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One Way or Another

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“I’m gonna make a move mate.”

“You’re going home?” Daryl asked, incredulously.

“Nah, I’m gonna check out Diva. C’mon, it’s dead in here.”

Daryl turned to the bar, his eyes feasting on the new girl. “I got things I wanna check out in here first,” he replied, raising his eyebrows and nodding at the petite blonde.

Pete shook his head, spoke sternly. “Be careful, yeah? Lucy don’t deserve that.” He grabbed his friend’s shoulder forcefully, Daryl’s smug grin vanishing. “Are you even listening? Lucy is a good girl.” Pete spoke slowly. “Don’t be a twat.”

Daryl’s attention was held for barely a moment, before the vacant grin returned. He knew he had a good girl at home, and knew he could find a bad one without her ever knowing. He patted Pete’s arm lightly. “Get a bit jealous if I’m having too much fun, don’t you?” he grinned.

Daryl watched his friend leave, turned and leaned across the bar, fifty pound note in hand. He held it between his fingers lightly, letting all those around get a good look. It said more about himself than he ever could, and expressed all he wanted people to know. Daryl Ronson had money and Daryl Ronson was important. He smiled at the bargirl as she caught his eye, mistaking for awe her wide-eyed look of disgust.

She avoided his stare, poured his drink in silence. His gaze drifted to her chest as she turned, dropping further to the tight little ass in the tight little pants as she walked away. In an instant he’d dealt with the rejection, and picked out her flaws. “Bitch.” he muttered, turning.

His attention was now in line with almost every other guy in the bar. Two women had just arrived, making straight for the dancefloor. They didn’t seem to be English, too tanned and exotic looking, and it made them stand out, even in a nightclub full of beauties. Daryl took a swig from his drink as they began to dance. He drank slowly in fascination.

They danced close, their bodies matching the music with ease. The shorter of the two raised her hands above her head, moved her hips gracefully. Her skin was naturally tanned, her shocking blonde hair likely dyed. Her companion spun around, the edges of her tiny combat patterned skirt catching the air and rising a little. Daryl admired her face, long narrow cheekbones, and tanned also, but with long flowing dusky black hair. Her head fell back as she danced, her long angular neck exposed, her hair reaching yet further down her back. He stared in wonder, transfixed, everything else a hazy background to her angelic features. The moment ended as her blonde partner re-appeared in his vision. She leaned over the dark-haired girl, whispered in her ear. The dark-haired girl glanced over. She caught Daryl’s stare. She smiled.

The girls re-focused on one another, Daryl blinked, unsure if he’d read the smile correctly. Their dancing changed pace to suit the new much faster song. Men crowded around them but they turned their backs, eyes locked onto one another. The blonde turned, backed into her friend, moved her body up and down against the raven’s chest. As the blonde raised her arms, the raven nestled her head onto her partner’s shoulder. Their cheeks touched as their eyes closed. When they opened both sets were on Daryl.

His cock seemed to rise in time with his lips, as the blonde leaned forward, the raven tapping her ass lightly, in time with the music. The blonde stared coyly, the raven, with mouth slightly ajar, knowingly. Daryl fought hard to keep his focus on the dark-haired girl’s eyes. He could see her hand moving against the blonde’s denim skirt in the corner of his eye. He watched her eyes widen with every little spank, already imagining his cock give her the same, but much bigger, reaction.

She turned and shook her ass, barely covered by the flimsy skirt. Daryl turned his attention to the blonde, facing him now. She brushed her hair back over her ear, pouted at him. He grinned and she grinned back. He glanced down, following her eyes, to her hands resting on her thighs. She ran her fingers upwards over her thighs, moving inwards, under her skirt a little, teasingly stopping before reaching her pussy. Daryl’s cock throbbed desperately as she tilted her head, smiling at him.

He took a deep breathe and strode arrogantly forward, but within a few strides his path was barred by a bouncer.

“No drinks on the dancefloor mate.”

Daryl stared angrily from bouncer to beer, placed his drink on a table, and continued to the floor. The girls had darted, and he ploughed hopelessly through throngs of people, urgently in search of them. It was only when he reached the centre that he saw the raven again, stood off in a corner, leaning against a wall. Bravely he stepped towards her.

