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Peter and Jessica

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An unexpected package in the post is always a pleasure, and this was no exception. Although if Jessica had foreseen the events that would unfold, she may have been less excited when she noticed, upon her return from work, the box left outside her door.

She scooped it up with the other post and then placed it on the table while she changed and poured a glass of wine.

It had been her birthday last week, so she assumed it was a late present, but the packaging gave no indication as to who might have sent it.

After dealing with the unwelcome bills and the welcome wine, she topped up her glass and opened the box. Inside was another smaller box, and when she lifted it out a piece of paper fell to the floor. She picked it up, turned it over, and read the typed message:

‘Wear this for an hour tomorrow, and then for an hour extra each day until you are wearing it all the time when awake. Peter’

Her heart leapt and her stomach tightened. It had been over a month since she had heard from her lover, and she had started to feel concerned. Their relationship was far from conventional, but it was working well for both of them for now. His last communication of this nature had resulted in the most intense orgasms Jessica had ever experienced, so she was intrigued.

She opened the brown box, lifted out the object that was inside, and gasped. It was beautiful; the curved mirror like surface, the weight, the ring at the end. But the size of it made her clench her arse involuntarily. It was the most gorgeous toy she had ever seen, and the most terrifying. She had played with butt-plugs before, but never one this size, this weight. Would it even fit?

Peter was always a stickler for strict adherence to instructions, so she put it away for now, filled the evening with mundane chores and then went to bed, satisfying herself with her fingers alone before drifting off, her final thought being that this would make the conference she was attending in ten days time a lot more interesting.

Jessica slept soundly, waking only when her alarm roused her uncomfortably. As she went through her morning routine, she considered which hour would be best for wearing her new toy today. She had left it too late to wear this morning without having to leave the house with it, and she really did not want to do that on the first wearing, so she resolved to attempt her first insertion as soon as she returned from work that evening.

With that settled in her mind, she left the house in high spirits, having chosen an outfit that was a little sexier than usual to reflect her mood.

The day passed uneventfully, apart from the usual fun of allowing brief glimpses of stocking tops to a few lucky men, although the afternoon seemed to drag on for longer than usual. Her mind had turned to the sensual curves of the shiny metal, wondering again if it would fit, imagining how it might feel as is stretched and stretched her.

On the dot of five Jessica stood up, smoothed down her skirt and headed for the lift, keener to get home than normal. Twenty minutes later she was opening her front door, removing her jacket and letting her skirt fall to the floor. She paused briefly by the mirror in the hall: she loved the look that suspenders gave, especially on days like this when she didn’t wear any knickers. The straps framed her cunt beautifully she thought.

A glass of wine later, and she was ready to explore. She took out a small bottle of lube from a drawer by her bed, applied it liberally to the plug and to her arsehole, and placed the end of the plug against herself.

The initial sensation was one of cold, and she involuntarily pulled it away from her, before forcing herself to push it once more against her tight hole. She always loved the sensations that pressure there caused, as her arsehole slowly opened. She had enjoyed Peter’s cock in her arse on more than one occasion, and had enjoyed smaller plugs before. But one this size? She remained unsure. She squatted upright, holding the smooth metal ring with a hand that was now pressed against her bed, and lowered herself onto the enormous plug.

Fuck it felt good to her, her arse stretching now, as far as it ever had before. Still she knew that there was at least another couple of inches to insert before the relief of the tapered end, just before the ring, would allow her some respite.

Jessica paused, worried that it was truly too big, but as she relaxed from the effort, she felt it slip gently in a little more. She concentrated on breathing deeply to relax herself, and pressed her weight against it.

Oh God, she had never felt anything like it before. The metal, warming now, filled her totally, and she could feel herself close to cumming already. But she knew that this had to be in her for an hour, so she forced herself to step off the bed, and do her best to walk to the sofa in the other room. She was worried that the weight of it would pull it out as she walked, but the narrow neck of it allowed her body to keep it securely inside. Every movement brought new pleasures to her, and she had to steady herself with hands on the wall to avoid collapsing on the way.

She needed to know if she could sit down with it in her. She would need to, if she was going to satisfy the demands of her caring cruel lover. She knew she would: she had never failed him yet, and already her body was beginning to settle itself around the intrusion. The pleasure, however, continued to build, and it took barely a touch of her clit to push her body into spasms, her arse squeezing around the plug, forcing wave after wave of pleasure through her.

