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Lost At Sea

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The stewardess was being very slow. Annoyed that she was being put on hold, Miranda Davis turned and looked over her shoulder for the woman she had ordered a glass of wine from nearly fifteen minutes ago. The man sitting next to her, who had been buried in a book until now, glanced over with her movement.

“Business or pleasure?” He asked referring, no doubt, to the fact that they would be landing in Hawaii soon. Turning her gaze to the tall, broad shouldered gentleman, Miranda shifted her hold on the magazine she was reading so that her glittering wedding ring could be clearly seen. She had no interest in the man beside her, other then someone to talk to.

“Neither,” She said with a small smile. “I’m going home.” The man arched both brows and put down the book he was reading. Miranda glanced at the title, Forbidden, it said in fiery red letters featuring a very realistic and graphic depiction of a half nude woman tied to a stone alter. She felt a slight wave of unease.

“You’re from Hawaii?” He asked, stating the obvious and Miranda smiled nervously, twisting the ring on her finger. “Yes.” Just then the stewardess finally came over with her order and Miranda took it gratefully, wishing it were something stronger, but she wanted to greet her husband, David, with a clear head. She had missed him terribly in the three weeks she had been gone and frankly she was looking forward to a long, hot bath and a good fuck. Never having been with another man, Miranda had no basis for comparison when she said her husband was fabulous in bed. He was a gentle, generous lover who demanded very little and gave a lot. Thinking of what awaited her she shifted slightly in her seat and tried to get a look out the window. The man was still watching her.

“Homesick?” He asked, and Miranda paused to get a better look at him. He wasn’t classically handsome but he had an interesting face. He had very short dark hair and stoic green eyes. She would have bet money that he was single, single and looking, it was apparent.

She tried to sound to impatient. “A little, yes.” The man’s gaze slid over her wedding ring that she was twisting. He smirked, as if amused by something.

“Miss your husband?” He asked in a tone that was more than conversational. Miranda eyed the man.

“Yes…very much.” She said carefully.

The man leaned over, very close to her. “I bet I can guess what you miss the most.”

Miranda’s eyebrows shot up as she stared at him. How dare he? “Excuse me?” Her tone was cold.

He smiled brightly and picked up his book again. “Sorry, I’ll just go back to my book now.” Miranda frowned and rifled impatiently through her magazine. She was not reassured by the fact that they still had three hours yet to fly before she was home.

Miranda was a beautiful woman. She was turning thirty-four in three weeks but she looked ten years younger. Her long platinum blonde hair was most often seen in a sleek French braid that hung nearly to her waist nicely complimenting her copper complexion and clear blue eyes. Today she had it pinned up in a neat twist that completely hit the secret of its luxurious length. She wore a cream-colored travel suit that showed the delicious curves of her magnificent body. Miranda was proud of her figure. She was always sure to eat smart and exercise daily, mostly for David who couldn’t stand an ounce of fat, but somewhat for herself too.

The dipping neckline of the silk jacket extenuated her deliciously heavy breasts and its cinched waist, held in place by a delicate gold chain showed her catlike slenderness. The man beside her took all of this in from the corner of his eye, and Miranda could sense him watching her. She scanned the plane for an empty seat but they were filled to capacity. She clenched her teeth and picked up her wine to take a sip. The plane trembled and a goodly amount of the dark fluid splashed across the front of her jacket. Miranda frowned deeply as she called for a stewardess. She dabbed soda water on the fine silk as she inwardly seethed. She had wanted to look nice for David and now her best travel suit was ruined.

“Everyone, we’re going through a pretty bad storm and might experience some turbulence, the captain requests that everyone fasten their seatbelts and please refrain from leaving your seats.” The chipper young stewardess smiled sweetly at the passengers aboard and a collective sigh was heard amidst the sound of two hundred seatbelts fastening.

