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Painful School Reunion

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It had been over 6 months since John and Sue had first been introduced to the painful pleasures of caning by the fraudulent Dr Hay. Whilst they realised that his methods would not help their chances of conceiving their first child, they had found another dimension to their sex life. John very much enjoyed caning his wife, and Sue enjoyed the sex afterwards!

It was as Sue was sorting through the pile of mail on the hall floor one evening after returning home from work that she noticed a franked letter from her old school. It had been several years since Sue had left Beechwood Academy. It was a very strict private school and the letter piqued her curiosity. Ripping the envelope open she found it was an invitation from the School Alumni to attend a reunion party to celebrate the Academies 100th anniversary. The invitation was for both ex-pupils and their partners. It requested that pupils should wear their old school uniform (if they still had it), to show how things had changed over the years.

Sue was sure she still had her old school tie, and was confident she could pass off a short black skirt she had as her old school attire. That combined with a simple white blouse and a pair of white ankle socks would complete the picture.

Over dinner later that evening Sue told John about the letter and her thoughts on a make-shift uniform. John was enthusiastic about the reunion and asked Sue to try out her ‘uniform’ to see how it looked. Whilst John cleared away the dinner things Sue went upstairs to see if she could find her school tie. After a short rummage in her wardrobe Sue put on all the necessary items to transform her into a pupil at the Beechwood Academy. As she looked at herself in the mirror Sue was amazed to see how young the short skirt and school tie made her look. She looked more like an 18 year old 6th former, that the 25 year old she really was. With the addition of some white socks and flat shoes the transformation was complete and she called John to see what he thought.

John was equally amazed when he saw his wife dressed that way. The short skirt emphasised her shapely legs and the white blouse clung tightly to the soft curve of her breasts. It was a very erotic sight. John asked Sue to turn around so that he could admire the view from the rear. Sue complied and when she had her back to John she coyly looked over her shoulder and enquired if he saw anything that took his fancy.

The sight of his wife in such a provocative position was too much for John. He simply bent her over the end of their bed and flipped her skirt up around her waist revealing her skimpy black lace panties. Sue giggled with excitement and asked what he planned to do next. John replied by unzipping his now erect member and pushing it towards her. As he did so he pulled her knickers to one side and fumbled for entry. Sue reached back and helped him in and within moments they were fucking. There was no foreplay, but they were both ready for each other. As John pumped in and out of Sue he commented on how wet she was, Sue replied at how hard he felt. As they fucked John could see their reflection in the bedroom mirror, but it really looked as if he were fucking a silly school girl, not his wife. Sue’s blouse had come untucked and her breasts were swinging loose, she looked thoroughly dishevel. As John fucked her harder he wondered if Sue had ever been caned at school. The thought of Sue bent over and being soundly caned and then thoroughly fucked sent John over the edge and he came into his wife. It also started the seeds of an idea in his mind.

The reunion was not for a couple of weeks and John had Sue dress up in her uniform regularly. Each time they acted out a different fantasy, from the errant school girl and the prefect, to the new girl being seduced by her teacher. Each time it ended with John fucking Sue in a variety of positions. However their favourite was the naughty school girl in the headmasters study and it didn’t take long before John introduced the cane into these sessions. They would act out a scenario that had Sue bent over taking several hard strokes of the cane before being fucked from behind by John.

Enjoyable as these sessions were, both John and Sue realised there was something missing. John did not dominate his wife and her submission was just part of the role play. Sue felt there was no element of being helpless in the hands of another, having to do their bidding and submit to their desires. They discussed this one evening after another schoolgirl caning and fucking session and Sue admitted the only man she had really felt in awe of was her old headmaster from the Beechwood Academy. Sue explained to John that he had a real presence about him and could make Sue quake just by giving her a stern look. The more they spoke about the headmaster’s influence over Sue, the more of an idea formed in John’s mind.

On the day of the school reunion Sue seemed very nervous. She duly got dressed in her old school uniform and she and John drove to the Beechwood Academy. The party was being held in the main school hall and by the time they arrived it was in full swing. Several of the ex-pupils had come in their old uniform and the room was a mix of old and new, with class photos around the walls and pupils renewing old acquaintances. Sue introduced John to some of her old classmates as they circulated around the room. Stopping to swap stories or catch up on what people had done with their lives since leaving school. As Sue bade farewell to one group and turned to move away she accidentally bumped into the back of a large tall man. As he slowly turned and looked down at Sue, she realised it was her old headmaster, Mr Beech.