She collapsed on the sofa, and was surprised to find that she could sit comfortably, the ring nestled safely between her cheeks, and for the first time she felt confident that this was a challenge she would meet. She sat there, relaxed, rocking slowly back and forth, enjoying the subtle movements of the plug within her.

The next day was Saturday, and she was able to plan the two hours of wearing more carefully. She had decided that she wanted to leave the house with the plug inside her as soon as possible, and turned over various places she might go so stretched.

She thought she would be able to manage a trip to the local shop, and hoped that she would manage to exchange the necessary words with the shopkeeper. He was a lovely old man, who never tried to hide his appreciation of her figure. She decided to give him a treat today, and chose her outfit accordingly. She wore a plunge bra, knickers and stockings, with a green casual dress that allowed the bra to show off her cleavage to great effect.

With the plug inserted, she headed out. Walking had been manageable inside, but outside it seemed so much harder. She was sure that everyone must be looking at her, but whenever she glanced around she saw that no one was.

She made it uneventfully to the shop, and was pleased when the shopkeeper immediately smiled at her, and then lowered his gaze to the swell of her chest, and smiled more broadly.

She picked up a few things that she might use later, flirted gently, paid and returned home, proud of her success.

By the sixth day she had no choice but to wear the plug to work, as her instructions required six hours of wearing.

She had been practising walking, and felt reasonably confident that, apart from perhaps a sexier sway to her step, no one would suspect anything. However her confidence was not enough to prevent every conversation, every meeting, every walk to and from her desk from turning into a flood of uncertainty. She felt sure that someone must guess that she was deeply aroused the whole time, even if the existence of the plug was undetectable. No one commented however, even when she met with two male colleagues for coffee, although she almost wished they had. As the sixth hour ended, she was grateful to escape to the ladies to remove her new found favourite toy.

She enjoyed the removing almost as much as the inserting now, and took her time, focussing on the delicious feeling as her arsehole stretched to allow the enormous plug to come out. As the widest part stretched her most, she reached down and let her fingers slip into her soaking cunt, moving fast in the way she knew would bring her close. As the plug finally slid free, it was all she could do to remain silent as an orgasm shook her body.

Soon the start of the conference was upon her, and so it was Jessica found herself packing for her three day annual trip to France. By this time she was up to eleven hours of wearing, and had grown very used to its presence inside her. Familiarity had done nothing to dampen the flames of the passion that she felt when wearing it though. She enjoyed packing for these events, and chose her underwear with care. She packed four smart dresses, some trousers, a couple of skirts and a few of her favourite tops.

She chose to wear comfortable clothes for the flight – a knee length swishy skirt and a loose blouse of hers, adding some fun to the outfit with her red underwear. She paused to check in the mirror that the red of her bra was not visible beneath the material of her blouse.

Her taxi arrived on time, and pulled in at the airport half an hour later. As he came round to open her door, she mischievously allowed her legs to spread a little, granting him a peek of her red knickers. His gaze switched from her face to knickers, letting her know he appreciated the offered view. He refused her tip, saying that she had already made his day, and made her promise to ring him directly next time she needed a taxi.

She always preferred to check in early when flying to allow herself some idle hours shopping, and she had at least two hours to enjoy doing just that. Her mind was considering some of the things she might buy as she came to security and placed her bag into the tray, took off her watch, and stepped through the scanner.

Beep – beep – beep…beep – beep – beep went the scanner, and Jessica looked puzzled as the security guard waved her forward. He ran his hand scanner up and down her, and as it passed her hips, the beeps began again.

Her heart suddenly pounded as she realised what was causing the alarms to go. She had a lump of metal as big as her fist inside her…

Her first impulse was to run away, to ignore the flight and return home, but she immediately realised that that was far from being a good idea.

The guard was asking her if she was carrying any keys or other metal, and she mutely shook her head as she felt the blood rush to her face in shame.

He ushered her towards a side door which Jessica walked through to find herself in a small room with a table and four chairs in the middle, and a white folding screen in one corner.

The guard stepped closer to her and asked her again if she was sure that she was not carrying anything metal. Jessica wished that the floor would open up and swallow her, but as that was not going to happen, she decided that the only course of action was to tell the truth. The words, however, would not come out of her mouth, which was opening and closing now, apparently by itself.

