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Phoenix Rising

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I pulled my hair over my shoulder to work conditioner into the ends. Long hair is such a nightmare to maintain. “Irena.” I rubbed the ends between my hands. “He isn’t my usual cup of tea, darling.” I quickly twisted my mane into a knot, spearing it through with the ebony hair sticks I’d picked up in Thailand.

I listened as the voice on the other end of the line droned on. “Umhmm…” Leaning forward, I rubbed patchouli-scented baby oil into my newly waxed body. I glanced in the mirror and smiled. I was hairless from the chin down and the effect was startling. Oh yes, I was definitely pleased with myself.

I started when Irena raised her voice. “Yes, Rena. I’m still here. What?” Foregoing a bra and panties, I slipped into misty silk stockings, topping them off with a lacey garter belt. I tugged a short, moss colored lycra mini from my closet. I pulled it quickly over my naked body and slipped my bare feet into matching sandals with four-inch heels.

“Umm…” I outlined my lips in a deep claret, filing in their shape with a lip-tint a shade lighter on the top and a shade darker on the bottom. “Oh, don’t worry. I can handle Drew.” I traced the outline of my cats-green eyes with a kohl pencil, enhancing their almond shape. Carefully, I dusted on gold and autumn shadows before darkening in my winged brows. “Bring him if you like, darling. The guest pass is for you and as many friends as you care to bring.”

Excited chatter emanated from the ear piece. “Hmm… well. I’m leaving shortly. Why don’t you just meet me out front?”

The conversation ceased and I hung up the phone. Drew was coming tonight, eh? I winked at my reflection in the mirror. Perhaps the evening wouldn’t be a total loss after all.


I pulled my Mercedes under the overhang. Pushing the door open, I stepped up and into the night. “Evening, Karl.” I smiled, handing the keys to the valet.

His eyes roved over me and he winked as he took the keys from me. “Ma’am.”

I wondered over to the entrance, calling greetings to the small groups of people scattered here and there on the sidewalk in front of the club. The doorman, Andres, welcomed me with a kiss. “Evening, Mistress. It’s been a while since you’ve graced Xeros’s doors.”

I glanced around. “Mmm… I don’t suppose my guests have arrived yet?” Andres opened the large, leather padded door. “They’re in the anteroom, waiting.”

I reached a hand up to his cheek, stroking softly. “Thank you, Andres.” I licked my tongue across my lower lip. “Perhaps I’ll call on you later.”

I watched his eyes light up, his cheeks flush. “If Mistress calls, I will come.”

“Umm…” I flicked his buttocks lightly with my fingertips before walking through the doorway. My smile grew. I could always count on Andres.


Irena stood when she spotted me. Her slight frame easy to spot in the center of the group of giant men surrounding her. “Phoenix!”

My hips swung as I walked towards them. I extended my hands, grasping her in hug. “Rena! It’s good to see you.” I shifted my attention to the men beside her. “Rena, you brought Gray.” I winked at her. “How lovely! And Drew.” I held a hand out to Drew. “I had my doubts whether Irena could convince you to come.”

The taller man grasped my hand hesitantly. “Yeah, well. You know Rena.” The smile he flashed was brief.

“Hmm, yes.” I walked my hand up his cloth-covered chest.

Drew reached up to remove my hand from his chest. “If you don’t mind…”

I stopped him with a sharp slap to his breast bone. “Oh, but I do mind.” I raised a tawny eyebrow in his direction. “Perhaps Rena didn’t cover the dress code here at Xeros?”

Gray blushed. “Uh, well. Yeah, she did but…”

“But, we didn’t think she was serious.” Stammered Drew.

I shifted my gaze to Rena. She cleared her throat and lowered her eyes to the floor. “I thought, since it was their first time, that…”

I reached a hand to the thick braid at the back of her head, digging my fingers into her scalp. She winced as I forced her to look up at me. “Even guests, my pet, must abide by the rules.”

She swallowed hard. “Yes Mistress.”

