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The Swallow Queen Club Summer

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“Truth or dare?” asks Cristina.

“Truth,” Sammy answers. There’d be plenty of time for wild antics later. The slumber party was just getting started.

“Okay…” Cristina looks around the room at her friends mischievously grinning, feigning serious consideration with a finger to her chin. She pauses extra long to build suspense and takes a swig of her wine cooler before posing her brilliant question: “Spit or swallow?”

Cristina erupts into giggles, burying her face in a throw pillow and rolling onto her back, kicking her slender feet into the air. Sammy and the other two girls look at one another. Sammy shakes her head, smiling, as Cristina sits back up to find her friends cocking their eyebrows and smirking at her.

“Hey, guys, what the fuck? Too gross of a question for you or what?”

Sammy’s voice is high and ironic. “No, Chris, it’s not ‘too gross’.”

“So, well?”

“Oh, come on, Chris! How old are we?” interjects Eve.

“What do you mean?” she protests.

“What kind of a question is that?” Sammy half shouts, “Spit or swallow? Swallow! Duh!”

Cristina gasps, her mouth slack, staring at Sammy in mock horror. Sammy just stares back, her head cocked, smiling through closed lips.

“Oh, my God! Are you serious! You fucking slut!” Cristina covers her mouth with her hands. Sammy rolls her eyes, sighing, and looks to Eve and Lilian. Cristina, incredulous at her friend’s apparent seriousness, removes her thick rimmed black glasses and appeals silently to the other girls as well, anxious to be backed up.

“Really, Chris? Are you saying you don’t swallow?” Lilian asks.

“What!? Are you crazy? Of course not! I’m not a prostitute! Talk about gross.” Cristina grimaces in exaggerated disgust.

Sammy shakes her head sympathetically. “Swallowing,” she says with an air of authority, “does not make you a prostitute.”

“What are you gonna tell us, Chris,” says Lilian, “that you don’t shave your pussy either?”

“Yeah,” concurs Sammy, “It’s pretty much a basic thing nowadays. It’s just like keeping your vag trimmed.”

“You do shave your vag, right, Miss Priss?” teases Eve.

“Oh, come on guys! I’m not that naïve. Of course I shave my twat. I just… I just can’t believe you actually swallow dudes’… cum.”

Cristina is looking away and to a corner now, past her friends, frowning, genuinely upset by what she is hearing. She’s the curviest of her friends, though far from heavy, and the most sheltered. Her Mexican Catholic mother made sure of that. While not a virgin, Cristina has so far experienced sex as something to be endured rather than relished. Just letting a guy put his penis in her mouth has always seemed like a lot to ask, but to eat his spunk? She closes her mouth tightly and pulls her chin length black hair into a tiny bun with a yellow scrunchy hair band. “But… why?”

“Oh my God, why not?” says Lilian.

“It’s like the moment of total victory when a guy shoots a big hot load in your mouth,” grins Eve, “and the look on his face when he sees you gulp it down. Priceless.”

“But don’t you think it’s… demeaning?” Cristina protests.

“Sweetie,” Sammy touches Cristina tenderly on the cheek, “Welcome to the 21st Century. We’re big girls now. High school is over. Next year we start college. Do you think you can still get by on giving over-the-pants handjobs in the back of movie theaters? Nuh-uh. Swallowing is… practically expected. Guys class girls into two groups now: swallowers and prudes. If you want a guy to know you’re hot shit, you better get your mouth around that cock, catch the cream and make it disappear.”

“Without gagging!” giggles Lilian.

“And without making that gross-out face you’re making now either!” adds Eve.