“You leave me no choice”, said the guard, moving Jessica physically, her face against the wall, her legs forced apart.

She felt hands pressing against her body, searching for the metal that the scanners had revealed, but finding nothing obvious.

The hands started again now, pressing more closely against her, starting at her calves, and sliding up first one leg, then the other. Higher they rose, against her thighs now, moving up under her skirt. She closed her eyes, and willed away the thoughts of pleasure that were beginning to form at the back of her mind.

The hands rose higher still, cupping her cheeks, and then, to her everlasting shame, one hand touched against the hardness of the ring nestled in the cleft of her arse.

She could sense the surprise, the confusion in the guard as he paused there, explored, found the ring through her red knickers. He clearly could not work out what it was that he was feeling.

He moved her over to the table, and bent her over it so that he could see exactly what he had been touching. He flipped her skirt over her arse, and Jessica was sure he paused again in surprise at the sexy red knickers that she was wearing. She found the darker, exhibitionist side of her starting to enjoy the situation. So much so, that when the guard slid his hand over her arse she let out a small gasp of pleasure. He paused again, then reaching out with both hands he pulled her knickers sharply down so that they were around her thighs.

She sensed him step back, and knew that he was now admiring her arse, with the metal ring visible. He reached forward, hooked a finger in the ring, and gently pulled.

Jessica put all her weight on her arms as her knees started to give way at the intensity of the feeling. Her arse was stretching wider and wider as the guard pulled now more firmly. He was curious to see just how much this sexy girl had taken inside her. He was enjoying this immensely, and started to move the plug in and out, just a little bit, repeatedly stretching her hole. Jessica could no longer contain herself: the combination of such indecent exposure and physical stimulation was too much. She moved a hand down to stroke her clit, and almost immediately began to cum uncontrollably, her head back, moaning with the incredible physical pleasure that the slowly emerging metal sculpture was bringing. She felt her juices flow down her leg, and knew that the guard would see how incredibly turned on she was.

With one final pull, the plug left her arsehole, and the guard placed it deliberately on the table in front of Jessica.

“Smuggling is a serious crime you know. Is there anything you have to say for yourself?” he asked.

Jessica was struggling to think clearly, as her arse slowly closed again, making her miss what had become a comforting pressure within.

“I am sorry” she managed to say, “I don’t want to be in any trouble. What can I do?”

“I appreciate your attitude. If you are willing to do exactly as I say, I am sure we can find a mutually beneficial outcome”

“Please, just tell me what I need to do?” she pleaded.

The guard needed no further encouragement, and she heard a distinct ‘zip’ as he undid his flies, and then that sweet pressure returning to her arsehole as he replaced the artificial plug with his warm and throbbing cock.

“God, that’s so good, please…harder” was all she could say, and he was more than happy to oblige. He put his hands on her waist and began to fuck her arse hard, in and out, his balls slapping against her on every thrust. She took him easily after so many hours with the plug inside her, but she was clearly still tight enough, as it was not long before the tempo increased along with the grip on her waist.

He pulled himself one last time into her, and let out a low moan as he squirted deep inside her.

Satisfied, he pulled out, reached around to pick up the plug, and then, much to her surprise, he pushed it back into its place, holding his sticky juices in her. It slipped in easily, and she realised suddenly how big his cock must have been to compare so well with the curving object that she now held within her.

“Right, after that thorough search I am satisfied that you are not smuggling anything illegal. You are free to go”

Jessica felt such relief at these words, although she also knew that she needed a lot more to fully satisfy her own needs.

Still, that would have to wait until later. For now, she stood up, pulled up her knickers, smoother her skirt down, thanked the guard and walked out of the door.

She went straight to the ladies to check her appearance, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that a quick brush of her hair was all that was needed.

She still had an hour remaining to do some some shopping, and headed towards one of her favourite boutiques. She was running her hand over the material of a perfect frock when she felt, for the second time that day, a hand against the ring of the plug.

She turned in anger, but that soon melted away when she saw who it was.

“Jessica”, he said, “How’s your trip going so far?”

“Peter…you are a very very bad man, and I love you for it. My trip is going very well, as I suspect you planned from some time ago”

He wrapped his arms around her, and held her very close. His lips against her ear he whispered to her: “You are irresistible wearing what you are, as I noticed the guard discovered. My sexy girl, can I come to Paris with you?”

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