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I’d read about it on some online porn story site. OK. I’d read it several times and I couldn’t get it out of my head! It was the most erotic thing and I know I would never have even considered doing it before that damn story. I had been so turned on I jacked off to the story twice that night and several times since then!

I just couldn’t stop thinking about it! Even with Stacie: hot, blonde, loud, limber Stacie asleep next to me. We’d met at the party and she came home with me for two incredibly satisfying rounds sex.

She’d fallen asleep / passed out after the second time, face down with her hands looking like they were still clutching the edge of the mattress. I watched as she quietly snored, eyes traveling down to her amazing ass. It looked like it needed to be kissed, caressed, squeezed…it was perfect. Except she’d made it clear as soon as I’d tried to go down on her that she didn’t like oral – giving or receiving and when I mentioned how wonderful her butt looked and felt, she shut it down saying “exit only”.

I wanted it but I’m not that much of a dick. Still, I slowly reached my hand out to rub it. What a fucking shame! An ass like hers was meant to…no, stop. That’s how bad things happen.

It didn’t matter. My dick had already had the same thought and was twitching back to life. I’d already cum twice but seeing her laying there and then thinking about the story…hell, she was passed out. Gone! She’d never know.

Quickly straddled her legs, below her ass, I wished she’d let me in. Instead, I used one hand to massage and squeeze her cheeks as I used the other to stroke my cock. I got a sudden rush of excitement as I thought about what I was doing: jerking off over her hot ass.

Soon, I was so lost in my fantasy I didn’t really hear her moans and I just knew I was going to cum quickly.

Jerking off was a favorite past time. I have a huge sex drive and despite the fact that I do get laid pretty often, I still looked at, read, and dreamed porn! Then I found the story.

I loved sex in all forms. Regular pussy fucking, Doggie style, cowgirl, anal, oral. Hell, I’d even done a sixty-nine before! But the then I read about a guy whose neighbor had him come over and jerk off as she watched. It was so kinky, so perverse! I wanted to try it. Except I couldn’t think of a way to bring it up.

Really, how do you tell the girl you just spent half the night flirting with “I want you to come back to my place and watch me jerk off! Doesn’t that sound like a fun time?”

Didn’t matter though. My hand moved up and down Stacie’s back then farther down. Her cheek fit in the palm of my hand and was so firm! I gently pulled her open where I could see her beautiful asshole and briefly imagined spraying my cum all over it.

For all the sex I’ve had, I’ve never pulled out to cum before! Except for only having had two hand jobs, I usually filled whatever hole I was in. The thought of my hot cum spurting up across her smooth skin! Maybe even into her hair had me at the edge!

That’s when I realized she talking..

“John, that feels really good! But remember what I told you, I don’t do that kind of stuff.” I could hear her desire. “Are you gonna fuck me again? God I’m going to be so sore tomorrow!” she moaned. Let me turn over..” and she looked back, seeing me jerking away. My hand didn’t stop flying up and down my shaft but our eyes met! I watched hers open wide as she realized what I was doing. It was like slow motion! I could feel my cum rising even as I saw her expression change to disgust. It didn’t make a difference. I was getting ready to let loose when she screamed “PERVERT!” and tried to pull away. I didn’t try to stop her. I also didn’t try to stop my cum! It shot out of me with a force I couldn’t believe! It hit her Left arm as she rolled over. The second spurt landed just below her left boob then several splatters appeared on her neck, check and nose! Her mouth opened to scream again and at least one droplet made it in! She recoiled, finally managing to push herself free and off the bed she scrambled away as the last couple of weak spurts landed on the sheets she had just been covering.

My ass hit my ankles and I gently massaged my shrinking shaft as beautiful Stacie finally reached her purse and phone. She scooped up her clothes and ran to the bathroom as I lay down, suddenly exhausted from the strangely powerful ejaculation.

