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Pee for Two

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“You say you just want to play eh, no strings attached? You’re my kind of woman.” I smiled as I slipped my hand under her swimsuit, feeling the humidity emanating from her damp nether region.

“I feel the same way, sex doesn’t always have to come with a commitment. What do ya say we have ourselves some fun?” I suggested.

“I say we’re already having it stud.” came her reply as she devoured my mouth, attacking it with her slithering tongue. Returning the kiss, our tongues mingling in newborn passion, I delved my hand deeper into her silken suit, running my fingers over her cleanly shaven mound. Not a bit of stubble to be felt; this lady had prepared herself before she went out today. Either that or she waxes. “It’s all good.” I thought as my hand traversed lower, fingers slipping across her damp lips, then sliding up and down to open her flower to my exploring digits.

She moaned into my mouth as she swirled her tongue around mine, pushing her hips forward to encourage my exploration.

Unexpectedly she closed her legs, blocking my access. Pulling away, she whispered, “Before we go any further I need to get a shower. That volleyball game got me all sweaty and stinky. Care to join me?”

“I’d love to Amy, but a little while later. Right now I would much rather smell and taste your essence.” Smiling at her I raised my finger to my nostril, inhaling her scent deeply.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice freshly washed pussy as well as the next guy, but a woman that emanates sex and sweat and pee turns me on to no end.”

“Oh ick, you’re one of those piss drinking pervs aren’t you” she frowned, pulling away from me.

“Drinking? Not exactly sweetheart. I’ve read some stories about it, but haven’t ever tried it. I’ve never come across (pun intended) anyone adventurous enough. I guess you’re not that daring, eh?”

“Hell no I’m not!” she declared, standing up and glaring at me as I sat up on the beach blanket.

“Hey, no pressure girl. Like I said, I’ve only read about it. Believe it or not, pee is actually sterile. You don’t have any diseases do you?”

“Fuck you ya moron. “If you believe that I have some great swampland in Florida I’d like to sell you. This conversation is over” she declared, picking up her beach bag and walking toward shore.

“Damn” I thought, “My balls are blue again, and she’s not going to help me out.” I called to her as she walked away. “Wait a minute. We don’t have to do any of that kind of stuff. What the hell happened to having fun with no commitment?”

“Fun is one thing” she scolded as she continued walking, “but you’re just sick, and I don’t want to have anything to do with a sicko!”

I watched as her perfect ass cheeks disappeared, churning excitingly as she walked away. Her medium length dark blonde hair swayed with the effort, and I could only imagine her breasts heaving as she struggled in the soft sand. She never looked back, and in seconds I was there alone on the beach with nothing but a hard on and a hand.

I lay back on the blanket, looking up as a small cloud slid across the crescent moon, blocking out the feeble light that it had provided. My hand went to my tumescent member, squeezing the tortured flesh through my shorts. I thought of pulling them down right there; no one was near, but steeled myself. Being caught making love to a woman on the beach was one thing. Most people would just steer clear of you and leave you alone. Jerking off by yourself was another, and might wind you up in a jail cell. That, I could do without.

I moved my finger that had been exploring Amy’s nether regions only moments ago toward my nose, inhaling that delicious scent that I was so fond of, and as I lay there an eerie sort of feeling came over me; I felt as if I were not alone. I gave my downtrodden (but still very stiff) erection one last wistful squeeze, and looked around, trying to discover the source of my uneasiness. The beach was deserted, late September weather was nice in the daytime but cooled off quickly, and with the departure of the warm temperatures went the beachgoers.

Off to my left about 20 yards was a rather large pile of old pilings and railroad ties, left there years ago by some construction crew. It had became sort of a landmark, and every now and then someone would add to it, giving it a shape that changed over the years. I squinted my eyes trying to focus on that monument, and just as I did the cloud that had blocked out the scant moonlight moved off, shining a wan ray about the beach. That small beam revealed the answer. There, kneeling behind a large railroad tie was the culprit.

“You can come on out now, the show’s over” I called to the unknown lurker, figuring it was some kid wanking while watching us groveling on the beach. Was I ever surprised as I watched the voyer stand up and slowly approach me. It wasn’t some kid, in fact she was somewhat older than myself, judging at first glance.

