. I came crashing down only to lift back up again. He wouldn’t stop. Wave after wave hit me. I gasped for air; unable to catch my breath.

“Please. No more,” I begged.


“Are you sure?” he said as I twitched beneath him. ” I want to make sure you are fully satisfied.”


“Yes. Please. No more.” I pleaded. I didn’t think I had it in me to do or say more than that. I just wanted to stop. I needed to rest.

I felt us moving. To where, I had no clue. Then I felt myself being laid back on the lounge. I began to panic. Couldn’t he stop? He finally disentangled himself from me. Leaving me there, weak and exposed on my back. I reached for him, trying to find where he had gone. I grasped at air. Then I felt his lips on my forehead.

“Thanks for the fun Love. I knew you’d be worth it.”

I heard his footsteps as they echoed across the deck and into the house. I snatched off the blindfold hoping to get a glance of him. I stood on trembling legs and tried to follow. By the time I reached the door to the house, he had made it to the front door. I saw him turn to me, but his face was in the shadows.

“Unless you want an encore, I’d advise you to lock your door from now on. Especially if you intend on teasing people in traffic,” he ordered.

I gasped in horror as I realized just who he was. I couldn’t believe my little escapade from earlier had caused this. I made my way to the front door as quickly as my Jello legs could get me there. Dust from his car was still hanging in the air. Neither he nor his car were anywhere around. I hurried to lock my door as he had said. Then I thought about it. Would an encore be so bad?

I let go of the knob, turned around and headed for the shower. I was looking forward to getting stuck in traffic again.

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