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Spinner Goes Shopping

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After my first little escapade with Suzy, I decided we needed to go shopping. Suzy, you’ll recall was my first spinner – a petite, lightweight, young-looking, nasty little slut you can spin around the end of your dick. I decided she needed to fuck a little more publicly than she’d done the previous night, when she’d blown three guys on the hood of my car, in the street, while I fucked her tight little ass.

An epic night, but I wanted her to have more of an audience. She was the sort of sick little bitch who’d get off on fucking with an audience.

To make up for the fact that I’d torn her top ripping it off her hot little bod last night, I promised to drive her to the mall and buy her a new one. On the drive in, she played with her clit, that short little skirt wrapped up above her waist. It seems she couldn’t keep her fingers out of her pussy. Last night, after we’d fucked on the street, she’d shown me her trick with the Coke bottle. Got about two thirds of it up her ass. It was a fucking awesome sight. I took some photographs for my website. She got off on being a porno model for me, too.

“Okay Suzy, there’s a little price to pay for this new top.”

“Oh yeah? Who d’ya want to see me fuck?”

Smart girl – caught on real quick. She was up for it, as ever.

“Just do exactly what I tell you, when I tell you. I promise you’ll love it.”

She agreed, knowing my mind was almost as dirty as hers. Not quite my sexual twin, but fucking close. That and her tight little ass and under-age looks drove me nuts. Come to think of it, I only had her word that she was eighteen. If she’d told me fourteen, her looks wouldn’t have called it a lie. She was skinny, but not see-my-ribs skinny. Just naturally small and thin. I could pick her up with one arm, no problem. Thinking how cute her ass looked in that skirt, I couldn’t quite reconcile it with the gaping shitter that took most of a Coke bottle. That was just talent.

We parked and started walking through the mall. Her top was ripped so that it fell off one shoulder – the fabric was about half an inch from her nipple. While she didn’t have big tits, you could see the creamy slope, and her tits jiggled as she walked. She had a sassy kind of walk, rotating her ass as she went. I dropped my hand onto her ass and groped her as we walked through the mall. Teenage kids stopped to gawp. We heard the word “slut” and “bitch” echo over the muzak, and grinned. On the escalator she spread her legs and bent right over, so that everyone below her could see her pussy and asshole. When she pulled up again, I kissed her, and pulled up her skirt just to confirm she was bare-assed. We could hear the whoops from a bunch of kids on the floor below us.

“I fucking love making a guy’s day like that.”

Hmm, I’d have to explore that another time.

I steered her into a clothes shop – practically empty at this time of day.

“Okay Suzy, here’s the thing. There’s a cute little piece working here called Nicky. I’ve had my eye on her for a couple of months. I want to see you fuck her, in the store, in front of that security camera at the back. I’ll hang around here and watch you do it. If you can get her fucked, we can move into the back of the shop for a threesome, and I’ll screw the living shit out of your ass. Deal?”

Her eyes shone with excitement, and she licked her lips. Every bit of it appealed. Fucking a cute little slut her age, getting off in public, me watching her fuck, and that little ass-rape as a prize.

“Awesome. Show me the little cunt and I’ll get her nailed.”

Nicky was working her way through college as a shop assistant. Short, dark hair, smooth young body. Totally delicious and, I suspected, a total fuckslut if you got to her. Something about her face – and especially her eyes – just said she was on the verge of something big. Just waiting for the spark. And Suzy was going to get to her, I was sure.

I pretended to browse as Suzy made her move. There was only one other assistant, and she was right at the front of the shop where the cash point was. I strolled around until I was in the aisle next to Suzy and Nicky. Looking through the gaps in the merchandise, I could see and hear everything, but they had no idea where I was.

Suzy was up close, real close, her lips barely twelve inches from Nicky, showing her the rip in her top.

“How did that happen?” Nicky asked.

“Well, I was getting fucked by this guy, and he couldn’t wait to see my tits, so he kinda ripped it off me.”