“Exactly,” laughs Sammy. “You gotta swallow with a smile or not at all.” Sammy takes a mouthful of her wine cooler and, taking the bottle away from her lips, gulps the liquid down in demonstration, grinning theatrically and sighing in satisfaction. Eve and Lilian cackle. Sammy is not only the clown of the group, always able to get a laugh out of her partners in crime, but also the most sexually experienced and de facto leader. Through her thin pajama tank top the other girls can make out the metal of the piercings through the nipples of Sammy’s small but perky tits. None of the others would ever dare to even sport Sammy’s unkempt pixie girl haircut, let alone pierce their nipples, a brazen move that would mean death if any of their parents were to find out.

“But isn’t enough that I blow him?” protests Cristina.

“Blow him?” says Sammy, “Swallowing after a blowjob is basic. Like, they go together. You can’t suck a cock and then not swallow. That’s ridiculous.”

“Yeah,” says Lilian. “Blowjob swallowing is, like, standard issue. I mean, if you run off to the bathroom after sucking a guy’s cock, you can bet he’ll be laughing about you with his buddies the next day. It’s a total amateur move.”

“Exactly,” says Eve. “Swallowing the load after sucking cock is minimal if you don’t want to be the butt of somebody’s jokes. But, if you want to, like, really make an impression on a dude, you’d better be catching cum every chance you get.” Cristina can hardly believe she’s hearing this from Eve, the book worm. Like a stereotypical asian girl, Eve has never gotten a B+. When she’s not studying, she’s training for the swim team or playing her cello. So, when the fuck did she find the time to become such a goddamn cum swallow expert?

“What do you mean?” asks Cristina, more and more confused.

“Sex!” exclaims Eve. “When you fuck, where does he shoot his load?”

“Um…” Cristina feels less than comfortable sharing this. “Well, if he’s not wearing a condom, then on my stomach. Or my ass. Depending on how we fucked.”

“Oh, please!” Lilian falls backward, exasperated.

“Honey,” says Sammy, “don’t you know that guys hate pulling out? It’s like, the worst thing for them. It totally ruins the orgasm.”

“But I’m not gonna get fucking pregnant just so he can enjoy his orgasm!”

“So that’s why you gotta swallow that shit!” says Eve.

“You mean I’ve gotta let him shoot it in my mouth even when we’re fucking?” Cristina doesn’t know how much more of this she can take.

“If you really, I mean really want to blow his mind,” Lilian is staring at Cristina straight in the eyes, “then that’s exactly what you’ve gotta do.”

“But you just said that guys hate pulling out!” Cristina protests.

“That’s why you offer him your nice warm, wet mouth in place of your nice, warm, wet pussy,” explains Sammy.

“The guy just wants to get his cum inside you basically,” adds Eve.

“Well, yes and no,” Lilian taps her chin pensively. Lilian is less gabby than most girls her age. She is, in fact, the youngest of the group although she is the only one that would probably be admitted to bars without an I.D. She never puts her sweeping black hair in pigtails or wears Ug boots; her mature sense of style and intellectual confidence belie her age. Of the four, she is also the one most likely to be offered a job doing serious modeling in the near future, though she’d likely decline. “I think there is definitely something instinctual about the desire for semen to actually end up inside you, but in my experience, a guy would rather shoot it in your mouth than in your pussy or even your ass. Even if he jerks it off without actually putting his cock inside.”

Cristina thinks she might faint.

“That’s true,” Sammy concurs. “Just look at porn.”

“Porn?” Cristina says wearily.

“Well, yeah. I mean, ninety-eight percent of porn scenes end with the dude blowing his load on the girl’s face, and in all the ones where she doesn’t actually swallow it, she’s acting like that’s what she was trying to do.”

“Exactly,” says Lilian. “It’s all either swallowing or, if the chick’s a cum-dodging prude, simulated swallowing.”

“Let’s watch some!” Eve jumps up and rushes to the computer.

The other girls follow Eve to Sammy’s desktop Mac, Cristina dragging her feet, slouch-shouldered. Eve opens an incognito window puts in the address of a semi-legal free streaming video porn site and instantly their eyes are met with an unending display of big, stiff cocks, balloonish silicone tits and round, bouncing asses in all imaginable shades, postures, positions and combinations.