Glancing out the window, Miranda’s stomach clenched at what she saw. Dark angry clouds swirled all around them, lightning flashed and the plane groaned as it hit another pocket of air. The sighing soon stopped and was replaced by an eerie silence as everyone tried to stay calm. The plane bucked and dipped in the storm and people grabbed for airsick bags. The putrid smell of vomit filled the cabin as the plane veered off to the left, and then the right and the smell of smoke filled the air. People began to panic, steward call lights went off right and left but they were all buckled in and not responding.

A sudden nosedive had Miranda grasping the seat in front of her to keep from slamming backward. Oxygen masks dropped suddenly from the ceiling and Miranda felt a wave of panic as she struggled to put hers on. Someone screamed and the plane started spinning, making everything blur and distort.

We’re upside down. Miranda thought. I’m going to die! It was clear the plane was in trouble. It spun and flipped through the sky like a fighter jet, but unlike a fighter jet, it was heading straight for the ocean. Screaming was heard as through the windows the ocean was rushing up to meet them. A sickening crunch was heard as one wing was ripped from the plane. Miranda screamed and then the plane hit and her world went black.

It was the cold, not so much the water itself that awoke Miranda. Surrounded by flaming wreckage and huge, angry waves, Miranda surfaced in the frigid water and felt a wave of burning pain overtake her. Her vision spun crazily as a huge wave lifted her high into the air and sent her crashing back down, down, down deep into the water. She couldn’t breathe, she panicked, and then as she surfaced, strong hands were lifting her, pulling her into a dingy. She passed out again from the pain.

Miranda awoke to a throbbing pain in her temples and the sensation of constant movement that made her nauseous. She slowly, painfully opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was yellow. Shiny yellow, pushing herself up on one elbow she realized it was very early morning and she was in a yellow, rubber life raft…lost at sea. Panic overwhelmed her and she spun about. There was only one other person in the lifeboat, the man who had been sitting beside her and he was staring out at the water.

“Oh my god…” Miranda’s voice shook. “Oh my god, where are we?” Pain throbbed in her head as she spoke and the man turned to look at her.

“I really don’t know I’m afraid.” He said calmly. Miranda searched for signs of other life, anything, anything but the miles of flat blue ocean that surrounded them. There was nothing to see, nothing but water. At least the storm seemed to be over. They were lifted high on ocean waves but set gently back down to be lifted again. Miranda tried to calm down, to take stock what they had to survive and of her condition. Her clothes were wet, dirty, and torn, but still intact.

The gold chain dangled uselessly at her side. There was no blood that she could see, but her head throbbed painfully. A gentle examination brought her fingers away red and she realized that she had a gash above her ear. Considering everything that had happened, it seemed she had gotten away quite lucky. Her hair was still halfway pinned up, long tresses of it falling down, some streaked with red. She pinned it back up with shaking fingers and turned her attention to the man who was watching her.

“Are you okay?” She asked him.

He nodded lying back against the raft. “I have a terrible headache and I feel a little sick but I think I’m all right.”

Miranda swallowed. “Did…did anyone else survive? Do you know what happened?”

The man shook his head. “No I just grabbed the flotation device under my seat, you can thank me later. I didn’t see anyone and I don’t know what direction to go so I’m just letting the ocean carry us.”

Miranda felt a wave of sickness wash over her. “We’re lost at sea.” She all but whispered and he scooted closer to her to put a hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay. They’ll find us, today probably.” Miranda swallowed. Her throat was very dry.

“How long has it been, do we have any supplies?” He opened a tiny pouch in the side of a raft and pulled out a bright orange nylon bag. He handed her a nearly full water bottle. “It’s just been the night, the storm stopped a couple of hours ago. We have five of these, three flares, and ten aluminum pouches that I suspect are food.” Miranda gratefully accepted the water taking a long drink. She could have swallowed the whole thing but she knew they should save it. “And there is a first aid bag, let me see your ear.”