Older yes, and much more of a woman than the girl that had just stormed away from me in disgusted anger. This woman was stunning. I figured she was about 5’9″, her slim body graced with curves in all the right places. Her dark shoulder length hair swayed in the light breeze as she approached my ‘territory’, her thin smile widening as she neared, revealing perfectly straight white teeth.

She was clad in a thin beach jacket that dipped just below her waist, her red bikini bottom showing as she strode confidently in the soft sand. The half open garment revealed full breasts confined in a thin strip of red cloth that passed for a bikini top, stretched so tightly across her bosom that her nipples were clearly visible, trying to poke through the wispy material.

“Wasn’t much of a show if you ask me” she declared, grinning as she sat on the blanket next to me.

“Yeah, the girl bailed on me, said I was a perv ‘cuz I like the smell of pussy.”

“Well, are you?” she asked, her fingers lightly grazing my inner thigh. My deflated erection found new life instantly with her tingling touch, clearly showing pressed against the material of my shorts.

“Depends on your definition of a pervert, I guess. I’m open to a lot of things, some that I haven’t even tried yet.”

“Such as?” she asked, an eyebrow raised on her interested face.

“Well, uh,” I stammered, a bit taken aback by this woman’s boldness. “Nothing in particular, just whatever happens to come up.” I finally got out, squirming a litttle as she moved her hand towards my growing erection. Her fingernails lightly traced the now clear outline as she smiled.

“It appears that this is coming up at the moment.”

“Why yes, yes indeed it does. Are you always this forward with strange men you meet?” I asked, adjusting my position to allow her better access to my now full blooded hardon.

“Actually, not usually, but watching you and your little chippie just got me going, and I’ve decided to do something about it.” came her quick reply, staring right into my eyes with that confident, raised eyebrow look.

“Is that all your little girlfriend was pissed about” she queried, her fingernails never stopping their up and down traverse along my swollen member, “or was there a little something else?”

“Um, I told her I like the smell of sweat, and sex, and pee on a woman and she went off like a firecracker.” When I said the word pee her expression changed only slightly, even though I had dropped the volume on that one word, not sure if she might be offended like Amy.

“That’s not much to get upset about, especially a girl that was willing to get busy with you right after you met.”

“How did you know we’d just met, I don’t remember telling you that?” I interjected, curious about this woman and her motives.

“Okay, I’ll admit, I sort of ‘picked you out’ when I first saw your handsome face and gorgeous blonde hair a couple days ago” she confessed, an almost sheepish grin on her lovely face.

I was taken aback by this revelation, not remembering seeing this woman before this night, as well as her description. I’d never thought of myself as ‘handsome’. Of course my mother called me that often, but I just wrote that off as a natural bias. Okay, I’ll admit I do have nice blonde hair; not terribly long, but I’m able to pull it back into a ponytail when I’m riding my Harley® . I was wearing it loose that evening, the ends lightly brushing my shoulders as I moved my head from side to side.

“Handsome, eh?” was all I could come up with as a comment. Thinking about it later, I would have rather she mentioned my physique, of which I’m kinda proud. Handsome? I can’t do much about that. Hair? All there is to that is keeping what I’ve been given clean and well groomed.

My body, now that’s a different story. I work out just about every day when I’m at home, and while I’m not obsessed with it, I’m very proud of my abs. Not large or overly defined, noticeable none the less. Had she not seen me with my shirt off? My vanity got to me and I had to show off, so I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it aside, puffing up just a little in an effort to impress her.

“Very nice indeed” she smiled, moving her hand up and away from my cock to caress my pecs. Her light touch sent a chill through my body, goose bumps spreading from my chest to my ankles. “Umm, I see you like being touched there” she purred, lowering her fingers to a nipple and lightly pinching it. The little bump immediately stiffened, further displaying my appreciation.

“Feels nice” I told her, reaching for her breast as she caressed my chest.

“Not so fast sonny” she warned, pulling lightly away. “I get my turn at a feel first. I haven’t seen you without your shirt on, you’ve been hiding your best asset.”