Shocked male eyes swung to me. I pointed towards a set of doors off to the side. “Changing room’s through there, boys.” I glanced downwards. “I’ll let you keep the boots. For now.” I slapped a hand roughly down on Rena’s backside. “You’ve ten minutes, my pet. Don’t…” I paused, looking down into her face, “keep me waiting.”

I sauntered off smiling, completely confident in Rena’s ability to get the men to do what I wanted.


It had been weeks since I’d last entered Xeros. I wondered through the glittering throng, stopping momentarily here and there to greet those I knew. I raised a hand in passing to Jean Paul–the owner of Xeros and the man who’d trained me to be the woman I am today. His slow smile told me how pleased he was to see me here. I noted his harem was rather small tonight, perhaps I’d invite him to join in the fun later.

An older man, forty something maybe, approached me as I settled at the bar. “Is there anything I can do for you, Mistress?”

I leaned back against the railing to get a better look at him. Though there were silver hairs at his temple, he was still well-toned, muscled and taut in all the right places. I smiled. “I appreciate the offer, but I believe I have sufficient company this evening.” I glanced towards the door, noting Rena’s approach. Ah, I was right. Both men followed behind her, dressed only in their boots.

The man in front of me watched, enviously, as Rena came up beside me and wrapped her arms around my waist. “Another time, perhaps, Mistress.”

My mind dismissed him even before he walked off. Turning, I brought my hand up and under Rena’s hair, reaching to remove the collar I knew she wore. “Perhaps, my pet, this might look better on him.” I nodded to Gray.

Her jaw dropped. She flushed, dropping her eyes submissively. “Mistress, I don’t know if I’m ready. I…”

I smiled. “Rena, darling. There’s a time when a teacher must stand aside and let her pupil have free reign.” I handed her a keycard. “Enjoy yourself.”

Rena grinned and slipped the collar gently around Gray’s neck. He was nervous, but more than willing I could tell. “Good evening, Mistress.” She pushed Drew forward before turning to leave. “Be gentle with him, will you? He’s untried.”

I ran a finger over his pectoral muscles, watching the small bumps rise on his flesh in reaction. “Gentle, eh? Are you certain you want gentle?”

Drew swallowed nervously, watching Rena and Gray walk towards the stairs. “Umm, look. I’m really not sure that…”

I curled my hand possessively around his testicles. “Xeros is a bit much for a first-timer.” I slid off the stool and, testicles still in hand, pulled him with me towards the toy room. “Come. Let’s find you something interesting to play with.”

He drew a tight breath. “Jesus, woman! Let go!”

I squeezed him gently as I tugged harder, urging him to follow willingly. “You may address me as Mistress or Ma’am while you’re here.”

I’m sure his mind simply boggled at the concept. I was, admittedly, at least a half-dozen years younger than he. “You’re kidding?!? I…”

I squeezed his testicles tighter. “Mistress or Ma’am, if you please. I wouldn’t want to have to punish you on your first night out.”

Drew whimpered low in his throat. “Dear God. Mistress, please…”

“Good boy!” I let up on his testes. “Ahh, here we are! Diana, dear, I’m interested in a little something for my new pet.” I eyed him up and down. He was tall, well over six feet. Thickly muscled but not burdensomely so. He worked out to stay in shape, not to build mass. “Hmm… perhaps something in leather?”

A tall willowy woman decked out in studded leather sauntered towards us. “Phoenix! I was wondering when I’d see you again!” She leaned in, kissing me full on the lips. She cuddled me against he, cupping my breast in her palm. “So.” She licked her lips. “This is your new pet?”

I shrugged, pulling away from her. “Perhaps. I haven’t truly decided yet.”

“Hmm…” She circled around Drew, checking him out from all sides. “I think I have something you’ll like.” She disappeared into the back for a minute before returning with a newly opened box. The collar she pulled out was wide, maybe a full two inches wide, and was studded with blunted spikes—pointed towards the inside.