Miranda let him dab some iodine on her wound, but since there wasn’t much else to be done, it had to be left at that. It stung badly and he gave her two aspirin, also found in the first aid pouch. “Did you use a flare?” She asked him. He nodded. “There were five total, I used one right away and another after the storm ended. Don’t worry too much, they know where the plane went down, they’ll find us.”

Miranda nodded choking back her tears. She noticed with some displeasure that that her wedding ring was gone, undoubtedly, lost forever. She pulled her knees up to her chest and tried to fight the motion sickness. “What’s your name?” She asked him. He held out his hand, a ridiculous gesture of greeting in their current predicament, but it would have to do. She took his hand slowly.

“Kevin.” He told her. “And you?”

“Miranda.” She said and he offered her a smile. “Good to meet you…although I think it could have happened in a better way.” The sun slowly started to beat down on them making the temperature shoot up to an uncomfortably sticky heat and Miranda took off her jacket. She was just wearing a camisole underneath but it didn’t seem like a time for modesty. Her body screamed for water and she took a tiny sip.

“At least I get to work on my tan.” She offered with a lame smile and Kevin laughed. “I’m going to turn tomato red I can already tell.” He said also removing his shirt. They both scanned the sky for signs of help, but it was clear and blue and the only thing seen flying there were clouds, not even birds, which, Miranda thought, was a bad sign. She fell asleep again and woke up abruptly to Kevin easing himself down on top of her. A brief struggle ensued but he pinned her down with the weight of his body.

“Listen up Miranda,” He said holding her down. “I’m a lot stronger than you. If I wanted to, I could just throw you overboard for the sharks, no one would ever know. Understand?”

Miranda’s blue eyes widened as her instinct to scream overwhelmed her.

Kevin laughed when she screamed. “No one is going to hear you. You think the sharks will help?” Miranda began to cry and he smiled cruelly. “You scream all you want baby but you had better cooperate or I will use you as bait to go fishing, understand?” Miranda thought about trying to fight him, but it was impossible. He was huge compared to her and even if she could throw him overboard there was no way she could paddle the dingy faster than he could swim. He slapped her hard. “Understand?” He said again. Miranda ‘s head began to throb terribly and she nodded as she felt blood run down her neck from the gash on her head.

“I hate women like you. Always think you’re better than everyone else. I was watching you when you got on the plane, you’ve got a hot body.” He buried a rough kiss against her unwilling lips and instantly she bit down hard. He came up cursing and hurled her over the side of the raft. The cold water was a shock. Miranda panicked as she realized she was now swimming in the middle of the ocean. Kevin sneered as the tide began to carry him away and she screamed swimming after him.

“Don’t leave me here, please!”

Slowly he paddled back to her. “Going to behave bitch?” His voice was ice cold as blood ran down his chin. Her chin quivered as she looked up at him fearfully.

“Yes, yes, I’ll do what you want, just don’t leave me here.”

Smiling he hauled her back on board and instantly his hands were roaming over her body. “Take off your clothes.” He commanded. “All of them.”

Miranda bit her lip but complied. She had no choice. Slowly she peeled off her camisole and her breasts hung beautiful and heavy, the nipples hard from the cold water and Kevin watched her hungrily. She unfastened her belt and shimmied out of the ruined slacks so that she was wearing just her pink, silk panties. Kevin reached over and yanked them off of her. Her high heels and trouser socks had been lost in the crash so now she was naked. Without further ado he tossed her clothed overboard and all she could do was shriek in protest.

“Want to join them?” He asked, and she meekly shook her head. She was completely naked now and very embarrassed. She was all honey tanned flesh and golden hair. Her neatly trimmed snatch shone like gold in the brilliant sunlight and Kevin laughed aloud. “Christ, a natural blonde.” He climbed up her body, suckling her nipples into his mouth and ran his rough hands down her sensitive flesh to her dry, unwelcoming cunt. He slid down her body and parted the lips of her vagina with his fingers.

