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Paying the Babysitter

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Jerry and Heather pulled into their driveway after a night out to relax and take some time for themselves. After they had their baby it was nice to get out and not have to worry about it for an evening.

Jerry looked over at his wife. He was still shocked at the blonde bombshell he managed to marry.

After having the baby she became a stay at home wife and became obsessed with trying to regain her figure before the pregnancy. Eight months later and she had gotten in better shape then she was. Her large breasts strained against the fabric of her black dress that was a little too short to be respectable. Just the way he liked it.

Heather leaned over and kissed her husband, her tongue darting into his mouth and intertwining with his. She broke off their kiss. “When we get inside,” Heather said, “We’re going upstairs, and then when we get into our bedroom, I am going to suck your cock, I want to taste it so badly. Then I want you to put your cock between these nice big titties,” her hands rubbed her tits and lifted them up, nearly having them fall out of the top of her dress. “And after that, I want you to fuck me like a whore. I want your dirty fucking cock inside my pussy. Just thinking about you cock is making my pussy so wet.” She grinned at him mischievously and opened the door and got out of the car. As she walked towards the front door she lifted the hem of her dress up and showed off her tight ass, her thong disappearing into her ass.

Jerry quickly opened the door and stumbled out after her suddenly becoming very aware of how hard his cock was, he hurried up the walk to catch up with her. When he almost reached her she looked over her shoulder and asked, “Did you lock the car?”

“I… uh…”

“You better go make sure.”

“Uh… right.” He quickly went back to the car and locked the doors then ran to the front door. Heather was standing by it looking in the window to the living room. She turned and put a finger to her lips pointing straight into the air. Jerry slowed down and quietly made his way over to his wife.

“What is it? He whispered.

“Look inside.” She said. Jerry moved up behind his wife and looked into the window. “Holy shit.” He said.

Jerry saw their babysitter Emily sitting on the couch. Her jeans were undone and her right hand was down the front of her pants. He could see the top of her black panties lifted up by her wrist. Her other hand was playing with her left breast, squeezing and caressing it through her tight black shirt, then moving to the right side. Her long red hair was a mess and scattered everywhere.

“Jerry,” Heather started, “I’ve got an idea. Instead of all that stuff I said I was going to do in the car, how about instead we bring her up to our bed and have some fun with her?” Jerry looked at his wife wide eyed. They had talked about maybe bringing another woman to bed with them a few times before, but this caught him off guard with its suddenness.

“You really want to?” Jerry asked.

“Look at her.” Heather said. “She’s so cute, and young, and she’s horny.” Heather giggled. “She’d be perfect, but we need to move fast, we can’t let her cum before we make her cum.” She turned to him and looked him in the eyes. “So if we’re going to try and fuck her, we better get in their now and interrupt her. Are we going to try and fuck her?” she asked.

“Fuck yeah.” Jerry replied.

“Alright, but first, I need another drink. Maybe a couple to loosen me up.” Heather said.

“Should we give her a couple so we can… uh… loosen her up too?” Jerry asked.

“That’s probably a good idea. Hopefully it’ll make her a little slut.”

“Then you better open the door so we can get in there.” Jerry quickly reached into his pocket, got his keys out and unlocked the door. Heather kept peering inside and saw Emily jump when she heard the door in the hall open. She quickly pulled her hand out of her jeans and zipped up. She then started to straighten her hair a bit.

Heather moved away from the window and followed her husband into the house.

“Honey, why don’t you go make some drinks?” Heather said. Jerry nodded and walked towards the kitchen as he walked past the living room he looked in and saw Emily finishing making herself presentable.

“Hi Emily.” He said as he walked by. He hoped that moved by fast enough that she wouldn’t see his hard cock trying to escape from his pants and quickly went into the kitchen to try and find some alcohol.

Heather went into the living room. “Hi Emily, how was Peter tonight?” She asked.