“Okay, check it out, let’s be scientific,” says Eve. “I’m just going to look up the most popular porn clips from the past month and we’ll see how many of them end in swallows, okay?”

“Right,” says Lilian, pulling out a notepad and pen from Eve’s desk to keep track.

The first video features a big, muscular black man armed with an impossibly gigantic cock accompanied by two miniature-seeming white girls that couldn’t be more than a year older than Cristina and her friends. One is blonde and the other is brunette.

“Holy shit,” says Sammy.

“Now that’s a fucking cock,” says Eve.

“Oh my God,” whispers Cristina.

The girls start off on their knees with the monster dick between their lips. They slide their tongues up and down the towering black shaft, taking turns cramming the too-wide head into their mouths. Eve skips around the video. The guy is fucking one girl bent over the back of a couch while the other licks his balls. Now he’s fucking the blonde while the brunette grinds her crotch into her companion’s face.

“C’mon,” says Eve impatiently, clicking almost to the end of the clip.

The man has the brunette on all fours on the floor with the blonde’s head resting on her back. He makes fast, violent thrusts in and out, the brunette screaming in ecstasy and pain, pausing periodically for the blonde to suck on the swollen tip of his cock before reinserting it. Finally he groans a comically high pitched groan and pulls his gargantuan, shiny wet member from the hairless white pussy. Instantly the blonde has her lips around its head, bobbing her mouth up and down on it. At the last second he pulls out and strokes it as a thick jet of white squirts into her eager mouth. She moans as a second jet lands on her tongue and a third. The man squeezes a last creamy drop into the blonde’s open mouth as she makes yummy noises and giggles. Holding the load in her mouth, she sucks the last bit of cum out of his still engorged cock as her friend rises to her knees, turning to kneel beside her, and the two share a slutty tongue kiss, mouths covered in semen. They play with it for a while before each makes an extravagant show of gulping the jizz down their gullet.

The video goes still. All four girls are silent. Stunned and secretly turned on.

Lilian clears her throat. “I’ll put vid number one down as a ‘yes’ for ‘swallow’.”

“Yeah, do that,” says Eve in a daze.

Together the girls watch fourteen more videos. Virtually all of the them end in a big creamy gulp or in a more or less obvious simulation thereof. Only number nine ended with what Eve informs the rest is called a “creampie”, which they all find if not repulsive then at least mildly insane, given the risks involved. By this point all four of the girls hold a throw pillow on their laps, silently praying that their wetness hasn’t bled through their pajama boxer shorts.

“Well, there you have it, ladies,” declares Sammy, “gentlemen prefer ladies that swallow.”

“That seems to be pretty much the case,” concurs Lilian.

“God, I’m so fucking horny,” says Eve. “I’m gonna go rub one out!”

The other girls collapse in laughter as their petite asian friend skitters off to the adjoining bathroom and closes the door behind her.

“So, how do you know when it’s time for the guy to pull out and cum in your mouth?” ponders Cristina.

“Well, that’s really the trick,” says Sammy. “The thing is, if you tell a guy you want him to cum in your mouth, you can bet he’s going to cum right away.”

“And actually that’s a good way to wrap up a sex session that’s running long for whatever reason. Just say ‘I wanna swallow your cum,'” Lilian imitates a lusty porn star face and girlish moan, “and you can bet you’ll be tasting semen in under a minute. Dudes just can’t handle it!”

Sammy laughs, “Oh, my God! You’ve done that, too?”

Lilian and Sammy laugh together. Cristina finally cracks a smile.

“Anyway,” Sammy continues, “surprising the guy by taking it in the mouth is half the fun.”

“It’s just harder to manage in certain positions,” adds Lilian.

“Yeah, like, obviously if you’re sucking his cock it’s simple. When he tells you he’s going to cum, you just keep sucking and voila!”