There, that’s what my vanity needed, a verbal reward for the diligent work that I’d done on my body for so many years.

“Sonny?” I thought to myself, smiling inwardly at her compliment.

“What do you mean sonny? What do you think you are, a cougar after her young prey? I don’t think you’re that much older than this kid” I challenged, pointing at myself and looking closely at her face in the dim moonlight. No traces of wrinkles were revealed around her eyes, I was sure that she was only four or five years my senior.

“Maybe not, but your sonny to someone, why not me? How old are you?” she inquired.

“Old enough” was all that I was willing to offer. (I was 23.) “How old are you?” I returned the challenge, not expecting an answer.

“A gentleman should not ask a lady her age” she returned. “But I’ll tell you anyway, I’m 37.”

“No!” I declared with a one word sentence, not saying any more. I wanted to be careful and not get myself into trouble with this one. I could tell that she was as proud of her youthful appearance as I was of my abs.

“Believe it” she returned, using one more word in her answer than I had. “How old did you think I am?” she inquired, that raised eyebrow now adding punctuation to her curious smile.

“I’m not touching that, but I will say that you look much younger than 37.”

“Fair enough lover, and thanks for the compliment” was her last comment on the subject. I felt happy to have escaped that exchange unscathed.

“So, you like the taste of pee do you?” she teased, watching my expression for any sign of shock.

“I’d like the taste of the pee on your hot little pussy” I brought back without hesitation. “Why don’t you show it to me and I’ll prove it.”

“In good time my boy, it’s still my turn, remember?” she scolded.

“Now it’s my boy ” I thought, wondering if she was hung up on our age difference. I hadn’t told her my age, but thinking about it, I guess she was a cougar. No worries from me though, I was more than willing to be this predator’s little lamb, if that’s the way she wanted to play it.

She coaxed me down onto the blanket and began planting light kisses on my chest, her lips barely touching skin as she brushed them along my torso. Goose bumps rose again as her hot breath stimulated my senses, I could tell she was enjoying the tease as she lowered her hand once again to my erection. Moving her fingernails up and down the length a couple of times, she finally grasped it, squeezing tightly and eliciting a long low moan from yours truly.

Her skilled hand manipulated my member through the concealing shorts for a few seconds, then worked it’s way lower to cup my full balls, gently massaginng them, all the while moving her lips back and forth on my chest. Squirming, I showed her that I wanted more, and she soon delivered.

Snaking lower, she found the bottom of my trunks and worked her way inside, treating me to that same light fingernail touch all around my groin. Moaning again, I raised my ass off the blanket, eager for that tantalizing hand to touch wherever it wanted to. I reached over to massage a breast, and this time she didn’t resist as I weighed each full mammary, cupping the underside of one and then the next before pressing against her straining nipples. That magic hand had now taken hold of my hardness, squeezing firmly and sliding the skin up and down the shaft, an experienced finger swirling the precum that escaped around the swollen head. Lightly pinching that head brought a sharp intake of breath as her fingernails dug in slightly, and then she quickly abandoned that technique for the moment as she stood, extracting her hand from my shorts.

“Let’s go get wet lover” she suggested, taking my hand to help me up and guiding me toward the water.

“I was hoping you were already getting wet; ummm,” I suddenly realized that I didn’t know her name. ” I suppose it’s sort of late to ask, but do you have a name?” I stammered.

“Why of course, silly” she giggled, stepping faster toward the near high tide ocean waters.

“Don’t suppose you’d care to divulge that info would you?” I queried.

“Nope.” she chuckled as we approached the tide.

“Okay, just a formality anyhow. I guess I’ll just call you Silly until you tell me otherwise.”

“Why silly?” she asked, treating me to that sexy raised eyebrow look once again.

“That’s what you said when I asked your name.” You said “Of course, Silly”” I returned, showing off my fuzzy logic.

“Okay, and I guess I’ll just call you sonny or kid or something like that” she teased, trotting away and splashing into the chill Atlantic water.

This lady was not only sexy, but funny as well. I knew for sure that I was in for an exciting evening.