“Hello, Mrs. Wright. He was a little angel tonight.” Emily said. Heather noticed how flushed her face was from her previous activities.

“That’s good.” Heather said.

“Well, I guess I’d better be going.” Emily said. Heather knew inwardly grinned about why she was in a hurry to leave.

“No, don’t. Why don’t you stay for a while and have a drink with us?” Heather asked.

“Oh, I shouldn’t, I’m underage.” Emily said.

“Oh please, didn’t you turn eighteen a few weeks ago? That’s old enough. Unless you’re gonna go tell on us.”

“Oh, no I… um…”

“Just a drink, what’s the worst that could happen?” She smiled wide and thought to herself, “I doubt getting laid is the worse thing that could happen.”

“I… guess it’s okay.” Emily said.

“Great, I’ll be right back. Sit down and relax.” Heather said gesturing to the couch. Emily went and sat down while Heather went to the kitchen. Jerry was pouring three orange juice into three glasses.

“I hope screwdrivers are alright, this was the only stuff we have.” Jerry said.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Heather grabbed two of the finished drinks and walked into the living room. She walked over to Emily and handed her a drink.

“Thanks Mrs. Wright.” Emily said.

“Please, call me Heather.” Heather sat down beside her on the couch and took a sip of her drink. Jerry came in and sat down on the other side of Emily.

They talked about school and their jobs and the baby. Heather and Jerry both noticed that Emily was drinking her drink very quickly, and both of them drank theirs quickly to keep up.

Emily set her empty glass down on the coffee table and Jerry quickly got up and took all the glasses. “I’ll go make some more.” He said.

“No, I should be going.” Emily said.

“One more isn’t going to hurt honey.” Heather said. “Just one more.”

“Well… Alright.” Emily reluctantly said.

Several drinks later Heather and Emily were drunk, Jerry wasn’t quite as drunk as he could always hold his liquor better then Heather, and Emily was just a lightweight when it came to alcohol.

“So Emily, are you seeing someone?” Heather asked.

“No, I don’t think the guys really notice me.” Emily said.

“Are you kidding?” Heather said. “You’re a beautiful young woman. I’d think the guys would be fighting tooth and nail for you.”

Emily blushed a little, “You’re just saying that.”

“No I’m not. Jerry, isn’t she beautiful?”

“Yeah, a lovely young girl.” He slurred.

“See? That’s two against one. You are beautiful.”

“Stop it.” He face was bright red now, nearly matching her hair.

“Oh come on, you must have gone on a few dates.” Heather said.

“Well, I was seeing this guy last year for a while.

“See? There’s at least one guy who isn’t a stupid dick who knows who a real woman is.” Heather started to laugh.

“Can we change the subject? You’re embarrassing me.” Emily said.

Heather one arm around Emily’s shoulders and put her other hand on Emily’s thigh and leaned close to her. “So, how far did things go between you two?”

“What do you mean?” Emily asked.

“Well, did you two ever fuck?” Heather asked. Emily was slightly shocked to hear her put it so bluntly.

“I… um…”

“Oh come on Emily, we’re all adults here,” Although one of us barely qualifies she thought to herself. “you can tell us.”

“Well… yes. But it wasn’t that good.”

“Oh, that’s a shame.” Heather said. “you deserve to have a real man show you a good time.” She laughed.

“Like that’ll happen.” Emily said.

“Oh it will. A hot little number like you is bound to start swimming in men.

“I’m not some ‘hot little number’.” Emily said.

“Come on, admit it, you know you’re hot. You’d have to be long dead not to see that.

“No, I’m not Heather, I’m not like you.” Emily said sheepishly.

“Like me?” Heather asked.

“Yeah, I mean… look at you. You’re gorgeous. You’ve got like, the perfect body and nice big tits. I see guys checking you out all the time.”

Jerry perked up at this, “All the time?”

“All the time.”