“Then, if you’re fucking missionary style, it’s still pretty simple. You just watch his face and when he goes like this,” Lilian squeezes her eyes shut and clenches her teeth, breathing heavily, “you direct him to your mouth. He’ll have no problem getting it there, believe me.”

“It’s more or less the same when you’re riding,” says Sammy. “except that then it’s up to you to get your mouth to his cock instead of the other way around.”

“Doggystyle is the toughest,” Lilian concludes.

“Totally,” says Sammy. “I call it the ‘about face’ move. You know, like in the army. You have to sense when he’s going to cum, spin around and get your mouth into position. I usually jump it by a couple seconds, so I have to suck him for a bit before he starts to blow. They seem to be pretty happy with that, though, too.”

“And it really isn’t gross?” asks Cristina.

“It might seem so at first,” Lilian explains, “but really it’s just a two or three little squirts.”

“Or four or five or seven!” says Sammy.

“Well, yeah, but honestly you learn to love it. Now I think it’s yummy. It’s like my special treat for a fuck well done.”

“Learn to love it,” advises Sammy. “Your life will be better for it.”

“Yeah,” says Lilian. “I mean, keep in mind that we’re going to college next year. It’s a whole new ballgame.”

“Oh God,” moans Cristina. “College is just three months away and I’ve never swallowed a single cum load! I’m going to be a total novice.”

“Hey, well, look at it this way: you have three whole months to slut out in preparation,” consoles Lilian.

Sammy bites her lower lip the way she does when she’s forming ideas. She looks at the other two, wide eyed with excitement.

“I’ve got a proposal!” she starts.

By the time Eve has finished washing the pussy juice off her fingers and rejoined the group, they have the entire workings of the competition written out on a sheet of lined notebook paper.

“Alright, here goes,” says Sammy. “In order to help out our friend and partner, sexy bitch miss Chris, and in order to have the fucking hottest, wildest summer of our lives before we all leave for different colleges, I now inaugurate the official Swallow Queen Club Summer Competition. It works like this: you get points for every cum load you swallow. The more difficult the move, the more points you get. Fifty for swallowing after a blowjob, cuz that’s the easiest. One hundred points each for swallowing after missionary, one hundred fifty for cowgirl, and two hundred points for swallowing after doggy. You get an extra fifty points if it’s with a new guy you’ve never fooled around with before, plus another fifty if you cum, too. The slut with the most points at the end of the summer will be crowned the Swallow Queen for life!”

“So,” laughs Lilian, “are we all in?”

“Fuck yeah!” says Eve. “I’m gonna waste you bitches!”

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?” says Cristina.

“This is going to be the best fucking summer ever,” exclaims Sammy.

Later, after all of her friends have passed out watching Adventure Time videos and scarfing down popcorn, Cristina tiptoes out of Sammy’s room. Her head swims with the crazy talk she’s been hearing all night and she isn’t the least bit sleepy. Slipping silently through the dark halls, she goes downstairs to see if there are any more wine coolers in the fridge. Light spills across the linoleum as she takes a bottle out and twists the top open.

“Cum Swallow Queen,” she thinks. God, what a bunch of jokers. Then she hears the faint, tinny tinkling of music playing low behind a closed door. She follows the sound to the edge of the stairs leading down to the basement. Sammy’s older brother, who bought them the wine coolers, lives down there. Ted’s a nice guy, but a total loser. Twenty-one, unemployed, no degree and living in his parent’s basement. Still, Cristina would like someone to talk to. She decides to go down and thank Ted for the booze.

A thin strip of light shines from beneath the door to Ted’s basement room and Cristina can hear the music more clearly now. She taps lightly on the door. There is no answer. She considers going back upstairs, but decides to try again. She knocks.

“Huh? What?” comes Ted’s voice.

Cristina cracks open the door and peeks through.

“Hey, I just saw that you were up and was going to say ‘hey’,” she says.

