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Piano of Pleasure

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I remember when I took you off on a romantic get-away. At our one year anniversary I stole you away to a vacation cabin nestled away in a secluded valley of Hocking Hills. We spent time hiking through the trails hand in hand, observing the beautiful scenery, and listening to the sounds of nature. The sounds of birds singing in the trees, bee’s buzzing, and the wind sifting through the leaves all added to the delicious adventure.

At one point on our excursion we even kicked off our shoes and stepped into the rippling creek just to feel the cool water caressing our feet. Of course we often took advantage of the isolated trails to steal a kiss or erotically touch each other. I take pleasure in teasing your body and keeping you excited all day long.

After our excursion though the gorgeous natural environment we traveled back to our cabin where I prepared a delicious candlelight dinner for you. A juicy, grilled steak, loaded baked potato, California blend vegetables, and slices of lightly browned French bread (including cinnamon infused butter) rounded out this feast. Of course any gourmet meal would not be complete without dessert so I topped dinner off by slowly feeding you strawberrys one by one, dipped in warm chocolate.

Later, after we cuddled on the couch watching “Sweet Home Alabama”, I gave you a full body massage. I wanted to get you all hot and bothered, so as I slowly caressed your body I deliberately refused to touch your sensitive places. I would slide by real close and even lightly brush certain parts but I would not give you the satisfaction of full contact. I think my plan worked because several times you reached out to grab me but I immediately pulled away and stopped all contact until you put your hand back. You even suggested a really tempting offer (naughty girl!) trying to entice me to give in, but I wouldn’t let you.

When I asked you if you wanted to move over to our bed, you practically flew across the cabin and jumped onto the mattress. I crawled in next to you and began by slowly kissing you on your cheek while strategically rubbing my hands over your body, sliding painfully close to certain places, but still avoiding direct contact. Continuing to kiss you on your neck, I slid my hips over yours and finally kissed you firmly and sensuously on your lips. I enjoy tasting your luscious lips and took my time showing you how much. As I began to gradually kiss you down your silky smooth neck I interlaced my fingers into yours and carefully moved your arms above your head.

Before you realized it I had one of your arms tied to the corner of the bed and quickly secured the other. Your eyes popped open in surprise and you flashed me your beautiful smile. As I slipped the blindfold over your eyes I softly whispered in your ear, “you are my slut tonight and I own you. I control your pleasure and I will give it or deny it as I desire. Sometimes I will pleasure your body and sometimes I will just use it for my gratification. You are at my mercy and there is no one here to stop me.”

Looking at your helpless, gorgeous body laying there waiting for me to continue, I was almost overcome with lust. I felt the sudden urge to plunge into you and just ravish you but I held myself back. You are such a beautiful woman I feel so lucky you are mine and tonight I will show you exactly how much I appreciate you. Tonight I will tease you and pleasure you until you beg for me to finish.

I then proceeded to lay down next to you and carefully let my hands drift down through the center of your chest and on to your stomach. I moved my hand around your first one breast and then the other, slowly tracing a large figure 8 across your chest. I could feel your tension building as I tightened my tracing pattern each time just a little closer to your nipple. Just to torment you further I let my hand lightly graze your nipple and move to run tight circles around it.

After feeling your body strain with pleasure and hearing your breathing shorten in anticipation, I began to lightly trace a small circle around your nipple, every so often brushing directly across it. I continued to torment this nipple, each series of my actions bringing you ever higher and closer to the edge. Then without warning I grabbed your nipple and squeezed it firmly. You arched your back and moaned, reveling in the sensations.

Not wanting your other nipple to feel left out, my hand wandered across and I started the same tormenting pattern on it, drawing tighter and tighter circles on it before again stopping with a firm squeeze.

I then let my hand wander down your stomach as if I was going for your honey pot, but at the last minute I veered off to stroke down the outside of your leg, around your knee and slowly slid up the inside of your thigh. Stopping at your slit I allowed my finger to rub the outside of your labia, just moving back and forth up one side and down the other. I love hearing you catch your breath each time I moved closer to your love button.

I continued to lightly circle your clit, at times lightly brushing directly across it and other times not even touching it. I began to tease your clit, carefully reading your body’s reaction making sure to increase your pleasure but still not allow you to reach the crest.

I let my hand wander down your crack and found you to be very wet. “It looks like my little slut is all wet and ready for me.” You moaned and nodded your agreement, but I’m not ready to take you yet. My finger drifted inside your wet slit and continued to move back and forth. You started to rock your hips to enhance the feeling, so I slowly moved my finger deeper and deeper into your body.

As I moved deeper, your moaning grew even louder telling me I was on the right track. I pushed in further and slowly rubbed against your G-spot. With my finger inside your body, I could feel the pressure in your body grow until I thought you were going to topple over, so I suddenly stopped moving and removed my finger. The emptiness inside your body evoked a moan of disappointment from you.

Letting you rest momentarily, I started over, moving my finger in long strokes back and forth outside your cunt, each swipe moving closer to your clit. When I reached your clit I continued my back and forth movement first lightly, then gently increasing the pressure until once again you were moaning loudly and your breathing was very irregular. As I felt you reach your peak, I whispered in your ear, “I am going to continue to stroke you, but you are not allowed to cum unless I give you permission”. As this realization sank in you first moaned in disappointment, and then moaned again in pleasure as my torturous finger continued to torment your clit. Sometimes I slowed my movements and sometimes I sped up, each time pushing you a little more, your body torn between obeying me and the urge to cum. One more time, I slowed my movements to almost imperceptible, leaving you carefully dangling on the edge and just when I thought you were about to fall over I graciously removed my finger.