The fun continued as we waded into the water. She was seemingly oblivious to the cold temperature. Glancing around, she moved towards me and began brushing kisses on my chest, while at the same time hooking her fingers in the elastic of my shorts, relieving me of my last vestige of clothing. Tossing them up on dry land she immediately dropped to her knees and engulfed the head of my cock in her warm mouth. No teasing this time, just pure hedonistic pleasure. Obviously, this was not my silly woman’s first attempt at head. She was masterful in every way, her tongue knew just where to tease while sucking on a certain nerve center, and her fingers traveled to all the right erogenous zones, increasing my excitement with her every move.

This vixen had stages to her fellatio. First she would encircle just the head of my member, swirling her tongue around the sensitive underside, then ungulf more of the shaft, that magic tongue working back and forth across the bottom, driving me wild with pleasurable sensations.

She wasn’t through there though. She would push farther until I could feel the back of her throat, seemingly as far as she could take me, and then press again, my head sliding past an unseen barrier into the depths of her throat. She had no trouble taking my entire fat seven inches down her throat. I was sure she could take just about anything down that silken cave.

“Oh yeah Silly, or whatever your name is, you’re driving me wild!” I exclaimed, running my hands through her dark hair.

“Hairga” she spoke, my cock halfway down her throat.

“What?” I asked, not understanding her garbled speech.

“Erica” she smiled, pulling my shaft from her mouth long enough to enunciate. She immediately returned to the business at hand, or should I say business at ‘mouth’.

I finally knew her name. I should have told her mine right then, but the pleasure was so intense I could barely remember it, much less utter it. Never in my life had I felt such expert fellatio, and the excitement of this open air tryst had me on the verge of climaxing way too soon. She exacerbated the situation by lightly rubbing up and down my ass crack, pausing to push on the ‘button’ there. I felt my balls pull up into my body, coiling to expell their contents down Erica’s throat.

“Oh no you don’t, big boy” she declared, pulling off to speak again, then gently biting on the head before pushing hard on my perineum, dulling the sensation just enough for me to regain control.

It seemed that Erica knew all the tricks.

My knees almost buckled with the effort to restrain my orgasm, and my erection felt harder than ever. In the back of my mind I wondered if she had made me grow another inch. Slowly withering, (my legs, not my cock) I dropped down to my knees in the water, encircling her torso with my arms. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, doing my best to show my appreciation of her expertise by holding her closely my body. I think she got the message.

Erica had a way of leading the action without appearing to. She slowly rose up from her kneeling positon to place her bikini top right in front of my face. I took the hint and reached for the strings at both sides and pulled, watching as it split apart and dropped into my hands. Before tossing it next to my shorts, I brought it to my nose, looking straight into her eyes as I inhaled deeply. Her rich scent was intoxicating, trapped there in that tiny g-string. I could tell by her broad grin that she enjoyed the gesture.

The scent from the cloth was enticing, but the actual source was right in front of my tongue, and I was eager to sample from there. My instinct was to dive right in and slurp up her juices, but I held back a little, trying to impress this ‘older woman’ with my prowess. Instead of tasting her immediately, I tickled the inside of her thigh with my nose, tongue poking out now and then to taste the saltiness of her tanned skin. Her sighs let me know that she was enjoying my teasing, and her fingers gently running through my hair told me that she was becoming eager, and better yet, more turned on. As I continued to nudge her skin with tongue tip and nose, her urging became more pronounced, until she had a grip on the hair at the back of my head, pushing me to my ultimate goal.

I tried to keep up my teasing longer, but finally I gave in to my desires and her urges, and engulfed her flower with my mouth, pressing an eager tongue forward and slithering into her wetness with enthusiastic vigor. Erica not only made my cock feel longer, she had the same effect on my tongue. I felt like it was pushing into her womb, and the taste was incredible. Her juices were flowing freely now; some that I hadn’t caught was now running down the inside of her smooth thighs. I pulled off and lapped up all of that nectar that I could, then returned to the source of my pleasure. Much to my delight, I felt more juice running from her, and then I realized that this wasn’t pussy juice, it was thinner, saltier, more pungent.