“Um, okay.”

Cristina goes through. Ted’s room is a disaster. Lit by one small lamp on his computer desk, books, record sleeves, empty cups and dirty clothes litter the floor. The walls are adorned with posters for concerts of bands she’s never heard of. Ted sits shirtless at his cluttered desk before his computer. His shaggy blonde hair is a tousled nest on his head.

“Whatcha’ doing?” she asks.

“You know,” he wears worn out old rocker jeans, “just working on some stuff.”

“Yeah, right,” says Cristina. She sits on the edge of his unmade bed. His sheets are black.

“You want some?” Ted asks as he relights a half-smoked joint and inhales deeply.

“Okay,” she says. Cristina has tried pot only twice before. She didn’t like how weird and self-conscious it had made her feel, but now she’s out of high school and it seems like it’s time to develop a taste for more grown up things. Ted hands her the smoldering roach and she sucks at the moist tip. Almost immediately she starts hacking and drops the lit joint into a pile of shirts at her feet.

“Oh, shit!” says Ted. “Be careful!” He dives down to retrieve the joint and returns it to the incense burner by his computer tower.

Already Cristina feels the THC working its way through her brain, the dopamine flooding her system. Everything suddenly slows and her thought process sways along woozily to the rhythm of Ted’s weird music.

“Whoops,” she says. “Sorry.” She suddenly feels incredibly thirsty. She takes a big long gulp of her wine cooler. It’s fizziness feels magical in her mouth and going down her throat. A peaceful sense of tranquility washes over her. This must be good weed. She smiles.

“No worries,” says Ted. “Hey, do you want to see this thing I’m working on?”

“Not really,” she says and bursts into laughter. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to say that!”

Ted laughs. “It’s okay.”

“I mean, sure. What are you working on? Lay it on me.”

“It’s a short animation for this contest. There’s no way I’m gonna win, but it’s still pretty cool.”

Cristina lifts herself up from the bed with what seems like tremendous force and effort and goes to stand by Ted. He plays her the video. A 3-D animated fat man sits in a dingy cell. He opens a black box and begins vomiting spiders into it.

“Whoa!” says Cristina. “Awesome. It’s just like Toy Story!”

“Uh, yeah,” says Ted.

The video goes on, getting increasingly surreal and disturbing, but Cristina’s mind drifts back to the videos she watched earlier upstairs. All the big, stiff cocks jamming in and out of soaking wet pussies. All the sexy young girls opening their mouths wide and catching white streams of cum. Cristina stares down at Ted’s crotch. His raggy old jeans are tight enough that she can make out the shape of his dick through them. She surprises herself by thinking that Ted must be really hung. He doesn’t look bad without a shirt, either. Cristina reaches out absentmindedly and strokes the back of Ted’s neck. The video finishes. Ted sits in apparently stunned silence, staring straight ahead at the monitor as Cristina touches his neck.

“Um,” he clears his throat, “what did you think?”

“Very cool,” says Cristina. She draws her finger from his neck down his chin-line back up to circle his ear. “You’re really talented,” she says. “I could never think of something like that.”

“Oh, you know, it’s, um,” Ted’s voice cracks and he shuts up. Cristina leans down and nibbles his ear. He sighs and pulls her closer.

Sucking on his ear and neck, Cristina’s right hand heads directly for that big cock she saw earlier through his jeans. Her long nailed fingers find it and trace its length through the denim. She was right. It’s big. And getting hard now, too.

Ted turns in his chair and squeezes Cristina’s firm, full tit through her purple pajama tank top. She moans softly, pressing her fingers harder on his dick. She kisses his mouth aggressively, pushing her tongue through his teeth. Ted reaches around her with his other hand to feel her round ass, sticking his fingers up into the leg of her scandalously short boxer shorts. He’s surprised to feel no love handles or rolls on the waist of this girl with such a generous chest and ass.