“You’re looking a bit lonely babe, want some company?” he began, cheerfully.

She looked up at him as he spoke, big chocolate eyes under long lashes. She spoke in heavily accented and broken English.

“You watched us. Did you enjoy?”

He leaned close and spoke deeply, aiming to show his prey how much of a man he truly was. “very much,” he answered, curtly. “Where’s your friend?”

“Is it me you like, or her?” The raven responded, frowning.

“You babe, definately, you.” He rubbed the smooth skin of her arm, and stepped closer still. She was trapped in the corner now, and pushed her hips out a little to show her approval.

“That’s good,” she drooled, “but Catalina thinks you are handsome too.”

Daryl discovered her name was Layla. Both were from Columbia on a six month course studying English.

“Who’s your teacher?” Daryl enquired nervously.

“An English woman, but her Spanish is very good. Why do you want know?” Layla asked suspiciously.

Daryl shrugged his shoulders, glancing back around the club, “Just interested, you know.” She glared at him for a moment.

“Do you have girlfriend?”

Daryl laughed, regaining his confidence, comfortable with a lie he’d told many times before. “No, no girlfriend.” He leaned close to her face, hand on her waist, smiling inanely, “I only have eyes for you.” Their lips brushed, but she moved aside, smiling quickly.

“Lets find Catalina.”

They saw her at a secluded table in the corner. She sat perplexed, a wan smile on her face directed at the man leaning across her table. Layla quickened her pace.

“She doesn’t speak English, so go,” Layla yelled. “Go, now, she’s not interested.”

Daryl caught the defeated man’s eye, his self-satisfied smile painted to his face. Layla relaxed and guided him onto the seat between herself and Catalina. He smiled at her, she smiled back shyly. She sat with her hands between her thighs, her forearms squeezing her breasts together intensifying her delicious cleavage. Daryl began to think of all the dirty things he was going to do with those girls that very night. He turned back to see Layla’s face close to his own.

“I’m very protective of Catalina. Her English is not so well. She stays with me always. Are you ok?”

Daryl understood as much as he needed from her garbled speech. He felt her hand rest on his thigh as Catalina began to whisper Spanish in his ear.

“She says,” whispered Layla “you are handsome. You make her feel…I don’t know word.”

“She thinks I’m hot,” said Daryl, turning to Catalina and marvelling at their shared opinion.

Daryl sat in bliss, his arms stetched out around each girl. He made a point of catching every man’s eye that walked past, registering every look. Amazement, anger, grudging respect. Of all however, envy was the best. To see all those faces coveting what he had made him feel alive. He pulled the girls closer, only wishing Pete was still around to see this.

Layla sat forward a little, smiling. “We want you to go home with us please.”

They walked through the busy crowds, Layla and Catalina holding hands. Daryl was close behind, admiring the tight little asses in the little skirts. He picturing the two girls naked together, sprawled over his bed, hot little cunts waiting for his cock. He thought of Lucy, not at home waiting for him, but thought of her at other times. When she refused to consider his plans for a threesome, became irate with him and stormed off. He thought about how insensitive she’d been to his needs, ans smiled. Her loss now.

The taxi ride to their place was short but very sweet for Daryl. Catalina sat on his knee giggling, chatting with Layla in Spanish. He kissed Catalina’s neck, fondling her breasts through her top, all the while glaring seductively at Layla. She glared back with fascination, an ever present smirk playing at the edges of her lips. Daryl’s eyes were drawn to those lips now, he thought about his cock passing between them, even as the softness of Catalina’s breasts oozed in his palms.

Again he was following them, as if under a spell, as they alighted from the taxi. They passed through the gate, up the stairs and into their den. He watched them move silkily ahead of him into the bedroom, a wide rectangular room with a double bed as it’s centre point. Daryl grabbed both girls by their asses, dragging them into him. They kissed his cheeks fervently before pulling away, panting and smiling.

“First,” said Layla authoritatively, “you must watch.”

Daryl began to protest, but Catalina swiftly edged him toward a heavy chair. He sat back down as she kissed him, her tongue entering his mouth. She tugged open his shirt as Layla dragged down his pants. His cock now free he kissed Catalina with renewed vigor, listening to her whispered moans, Spanish words meaningless to his ears but erotic all the same.

