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I winced as the tip of the very realistic dildoe pressed against the opening of my ass. Twelve inches long and almost two inches in diameter this was the largest object I had ever attempted to experience anally. Even though the fake cock was greased, and I had already used my fingers to stretch the anal opening, its entry was difficult. Inward then back out; each time pressing a little deeper while I pushed outward as if having a bowel movement.

Gradually, the anal ring relaxed, but not without discomfort; a discomfort that eased only when the dildoe began to back out. On an inward shove I realized I had pushed the cock-head way past the sphincter. I was still feeling the discomfort of stretching, but I now knew the only barrier that remained was length; a question answered quickly as I pushed until the dildoe’s base pressed against my butt cheeks.

I questioned the best way to relieve the uncomfortable pressure; continued back and forth movement or full entry then try to relax. In both cases the urge to take a shit exerted its influence. After full consideration of the problem it seemed the movement option was best. I could feel the dildoe sliding past the anal ring and the pressure changes on the prostate. After a few minutes of this continual in and out movement my anus relaxed and I enjoyed pleasure, but not the pleasure I sought.

The presence of such a huge rod in my rectum, while feeling good from an anal perspective, did not allow satisfaction for my cock and balls. Of the things I had available to aid masturbation; fuck-films, magazines, and the stories from Literotica nothing stimulated me to an erection. My mind was excited. My ass was feeling good, but my poor cock was left wanting and feeling deprived.

After close to an hour my frustration reached its limits, and I removed the dildoe. The feeling as it exited my anus was exquisite, much like the passing of a huge turd. Immediately, the pressure on the anal ring was released and it began to collapse; not fully, but I knew very soon it would close completely. As pleasurable was the feeling of the dildoe sliding in and out of my bowel exit point the lack of that pleasure was just as pleasant. The removal also eased the barrier that prevented an erection. In a few moments my cock stood tall and proud as my hand stroked up and down while I read a good beat-off story on the computer screen. For another hour I indulged my sexual being stroking to the edge then backing off only to return again and again. To enhance my pleasure I reached around my backside and inserted a formidable, but smaller dildoe into my ass. With this added stimulation I finally pushed myself across the threshold and raced toward conclusion. With powerful, rapid, up and down strokes my hand slid along the cock shaft, and when I crossed the threshold of no return the pace of those strokes increased. Harder and faster my hand stroked until at last I drove myself over the edge into an explosive orgasm spewing my man juices onto the computer screen. I came, then crashed in relaxation so complete I was able only to watch the cum drippings slide down the monitor face; what a way to begin a long weekend.

“I never knew you wanted it that way.” said the soft feminine voice of my wife Cheryl. Her words startled me out of my euphoria, and I jumped up like a little boy caught doing something wrong. “You’ve stuck your fingers in my ass often enough, but it never crossed my mind you wanted someone to fuck you there. I’ll have to think about that. I’m going to the grocery store; see you later.

Cheryl turned and in a moment I heard the front door open and close. My body still felt wonderful, but my mind was in turmoil not knowing how to react to getting caught jacking my meat while holding a shit-coated dildoe in my hand. What was Cheryl thinking? What would she say next? As confused as I was, my body seemed to like the idea of Cheryl watching me cum on the computer screen; my dick was getting hard in record time. The temptation was great, but I decided to clean up the room and take a shower.

Cheryl said nothing when she returned from the store. She talked about other things, but said nothing about what she saw me do in front of the computer. Matter of fact she said nothing about the incident for almost two weeks, and I was so concerned that she had caught me beating off that I also said nothing; why wake a sleeping dragon? The situation changed on Saturday morning.

“Hope you have nothing planned for tonight. I’m taking the kids to Mother’s for the weekend.” With that Cheryl told the kids to get in the car, and then she left.

I was unsure as to what she had in mind, but she did not seem angry. Patience is not one of my virtues so it was difficult waiting for her to return, and even though I kept myself busy with yard work I was tense with anticipation. Just before 6 I heard her pull into the garage.

“James, come with me. I would like to talk with you about something.” I followed her to the den where we each sat in our favorite chairs.

“What I saw the other day surprised me. I never imagined you liked anal play so much. I know you have played with my asshole quite a bit through the years, but the look on your face as you pushed that cock in and out was unbelievable. You really like getting fucked in the ass don’t you! Tonight we are going to find out just how much you like it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said. You are mine tonight, and your ass is getting fucked anyway I see fit. Are you up for it? Never mind, I see you’re already up.”

My cock was hard, as hard as I can ever remember. Her pronouncement was both definitive and vague. I knew she planned to fuck my ass, but I did not know how, or for how long.

“First thing for you to do is take a shower, and shave your face, pubic hair, and asshole. When you’re through get in bed, and put on this blindfold. If I am not there I will join you shortly. There are some final arrangements I must attend to. Oh, and by the way, when you hear me coming get on your stomach with your butt up in the air.”