She immediately flushed and tried to apologise for being so clumsy, but the words just came out in a jumble and Sue stood there looking to all the world like a clumsy schoolgirl. Mr Beech looked Sue up and down and then told her that she should report to his office in 30 minutes. With that he turned away leaving Sue standing there looking slightly confused.

For the next half an hour Sue didn’t know what to do or what to think. She talked to John about the encounter with Mr Beech who also wondered what the headmaster wanted, but he agreed to come with Sue to the office.

As they walked along the corridor to the office John joked with Sue about their schoolgirl headmaster games and chided her that she was in for a caning. The thought of being caned by Mr Beech in front of John really excited Sue, and by the time they had reached his office Sue’s nipples were pushing out against her blouse.

Sue knocked on the office door and a sharp voice told her to come in. Mr Beech was seated behind a large polished desk. On the desk were three canes. There was a traditional looking school cane with a crooked handle, one which looked slightly thicker, but had a straight leather grip at one end and the third which was a simple polished rattan cane.

Mr Beech ignored Sue and spoke directly to John. He explained that he was glad Sue had attended the reunion as there was some unfinished business from her school days that needed to be resolved. He went on to tell John how Sue had been caught cheating in her exams, but due to falling ill with the flu had not been punished at the time. He felt that she was still due this punishment and that either he or John could complete the task.

John enquired as to what kind of punishment would be necessary in these circumstances. Mr Beech explained that it was the Academies policy to cane miscreants, with anything from 6 strokes of the cane upwards. Mr Beech went on to say that in serious cases the caning was on the bare, and sometimes with the offender stripped of other clothing to emphasise their mistakes.

The room was charged with a sexual tension, the three canes lay menacingly on the desk and the headmasters suggestion that Sue should be caned hung in the air. Sue could feel her heart beating loudly and felt her face flush. She wondered if John would agree to Mr Beech caning her, and what would happen after? After all of her previous canings Sue had been fucked by John. Would Mr Beech now take this role and fuck her, or would John fuck her whilst Mr Beech looked on? All of these thoughts tumbled through her mind as she stared at the three canes on the desk.

John was also considering the headmasters suggestion. Should he let a stranger cane his wife? Would Sue be able to take the cane from Mr Beech? He looked a powerful man, who was clearly well used to administering the cane. How many strokes should he allow Mr Beech to give her and should he allow Sue to be naked before him? And what would happen at the end of the caning. Would Mr Beech then expect to fuck Sue, or would he allow John, or would they both end up fucking her?

After what seemed an age John agreed with Mr Beech that Sue should indeed be caned for her wrong doings and that the caning should be hard. John also suggested that to help with the caning, he should be allowed to deliver some of the strokes.

Mr Beech seemed pleased with John’s proposals and told Sue to bend over and touch her toes in front of his desk. When she was bent over Mr Beech arose from his desk and went behind Sue. He folded her short black skirt up and tucked the hem into the waist band. This clearly exposed her very brief lacy black knickers, the ones she had worn the first time she had tried out the ‘uniform’. From where John was standing it was a very erotic sight, another man preparing his wife for the cane. Having her bend into a submissive position with her behind ready to receive whatever punishment Mr Beech deemed necessary. Her rear was on display from the band of skin between the skirt and tops of her knickers, and then down from their lace trimmed edge to the top of her white ankle socks. She looked so vulnerable, and the three canes laying on the desk looked so cruel, so capable of inflicting severe welts, and Mr Beech looked so in control and focused on giving Sue a hard caning.

Satisfied with her position and that of her skirt Mr Beech selected the crooked handled cane from the desk and positioned himself to the right of Sue. It was apparent that Mr Beech was left handed as he tried his aim by tapping the cane repeatedly on Sue’s behind which seemed to quiver in anticipation. John stood to her left so he had a perfect view of the cane. And so it began.

The first stroke whipped home striking towards the top of Sue’s bottom. The force and severity surprised both Sue and John. It was harder than she had ever been caned before! Sue yelped and stumbled forward before quickly regaining her position. Mr Beech seemed unconcerned by her reaction and positioned himself for the second stroke. This landed just below the first and was just as hard. Number three and four followed quickly after, each landing just below the other. It was clear Mr Beech was working his way down. The fifth stroke was just on the join of her knickers and her legs, and the sixth landed fully on the exposed flesh in the crease between her upper thighs and bottom. It quickly turned into a thin red welt.