Heather interrupted. “Oh come on Emily, I’m sure guys check you out too. Hell, I’ll bet these titties,” as she said this her hands grabbed Emily’s tits. “are even nicer then mine.”

“Mrs. Wright! What’re you doing?” Emily tried to pull away from Heather but Heather held her in place. ‘Please let go.”

“Not until you admit you’ve got nice titties.” Heather said.

“Please.” Emily said.

“Admit it.” Heather started to caress the young woman’s breasts, lightly squeezing them.

“Please let go.” Emily said. She was shocked that Heather was groping her like this, in front of her husband no less. She could feel her pussy starting to get warm again.

“Are you going to admit it?” Heather asked. She couldn’t believe how wet she was getting, her panties were soaked.

“I… uh…” Emily went silent. Heather let go of Emily’s breasts.

“Maybe we should get a second opinion. We’ll let Jerry settle this.” Heather said.

“Uh… okay.” Emily sheepishly said.

“Jerry, who has better tits.” Heather asked with a wicked grin.

“Well… You do have nice tits Honey, but I’d really need to see both pairs to make an informed decision.” Jerry said with a smile. Emily giggled at this.

“Alright, take off your shirt.” Heather said.

“What?” Emily looked Heather in the eyes.

“You heard me, take it off so he can make his decision.”

“I… don’t think that’s a good idea.” Emily said.

“I think it’s a great idea. Would it make you feel better if my tits were also out?” Heather asked.

“I… um… Don’t know.” Emily stuttered.

“Well, we can always find out.” Heather said. She brought her hands to the straps of her dress and slid them off her shoulders and down her arms. Her dress fell away exposing her large tits. Emily started at Heather’s tits in shock.

“Now it’s your turn, unless you want to feel these.” Heather rubbed her hands up and down her tits. “It would only be fair after I got to feel yours.” Emily bit her lip, part of her wanted to leave, but part of her also wanted to stay.

“Come on, it’s all in good fun.” Heather said. She reached over and took one of Emily’s hands and brought it to her left breast. “How does that feel?” She asked.

“It’s… uh… nice.” Emily said.

“You can use your other hand.” Heather said. Emily slowly raised her other hand and cupped it over Heather’s other breast. She started to rub and lightly squeeze them. Heather brought her hands up and started to squeeze Emily’s tits again.

Jerry couldn’t take his eyes off the scene. He was almost in a state of shock watching his wife fondle this young girl. His cock was straining against the fabric of his pants, begging to get out.

“Time to get this off.” Heather said as she reached down to the bottom of Emily’s shirt and started to lift it up. Emily raised her arms and let Heather take her shirt off, leaving her with only a black bra covering her. Heather turned Emily so she was facing Jerry. Emily looked at Jerry’s face and saw him just staring at her tits. Heather unsnapped her bra from the back and pushed the straps off her shoulders.

Emily brought her hands up and held her bra to her breasts to keep it from falling. “I uh… think I should be going.” Emily said. She could feel her wet panties against her pussy.

Heather brought her hands to Emily’s and held them while she leaned close to her ear. “But Emily, how is Jerry supposed to decide who has better tits? You can’t go now.”

Emily gave in and let the bra fall away. Her nipples were standing upright on her large breasts. Heather shifted so she was sitting on the edge of the couch.

“So Jerry, whose tits are nicer?” Heather asked with a grin.

“That’s really hard to decide. I mean, by only looking at them I’d say Emily’s are nicer, but I really can’t decide whose are nicer without feeling them.” Jerry reached his hands towards Emily’s tits. “Are you okay with this Em?”

“Yes.” She said sheepishly. She knew she shouldn’t let him, but right now she didn’t care. She wanted his hands to feel her soft skin and squeeze her tits.

Jerry smiled and cupped Emily’s tits. He rubbed them softly at first, then slowly got rougher and rougher. Emily’s pussy was on fire, she felt like she was nearly ready to come from these two people just playing with her tits.