The next thing I know, I must have dozed off, Stacie was standing in the doorway seething with anger. I missed part of what she’d said but caught “…at a party, fucking better leave and don’t even think of…God, you fucking PERVERT!” she screamed then stomped away. I heard the door slam and felt about 2 seconds worth of guilt before falling asleep.

I really did feel bad the next day and thought about calling her to apologize. But then I thought about her over-reaction and there was no way.

Instead I went to work and tried to put it all out of my mind. Nine long hours later, I found myself at the bar with a few friends drinking and playing pool. Jerry, longtime friend and jerk would not stop asking questions about my hookup so I finally left.

I can’t really describe what I was feeling but I didn’t go home right away. Instead, I drove around trying to figure it out. I didn’t feel guilty or ashamed or…I don’t know. I really did try to NOT think about it.

Fuck it. I ended up at a strip club where I drank several too expensive drinks while watching mediocre dancing. It worked for me. I watched as old and young women, skinny from too many drugs or fat from whatever swayed in front of me and the not-so-many other guys in the club, all begging for tips.

After I’d finally had enough, I staggered to my car and stupidly made my way home where I passed out in my car.

The morning sun woke me and I almost puked as I got out of the car to stumble into my house where I showered and shaved before making my way back to work with a jackhammer in my head and a craving for greasy food. God I was worthless at work.

Ten days is a long time to play hermit so I called Jerry on the way home from work to see if he wanted to go out. He laughed and told me to meet him at the pool table and the first round was on me. We had a good time, while Jerry made jackass comments. I was just getting ready to sink the eight ball when he mentioned he had run into Stacie. Prick.

I tried to ignore him but he’d a few in him and was in full-blown asshole mode. I pretended to focus on the shot as he continued. “She has a mad-on for you!” I made my shot and turned to face him as I took a drink, waiting for, I didn’t know what. I’d made the shot on instinct but hearing her name had brought it all back. Her naked body, my cum flying and splattering across her perfect skin. The intensity, the sheer FORCE of the experience hit me.

My ears no longer heard Jerry. Interrupting his story, I told him it was time to go. Of course he protested because he’d lost the last two games but I took a final swig of my beer and told I’d talk to him later.

I made it back to my house in record time and stripped as soon as I got to my room. I sat at my computer and loaded up my story. I read to my favorite part and watched a couple of videos as I stroked. When I came, it was nothing special.

Showered, I sat on my couch in my towel and watched TV. I woke up with the sun shining in through the east window, still on the couch, naked. I got up, stretched, and grabbed my towel. with my hard dick leading the way to the bathroom. After doing my thing, I walked into the kitchen to start the coffee. My dick was still hard.

As I waited for the coffee to brew, I closed my eyes and rested my head against the cabnet door. Seconds later, I heard a huge crash! I ran over to the window to see that it was just Ms. Tyson putting out the trash. Only after she’d gone back inside did I notice that I was fully exposed, that if she had happened to turn around, she would have seen me and my extremely hard cock in the window.

Without really thinking about it, I started to jerk and in an unbelievably short time I exploded all over the window! It was such a surprise that I came so quickly and so intensely that I fell to my knees panting, stunned at euphoria that filled me.

When the coffee maker beeped, I struggled back to my feet, grabbed a cup, and off to the shower. All day I was so preoccupied with what I’d done and how it felt that work flew by. I knew, though, that I was going to eventually have to find someone that would watch me. That was what drove me and my new masturbation fantasies.

At first, I did little things. I’d turn off the lights in my home office and leave the blinds open at the bottom. Lit by the computer monitor, watching all kinds of porn, I’d jerk off. If someone had happened to walk between my house and the neighbor’s garage and they stopped to look in, they might have seen something but it was enough. At first.

Then there was the night that Jerry and I went out drinking. We met up at a titty-bar, one with girls that were much better looking that the dive I’d found weeks ago. We played pool and watched boobies bounce, laughing and joking about what we’d do if ‘that’ girl went home with us. After a while Jerry’d had enough and had enough rejection from the girls that he called it night. I decided to stay and watch for a while.