I looked skeptically at Drew. “Mmm… I don’t think so, Diana. I’ve no idea what his pain threshold is yet. But you might show it to Rena before she leaves.”

Diana’s face lit up. “Turned her loose on her own, have you? Wonderful! Another Domina to celebrate.” She tapped a finger against her lips. “Ah! Perfect.” She leaned behind the counter, displaying her full, rounded buttocks and shaved cunt to the room at large.

“Damn, Diana! You did it, didn’t you?!?” I leaned in to get a better look at the ring dangling from her clit.

She laughed. “Well, I couldn’t very well let you outdo me now could I?” She held up a standard choke chain and lead. “Will this do?”

I nodded. “Oh, yes. I’ll take it.” I pulled Drew forward, noting again a slight resistance. “Drew?” I turned to look fully upon him. “Must I remind you of your position here?” I tightened my fingers, twisting his testicles ever so slightly.

“Aaagh!” Beads of perspiration broke out across his forehead. “No… Mistress… No.”

I jerked downward with a light hand, watching as he dropped to his knees at my feet. “You agreed to this of your own free will. Did you not?”

He licked his lips. “Yes… Mistress… Yes, I agreed.”

I pulled the hair at the nape of his neck, forcing his eyes to mine. “Rena explained the rules?”

He flinched. “Yes, Mistress.”

I put my face inches from his. “And are you willing to continue? Or will you back out now? Because I will not warn you of your place again.”

His blue eyes bore into mine. I could see the beginning of lust in their depts. “I will continue, Mistress.”

I nodded. “Very well. We will not speak of this again.” I dropped the collar over his head, pulling the links to check the fit. “Diana? Add a ball gag to this ensemble and a bag of my usual toys, will you? I think I’ll take him downstairs for a while.”

Diana handed me the ball gag. I slipped the ball into his mouth, pulling the straps behind his head and fastening them tightly. I set my lips beside his ear and whispered. “There is a very fine line between pleasure and pain and I will make every attempt not to permanently harm you this evening.” I could feel a tremble start within him. “But you will do as I say, Drew.”

Smiling, I took the bag from Diana. I gave a slight yank on Drew’s leash and headed for the stairs.


The room I’d selected was equipped with a wide variety of toys. I towed a slightly reluctant Drew inside, shutting the door behind me. In the center of the room was the rack I wanted. High enough to restrain a man of Drew’s height and strong enough to withstand his weight. “Raise your arms, pet.”

He stood stock still for a moment, wondering what I would do to him in the coming hours.

“Your arms, pet.” I slapped a hand across his buttocks. “Raise them, now!”

He raised them swiftly, suspending his forearms across the top beam so that I could I lock them into the padded manacles.

“Good boy!” I stroked a hand down his belly, listening as he drew in a startled breath. “Now your feet. Spread them wide.”

He shifted his weight, moving his feet roughly two feet apart.

I kicked at the inside of his ankle. “Push them out until the sides of your feet hit the restraints.”

He spread his legs out for me as I wanted them. Leaning down, I manacled his ankles to the sides of the frame. I walked around him, watching as he pulled slightly to test the restraints. “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about getting loose, my pet. You’re well and truly tied!”

I picked up one of the smaller cats from the table next to him. “Hmm…” I ran the tails over his thighs and buttocks. “Do you like pain, I wonder?”

He shook his head rapidly.

“No?” I flicked my wrist, bringing the ends to curl upwards towards his buttocks. His cock twitched, hardening and lengthening. “Are you certain?” I flicked the ends of the cat against his ass, harder this time.

He groaned around the gag and his penis began to redden as it filled with blood. Beads of sweat broke out across his back and chest.

“I wonder…” I reached into the bag for one of the toys Diana had packed. “Yes, let’s try these shall we?” I moved in front of him, stroking my hands firmly across his chest. “So nicely developed here.” My fingers flicked across his smooth male nipples. I smiled as he jumped. “Something else you like, eh?” I dragged the edge of one of the clamps up his side. His head dropped, trying to follow what I was doing with his eyes.