“Damn,” Jerry said. “These feel nice. I wonder how you feel about this though.” Jerry pinched Emily’s nipples between his thumb and forefingers and pulled lightly on them causing her to gasp.

“Did you like that? Jerry asked.


“Good.” Jerry looked over at his wife; she had lifted her skirt up a bit and was rubbing her pussy.

“Hmmmm… well… these feel really damn nice. But they aren’t as nice as Heather’s.” Jerry said. “Although, I still haven’t tasted these yet.” Jerry leaned down and kissed Emily’s left breast. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and lightly nibbled on it. He released her nipple from his mouth and pinched it with his fingers while he started to suck on her other nipple. This was too much for Emily and she moaned out loud. She could feel her juices flooding out of her pussy drenching the already soaked panties.

“Did you just come?” Heather asked her mouth hung slightly open in surprise.


“Fuck you’ve got some sensitive titties.” Heather said and she reached around giving them a squeeze.

Jerry raised his head from Emily’s tits. “Jesus, I’ll bet her panties are really fucking wet.”

“Yeah, I bet they are aren’t they?” Heather said. “Come on Emily, you can tell us. Are your panties soaking wet with your pussy juice?”

“Yes.” Emily said.

“That’s no good Jerry.” Heather said.

“No, I still have some testing to do and we can’t have her cumming on her panties again. We should probably take them off.”

“I agree.” Heather said. She reached down to Emily’s belt and undid it, then unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. “Honey, can you pull these off?” Jerry grabbed the top of Emily’s jeans and started to pull them down. He reached under her and lifted her up by her ass to pull them off and then slid them down her legs. Emily didn’t try and fight it, the mix of alcohol and sexual manipulation had pushed her beyond her limits, she was nearly ready to do anything.

“Damn, these are some nice legs.” Jerry said. He started to kiss Emily’s legs, started with her left calve and slowly worked his way up to her knee. Heather brought her hand to Emily’s panty covered mound and started to rub it through the wet material. Emily sighed softly.

“Holy shit these are fucking wet.” Heather said. “you’re just a regular little slut aren’t you?” Jerry reached Emily’s knee and started to kiss her way up her other leg. “We should get these things off you. Jerry, get these damn panties out of my way.” Jerry stopped kissing Emily’s legs and grabbed the sides of her panties and started to pull them down. She lifted her ass up so they would slide off easier. Jerry got his first look of Emily’s young wet cunt. She had shaved her pubic hair into a small triangle above her clit.

“Hey honey, either we’ve got a natural redhead here, or this girl is very thorough at dying her hair.” Jerry laughed at his joke and resumed kissing his way up her legs.

Heather put her arms around Emily, one hand playing with her tits while the other slide down her belly, through the small patch of red hair and reached her wet pussy. She rubbed Emily’s clit with a few fingers and Emily took a sharp breath. Heather leaned forward and kissed Emily. She pushed her tongue into Emily’s mouth attacked Emily’s tongue with it.

Jerry reached Emily’s other knee and started to kiss is way up her thigh. He moved very slowly, and every few kisses he switched to her other thigh in a very slow journey to her pussy.

Jerry reached Emily’s pussy, he took hold of both her legs and lifted her up into a better position so her legs could be open farther and started to lick up her slit like a dog. He brought a hand up to her pussy lips and slid a finger into her hole and started working it in and out quickly.

Emily couldn’t take it anymore; with Heather kissing her, playing with her tits and rubbing her clit while Jerry licked her pussy and worked a finger in and out of her was too much for her. Her orgasm swept over her, she moaned into Heathers mouth while her pussy squirted juices all over Heather hand and Jerry’s face.

“Oh fucking hell.” Jerry cried out. “Damn, this girl is a squirter.”

Heather brought her hand to her mouth and sucked Emily’s juices off it. “Damn, that tastes good. Get over here baby.” Jerry moved over to his wife and she kissed him deeply. Heather broke off their kiss and she started to lick his face to clean all of Emily’s juices off him.