As directed, I shaved everywhere and every hair so that my face, cock, balls, and asshole were perfectly smooth. Cheryl was not in the bedroom so I put on the blindfold, laid down, and was just getting flattened out when I heard her coming. Immediately, I repositioned myself so my ass was facing up and toward the door.

My ass was up, my dick hard, and my balls were hanging low when Cheryl entered the room. She said nothing, but I could hear her walking around from one side of the bed to the other. At last I sensed her very near, and then I felt her hand caress my buttocks.

“You like fucking yourself in the ass don’t you? Why didn’t you ever say anything to me? Are you ashamed, or did you think I was too precious? Never mind. It doesn’t matter. You like ass fucking, well tonight I am going to fuck you. When I get through you will either love it even more, or you will hate it entirely.”

With that her hands left my butt and she stuffed some pillows under my stomach. The big surprise was she then tied my hands to the headboard, and tied my legs to the bed rails so that I had very little movement in any direction. I was at her mercy.

The next feeling I experienced was Cheryl rubbing KY into my asshole. It was cold and I jumped, but then it warmed as her finger move in, out, and around in circles stretching the sphincter. It was very pleasurable and I began to relax and enjoy the sensations. After a moment the pressure on the sphincter increased as a second and then a third finger joined the fray.

“There is shit in you. I can leave it there and see what happens, or you can have an enema. Tell you what. I am going to dig some of it out then leave the rest. That okay with you? Good.” She said all this in a nonchalant manner and without waiting for an answer from me.

I felt her fingers probing and wiggling which ended as she withdrew pulling out a large turd. Cheryl repeated this action several times before she said I was clear of all the shit she could reach. She applied a warm washcloth to clean me, reapplied the KY, and without further warning jammed four fingers into my ass.

“My hands are pretty small. How do you feel about the entire thing going up your butt?”

Again without waiting for me to agree, Cheryl slowly began to move her hand in circles stretching the opening while at the same time applying gradual inward pressure forcing her hand into my body. I was tight, but between her pressure and my relaxation techniques I at last felt her knuckles pass the opening. All of a sudden I felt fullness unlike any I had ever felt previously. Her entire hand was inside my ass. Nothing I had ever stuck up there compared to the feeling.

The pressure and fullness felt amazing, but not near as amazing as when Cheryl began to stretch my rectum by spreading her fingers. The feeling was bizarre and indescribable, and that feeling became even more so as her arm began to slowly move upward into my colon. All the while her fingers were opening and closing, brushing the walls of my intestine.

“Does that feel good? Am I doing it right? Is your cock hard?”

The answer to the first two was yes, but my cock was soft. I do not know what you have heard or experienced, but I have found while anal is pleasurable it does not cause erections.

Cheryl slowly withdrew her arm until her hand was near my prostate. She then made a fist and rapidly pushed it inward. With a fairly rapid pace she repeatedly moved in and out of my asshole. The feelings she was giving me were intense, and I think I might have come, even though I was limp, had she withdrawn a bit further so that she bounced on my prostate. However, that was not the case, and while the desire was there I was unable to reach climax.

At last Cheryl tired of her game. With a plop she withdrew her hand. “Want to lick it clean? I didn’t think so, but thought I would ask.” She departed to the bathroom and when she returned she shoved her hand under my nose to show it was clean.

“That was fun, but there has to be more. Why would guys like it if that was all there was? I intend to find the answer to that question. Never fear dear there is more to come, much more to come.”

I heard her rummaging off to the side then felt her moving on the bed between my outstretched legs. “Your hole has closed. Do you think I ought to stretch it, or can I just shove something in there?”

She gave me no time to answer as a hard blunt object pushed against, and past the anal ring. The object was not as wide or long as Cheryl’s arm, but it was wide enough to provide that well filled sensation. It slid in with ease as she had lubed it completely.

Her actions were slow and deliberate as she push inward and pulled outward at a slow methodical pace. The feeling was much different from her arm as the blunt end stroked my prostate. I discovered new feelings as the stroking evolved into pounding. My cock was not hard, but oh my God did I feel good. Cheryl could sense something was happening to me, and just before I felt like I would explode she stopped.

“That’s enough for the moment. You rest. I’ll return shortly.”

I could not believe she could leave me hanging like this. I was on the edge, ready to explode, but I heard her walk away closing the door as she departed.

How long she was gone I do not know, but when she returned she was not alone. By the noise around me I could tell there were at least two and maybe more people in the room.

“There are other people with me. Don’t try to see them, or figure out who they are. You do not know them, and after tonight you will never meet them again. They are going to help with your anal adventure.”

With that another dollop of KY went into my ass and was rubbed around making sure I was very slick. As that was completed a change was made to my position as I was forced up on to my hands and knees, and the pillows removed. It was then a hand wrapped around my cock. It was a hand other than Cheryl’s because I know her feel. It began to stroke back and forth rapidly bringing me to full erection. Only then did a mouth, a mouth that also was not Cheryl’s, join the hand. I am sure of this because a different mouth began to kiss mine, and this was Cheryl’s mouth.