Nicky tried to look shocked, but it wasn’t a good impression. She had the ghost of a shit-eating grin on her lips.

“Oh my God, weren’t you scared?”

“Shit no, I couldn’t wait either. What, don’t you like it a little rough?”

Nicky smiled again, but said nothing. Fuck, she was hot.

“Oh yeah, I can see that you do. But look at this, my nipples are almost showing when I walk around the mall.”

Nicky leaned in slightly as Suzy pulled the top away from her to display her tit. Suzy brought her hand up and lightly brushed Nicky’s face.

“Go ahead,” she whispered. “Suck on it.”

Nicky looked up.

“I can’t do that, there’s security cameras. They’ll see me licking your nipple, taking it into my mouth and rolling it over and over my tongue. They’ll see me sucking your tit into my mouth, right in the middle of a store.” Nicky was into this in a big way. Suzy and I had hit paydirt. A new slut to welcome to our select little fuck club.

“Screw the cameras, I want my tit licked. Come on.”

Suzy cupped a hand behind Nicky’s head and drew her down. Instinctively, Nicky began licking on her nipple, taking more and more of Suzy’s tit into her mouth. Suzy’s head arched back and as she did so, she caught sight of me through the shelving and smiled. Her hand reached down and began to press against Nicky’s pussy mound through her uniform.

Nicky moaned, and Suzy took her chance to get aggressive. She grabbed Nicky’s hair in one hand and, keeping her other hand pressed against her pussy, pushed her back a few feet until Nicky was backed up against a wall. Her knee went between Nicky’s legs, and began grinding against her cunt. Suzy licked Nicky’s neck, and Nicky shivered visibly as her knees began to buckle. I’d bet my fucking house her pussy was already dripping with juice. Suzy closed in for the clincher. Just one more step and Nicky would go for anything we wanted.

“Want me, baby, huh? Want to get your tongue into my cunt? Huh? Fuckin’ do it, then. Go for it. Get on your knees and lick my fucking clit until I scream. Come on.”

Nicky thought for a split second, then dropped to her knees. Suzy pulled up her skirt and showed her a bare pussy, already glistening with juice. Nicky put her fingers either side of Suzy’s pussy and spread her lips. Then slid her tongue right in. I looked around but no one was headed our way yet.

“Oh yeah, fucking lick that good. Yeah, right up there, oh shit you nasty little fuck. Yeah, that’s it, chew on my fucking clit. God, I love a girl’s tongue. Yeah. You talented little bitch. Fucking do me with that tongue.”

Suzy began to buck her hips along Nicky’s face, smearing it with pussy juice. She looked up at the security camera and blew it a kiss. Nicky moaned as she licked up and down, now and again moving up to Suzy’s asshole and swiping up there. Then she put her tongue deep in Suzy’s pussy, and her finger snaked it’s way up and into Suzy’s ass.

Suzy had trouble standing up as she came. It was one of those deep cums, that starts right down in your feet and travels up to your head. She bit her lip to keep from screaming out loud. Her eyes widened, and when she came, she had to use a hoarse whisper.

“oooohhh shhhhhhiiiittt. Fuck baby. Oh fucking Christ. Oh shit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, bite my clit, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh you sweet little bitch.”

She pulled Nicky up and they tongue kissed, Suzy grabbing and groping at Nicky’s tits and sliding one hand under her uniform. I took it as my cue to emerge from behind the shelf. The other assistant was still at the front of the shop. As Suzy pulled away, Nicky looked at me, but somehow didn’t seem that surprised to see me.

“That was quite some show, young lady. Ready for some cock now?”

Nicky smiled and unbuttoned her uniform. As she did so, I could see she was totally naked underneath it. She had ripe, pert young tits, a flat, smooth stomach, and a shaved pussy. She pulled and grabbed on her tits as she stepped out of her uniform. She slapped herself on the face – fucking hard, as it happens – then folded her fingers in and stuck her entire fucking hand into her mouth. Then she pushed it down and made herself gag, licking up the choked spit as she withdrew her hand and began fingering her clit. Suzy was as impressed as I was.