“Fuck… that’s really damn tasty.” Heather said. “Let’s get this slut upstairs.”

“Upstairs?” Emily asked.

“Yeah, upstairs. We’re not done with you. I mean, you’ve come twice and neither of us have. Plus you came all over my husbands face. You need to get a similar treatment in return.” Heather got up and walked towards the hall. “Pick that whore up and bring her upstairs.” She said as she disappeared into the hall.

Jerry grabbed Emily and slung her over his shoulder and walked into the hall and up the stairs to their bedroom. Jerry found Heather’s dress on the stairs and when he walked down the hall to their bedroom he saw her thong left on the floor. He had a wide smile.

He walked into the bedroom to see his wife sitting on her knees on the bed. He walked over to the bed and got ready to set Emily down on the bed. He started to quickly unbutton his shirt.

Heather climbed on top of Emily and started to kiss her and grope her breasts. Out of the corner of Emily’s eye she could see Jerry taking his pants off, his cock practically jumped out of them and stood proudly in the air.

“Somebody better get busy sucking this cock.” Jerry said. Heather quickly lifted her head up and grabbed Jerry’s cock in her hand. She licked the head of his cock and then pointed it upwards. She slowly ran her tongue along the underside of his cock from his balls to the tip then took it deep into her mouth.

Emily was in a daze just watching this display of lust in front of her. She watched Heather’s head move up and down his length in awe. Heather let Jerry’s cock fall from her mouth and looked down at Emily. “Your turn sweetie.”

Jerry climbed onto the bed and laid flat on his back while Heather climbed off Emily. Emily rolled over and crawled over to Jerry. His cock was standing up right in front of her face. Heather got on her knees beside Emily and leaned down next to her ear. She reached under Emily and started to play with her large tits, pinching her nipples tightly in her fingers.

“What’s wrong? Never sucked a cock before?” Heather whispered into her ear. Emily shook her head. “It’s easy, just start slow. Just kiss his cock.” Emily hesitated, be leaned over and kissed the head of Jerry’s cock.

“That’s good, don’t stop. And work your way up and down his cock.” Emily obeyed. She slowly kissed her way up and down his cock. Jerry let out a contented sigh. “Now lick it.” Emily’s tongue poked out from between her lips and she started to lick Jerry’s cock up and down. “That’s it… that’s a good slut.” Heather reached over and started to play with Jerry’s balls.

“Now, open up your mouth and take his cock inside.” Emily did this. “Close your mouth around it, but don’t bite down. Guys don’t like that a whole lot. Then just move your mouth up and down that cock, take as much of it as you can.” Emily worked her way up and down his cock. She slowly moved down about halfway down his cock and then back up. “That’s a good, but you’ve gotta be able to take more than that to be good cocksucker. Try and got lower.” Emily worked her way down, she tried to take his cock in deeper but started to gag. She quickly brought her head up and coughed a couple times.

“Again, try it again.” Heather said sternly. Emily took Jerry’s cock in her mouth again and worked her way down the shaft, but she gagged again at the same place. Emily started to bring her mouth up again but Heather placed a hand on her head and pushed it back down.

“No you stupid whore, take more of it!” Emily started coughing up a bunch of saliva and it started to drool out her mouth and down Jerry’s cock. Heather grabbed a handful of Emily’s hair and pulled her head up. When the cock fell from Emily’s mouth she started gasping for air.

After a few short ragged breathes Heather said “Open up.” Emily opened her mouth and Heather pushed her mouth up and down around Jerry’s cock, each trip down making her gag. Heather let go of Emily’s hair, she quickly rose up and started coughing and gasping for air.

“Alright, that’s enough of that.” Heather said.

“I think I should fuck her now.” Jerry said.


Jerry moved out of the way and Heather rolled Emily onto her back. She moved up to Emily’s head and swung a leg over so she was looking down Emily’s body towards her pussy and so Emily was face to pussy with Heather.

