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Out of Nowhere

Category: Incest
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This story is entirely fictional.


She was beautiful. Eighteen years old and stunning with her petite little body and long brown hair, just like her mother. When she was six years old, her mom had taken off with a friend of hers (whom I was always right not to trust) and she never looked back. She never called or asked about our daughter. She was just gone. It broke my heart but I got to keep Lacy.

Twelve years later and Lacy had just graduated high school. She was smart, funny, and as I’ve already said, beautiful. Too beautiful. It turned me into a crazy father who always tried to intimidate her would-be boyfriends. I was always paranoid about the way she would pay so little attention to what the boys (and men) she met were trying to get from her. It was like she was either blind to it, or enjoyed the attention. I was included in that group and it was the worst. At least from my perspective it was the worst. I shouldn’t look at her that way. My baby girl. It was like in just a day, I went from seeing her as a tiny baby to seeing her as a completely grown and sexual woman. I had always had a thing for younger girls and I hated myself for it but couldn’t help it. I think Lacy even noticed when I checked out one of her (thankfully legal) high school friends once and she kind of called me on it.

“Dad?” she said.

“Yeah honey?” I replied without taking my eyes off of the teenager’s ass in her incredibly tight but apparently very popular leggings. You could see everything and I was mesmerized.

“Why are you looking at Steph’s ass?” she asked.

I tried to play it off like I was just spacing out but she knew what I was doing. After she let it go, I noticed she was biting her lower lip as she averted her eyes which I think might have been staring at my pants. Maybe I had spilled something on them or my fly was down.

A few weeks later, she came downstairs for breakfast and I almost lost it when I saw that she was just in her thong panties and a loose t-shirt with no bra. This was a first. I was not comfortable with this at all. However, the thing in my pants told me he was.

“Lacy, don’t you think some pants might be useful?” I asked.

“Dad, it’s the middle of July and you refuse to lower the air conditioning. If I put anything else on, I’ll sweat.” she replied. I stopped complaining.

She went back to what she was doing but I could swear it was like she was trying to position herself so that I could get a better view. It didn’t help that I was sitting in our kitchen without pants myself and my boxers weren’t doing a great job at hiding my growing erection. At one point, I was sure I caught her staring as she paused while making herself a bowl of cereal.

There was a loud noise as she dropped a spoon onto the tile floor and both of us jumped a little. Not like I was on edge or anything, right?

“Well shit” she said as she bent over to pick it up. I was about to say “Language” but I went stupid at the sight of her incredible ass in those thong panties as she clearly made sure it was pointing in my direction while she picked up the spoon. What the hell was going on? I had to get out of there quick if I was going to…

“Daddy?” she cooed as she stood back up and walked toward me instead of her cereal bowl, still holding the spoon in her hand. “Do you think I’m beautiful?”

I normally would have said “Of course, sweetheart” but she was now standing inches from me in her thin loose cut-up t-shirt and her nipples were now hard and so close to my face, a small lean in would have been enough to take one in my mouth.

It had been a while since I had been with anyone except for my own hand and even that had been a couple weeks.

Before I could answer, she saw that I was stunned and did something I’ll never forget. She slowly put the spoon on the table and with both hands, gripped between the side strings of her panties and lowered them to her ankles before stepping out, leaving them on the floor. She then reached down to my boxers and put her hand through the hole in front to grab my penis, gently guiding it out through the hole. I was so stunned, I just let her do it. My heart was racing but I was simultaneously frozen. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t stop her. She just pulled my erection through the hole and even made sure my testicles followed as well. That wasn’t easy but she did it all while staring directly into my eyes.

A few seconds later, she turned my chair slightly and slowly raised one leg over mine to straddle my lap but not like when she was a little girl, this was very different. She pulled her chest close to mine and with her left hand on my shoulder, she used her other hand to guide my penis to her soft, warm, and shaved vagina. I was sure I was dreaming when she lowered herself down onto me. It was like nothing I’d ever felt. Tight but soft.

She paused after a few inches and said “Daddy… Don’t move.” as if I were going anywhere. She squeezed her eyes closed and I felt something inside of her which let her accept the rest of my dick slowly and carefully. She was a virgin. I had just taken my daughter’s virginity. In reality, she had given it to me. It was beautiful. Wrong, but beautiful. She was more mine now than she had ever been.

She raised herself a few inches, then lowered again slowly. Raised, then lowered. Up, then down. Picking up speed and never taking her eyes away from mine.

“I don’t have a condom.” I said.

