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Ovulating Daughter Meets ‘Daddy’

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Cybering over the internet can be a dangerous game. On the one hand, it is all a game, where strangers who will never meet come together to share erotic fantasies, often telling lies, and having the safest “sex” imaginable. On the other hand, the two people involved are both very real, and the intimacy of sharing one’s most powerful sexual desires with an enthusiastic and passionate partner is playing with fire – the temptation to take it real may become too difficult to resist.

This is the story of how finding Marie, the sexiest chat partner I ever had led to taking the hottest, most passionate, real risk I have taken in my life.

I met Marie in person for the first time at a park in a small town in southern Wisconsin. Neither of us lived there or knew anyone there, but it was a reasonable drive for both of us, which made it perfect. I recognized her right away from the many photos she had sent me over the internet over the previous couple months. She was petite, about 5’2″ and a 110 pounds, with dark curly hair, blue eyes and a cute little nose, as well as a shy smile that lit up when she looked at me. I have dark hair and gray eyes, she looked like she really could have been my daughter.

“Hello darling, you are even more beautiful in person than in your photos,” I said with a smile, and I meant it. Marie was 24, which was almost 20 years younger than I am, and she looked like she could have been 18. Her eyes sparkled with life and mischief, and her smile was radiant. I let my eyes wander down her tight young body, looking at her perky little B cup breasts, and the smooth, toned thighs beneath her white shorts. I thought about the tight little pussy between her perfect legs, and how my cock would feel inside it if things went as planned, and my cock shot down the side of one of my legs, rock hard at the thought. I was as horny as I had ever been in my life, and had been hard most of the drive down, thinking about Marie.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Marie said with a smile as she looked me up and down, “you look even better than your photos as well.” I’m 42, but don’t look it, no grey hair yet, and I have a solidly muscular body, 5’10” with a powerful chest and narrow waist.

“How about a hug for your Daddy,” I said, and held my arms open. She stepped into my embrace, and squeezed me tightly as I wrapped my muscular arms around her. Marie’s petite young body felt wonderful, especially when she pressed her tight little tummy up against the bulge in my pants.

“Mmmmm, Daddy” she said coquettishly as she ground against my erection and smiled up at me. “I can tell you really are glad to see your little daughter. Have you really been saving up for me like you promised?”

I smiled back at Marie, as I slipped a hand down to her perfect little ass, and pulled her tighter against my crotch. “I haven’t cum in over a week darling, and Daddy’s balls are swollen with cum for my sexy daughter. Just another few hours and I’m going to be burying my cock in you, and just flooding your ovulating little pussy with my sperm.” I felt Marie shiver with excitement at my words, and quickly bent my head down to kiss her on her lips. I pushed at her lips with the tip of my tongue, and she immediately opened her lips wide and thrust her tongue into my mouth as we kissed passionately and rubbed our bodies against each other.

After a few minutes we broke the kiss while staying in our tight embrace. Marie looked up at me and said in a small, throaty voice: “Oh Daddy, I’m not sure I can wait a few hours. I get so horny when I’m ovulating, I’ve been wet for hours thinking about you, and thinking about your hot little swimmers filling me up has me on the verge of cumming right now.”

“Mmmm, darling, I want to bend you over that picnic table and take you right now, so bad I can’t stand it. But we did agree on our little game, and we need to play it out first.”

“Are your sure, Daddy? Can’t I change your mind?” Marie asked as she dropped her hand down to massage my cock, not paying attention to other people in the park or the cars passing on the roadway a hundred feet away.

“Grabbing your Daddy’s cock in public are you?” I asked in a mock stern voice, still smiling and looking in Marie’s eyes. “Well, you’re going to get just what a bad little daughter deserves. Daddy’s big, hard, thick cock stuck up your little pussy, then fucked hard and knocked up. Now you better do as you’re told or you’ll be getting a spanking too.”

Marie smiled and taunted me in reply as she continued to rub my cock through my pants. “You sure a big talker, Daddy, but how about some action instead?”