After the first six strokes Mr Beech stepped back from Sue and told John that he should now remove her knickers. John moved forward and gently peeled the thin lace covering from her bottom and down her thighs. This revealed the results of the initial caning, six equally spaced red tram lines on her pert bottom. It was clear that the knickers had offered no protection whatsoever. It was also clear to John that Sue was becoming aroused from the caning as he could detect the tell tail signs. Especially when Mr Beech told him to position Sue’s legs slightly wider apart for the next session with the cane. John left the knickers pulled taught around Sue’s ankles as Mr Beech told her to lean forward and take hold of the edge of the desk. Mr Beech explained to John that he didn’t want Sue to move about during the caning, hence she should brace herself against the desk. With that Mr Beech then picked up the second cane and handed it to John telling him that he was to deliver the next six strokes, but under his guidance.

With the expert direction of Mr Beech John was able to give Sue six hard cuts with the cane, each stroke raising an angry welt on her behind. Mr Beech encouraged John to strike harder with each stroke and as such some of the strokes had crossed or crept onto Sue’s upper thighs. Her bottom was crossed with red marks, each showing where the cane had landed. During the caning John had felt himself harden, and by the final stroke he was painfully erect.

When John stepped back he could see that Sue was breathing hard and her legs were shaking slightly. It was a very erotic sight, her leaning forward with her hands braced against the desk, her legs splayed out behind her with her knickers stretched around her ankles, and her well caned bottom pushed out waiting for whatever the two men decided.

Mr Beech looked at the sight Sue was presenting and then looked at John, he could clearly see how excited John had become during the caning. In recognition of this he suggested that John should now fuck Sue. He said this would relieve John’s tension and also give Sue a break before the final session with the cane and what Mr Beech had planned to follow after the caning.

John wasn’t quite sure what Mr Beech meant when he said there was more to follow after the caning, but he was desperate to fuck Sue. For her part Sue was glad of the break and was more than ready to receive a hard fucking. John simply unzipped himself and positioned himself behind Sue and within a few moments they were fucking. Both of them were very turned on and their fucking was hard and fast, John ramming himself into Sue who remained meekly bending to receive his frantic thrusts. Both of them had forgotten that they were under the watchful eye of Mr Beech who stood by only a few feet away. It was clear than John was getting close to coming and it was at that point that Mr Beech intervened and told John to pull out and come in Sue’s mouth. Not wishing to argue John pulled his throbbing member out of Sue, who quickly kicked off her knickers, turned around and sank to her knees. John used both his hands to pull Sue’s head onto him and he face fucked her. It took only a couple of thrusts before John exploded into her mouth. He held her head until he had emptied himself and he was sure she had swallowed every drop.

At last John pulled away and Sue wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. As she did so she looked up at John from her kneeling position, her eyes now questioning what was to happened next.

The moment was broken by Mr Beech tapping his desk with the third and final cane. He told Sue that she should get up and bend forward over his desk, and to grip the far side with her hands. As she did so John zipped himself back up and wondered what was going to happen next. It became clear when Mr Beech announced that Sue was to receive six hard stokes with the senior cane in this position and then a final six in the same position, but nude. Mr Beech looked across at John who nodded his agreement. And so it began again.

With Sue bent over the desk there was no way she could escape the powerful stokes from the senior cane. Mr Beech wielded the cane with great skill and accuracy and managed to deliver all six strokes on almost virgin areas of Sue’s bottom and upper thighs. At the end of this six Mr Beech was looking red in the face and his chest was heaving. Breathlessly he told Sue to take off the rest of her clothes, including her shoes and socks.

Weakened from the severe caning Sue struggled to comply with the demand and John had to step in and help her unbutton her blouse and unclip her bra. He felt very excited about preparing his wife to be caned by another man, pleased that another should want to possess his wife in this way.

When Sue was naked Mr Beech made her stand in the centre of the room with her hands on her head so both men could admire her body and also see the cane marks on her behind.

Mr Beech then stood in front of Sue and began to caress her breasts, but as his hands roamed around her nipples the caress became a pinch as he squeezed and pulled her nipples. Sue moaned in pleasure and pain as Mr Beech continued to twist and pinch her hardened nipples, but as quickly as it had started so it stopped leaving Sue breathless.

