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Photo Shoot in the Woods

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I do a fair amount of traveling and like many guys I have a picture of my wife on my laptop to remind me of her when I’m away from home. It’s not the kind of picture, however, that I would use as wallpaper or a screen saver. It’s a photo for my own private viewing.

In the photo, Anne is reclining on a leather couch wearing a lacy black bra which barely covers her beautiful 34C breasts.

She’s got on a black garter belt, black thigh-high stockings, and black high heels. Around her neck is a single strand of pearls. Since she is wearing no panties, Anne’s gorgeous clean shaved pussy is fully visible, revealing her full pink lips that are swollen and wet as a result of me having just eaten her out.

It’s a great photo and one that has given me much comfort during my lonely nights on the road. I love the photo, but it’s a couple of years old now so I’ve been bugging Anne for months to let me take some new nude photos of her. This past September, during a visit to our cabin in the Northwoods of Minnesota, Anne finally agreed to a photo shoot in the woods.

The weather was fantastic on the day of the shoot. Temperatures were in the low 70’s, it was sunny with clear blue skies, and the leaves on the trees were just starting to show a hint of color signaling the approach of autumn. Our lake-front cabin is located in the heart of a two huge forests, one federal and the other state. Both have dozens of miles of hiking trails that wind their way through thousands of acres of woods. Anne and I decided we’d hike deep into the woods, find the ideal spot, then take a set of nude photos.

Anne was wearing khaki hiking shorts, a tight fitting black tank top, floppy wool hiking socks and a pair of leather hiking boots. Her auburn hair hung freely down to her shoulders and highlighted her striking emerald-colored eyes and very pretty face. Even in this relatively simple attire Anne looked amazing. I couldn’t wait to watch her peel off her clothes once we reached our destination somewhere deep in the woods.

We hiked for about a half an hour until we came to a spot on the trail that opened up on a grassy meadow. I suggested that this was perfect place to take the photos, but Anne didn’t like the spot because it was visible from the main trail. She suggested that we keep hiking, so we did. A short time later we came across a deer run that bisected the main hiking trail. We followed the deer run off the main trail, went up and over a small hill and came upon yet another meadow, although this one was much smaller than the previous clearing and it was ringed by large maple and ash trees.

“Here,” Anne said, “this is a good spot.”

She walked to a small maple tree that had fallen, the trunk of which was resting three feet or so above the grassy floor of the meadow. Anne sat on the fallen tree and began untying her boots. After removing her boots and socks, Anne stood up and in one fluid motion pulled her tank top up and off, revealing her beautiful tits and tight, flat stomach.

She then unbuttoned her shorts, pulled down the zipper, hooked her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down to her ankles. As I expected, Anne was wearing no panties. What I didn’t expect was that she had shaved her pussy completely smooth. For more than a year Anne had a little patch of hair, no bigger than a postage stamp, just above her clit. I guess she wanted to be totally bare for the photo shoot, so she shaved it off. Plus, she knows how much I love licking her smooth hairless pussy.

I could feel my cock stirring in my shorts as I took the camera out of the backpack. My wife looked incredible standing there naked in this tiny meadow with the early-autumn sunshine falling on her. I decided to take some simple full-frontal pictures to start. Anne sat on the fallen tree, her legs spread just enough to show her naked, hairless twat, but not so wide as to look like some forced porn shot. I took several photos of Anne in variations of this pose, before suggesting that she turn around so I could take some shots of her tight little bubble butt.

Anne stood up, turned around and put her hands on the trunk of the fallen tree, bending at the waist, and spread her legs. This gave me a fantastic view of her spectacular ass and her full pouting pussy lips. My cock was now rock hard and was straining to get out of my shorts. Without saying a word I quickly undid my shorts and pulled them off right over my hiking boots. I took off my shirt, leaving me standing naked behind Anne with only my boots on and the camera in my hands.

“I’m going to take some close ups of your butt and pussy,” I said to Anne as I moved closer to her.

I knelt down behind her so that I was no more than a few feet from her tight little ass and gorgeous, hairless vagina. I could smell the sweet scent of Anne’s pussy and knew I had to taste it. I took a few quick pictures and then put my camera down. I moved in close to Anne, put my hands on her hips, leaned in and began licking her smooth, wet slit.