My only reply was a laugh, and to slap her little butt. “You’ll get what’s cumming to you, you just wait.” I said, as I broke our embrace, while keeping my arm around her little waist. I started walking her towards her car, and said “follow me to the resort, we can leave your car there while I check in, and then off for dinner.”

We had met in an incest roleplaying chat room on the internet a couple of months before, and knew we liked the same things right from the start, just from our choice of names. I was under my favorite name, “daddy_knocks_up_daughter” and she entered the room as “ovulating_young_daughter.” We enjoyed the exact same fantasy, as we quickly found out. Both of us enjoyed the age play, both of us enjoyed the forbidden thrill of pretending to break the incest taboo, but what really made us hot was the impregnation part.

The urgent desire for sex without birth control goes to some primal, ancient part of my brain. This desire that is almost taboo in our contraceptive society has a strong physical manifestation as well, even when just fantasizing about it I cum twice as heavily than otherwise, and my cum becomes a thick, white cream. And then I want to go again right away. As a responsible adult the opportunity to act on my desire doesn’t come along very often. My previous girlfriend also enjoyed taking the chance, but we didn’t dare take it too often, and since she was my age, the chances were minimal anyway.

Marie shared my passion, there was nothing more erotic for her than the idea of getting pumped full of sperm and conceiving. She had been dating an older man, but he did not want any more children, and grew uncomfortable when she called him “Daddy,” particularly when others could hear. Our chat ignited when we found out that we had the exact same fantasy, and we quickly reached the place where we were chatting or talking on the phone every night. When I suggested a fun way for us to take it real, she was nervous, as was I, but we agreed that with a mutual desire that was so strong, it would be a shame not to take the risk.

We drove to the resort, and I checked us in as father and daughter. We then drove to our secluded cabin, overlooking a lake, and Marie wanted to go inside and check the place out. I knew we would never make it out again that night if we did, and decided that I wanted to raise the heat a little higher by playing out her fantasy, extending the foreplay. So she got in my car, and I drove us to a three star restaurant that I had found on the internet. Unusually good for a small town, it survived by catering to the needs of the wealthy tourists coming up from Chicago for vacations.

The valet opened Marie’s door for her, and she made sure he heard her say “This restaurant looks just wonderful, Daddy.” And that set the tone for the whole delicious dinner. Getting our table, ordering a fine bottle of cabernet sauvignon, getting the appetizers, the lobster main course, and the dessert, she kept talking to me as her daddy, where the hostess, waitress and nearby couples could overhear. As I was talking to my lovely daughter who had just finished college. The hardest part for me was hiding my continual erection for my daughter, and she didn’t make any easier for me: rubbing her legs up against mine, running her hand along my inner thigh, leaning over so I could see her cleavage. My cock throbbed with excitement the whole dinner, at her touch, at the naughty game we were playing, and at the thought of how I would soon be pumping long streams of my seed into her fertile and ready young womb.

“Thank you the delicious meal, Daddy,” Marie said as I finished. “I don’t know when I’ve ever had better.”

I leaned into her as we walked out the door and whispered into her ear “Oh, don’t worry, you’ll be paying me back the rest of the night, with your legs spread. And frequent helpings of a nice warm cream sauce for your special dessert.” She giggled in reply and took my hand.

When we left the parking lot, I turned out of town, back towards the resort. Marie asked “I thought we were going dancing now, Daddy, wasn’t that the plan?”

My cock was throbbing in my pants, already a bit wet at the tip, and I replied: “Our plans have changed, you were very bad in the restaurant little girl, the way you were rubbing up against me, and practically begging for sex. And you know what happens to very bad little girls who act like sluts, don’t you?”

“Why don’t you tell me, Daddy,” Marie replied in a low voice, as she reached over and started rubbing my rigid cock through my pants.

“Bad little girls get fucked hard over and over again. Bad little girls don’t get to use condoms, they get filled with cum over and over again. Bad little girls get pregnant.”