Erica was pissing on me! Not a lot, just a few forbidden dribbles, and when I pulled back I noticed a look of concern on her lovely face. I immediately alleviated that concern by smiling at her and pointing an index finger at my chest. She breathed a sigh of relief, and then let go a flow of warm piss aimed precisly at the proffered target. The feeling was amazing! I was shocked by the heat of it, the combination of the cool water and light breeze made it feel like it was searing my chilled skin. I reached up and massaged both of her breasts as her flow continued, and then I covered her flowing stream with my mouth, fully engulfing her and sucking in her yellow nectar.

She rewarded me with a long low moan that amplified into a muffled scream as I sucked on her fountain of pee, swallowing some and allowing the rest to rush out of my mouth and down to soak into the hair on my chest. As she continued to drench me with her water I reached behind her to grasp her firm buttocks and pull her closer to me, now lapping at her slit from the bottom to her sensitive clitoris, circling it a few times before lapping up more of her golden shower.

The scent of her release was becoming stronger in my nostrils as I inhaled deeply, and when I moved a bit lower to direct her stream at my hair, it was almost overwhelming. Her hands recaptured my head and pulled my drenched head back into her folds as her stream subsided. Taking the hint I covered her with my mouth again, sucking on her pee as she forced the last few ounces of nectar out of her almost empty bladder. Her appreciative moaning told me that she was loving this treatment, and her buckling knees told me that she was almost through.

I supported her as well as I could, but we were both in a weakend state of lethargy, and soon slid together into the cool salt water. Our lips found each others, and we shared what may have been the most passionate kiss of my lifetime. She was relishing the taste of her own pee on my tongue, and I was enjoying the feel of her heart beating against my chest as we drifted down into the ocean. Our kiss ended under water, and we both came up splashing, blowing and laughing as the moment drew to an end. Never before had I experienced such naughty sex, something that I will replay in my mind for years to come.

We stood there in the surf, arms around each and gazing into one another’s eyes, both of us with huge grins on our face.

“That was amazing” I said, stating the obvious.

“Yes, it was. I’ve never been with a man that was so enthusiastic about water sports as you are” she added as she reached down to grasp my tumescent member.

“It’s all new to me, but I’m not afraid to experiment. You know the old saying, “I’ll try anything once.” Well, I know for sure that I’ll try that many more times than once” I returned.

“And I too would like to try” she murmured as she lowered her body down my torso. Pulling gently down on my hardened flesh she aimed between her breasts and smiled up at me.

I knew what she wanted, and tried my best to accommodate her, but was just unable to muster more than a little drop through my pee slit. I backed up to straighten myself out a bit and perhaps relieve the pressure, but to no avail.

“I guess you need to be a little softer to pay me back lover” she observed.

“Yeah, I guess so. Now what do we do?” I asked, sure that I knew the answer.

“I guess we help soften you up” she replied, engulfing me in her warm mouth.

“That’s not going to soften me up girl” I advised, smiling down at this vision of loveliness.

“I had you close a little while ago, I guess it’s time I finished the job” she returned, immediately returning to the task at hand.

“You sure did, and it probably won’t take long now” I spoke/moaned as she engulfed me to the back of her throat.

Her expertise did not go unappreciated, and knowing that she wanted to make me cum was like icing on the cake. No need to hold back for her pleasure now, I was free to selfishly enjoy the best head that I had ever experienced.

She slid her salivating mouth up and down my shaft while humming an unknown tune, the vibrations driving me wild with excitement. Her talented tongue never stopped moving up and down and along the sensitive flesh on the bottom, and her fingers soon found a sensitive spot between my ass cheeks. She expertly teased around the little star, never quite putting any pressure there, but enough to make me quiver with delight.

Some women give head because they know you like it, others only make feeble attempts to put their mouth near your glans, while indeed some refuse to come near that organ with their mouth.

Then there are women like Erica; It was obvious that she relished the opportunity to taste my manhood, and that she wanted the spoils when I finally gave them up. She continued to hum her happy tune while moving up and down my shaft, sometimes pulling completely off to swirl her tongue around the sensitive head, and then pushing back down until I could feel her tonsils at the back of her throat, and beyond.

