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Pet is Adopted

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Her face is perfect, angelic. Her eyes are a soft blue, her hair pale blond. Her features are delicate and childlike, her lips plump and tinted a soft rose. Her body is slender and sylphlike, sheathed in a high-waisted slip of a dress, gauzy and coy.

He wants her, wants to possess the innocence she embodies, wants to drive himself into it, own it and shut it away so he’ll be the only one to ever taste it.

Luckily, she is for sale. The price is exorbitant, but she is a rare jewel. Well worth the gold, and he pays it gladly.

The trip home is a long one, but his carriage is comfortable, and it gives him the opportunity to speak with her first, to let her look on him. She sits across from him in the seat that faces forward. He takes the seat that faces the rear. He is a big man, features a bit too harsh for true handsomeness, but he knows women find him attractive. They see the wildness in him, crave it between their legs, and he often obliges them. The one before him, though, she is different. She is more. More than a mistress, more, even, than a wife. She is his possession. He smiles, and those who know him would be surprised at the tenderness in the expression.

“You have been very sheltered before now. Have you ever left Madame Claret’s compound at all?” The girl only shakes her head shyly, wide-eyed and overwhelmed by the change in her life. Her whole world had been one place, one narrow experience, and now it’s all been turned upside down. The man before her smiles again, and she finds it a reassuring smile.

“I know she keeps her girls very safe. Have you even seen a man before?”

“Mr. Henry is the handyman, and sometimes there were deliverymen. I never spoke to any of them, though.” He smiles. It’s the first time he’s heard her voice, and it is soft and pleasing. Delicate, like the rest of her.

“Do you know how men and women differ?”

“Men are bigger, and wear trousers. Your hair is shorter.”

“There are other differences. Differences in our bodies.”

“We are shaped differently.”

“Yes. You have breasts. Do you know what your breasts are for?”

“I, um…I have never really thought about it.” Her blush, too, is beautiful to him.

“They are for two things. First, if the right man touches them in the right way, you will experience great pleasure. Second, if you were to bear a child, they would fill with milk so that the child might drink from them.”

“They would? How odd.”

“It is beautiful. Your breasts are beautiful.” She blushes again, and feels curiously warm. Her breasts feel tight and tingly. He feels satisfaction when he sees her nipples tighten through the thin fabric of her gown.

He continues, “There are other differences, too. Men look different between their legs. Where you have a slit, we have a shaft of flesh.”

She looks confused at this, cannot picture a shaft of flesh in her mind. She is also embarrassed by such frank talk, when she has been taught to keep her body covered and never, ever to talk about it. His words make her aware of the slit between her legs, make her aware of the sensations there. Warmth again, and a wetness she’s never felt before. Her breathing gets shorter. He sees the signs of her arousal and is pleased.

“Your slit, do you know what it is called?”

“I, um…my private…my private place?”

“Some call it that, but I would prefer it if you call it your pussy. Can you say that?”

After a hesitation, “Pussy?”

“Yes, very good. You can also call it your cunt. Do you know what your cunt is for?”

Her face is hot and pink. “It…when I use the facilities…”

“That is one use for it, when you pee, but there are other uses as well.”

“I always…just hid it.”

“That is alright. You are doing fine. I am very pleased at how brave you are being, to talk with me like this. I know it is uncomfortable for you, but I am to take care of you from now on. You need to be able to tell me everything about your body. Think of it this way. These parts of you we speak of have been private from everyone else, but they are mine now. Those parts of your body belong to me, and if I am to take care of them properly, we will have to be able to speak of them openly. Does that make things clearer?”

She still feels embarrassed and uncomfortable, but she also glows at the praise. He is pleased with her. He finds her brave. It makes her want to be braver, so he will continue to show approval. “Yes, Sir. I-it does.”

“You are to call me Master. And I shall call you Pet. Will you be my little one, Pet? Will you let me take care of you for the rest of your days?”


“Very good. You have made me very happy. What is the slit between your legs called?”

“My…my pussy. My cunt.”

“It pleases me when you use those words. I want you to use them as often as possible, alright?”

“Yes, Master.”

“How does your pussy feel right now, Pet?”

“My pussy feels…warm, Master, warm and…and…” her face flaming, she ducks her head in shame.

“And what, Pet? It hurts me, that you hide your face. It makes me feel sad.”

This upsets her. She does not want to hurt him. “My cunt feels wet, Master. I don’t know why. I am sorry.”

“It is good for your cunt to feel wet, my sweet girl. Your cunt will feel wet whenever you want to please me in a special way that I will teach you about later. Your body knows, even if your mind does not. Just know that every time your cunt is wet, it is a special thing about you that I am proud of.”

“It is?”

“Yes, and every time it feels that way, warm and wet, you should come tell me about it even if I am not with you. I know how to take care of wet pussies, and will need to know in order to take care of yours.”

“Yes, Master. I will, Master.”

“Now, I am going to ask you to do something very brave, pet. Can you be brave for me?”

“Yes, Master. I will be brave.”