I placed a clamp on his right nipple and waited, watching. His eyes closed tightly and he moaned. I flicked it with my fingers, making it vibrate. “This… this is what I mean by the fine line between pleasure and pain.” His penis, hardened and purple now, pulsed. “Ah, ah, ah!” I placed the other clamp over his left nipple. “Mustn’t come until I say you can, my pet.”

Drew’s body shook. I could see his shoulders strain as he pulled against his restraints. “Shhhhhh, shhhhhh now.” I backed off, giving him time to breathe and become accustomed to the new sensations.

I walked away from him, grabbing a low chair and dragging it forward. I stripped the dress from my body and sat in the chair, facing him, legs spread. My hand fingered my cunt slowly. I was wet and getting wetter by the minute. “Drew?” I called softly. “Drew, pet?”

His eyes opened and he raised his head to look at me. His eyes widened and his cheeks flushed. I watched his Adam’s apple bob rapidly in his throat.

I fingered my clit, playing with the small stud I’d had placed there. “Do you like what you see, my pet?” He groaned, low in his throat.

“Do you?” I slid a finger into my vagina. “Umm… Do you wonder what it would feel like? To take me? To slide your hard dick into me?” I slid a second finger in, pulsing my hand back and forth in a wonderful friction. “Hmm… to feel me wrapped around you, squeezing, milking, quaking.”

His groan became a growl. His eyes followed my every move. His penis stood out almost straight from his body.

“Unh!” I shuddered, allowing myself to climax. I sat in the chair, head bowed, breathing deeply. Finally, I raised my eyes to his and I smiled. “Do you ever wonder?” I asked as I pulled my hand from my cunt, bringing my fingers to my mouth to lick the cream from their ends. “Do you wonder what it feels like from my side? With all of that heat and hardness pulsing inside of you?”

I reached into the back, grabbing a condom from the stack. “Have you ever thought of what it feels like to have 8 or 9 inches of solid flesh pounding into you? Over and over?” I leaned down to kiss the tip of his shaft gently. His whole body jerked as if I’d shot him. His eyes closed again as I wrapped my fingers around him firmly, holding him still to slide on the condom.

I went back to the bag, reaching in to pull out a good sized butt plug and a tube of jelly. The tap of my heels echoed off the floor as I rounded the frame. “I can show you, my pet. I can show you what it feels like to be so full you can’t breathe.” I laid my hand gently across his ass.

He flinched, shaking his head and grunting.

I spread the jelly across my finger and smoothed it along his crack. “Relax, my pet. Relax for me.” I reached around and grabbed his cock, gently jerking my fist up and down his length. “That’s it, pet. That’s it.” I inserted a finger slowly into his ass.

He shuddered. I could see drops of pre-cum coating the end of the condom.

“Take a deep breath for me, pet, and blow it out.” I waited as he did what I’d told him to do, then slid another finger in beside the first. The grunts he made against the gag were almost animalistic in their intensity. Slowly, I pulled my fingers from his ass. Grabbing the butt plug, I lubricated it thickly. Gently, I placed the tip of the plug at his anus and pushed.

Drew moved his ass as far away from me as he could get, but I followed. “Easy, my pet. You can take this. Relax for me. Relax and breathe.” I pushed harder, entering his ass an inch and then two. “It’s not as large as you are, pet.” My other hand went to his cock, causing his hips to rock back as he sought out his pleasure.

I shoved the plug the remainder of the way in, turned on the vibration mechanism, stepped back and watched him as he came—again and again—in long, roping spews.

It’s amazing how long it can take for a man to finish coming this way. I sat in the chair, Rabbit in hand, watching him come and come again and again. God, it was spectacular!

When he was quiet, I removed the plug, bathed his body and released him from the restraints. “Come, my pet.” I led him towards the round bed in the corner. “Rest a bit, then maybe we’ll play some more.”

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