Satisfied with things Mr Beech told Sue to bend over the desk again. He told John to go round to the other side and to hold her hands to prevent her from moving. Once Sue was in position Mr Beech picked up her little black lace knickers from the floor and handed them to John, telling him to put them into her mouth to stop her crying out too loudly. Mr Beech explained that the final six strokes would be very hard indeed and at the end he would then fuck Sue. John looked slightly taken aback at this statement, but Mr Beech assured him that everything would be okay. Sue turned her head and looked up beggingly to John trying to indicate that she did not want to be fucked by Mr Beech. However, John soothingly stroked her hair telling her it was all okay and she should do what was required. Sue acquiesced and turned her head away, resigned to the fact she was going to be caned and fucked by another man whilst her husband approvingly looked on. And so it began again for the final time.

Mr Beech was true to his word, and the caning was the fiercest of the session. By the sixth stoke Sue was struggling to cope, desperately hanging onto the edge of the desk as each hard stoke had landed. But she had managed, she had taken the hardest Mr Beech could deliver, even though her bum felt it was on fire. All she had to do now was submit to the fucking.

John remained on the other side of the desk as Mr Beech readied himself to fuck Sue. He quickly stripped off his clothes pausing briefly to take a condom from his jacket pocket. John looked on enviously as Mr Beech rolled this onto his very large erect penis. John knew that Sue was about to get the fucking of her life with something as big and thick as that and he was pleased when he saw that Mr Beech had produced a tube of lubricant. From where he was standing John couldn’t see exactly what Mr Beech was doing, but he was taking sometime to ensure Sue was ready and he appeared to be finger fucking her first. Satisfied with his preparations Mr Beech positioned himself behind Sue and with one hand guided himself forward. At that moment Sue’s head jerked up from the desk with a look of surprise, at first John thought she was reacting to being stretched by the size, but then he realised that Mr Beech was trying to ass fuck her! Sue let out a strangled sob as Mr Beech pushed from behind. It was clear he was having trouble inserting himself as he pulled back and tried again. Mr Beech pulled back again, but this time spanked Sue hard on her bum with his right hand. The effect of this on her already sensitive behind was enough to allow Mr Beech to get the first few inches of himself into Sue. Now he held her hips steady with both hands and drove forward with his pelvis, forcing the rest of his considerable length and girth into Sue in one cruel motion. He then began to fuck her, very much as he had caned her, with hard long steady measured stokes.

Sue could not believe what was happening to her, it felt as if a wooden rod was being thrust inside her, but she realised it was just Mr Beech’s solid member. John looked on in awe as Sue jerked back and forth to the rhythm of the fucking, noticing that she was gasping each time Mr Beech’s thighs slapped against hers. He wasn’t sure if this was due to the sensitivity of her bottom after the caning, or in reaction to the hard, solid fucking she was getting. John leant forward so he could clearly see the repeated pounding Mr Beech was giving Sue. The huge cock was just ripping in and out of Sue and the veneer of respectability the headmaster had was replaced with an animal lust, his face twisted, intent on punishing Sue with his cock as well as his cane.

Mr Beech gradually quickened his pace until he reached his climax and he came into Sue with an animal grunt. He puller her hips close to him as he pumped load after load into the condom. John was pleased that Mr Beech had at least used a condom, but this relief was short lived. Mr Beech pulled his still erect member from Sue’s behind and then manoeuvred her from the desk into a kneeling position in front of him. Taking the knickers from her mouth he pulled her head backwards and opened her mouth telling her to stay in that position. He then carefully removed the full condom from himself and upended it over Sue’s face, allowing all the cum to pour into her mouth and over her face. When the condom was empty he dropped it on the floor and then used the huge purple and swollen head of his penis to rub the cum over her face and into her hair. Forcing his cock into her mouth making Sue lick it clean. Once he was satisfied Sue had done a good job Mr Beech dried his glistening cock with her knickers and then threw them to the ground.

John realised that Mr Beech had totally dominated Sue, first thoroughly caning her and then ass fucking her. He had further humiliated her by rubbing his cum all over Sue’s face.

Once Mr Beech had finished he dressed quickly and told John and Sue that they should clean up and then rejoin the reunion party. He also told John that several other teachers at the Academy had outstanding business from Sue’s school days that needed to be resolved. He told John to phone his office and make the necessary appointments. John could only wonder what these matters were, but he guessed they would involve further caning and fucking of Sue. This was something that he would have to discuss and agree with her later.

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