“Mmmmm, I am definitely a very bad little girl, Daddy,” Marie purred as she rubbed me.

“Are you talking back to me, young lady? Because I’m warning you, every time you talk back to me, that’s another time you’re going to get fucked and pumped full of sperm.”

“Oooooh, you’re such a big talker, Daddy” Marie replied as she fondled my manhood. “I can take everything you can dish out.”

“That’s twice now, that you’re going to get stuffed full and squirted full, you little slut” was my mock stern reply.

“Oh yeah, I’m your little slut, and I can’t wait to feel that big, hard Daddy cock of yours up in me, spurting inside me.”

“Three times now, and I’m going to be filling your little cunt with my cum until you’re overflowing.”

“Mmmmm, yeah, I like that, because I’ve a little egg inside me right now ready and waiting for your seed, Daddy.”

“Four times now, and you’re going to get bred for sure now tonight, you bad little girl.”

“Oh god, yeah, I want your baby, breed your bad little girl, Daddy.” Marie was moaning with desire as she gripped my cock.

We were up to 15 impregnation attempts for talking back, bad and disrespectful behavior by the time we finished the short drive to the cabin, with her rubbing my cock and my playing with her crotch and breasts. We both hurried to the door, and went inside. I turned on the lights, and Marie sighed happily. “The cabin is just beautiful.” It was that, all wood inside, nicely decorated, with a big stone fireplace, and a king size bed. The entryway was raised above the rest of the room, with a wood railing around it. The curtains were open to the dark lake, and anyone walking the shore beneath would be able to see right in – but there wasn’t time to close them.

I’ve been making love for over two decades now, and know how to draw out and savor the foreplay, and get a woman as ready as she can be. I also know when a woman is so hot and ready that she desperately needs to be fucked right that second, and Marie was definitely ready. I grabbed her and pulled her to me in a passionate embrace, letting her feel a little of my strength for the first time. She hungrily sought out my mouth, and wrapped herself around me, pushing her body urgently against mine. I reached down for her blouse, and ripped the buttons off in taking it off her, exposing her beautiful young breasts and taut nipples. She immediately reached for my belt, and unbuckled me, trying to get at my cock. I put both hands on her perfect tits and felt her, teased her nipples with my strong hands, even as she unzipped me and hurriedly pulled my pants and underwear down in one motion. My cock sprung up, long and thick, already quite wet and glistening at the end with my copious pre-cum.

“Oh my god, you weren’t kidding,” Marie gasped. “You are huge!” She grabbed my cock with her small hand.

“All the better to fuck you with my little girl,” I replied, and swiftly pulled down her shorts, noting that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. “Looks like you’re ready right now.”

“Oh, I am Daddy, stick that cock in me” she replied in a throaty voice.

I pulled down her shorts and pulled off my shirt in a flurry of motion, and looked at her perfect young body. Then I grabbed her, spun her around and pushed her down on the railing, making her grab it, gasping. I put my hands on her tiny waist, ran them down her firm little buttocks, then moved my hand between her legs, and found her pussy lips. I slipped my finger in, and felt her, so tight and soaking wet already.

Marie gasped in pleasure and pushed hard back against me, taking my finger deep into her. “Give me that big cock, Daddy, I need it now!”

I stepped closer to her, and withdrawing my finger, used my hand to guide the wide head of my penis to her little slit, then slowly pushed it an inch. She was so tight, and I heard her gasping. I put both my hands around her little waist as she started to push back – but I didn’t let her. Instead I used my muscular butt to slam my cock into her, even as I pulled her waist back to meet me. My cock barely fit, and it is a good thing she was so lubricated or the hard stroke might have torn tissue.

Marie screamed as I impaled her with my cock, and her whole body started shaking as her hole grew even wetter. All the foreplay, the weeks of chatting and phone, the evening playing forbidden games, and taking the risk had come together, and she came hard on insertion. “Oh my god, it feels like you just split me in two,” she called out. “Oh my god, fuck me Daddy!”