“Shit, baby, you got it going on.”

Nicky just smiled. Totally naked, in full view of the security cameras, she sank to her knees.

“I hope you’ve got a fucking big dick, honey. I like choking when I suck a dick.”

I grinned.

“It’s big enough for that.”

“Great. Bring it on, honey, fuck my throat hard.”

Always one to take a girl at her word, I stepped forward and slid into her willing mouth. She leant forward and slid down my shaft, pausing slightly halfway, before sliding right to the root. Immediately she choked, spluttering spit all over my cock and balls, as she fought for air. I started to pull back, but she grabbed my legs and made sure I held my dick right down her throat. She looked up at me with big brown-green eyes, my entire dick in her throat, and winked.

The she started to move on me, pulling out almost to the tip and then plunging back down, all the fucking way. This girl had sucked a lot of dick. Suzy was impressed again.

“Great deep throat, baby. Fuck man, nail her throat. She likes getting her throat raped, just like me. Fuck her mouth like you did to me in the street last night.”

Hearing something of our exploits just seemed to goad Nicky into choking more. She didn’t seem to care that this was all on camera, or that we could be caught any second. Suzy wasn’t much of a lookout. She was leaning against the wall beside us, watching and burying four fingers into her cunt. Nicky just spluttered and spat and deep throated. She kept working me into her mouth again and again, encouraging me to fuck it. I grabbed her hair with both hands and shoved her onto my dick again and again. Her hands dropped, satisfied that now I was doing her right, fucking her throat as hard as she wanted it. She turned into a little fuck doll, just letting me slam into her mouth again and again.

After about five minutes I was ready to blow. I pulled out and fisted my dick.

“Open your fucking mouth you little whore, I ‘m gonna cum all over that sweet little face of yours. Get ready.”

She smiled.

“I want my fucking reward. Cover me, baby. Drown me in fucking cum. Give your girl something to eat off my face. Spray it right here.” She stuck her tongue out to give me a target.

I sprayed the biggest fucking load of my life. Seven, eight globs of it hit her, half of it in her face, the rest into her hair and down her neck. She just held there, letting me splatter her. She didn’t even try to swallow it.

Suzy knelt down by the cum-drenched girl.

“Want me to lick it off, you little cunt?”

Nicky shook her head. She pointed at Suzy’s mouth. At first I thought she wanted Suzy to lick the cum off, but that was for later, apparently.

And she stuck her tongue out again. I wasn’t sure what she wanted but Suzy knew. She grinned.

And then she spat at her. Right into her face. Nicky grinned, too, and put out her tongue for more. Suzy spat on her five or six more times, until they dissolved into a frenzy of cum-swapping, spit-covered kisses. Then they double-teamed my dick, cleaning it up and taking it in turns to swallow the whole fucking thing. I was dripping in sweat, and scared we’d get discovered and thrown out.

Suzy flung her arms around me and jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist, like she’d done last night. She ground her wet pussy onto my still-hard dick and kissed me.

“You promised to take my ass and wreck it. Remember our deal?” Nicky slid three fingers up Suzy’s ass and licked the juice off her hand when she retrieved it.

“I wanna see you make her ass gape, honey.”

Nicky grabbed my hand.

“Let’s go out back.”

We slunk out back to the storeroom, without being seen. The storeroom had a table, and Suzy stretched out on it, playing with her pussy, as I kissed Nicky and groped her butt. She felt tight when I got two fingers in there. But the way she wiggled her ass to get them deeper told me she was an anal little cunt, all the same. I’d have to test that theory real hard, later. Suzy wanted it now.

“You promised to fuck the shit right out of my ass, baby.”

I tore myself away from Nicky, though that was difficult, as she had her hand around my dick and clearly wanted to get her throat fucked again. I had the perfect solution.

“Suzy, on your hands and knees. Nicky, sit over her with your face next to her asshole.”