There is a slight indentation there, just the tiniest amount of resistance as she pushed down the rigid member, and then I could tell that I was beyond her uvula and heading for her humming larynx. The sensation was incredibly intense, and when she pushed her saliva covered finger against my sphincter and then through, it was all I could take. My testicals pulled up against my body and unleashed a torrent of pent up sperm into my passionate lover’s eager mouth.

Erica pulled back until just the head was inside of her and sucked hard as I flexed against her suction. I could tell my seed was splashing against the roof of her mouth as she sucked and swallowed the offering, pushing down just seconds later back to the farthest recesses of her throat. There was only a short pause of her humming as she swallowed the hot liquid, then continued to stimulate my flexing and pulshing manhood. There was nothing else in the world at that moment, you could have knocked me down with a feather as I pulsed into her mouth, the estacy beyond description while I continued to pulse in her mouth. No longer was I offering her my liquid love, but I continued to pulse for quite a few moments while she squeezed the last drops of pleasure from my glans.

Erica kept her finger pushed deep inside my rectum, flicking back and forth against my prostate as she milked the last vestiges of my orgasm from me as my knees once again grew weak and unable to support my weight. I sank slowly down into the waist high surf, and she followed me until she could no longer keep my withering flesh in her mouth. Placing her hand under my back she supported me so my head was above water, and gently pecked at my lips.

I could tell she wanted to kiss me, but was unsure of my reaction while her mouth still retained some of my sperm. Slightly recovering, I alleviated her concern and pulled her to me, kissing her deeply and probing her mouth with my appreciative tongue.

I have never been able to figure out how a man could want a woman to suck and swallow his seed, but would be put off if she wanted to kiss him afterward. I was more than happy to share a passionate kiss with this completely giving woman, in fact honored to share a wet cum filled kiss with her. No reward that I could give her would come close to matching the pleasure that she had just bestowed upon me. Our kiss lasted a long time, and we both ended up sitting on the sandy bottom of the beach, the gentle waves lapping at us as we slowly, begrudgingly came down from our shared euphoria. We held each other closely for a moment, and then we exhaled a collective sigh of satisfaction, smiling into each others eyes as we worked to regain control over our muscles.

“Erica, that was the most exhillerating sexual experience I’ve ever experienced. I’ll not forget that as long as I live” I complemented.

“I came too, you know” she told me, smiling broadly at my satisfied face.

“I didn’t know that, but I can’t tell you how glad I am of that. Wow, how are we going to top that experience?” I inquired curiously.

“Well, I don’t know about topping it, but I bet you’re soft enough that you can warm these up a little” she suggested, pointed at her hardened nipples and goose bump covered breasts.

“Ya know, I bet you’re right” I replied, standing up and holding my now flacid member in front of her.

“Right here” she pointed, indicating a spot between her two still heaving breasts.

I pointed myself directly at her and immediately let go a stream of warm piss at the proffered target, and she moaned as she pushed her breasts together to feel the warmth splash on her nipples. She moved her face closer to the fountain of pee and pushed her tongue out to feel and taste the stream, and then surpirsed me by engulfing me in her warm mouth. She sucked on me as I continued to let loose a torrent of salty water into her mouth. Swallowing just a small amount, she allowed most of my fluid to drip from her mouth and down her body until my bladder was almost empty. She then began to suck and swallow with enthusiasm until I was at the last few pulses. She sucked more and allowed the last dregs of my release escape her mouth and drip down her body, finally standing up and kissing me once again, this time with a different flavor on her tongue.

The feeling of her sucking on me as I finished was so intense my knees threatened to fail to hold me once again, but I was able to lock them and keep upright. I hale her close and returned the kiss, the salty flavor unfamiliar yet intoxicating. I remember thinking that givin the right setting and situation, this would be a thing that I would love to repeat. I knew that we would never be able to duplicate this moment, first times are always so special, but I was sure willing to try.


Hopefully Erica and I would have many more experiences, sharing other exciting firsts together as we learn what makes each other tick. I’ll be happy to share these experiences with you if you like this story. Suggestions are appreciated, such as possibly a meeting with Erica and amy and me, convincing her to change her mind about what’s dirty and what’s just pure pleasure.

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