Her stage name was Brandy. She was smoking hot with huge bolt-on boobs and not an ounce of fat! I watched her dance and grind and tease for three too short songs before she came down for private dances.

Yeah, she was a pro and only there for the money but I needed a dance. $50 later and she was grinding her impossibly hard ass cheeks all over me before spinning around to rub her silicone breasts all over my face. I was rock hard and she knew it! She never lost her dazzling smile but I knew it was all fake. It didn’t matter to my dick. She knew I was hard for her and I knew she knew.

Song over, she bent over to get her clothes from the floor, tempting me with her body then standing she looked at my crotch and laughed. “You go on and have some fun, baby. Think about me!” Then walked away.

That just fueled my desire. She was about four steps away when I got up to leave. My pants were definitely tented but I didn’t even try to hide it or cover up. I made my way to my car thinking about her, rubbing my dick through my pants. I’d never hook up with her in real life but it didn’t matter. She wanted me to think of her while I got off.

Before I knew it, I had my pants around my ankles and my seat leaned back, stroking away right there in the parking lot. I was so worked up that I didn’t care who might see! And again, I came fast and hard! It was almost disappointing! But, lap and shirt covered in cum, I drove home satisfied.

Over the next couple of months, I hooked up with a couple of girls but was careful not to have a repeat of Stacie.

Natalie was a short little brunette I picked up in a bar. She was under five feet but stacked! And she loved oral. She joked it was because she was so short that most guys dicks were at mouth level. I didn’t care. She was fantastic in bed. She proved the saying “What’s better that a long pair of legs wrapped around you? A short pair trying!”

We dated for a few weeks but no matter how satisfying it was, I couldn’t bring myself to ask her to let me jerk off for her.

Then, on the night she called our ‘three month anniversary’, everything changed.

We just gotten back from dinner and were making out. She’d pulled off her dress and bra but left on her panties, she was on the floor in front of me with my dick between her more than ample boobs when my fantasy kicked in. I imagined my cum splattering all over those wonderful mounds and her chin! It happened quickly and I pulled back enough to grab my dick as it started to swell but Natalie pushed my hand away, “Nu-uh! That’s my job, sweety!” And engulfed my head just in time to capture the first explosive shot. With a surprised MMMMMPH!!” she moaned and sank my cock deeper into her mouth as she expertly swallowed my cum while massaging my balls and shaft to coax out every drop!

I’m a sick fuck, I know that. I had a girl on her knees with my dick almost buried in her throat and drinking my cum but all I could think about was my disappointment that she didn’t let me jerk off on her. It’s really a shame. She was a really cute girl and we had a great time together but in my mind it was over.

To be clear, I didn’t tell her to get her shit and get out. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom where she allowed me to go down on her and taste her wonderful pussy while my dick recovered. She then climbed on top of me and proved that she knew how to ride, slipping her hot tight pussy slowly down my shaft. Bottomed out, she ground against me and laid her head on my chest. Where she just left out a groan saying “I think I want to fall asleep just like this, with you stretching my snatch wide open with you fat cock!” when the thunderclap startled us both!

She sat up at about the same time the power went out. “Oh Shit! That fucking scared me!” and she slid off of me and ran to my window. We could see lightning and heard more thunder in the background just before a light rain started to fall. Making her way back to the bed, she grabbed my hand and pulled. “Come on.”

Getting up, I asked “Where are we going?”

“I have always wanted to fuck in the rain! Come on!”

My backyard is fenced in so there wasn’t a real chance that we’d be seen but I didn’t think that would have mattered. As soon as we were outside she took off, running naked through the yard! I could see her as lightning flashed and she spun around. I was a little slower but I caught up to her and she jumped up onto me. “Oh my God, John!” she gasped between kisses, “Fuck me. Fuck me right here! Lay me down and slide your cock into me as the rain splashes all over us!”