Both girls knew what was coming, and scooted into position. Nicky spread Suzy’s ass with her fingertips, then began sliding fingers in, one more each time. She looked a little surprised at how wide Suzy could go. Three fingers each side wasn’t a problem, and allowed Nicky to breathe softly into Suzy’s gaping crap-hole.

“Gaper huh?” she asked. I nodded, smiling. Nicky grinned. “My kind of whore.”

I slid my dick into Suzy’s ass, and kept pushing until it was balls deep. Nicky’s face was about an inch from my dick, and she leaned forward and started licking, tasting Suzy’s ass. Suzy was in overdrive already.

“Come on, baby, rape my shitter like you did yesterday. Come on, give me what you promised. Ram that meat up my crapper, baby. That’s where I need it, just fuck the whole thing up me. Tell that bitch to eat the shit off your dick when you fuck me. I wanna taste my ass on her tongue later.”

I slammed it onto her and Suzy howled. I knew from last night that she could take it hard and deep. If anything, her ass felt even tighter than yesterday. She was an awesome ass fuck, yelling at me to get harder and deeper. Nicky wanted to see more, too.

“C’mon man, rape her ass like she wanted. Fucking split her in two with that thing. Yeah. Oh. God, this view is fucking unbelievable. You’re getting so stretched out, girl. You’re gonna gape like a good ‘un for days after this fucking. Shit yeah, your ass tastes so fucking good. I love the way your ass tastes.”

I pulled out of Suzy’s ass and Nicky instinctively dived forward, covering my cock and burying herself down to the root, deep throating the cock that had just been banging Suzy’s shithole. Nicky moaned and swirled her tongue around my cock, savouring the taste and the feel of a hard dick in her throat. She made sure she choked on it and spat all over the head as she pulled out.

“Wait a second.”

I held off going back inside Suzy’s ass as Nicky spat on her fingers and then slid them into Suzy’s ass. When she had four in, she tugged on Suzy’s ass and began inserting the other four. Eight fingers were now in Suzy’s ass and she was moaning incoherently, cumming non-stop at this anal assault. Nicky alternated, plunging each hand into Suzy’s ass, the combination of spit and ass juice making her fingers slippery and easier to take. Impossibly fast, she alternated each hand at lightning speed until Suzy let off one huge scream, and shook as she came. Then Nicky pulled Suzy’s ass wide open and stared at the gape. I could get my cock in there without touching the sides. It was awesome.

“Fucking beautiful, girl, fucking beautiful,” she said. “You’ve got one talented shithole, honey. I want my ass to be just like this.”

Christ, I was falling in love already!

Nicky slid off the table and stood right in front of Suzy’s face. I resumed my assfucking, slamming it to her as Nicky pulled Suzy’s hair. She slapped Suzy repeatedly on the cheek, staring intently into her eyes. Suzy went off the fucking scale.

“Aaarrrgghh! Fucking Christ yeah, rape my ass, slam it, fucking do it. Yeah, give it to me, hurt me with that cock, hurt my ass, yeah…oh shit, I fucking love getting shafted like this…..fucking do it harder…..harder….on shhhhiiittttt.”

I screamed and unloaded another huge wad deep in her ass. Fuck knows how I’d stayed from cumming before that. I pulled out and Nicky ran round and gave me a no-hands sucking, that included another deep throat, her eyes locked on mine the whole time. Suzy leant back on her knees.

Nicky knelt under Suzy’s ass. Suzy raised herself up a little, so that Nicky could catch the cum as it oozed out of Suzy’s ass. She slurped until it was all gone, then slid fingers into Suzy’s ass and licked them, to make sure she got everything. The two kissed so that Suzy could taste her own ass as she came down from a monumental orgasm.

Suzy was exhausted and headed for the toilets. Nicky and I kissed.

“Wanna do that again, little girl?”

Nicky grinned.

“Fuck yeah, but next time, it’s me that gets my ass raped, it’s me that gets to gape, and I want your piss as well. Deal?”

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