Anne responded by spreading her legs a little wider and bending over a bit more giving my tongue easier access to her slick hole. I buried my face deep between her legs and began sliding my tongue in and out of her wet pussy. What a sight we must have been. Anne leaning over on a fallen log, me kneeling behind her with my face pressed hard against her, my nose buried in her tight little ass while my tongue plunged in and out of her hairless cunt as she rapidly approached orgasm.

I was actually having a bit of trouble breathing since my mouth was closed around Anne’s pussy and my nose was jammed tight against her sphincter. I pulled my head back just a bit to take a quick breath and without even thinking about it I moved my tongue to Anne’s asshole. I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and slowly started licking little circles around her tiny tight butt hole. Anne moaned with pleasure.

I kept at it for several minutes before I started rapidly flicking my tongue over her balloon knot. I slid a couple of fingers from my left hand into her very wet hairless pussy and began rubbing the inside of her slick twat while lapping at her asshole with my full tongue.

I knelt there on the grass in the meadow licking Anne’s butt hole for at least five minutes before curling my tongue and pushing it into her tight little asshole. I thrust my tongue in and out of her butt several times as she moaned with pleasure. At this point Anne was on the verge of an orgasm and begged me to fuck her. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, stood up and pushed the complete length of my steel-hard prick all the way into her sopping wet hole.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Anne groaned. “That feels so good. Fuck me really hard.”

She didn’t need to ask me twice. I put my hands on Anne’s hips and began pounding my dick in and out of my wife’s completely soaked, hairless slit. The birds were chirping, a slight breeze made the trees whisper, and Anne and I added the only other sounds in the woods that afternoon, our heavy breathing, moaning and the sound of my cock slamming into her tight wet pussy.

“Oh god, I’m cumming,” Anne screamed.

She loves it when we fuck outside because she’s free to be as loud as she likes without having to worry about anyone hearing her. I felt the muscles of her pussy pulsate as she reached the height of her orgasm. She was so wet that her juices were flowing down both of our thighs. Then she completely surprised me when she turned her head toward me and said, “you can put it in my butt if you want.”

Anne has only recently allowed me lick her asshole, and on other occasions she’s let me finger her anus while I’m giving her head, but it’s been years since she’s let me fuck her in the butt. “Are you sure?” I asked.

“If you want to you can,” she said.

I pulled my cock out of Anne’s soaking wet pussy and put the head of my very slick dick at the entrance to Anne’s cute little butt hole. Slowly I pushed my cock into my wife’s anus. With a little doing I got the entire head of my prick inside of her butt. I could feel Anne consciously relaxing and controlling her breathing in an effort to ease my entrance into her most private of holes. I continued to push and little by little the entire shaft of my cock was buried deep in Anne’s ass. This was incredible. I couldn’t believe I was standing outside in the woods, completely naked, fucking my beautiful wife in her butt.

I pulled back so just the head of my dick was in Anne’s ass, then I pushed it back in again. Over and over I pulled my cock just about out of her, then slid it back into her asshole. Anne’s anus was so tight that I didn’t last long. After only five or six strokes my balls tightened up against my body in preparation of shooting my load.

Then Anne pushed me right over the edge when she looked at me and said, “Go ahead, cum in my ass. It’s OK.” With that, I exploded. I deposited wave after wave of hot sticky cum into Anne’s tight little bubble butt as she shook with another orgasm herself.

A minute or two passed before my cock started to shrink and literally, and audibly, popped out of Anne’s vise-like sphincter. I was so light-headed and spent I had to sit down. I looked up and there was my wife Anne leaning over the fallen tree, her head turned back toward me with a big smile on her face, still bent over at the waist, her beautiful hairless pussy soaking wet from multiple orgasms glistening in the sunlight, and a little stream of white sticky cum leaking out of her tiny asshole. The way the sun was shining on her she looked like some pornographer’s vision of a slutty angel from heaven.

I reached out, picked up my camera and snapped several digital photos of my wife in this wanton position.

When I’m out on the road, alone in my hotel room, I look at these incredibly sexy pictures of my wife, and suddenly I’m not so lonely.

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