That was something I could get behind! I lowered her to the ground and slowly slid inside. I couldn’t believe how hot she’d gotten! I’d just gotten inside when she came! “OH SHIT!” she cried, “FUCK ME I’M CUMING!” In the flashes of light, I could see her head had rolled back as her back arched off the ground. Her heels kept me buried deep as her pussy squeezed with her orgasm!

When she suddenly collapsed I was worried for a split second until I heard her “Oh, John, please don’t stop! This feels too good!” She was right. It felt incredible! Her sex wrapped around me as the rain poured down, it was an amazing experience! I continued to thrust into her, bringing her closer to another orgasm when the power came back on! The lights from the alley flickered on first followed by the lights in the back yard that I must have turned on as we walked out of the house! I stopped for just a few moments as I looked around. “I don’t care who sees us you better not stop stuffing that fucker into me! I am sooo close!”

I returned her grin and started to pound into her, harder with each thrust building speed and power until she came with a scream that was surely heard around the neighborhood! Panting with exertion, I was getting close when she told me to stop! WHAT!

The rain had tapered off to a light sprinkle but was still coming down when she asked me to pull out. “John, oh God, I know this is so twisted but…I want…I want you to cum on me. Please? The cold rain and your hot cum! Please?”

My stunned silence confused her. My brain was trying to process that my girlfriend had just asked me to do my deepest fantasy that I had just stopped.

I saw her hands move up to cover her face in embarrassment and shame at my request when I told her to stop. “Put your hands down.” Filled with a weird sort of confidence, “If you want me to cum all over your hot little body, you have to watch.” I saw her eyes widen and I had a sudden flashback to Stacie. I waited for the revulsion. For her to call me a pervert. Instead I saw her lips curl into a sexy little smile.

“Do it! Jerk off for me. Let me see you shoot your spunk all over me!” Her hands moved to her breasts, squeezing them together, “Think you can cover my titties from down there?”

I only know that I felt my cock swell and get harder. Harder than I’ve ever known it could get! Pulling out, I barely had time to wrap my hand around it before I exploded!

The first shot hit her squarely in the eye! And I heard her gasp “HOT!” as my second blast left a streak from her chin to her belly button! She groaned as my cum pulsed out of me! I don’t ever remember cumming that much or that hard but by the time I was done, her tits, stomach, and parts of her face were well covered! I found that I was still hard so I lowered myself and slid back into her molten pit!

Natalie moaned incoherently and her body shook through another climax! Then she started to rub my cum into her body “It feels so incredible! Better that I…Oh fuck John!” and came again! I watched her cum soaked body writhing in the grass and marveled at my great fortune. “Stop! Stop! I can’t take any more! Pull out, please!” she begged!

I pulled out and lay my cock against her sex and waited while she regained her breath. With a sudden shiver, “Lets go inside! BRRR!” then scampered away, leaving me on my knees with a throbbing boner. Shaking my head at my sudden change in fate, I followed her back inside. She led me to the bathroom and turned the water on hot before sitting me down on the toilet and straddling me.

Pressing my erection between us, she attacked my lips as we waited. Planting kisses all over my face and neck, she told me we needed a quick shower, just to get rid of the grass before we needed to talk. I wasn’t sure what that meant but it didn’t sound too good.

Clean and her wrapped in my robe, me in my towel, she led up back to my living room. Sitting beside me on my couch, she asked the one question I was totally unprepared for: “Who’s Stacie?”

I stammered and stuttered, trying to find an answer but she put her finger to my lips. “Who is Stacie?”

Taking a deep breath, I told her the truth. She was a girl I’d met at a party a few months ago and we’d hooked up for one night.

“So, she’s not some girl that you’re seeing behind my back?” I had to laugh at that. If she knew! “John, I’m serious! We’ve been dating for a couple of weeks and while we’ve never said we were exclusive, I haven’t been seeing anyone else.”

Kissing her in way of an apology, I knew I was going to have to tell her the whole thing. “How do you know about Stacie?”