“Lick me slut.” Heather demanded. Emily quickly started to lick Heather’s cunt with quick movements.

Jerry spread Emily’s legs wide and climbed between them. He rubbed his hard cock against her wet slit and clit. Heather lowered a hand to her clit and started to lightly rub it while she watched her husbands cock slid up and down Emily’s cunt.

“Fuck it, I can’t wait any longer.” Jerry said as he pushed his cock against Emily’s tight hole. Her pussy stretched to allow his cock into her pussy and he slowly slid in. “Oh shit… this bitch is tight.” He put his hands on her waist and started to slowly pump his cock in and out of her. Heather stared at Jerry’s cock moving in and out of Emily’s pussy, she tried to match his thrusts with her clit.

Emily’s head fell to the bed as she started to moan. “Keep licking bitch.” Heather said. Emily didn’t continue so Heather lowered her pussy against her face and started to grind against her mouth. “Get that tongue out you stupid whore, LICK IT!”

Emily tried to get her tongue out, but between the pussy rubbing up and down her face and her constant moaning she wasn’t doing a very good job. Jerry started to thrust faster and Heather kept up the rubbing on her clit.

“Shit… I don’t know how long I’m gonna last.” Jerry said. “This pussy is so tight it feels like it’s pulling me in.”

“Oh fuck… oh shit…” Heather moaned. “Fuck… I’m getting ready to cum. Fuck… you better be ready to lick up my juices slut. Fuck… fuck… FUUUUCK!” Heather came hard, her pussy squirting her juices all over Emily’s face as she continued to grind on it. Jerry watched his wife’s orgasm subside and he could feel his getting close.

“Oh fuck that was nice.” Heather said between deep breathes. She raised herself off of Emily’s mouth. Emily took a deep breath and let out a low moan.

“Oh fuck… please make me cum. Make me cum.” Emily said. This was too much for Jerry.

“Fuck!” Jerry said as he started to cum. He tried to pull out of Emily’s tight pussy but wasn’t fast enough. The first 3 spurts of cum shot off inside and when he pulled out he furiously jerked his cock and shot cum all over Emily’s pussy, a few spurts shot up a little farther and landed on between her pussy and her belly.

Heather quickly bent down and started to lick up the cum, she started with the spurts highest up then started to lap at Emily’s pussy cleaning the cum off it. She licked and sucked at Emily’s clit causing Emily to moan. She looked down her pussy and saw cum drip down between her ass crack and began to lick and slurp all the way up and down her pussy to her ass.

“Fuck… did you cum in her?” Heather asked.

“A little bit, I didn’t mean to. She was just so fucking tight and when I was watching you cum I couldn’t control it.”

“Whatever.” Heather said as she returned to Emily’s pussy. She brought a hand to Emily’s clit and started to rub it causing another moan to escape from Emily. She pushed her tongue into Emily’s hole to try and suck the cum out of it. Emily’s hips started to buck against Heather’s face.

“Oh shit… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna…Aaaahhhhh…” Emily couldn’t finish her sentence as her orgasm took hold. Her hips bucked wildly as her pussy squirted her cum all over Heather’s face. Emily settled down and Heather climbed off her and laid down on the bed.

The three of them just stayed like that for a few minutes, breathing heavily. Jerry wearily rose to his feet.

Emily looked over at the alarm clock on the nightstand. “Shit, I should get home.” She said as she climbed off the bed and left the room. Heather followed her and they went downstairs and collected her clothes which Emily quickly put on.

They went over to the front door.

“Um… Heather?” Emily started.


“Next time I babysit for you, can we do this again?” Emily looked into Heather’s eyes. Heather smiled and pulled Emily close and kissed her deeply. When they broke the kiss Emily had a big smile on her face. “I can’t wait for next time!”

Emily opened the front door and waved to Heather, then went outside and started her walk home.

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