He felt a pressure on his arms as Catalina sat down on him and realised Layla was behind. He tried to turn, but Catalina held his head fast, her spanish faster, still meaningless yet suddenly menacing. Dimly aware of Layla beneath him he made an attempt to get up, but his arms felt powerless. In a moment his legs refused to move either. The two girls stood above him, smiling. He wriggled but it only left marks on his wrists and ankles from the handcuffs, four sets binding him to the chair.

They stood defiantly, looking down at him. Catalina spoke in Spanish whilst Layla glared, occasionally nodding her head. She leaned forward, angrily shouting at Daryl, before both girls left the room.

Daryl sat dazed and fearful. He wondered if they were deranged, and tried not to think what they’d gone to get. What they’d gone to get was worse than his feeble mind could have predicted.

A slim blonde entered the room and stood in front of him.


“Hello you arrogant, useless, worthless little shit.”

“No listen, wait,” he paused, stunned. “Hang on, what are you doing here?”

Lucy sat on the bed opposite, arms folded, anger coursing through her.

“Oh c’mon Daryl. You must have known they’re my fucking students. Why else would they go for you?”

Daryl sat confused. He was listening with one ear, trying to think of an excuse that would be halfway believable.

“I think they kidnapped me.” He swallowed hard after he spoke.

“Listen to me you lying little shit. I put them up to this. I thought you were cheating on me so I put you to the test.” Lucy stood up, leaned over her helpless boyfriend. “No, no, I don’t have a girlfriend,” she said in a mocking tone, “I’ve only got eyes for you.” Daryl felt a slap across his face. “Well, you’re dead right Daryl, you don’t have a girlfriend. It’s over. So when Layla and Catalina come back here in about, oh,” she glanced at her watch, “thirty minutes time with another guy, it won’t be cheating when I fuck him.”

Daryl was finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of recent events, but the last few words stung him. “You what?” he said.

Lucy was smiling now. “That’s right. They’ve gone back out to find someone else. We’ve been talking about getting together for a while, but I wanted to be sure I could trust you. You’re so pathetic Daryl I’m actually glad you made this so easy for me.”

Lucy moved behind Daryl, began to drag his chair backwards towards the closet.

“Now, what do you think I should wear?”

Daryl began by pleading, soft honeyed tones he knew always had the right effect on Lucy. When it failed he became annoyed, shortly angry, before long enraged and hysterical as he watched his girlfriend get dressed for another man.

Lucy pulled lingerie he recognised well from a bag, thongs and panties, bras and negliges, many of which he’d bought. They landed on his lap. She stood close in front of him, taking off her top and bra, sliding out of her jeans and panties. Despite his situation his cock returned to hardness admiring her smooth naked skin, the familiar flat stomach and perky breasts. He watched her slide into a black lace thong, and matching bra. He watched her put on his favorite of her tight black dresses. He felt himself about to be sick as she attached stockings to a suspender belt.

“You’re a fucking slut, you know that. You’re just gonna fuck some random bloke for no reason.” Daryl screeched through watery eyes.

“Oh, not just any bloke.” Lucy replied nonchalantly. She dragged Daryl further back into the closet itself. She tied some of the lingerie tightly around his mouth, gagging him, and closed the door just enough to allow him to watch and be hidden at the same time.

Half an hour went by before Daryl heard a commotion from the hallway. He heard giggling and footsteps and before long the bedroom door was opened. Lucy stepped from the bed to the doorway.

“Hello there,” she breathed, “surprised?”

“What the fuck? Is this a joke?” Pete asked.

Daryl stopped wriggling and peered out, curious. He couldn’t see Pete, just Lucy standing, smiling. He waited for his friend to defend him, his body and mind tense.

“I broke up with Daryl tonight you know. I made a wrong decision a long time ago. I picked the wrong guy.”

Lucy took a step forward, Daryl stretched to see.

“I know you’ve wanted me for a long time.”

Daryl glimpsed Pete, standing close to Lucy, their bodies almost touching.

“I hope you don’t mind sharing me with those two out there.” She looked up to Pete pleadingly.

Daryl saw the little smile creep across Lucy’s face. He watched Pete reach out, delicately stroke her breast through her dress. He paused, motionless for a moment.

“I shouldn’t. I mean, well, Daryl.”