“You’ve mumbled her name a couple of times when you were asleep and then tonight, when you came you said her name, again.”

FUCK! So I told her. All of it. The story. The night with Stacie. My growing need to have someone watch me jerk off. Everything. I felt my face burning bright with my shame. I waited for her to get up and leave.


“What?” I knew I’d heard her but…

“You’ve just told me that you want to jerk off onto some girl and if you could see how red your face is right now…” she laughed! “You are a pervert!” Getting up, she walked out of the room. I waited. Sure enough, she came back dressed.

A couple of hours ago I’d been ready to end our relationship but then the backyard had changed my mind. Now, she was getting ready to leave me and I didn’t want that. Standing up, I started to move towards her but she stopped me. She looked around the room then back to me, anger on her face. Reaching over, she pulled my towel away. “Look at you! Pervert! You’re still hard!”

I was embarrassed as hell but she was right. I was hard.

“Well, what are you waiting for?”

I looked up in surprise. Her arms were crossed under her breasts, lifting them in such a delicious way. I was sure I hadn’t heard her correctly. Had I?

“Look, pervert. I am NOT going to jerk you off! If you want to cum, you better do it yourself! But you better hurry, I don’t have all night! My boyfriend’s going to be home soon so you don’t have a lot of time.” She walked over to the kitchen table and grabbed a chair, dragging it back, she sat in the middle of the room, arms and legs crossed. “I’m waiting!”

It took about 30 more seconds for my brain to catch up but when it did, I swear I almost had a spontaneous ejaculation! And then suddenly I was embarrassed for another reason! I had fantasized about this for weeks but suddenly knowing that I was going to have someone watch me almost made me back out. Almost.

I slowly wrapped my hand around my shaft and began to slowly stroke. Natalie idly examined her fingernails and polish as my hand moved back and forth. “God, you better not get any cum on my dress! Do you know how hard it is to get cum stains out? My name isn’t Monica! That shit don’t fly with me!”

I smiled at the reference. “Then maybe you should take your dress off.” I suggested.

“You really are a pervert!” she looked at me, then I watched her eyes travel down to watch my flying fist. “Gah! I can’t believe you actually expect me to get naked so you can shoot your cum all over me!” Standing abruptly, she reached back and unzipped her dress, then, shrugging her shoulders, she let it fall to the floor. Naked but for her shoes, she kicked the dress away. “Satisfied?” then sat back down.

Her nipples looked to be impossibly hard and I longed to touch them but it wasn’t part of the scene she’d built. That was fine. I could still enjoy looking at the dark pink puckered caps. A sudden surge of lust almost caused me to drag her back to my room, hell even the couch! But I resisted. She was doing this for me. And I was so fucking close!

“John?” she broke character, “Not my face, OK? Really.”

That was all it took. I nodded and grunted and she leaned back in the chair. I aimed to her chest and fire hot cum erupted, shooting from my cock! The first splash hit her on the inside of her left breast followed by the next hitting her neck! I lowered my aim and the final couple of shots splashed against her toned abs. I closed my eyes as the last drop flew out and was surprised when I felt her tongue then mouth engulf the head of my shrinking cock.

It was my turn to groan in complete satisfaction!

Staggering back, I looked at Natalie’s cum splattered torso and saw the sparkle in her eye. “Too bad you lost your hard on, I could really use it right about now!”

Standing, she grabbed my hand and led me back to my room. I crawled into bed and she crawled on top of me. “You can’t complain,” she told me, “You made the mess, you get to sleep in it.” Laying her head on my chest she asked, “Any other fantasies you want me to fulfill?”

Shaking my head, I wrapped my arms around her. “Nope. There’s not a thing I can think of.” Rubbing her back, my hands made their way down to cup her ass. “OK…maybe one other thing.” And gave her cheeks a squeeze.

Biting my chin, “As long as we’re exclusive, I’ll try anything at least once. But you have to be willing to let me try my fantasies to.”

“Like what?”

“Goodnight John.”

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