Moving up your body I found your breast and began to tease it as before however, this time your body was warmed up and you responded even quicker to my movement. I started with small circles around your nipple and then just moved to a back and forth movement dragging your nipple down and letting it flick back into place. The way your back was arching and your breathing was labored I knew you were quickly coming to the edge.

I warned you again, “Don’t you dare cum unless I say”.

“I won’t” you managed to whisper.

I finally stopped by cruelly squeezing your nipple just hard enough to push you over the edge, again forcing you to fight the urge to cum.

Not to be forgotten, I began to torment your other nipple much like I did the first one, playing your body like a piano of pleasure. Sometimes touching lightly, sometimes pinching forcefully, and sometimes stroking slowly, just like a concert pianist I played each of your “keys” until you made the sounds I wanted to hear. Finishing this coda by again bringing you to the edge before I firmly pinched your nipple to hear you gasp from the pain/pleasure combination.

Once again, I slid my hand down your body aiming directly for your clit, but letting my hand drift over it further down to begin playing with your pussy lips. Pushing my finger in deeply and carefully stroking your G-spot, you groaned and moaned as I brought you to the brink before suddenly removing my finger and sliding up to your clit. I began to torment it by indirectly touching it and inconsistently brushing it.

“Please!?” you whispered between shallow breaths. I pretended not to hear you. “Please!?” you whispered louder.

“Please what?” I answered.

“Please let me cum?”

“What are the magic words?” I asked as I continued to rub your clit.

“I want to suck your dick!” you said.

“That’s my good slut!” I exclaimed.

I instantly began to rub your clit just the way you like and gave to permission to cum. “That’s my good girl, cum for me!”

I had barely uttered the words when I heard you cry out loudly as you exploded into pleasure.

“O yes, O yes, O yes! I’m going to suck you good”, you said.

“That’s my good slut!” I repeated as I continued to rub you through your pleasure, I only slowed my movement when your breathing began to return to normal.

While you reveled in your state of bewilderment, I took the opportunity to untie the straps from the bed post and I moved your body to the side of the bed, where I reattached the straps with your head hanging off the side of the mattress.

After repositioning your body on the bed, I slid my fingers into your wet slit and began to tease your G-spot. As you once again reached the brink, I pulled your hair down to open your mouth and slid my dick in. With my dick in your mouth I skillfully pushed your body over the edge.

“Cum for me, you cock-sucking slut!” and I felt you explode once again. I feel you trying to suck me but you are suddenly overcome by your own pleasure and all you can do is feel the pleasure course through your body, your screams of ecstasy muffled by my dick filling your mouth. Just for the added bonus, I grabbed your nipple with my free hand and pinched it hard, your gagged voice changing tones just like I wanted.

As you came down from your climax I began to side my dick in and out of your mouth. The good slut you are, you obediently started sucking my cock as hard as you could. I pushed my dick to the back of your throat and forced you to take it just a little further. You were sucking me so good I was momentarily lost to the pleasure of your mouth.

“That’s my good slut!” I said as I enjoyed the sensations of your mouth and continued to slide back and forth into your throat, my sack rubbing on your blindfold with each stroke. Just because I can, I even slid all the way in and stopped, forcing you to hold your breath until I pulled back out.

The sight of your beautiful naked body restrained on the bed was truly a delightful vision. Watching you take all of me, the pleasure of your warm, wet mouth wrapped around me and the sensations of your sucking, suddenly proved to be too much and I exploded in pleasure, shooting my warm cum down your throat. The good slut you are, you obediently swallowed everything I gave you and you continued to love my cock until I pulled out.

“Sluts need to be rewarded for being good and punished for being bad. You have been a very good slut, so I will reward you again, cum for me”, I said. I grabbed the vibrator, began teasing your clit, and at the same time I started to suck your tit. I feel your pleasure build while I am sucking your nipple so I wait until you are close to the edge and I lightly bite it to help push you over. Once again you cum violently and cry out your pleasure.

Not letting you come down from your high, I continued to suck on your tit. I shoved the vibrator into your cunt and held it against your G-spot until you peaked again.

By this time I am aching and ready to go again so I moved my body between your legs. I pulled both your ankles up to my ears, but before I plunged into your wet deepness I fingered your clit one more time, waiting until you begged me to fuck you. When I plunged deeply in, just the sensation of my hard dick sliding into your wet cunt immediately pushed your body into climax yet again. Not letting you come down off your high, I began to passionately thrust back and forth. You groaned with satisfaction as your hips begin to rock to my tempo.

As I pounded away at your pussy I told you, “You have been a very good slut. You have given me a lot of pleasure today and this is how I reward my slut.”

I sense you are nearing the top once again so I firmly grabbed both of your nipples and pinched them hard, forcing your body into ecstasy one last time. As you exploded in pleasure, your cunt tightly squeezed my cock and pulled me over the edge with you. I shot my load deep inside your body and collapsed, exhausted, on top of you.

As we lay together panting, I reached up and pulled the straps off your wrists and the blindfold from your eyes. You wrapped your arms around me and thanked with loving kisses on my face. We fell asleep with our arms and limbs entangled together and smiles on our faces.

I remember my thoughts already started to drift off, thinking of how I was going to mistreat you the next night. After all, secluded here in the woods no one can hear you scream…

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