Lucy leaned forward, her breast pushed against his fingertips, sliding into the palm of his hand. He murmured a groan as the heat of her body finally brushed against his. Daryl sat stunned as Pete’s other hand reached around slowly, began to caress Lucy’s lower back. They moaned together, rubbing their bodies against one another, identifying through touch, every crook and curve. Pete’s hand moved down slowly, gliding over the curve of Lucy’s ass. He stroked at first, his touch gradually becoming more pronounced. His fingers began to apply pressure, squeezing the firm smooth skin through the dress. With one hand he pulled her into him, his throbing cock rubbing against her stomach through his jeans.

Still holding one another they backed towards the bed as if already one. Daryl, initially overcome with shock, began to struggle again as Lucy kissed his friend, their lips playing together. She broke free a moment, calling into the living room in Spanish.

Layla and Catalina returned. Both had stripped down to their underwear, Catalina in a pink neglige, carrying champagne. Layla balancing four glasses and a punnet of strawberries against her naked stomach between bra and thong. They kneeled at Pete’s feet.

“They’re all yours Pete, and so am I.” Lucy said.

Lucy joined her students on the floor. The girls began to pour the champagne, both into the glasses and over themselves. Pete sat on the bed watching the three vixens lick and suck one another. He picked up the strawberries, winning back their attention by feeding them. Layla and Catalina took the strawberries with their mouths, sucking greedily on his fingertips as Lucy let champagner dribble between her breasts, eyes locked on Pete.

The Columbian students moved up onto the bed, began to undress their lucky catch. He marvelled as his arms wrapped around their heavenly slim waists. Lucy ran her fingers over his thighs, moved over his cock, felt it slap at her through the material. Quickly she opened his jeans, pulling them down sharply. His proud cock jumped clear and stood tall. Lucy stroked it gently, mouth agape. She looked up and smiled.

“It’s much bigger than I’m used to Pete!”

The comment stung Daryl like an uppercut. He contemplated throwing himself forward but stopped short. Humiliation would be total if Pete realised his whereabouts.

Daryl watched bewildered as Pete’s manly bare chest became exposed. A comparison of Daryl to Pete was grossly invidious. Lucy had always suspected that her boyfriend’s best mate was well-built, but never this. She stood and climbed onto the bed as the students dragged his body backward.

For a few moments there was chaos as bodies writhed and lips and fingers passed quickly over flesh. All were hungry to experience everything immediately. Pete kissed Layla passionately as Catalina stroked the raven’s breasts and Lucy climbed up his body.

Daryl felt ready to explode in the closet at the mass of female flesh on display. On the bed, Pete took control of the situation. He pushed Catalina down and lifted her neglige up, pushing it up around her neck. Her breasts lay free, nipples hard, Layla and Lucy on them in an instant. Pete admired her sweet shaven pussy. He ran his fingers over her lips before grabbing Lucy by the hair and forcing her head down between the blonde’s legs. He grabbed Layla by the hair and forced her down onto his cock. She took it into her mouth quickly, hungrily. He began to fondle both of his bitches asses as each gave head, to himself and to Catalina.

Again Pete tugged at Layla’s hair, tossing her aside, onto her stomach. She looked back at him, her deep brown eyes filled with lust. He smiled and gave her ass a smack. She yelped and beamed at him, rolling onto her back and spreading her legs. Pete pulled her thong down forcefully, slapped her ass hard, began to tease her pussy with the tip of his prick. He felt hands on his shoulders and looked around to see Lucy behind him, desperate for his attention. He pulled her onto his lap, kissing her, his fingers moving up over her stockings, over her wet panties. Catalina had sat up by now, totally naked. She wrapped her arm around Pete’s neck, joined in the kiss and was shortly joined by Layla.

Pete moved between three different tongues, enjoying the sounds as much as the feel. He backed away a moment, watching the three women form a triangle of tongues. He stood slowly, held his cock out and stepped forward. His cock moved between them, their tongues like a carwash, seemingly covering every inch of his meat simultaneously. Catalina and Layla formed circles on his balls whilst Lucy roared up his shaft, her tongue spread wide over his skin. He fondled their breasts in turn, measuring the weight in his hand. Lucy and Layla felt firm and smooth to touch, their nipples glistening like jewels, but Catalina was easily the most blessed. Pete mangled her tits in his palms, the heavy gel of her breasts overflowing. He held both her tits now and playfully jiggled them in his hands. She paused from licking his balls, looked up at him and smiled. She placed her hands over his and squeezed.

