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Phone Date

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Dial the phone, choose a category, wait for a connection with someone in my area. As simple as that. As anonymous as I choose to be. I choose the category man on man phone sex. When I discovered this phone line a couple months back I discovered how exciting phone sex can be. And I quickly realized that men are so much better than women at phone sex.

Simple, anonymous, so why am I so nervous as I wait for a connection? I am nervous but also extremely eager. Lately I have been fantasizing more and more about guys. And men as I noted before are so much better than women at phone sex.

The connection is made.

You prove yourself extremely capable. I stroke my cock as you describe yourself fucking my ass. You soon have me shooting my load.

Then you ask me to describe one of my fantasies. I find myself admitting that I have never actually been with a man but that I often imagine myself with two guys, one sucking my cock as the other fucks my ass. I tell you that this particular fantasy always gets me off when I give myself a hand job.

Then you say what I had secretly hoped you would say. Then you say what I had secretly feared you would say. You suggest that my fantasy could become real. That you could arrange for it to become real. That you really do enjoy fucking ass. That you have a friend who really gets off sucking dick. That you are both quite good at it. All I have to do is show up at your place, you give me the address, at 3oclock on Saturday and you and your friend will be glad to fulfill my fantasy.

I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe I’m ringing your doorbell. I pulled up to the house and drove away again three, maybe it was four times. What am I doing here? I’m not gay. I just fantasize about men. More and more lately. Okay, what if I am gay, or bi, or just confused? What am I doing here? I don’t know you. I don’t know your friend. You said you could make my fantasy real. That’s why I’m here. But what if you’ve changed your mind. Or if I’m not your type, or his type. What if we do this and it turns out I don’t like it? What if we do this and it turns out I do like it?

The door starts to open. I try to run away but my feet don’t move. You open the door and we look at each other. You wear a blue satin robe. You smile at me. Invite me in. I smile back. I say hello. I enter. You ask me to take off my shoes and socks. I do. What am I doing here. You introduce me to your friend. First names only. And I don’t know if you and he are using your own names. You don’t know if I’m using my own name. Your friend is wearing blue jeans and a gray tank top. No shoes. No socks. You are wearing a blue satin robe. I wonder if you are wearing underwear.

We sit in the living room. There is soft music coming from the stereo. You get us each drinks. Bourbon on the rocks for me. You have a vodka martini. Your friend has beer from the bottle. We get about half way through the drinks when your friend suggests we dance. He tells me to put my hands on his shoulders and he puts his hands on my hips. And he and I sway to the music.

As we sway, his hands wander from my hips to my ass, and he draws me closer. Our bodies press together. My cock strains against my pants. Reaching out to his. He kisses me. I feel the scratching of his whiskers against my skin. I taste his beer on his tongue and lips. I feel your hands on my shoulders. You press up behind me. I feel your semi-erect cock pressed into my ass crack. One cock pressing my front and another pressing up behind and I’m too excited to be nervous. This feels so good. So right.

I am still kissing and being kissed by your friend. Your arms are around me. You unbutton my shirt. I feel your breath and lips against my neck and shoulders. I start to remove your friends shirt and we have to break the kiss to get the tank top over his head. I finish removing my own shirt. Your arms still around me you unbuckle my belt. Unzip my pants. Your friend removes his pants as mine fall around my ankles. I step from my pants and remove my boxers. You take off your robe. I had wondered if you were wearing underwear. Now I see that you weren’t. You put your arm around my waist and we kiss. Your friend joins us. One arm around you, the other around me. We stand there, together, kissing. You and I are kissing. Then it’s you and him. Then him and me. When it’s you and me again your friend gets to his knees. As you and I are kissing he runs his tongue along my now fully erect cock, while with his hand he strokes yours. Then his hand is working my cock while he sucks on your cock.

When he moves his mouth back to my cock you move around behind me. As your friend sucks on my cock and fingers my balls I feel you behind me rubbing your dick on my ass cheeks. Oh god. I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this.

As you rub your cock and balls against my ass cheeks I feel a lubricated finger, yours, push into my ass hole. I moan with pleasure as I feel your finger entering me. Up to the first knuckle. Then the next. Then your finger is all the way in me. Oh god yes! You leave it there, filling me, and your friend now has one of my balls in his mouth. Sucking on it as he strokes my rod with his hand. I twist my face over my shoulder. My lips seek your lips.

Our tongues slide into and around each others mouths as your finger slides in and out of my ass. Then you insert a second finger and my ass spasms. You slide two fingers into and out of my ass. Your friend now has my other ball in his mouth.

As your friend once again takes my cock head into his mouth you push your cock head into me. His mouth moves slowly down the length of my shaft while yours slides into my rear. As his lips reach the base of my cock your cock has filled me. I have never felt such exquisite pleasure before. He continues to suck on my cock, his lips moving back and forth the length of my shaft. You fuck my ass in earnest.

His lips and tongue and throat on my cock. Your cock filling my ass, sliding in and out. My god, no woman has ever made me feel this good. No two women could. I shout my pleasure. And then I’m cumming. Cumming in your friends mouth. Down his throat. He swallows much of it. He swallows and sucks and swallows until I feel spent. And when there is no more cum he still sucks. And you still fuck my ass. And my cock stays erect.

And when you orgasm. When you cum. You do so deep in my ass. And as I feel your hot cum filling me, as I hear your cry of pleasure, I cum once again. Once again your friend milks me for my last drops. As you remove your cock from me your friend tells me to kneel. He stands before me with his cock in hand. It takes only a couple of strokes and a cry of joy and his salty creamy fluid is spurting on my face and chest. And I feel additional cum on the back of my neck and shoulders as you too, finish satisfying your needs. I have been thoroughly sucked by one man. Thoroughly fucked by another. And I’m kneeling between you both covered in your cum. Can a day get any better than this?

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