Miranda lay tense and unmoving on her back on the floor of the raft, trying to remove herself from the situation in her mind. She was jerked quickly back into her body however, when he began to suck her clit, his warm, wet tongue rolling over her sensitive nub. David never, never did that and she leaped a mile as his mouth caressed her. He growled against her cunt and held her hips down with his hands, reminding her to stay still once again. He pushed her knees apart with his hands and went to work on her. He circled her clit with his tongue and traced a path down to her tight slit.

He sucked hard on her clit making her quiver and Miranda squirmed as electricity sparked through her hips. Her blood rushed downward to her cunt and the gentle rolling ocean waves only aided in the alien sensations she was being flooded with. As her body moistened to his touch he slid a finger up inside of her and Miranda clenched her teeth as her fucked her and sucked her clit. She tried to fight the impending built of orgasm but she could no more resist it then she could fly to safety and as the tidal wave swept over her she had to bite her lip from crying out as her body arched right up off the raft. Kevin laughed cruelly. “I knew you would enjoy this you dumb cunt.”

“Get on your knees.” The command was spoken roughly and whimpering, wondering what horrible things he would do to her now, she obeyed climbing to her knees and holding on to the rope that ran all around the raft. His eyes roamed over her tight, tan ass and that sweet, tight cunt and he grinned to himself. His most forbidden fantasies were finally coming true.

Miranda jumped a mile when she felt his hot, throbbing cock brush against her thigh. Kevin reached around, fondling her nipples as he teased her clitoris with his cock. He ran his hands down her body and lifted her open sliding effortlessly into the tight confines of her pussy. Miranda gasped as he slid himself inside of her. His cock pushed through the slick canal of her vagina spreading her wide open. He had to be twice as thick as David and at least three or four inches longer.

She felt the wave of erotic sensation that always accompanies first entrance and struggled desperately with the instinct to push back against him. She gripped harder onto the rough rope and felt it cut into her hands. He placed a hand on each of her hips and slowly, savoring it, began to fuck her. His strokes were deep and slow stroking a coal buried deep within her.

He slid out and then back in, his breathing became ragged as he slowly picked up speed until he was fucking her very hard and fast and Miranda could no longer stop her body from pushing back to meet him. Her mouth hung wide open as she grasped the rope strangled cries emanating from her parted lips and her hair spilling loose and falling like gold all around her. Kevin clung harder as he thrust again and again his cock imbedding itself in the now welcoming wet snatch.

Miranda groaned as his cock sank itself up to the hilt again and again, hitting the smoldering embers within her over and over. She gasped pushing back against him and gasped more when his pace quickened. He began to slow then reaching a hand around to caress her swollen clit, his cock still sliding rock hard in and out of her tight cunt. She could feel herself opening and closing around his throbbing hardness and the sensation was amazing. Where his fingers touched her clit it felt like a fire was burning and she trembled, becoming unbelievably tight when she came to orgasm.

Kevin smiled as he pulled out her, his dick glistened in the sunlight from her pussy juices and he tenderly massaged her ass as he leaned close to whisper in her ear. “Did you like that baby?” Miranda froze, still clinging to the life raft; she couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She was instantly bombarded by guilt and disgust. As soon as she got off this godforsaken raft she was sending this pervert straight to prison. As if reading her mind he grabbed her and flipped her around to face him.

“If you breathe a word of this to anyone when we’re rescued, you’re reputation will be ruined. I know what kind of high-class society bitch you are. What will your husband think? By the way, I threw your wedding ring into the ocean.”

Miranda’s jaw dropped and he took the opportunity to shove his dick in her face.

“Suck it bitch, and if you bite I’ll throw you in and leave you there for good.” Miranda felt her resolve crumbling once again. She was helpless. What else could she do? Tears began to course down her cheeks as she took his cock into her mouth. Kevin groaned as her lips wrapped around his cock.

“Suck it like you mean it slut and you had better make it good.” Knowing he wasn’t kidding she began to suck his cock, taking it deep into her mouth she caressed it with he tongue like a pro. David liked her to give him head; it was harder with Kevin because he had such a huge cock. Her pussy throbbed and twitched beneath her.