“I don’t care.” she whispered before she kissed me on the lips.

She wasn’t in the mood to play it safe. She was using her father for something she wanted and she was going to have. I didn’t have enough will power to stop her.

If she didn’t stop soon, I was going to cum. I knew I couldn’t last after how long it had been and although I was genuinely afraid of what could come of that, I also wanted it more than anything.

She was picking up speed and I could see her coming closer and closer to her own orgasm. I wondered if this would be her first as well. This made me crazy and I could feel my testicles tightening and getting ready to shoot everything I had into that beautiful vagina. I was kissing her passionately but I craved more. I wanted her nipples in my mouth and to see those firm incredible breasts. I pulled her shirt above her head and saw her chest glistening with sweat as she was bouncing on my lap and breathing heavier than I had ever heard.

Here we are, this eighteen year old girl riding her forty year old father and both of them lust-blind and stupid but loving every second. The world could have ended in that moment and we’d never have noticed.

She was going faster and faster and starting to make even more noise and I knew it would be seconds before she started to cum. She had been a virgin but somewhere in her blood, she knew exactly what she was doing. She screamed out and her bouncing turned to a slower grinding front to back. Her timing was perfect as my balls tightened up and seconds later, I was shooting wave after wave of cum into my daughter’s womb.

Sweating. Pumping. Grinding. Cumming. All at the same time. It was the longest and most intense orgasm of my life and when it was all over, I noticed she had never taken her eyes away from mine. She wanted to see me cum inside her. She wanted to see the look on my face as I came over and over again into her. She softly squeezed her vagina around my cock as she felt subsequent waves of her leftover orgasm and breathed open-mouth into mine before she kissed me deeply and with as much tongue as she could reach.

We had broken through a barrier that no father and daughter should breach. We could never go back but in all honesty, I didn’t want to.

After a few moments of kissing, she gently raised herself off of my penis which was losing its erection now and I noticed traces of blood from her hymen as well as a pool of my own cum dripping from my daughter. She left the room to get cleaned up and I just sat there covered in her juices and let what had happened rush over me. I thought I’d feel regret. All I felt was the intense hope that one of my sperm would take hold and I could have more kids. My wife didn’t want anymore but I hoped my daughter would be willing. Maybe not this time, but someday.

I walked to the bathroom to clean myself up and I heard the shower running. I stepped inside and drew back the shower curtain. She was soaking wet and looked so beautiful that I couldn’t help it when my penis rose again. This time, I stripped my clothes all the way off and stepped into the shower. I stood behind her and she pressed her ass into my now throbbing erection.

Something came over me and without any words, I first reached around to grab her soapy wet breast with one hand, placed my other hand firmly on my penis and guided it to her asshole. I should have asked but since her ass was covered in her moisturizing soap, I just took advantage of the situation and pressed my cock right into her asshole until I felt the tip penetrate her anus. She gasped but didn’t complain other than a small lusty groan.

After that, I moved my hands to her hips and pulled. It was as tight as her vagina had been but this time, I wasn’t feeling so careful. I just pulled until all of my eight inches were buried in her ass. I could see she was in pain but instead of the “fatherly” side of me feeling bad, something else took over and I quickly pulled myself out, leaving only the tip and immediately thrust back in. Again. Again. Again, I pulled her ass onto me, using her as she used me. She pressed her hands against the shower wall for stability. It was amazing. She wanted this. At one point, I slowed down and she reached her hand around to grab my hip and pull me back into her.

Since I had just cum, I was able to last a little longer but I knew what was coming. The moisturizing lotion was very effective and it wasn’t long before her asshole was welcoming my cock in and out the same way her vagina had. It wasn’t long now.

Seconds later, I pumped another wave after wave of sperm into her picture-perfect asshole. She turned her head to kiss me while I came in her over and over. She smiled.

I didn’t know what to say so I just said “I love you sweetheart.”

She slowly pulled herself off my cock and whispered “I love you too Daddy.”

“I’m yours Lacy.” I said.

“And I’m yours… Forever” she replied.

We kissed again and eventually finished showering.

Things were never the same. From then on, we were closer to husband and wife than father & daughter. We even secretly got married under different names a few months later when we found out we were going to have a baby. Our son is now four and our daughter is on the way in a few months. Luckily, both are very healthy with no issues and my daughter is an incredible mother. Hopefully, the kids will never find out that they’re her siblings as much as her children or that I’m their father as well as their Grandfather.

We’ll make it work.

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