Ted stands, still kissing Cristina and removes her classes, placing them on his desk. Without warning, she drops to her knees before him, eagerly undoing his belt and unbuttoning the fly of his jeans. Finding that Ted wears no underpants, Cristina gingerly she reaches into the open fly and pulls out his now fully stiff rod.

“Wow,” she says, legitimately surprised. “You are huge!”

Ted laughs bashfully.

Cristina takes the pink tip of the white cock into her mouth. It tastes a little ripe, she thinks, but it could be worse. Besides, this is the biggest dick she’s ever seen in person. What better way to kick off the swallow summer?

Stroking the lower shaft with one hand and cupping his scrotum with the other, Cristina bobs her head up and down on the tip of Ted’s penis. Ted runs his fingers through her shining black hair, breathing heavily. Slowly at first, he begins to push his cock ever so slightly deeper into her mouth each time she comes up for his flesh. She takes it in more and more until finally the tip of his dick is pressing hard against the back of her throat with each stroke, though she takes in not even half the full length. Suddenly she gags, cough and takes the cock out.

“Sorry,” she says.

“It’s okay,” Ted laughs nervously.

Cristina licks down at the base of the cock and runs her tongue up to the tip, then back down.

“Could you, like, massage my balls maybe?” Ted timidly requests.

Cristina grins up at him and begins squeezing his scrotum rhythmically as she licks up and down his long dick. Still massaging, she takes the head back into her mouth and resumes stroking with the other hand. Visualizing the super sluts she witnessed in the porn videos earlier, she jams as much of Ted’s cock into her mouth as she can, trying to suppress her gag reflex. Ted takes that as an invitation and thrusts forward harder than before. Again she gags and coughs, taking the cock out of her mouth with stringy bits of slobber trailing off her lips, and gasps for air.

“Sorry!” says Ted.

“Holy fuck,” she says. “How the fuck does anyone ever actually get a whole one of these things down their throat?”

“You’re doing really good,” he reassures.

Cristina reaches down and finds her boxers completely soaked around the crotch.

“You’re going to fuck me now, okay?” she says standing up.

“Um, okay,” says Ted shakily.

Cristina leads him by his cock over to the bed. She lies on her back, lifting her legs up as Ted pulls her boxers and thong panties off. Her smooth brown pussy glistens with juice. Ted tries to shake off his jeans from around his ankles but before he can Cristina pulls his cock into her and he falls forward onto his hands.

“Oh fuck!” She whines loudly as he pushes the head of his engorged cock through the tight opening of her pussy. “Jesus, your cock is fucking big!”

“You’re super tight,” whinces Ted, still not really believing this is happening.

Ted pushes slowly deeper until the base of his cock is flush with Cristina’s pussy. He watches her face as her eyes roll into the back of her head and she moans and sighs and bites the ripe fruit of her full lips.

“Sí, sí,” she whispers. “Cógeme, fuck me!”

Ted starts to thrust, slowly at first. Each time he pulls back Cristina inhales deeply and when he pushes forward she cries out “Sí!” She humps up against him, her pussy hungry for his cock. He puts his arms straight out, hovering above her and pulls the bottom of her tank top up to reveal her magnificent bouncing tits and dark, maroon nipples. He bends down to suck each nipple, still thrusting his cock in and out of her damp, bald pussy, before straightening out again. He thrusts harder now, making her tits bounce more violently, and as he does Cristina’s cries get louder. “Así! Así! Cógeme duro!” He pounds like this down into her eighteen year old cunt for five minutes or more. Soon, she is glistening with sweat and lost in ecstasy. Ted slows his thrusting to a stop. Cristina opens her brown eyes to him, panting heavily.

“I want to fuck you from behind, okay?” he says.