“I want you to pull the front of your dress down. I want you to show your breasts to me. It will please me very much.”

She hesitates only a moment before she pulls the scooped neck of her virginal dress down, exposing her small, sweet tits. He flushes with pleasure. Her adorable nipples are a pale rose. “You are beautiful, my sweet pet. Now hold still. You remember what I told you about how the right man touching them would feel very good? I am the right man, and I am going to touch them now.”

The cool air has drawn the tips of her breasts to tight buds, and her entire body is tingling. “Yes, Master.”

He reaches across to her chest. He strokes a calloused hand over each breast, fondling the entire globes, not going for the nipples yet in order to build the pleasure slowly. “I want you to call these your titties, my pet. You will call them that when you want me to touch them, and the pink parts are your nipples. Do you understand?”

Her breath is coming in gasps now, so answering is difficult. “Yes…Master. My cunt, Master. It just…more wet just came out of it.”

“I am so pleased and proud of you. Your pussy really wants to receive me. ” He gives her nipples a soft squeeze in reward.

“Oh, Master!”

A smile. He sits back in his seat, taking his hands off her breasts, and she whimpers in confusion and hurt. “Do not cry so, my pet. It is not over. We are merely moving on now. I want you to pull up your skirt. Pull it up to your waist.” She does so. “Now I want you to pull down your bloomers. After today, you will not wear them ever again. Your pussy will always be exposed and accessible to me, do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.” Pet pulls her pantaloons down to her ankles, leaving her tits exposed, which pleases him.

When she settles her rump back in her seat, he says, “Spread your legs for me, so that I might see your lovely cunny, Pet.” She does, exposing her pink, slick flower for his perusal. She has been taught to keep her entire body hairless and smooth, and this part of her is no exception. “Does it make you proud, to show me how beautiful you are? Are you proud to spread yourself wide open and have me look at you?”

“Oh, yes, Master! I am so proud of my pussy!”

“Good. You should feel pride and joy in the effect you have on me. You do affect me deeply, Pet.”

“I’m glad, Master,” she says, spread open like a harlot on the other side of the carriage. Her plump pink labia glisten with the honey her body is producing to prepare her for his pleasure. His cock is so hard he fears that he will come if he so much as accidentally brushes it against something.

“I am going to touch your cunt now, Pet.”

“Thank you, Master.”

That gets another tender smile from him. She is quick learning to live for those smiles. He leans forward, his knees pressing against the inside of hers, spreading her wider. He touches the tiny opening of her urethra first, and she moans. He then traces his finger down, around her vaginal opening, marveling at the slick fluid that even now is seeping from her. He traces over her inner lips with a teasing fingertip and plays with a breast with the other, rolls the nipple ever so gently between thumb and forefinger. His pet is soon whimpering and her hips jerk instinctively beneath his hand. He marvels at how her body instinctively wants to fuck, even though she has no concept of what fucking is. Finally, he brings his fingertips to touch her swollen little nub oh so gently. His touch brings a hoarse cry from her lips. “This is your clit, what I am touching now,” he says as he slowly begins to slide his fingertips over it. “When I am very pleased with you, I will tickle it, just as I am doing now. Do you like having your clit tickled, Pet?”

“Yes, Master! It makes my pussy feel so good!” Her words are a soft, astonished whimper.

“I know. I know it does.” He speed up the tempo, exerts a little more pressure. He continues to finger her as he takes the hand that is playing with her breast, and inserts it into her tight passage. Her narrow hips writhe and grind, and she is whimpering and begging prettily, though she knows not what it is she begs for. He knows when she is almost there, hovering on the edge of cumming for the very first time. He continues to tickle her clit with one hand, and leans over to take one pointed rosy nipple in his teeth, tugging gently. This sets off her well-deserved orgasm, and as she screams her pleasure, he tears her hymen with his fingers. The pain is drowned out by the pleasure. He does not want the first time his cock pushes into this hallowed tunnel to cause her any distress whatsoever. She reached the pinnacle of her climax, but he continues to stroke and suckle her as she comes back down, though much, much more gently. Finally she can breathe again, can think. He picks her up, settles her on his lap. He pushes her dress off her shoulders, takes her arms out of the sleeves so she is naked from just below her breasts up. She is amazed at how comfortable she feels with this, how much she likes being exposed so he can look at her if he wishes. She is proud that her body seems to make him happy. It makes her proud of herself. He takes a handkerchief from his pocket, cleans her pussy tenderly, with such gentleness and kindness she could weep. There is blood on the cloth, and she gasps when she sees it.

“The blood is normal, Pet, and will only happen this once. That is your body giving itself to me forever more.” He folds his handkerchief back into his pocket. “I will keep that handkerchief forever and never wash the blood from it, so that I may treasure the gift you have given me today.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”

He settles her head on his shoulder. He keeps her skirt about her waist, and her bloomers around her ankles, so that he may continue to look upon her smooth slit. He fondles her tits gently as their ride continues, and holds her as she drops off into an exhausted sleep.

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