Furious with lust he pushed each girl back down onto her back. Catalina lay in the middle, already naked and to her he went, pushing his cock inside her already wet pussy quickly. He raised himself on his arms and admired her heavy breasts rolling to the rhythm of his cock. She panted and moaned, deep in delight.

He pumped his cock inside her, listening to those moans. Glancing to his left he saw Layla. She lay on her back, fingers in her pussy, face inches from his own. He leaned over kissing her deeply, fucking the blonde as he did so.

Lucy climbed over Pete carefully and began to lap between Layla’s legs. The raven began to shout in Spanish, held Lucy’s head tight between her thighs, fingers still between her own legs. The teacher licked noisily, long fast laps, interspersed with teasingly delicate stabs at her clit. After some moments she wriggled free, catlike. Layla was tipped onto her stomach unceremoniously, and Lucy was upon her, tongue gliding up her back, harsh spanks to Layla’s ass.

Catalina came quickly with a high pitched squeal, gushing compliments in Spanish. Pete withdrew his cock and sat back on his knees, aiming it like a weapon at teacher and dark-haired student. Layla lunged forward and took it into her mouth once more.

“Greedy little bitch, aren’t you?” Pete growled.

Layla nodded her head enthusiastically, cock in mouth. Catalina bound forward, lay beneath Layla and began to lick her delicious cunt. Lucy met Pete’s eyes as she finally began to take off her dress. She pushed it down her waist, over her bra and past her thong. Eyes constantly on her new man, she began to delicately lap at Catalina’s wet hole.

“Mmm,” she breathed, “I can taste your cock on her.”

Pete pulled Layla off his cock once more. He held her tightly by the chin with one hand, gazing down at her delectable body. He pushed fingers inside her pussy, as Catalina continued to lick. Fire burned in Layla’s eyes as she jerked Pete’s cock ferociously, desperate to have him inside her. He forced her around, pushed her down onto all fours. Catalina and Lucy moved down below her, licking at his cock and her clit as he entered her from behind.

She bucked wildly against his meat, screaming his name, begging to be spanked harder. He held her long hair with one hand and rode her, the adorable sensation of two tongues on his balls as he did so.

Layla came forcefully, her juices dribbling down his cock like uncorked champagne. He pulled his meat out of her slowly, close to exploding himself. He pushed Catalina away, craving Lucy’s pussy to come inside. She was standing now, bra removed, thong held to one side, teasingly showing him her pussy. He stood and followed her as Catalina buried her head between Layla’s breasts.

Lucy moved to the closet, leaned against it, spread her legs wide, still holding her thong open, exposing her pussy.

Pete stood behind her, running his hand over her stockings, tapping her ass lightly, breathing heavily, exhausted, euphoric. He held his cock in his hand, teased her hole, kissed her ears, nuzzled at her shoulders, sent shivers through her body. Lucy whispered sultrily.

“I’ve wanted you to fuck me for so long.”

He pushed inside her tight, delicious pussy, his cock thick and pulsing. Daryl caught Lucy’s eye. He sat helpless, his own seed spread across his lap, his cock long since limp and useless. Pete bucked and groaned, clenched his teeth and tried to control himself. To no avail, he exploded inside the luscious cunt with fury.

Lucy felt her legs go weak from the bliss of the moment. She felt a deep satisfaction, a warmth spread from her pussy throughout her body. The sheer delight of knowing her body, her pussy, she alone was too much for him to hold. She turned and corrected his disappointment, a twinkle in her eye.

“You know, that’s still the longest fuck I’ve had in a long time.”

She kissed him deeply, took his hand and led him back to the bed. Layla and Catalina had crawled under the covers, and now Lucy and Pete joined them. They lay close together, sleepy with satisfaction, four bodies tightly bound together. Just before sleep descended Lucy made Pete promise he’d fuck her first thing in the morning, before Layla or Catalina got their turn. They were almost unconscious when Pete spoke groggily.

“Fuck me. I don’t know what I’m going to tell Daryl next time I see him.”

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