Traitor, she thought. Kevin groaned as her hot wet mouth engulfed his throbbing cock. God she was good. When he felt himself approach orgasm he pulled he away and pushed her onto her back. Taking each of her legs up over his shoulders he thrust his cock into her swollen cunt and began to fuck her hard.

Miranda gasped as his huge member sunk mercilessly into her pussy. She felt her snatch immediately tight, swallowing his huge cock and she clung to each side of the raft as he fucked her, ramming his dick deep inside of her. After a moment, he trembled clinging to her legs as his balls tightened and he came. A sick feeling washed over Miranda. She and David were trying to have children so she wasn’t on the pill. What if she wound up pregnant? She could feel his cock twitching inside of her and shifted slightly so he could pull out.

Feeling her move beneath him, Kevin grasped her legs and pulled her body up hard against his cock. He held her there for a long ten minutes fucking her so slowly and moving such a small amount that the fire in Miranda’s loins began to ignite again. When he had recovered he began to move harder and faster. “Tell me how good it feels.” He commanded.

“Tell me you love it.” Miranda felt humiliation wash over her. He fucked her steadily, not too fast, his huge, hard cock sinking itself in her tight snatch. He kept it up, over and over, never ceasing, just fucking at that steady pace until she was groaning beneath him. “Tell me.” He commanded. He fucked her. “Tell me.” He kept fucking her, his hard cock swelling, filling up all the available space as he continued to fuck her, in and out. God it felt so good, his slick member riding in and out of her as the waves assisted. He fucked her a little harder digging his fingers into her legs. “Tell me.” He said again and she shuddered as she body tightened around his cock. He kept fucking right through her orgasm, never changing his pace and his thick shaft tortured her.

“Oh god…” She gasped as she felt another orgasm right on the heels of the first. He gripped her harder pumping his cock in and out of her in a steady rhythm. “Tell me.” He commanded quietly still fucking her. “Yes, yes,” She whimpered grinding her hips against him. “God please, oh god, fuck me.” He leaned over and kissed her then, still fucking but his dick was going much deeper now that he was leaning forward and she cried out against his lips bucking up to meet his thrusts.

He kept it up like that for a few minutes and then flipped her back onto her knees and started fucking her really hard. He fucked for all he was worth shoving in and out of her like a steam engine; sweat dripping from his brow as he drove into her again and again. He fucked her for a good long ten minutes while she screamed and drove her hips back to meet his every thrust. Finally they both exploded in orgasm and he collapsed on top of her leaving his cock shoved inside of her for an hour or more while he slept, pinning her down. It shrank and then grew huge again inside of her and each time she squirmed to get away he would buck his hips a few time, fucking her grandly for a moment and then grow still again.

Finally he awoke, still buried inside of her and began to fuck her slowly. She had fallen asleep by then and woke up to his slow stroking. She groaned, her sore, swollen pussy welcoming the invasion. He kept it up for five minutes or so, the slow, steady fucking and spilled himself inside her once again. He pulled out after a few minutes and made her stay that way, butt up in the air while he licked her pussy clean. She groaned and leaned back against his face as another orgasm shook her.

Two days passed this way with her fighting it and loving it. Finally one day in the middle of a grand fuck session a helicopter came out of nowhere and the four men inside gaped at what they saw. A beautiful woman getting royally fucked, gasping and loving it in the middle of the ocean.

They landed on the water and took the two crash victims inside, they could have offered her a blanket but they didn’t, choosing instead to stare at her beautiful body as they flew towards Hawaii. Once there they gave her a blanket to wrap up in and she finally got to go home to her husband.

Miranda was convinced she was going to call the police until the helicopter operators saw her fucking the man with all she was worth. She never told David about it either and when she wound up pregnant three months later, she knew she could never tell him about Kevin. It was her secret, her erotic fantasy memory that she often looked back on with fondness. She never saw Kevin again, except in her fantasies.

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