Cheryl broke the kiss and shifted so her back was against the headboard. She then swung her left leg across my body so that my face was between her legs. In other words my lips were in position to kiss her nether lips, oft times referred to as pussy lips. My lips dove to meet hers. The hairless cunt pressing into my face had a delightful aroma, and was extremely wet. She lowered her butt to the bed my face never losing contact with her crotch.

I was now eating a pussy while someone sucked my cock and played with my balls. It was wonderful, but I knew there was something more to come.

That something arrived, and the arrangement of sensations became more intense as a hard, blunt object began to press against my asshole. This did not feel like any dildoe I had ever experienced. It was hard yet soft. What’s more it was warm. I knew this was a real cock entering me when I felt the legs and pubic hair collide with my backside. A man was sliding his cock into my ass and getting ready to give me an authentic fuck. He was not huge, and my dick responded to the sensations and the situation. My dick was hard! If it was possible for my dick to get any harder I do not know how it could have happened.

The cock remained still for a moment then Cheryl spoke. “Are you ready?” Never moving my mouth from her cunt I nodded my assent. The suction on the head of my cock increased, and the alien cock in my ass slowly withdrew before it plunged into the depths of my rectum.

Pleasures and sensations as I have never experienced before zoomed through my body. The sweet taste of Cheryl’s cunt flowed across my tongue. A sloppy blowjob including caressing of my balls filled the senses in my groin. While at the backdoor a live, warm, hard dick plowed my backside stroking in and out constantly applying pressure to my prostate. The array of feelings was almost overwhelming, but not so overwhelming that I lost track of what was happening and where.

Cheryl eased my face from her crotch. “You licking my clit is fun, but I want you to concentrate on you. This is all for you. I can get my physical pleasure another time. Does it feel good?”

All I could do was nod as the cock in my ass repeatedly stroked past my prostate constantly increasing my urge to ejaculate. At the same time the character of the pressure on my cock altered as what I felt sure was a woman took me deep into her throat. So deep and so intense were the feeling that I almost came, but the duo eased their assault and my urges receded.

I do not know how many times or for how long this pattern was repeated. The couple, over and over again, took me up and down like a yoyo bringing me to the edge of orgasm then dropping me to a lower level. Then the pattern changed. My cocksucker increased the tempo of both her mouth moving up and down on my cock and of her hands as they massaged my balls and the shaft of my dick. At the same time the man began to pound me with hard, deep, fast strokes. I knew there was no stopping my climb to Nirvana.

With a huge surge of feeling I began to cum. The sensation as the sperm was forced from my prostate along the tube to the end of my dick was almost painful. When that precious man-fluid erupted it entered into a warm mouth that never once released its grip from my prick. While that was happening I also experienced the unique feeling of a man discharging his seed into my ass. His powerful thrusts accompanied the shooting of his hot cum deep into my bowels; a feeling that unless you have experienced it is indescribable.

At last I experienced the satisfaction I had long sought. I came as a result of anal stimulation. Proof of my orgasm was further delivered in another, and unexpected way as my head was jerked up and I received a full mouth kiss: a kiss, during which all of my man-juice was forced into my mouth. At first I thought it was simply spit, but the slimy consistency and distinctly different flavor told me I was tasting my essential essence. It was a pleasing experience.

The lips pulled away from mine and a deep male voice asked if I liked the taste of cum. I was in shock; a man had kissed me after obviously sucking my cock to orgasm while another man had fucked my ass. A second deep, male voice whispered in my other ear “You are one tight ass. If you ever want to do this again ask your wife to call me.”

The two people got off the bed, and I heard water running in the bathroom. Cheryl, who was still at my head, pushed my face into her pussy. “My turn! I am so fucking hot! You better suck my pussy good. Get busy on that clit!”

I licked and sucked like I have never done before. My tongue laved over and around Cheryl’s clit repeatedly causing her to squirm and shudder. On the way to her climax I periodically swooped down to swirl the folds of her cuntal opening then returned to focus my attention on her clit. If I could have reached her asshole I would have pushed my lingual member into that orifice also, but it was not possible in her present position.

The oohs and ahs emitted from Cheryl’s mouth told me I was doing a good job. She grabbed my head in her hands directing my movements, and when she came for the final time it was with a loud wail and convulsive quake, followed by her body’s complete relaxation. While this was happening I never heard the two men depart.

A short while later Cheryl untied me, removed my blindfold, and I dragged myself to the shower. I carefully cleaned myself, and then allowed the warm water to run soothingly over my abused asshole. It was the culmination to a most thrilling evening, but it was not the end of Cheryl’s plans.

“How’s your ass?” she asked as she opened the shower door and joined me.

“Its a little sore, but its feeling good.”

“Did you like what happened this evening?”

“It was surprising, but yes, I liked it.”

“That’s good because I am planning a few more evenings similar to tonight’s. My imagination is running wild. I hope you’re up for it.”

With that Cheryl grabbed my cock, spun me around, and jammed two fingers in my ass. For just a moment she stroked in and out, then stopped and walked out of the shower.

The End

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