For my answer I rocked back and plunged in again. She felt fantastic, her tight little cunt pressed again me and surrounding me, soft and warm and wet. I pushed back and forth in a rapid rhythm, giving her a good, hard, doggy style fucking. I felt my cum swollen balls slapping up against her clit with each stroke, and heard her grunting with each hard thrust, along with the slap of my groin against her little ass. I knew my rigid cock was already copiously leaking sperm into her as my excitement built.

“Oh yeah, you feel so great, you’ve been needing some Daddy cock!” I called out.

“Unnh, unnh, unnh, oh yes, fuck me Daddy, fuck me!”

“You’re little my slut aren’t you?” I asked as I pounded my manhood into her receptive little hole.

“Unnh, unnh, yes, I’m your little slut, unnh, unnh, fuck me Daddy!”

We were both pure animals now, urgently coming together as fast as we could, building up a rapid sweat. “Oh, yeah, my balls are so full of cum for you, I’m going to fill you up!” I called out as I felt my scrotum start to tighten up in preparation.

She answered by pushing hard back against me, trying to take me as deep as possible. “Yes, Oh god, Yes! Give me your sperm Daddy, give it to me now!” she yelled.

I felt my cock grow just a little longer as my ejaculation neared, and could feel the tip of my engorged penis hitting a hard little knob that I knew was her cervix. Marie’s cries grew louder as I banged against her cervix, and her body started convulsing as she urgently pushed back, her own orgasm building to meet my own. “Time to knock you up now!” I yelled.

Marie screamed as her body convulsed and her tight little pussy squeezed down on my rampant, cum leaking cock. “Unnnnh! Yes! Yes! Unnnnnh! Fill me up Daddy! Make me a baby!”

I pulled her back to me hard, impaling her on my raging erection, the tip of my cock pressed up against her cervix. Feeling her cunt clench me, my balls exploded, and sent a long, thick stream of warm, living cum deep inside her body. She was screaming and shaking, and my balls squeezed again and again, sending jet after jet of my seed deep into her so receptive and waiting womb, filling her with life. We rocked against each gently, as I slowly stopped squirting, and her eager cunt stopped squeezing.

“Oh my god, we did it for real” I said. “I don’t think I ever came so hard in my life”

“I could tell,” Marie replied in a gasping voice, “You were squirting so hard, I could feel it right on my cervix.”

“How does it feel to be just full of seed,” I asked, “knowing that you have millions of sperm swimming like hell in search of your egg right now.”

“It feels fantastic,” she replied, “I’m nervous, but I never felt so good.”

“I’m glad to hear that darling, because we’re just getting started,” I said. “You’re going to get bred over and over again this weekend.”

In response, Marie wiggled her butt and pushed back against me. “Oh yeah, Daddy, fuck me again. Give me all your seed, I need to be bred.”

So I did. We had a long weekend, on the bed, on the floor in front of the fireplace, on the beach at night, inside the car. Slowly, gently making love sometimes, tenderly exploring every inch of my lover’s beautiful body. Frantically fucking other times, or tying her down and giving my little slut a good spanking before breeding her. Position after position, however, we did it, the outcome was always the same, filling her eager little ovulating pussy with more of my sperm. In between times we would go into town and play our father/daughter game for others, with the two of us being the only ones who knew that “daughters” little cunt was already swimming with “Daddys” fresh seed, and would get filled again as soon as we were alone once more.

I’m home again now, and waiting to hear about the results of the pregnancy test when Marie takes it. I am nervous, but feeling good. The chances of conception for an ovulation cycle are only about one in four with a woman at the peak of her fertility, but there are no bad results as far as Marie and I are concerned. If we didn’t succeed, then we will be unlikely to be able to resist trying again soon, the passion felt too good not to be reveled in. If she is pregnant, Daddy has other plans for his daughter, that she finds very erotic as well.

To be continued…

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