He pulls his slick, shining dick out of her sopping wet pussy and without a word Cristina turns over onto her belly, removing her tank top, and rises to her knees, pushing her almost perfectly bubble-shaped ass into the air beneath Ted’s face. Ted stands squarely behind her big, shapely backside and puts his long shaft between her thighs. Cristina reaches through to grab his cock and direct it back to her vagina. He instantly resumes the brisk thrusting rhythm from before, but now with the greater range of hip motion while standing he can pull his long cock almost completely out before ramming all the way back in. Cristina screams into his pillow, “Aí, así, duro!”, clutching a fistful of sheets with each hand.

She turns around and looks him in the eye, her mouth open and moaning, her forehead furrowed in the intensity of each powerful impact of his cock. “Spank my ass,” she begs. Ted slaps the side of her smooth, circular ass and she moans out satisfyingly. He slaps the other side and gets another moan. He works the spanking into the rhythm of his thrusts and Cristina’s moaning crescendoes. Cristina reaches between her thighs and starts rubbing her clit furiously. She pushes her ass back into his belly as he fucks her harder and harder. Ted grips her by the waist and drives his cock in and out and in and out again. Cristina arches her back, screaming into the pillow as the explosive pleasure of an unfettered orgasm rattles through her young body. Ted drives his cock all the way in and pushes on the back of her ass as she pants into the pillow. She looks back at him again.

“I want to swallow your cum,” she pants.

“What?” says Ted, unbelieving.

“Tell me when you’re gonna cum. I want to swallow it.”

Completely convinced that he must be dreaming, Ted resumes slamming his long shaft down Cristina’s well greased pussy. She looks back at him, over her shoulder, and arches her spine, displaying the perfect roundness of her teenage latin ass and pushes back against his thrusts.

“Okay,” whispers Ted between strokes, “I’m gonna cum.”

Cristina spins around on the bed and takes Ted’s hard, gleaming dick in her mouth. She tastes her own fluids as she bobs on the tip of the big cock that she came on just moments ago.

“Aw, FUUCK!” Ted groans as a massive flush of hot white cum rushes up the shaft of his cock in a euphoric flood. The jizz gushes into the mouth of his little sister’s friend as the seismic shock of his orgasm quakes through his body. Cristina holds still with her lips around Ted’s dick, feeling the first jet of semen spray the back of her throat like a water canon and flood her mouth with salty, bitter fluid. She swallows but already another jet is hitting her uvula, filling the cavity of her mouth even more. Ted grips Cristina’s dark hair as the third shot of cum gushes out. He moans out loud, buckling at the knees and flexing all over as the fourth and fifth squirts leave his body. By the time Ted’s electrified cock produces the last feeble spurts of creamy goo, Cristina’s mouth is filled to the brim, her cheeks bulging.

“Holy fuck,” says Ted, running his hands over his face and through his shaggy hair. “Are you really going to swallow all that?”

Cristina delicately takes her lips from the tip of Ted’s cock, careful not to let a drop of his load spill from the reservoir of her mouth. She looks up at him, her eyes shining, and smiles with her mouth as open as she can to show him just how much he came.

“Oh, wow,” whispers Ted.

Cristina closes her mouth around the cloudy mass and gulps, feeling the semen flush down her throat. Not once did she ever think of spitting it out, nor was she ever tempted to gag. She thinks of all the spunk now, down in her tummy, and smiles back up at Ted, whose eyes are wide in amazement.

“Did I do good?” she asks in a coy babydoll voice.

“It was…” Ted is lost for words. “Perfect.”

Later, with her purple pajamas back on and the sweat wiped off her face, as Cristina sneaks back upstairs into Sammy’s room, she does the calculations.

“Let’s see,” she thinks, “New Guy: 50 points. I came: 50 points. ‘About face’ doggystyle to swallow: 200 points. Total, three hundred. Not bad for the first night of the competition.” She looks at her friends, Sammy, Lilian and Eve, all slumped over one another on Sammy’s enormous bed, soundly asleep.

“This is going to be the best summer ever,” she smiles.

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